Grading the 49ers sixth-round picks

Stanford tight end Kaden Smith runs a drill during the NFL football scouting combine, Saturday, March 2, 2019, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

SANTA CLARA — The 49ers just made three picks in Round 6: They took Stanford tight end Kaden Smith with the third pick, Vanderbilt offensive tackle Justin Skule with the 10th pick and X with the 26th pick. Let’s break down the positives and negatives of these picks.


  • Takes pride in blocking.
  • Good hands (dropped only four of 65 targets).
  • The past two seasons, caught 70 passes for 1,049 yards and seven touchdowns.


  • Not strong for a blocking specialist (only 15 reps on the bench).
  • Slow (4.93 40-yard dash).
  • Missed final three games of 2018 with a foot injury.


If the 49ers wanted a backup tight end, they should have taken one who’s good at receiving or blocking, not one who struggles doing both things, as Smith does.


  • Played both left tackle and right tackle in the SEC.
  • Tall (6’7″)
  • Missed no games the past three seasons.


  • Gives up lots of pressure in pass protection
  • Slow (5.26 40-yard dash)
  • Not strong (22 reps on the bench)


A developmental tackle prospect who lacks athleticism to develop. Probably will spend his first season or two on the practice squad.


  • Big for a cornerback (6’1″, 205 lbs.)
  • Fast (4.43 40-yard dash)
  • Explosive (39-inch vertical jump)


  • Defended only 21 passes in college.
  • Took a medical red shirt in 2016 after tearing his labrum.
  • Took another medical redshirt in 2017 after injuring his wrist.
  • Spent six years in college.
  • Will turn 24 in July.


A better athlete than football player, like the rest of the cornerbacks the 49ers have drafted since 2017. If Harris stays healthy, he might become a contributor on special teams. He was the only defensive back the 49ers drafted this year. He was the best they could do?

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  1. I especially like the Harris pick and Kaden Smith pick for where they were able to get them. I wouldn’t bet against Greenlaw making the team after reading his background story.

    We need a UDFA tracker:

  2. Grant…do you just cut and paste what you read on the draft network or do you have any ideas of your own? You have no idea who any of these guys are and don’t pretend that you do. The 49ers drafted Witherspoon,Colbert, Harris, Moore and Reed in the past two years. That’s 5 DB’s. You can’t honestly think a 4th or 5th rounder would be a better option than guys who already have NFL game experience.

  3. Regarding Tim Harris:

    “Fellow PFF analyst Brett Whitefield weighed in on the Harris and called him one of his favorite players in the draft class.
    “Unfortunately, due to injuries, Harris is the best-kept secret in this year’s draft class,” said Whitefield. “However, he profiles as a guy with prototype size and elite athleticism, who can become a shut-down corner in the NFL. Turn on the tape, and you will see Harris be physical at the line of scrimmage in press, easily mirror routes in man, or even play off-man in zone. He has the requisite length to shut down throwing windows deep outside the numbers, and he also has the explosiveness to come up and make plays on throws underneath. Allowing a passer rating against of only 52.0 and a catch rate of 48.7%, Harris earned a 2018 coverage grade of 87.1 – good for seventh among all outside cornerbacks in this draft class.”

    Sounds like the 49ers got a steal.

    1. Grant is unhappy that Harris is 24 and spent 6 years at the collegiate level…. Is it Tim’s fault he was targeted only 21 times? Such negatives…

      Good selection, good value.

      1. Low risk — high potential upside. Just what you want in a pick this far down for a crowded position group.

        1. The guy has talent. Time will tell. Maybe the 9ers should have selected a large gut tackle instead of Harris…….

  4. Grant, you are getting soft. Your grades for this round were too generous.

    Smith C
    Skule F
    Harris D

    We needed a DB early. A late DB is no better than what we have.

    1. You are supposed to be grading the player based on value with respect to when he was taken. You are grading that player based on the lack of DB picks earlier. You are grading the draft not the pick. For a low risk- high potential return player he should get a higher grade, because of what you say in your post. A “late DB is no better than what we have” That means that a low risk high potential reward is exactly what makes him a good pick based on where he was taken.

    1. I think Grant believes that x=an unknown, and since every pick besides Bosa was neither the best player available or needed, they are all unknowns. Nevertheless, the amen chorus that regularly looks for something positive in this steaming mess has dared to try to find a need that has been filled. You may notice that I am trying to find some humor here so that I don’t jump from the 10 story ledge I’m standing on. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”, as the French say.

      1. It may be another long season. Can’t believe they didn’t pick DBs….

        Yeah I know, Tim Harris, but seriously if we get 5 wins it will be something.


        Bosa gets hurt in training camp and is out for the year.

        Hurd gets hurt in a preseason game and is out for the year.

