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  1. Lynch is definitely one of the top 5 players. There is no reason to suspect O’Neil prefers Harold. Harold replaced Brooks while Brooks was out, as the ROLB. Lynch will be the LOLB and will also play a lot as a down edge defender. O’Neil will no doubt love his pass rush capability, and ability to set the edge.

    As much as I love Bowman, its his leadership more than his personal play that makes him a top player atm, and I find it hard to consider him a top 5 player on the team right now. But I guess until Ward and Armstead (or any of the young guys) prove otherwise, he should rank ahead of them.

    1. Scooter I tend to agree with your premise about the proven vs. potential. I like Ward and always have. Armstead to me is good but needs some time to demonstrate it like Ward. I would go with guys like Reid, Bowman, Lynch, T Smith, Bethea. Hyde’s a good talent, not sure he’s a leader yet. Reid had a down year, but so did the entire team. I’d like to see how this Ryan style defense treats him this season.

      1. Not based on last season, no. At least he shouldn’t be. He was an absolute liability in pass coverage last year, which is becoming an increasingly important element of an ILBs job each year. His knee injury cost him the agility that made him a great player. Now he’s still an excellent run defender and pretty good pass rusher for an ILB, but can be (and was) beat repeatedly through the air.

        Don’t believe me? Just ask the good folks at PFF.

  2. I agree with Scooter, Lynch is a top 5 player. May be top OLB on team. I can see Bowman, Ward, Staley and Hyde but not Armstead. He MAY be a top 5 player but he isn’t yet. Are you grading potential here Grant? If so, perhaps Bowman might drop some as would Staley too.

  3. I sure hope O’Neil isn’t dumb enough to drop the teams best edge rusher (on a team lacking a good edge rush) into coverage all the time.

    Lynch was a DE in college. I say sic em on the quarterback.

  4. Setting aside “…nothing to do with past accomplishments. They reflect the coaching staff’s view…” I think Bethea has a chance of sneaking into the top five. He was voted by the players team MVP in 2014. Lets see how he handles the years.

    I’m loving what I hear about Armstead getting bigger. I hope Buckner’s hitting the iron and protein smoothies with the same enthusiasm. Some scoff at the possibility of Armstead winding up the better of the two, but no doubt he has physical potential.

  5. Grant, remember the chatter about Malcom Brown or Arik Armstead at 15?

    I was hoping for a big trade back from 15 to the bottom of the first. I thought one of Brown or Armstead would still be there.

    I was leaning Brown slightly. He’s very well regarded in New England. Had a good rookie year. But I’m glad we got Armstead. His unique physical gifts will come in handy.

    I also think its a bit apples and oranges. I thought Brown would be a 3-tech. He’s a NT with the Pats (do they slide him over on pass downs?) whereas Armstead’s been what Tomsula calls 4-tech in base last year.

  6. My top 5.

    1. Kaep. No surprise that he is my number one player.

    2. Bowman. He is a tackling machine, and will be healthier this season.

    3. Reid. They traded up to get him, and he is the best DB on the team.

    4. Staley. A veteran leader, and made the pro bowl.

    5. Torrey Smith. Hyde was considered for number 5, but Torrey will score more TDs. They may say they will run the ball, but with the new league rules, WRs will be so important to the passing game. Hyde needs to prove that he is durable before I name him number 5.

      1. You could throw Joe Montana in your top 5. Like Kap, he’s not playing now either, but it would give more credibility to you than picking a gimp.

        1. Seb,

          Have you considered you are stuck in the past. You already know NFL has been referred to as Not For Long League.

          Do you really think Chip is going to expose a rehabbed Kap to a run option offense in recovery stage. So, subtracking one of Kap’s weapons (the run) away, makes him a pocket passer only. Who wins in this competition. Even Driskel would beat him out here. Logic my Seb. SRJC offers a course for you and you can take it online.

          1. TrollD, i see you continuing to engage me. The others have learned their lesson, and scrupulously ignore my posts, but somehow, you seem to be a glutton for punishment.

            I do not see why I have to endure a Raider troll, who posts links incessantly because he cannot formulate a cogent original thought. Now you are predicting the Raiders will make the playoffs.Please go troll the Raider site. They love Niner haters.

            And be sure to establish your bona fides by asserting the Niners should have traded Kaep for Tebow, even with draft picks. They will applaud your intelligence.

            Have a nice day.

            1. Some things have to be checked. If I don’t, then you will continue with your inept posts by next time suggesting the 49ers should have starters in wheel chairs covering kickoffs.

            2. Freakiin seb.

              If you think ive quit on you, you have another think coming.
              Always with the arrogant statements, you know? on your best day, maybe an ounce of humility.


              1. Et tu, Jack? I swore I saw you declare that you would ignore me.

                Of course, maybe you were referring to Prime/Saw, since he is the definition of a loser.

      2. TrollD, haven’t you heard the news? Kaep was throwing the ball in practice, and was on target 13 out of 14 times.

    1. Dude. It’s been established like FOREVER that Kaepernick can’t pass from the pocket. He’s also pretty bad under pressure, ranking 32nd last year.

      Just move on.

