GQ names Colin Kaepernick ‘Citizen of the Year’

Former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is back.

Not back in the NFL. Back in GQ.  And he’s the ‘Citizen of the Year.’

In the article’s introduction, the editors of GQ compare Kaepernick to Muhammad Ali and Jackie Robinson, and name Kaepernick “indisputably, undeniably” one of the 20 best quarterbacks in the world.

The article goes on to feature interviews with 49ers safety Eric Reid, Kaepernick’s girlfriend Nessa Diab and rapper J. Cole, who says Kaepernick has the “biggest balls in sports.”

The article also features pictures of Kaepernick dressed like a black panther while wearing a Cartier watch and tuxedo pants, a picture of him raising a fist like Tommie Smith while wearing a black Calvin Klein tank top, a picture of him wearing a designer jacket and a t-shirt with the names of African Americans who were killed by police, a picture of him wearing a different designer jacket with his last name on the back, a picture of him wearing a dashiki, a picture of him jumping rope while wearing designer sweat pants, a picture of him holding a jump rope while he’s shirtless, a picture of him running with children, a picture of him standing with children, a picture of children hanging from his arms and a picture of him and a kid high-fiving.

To see the pictures and read the article, click here.

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        1. Who said there is only two ways of thinking? And besides without capitalism where would he and the nfl be, and you on Sunday’s.
          Typical. No basis on your comment.
          Fact is. He can say whatever he wants. Doesn’t mean folks have to agree.
          And if they don’t. It doesn’t mean they’re a racist, or whatever card you liberals have overplayed for years now.
          And your comment to UC only furthers the racial divide. You’re calling someone a racist and you don’t know them. Only because that’s what is easy to do. You couldn’t have a serious debate if your life depended on it. That’s sad. You’re pretty knowledgeable on football.

          1. That’s right nomind, Who said there is only two ways of thinking?
            Not me.
            Please show me the quote where I called UC a racist!!!
            We could have a serious debate if you don’t put words in my mouth, which is typical for FUX news watchers

        2. Dee==

          Cant you EVER keep your racist tendencies off of a football blog? Without exception, you differentiate everything by race…OK, your a racist, clearly. But the game is bigger than you or your racism.
          Stop withe accusations, the name calling, the pissing and bitching and stick with football, i’m begging you!

          1. Hey BLACKjackass, please show me

            withe accusations, the name calling, the pissing and bitching

            that I did and I’ll show you yours!!!

      1. They also embrace communism, socialism, and Castro. Go figure.

        Communism? Really, MD? “snowflakes” are outraged that the US President is embracing communist Putin against America’s interests. If you are more outraged over Kaep than that, you need to sit down, lay off the 9/11 inside job sites and take a reality check.

        1. ninermd has been consistently the blog’s moron……you can’t deny him that title……

          FYI @ninermd from a true niner fan……we won a game yesterday……you dotard…….comment on that first and maybe we would stop calling you “it”

        2. Yeah ribico because these antifa idiots aren’t embarrassing communism.
          Kaepernick wasn’t wearing a Castro shirt. You keep believing what cnn tells you buddy. I️ see you skipped past socialism. But that’s ok. Deflect. And insult. That’s what liberals do best.
          And Rib…. you’re right I’ll take your word over 1000’s of scientists and Architects saying the 9-11 story doesn’t match the facts and basic science. Yes Rib. I’m sure you’re a major scientist or architect.
          Oh and I’ll ignore the live video of the actual fireman saying the same.
          You got me Bud! Get Woke!

          And speaking of snowflakes. Here comes onelame. Trying to push being the logs biggest idiot on someone else again. Onelame you little snowflake. Ever make it out to a game yet? I’d still love to meet you in person. Still mad bro? Embrace Trump. It’s your thought process being the reason he’s in office

          And calling yourself a “true Niner fan”
          Who are trying to fool onelame?
          You left when Smith did, you are still riding his jock. They kick you off of the chiefs forum too? Wonder how you feel about Smith driving Trumps motorcade car in his next parade. Bahahahaaa.
          Get your bandwagon a** back to the KC site. You buster!

          1. Yeah ribico because these antifa idiots aren’t embarrassing communism.
            Kaepernick wasn’t wearing a Castro shirt. You keep believing what cnn tells you buddy. I️ see you skipped past socialism.

            socialism…. communism… I’d debate you if I had an inkling that you know what both of those actually are.

            And Rib…. you’re right I’ll take your word over 1000’s of scientists and Architects saying the 9-11 story doesn’t match the facts and basic science. Yes Rib. I’m sure you’re a major scientist or architect.

            Yeah, I’d like to see the CVs of some of these “1000’s of scientists and Architects”. Can you have Alex Jones forward them to me?

            1. Rib… I’m sure you’d just love to learn HOW to debate.
              It’s this simple Guy!
              Socialism is a branch of communism.
              That clashes with everything this country was founded on.
              You had your chance at “change”
              Glad we got off that doorstep of globalism. Didn’t work, nobody prospered and obama tripled the idiot Bush’ debt.
              I️ wonder if you’re upset about ol Bernie getting robbed. Don’t see why you would. Hillary’s henchmen just shared the votes… socialism style. ?.

              Research architects and engineers for 9/11. They are very active at getting real answers about 9/11.
              And if you got out of your bubble and actually researched the commission report we were told by the Rhyno’ you might have a different outlook, instead of your establishment bubble. Again GET WOKE!
              Btw the Alex Jones comment made me chuckle.

              1. Socialism is a branch of communism.
                That clashes with everything this country was founded on.

                It’s a good thing you are no REAL Christian, nomind, because otherwise you would be all twisted inside with your POV!!