        Shanapologists say the reason for a bad season is because of injuries.

          1. I think you pay attention too much to what he says. I have no care what he says. What I care about is the product on the field and it has been foul for too many years.

        1. Sour Yeast —- You are one negative MF. You ought grab a gun and dunce cap, put the dunce cap on, then blow your brains out. Do the world a favor.

  5. Yeah…Smith struggles in passing game (your quote follows…)

    “Good hands (dropped only four of 65 targets). The past two seasons, caught 70 passes for 1,049 yards and seven touchdowns.”

    The guy’s horrible. Simply horrible

    1. Yeah, I didn’t get that part either. I presumed he meant because of his speed, but for a tight end backup to Kittle/two TE set guy I don’t think speed is a huge deal. If he can free up Kittle or otherwise get open because of Kittle then all he needs is good hands which Grant says he has for the receiving side of things.

  6. The niners brass is drafting like amateurs.

    Not necessarily the players they are picking. But how they are picking.

    They seem to be:

    -overly enamored by certain players and get tunnel vision.

    -draft fearfully that they won’t be able to get whoever they have fallen in love with and jump the gun two rounds before the player would’ve gone otherwise.

    I also think they have problems in scouting. The only players I trust is are the wide receivers they pick(I’m giving credit to Kyle for this one). They may also do ok with tight ends and running backs (except for Williams).

    Think the rest of the scouting needs to be over hauled. Including getting rid of mayou (forgot his name/spelling). He didn’t do a good job at collecting talent in Detroit. And doing the same here. Obviously lynch is figure head. But the team does not seem strong behind him. Aside from Kyle when it comes to hand picking skill players for his style of offense.

    1. Careful, the Shanapologists are sure to jump on you for having “tunnel” vision.

  7. If I were jed I would mandate hires in scouting on defensive side. Or if not I would only want them to draft offensive players. All defensive Players should be obtained in free agency after someone else has picked them, developed them and they have a proven track record. But not allow them to sign anyone who was injured (ie kwon)

    And get

  8. Having actually watched Kaden Smith play, he is much better in the passing game than Grant lets on. Furthermore, he shows a willingness and the gumption for inline blocking, just needs to improve technique. Grant I think is relying too much on his 40 run; he is not the fastest, but plays better than 4.9. Similar to what I said about N’Keal Harry, knows how to use his body to shield off the defender, and has strong hands.

    I would have preferred Oli Udoh over Skrule.

    Smith and Harris deserve better than C. Maybe B.

    As a UCLA grad, it pains me that the only UCLA picked is Mr. Irrelevant.

  9. I’m good with the first 2 picks. Don’t know what they plan to do with Hurd so that’s an incomplete.

    And I’m not against taking a punter when it is an important part of any game these days. Here’s what I don’t get about this though: They traded down to get a large collection of picks in the later rounds, but then pick a punter in the fourth. So if the sixth round is so valuable, why go with a punter ahead of it. I don’t know–two contradictory strategies.

    1. Given that BB took a punter in round 5, and the fact that the 49ers feared missing out on Wishnowski; I think it’s fair to say that they got the punter they felt gave them the best chance to help them win football games….

        1. What’s even funnier is BB traded up for their punter. We traded down and got extra picks for ours.

            1. Not sure about being smarter but we do know that BB holds Shanny in high regard.

              1. Special teams are vastly underrated. One reason the 2011 Niners got to the NFC Championship game was because of good field position. You only have one punter and if he isn’t good your field position will suck. A top level punter is certainly worth more than taking a gamble on a possible under-drafted player who more than likely will end up being a back-up role player on special teams. Especially if the punter is a real need.

                Sure you can pick up a punter in the later part of the draft or as an UDFA. But not one as good as the one they drafted. To many football people have a problem with thinking outside the box. That is where the idea that you never draft a punter comes from. That is really old school thinking. If the game of football was only inhabited by such thinking they would still be running the single wing .

                Unlike the previous bunch, this present group has shown they will not just draft a player in the hopes that they will stick if they believe they have multiple players already at that level. Rather they will go for players who might fill a need that is less populated on the roster. They did that last year with edge rushers knowing that this would be the year to get one. I for one understand their philosophy. Whether they will ultimately be successful using it still remains to be seen, but it is worth allowing them to do it their way. They definitely are not traditional, but they announced that right from the beginning.

              2. KS/Lynch maybe want to make sure if the OL doesn’t give JG time and doesn’t make big holes in the running game resulting in a lot of 3 downs and out, the best punter in the draft would be the best thing to have to get off 50 yards plus punts and inside the 10 yard line punts pinning the other team as far back as possible.

  10. Nervous drafting.

    They also could benefit from a psychiatric/psychology consultant to assist in draft strategy.