      1. No duh, maybe they should accentuate his strengths instead of showcasing his weaknesses. I expect Chip to roll out Kaep a lot more, so he has room to move. Instead of being sacked 80 times in a season and a half, I expect Kaep to be sacked a lot less.

        Now that Devey is gone, the O line cannot help but improve. If Pears gets traded away or cut, I will jump for joy.

          1. Saw, maybe you have not heard this before, but forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer is like putting an Abrams tank in a pit.

  7. Grant,
    Almost agree with your 5 players. Bowman is our best player even though he’s not playing at pre-injury level.

    Staley, while our best interior lineman has reached his ceiling, but would be good enough to start on almost every team.

    Potentially, Hyde could be our best offensive player but he needs to put together at the very least two good back to back seasons in order to breakthrough the injury cloud over his head. I would give him a 5b position.
    If Hyde can stay healthy he could climb into the top 3 given Kelly’ penchant for the run.

    I put Ward in the same category as Hyde. We have seen some flashes but consistency and completing an entire season on the field will secure his place as a top 5 player.

    Armstead is up and coming, but I would put him at 5a at the moment.

    Now if players like Gabbert/Kap, T.Smith, Ellington, VMac, Patton, Rogers or any player that wins the #2 WR spot can prosper in Kelly’ offense, we just might be able to sneak up on some teams.

    A.Lynch, Harold, Reid, Bethea, Brooks and maybe some help from our rookies DeForest, Blair, and Robinson could bring some respectability back to our defense.
    Hopefully (there’s that word again), by next year we can raise the level of our players to the point where we will need a top 10.

  8. It’s because these might be our top 5 players that we’ll be lucky to win 4 games this season.

    1. CFC,
      Perhaps. And you might be right.
      But I’ve already exhausted my “hopeful” stance with my friend Rocket.

      1. If Buckner can break through and be transformative players this season along with Armstead, Ward and Hyde, I believe the team can be far more competitive, in fact they could be a surprise. A lot will depend on the stoutness of the O line play as well but I’m hopeful, though not optimistic about this occurring, of course (in case your out there Rocket, I am realistic about the team). Nevertheless, at this point anything can happen and everyone has potential to shine.

  9. Armstead? Ward? Seriously?
    I do like the progress Ward had made but no. Bowman leading tackler in NFL and still not fully back. He’s hands down #1 He was on a torrid Hall of fame type of pace that hopefully his injury was only a temporary setback. 2. Stanley has been a very solid blindside protector and gets the nod as our # 2 3. I agree Hyde is one of our most talented and tough players. Hopefully staying healthy and taking no more cheap shots like the one Pittsburgh’s safety gave him. 4th best I would say is Brooks, who was a beast when he had a good coach. He needs to be mentioned for his versatile contributions in big games. whether it was the big goal line stuff in the playoffs in Carolina or getting to Matt Ryan in the NFC championship , and batting down crucial passes, Or causing should gave been game winning fumbles in New Orleans 2 years straight…He was a big part of our super bowl bid… Question if he has the desire and gas in the tank. I think he like all the fans (me) got pissed off at the York/ Baalke sh*t circus and stopped caring.

    5. Lynch or Dawson.

  10. Armstead? Ward? Seriously?
    I do like the progress Ward had made but no. Bowman leading tackler in NFL and still not fully back. He’s hands down #1 He was on a torrid Hall of fame type of pace that hopefully his injury was only a temporary setback. 2. Stanley has been a very solid blindside protector and gets the nod as our # 2 3. I agree Hyde is one of our most talented and tough players. Hopefully staying healthy and taking no more cheap shots like the one Pittsburgh’s safety gave him. 4th best I would say is Brooks, who was a beast when he had a good coach. He needs to be mentioned for his versatile contributions in big games. whether it was the big goal line stuff in the playoffs in Carolina or getting to Matt Ryan in the NFC championship , and batting down crucial passes, Or causing should gave been game winning fumbles in New Orleans 2 years straight…He was a big part of our super bowl bid… Question if he has the desire and gas in the tank. I think he like all the fans (me) got pissed off at the York/ Baalke sh*t circus and stopped caring.

    5. Lynch or Dawson.

    Honorable mention: Draughn, Tartt, Buckner, Ian Williams or Dorsey

  11. Here is a list of note worthy players:

    DL: Armstead (with Buckner a strong candidate for this list going forward)

    LB: Bowman, Lynch

    DB: Ward, Tartt, Reid, Bethea

    OL: Staley, Kilgore

    RB: Hyde

    WR: Smith

    Clearly, the defense is far ahead of the offense, talent wise. Unless, of course, Kelly can work some magic with either CK or Gabbert, Hyde can stay healthy and the OL can gel. Admittedly, a lot has to go right for the offense to be good this year, but it’s not impossible (“you mean there’s a chance?”).

  12. Great point about BY back in the day. He made Stubblefield a ton of money getting double teamed and letting him get the tackles. Just like Cowboy did for Aldon Smith.

  13. Other then Staley and Bowman, the other three spots are wide open for argument. Its so wide open I would even consider Buckner and Garnett ahead of most and they have not even played a single down in the NFL. Is this a case of lack of talent or is it a case of the unknown? I believe the talent is there so for me its the unknown. Armstead, Lynch, Smith, Reid, Ward, Tartt, Hyde would merit consideration. What is really sad none of our QB’s warrant and even top ten on the team.