        3. Good ‘ol Rib……….

          Just about the only place he get’s to piss and bitch–right here on this FOOTBALL blog. If he had to really debate someone, where the premise follows the conclusion, to treat others as he himself would like to be treated,…………………well, forget it.

        4. ribico says:
          November 13, 2017 at 12:22 pm
          They also embrace communism, socialism, and Castro. Go figure.
          Communism? Really, MD? “snowflakes” are outraged that the US President is embracing communist Putin against America’s interests. If you are more outraged over Kaep than that, you need to sit down, lay off the 9/11 inside job sites and take a reality check.

          Talk about conspiracy. How can I️ take anyone serious who believes this Trump/Russia collusion? Lol
          I️ guess uranium One was nothing to worry about. What a joke!

          1. You are not taking Russia/collusion serious MD? Oh so that’s why everyone in this administration has lawyered up in an attempt to keep themseltout of prison?


            Are taking it seriously.

            All I can say is your empty head is going to be spinning when this all plays out.

      2. And conservatives embrace Putin, Duarte and other murderous thugs and strongmen. I would say go figure, but it’s pretty obvious.

      1. I would love to tell you a story about a certain time in Vietnam, with another white guy and two blacks. I was misplaced on a contact team, I was a tank mechanic, had no business being in the bush with 11B grunts but I was there. Four of us, two black and a white got separated from our unit, we ended up hiding in the jungle with little ammo. We were in amidst of a VC build up. We didn’t move for three days. We were laying down hardly breathing and literally pissing in our pants. All of us were scared to f–king death. The four of us have become great friends, in fact I took a tour of the US this past summer and saw all of them. I would give my life for those three guys as they would for me. You can make all the racial overtones that you want – Kaep is a mere boy compared to those three MEN. You and all the other snowflakes can come at me all you want as you have nothing in your arsenal of mere words that will sway me nor hurt me. I have no fear, I left it that out in the jungles of Nam. You snowflakes are weak between the ears and have done nothing to help this country so shut the f–k up.

          1. what is a snowflake? Is it a term of derision?

            Coach, it’s the RWNJ term of derision du jour. Supposedly it refers to liberals who get upset when confronted with political views counter to their own and subsequently need to retreat into their “safe space”. It’s really ironic when the same thing can be said of conservatives who “boycott football” when confronted with black men protesting on an athletic field. And the ultimate snowflake is the the current US President with his millimeter thick skin. You know, according to him he’s the politician who has been the most unfairly treated throughout history. Something a certain Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, among others, would like to have a talk to him about.

            1. Damn… I can disagree with you Ribico about other things. But you are now a racist too? That’s pathetic! How does it feel to walk around like you’re beneath “whitey” all the time? As a minority Latino myself I refuse to let race dictate my life. Try a slice of that sometime.
              Snowflakes will be snowflakes I️ guess. You left winged whacko liberals are no better than the far right. Suckers!

            2. Ribs-

              You STILL, after all this time, have not logically explained on this football blog how cop behavior is only a black issue, and NOT the issue of every walking and thinking American. You have freely decided to differentiate by race…………
              Why bring Trump into it?

              The vast majority of people watch pro sports as an escape from all this sewage. You don’t have to like it, that’s just the way it is.

              1. Why bring Trump into it? I suppose when that fatass brought himself into it. With his “get that SOB off the field”. comments to his goons. And that orchestrated Pence walkout from the Indy game. Trump stays out of, I’ll keep him out of it. Deal?

        1. You snowflakes are weak between the ears and have done nothing to help this country so shut the f–k up.

          Apparently someone didn’t understand what his service to the country was supposed to be for.

          1. Rib I do, my service is for the Constitution of the United States of America not for any political party. When someone is playing the racial card I will tell them to shut the f–k up. Tired of it. By the way your point is well taken.

            Coach I use to be a democrat way back in the day of the Kennedys. The party has been transformed into a liberal bunch of crap. Don’t interpret my disdain for liberals as me being conservative, I have little use for the other party that has also been taken over by extreme idiots. I am as independent as they come and my political believes cross over both political lines. The term snow flake was coined for the inability of the liberal party to cope with losing. The reasons I get so incensed with the liberals are many and too vast to explain here. I believe in the Constitution of the United States and take offense to anyone disparaging it. Find another way if they want my support, till then I close my ears to the cause. Dee was implying that I had racial overtones that is why I am going off. I am tired of it.

            1. funny you say ….”I believe in the Constitution of the United State and take offense to anyone disparaging”

              Hey …..idiot….you are the one dissing the constitution……

              If calling your ignorant self out is making you TIRED…..maybe you should re-examine your position……

              1. Hey, the constitution does not apply between citizens it only applies from the government to the people. Its a damn important unique instrument that keeps the government from completely controlling our lives. I do understand your position oneniner you are the kind that likes the government in your life. You can call me an idiot all you want it has no bearing on who I am but it certainly has a bearing on who you are.

                If you think I am dissing the Constitution for calling out Kaep – sure,okay.

              2. Under. Onelame is exactly that type. He showed that by placing Alex Smith’s feelings over his play. He’s your perfect definition of SJW/Snowflake. He’s soft, but acts soooo tough. Couldn’t ha e a serious debate with this clown if you tried. Uneducated in the constitution and politics.
                He’s your perfect CNN liberal follower.
                Say what you want… but only if I️ agree. Those voices that have destroyed this country for the past 20 plus years were silenced last November. But when liberals lose. Throw out the insults and race card! It’s TOO easy!

            2. Dee was implying that I had racial overtones that is why I am going off.

              racism is in the eye of the beholder…
              If the shoe fits…
              Please show us how Dee got your knickers in a twist UC.

