Gore explains why he has not been on the field this offseason: “I’m just getting my body back.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Frank Gore said to the Bay Area media Thursday afternoon.

Q: What’s this offseason been like for you after getting so close in February?

GORE: It was tough at the beginning, but once I got back and worked out and stuff, I kind of got better with it. I’m happy to be back. When I got back, all the guys were working. We’re going to try to get back from where we left off last year.

Q: What’s kept you off the field this offseason?

GORE: I’m just listening to Ferg. He told me he doesn’t want me doing anything right now and I’m listening.

Q: Do you have an injury?

GORE: I’m cool.

Q: You’re healthy?

GORE: I’ll be good.

Q: You’ll be a full-go for training camp?

GORE: If Ferg wants me…If Ferg says I can go out there, I’m going to do it. I feel good. I’m good. That’s it.

Q: Did you have a procedure done in the offseason?

GORE: I’m just getting my body back. Just want to be fresh whenever I get back on the field. I’ll be fine this year.

Q: What kind of changes have you seen in Kaepernick from the Super Bowl to now?

GORE: He always works hard. Just knowing defenses, he’s getting smarter at that. He’s throwing the ball great. Everybody know he can run the ball. Just seeing him throwing the ball and recognizing defenses.

Q: He said he’s more vocal and more confident. Have you seen that from him?

GORE: Yeah. He should be. He did a lot when he got his opportunity and he took advantage of it. He had a great run. He’s looking to do even more stuff this year.

Q: What do you think of Marcus Lattimore?

GORE: He’s a good kid. I’m behind him because I went through the same thing – being one of the best backs at the school and getting drafted later in the rounds. You don’t know if you’re going to get back to you. I’m pulling for him. I think he’ll be fine. He’s a great kid, quiet, does whatever Ferg and the coaches tell him to do.

Q: When you hear people talk about the age of 30 for a running back…

GORE: I love it. I feel like every year it’s something with me. I’ve got to overcome everything every year. Coming off a hip injury, would I be able to be the same. When I turned 29, would I be able to play? Now I’m 30. I’m just going to keep working and training hard, and whenever Ferg lets me go on the field I’m going to go hard and prove everybody wrong again.

Q: Does that fuel you?

GORE: I love it. In the top-100 players, they said he’s turning 30 this year and he might not have any more left. I like that type of stuff.

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