    1. They only one who needed psychological help was Baalke- He was suffering from OCD. But then most of you guys did not see that until he had almost destroyed this franchise. You guys labeled him the ” draft ninja:”. When it comes to football, most of you allow your emotions to overwhelm your reason. That’s just part of being a fan and why the term ” fan” is short for fanatic.

      At this point, it makes much more sense to just wait for the results rather than go over the top b!tching about an outcome we really have no clue about. Shanahan and Lynch had a plan in place for rebuilding this team from the very beginning. One that most football people are clueless about because it is out of the box. You can not evaluate their progress based on the standard football procedure.

  11. If Kyle can pick offensive players and Trent baalke can pick the defensive players. And lynch can just prevent them from signing acl injuries. And trade back 10-15 picks after Kyle wants to pick someone.

    The team would be stacked with talent.

  12. 5.26 is not slow for a tackle. It’s not fast but it’s not slow. I think Skule also played some Center, so beyond swing tackle…he could be an emergency back up at all 5 O-line positions.

    Harris is big and fast (I’ve read as low as the 4.3s)…what else do you want from a 6th round pick?

    Kaden Smith is a back up TE. I haven’t read anything that says he doesn’t block well. He’s not an awesome blocker by any stretch of the imagination…but he gets the job done. He’s projected to be a “Y” (inline) TE. Which means he can inline block and catch. That’s actually getting rarer to find these days. I dunno..6th round seems about right I suppose.

    1. Harris looks intriguing. I looked at his highlights (yeah, I know there are no “lowlights”) and was impressed. He looks like a CB and plays like one (unlike AW). If he can just stay healthy and is willing to learn from Sherman, I think we might have gotten a real steal.

      1. What is more important is his short burst agility. Such as his three-cone drill time. Not every tackle is going to be blocking 40 yards downfield like McGlinchy. That just reveals how special McGlinchy was. 40-yard times for many position groups is overrated.

    2. Oli Udoh ran a 5.05 forty, and practiced well against some good senior pass rushers. KS and his staff saw it all, but decided to get cute and draft a total unknown.

      1. And you know better because you were at the Senior Bowl and employ a host of scouts? You also have worked many years in the NFL?
        Oh wait, you don’t because you wack weeds for a living.

  13. #49ers plan to sign undrafted tight end Tyree Mayfield from Wyoming to a free-agent deal, per source.

  14. Undrafted Free Agents to consider:

    S Lukas Denis, Boston College. I’ve talked about him a bit already.
    CB Savion Smith, Alabama. Not the fastest, but has played in various types of coverage, and does well with press coverage.
    LB Josiah Taufaefa, UT-San Antonio. Need more linebackers for depth. I see Te’Von Coney is still available as well. But the Niners will probably sign Terrill Hanks from New Mexico State o Terez Hall from Missouri, having worked them out pre-draft.
    WR Anthony Johnson, Buffalo. Big fan of Johnson; don’t know how he wasn’t picked.
    G Beau Benzschawel, Wisconsin. Has talent; needs work to fit in the Niners outside zone scheme, but I would bet on his talent.
    DT Daniel Wise, Kansas. A backup for DeForest Buckner. Doesn’t have size to be a 1T, but could be a 3T and shows inside rush ability.
    OLB Joey Alfieri, Stanford. Could play SAM.

    A lot of big running backs available, but given the Niners’ depth don’t know if we need another running back for the practice squad.

    Seb: Keelan Doss from UC Davis is still out there…

      1. Razoreater: I like it. Not the most powerful, but in the outside zone scheme athleticism is more important, and he has it in spades. Scouts love his intelligence; can never underestimate the mental capabilities. Can play Center or Guard. Given I would like to improve our Center position (Richburg injury-prone, Magnuson really a guard), I’m on board with Hitner.

    1. I know he is a Raider fan, so maybe that will be where he goes. Looks like by drafting 2 WRs, they are filled up in that position.
      Still, I am crossing my fingers. ;p

  15. Big, Fast, Explosive, and in the 6th Round…. C. Hahah. Cantankerous Cohn never change!

  16. C grade for at best back up players more likely practice squad players I agree. It appears that the Ninner brain trust feel that the players available after the second round were no better than. The players they currently have on the roster.
    As much as I disagreed with drafting a punter in the 4th round blindside says it might be a very good choice. The last 2 years Shabby hasn’t been able to score in the 3rd and 4th quarter from either poor play selection or questionable talent. Based on what I seen my guess is play selection. Hope I’m wrong with the new upgraded at WR but I’m not sold on Shappy as being a genius play caller.