          2. It wasn’t for employment rules and regulations. Just because it’s a right doesn’t mean consequences aren’t coming. Most don’t want to hear that stuff while trying to get away from life and watch a frickin sport!

        2. UC, that’s a cute little story but you probably were thinking the whole time if I get shot those big strong black dudes can carry me out of this .
          But if you really had morals you wouldn’t have voted for a bonespur draft dodger!!!

      2. You and others who support Kaepernick repeatedly state that those of us who are critical of him are “threatened” by him. No one is threatened by Kaepernick. Some of us are appalled by him, others are disgusted with him and many more are absolutely furious with him. You simply WANT us to be threatened by him. You also WANT him to be hired as a starting quarterback for a top NFL team. Things are not working out well for you. Or Kapernick.

  1. What a joke! And what an insult to REAL civil rights spokesman.
    Ali and Robinson fought for equal rights. And Ali still spoke of the black race killing themselves as a problem too. Following Malcolm X outlook on black Americans.

    Robinson was brave and faced true death threats and continued to carry on.

    This clown met a radical girlfriend, grew an Afro, and took a knee to something that has nothing to do with social injustice, but instead decided to crap on a memorial started to honor soldiers in war. The same guys who fought to give this clown the right to be an idiot.
    He also chooses to ignore the fact that the biggest danger to the black race is themselves. And the fact that more white people are killed by the police per capita than any other race.
    No instead this idiot decides to make it a race thing and further divide this country.
    Again all because of a girlfriend he stole from a teammate.
    Robinson and Ali actually felt the struggle. This rich kid isn’t fooling me with a fresh grown Afro and a black fist. In a time where in his profession, he’s working with thousands of black millionaires with more privelage than most in this country.

    The dumbing down of America is alive and thriving! Get real GQ. And does anybody still read this magazine? I thought they died in the 1990’s! Pffft

    1. You sound like you would be one of the people who would spit on black KIDS when they went to school back in the good old days.
      Are you really that stupid to think that a black person who works for his money can’t have an opinion about injustice???
      Please educate US how much money a BLACK person is allowed to make before he can speak up!!!

      1. You sound like you would be one of the people who would spit on black KIDS when they went to school back in the good old days.
        Are you really that stupid to think that a black person who works for his money can’t have an opinion about injustice???
        Please educate US how much money a BLACK person is allowed to make before he can speak up!!!

        Oh still using the race card. Guess it wouldn’t help to mention I️ am Puerto Rican and not some alt right white supremist cnn and the other mainstream media fakes tell you about.
        Here’s the truth. You’re the racist. You’re living in the 80’s bubble that thinks you can’t be racist if you’re a minority. The ONLY argument you have is racism. You know nobody personally in here and yet you really believe the crap you’re filtering out from your “sources” is the truth. It’s pathetic.
        Racist? Na my man you’re the racist. Only racists see color in their disputes. Take a long look in the mirror before doing some racial branding. Your racist card doesn’t work anymore. And the sooner you learn this the better off this country will be.

        1. I find it amusing that someone would call you or me a racist without knowing a thing about us. One of my good friends in high school was black. I have a black b-i-l, my best friend of 40 plus years is Hispanic and my Pastor is black. I oppose what Kap is doing and that alone makes me a racist? Easy to throw around a term that means less and less every day due to overuse.

        2. nevermind, Puerto Ricans are not exactly known to embrace black people…
          Nice try though pulling the race card to try to make yourself look like you’re not a racist!

      2. Your just a racist, Dee………….any objective person reading your rants would come to that conclusion. Cant and WONT stick to football, will ya?

        1. ribico says:
          November 13, 2017 at 12:35 pm
          finially someone who knows something
          You think so, huh? Ask MD about who was behind 9/11 sometime.

          I’ll take something a government baby would say for 1000 Alex!

    2. he’s working with thousands of black millionaires with more privelage than most in this country.

      No white millionaires in the NFL??? Can you get more racist than this nevermind?
      wait, wait I didn’t see this

      He also chooses to ignore the fact that the biggest danger to the black race is themselves.

      Oh my, maybe you’re not racist but a sociopath!

  2. My great great grandpa was a field general in the civil war. He died in battle for guys like Colin and Kaepernick gets fame off his shameful disrespect of the American Flag.

    1. “When does the Kap obsession end for Grant?”

      The whole Kap thing will die once A) a team signs him, or B) people stop paying attention and make it non-newsworthy.

      1. “The whole Kap thing will die once A) a team signs him, or

        I don’t see any team now signing him after we’ve seen playoff teams lose their QB and still not even giving him a workout.

  3. LOL
    Grant you really exposed yourself by spending a WHOLE PARAGRAPH on describing pictures of Kaepernick in an article. Trying to stir up something or are you just plain jealous of what Kaepernick has accomplished in his life?
    Are you wishing that you were as relevant as he is?

  4. Back in the day this kinda stuff wasn’t tolerated by common folks… if someone blatantly disrespect the pledge or tattered the flag, they take you out behind the barn and teach you respect. This fame Colin is getting is a misrepresentation of facts and being allowed as our flag is shamefully disrespected. I remember when he first time Colin knelt and it was at the very same time he was being scrutinize for his lack of playing. I really do believe this hole thing started because Colin was throwing a grown man temper tantrum and then later made something of this.

  5. Hilarious, but sad this is what we’ve come to.

    Thanks Grant. I know many forget that they are allowed to have a different opinion then the media. Its okay to think for yourselves every now and again.