  14. I just hope that Armstead and Lynch are able to pressure the quarterback this year or we are in trouble. Harold could be a good pass rusher but it remains to be seen. I have given up on Tank, after three years of nothing….I feel he is a bust! If we can pick up that x-packers receiver we could use some veteran talent since we don’t have Bolden anymore. One last crazy thing, lets try and get Greg Hardy to a cheap contract. Now wait before you all get crazy, but we put up with Aldon Smith and McDOnald for a very long time, right. Lets give this guy a chance on a two year contract, and if he doesn’t pan out, it was a wash. We desperately need some real pass rush experience.

    1. Please, the Niners need Greg Hardy like they need a hole in their head. If the Niners want to act like champions, and become a class organization, GH is the last person in the world for them to acquire.

      Jed would be vilified and lambasted if they even looked at GH. Women beaters disgust me.

      I would rather have them sign Michael Sam if they are so desperate.

      1. Hardy would be the guy to give us that hole in the head too!

        Sam is a circus and a distraction. If he were any good his services would be coveted in Canada. You don’t see the Allouttes calling. That should tell you something.

    2. Mikec,
      I posted that ideal right before the draft. I would have no problem signing Hardy to a one year contract with incentives and of course a litany of rules that must be upheld which allows Hardy the opportunity to show he is serious about become an responsible football player but more importantly, an upstanding citizen off the field.

      I believe that Hardy will be on his best behavior if given another chance to resurrect his playing career.

      Having said that, I would have some concerns with him being around a team that has many young players. Yet, if Hardy can make the most of another opportunity he could be very valuable to a team (if not ours).

      1. 49er Fans,

        Drafting commentaries about giving Baalke a break for mid round misses are off base. A credible NFL GM must make a living in the mid rounds. Anyone can draft 1st rounders.

        Some mid to late round talent a GM must constantly draft to consistently stay on top:

        49er dynasty picks:

        Jesse Sapolu, G/C, 11th Round, 49ers
        4× Super Bowl champion (XIX, XXIII, XXIV, XXIX)
        2× Pro Bowl (1993, 1994)
        2× All-Pro (1994, 1995)

        Guy Mcentyre, Rd 3, 49ers
        4× Super Bowl champion (XIX, XXIII, XXIV, XXIX)
        2× Pro Bowl (1993, 1994)
        2× All-Pro (1994, 1995)

        Terrell Owens, 3rd Rd, 49ers
        6× Pro Bowl (2000–2004, 2007)
        5× First-team All-Pro (2000–2002, 2004, 2007)
        3× NFL receiving touchdowns leader (2001, 2002, 2006)
        NFL 2000s All-Decade Team

        Bruce Collie C/G, Rd 5, 49ers
        1989 Super Bowl Starting center
        Jeff Fuller, S, Rd 5, 49ers–
        Career highlights and awards
        3× Super Bowl Champion (XIX, XXIII, XXIV)
        3× NFC Champion (1984, 1988, 1989)

        Jeff Garcia, undrafted Canadian Football League, Found by Bill Walsh
        × Pro Bowl (2000–2002, 2007)
        NFC Passing Yards Leader (2000)
        PFWA Most Improved Player of the Year (2000)
        CFL4× West Division All-Star (1995–1998)
        86th Grey Cup Champion
        Grey Cup MVP (86th)
        Jeff Nicklin Memorial Trophy (1997)
        Career NFL statistics


        Passing yards:

        Passer rating:
        Player stats at

        Career CFL statistics

        Passing yards:


        Passing Rating:

      2. AES, Hardy wasn’t even close to remorseful at the Panthers or Cowboys. What makes you believe he’s different now? He was still pretty entitled when we heard from him last. IMO he needs to see his abuse and lack of remorseless have consequences. And that his talent isn’t doesn’t override his poor choices. We have enough dlinemen already and need help on offense.

        1. W73,
          I completely understand your stand, but showing remorsefulnes, would be an admission to guilt and I don’t see Hardy doing this since no charges were brought against him in court.

          But I think after watching him on the Cowboys sidelines in a coach’s face is a strong indication that he has very little control of his temper and that causing physical harm on someone would not be surprising.

          That’s why I said that certain criteria must be made clear on a one year contract.
          He will sign on the cheap and know that one negative action could immediately remove him from the team.

          I feel that Hardy will do all he can to stay off the radar to salvage his career.

      3. Unless a lot of the young guys develop this team is considerably more than a Greg Hardy away from being good, so why take the risk? May as well let the young guys have their shot.

        1. Scooter,
          It wouldn’t bother me if the 49ers pass on Hardy one bit. I’m only suggesting that Hardy (still young at 27) would come at a basement bargain price. I would give him a one year contract laden with incentives and consequences for breaking any rules. I would make it abundantly clear that breaking certain rules would be cause for immediate termination of contract.

          If he’s willing to come in with stringent stipulations then I would take a flier on him.
          Why? Because with little to no interest around the NFL at the moment for his services he has to feel that his opportunities are almost exhausted. At this juncture in his career I would think that he would want to keep himself away from any semblance of negativity.

          Plus, our young players could still develop under Kelly’ helter skelter type defense because the starters would inevitably need to take a breather during games.