  17. Stephen F. Austin long snapper Chris Wilkerson to the San Francisco 49ers @chriswilk51

  18. They better sign another UDFA QB.. No O Line improvement = a busted up Jimmy G/Mullens.. Grab Taylor Cornelius..

  19. West Georgia WR Malik Henry is signing with the 49ers as a UDFA, per source.

  20. Fun…

    “Justin Skule allowed just one sack last year in 473 pass blocking snaps, and that was to Josh Allen of Kentucky. #49ers”

  21. I would like the 49ers to add Mitch Hyatt as an UDFA. Battle tested, finds a way to win.

    Overall I am not displeased with the players the 49ers drafted. I am however concerned with the 49ers evaluation of their own roster and how they seem to get fixated on certain players in the draft and are unwilling to risk potentially losing them. It is indicative of a front office that believes its analysis is infallible. We saw last year how they inappropriately evaluated the need for an edge player and competition at DB. We have seen a few times now the team make moves born of fear of missing one guy they thought they had to have (both in the draft and FA), and so far with mixed results at best as to how those guys have panned out.

    Good drafting teams tend to let the draft unfold and seek value over believing any one guy is the only solution.

    1. I think the Cardinals did the same thing by drafting Murray and to a lesser extent, Isabella. Thought the Chiefs did it too with Hardman.

      1. The Cards had an excellent draft, unfortunately. Isabella was a good value pick there. He likely wouldn’t have lasted much longer. Same can’t be said for Hurd. Adding Butler in the 4th and Johnson in the 6th gives them a very dangerous WR group.

        If you’re going to make Murray and the spread offense work you need to give him weapons. They gave him some legit playmakers.

          1. Yeah, saw that. Really happy he is a 49er. Can’t get behind spending a 4th rounder on him, but sure as heck think the 49ers got a good punter.

            1. Had to take him where they did or they wouldn’t have gotten him, so I have no problem at all getting him there.

              1. Let someone else take him then. This was another example of the team getting locked on one guy being the solution, and at a position that really isn’t that important or hard to find a decent player at.

              2. Not that important? Huh? Punter is a very important position, especially when you don’t have one. I guess we have differing philosophies about the game.

    2. 100% agree

      Seems like a combination of nervous amateurish drafting and ego related issues

      1. I have stated before and I think Scooter is underscoring it, that Shanahan is a bit too enamored with his own capacity.

        I think this is a fatal flaw.

        1. Maybe next year Lynch and Shanahan should put a list of players together that they dislike and don’t fit their common scheme and pick them all.
          How dare them select players they like.

          1. It’s the wasted capital that bothers us and the myopia that develops. I couldn’t care less that they like a particular player (CJB, JW, ST and others). What does concern me is when and where they take them and how they ignore other positions.

            1. SY,
              You’re taking this draft to hard my friend. Let’s see what these players bring to the table before closing the books on them.

      1. Lol! Yeah, always nice to get your first choice, but as with anything, when you have limited resources you have to find ways to maximise the value of those resources. Consistently over spending to get the toy you want isn’t how you get value. Not a difficult concept, but sure, feel free to shake your head at people that point this out.

        1. Value eh? You mean a cheaper option…or one “You” think is better….lol
          Kyle is going to be doing the cooking…so the ingredients he wants/needs…Get them!

          Plan B..Plan C..Plan D…exists only if Plan A fails….or if you see no difference in all of them to begin with.
          But otherwise …Get who you want!Get what you need!

          We’re not the only football team looking at these prospects…
          Your guy isnt guaranteed to be there later.. So take the mystery out of the whole decision process…

          So this just boils down to…They picked prospects or free agents not valuable to you….
          But to them…
          So they “overpaid” “over drafted”
          That’s all it is…

            1. It didn’t go over my head..
              What Kyle and Lynch did just went over yours..

              You’re basically arguing like they paid 6bucks instead of $5.50…
              They could’ve saved 50cents…
              What are they doing? Lol..
              That 50cents extra is gonna put us in the poor house..

              You say constant overpaying…I look at is as outbidding..sweetening the deal when it comes to free agents..
              Overdrafting is up to interpretation…
              But BPA reigns supreme at a certain point…

              The gripes I mostly see on here by people is that we didn’t address the secondary….But we did the last two years..We gotta see how they develop..
              Reed,Moore,Colbert, Witherspoon,McFadden..etc

              I think a pass rush will help the secondary tremendously..

              Kyle getting more weapons on offense helps the defense too..
              What i see is Kyle “values” versatility….
              We got guys that can do multiple things….

    3. Scooter– They did not under evaluate the need for an edge player the last draft. They just felt that none that were available were as valuable to the team as the player they took instead. Last season was not a good one for edge players either in the draft or in free agency. Taking a gamble in a position of need and in the process missing out on a player that they feel will produce is not a good tactic. Especially if you know that you will be able to fill that position the following season. Which they certainly did with Bosa and Ford. You take a gamble on a position if you that one position away from being a playoff team.