  6. Seems weird to have CK as the 2017 Citizen of the Year. All of his actions were in 2016. All he is now is an unemployed person looking for a job. If you really want to recognize the people sacrificing their patriotism for some BS cause then Eric Reid seems like a much better choice since he’s the one who took the mantle from Kaepernick and ran with it in 2017.

  7. I wish Colin had added the name of Justine Damond (a white woman) killed by a itchy fingered black cop in Minneapolis last year. It would have shut up the Faux news idiots who want to put a racial angle on the protests. Nobody is safe from the under trained, fearful cops with lethal weapons patrolling our streets. Whites are just as liable to be shot for no reason as blacks or hispanics.

    The issue here is badly trained cops with lethal weapons patrolling our streets in a state of fear, liable to discharge their guns at the slightest sound and then asking questions afterwards. It is not about disrespecting the anthem or the military. What Colin and other protesting players are trying to do is to have police chiefs across the country acknowledge the problem and put in concrete measures to better train the police. Unfortunately, the media has distorted the issue into NFL players vs the military, essentially giving a free pass to police departments across the country.

    I personally know several policemen who agree with what Kaepernick is trying to do.

      1. One of my golf buddies served in Vietnam and is completely on board with the protests. In fact, he was more angry at profit making commercial entities like NFL exploiting the military veterans with overt displays of patriotism and flag waving than he is with the protests of the players.

        The media has downplayed it, but Nate Boyer, a Green Beret, suggested kneeling to Kap as a more respectful method of protesting as opposed to simply sitting down during the anthem. I respect Boyer’s opinion a lot more than that of a draft dodger like Trump (I think Trump got a deferment because he had a bunion).

      2. Seb that’s how wrong you got it. Kaep is not disrespecting the military nor is he disrespecting the police. That’s not where the problem is. What he is disrespecting/attacking is the Constitution of the U.S. The very instrument that gives Kaep the very right to do what he is doing! That makes him my enemy. I took an oath – this oath said nothing about protecting the stupid conservatives nor does it say anything about protecting the dumb down liberals. It said nothing about protecting the Church nor does it say anything about the Atheist. What the oath does say to serve and protect the Constitution of the US. That’s where the problem is.

        If the right of protesting was taken away from Kaep and his fellow kneelers, I would STAND by their side not to support their cause but to support the right to protest. Until the disrespecting/attacking of the constitution comes to an end I and many others will not get behind anything this boy and his fellow kneelers have to say. Find another way.

        And how dare anyone compare Kaep too Ali or King. Ali went to prison to make his point, King gave up his life to make his point and all Kaep can do is kneel give me a break he sucks and so do his followers.

        The Oath
        I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed …

        NOTE the word domestic

        1. So you would say Nate Boyer, a decorated Green Beret, is attacking the constitution by suggesting that Kaepernick kneel during the anthem?

          1. Just because he is a decorated Green Beret doesn’t mean he is right, it just means he is one brave man who commands great respect for what he has accomplished during his military career.

            1. UC, thank you for your service, and am glad you survived that harrowing experience.
              I will just respectfully disagree. Kaep is not attacking the Constitution. He is striving for a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, and promote the general Welfare.
              Police should be establishing justice, not racially profiling. Domestic tranquility is broken when rogue cops shoot unarmed civilians. The general Welfare is violated when rogue cops are never held accountable and they turn off body cameras.
              Kaep did not swear an oath to office. However, whenever he pledges allegiance to the flag, he ends that with a call for- liberty and justice for all. He promotes the general welfare because he feels that people should not be racially profiled, and rogue cops should not be able to persecute and brutalize the general public with no repercussions.
              Kaep is not an enemy, foreign or domestic. He is exercising his rights outlined in the Bill of Rights. The first Amendment states that – Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibit the free exercise thereof, or abridging the FREEDOM OF SPEECH or the press, or the right of the people PEACEABLY TO ASSEMBLE and to petition the government for a REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Kaep’s protests are American as apple pie.
              However, Twitler appeases a sworn enemy on foreign soil who continues to point nuclear missiles at the United States, and orders jets to buzz American warships. He toadies up to a sworn enemy, and believes Putin over his own administration. To me, that is treason.

              1. Well said….

                Evidence of my twisted mind…When I read your post a line from Blazing Saddles popped into my mind

                “Now who can argue with that”…

              2. Seb, you speak for Kaep all the time. He doesn’t speak for himself. He’s a lemming, doing what his girlfriend, Nate Boyer, and Mark Geragos tell him to do. And it’s becoming overwhelmingly obvious for the past year that his advisors are deliberately telling him not to talk.

                I never heard of an intelligent public figure with supposedly so much to say, who doesn’t ever speak for himself.

              3. Alan, actions speak louder than words. Kaep, by silently, non violently kneeling, caused much debate that is still continuing. It has caused police to start mandating body cameras, and some rogue cop was found guilty of abuse of authority. Kaep’s protest could never be discounted when GQ gave him an award, and his uniform is in the Smithsonian. Still, even with third string QBs struggling, Kaep is still being blackballed.
                Yes, behind every great man there is a great woman. -ER. I am not a big fan of hers, but I am also not going to judge their relationship.

        2. UC, please please educate US on how Kap is

          disrespecting/attacking is the Constitution of the U.S.

          before you wet your pants!
          Ali would be proud of Kap!
          And if you really were to uphold your oath, you would be upset with that Putin-licker we have in the WH!

  8. Congrats to Colin Kaepernick on this award. I hope your career in “who gives a crap” works out for you.

    In other news, its nice coming to work on a Monday with a win in the back pocket, finally!