              1. Yep, you’re right, they need players on offense. But working off Grant’s topic, Hardy would become a top 5 player on the team whereas the other guys are trending down.

              1. Both were highly talented players when in their prime. But based on team fit, health and miles left in the legs, Rice would seem the better option at this point. And I wouldn’t take either of them.

              2. Razor,
                I agree with Scooter – these two players are on the downslide of their careers. And they would be nothing more than bench players taking up space.

  15. Steve Wallace, 4th Rd, 49ers
    Pro Bowl selection (1992)
    2× All-Pro selection (1992, 1994)
    3× Super Bowl champion (XXIII, XXIV, XXIX)

    Don Griffin, Rd 6, 49ers
    1988-89 Starting Super Bowl Corner Back

    Chet Brooks, Rd 11, 49ers
    Starting SuperBowl Safety, 1989

    List goes on and on mid to late rounders that kept 49ers on top

    1. 49ers offense run mostly and don’t pass works if you have Hall of Fame running back, Frank Gore, but in the real world injuries happen, so I’ll have to include every back-including QB who will be a running back this season–as in, all better be your most improved players if this college offense is going to work in the pros.

  16. Bowman lynch Torrey smith staley Hyde. Reid honorable mention. Ward got burnt armstead got stood up pancakes and ran thru. Our team as below average talent cause our GM is an incompetent moron.

  17. Sign Hardy? that is one of the more absurd things ever published on this board. sure bring McDonald back too. They can go on a speaking tour of all the local schools when they don’t have court appearances and/or anger management classes and/or domestic violence awareness counseling sessions., Fine examples for your kids.

  18. Happy 4th everyone
    Grant if O’Neil is going to use his OLB’s more like 4-3 OLB’s than 3-4 OLB’s do you believe that in the future we will see the 49ers drafting smaller faster 4-3 LB’s? If he likes smaller faster OLB’s doesn’t that open up a spot for Marcus Rush? His skill set would seem to fit that scheme perfectly.

    1. OldCoach,
      Jerry West played a big part in swaying Durrant after having a heart to heart meeting with him. West told Durrant that losing out in many Finals before finally winning a Ship still knaws at him even now at age 76. This message no doubt left an indelible mark on KD who has come close to a Ship but has not been able to win one yet.

      Now, the Warriors will need to shake up their roster to make room for Durrant. Festus is gone, and it appears that Bogut and Barns are on the way out as well.
      But the core of the team just got stronger with KD.

  19. Latest Preacher episode has been my favorite so far, the first 10 minutes of the show last night was pretty funny.

    1. CFC,
      I caught the show after you brought it to our attention about a month in a half ago.
      I think I need to catch it from the beginning on Demand to capture the premise and direction of the series – I was lost trying to watch it 3-4 shows into the season.

      I really haven’t been able to latch on to any shows since Son’s of Anarchy ended. I hear a lot about Game of Thrones but I’m to cheap to fork out the money for premium tv services (lol).

      For now, I’ll continue to watch re-runs of Jerry Seinfeld, news, and sports – you know you’re getting old when your interest are shrinking (as my wife tells me).

      1. One of the first signs I was getting old was when I tried to remember the last time I bought new music.

    2. Yea, definitely not a show to jump in in the middle of. Will make a bit more sense if you go back to the beginning.

  20. Happy Treason Day everybody. Stay safe and if you can’t be good at least be good at it.

  21. “(Jim O’Neil) likes using outside linebackers in man-to-man coverage deep down the field,…)

    Well that’s not very comforting. The 9ers do not have the personnel to use this type of strategy. As a former, QB Coach/OC I can tell you I LOVED playing teams that did not have the OLB/DE’s attacking at all times. Those players need to set the edge and play both run and pass, BUT any team that drops the OLB/DE in coverage consistently is a QB’s best friend. That defensive strategy gives the QB time to sit in the pocket and pick the defense apart. Plus those players are not usually good in coverage, especially if they are in a man coverage. I wouldn’t mind a strategy that mixes it up by dropping the OLB/DE but if that is the primary defense then the 9ers are in for a very long year.

    1. I agree and it was my primary concern when O’Neil was hired. OLB/DE’s need to stop the run on 1st and 2nd, and sic the quarterback on 3rd downs. I would not advocate dropping them into coverage, period….

    2. Well, I do not like to dwell on absolutes. I think it is fine to drop a LB back if they mix things up while sending a safety on a blitz. The important thing is to be unpredictable and flexible.

      Of course, they should not have a LB cover a WR, but sometimes, they can peel off into coverage with a TE. Sometimes, the QB will not be expecting that, and could throw a pick.

      I want more safety blitzes, especially against RW, who is agile enough to avoid the slower pass rushers. Safeties can corral the smurf.

  22. Tartt (good and getting better: relevant in any system),
    Hyde (good when playing: might hold up),
    Bowman (healthier, two years left; weak in coverage),
    Williams (No anchor, no defense, no winning season without him),
    Smith, Torrey (If he’s not relevant, no winning season)

    It’s hard to argue that any Forty-Niner is within the top five in their respective positions, but it’s possible to argue that the above players are in the top five. No top five; no winning season. Without most in the top five, playoff run is impossible.