      I can not understand how some of you continually miss the boat. Shanahan and lynch are very articulate in respect to their plans and their rational in how their choices fit in with those plans.

      1. Methodocrisy is sound as far as I can tell thus far. I think they’re building this thing the right way. Anxious to see the final product out on the field.

      2. Yes, they did. If you believe there wasn’t one or two players that could have been brought in at some point in FA or the draft and been better than what they had you are deluding yourself. Just like the 49ers did. They didn’t need to take Harold like many (including myself) wanted, that’s fine. But there were other options that would have helped make the team better, in FA and the draft.

  22. The Curse of the 4th Round

    2019: Some punter
    2018: Kentavious Street (ACL)
    2017 Joe Williams (Bust)
    2016: Rashard Robinson (ACL)

    1. You guys were all upset about their picking McGlinchy last season. Well that seemed to have worked out really well. Why not just wait to see how this transpires before going off the rails for something that has yet to transpire.

  23. The amateurs claim the professionals are amateurs, that is amazing. Talk about taking yourself a bit too seriously.
    Teams target players who will work in their system and upgrade their roster, not who looks good at the combine.
    And yes Bill Walsh drafted a punter in the 3th round in 1980 when the Niners lacked talent. I guess he didn’t know what he was doing either.

    1. You do realize that professional is not synonymous with competent. Let alone be good or excel at their job.

      The niners since about the year 2001 don’t have a lot ability to claim competence at anything. Aside from some good drafting from Scotty and some decent coaching from harbough.

      One could say that “professionals” have drafted and run free agency and coached the browns for the last 300 years. However competence at their job is definitely not a given.

      So yes they are no where close to being able to navigate the draft in a competent manner yet. Maybe they need more practice. Or maybe this is who they are.

    2. How many wins do these professionals have? Last year I was on their case about not getting backups because of injuries. I also railed because they didn’t have pass rushers. Many told me it was a thing that happened to all teams and that Shanalynch knew what they were doing. See how this turned out?

      I’m not saying this because I’m patting myself on the back, but much of the challenges before the team are predictable.

      1. So you railed about not having a pass rusher in a season where there were few available. Yet everyone using their brain recognizes that this would be the year for edge rushers. Well they got Ford and Bosa and that position is filled. They just needed to wait a year to do so. Made more sense than to waste resources on a gamble to fill a position with a mediocre player at best. Often it is best to wait in order to put things into a proper longer term perspective.

        How did not having pass rushers last season turn out– this season they have Bosa and Ford on the edges. Of course to an impatient “win now at any cost” who wants immediate gradification the future is less important. I have one response to you—- people in hell want ice water.

        1. Yeah you missed the part about depth, and there were available pass rushers. Funny how you preach patience one hand and are ok with rushing up the draft for other players.

    3. 49ers42,
      “Bill Walsh drafted a punter in the 3th round in 1980 when the Niners lacked talent. I guess he didn’t know what he was doing either.”

      Shhhhh, the Lynch detractors don’t want to hear this ?

      1. ?????????????????????The audacity! The unmitigated gall of the apologist’s! LOL!

        1. Jim Miller also lasted just 3 years with the Niners and It was a bad pick. Walsh had those too.

          Luckily he found great players in other rounds. Let’s see how Shanny does…

          So far his track record ain’t gonna light the world on fire.

  24. Had a good laugh over one of Harris’ “negatives:”

    Took me six years to get through college too.

  25. I find it hard to get emotional or angry when we’re talking about 6th round prospects. Just making the team and suiting up on game day would be a success for players drafted here, so the picks above seem normal to me. I don’t love the punter pick, not at all, but if he’s better than Pinion which isn’t a daunting task there should be improvement. I’m concerned about the secondary, but hopefully the front 7 mitigate it at least.

  26. Just what I figured. “You’d love to do it in the seventh, but promise you we wouldn’t have gotten him if we tried to do it in the fifth,” Shanahan said.

    The late Reggie Cobb was responsible for Wishnowski. His legacy will live on the leg of our punter.

    1. “we wouldn’t have gotten him if we tried to do it in the fifth”

      Then you let him go. Let a team that’s in position to use a 5th rounder on a punter take him. We had/have bigger needs that needed to be filled at that spot.

      1. Not really. We had three starting positions available. Edge/Flanker/Punter.

        Letting him go would have been a mistake.

        1. You are dealing with checker players who want to play chess. They are totally locked into archaic rules for drafting. Hey, not too long ago RB’s were always taken high in the draft. Times change and smart people have to change with them. Never draft a punter even though field position is a major factor for most teams.?

          The reason this team even made it to the playoff in 2011 was because of the play of special teams and field position. The days of just throwing anyone on special teams are over. That holds true, especially for punters and field goal kickers. I remember there was a time when QB’s did the punting and line man the field goal kicking.