  9. Thank you, Grant. Kaep is being heroic to stand up against the hate. He is wise to remain silent, because his words get twisted by the haters to fit their narrative.
    The pig socks are used to vilify him as a hater of cops, but he wore them to decry the thin blue line that lets rogue cops go free, even though they abused their authority by becoming judge, jury and executioner. Finally there has been a conviction over police brutality, and rogue cops are being weeded out of police departments. Due to Kaep, body cameras are now standard issue so police know their actions are being recorded, so it makes them show restraint. When police turn off their body cameras, people are saying that he did that because that cop knew what he was doing was illegal, and did not want any evidence of his wrong doing.
    His Malcolm X shirt in Harlem with Castro brought out the haters in droves, because they thought Castro was a bloody monster who oppressed his people. Now we find out that the CIA had plotted many times to assassinate Castro. Our government was plotting to kill him, and they wonder why he fought against hegemony and the Yankee Imperialists? Yes, many Cuban Americans still think he is the devil, but Castro did overthrow the corrupt Bautista regime that was complicit with the Mob, which oppressed the people and tried to prop up another banana republic, which basically enslaved the poor populace for a few oligarchs.
    Those antagonists against Castro wanted to violently overthrow the duly elected government, then decried the pushback as oppression, but they are only a fringe element of society with fascist ideologies. Throughout all this turmoil, the ones who claim Castro is a bloody monster say zip about the opposition using the same tactics, and the recent release of documents prove that. I will not say that Castro is a saint, but he loved his country and tried hard to help his people have access to medical care and education. If people want to vilify Castro, they should do the same thing to the American government.
    Kaep is being honored as true American, and history will not be kind to his detractors. The only thing I would say against this article is what Nessa said. I have been in too many family discussions/fights over politics at Thanksgiving, and they can lead to hard feelings. It is better to talk about something different, to keep the family together, rather than drive it apart.
    Thanks again for throwing me a cookie, Grant. It was a nice article, and the other commentators, Eric Reid included, spoke volumes. Kaep is officially being blackballed, and he has a legitimate grievance. Goodell could stop the lawsuit by getting a team to sign him. If collusion is proven, it might void the CBA, which will cost the owners millions.

    1. Kap is a terrible QB and I am so happy he is no longer a 49er and that I can stuff your face daily with crow as you said KS and JL would take him back! Buwhahahahahahaha!!!!!

      1. Prime, the article states that he would be better than all but 20 QBs in the league. I think he is better than all but 13 QBs in the league.
        I will believe the opinion of Pete Carroll, Brady, Rodgers, Newton and Eric Reid over yours, every day, and twice on Sunday.

        1. Sebnynah(terrible screen name) says “I think he is better than all but 13 QBs in the league”

          Too bad you don’t get paid to think. The NFL thinks very different from you. Rogers, Watson and many more QB’s are down and still not even an interview for old wind. What does that tell you?

          Keep playing the black ball card. Its laughable.

          He is done and you should just eat your crow!

        2. It’s amazing how these teams that think so highly of him and value competition didn’t sign him. I mean, who wouldn’t want a championship caliber QB as a backup on the cheap? It’s almost as if they don’t really believe what they’re saying to the public. It’s weird.

              1. I hate racists and injustices.
                I love racial harmony, liberty and justice for all.
                Sounds like you like racists and defend injustices.

          1. Ding Ding…
            As you noticed most coaches are already taught by owners what not to say and be polite. It’s not like it was in the 90’s, that’s forsure.

            1. To EVERYONE…..

              You’ll notice for yourselves, that great lover of humanity, of racial harmony, the man who respects everyone else’s thoughts–on any given issue, really~ALWAYS has to get in the last word, the last insult, the last little piss and bitch……….
              But that’s not filled to the brim with understanding and tolerance for all, is it…….?

    2. He was not nor is “heroic”.

      He was a guy on the way out of the league who found an avenue to keep his name in the limelight.

      He didn’t care about the social issues prior to him being benched in 2015 and almost being traded to Denver.

      His Instagram was posts about him working out or pictures of him shirtless.

      Where was he with Eric Garner, Michael Brown, or Trayvon Martin? Nowhere. Too busy kissing his bicep, making Madden commercials, and posting on his IG about a storm coming to then currently hurricane ravaged Houston. Too busy dropping N-words on fellow NFL player Lamarr Houston. Too busy posting a stupid face and pic of him with a Dolphins hat.

      Yeah, this is the “hero”.

      1. Kaep is a hero, and the Man of the Year at GQ. His actions and cause put him on the cover of Time, and his uniform into the Smithsonian.
        Kaep is being blackballed, and you think he is not as good as many present QBs who are failing miserably, but that just shows how your hate is clouding your judgement. He regained his starting job, and still continued his protests. Kaep is being compared to John Carlos, Tommie Smith, Jackie Robinson, Ali, MLK and Rosa Parks. John Carlos called Kaep a hero.
        Considering the amount of hate he receives, and all the death threats, it is heroic to stand tall against the hate for a noble cause. Fighting injustices has the Twitler calling him an SOB.
        A black man using the N word on another black man? The horrors! Guess you do not watch any rap videos, or have ever watched Jackie Chan in Rush Hour.
        Wow, pretty desperate to disparage Kaep over a Dolphins hat. He just wanted to avoid getting harrassed for wearing a Niners hat when everyone else were wearing Dolphins caps. His post about a storm was coming referred to the football game, but once he realized that people were offended, he sincerely apologized.
        Eric Garner and Michael Brown were such travesties of justice, it finally galvanized him into action. The good thing is, that now Kaep has shown a spotlight on the problem, unjustified shooting of unarmed civilians are less frequent. When has been the last case of a rogue cop with an itchy trigger finger? Kaep’s protests have instigated a dialogue, and that has led to the implementation of body cameras, and new police training that emphasizes de-escalation tactics and non violent strategies.
        Kaep has succeeded in reducing the instances of rogue cops shooting unarmed civilians, and even if he only prevented one person from dying, he is a hero in my eyes.
        Yes, this is the HERO, and I hope he can effect more change and make this country live up to ideals and promises. Some day, we will have liberty and justice for all.