    Staley is old, and was ineffective with Boone at his side last year. This year won’t be better for him. He’s maybe in the top 10 of left tackles, but not in the top five. Staley is important to the team, and their best left tackle (duh); but so is Gabbert, so relative position strength is discounted based on his position of strength within the league. Pro Bowl voters may see something I didn’t; but I saw Staley being too slow for the new crop of edge rushers, and not as effective blocking as he did in the past.

    Armstead is a rookie as far as relevance is concerned. Not a top-fiver until he affects a game.

    Phil Dawson would be above Staley and Armstead, but there won’t be many kickoffs next year unless Torrey Smith is doing really well.

    Bruce Miller was in top five before York wanted another new toy (coach); and we’ll have to wait to see how he does with the “West Coast run and oh shoot.”

    If the Niners are really good next year, the top five will be:
    Hyde; Gabbert; Williams; Tartt; Buckner.

  23. The 49ers will finish second in the NFC West this season.

    The Cardinals will win the division again. They have the best coach in the division, and a defense to back up all of his talk.

    The Hawks will stumble. The QB has been busy getting braids and hanging with his new honey, and they no longer have the running back who will run through your face over, and over, and over, and over, and over….and over.

    The Rams? They’re still coached by Jeff Fisher so they’ll finish somewhere around .500.

    Behind a resurgent defense and riding the golden arm of the Blaine train and the galloping Hyde the 49ers will be the surprise of the league as they reach 10 wins and challenge for a playoff spot.

    1. Hammer
      You had me soaring like a majestic eagle in flight until you wrote “the golden arm of the Blaine train” – and one of my wings broke off (lol) and I hit the ground with a mighty thump!

      But if we are going to win 10 games, the Blaine train will need to leave the station and hit full speed. I’m hopeful enough to get on board!

      1. Kelly won 20 games his first 2 season with Vick, Foles, and Sanchize under center. The Gabbert will do just fine…..

            1. Yes, and they all played on better teams and with better coaches than Gabbert has.

              Foles was a rookie and won a lot of games under Kelly.

              Vick was very successful early on in his career, then struggled, and struggled again under Kelly. He’s a very Kaepernick type player and part of why I’m not super high on Kaepernick being the guy some think he could be in this offense. He’s just not accurate enough.

              Sanchez won a lot of games in New York with Ryan as the HC, a strong running game and a strong defense to fall back on. He was never better than average.

              Gabbert played for Jacksonville, and then under one of the worst coaching staffs in NFL history last year in SF.

              I’m not saying Gabbert will be in the Pro Bowl or anything like that, but he’ll be serviceable and help the team win games.

        1. I hope Gabbert will do just fine being content holding a clipboard. If Kaep is not playing, expect 6 wins.

          Grant predicted a 4 win season, because he has observed them practice and has looked at the schedule, which is one of the most difficult in the league.

    2. Jack,

      Does your ten win prediction represent a “bold prediction” for the 49ers, your way of goofing on the blog, or is it your actual prediction? I’m just curious.

      1. Ex,

        Not totally goofing. I’ve been saying that they’d be in the 8-10 win range since the Kelly hiring.

        1. Let’s be fair Jack, you’ve been saying that they’d be a 10 win team for about 3 years. Let’s see Jack Hammer is predicting a 10 win season, yep, it’s July.

        2. That’s pretty ambitious considering I see an automatic 4 losses in the division alone…. Add the pats and Carolina and it implies the niners need to win every “winnable” game to reach 10 wins.
          That’s asking a lot for a roster that I consider to be the least talented in football.

  24. San Francisco 49ers: 5 Biggest Mistakes the Team Made This Offseason
    by Trevor Irvine 14 hours ago Follow @trevor_irvine
    Baalke should be fired:

    But the list of players he has drafted, who have turned into arguable busts (excluding the last two drafts for time and reference sake) is staggering.

    •2011: three out of 10 players drafted still on team
    •2012: zero out of seven players still on team
    •2013: six out of 11 players still on team
    •2014: 10 out of 12 players still on team

  25. Trent Baalke’s had some misses. That kid from Florida State (Tank Carradine). They don’t know where to play him…A couple of their linemen haven’t panned out. I don’t know if it’s so much that they were smart to go defense in the draft. No one wants to go there. They (Baalke F/O) were telling free agents that Chip’s system would give them more chances to make plays–improver their stats–yeah. It also gives them more chances to tear up their knee.

    2016 Sporting News, “View from the other side–an opponent breaks down the 49ers.”

      1. I see you are now openly declaring your association with the Raiders. As a Raider TrollD, you do not understand the fervent and faithful Niner fandom that some of us possess. If Kaep leaves, I will wish him well and expect more losing, because Gabbert may had done OK with a better line, but honestly, he should not have won a game last year. Quinn went brain dead and did not go for it, settled for a Field goal, and lost. Bears kicker missed an extra point which would have won the game, then missed a chip shot FG. The Rams had a FG blocked, or they would have won the game.

        Talk about wildly delusional, some declaring Gabbert as the savior to the franchise, is a bit much. He could have had a record of 2-30, but has a record of 5-27. Gabbert has never engineered a comeback in a road playoff game. In fact, he has never even sniffed the playoffs, much less started in a SB.

