Gore: I should’ve checked my guest list

According to Frank Gore, it was simply a young man throwing a party to celebrate his 27th birthday. But when the NCAA found out that numerous college athletes attended the shindig at Gore’s Miami home on May 15, it launched an investigation into whether sports agents and financial advisors had funded the evening.

This morning, Gore seemed taken aback at the ensuing controversy.

“It surprised me. It really surprised me,” he said after reporting for 49ers training camp. “I thought nothing wasn’t wrong with it. All my teammates (from the University of Miami) came down to support my birthday.”

The lineup of guests, as it turned out, also included notable collegiate athletes such as North Carolina defensive tackle Marvin Austin, South Carolina end Weslye Saunders and Alabama defensive tackle Marcel Dareus. Suspicion quickly fell on Gore’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, but the running back adamantly denied Rosenhaus had organized or paid for the event.

“He didn’t have nothing to do with that,” Gore said. “That’s my birthday, I paid my own money. He didn’t have nothing to do with that.”

Gore seemed genuinely confused by the uproar. But he has learned a lesson that may keep him out of the headlines in the future.

“I should’ve checked my guest list,” he said. “Next time, if I do have a birthday party, I will do that.”

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