  10. Well if ESPN can give Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner the prestigious “Arthur Ash most Courageous” award, I guess anything goes these days.

  11. I almost want him to play just so I can watch the snowflakes melt when he throws a pick six during his first series. Kaepernick went where Robert Downey Junior told Ben Stiller never to go in Tropic Thunder. Career implosion at it’s finest. ???

    1. Big P I was thinking the same thing. But then the excuses would fly. And I’d bet my last dollar the excuse would be the white o-lineman didn’t block for him.
      It’s almost certain it would be twisted into a racial thing.

      1. They’ll get bored and move on to their next target, which will probably involve charging some old white dude with cultural appropriation because he likes burritos and Banh Mi sandwiches.

    2. Big P!!! –
      How the hell are you? I gave up talking politics on a sports blog lol.
      We finally got a win and “the future” (Garoppolo) will be playing soon! Beathard is a bad ass and he will be a good backup for “the future.”
      All arrows up!?

      1. Crab…. do they start him week 11?
        It’s been awhile and although it’s not Montana and young sitting there fighting for the starting job, so you stop Beathard after that game? This should be tough. I️ know it’s the Giants, but I️ have a feeling Beathard gets the start vs Seattle, struggles and JG comes in.
        I️ personally am not sold on Beathard, but you can’t just sit him after a performance like that. Heh? Lol

        1. MD –
          I would start Garoppolo (“the future”), Beathard would understand. Plus Beathard goes out with a very good performance under his belt, rather than being yanked out for screwing up. His confidence will remain high incase Garoppolo gets injured and he has to come back in.
          If Garoppolo has a great game and beats Seattle…that will send a strong message to the Seahawks and Sneaky Pete that we are no joke anymore.

      2. Crab, I’m doing well brother. I’ve stayed away from here because there isn’t much to talk about. It’s a long process and it seems like a small handful of people love to constantly go back and forth about things that, in my opinion, aren’t that important. The ownership has screwed up every good situation it has stumbled into. It’s hard for me to invest time and energy outside of watching the games because there are so many other things to do.

        -As I get older I kind of cringe at these older guys who allocate so much time and energy towards the NFL, especially the armchair draft gurus.

        -The league is a money grab of the worst kind.

        -You’re also starting to see favorite players like Dwight Clark suffer from the abuse their bodies took. I’m secretly happy that my son doesn’t like football.

        -I stream games and it blacks out during commercial break. Holy sh@# there are a lot of commercial breaks! You don’t realize how many commercials there are until they are blacked out. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

        These things just compound to create a bad atmosphere for their product. I know it’s a bit of a rant but it’s the truth. I hope all is well with you and your family. Celebration Ale is coming! Good to hear from you Crabs!

          1. NFL Game Pass – Every play run consecutively. Whole game takes about 20 minutes. Available about an hour after the game ends. Also coaches film for the experts on the board.

        1. Big P –
          Good to hear from you…My most hated commercials are those Liberty Mutual ones, especially the one where the girl says you named your car Brad. Lol

    3. This “snowflake” could care less if Kaep ever plays again. Boycott? Duh, and that surprises who? In a league full of Republican owners? In America, you make your bed, you lie in it.

  12. That sad Marquise Goodwin story hit me hard yesterday…The same exact thing happened to me and my wife about 11 years ago, we lost our son.

    1. Very sorry to hear this,
      I have a son, A daughter, and 5 grandchildren. I shudder to even think about that kind of loss. Can’t take my mind to that place. I suppose it’s something that never really heals.

    2. Sorry to hear about that Crab. Though my words may sound hollow due to the time that has passed, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife.

    3. Crab,
      It’s a tough thing to go through. My wife and I also lost our first son during my wife’s pregnancy.
      He would have been 46 years old last August and been a huge 49ers fan.

      1. SL, oneniner, AES , MWD –
        Thanks guys, it was a long time ago but I appreciate your kind words. Sorry for your loss too AES.

    1. Somebody once said: “Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear smart until you hear them speak.” This board keeps that thought in my mind constantly.

  13. CJB played well yesterday with the OL giving him good protection. With regards to whether or not JG will start versus the Squawks, just a reminder that KS has repeatedly said that how a player performs in practice is a major factor in determining that player’s playing time in a game.

    Colbert had a great game and I still think that come the offseason, the FO might look to unload Jimmy Ward. The main pros for keeping him are 1) only a one year contract and 2) he can readily play either free safety or CB. The main cons are that 1) the one-year contract is for $8.5 million (which likely would get a pretty good offensive lineman in FA) and 2) he can’t stay healthy. Finally, if they can identify a pretty good safety in the 7th round in 2017, who says they can’t do it again in 2018.

    1. Let’s see how Colbert goes the rest of the year before anointing him. But even if he plays well they should keep Ward and put him back to nickel. He’s still one of their top DBs.

      1. I have to agree. I am a proponent of Colbert, but one game against a depleted receiving corps is not enough to justify anointing him as the best 49ers FS going forward.

        1. I’ve actually never said that we should get rid of Ward, just that I believe they will give him a hard look. However, by extension, I suppose I am saying that if Colbert “balls” out the rest of the year, then a tandem of Tarrt and Colbert would suffice with the addition of a 4th round or later rookie safety.