        TrollD, you can think up wildly ignorant comments and talk like I would think that way, but it is actually you who does think in such an obtuse manner. Kaep for Tebow. That defines you.

        I will continue to be a die hard faithful Niner fan, and I consider myself equal to any fan on this site. You are on the other side of the spectrum, and hate Jed and Baalke so much, you want the Niners to lose. I want them to win multiple more rings.

        At least I am not so desperate, or have such low standards, that I will tolerate a creep that throws a women upon an arsenal of weapons and terrorizes her. You with your obsession over guns, probably can relate. Insinuating that I would break into a gun safe and create nightmares make you worse than slime. When I mention that the Niners shot themselves in the foot, it is a metaphor that is non lethal, incredibly painful, lacking in intelligence and is self inflicted.

        Please keep engaging me, so I can throw your own words back in your face.

        Have a nice day.

          1. Saw, let me make a prediction. I think you will haunt my posts until everyone begs you to stop.

            If you want, I will engage you, but feel that a name calling spoiled brat is not much competition. Believe it or not, I can talk a subject to death. I relish a good challenge, but with you, I consider you such a lightweight, it will be like taking candy from a baby. You, unfortunately, are not a worthy opponent, so I will try to be kind to you, because I pity the fool.

            In the end, you will devolve into hurling expletives, and I will calmly claim victory.

            Lets just cut corners and get to the meat of the matter, I think you are a lightweight, who cannot use logic and reasoning, so you act smarmy and insipid. You act like a two year old, and you think you can win an argument by name calling, when it just exposes your ignorance and intolerance.

            Other posters do not want me to start another round of insults and invective, so please go crawl back under your rock and leave me alone. I am perfectly willing to out post you, and rest assured, I will have the last word.

            Talk to Scooter. He and I have gone round and round, until he gives up and declares that he should not have started engaging me in the first place. However, I can also be polite and civil, and have had many a point and counter point with him.

            In my humble opinion, I hope you get smart quick, because this is not my first rodeo. Others have declared that they will ignore my posts. They are smart. You seem to be a little slow.

            1. “Talk to Scooter. He and I have gone round and round, until he gives up and declares that he should not have started engaging me in the first place.”

              I am so sure Scooter’s going to affirm this.

              1. Wilson, maybe you can affirm this. I remember getting you so upset, you declared that we were both talking in such a way that it was pointless to continue arguing.

                Hmm, I thought I saw you swear that you would join the clique and ignore my posts. Why are you such a hypocrite? Moth to a flame?

              2. Wilson, I have no qualms admitting there have been a number of conversations I have had with Seb that have ended with me throwing my hands in the air in frustration at his inability to comprehend something pretty simple or continued defense of an indefensible argument. What really gets my head shaking though is his satisfaction out of it. I think he feels some kind of vindication from it. Most people would be embarrassed, but that’s Seb for ya!

              3. “I have had with Seb that have ended with me throwing my hands in the air in frustration at his inability to comprehend something pretty simple or continued defense of an indefensible argument”.

                I could have sworn I saw you throw the clipboard down in disgust too….

              4. Seb I did break the rule, but I thought you never name call?

                I never got upset though you’d like to think I was, but I did think its pointless to talk with you. Just like this response is also pointless because it will just end up in meaningless statements from you.

                Like Scooter says you’re proud that rational people throw their hands up and give up talking to you because you argue circularly about non-sensical theories endlessly. I’ll keep on passing over them.

              5. “…argue circularly about non-sensical theories endlessly…”

                I tend to think of it as him ‘waxing nonsensical’. Whenever I have any desire to address one of the many instances of logical infelicities in his posts, I just remind myself that he is merely waxing nonsensical and actually harming no one other than his own reputation, that is if such could actually descend any further at this point.

              6. Wilson, if you think that calling you a hypocrite is name calling, I am sorry. However, I would consider that more of a criticism than a pejorative.

                Maybe you are hypersensitive, but when I am called out in vituperative vicious screeds, I thought that hypocrite was pretty mild.

              7. JP, that is the difference between you and me. I may say be controversial, but at least I SAY something. I am not afraid to stir the pot

                You on the other hand, seem content to parse idioms, its safe, yet you worry about what others think instead of being yourself and having the confidence to put down on paper your own opinions.

              8. Scooter, I am perfectly comfortable to state that what I write is what I mean. I may state things in a very repetitive fashion, but that is a standard debate tactic.

                I will flat out state that I like to debate. I do not need to hide from that fact. Some will consider that annoying or unctuous, but I cannot be responsible for their feelings.

                Their problem is that I get to them, and they lose control of their emotions. You and Wilson, on the other hand, tend to be more civil, but I know you want to bang your head against the wall in frustration. In debate tactics, that is a goal, and I accomplish that many times. Never let them see you sweat.

                Razor has learned and demonstrated that, and he should be your example to emulate.

                You may be caught up in the fact that you want to implacably oppose anything I write. When I mentioned Shaq Lawson, you belittled my choice, but when Grant mentioned him, you agreed with him. There is another example of hypocrisy, but hope you do not think that I am name calling.

              9. Wow, still bringing up Shaq Lawson and still calling it hypocrisy. We’ve had this conversation, I’ve explained it wasn’t hypocrisy and why, and you’ve continued to be unable to comprehend. Congratulations, you’re determination to be wrong is impressive.