  27. Hey Sebbie….

    Doss to the Raiders???????????????

    Honestly surprised that WR @keelandoss went undrafted. Watched him draw out a play while at the combine and @CoachHawkinsUCD says he’s one of the smartest players out there. He will get his chance with the #Raiders

  28. And amateurs are rarely competent but think they are.
    There is an element of luck tied to the draft also.

    1. I’m not competent, good or amateurish when it comes to assessing the football skills of players. I’m a fan with no other ability in this area. I have convinced myself that I have an eye for who can be a good player but fully understand that I don’t.

      However, I am competent at my job. Which involves a significant amount of assessment of the human psyche, ego strength/weakness, personality structure, mentoring/training critical decision making and so on.

      My assessment of the niners decision making is from a psychological and not football sense; by watching and listening to them and examining the patterns of decision making. There is enough of a sample size after a couple years to establish patterns.

      1. Interesting.

        Have you observed (via pressers, interviews, etc.) the decision making methods/techniques/styles of the 31 other teams in the league? If so, where would you rank the 9ers?

        Not intending to be contentious, just curious what your NFL sample size is.

        No, I’m not a homer (nor a Simpson).

        1. Cassie freakin Baalke!
          I’ll take your question at face value (uncontentiously)

          Casually and by a distance for other teams. Enough to have some kind of opinion. But as you hinted at- my observations are definitely skewed towards the niners and not the easiest to make reliable direct comparisons.

          I’d have to be as familiar as I am with the niners, the other teams rosters, drafting patterns, free agency patterns, pressers, blogs, players personalities, coaches, ownership, decisions made over years, etc. which I’m not.

          1. So in other words, your psychobabble is a lot of hot air and not much else? There are simply too many people and interests involved to conclude something as intimate as someone’s own pshyche based on the moves a team makes. Lynch and Shanny may be the figureheads, but they are cogs in the wheel that is the 49er front office. Large and important cogs, to be sure, but cogs nevertheless.

          2. If your analysis is so good, when did you first recognize Baalke’s destructive patterns? Well I recognized Baalke OCD pattern right during the 2013 preseason and predicted the effect it would ultimately have on this franchise. And I say you are dead wrong in your assessment on Shanahan and Lynch.

            To assess them you have to first understand their objectives and time involved in their rebuilding plan. If you do not comprehend their sequential objectives then your assessment holds no validity. Your more than likely a product of the transition from an art form to a statistical exercise that the field of psychology has taken via the focus on behavioralism. You are projecting your own ignorance upon them in making your evaluations.

  29. So how did Grant’s Gems fare in the draft, starting with the legendary Malik Wilson?

    1. Well, Grant’s ‘gems’ wouldn’t be confused with infinity stones…

  30. Who will have a better season:

    49ers or Raiders?
    49ers or Browns?
    49ers or Cardinals?


  31. Chad Leistikow

    Another Hawkeye to the Bay Area. Have confirmed that OL Ross Reynolds is signing with the San Francisco 49ers as a priority free agent. Was Iowa’s nastiest blocker up front last season as LG.

    Michael Lev

    I’m told @ArizonaFBall safety and Tucson native Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles is signing with the San Francisco 49ers.

    Athletes Trust
    Congrats to @Kingroberts_ (Rutgers LB) for joining the @49ers at their Rookie Mini Camp next weekend‼️ #ATFam

  32. If JL and KS don’t trust their judgment whose should they trust?
    A significant portion of drafting players and signing free agents is luck. The luck of avoiding injuries for example. The Niners fired their training staff, they believe some of the health problems were unnecessarily caused and made a change.
    In 2018 if the Niners had given up 4 less points in each game and scored 4 more points in each game they would have won 9 games instead of 4. A healthy QB and RB would have helped. Now having two better pass rushers should help along with better Wide outs.
    Every team makes mistakes in picking players. It is the nature of the process.

  33. More on the AZ safety…

    “The Tucson native was a mainstay in the Arizona secondary throughout his UA career.

    Flannigan-Fowles played in all 50 possible career games with 36 starts. The 6-foot-2, 209-pound safety totaled 243 tackles, six interceptions, 22 pass breakups, 10 tackles-for-loss, three forced fumbles and a sack.

    Pro Football Focus graded DFF as the highest-graded run defender among Pac-12 safeties. He was also the highest-graded slot defender among safeties and cornerbacks.”

  34. I am not a fan of draft grades. Wiser minds have said that it takes three seasons to fully evaluate most drafted players. It also appears to me that the faster one gets the grades out the more likely that the only thing that is being graded is how a player lines up with the grader’s preconceived notions. And with players in the later rounds, it is how they line up with the published rankings. Rankings that regularly whiff on great players (Brady, Kurt Warner) and promote NFL busts (JaMarcus Russel, A.J. Jenkins).