          I’ve also said that I think Ward is a good player; in fact, I’ve always said that, even when he got skewered by Chicago in his first year. It’s the fragility that concerns me. He just can’t seem to make it through a season. I suppose too, that I was really bothered by the fact that he got injured during a conditioning exercise and that injury kept him out for months.

      2. Ha. I knew that would be your response, Scooter. We’ll revisit during the offseason.

        Been meaning to ask you the following. Didn’t you think it was strange that when KS was talking about JG and his skill and abilities that he compared him to Trubisky (and another QB whose name I can’t remember). It’s not that I have anything against Trubisky, in fact he was my favorite QB in the draft. It’s just that I found it odd that he would compare a QB with four years of experience in the NFL (albeit very limited playing time) with a rookie (who had very limited playing time as a starter in college).

        1. I think this is more a case of familiarity. During the off season they obviously spent a lot of time looking at QBs that either were or may be available. JG was one, Trubisky another. So when talking about what he liked about JG he clearly saw something similar between the two when evaluating this off season. The interesting aspect here, of course, is that KS must have liked Trubisky as well. Just not enough to warrant the 2nd pick of the draft.

          The other QB he compared him to was Romo. That’s a pretty easy one and one JG has been compared to many times before – both from Eastern Illinois, both have a really quick release.

          1. Romo, that’s right. Still seems odd to me, though. You always hear of the young player being compared to a more experienced and established older player, seldom if ever the other way around.

            It occurred to me, too, that Trubisky was probably KS’ first choice for QB. I’m also wondering if the niners had picked second (because no reasonable trade deal materialized), maybe they would have picked Trubisky. All academic now, of course.

            1. Yeah… it certainly opens up some interesting questions. I would have to think if they really would have picked Trubisky at #2 then they would never have made the deal – basically if they thought he was worth that pick, with no future franchise QB on the roster they had to make that pick.

              I suppose the thing to keep in mind here as well is that while KS likened part of JG’s game to Trubisky, he didn’t say they were at the same level or even the same type of player. From KS’s quote it sounds like he was just saying JG has some of that athletic ability to make a play with his feet and move around in the pocket. His next sentence was about Russell Wilson and how JG isn’t at that level of movement.

    2. Cubus,
      I would think that Ward is a building block for the team if they can agree on a contract extension. I’m not sure how Colbert would have defended against Eli had the regular starters n Giants’ O line and receiver corps been available.

  14. I am here to remind you all that ninermd is a moron………please don’t be fooled by the lack of education or the ignorance he possess…… is a moron……

  15. This political crap is why I had nothing to do with football for most of the first half of the season. Kaepernick is as much as a Citizen of the Year as Hollywood is a safe haven from sick predators and the Republican Party is making an effort to pass smart legislation. All Kaepernick has done in 2017 is sue the NFL for collusion instead of accepting the fact that no intelligent NFL owner is going to want a controversial backup QB that could negatively impact their revenue and/or fan base. That isn’t worthy of anything expect being a crybaby who refuses to accept the facts.
    How about the guy who potentially stopped more people from dying in Texas? What about the reporter about a predator of women in Hollywood who had his article essentially ignored by NBC but was thankfully able to havr another news organization print it? Those two have done more than a QB who filed a lawsuit because he can’t accept the fact that he is done.

  16. I could careless about kap…….and his mission……nothing is going to change unless we the citizens want the change….

    But again – In my opinion Kaepernick is a fool and has the worldview of a naive college freshman. But here are some things he did NOT do:

    Collude with an enemy state
    Defend White Supremacists
    Insult a Gold Star family
    Insult an American War hero Congressman
    Call American citizens Sons of B….s

    If his presence on an NFL roster or his presence on a magazine upsets you more than Trump’s presence in the White House, you have the right to have that opinion, but note you are dumb and you hate America.

    1. Sorry, but the current president has nothing to do with the media obsession with Kaepernick and the fact that he is done.

      1. Trump mentioned him by inference and called him an SOB. Trump was so successful, almost whole teams started kneeling.
        With the current attrition rate, and many teams about to fall out of contention, Kaep should get a chance.
        Of course, some teams would rather lose without him, than win with him. Typical loser mentality.

  17. Anyone else think Colbert’s hit changed the game completely? If that hit is called a personal foul I think the game swings completely in the Giants favour. Instead I think it was 3rd down? Anyone verify that?

      1. Reid is not worth extending when you look at what Colbert can do.
        Sure we will miss the leadership but we won’t miss the lack of speed and poor coverage skills. On the TD pass to Engram he was too slow to turn his head. That should have been INT.

        1. that was the wrong play to call in the redzone against a QB like Eli…..

          I thought Reid moved properly after being zig zagged by the WR…he was a just a little late turning around

          they had him matched up in a man coverage…….they should have played zoned blitz……

          Why call man coverage with less than 10 yrds to the end zone baffles me……..the same mistake was made in the end zone a couple of games ago……

          1. One, what has Reid shown in his time here to warrant an extension?
            He is slow, injury prone, and we have younger hungrier kids ready to take the next step?

  18. He clearly has advisors in his ear telling him, “We’re packaging you as a social justice hero. Whatever you do, don’t actually speak and ruin the smoke and mirror show we’re creating.”

  19. Not every person that feels disrepected by the protest is racist.
    Not every person that supports the protest is a snowflake or a social justice warrior.
    Not every vet and conservative are against the protest.
    Not every liberal supports the protest.

    But one thing is for certain. Kap is a narcissist. Just look at his twitter. It’s full of retweets about him being the Citizen of the Year. This is the online equivalent of kissing one’s bicep.