                Debate tactics are to present your opinion in a cogent and logical manner that – and this is the really really important part, so please try and pay attention – actually convinces others of your point of view. You seem to have missed that crucial part of debating. Continually repeating yourself until others get frustrated at your inability to comprehend is the antithesis of debating.

              10. Scooter, I knew I would get a rise from you over the Lawson comment.

                Parse it any way you want. It still meant that you changed your mind once Grant chose him.

              11. A rise? Hardly. Just a response. Personally I find your continued desire to call me out on this hilarious.

                Its not parsing. Just the truth. And even in my initial response to Grant’s comment on Lawson I acknowledged I had changed my mind prior to Grant’s comment following my own additional film review. But it appears in your rush to latch onto something, anything, to call me out on you neglected to notice.

              12. Scooter, maybe you have not debated much, but I can debate from any point of view, and turn around and debate from the other side. Sometimes I will debate just to counter another poster.

                Your problem is that you take it too personally. You insist on being correct, when there are many facets to the situation. Take the HUMBLE posts. You seem to say that I cannot believe that Kaep was humble, because you do not consider him humble, and that only your point of view is correct. That is the antithesis to comprehending what debating is all about.

              13. Oh sure, Scooter, I did not get a rise of you, but you just had to get in the last word by commenting on it. I sure am glad you changed your mind before Grant posted, but I did not see you write about it, because that would have been a tacit admission that I was right.

                Nice try.

              14. Are you sure that is what I said? I know for a fact it wasn’t, but interesting that is how you interpreted it.

              15. Ahhh, I see now. I only posted about Lawson once Grant had brought it up because I couldn’t bear the thought of admitting I agreed with you. If that makes you feel better, sure thing. :-)

              16. Wilson,

                It is easy once one realizes that he is a pitiable figure not despite the fact that no amount of reasoned discussion can penetrate the delusions under which he operates, but because of same.

              17. JP, you really need to up your game. Repeating what I wrote about someone, and turning my words against me is pretty pitiful, too. Try to generate some original thought, attacking me seems like the game of the day, but just reflects badly on the perpetrators.

                Maybe you should stick to parsing words. that seems to be your strong suit.

                Heavens forbid that you would deign to talk football. You do know this is a football site?

            2. “ended with me throwing my hands in the air in frustration at his inability to comprehend something pretty simple or continued defense of an indefensible argument. What really gets my head shaking though is his satisfaction out of it. I think he feels some kind of vindication from it. Most people would be embarrassed, but that’s Seb for ya!”

              This is what I was referring to. You aren’t giving up because he’s correct, you’re giving up because he continues to defend the indefensible.

              1. Wilson, maybe you think that your opinion is the only correct one, and say that I am defending the indefensible, but maybe you should realize that they are just my opinions, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

              2. Sorry guys, I shouldn’t have done it. We need something new from Grant to discuss.

        1. Antoine Bethea calls Chip Kelly, Eagles offense predictable after 49ers shut them out:

          “but a lot of the times where they get the defenses, somebody busts a coverage here and there or maybe the lineman are not in a gap or two. So, the big thing for us was, if we can line up and communicate well, we’ll be fine with this…

          The proof may be in the pudding for Bethea’s comments, as the Eagles offense totaled just 213 yards on Sunday, the lowest total ever for a Kelly’ offense in the NFL.

  26. Is there any indication that Hodges or Wilhoite can fair better in coverage?

    I’m hoping Hodges can win the starting job, but it’s yet to be seen if he is capable of doing so. Training camp can’t come soon enough…

    1. I hope Shane Skov does well. He plays faster than his timed speed (like Rice), and is a tackling machine with a nose for the ball. I remember he did well during those goal line stands in the preseason.

    2. From PFF:

      “MLB Stephen Tulloch has been an excellent servant for Detroit, but his injury-derailed 2014 season arguably seems like it had a lasting impact. Although he’s played well against the run this year (87.2) he’s really struggled in coverage (37.0). Overall, he’s allowed a QB rating of 127.0 when targeted (81 completion percentage, 390 yards, four touchdowns, no interceptions), which is seventh-worst amongst inside linebackers.”

      “Bowman also missed 19 tackles, allowed 90.3 percent of the passes thrown his way to be caught, surrendered 604 yards through the air and two touchdowns, being beaten for a passer rating of 110.9 over the season. He had one of the worst coverage grades among all linebackers in a league that has become ever-more pass-oriented.”

      Putting Bowman and Tulloch together would put two of the worst coverage ILBs from last season together. Both guys struggle moving laterally post severe knee injuries.

      I appreciate that neither Wilhoite or Hodges were good against the pass last season either (Wilhoite was poor against the run also), but Tulloch isn’t the answer.

      1. Ouch.
        I knew Bow looked pretty bad at times in pass coverage last year, but I had no idea it was as bad as this; ”
        He had one of the worst coverage grades among all linebackers in a league that has become ever-more pass-oriented.”
        Hopefully with more time to heal and recover ( it will be about 21 months since the hideous knee injury come opening day,) he will be more like the beast he used to be, plucking pick sixes from the air to end other teams season’s. I still have hope he will return to form.