  35. So….

    Grant had Shanahan in the hot seat about 2/3 of the way into last season. Shanahan hadn’t lost the locker room (per Grant when pressed), but the weak win/loss experience was driving up the temperature. Unsure if Denise York was turning up the heat, or a growing number of angry fans, or a few non-toady media types, or all of the above.

    What will it take to dump Shanahan? Fewer than 5 wins in ’19? Fans buying flight time to tug banners around Santa Clara–as early as mid-October? Perhaps Lynch could be a target along with Kyle. Anyway, how do we dump these guys?

    Ultimately, the real power resides with Denise. Jed may CEO, but he serves at the pleasure of his mom. Want change? Turn up the heat on Denise.

  36. I think this was a very bold draft after the first two picks. I like boldness but it has to translate to victories. I didn’t do any homework so I cant validate nor criticize the picks. I will say I felt Edge, WR, OL, CB needed to be addressed and sure enough they were.

    I sure hope this new punter isn’t wishy washy. Perhaps a little wishful thinking on my part. Oh boy…..stop it. Wish not want not

    1. Can’t wait until training camp, and then see what we’ve got out on the the field.

    2. Wishnowski is a gritty, very effective punter. Caught a few of his games live over the last couple years.

    1. Yea, he’s got some swag to him, plus he’s from Perth in Scooter’s country.

  37. Any guesses on Grant’s summary draft grade? I’m thinking C (his grade, not mine).

    Wonder if he’ll add ‘freaking’ to any player’s name–as he did for CJB. And, is it too early for Grant to apply the ‘bust’ label?

    1. Trace Atkins mentioned CJB as his most improved player candidate for this season.

      1. Now that’s a bit silly I feel. I don’t think CJB made strides all that great in all honesty. A more effective scheme with better players helped it run better even when he was under center, but he lost his job for a reason and he was making many of the same mistakes he made his first year to boot. At this point, I think I would look to get rid of Beathard for some picks for next year.

        1. I think he means that he sees CJB as the player who will be the most improved in the coming season , not the last one.

    2. I would think C- for the grade. First two picks are Bs. good but expected for Bosa. I like Deebo and he will make a fine player. Will he be a difference maker?

      Hurd will get hurt. The 4th round punter will discover new winds and may not boom his kicks as much due to a number of factors (altitude and running star). We will see how he does. I hope he’s great because we certainly paid a lot for him in draft capital!

      The other guys are backups or developmental players.

      So the draft is not horrible but not great. I’m still waiting to have a great draft. The guys across the bay I think did better as did the Patriots, Redskins, Cardinals.

  38. PFF rates SF 49er 2019 Draft: ABOVE AVERAGE

    Only a handful of other NFL teams were rated excellent by PFF.

    Someone thinks SF did something right. Probably not as knowledgeable as
    the regulars here though.

  39. Bosa got an endorsement from Scump.
    Now we now for sure that Bosa will try to screw us out of some money without any return…

      1. Doesn’t surprise me that you support a manchild who manages to tell 10.000 LIES in two years in office. Way to go Scump!

          1. Funny how some people will categorize anything that they disagree with as lies. Nothing like tolerance still being alive.

            Maybe you’ve been eating too many razors and they have cut off your comprehension of the word ‘bigot’…..

        1. AES you’re right, only people who hate the truth, justice and the American way would support Scump!

    1. How fragile must your ideological security be if you feel the need to drag politically-charged comments into a discussion on the latest draft picks? If Bosa tries to “screw” the Niners, the Niners will move on. More likely, they’ll reach an agreement and Bosa will do what he can do. If he busts out, it won’t be because Trump endorsed him.

      1. Renass, how insecure your relationship with the truth must be that you don’t see that Scump “feels the need to drag politically-charged comments into a discussion on the latest draft picks? ”
        If he busts out, it won’t be because Trump endorsed him, but because of the similarities they both have of telling the truth….

        1. I don’t care about Trump. I’m not American, and Lord knows the UK has enough political issues of it’s own, and I’d rather not throw stones in this glass house of mine. You’re the one bringing it up here, not Trump.

          1. Renas, thanks for proudly sharing your ignorance.
            It was not me but Scump who injected himself into the draft, not the other way around! But then again I can’t expect much from someone who drives on the wrong side of the road…

  40. Juan’s grades (only to counter the haters) Had 2 of the 8 on my one and only mock (Bosa and Wishnowsky) Did anybody have 2 or more?

    1. Nick Bosa A+
    2. Deebo Samuel B
    3. Jalen Hurd B-
    4. Mitch Wishnowsky A
    5. Dre Greenlaw C+
    6. Kaden Smith B
    7. Justin Skule B
    8. Tim Harris B+

    Overall Grade B+

    Nice job fellas! Go Niners!