      1. next man uh…oh, yeah, who’s the next guy up?
        McCoil? swap around w/Reid?
        Jimmy Graham might have a good game in 2 weeks…
        kinda makes the posted narrative above that “Reid’s not needed w/Colbert now” look even more superfluous…
        — will the starting lineup ever be stable for 2 games in a row?

      1. He’ll mis 1 game guys. Geeze, the kid broke his thumb. And that’s cause for alarm?

        I don’t know how many times I have to say this but …… NFL football is a rough sport. Linebackers and Safeties rarely play 16 games without some sort of injury. Earl Thomas has missed plenty of time, hasn’t he? Colbert plays hard, give the kid a break (pardon the pun).

        Do you think you’re going to draft some sort of injury proof FS? Aint gonna happen.

        I know Ronnie cut his finger off at the first knuckle, but it wasn’t one of his opposable thumbs now was it?

        1. I’m all for drafting a SS, but I am not about to blow off a promising FS because he broke his thumb and requires surgery, and “might” miss a game. You can’t take a chance on losing a thumb, in order to play a meaningless game in a rebuilding season. That would be stupid.

          If all it takes is missing a game with a broken thumb that requires surgery, in order to have Niner fans turn on you, after a breakout rookie performance in which he threw his body around with reckless abandon, then maybe he shouldn’t want to play in front of Niner fans. Not sure I would.

    1. Lol! Oh well, so much for getting a chance to see if he can be the future.

      Colbert got injured a lot in college as well.

      Actually just reading he may only miss one week, or perhaps even none at all. Fingers crossed for him.

      1. Oh, you’ll see Colbert in DB injury rotation duty again in a few weeks…
        he’s a keeper…on our platooning DB roster…
        but some here will b***h about him later in season when he’s up against far better O’s than ARI or NYG…

  20. After a cursory review of this comment thread………
    ……..’Merica ain’t fixed yet!
    Longer term reclamation project than the Forty Niners fo’ sho’.

  21. Juanhunglo says:
    November 13, 2017 at 10:23 am

    On a side note, Kaep will continue to hold the dubious record of the longest losing streak by a SINGLE QB (9 straight loses) in Forty Niner history! He can prop that one up with being the only QB in Forty Niner history to lose a SB! Ya gotta love it! LOL!

    TomD’s Take: Seb likes to tout Kap’s record. You can be sure he won’t touch the one above in his posts.
    That’s because ‘rookie’, CJB, didn’t have 9 straight losses like ‘veteran, Kap, setting a 49er franchise record in futility.

    Seb also likes to blame the horrid O-line and other bad players assembled by Baalke Kap had to play behind, which, according to Seb, led to those losses.

    Well answer this question Seb. How is it that a rookie– CJB— playing behind a worse O-Line and a total house cleaning, worked with more players new to the playbook than Kap, doesn’t have the running ability of Kap (you keep touting), yet, so far, has a better record than Kap’s 2017 record ?….How could this QB, w/o Kap’s legendary running ability accomplish this, Seb ?

    1. *And CJB did this, all without your suggestion of hiring an OC !…..Right, Seb ?
      Kap had the benefit of an OC, and CJB, according to your theory, was at more of a disadvantage than Kap, working w/o one.

      Are you willing to admit that CJB is a better ‘pocket QB’ than Kap given these accolades in such a short career ?

  22. CJ Beathard: 20 carries, 115 YDs, 5.75 YPC. 3 TDs.

    CJ’s three rushing touchdowns has already passed Kap’s total from last season, which was only two.

          1. Yet, I have seen Kaep make some jaw dropping throws while on the run, that few QBs would even attempt, less complete.
            Watching sap, that is about your speed.

            1. the only jaws dropping are in other teams film study of Mr. GQ: “who the h**l taught this guy to throw?” is the usual reaction…

  23. Kaep is a mouthpiece for Aldon Smith’s his girlfriend… Thankfully he’s no longer the Niners’ distraction. But hey, best of luck to you Colin.

    1. he’s absolutely still a niner’s distraction, and before you doubt that statement consider this thread’s premise you’re posting/responding to.

  24. You said it Red! The Niners have turned the corner as far as team unity, character and overall positive culture. The locker room is no longer divisive and fractured like it was the last few years. The most positive thing for Niner fans that want to see the team return to greatness is the fact that Kaep doesn’t, and never will play for the Forty Niners again, or for that matter even play in the league anymore, not that anyone really cares. Why this insignificant, attention seeking, hate mongering, overly divisive, mediocre activist/author/model/ whatever/QB garners so much attention is frankly beyond me. I’m sure more than a majority of fans, especially Niner fans, would, if possible, collectively join in together and sing to him the Motley Crue lyrics, “Don’t go away mad, just go away”! Loud!

  25. There is no doubt that Kaepernick can play in the NFL. I doubt he’s one of the top 20 quarterbacks. Maybe with the right coach – think Harbaugh type.
    Let’s not forget that it was Kaepernick himself that opted out of his contract. Have you considered he really doesn’t want to be signed? Maybe his demands are too high?
    He probably wants to be a starter and more than the 13 million he turned down.

    He’s no saint. He’s no citizen of the year.

    But the NFL is dumb not to sign him up as a back up quarterback at least.

  26. This was the 166th mass shooting since January 2009, and the 10th mass shooting this year. Even more terrible, this was the 257th school shooting since 2013, and the 49th this year. Every day, 90 Americans are killed with a gun. But what have we done to address gun violence in our communities?

    Nothing, except vilifying Kaepernick for starting a movement!
    The flag is so much more important than dead children….

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