      2. Just makes sense for the other teams to target a player who just had knee surgery. Hopefully, Bow is regaining his quickness, and can play like he used to play.

        I do not know how Skov did in pass coverage, but he seemed pretty stout against the run. Maybe Skov for first and second downs, then Armstrong in during third downs.

              1. Jack’s Hammered:

                Have you studied the above video of your beloved 49ers yet….Still going with your 8 win prediction even after they lost every division game in ’15, the NFL beatwriters commentary I’ve posted regarding Kelly’s predicatble offense and Baalke’s WR /TE core. That video’s laughable. C’mon man, study it or your just another blustery/arrogant Seb, know-it-all.

              2. TrollD, since you keep insisting on engaging me, you give me another opportunity to counter your hate by posting something I wrote last season.

                !0 things Kaep can do to improve.

                1. Kaep should read IF, by Rudyard Kipling.

                2. Kaep should practice the same pass play over and over until he can do it in his sleep. He should practice releasing the ball sooner and sooner until he can throw it before the receiver makes his cut.

                3. Kaep should take control of the offense, and call plays at the Line of scrimmage after reading the defense. Tomsula (Kelly) should give him parameters to go by, and trust his QB to make the right call.

                4. Kaep should realize that he could get at least 2 more sets of downs if he stops wasting time. Running the no huddle with quick snaps will help solve the offensive inefficiencies. ( Running an up tempo offense with a varied snap count could catch the defense off sides for a free play, which should then be morphed into a long strike down field.)

                5. Kaep should never call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock.

                6. Kaep should work on deception. Pump fakes, screens, perfecting the Zone Read option and naked bootlegs.

                7. Kaep should look off the safeties by facing one way while looking in another direction. (Wearing the shaded Visor will help him do that).

                8. Kaep should not worry about the score. he should just concentrate on scoring at least 7 times per game. If he scores enough, winning will follow.

                9. Kaep should be more unpredictable. Run the Zone Read option or Pistol so the defense must guard against both the run or pass.

                10. Kaep should roll out more, so the defense cannot rush to a designated point. He should use the threat to run so the defense becomes discombobulated, and they will leave receivers wide open for easy completions.

  27. Seb and His Football Knowledge (in his own words):


    July 6, 2016 at 5:52 am

    TrollD, haven’t you heard the news? Kaep was throwing the ball in practice, and was on target 13 out of 14 times.

    TomD’s Response to Seb’s Football World 101:

    Seb, anyone can complete 13/14 at the local park playing with friends. Fact is, Kap hasn’t thrown a pass in meaningful competition since November; Gabbert has a huge headstart in a system where one 49er (Hayne ) has already quit, blaming Kelly’s playbook and the ex-pro QB/Coach (Harbaugh) who understood Kap’s strengths is gone.
    Kap should have taken a playcut for mentoring under another ex-pro (Denver’s Kubiak). Denver has more weapons than SF–Emmanuel Sanders, Demaryius Thomas, Jordan Norwood (longest punt return in Superbowl History).
    When Kap was going good, Harbaugh simplified the playbook to run mostly and play stout D–which Denver has now ( # 1 in the NFL) !!!
    But greedy Kap (not a leadership quality-nor is being a loner documented by Joe Montana-a subject for another day) chose to stay in San Fran and will pay for it by riding the bench as the 3rd stringer when coaches see how awful he is after a year long layoff.

    Good day to you as you throw passes in the park w/o a pass rush and complete 14/14–even better than Kap…WoW! Sign up now.

    1. TrollD, you are such a shill for the Raiders, infecting this site with your relentless Niner hate.

      Better get used to it, Kaep is going to come storming back.

      Gabbert, will lose the competition because he will keep throwing passes and hitting screens.

      Hayne left, because he had an opportunity to play in the Olympics. If he helps them win a gold medal with his stellar play, the Niners will be forced to take him back, so he does not go to the Seahawks, and get to play against the Niners twice next season. Pete Carrol said he was intrigued with the myriad options and ways he could utilize his skillsets.

      Your lack of football knowledge is so profound, I put your third string remark in the same category as your advocating trading Kaep for Tebow.

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  30. Oh! I saw this on Poppytalk and fell in love with the idea for the same reasons. Taking the focus off of stuff and placing it on family and togetherness is PERFECT. Now THERE’s the Christmas spirit! Thank you for the invite.

  31. I am a vegetarian who abhors bell peppers – any tips? Do you think I should request another sauce, do you think they will have the availability to make another dish? It seems like a limited menu…

  32. Querido Danielito. Es ignorancia tratar de ignorantes a los que no hicieron más que comentar una realidad. Tu argumento es pobre, antidemocrático y tendencioso. Pero sí dice una verdad que te pinta de cuerpo entero: vos y tu cohorte no buscan el bien común sino su propio provecho, por eso te ries del tristísimo papel oficialista al no querer acceder a peticiones justas de la minoría (si no entendés los significados, existe un libro llamado diccionario)

  33. I agree with Scooter, Lynch is a Top 5 player. May be the first LBB on the team. I can see Bowman, Ward, Steele and Hyde but not Armstead. He may be a top 5 player but he is not yet. Are you asking for grant potential here? If so, maybe Bowman will leave Steele with something.

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