  41. When we’re are kicking out of our own endzone into a swirling wind, and Wishnowski flips field position; I’ve got a feeling the concession stand is gonna run out of crow….

    1. Lol Razor. So true. A great punter can and will have a huge impact on most games, if not all. Such a “taken for granted” position with some, when in reality it’s one of the most important positions on the team. I’m surprised more people don’t seem to understand that or appreciate the importance of the punter. I would say our punter last year cost us at least two games. The focus on what round he was picked is doltish. (borrowed that one from Seb :)
      We now have one of the best punters in the league and a great strategic weapon.

        1. Thanks Prime. Glad your back even though I didn’t realize you were gone because I was gone for 2 1/2 months traveling through Europe with my wife. Thank God I didn’t have to put up with Coach/GM GC’s constant griping and negativity during the off season and leading up to the draft. As it is, we’ll all be subjected to a constant barrage of unadulterated buzzkill from the wining, overly egotistical cry baby. You know, nobody wants a homer as a reporter covering the team. I surely don’t. But, nobody wants a biased, jaded reporter who thinks he’s infinitely better at doing their job either. I’m surprised the team puts up with it, honestly.

          1. Grant often does not even write what he truly believes. He just writes things to create controversy and clicks because that is what the people who pay him want. He is actually much more objective than his blogs make him out to be.

      1. Good to know that the kid is one of the best punters in the league before he even played one game…..
        When a kicker gets blocked often that means his kicks are too low.
        But they go farther.

          1. A reporter asked Lynch about the blocks. He mentioned that those happened when MW was kicking rugby style. But he also said that MW is a “pocket kicker” (never heard that term before). I’ve never seen the kid kick so I’m assuming that a pocket kicker is a kicker that kicks American Football style.

            1. He can kick rugby style when his protection breaks down. Saw a film where he did one of those. He kicked it quickly through a space that opened up. He did not have time to set for a regular kick. The ability to that is what adds value to him. In the video, they commented on how high he can punt to get maximum hang time. He is very versatile which is what makes him a special player.

        1. I said many times last year, pre draft, that Patrick Mahomes was the best QB in the draft by a country mile and he’d be ONE of the best QB’s in the league. He hadn’t donned a uniform yet. We all know how that turned out! Most on this blog laughed. Mitch will be, as I said earlier, ONE of the best, not the necessarily the best, punters in the league. I’ll stand by that. :)

          1. My point was that you were putting that expensive cart before the horse.

            He cannot be one of the best if he hasn’t played a down of professional football! You could state that in your view he will be one of the best, but what you stated was flat out wrong (and makes one look like a dolt [Seb notwithstanding]).

            Either way, we will wait and see. If he’s a good punter, then great! But I tend to believe CFC and Scooter’s line of reasoning on this one.

            Also, will you concede the point if the DBs are still suspect, even if he is an amazing punter? Because my point is there were other needs and a good punter could be had for less.

            Glad you were right on Mahomes. Wonder how many other players you touted that didn’t pan out?

            1. In the post that preceded yours, I read that he said that he will be one of the best punters in the leagues. You might have confused his post with two other sarcastic posts by those critical of the pick.

  42. After that draft I might have to change my 10-6 prediction to 11-5 or maybe even 12-4. Niners are going to shock the world, just like in ’81.

    1. Lol. I bet on everything Sour so that’s not going to happen but I have time. Of course, that’s my hearts prediction of 10-6 or better. Fortunately for my betting account, I bet with my brain. My brain, pre draft, has them at 6 to 8 wins. Post draft, I’d say they have a chance at 7 to 9 wins, and if things go perfect (they never do), have a good FA signing period, and especially avoid the injury bug to key players like they’ve suffered recently, they could go 9 to 11 wins. If they lose Jimmy again early, and have to ride with Mullens or CJ, it will be another 3 to 6 win season. Can’t wait to start placing my bets though!

      1. Kek, I love how you set it up so you can be right both ways.

        -If Niners get 10+ wins
        “Hahaha, look at my prediction, Juan is right once again, I nailed the draft (a whopping 25% accuracy rate) and I nailed this too!”

        -If Niners get 6-9 wins
        “Well, I said as much. Not unexpected, I was right. I win again!”

        -If Niners get < 6 wins
        "Well, here's excuse A, and B…. and C…"

        Might as well make 16 seperate predictions Juan. That way, you're bound to be right eventually! ?

      2. 6-8 win tops!

        The only way it will change if Deebo Samuel is special.

        4 if the wheels fall off!

  43. Your analysis on the secondary is faulty at best Grant. While the team may have the same starters in the secondary that it did last season, it will have a different secondary coach which also needs to be taken into consideration. So while the starters may end up being the same, the secondary could wind up being better.

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