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  1. We haven’t even assembled our team yet and we are talking record. LMAO! I can’t wait until this team out performs everyone’s expectations this year. This team was 8-8 with 21 people on the IR. Some of those guys are building blocks. We had a coach that had his foot out the door already and we managed to still win 8 games.. I just hope some of you fans that pretend like you stood by this team all along don’t show up when this team regains it’s form. For those that have will know the real sell outs.. Let free agency begin.. In balke I trust!

    1. totally agree . We have a bad ass team full of players that were stuck with the bad vibes between management , Dockett will be a great addition . I hated him when he played for Arizona . He is an annoying son of a gun if playing against you

    2. Yep… With this defense alone if they stay healthy 12-4 is very very possible.

      1. @Ninermd….Come on, let’s get real here….Our D is not going to win us 12 games….I am very optimistic, but if we make it into double figures in the Win column, it’s going to be one hell of an accomplishment, as well as recognition of a coaching staff that many on here considered ‘substandard’ .I DO believe that we (niners) are very capable of 10 wins in ’15, and even that depends on CONSIDERABLE improvement from the QB . The few improvements that we’ve already made will be good, and I’m confident that TB will have some home runs in both FA and the draft..;..but let’s not let the back end pass the front end….bad situation….

    3. We haven’t even assembled our team yet and we are talking record. LMAO!

      That’s why the one who asked Grant about that said he knew it was a little early to be talking about it.

    4. It doesn’t matter if we win or lose, support your team. Jed and Baalke aren’t criminals and Harbaugh is not a saint. We got rid of a good coach, we did it poorly, move on. If you like players and coaches more than your team, awesome, go follow Gore or Harbaugh to their next landing spot. Move on.

      My buddy likes to tell me how he has two favorite teams. I say, he doesn’t even have one. Committed fans understand that distinction. If you don’t, move on.

      In the past 40 years, I have probably missed no more than a half-dozen Niner games. At no time, have I ever considered abandoning them. Never will. We don’t have to agree with their decisions and we don’t get to be a part of their decision-making process. The simplest part of the equation, if you want to call yourself a Niner fan and bleed scarlet and gold, then stay on the train. If you don’t, move on…lots of other bandwagon fans up in Seattle for you to join. Go Niners!

  2. Grant,
    Nice job on the interview. I agree with a lot of what you said about what the team should do in regards to free agency and the draft. I don’t necessarily agree with the 7-9 prediction, but I see the thinking behind it.

    I did want share something about the idea of coaching overall. You mentioned the disparity between the new and old staffs and how that will impact the team moving forward, which makes sense. Coaching can make a difference and if you don’t have it, it can stunt the progression of your players. But I get the sense that sometimes fans and media types tend to put a little too much emphasis on the coaching aspect. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you could just stick anyone in there as a coach and expect greatness to occur. But to me, the most important element in professional sports is talent. If you don’t have talent, it’s going to be difficult to move the needle no matter how good your coaching is.

    What do you think? Is it more important to have great coaching with marginal to below average talent or vice versa?

    1. Appreciate the comment. I think you need both. Coaching is more important in football than any other sport. It’s a choreographed game, not free-flowing like basketball.

      1. When we say “coaching” does that include game planning/scheming. It seems to me that game planning and scheming is probably at least as important as player talent.

      2. Interesting. I’ve seen that sentiment expressed before. The idea of coaching being more important in football than a sport like basketball. You make a good point about needing both by the way.

        Even in a sport like football, which as you pointed out is a more choreographed sport in general, my thought process has always been it’s easier to find some level of succees if you start with the talent. That way, even if you have less than stellar coaching the talent can somewhat make up the difference. The other way around seems the more difficult proposition. But in reality, the real equalizer in football is alwats the play of your QB. If you can get solid production from that position, then all bets are off.

        Whether they finish 7-9 as you predicted or better (like I think they can) will largely depend on Kaepernick. If he can stop the slide, I think they can compete for a wildcard spot.

  3. I vaguely remembered a Dick Nolan – Australian rugby story, and did a little research this morning.

    There is little known Rugby League (and Parramatta Eels) 49ers connection that has nothing to do with Jarryd Hayne.

    Back in 1971, future Rugby League coaching legends Jack Gibson and Terry Fearnley saw a motivational film by Vince Lombardi called “Second Effort.” They liked it so much, they cancelled practice and had their players view the film. The team went on to dominate.

    Shortly after, Gibson and Fearnley went on a pilgrimage to the US, where they met up with then 49ers coach Dick Nolan. Nolan gave them “unfettered access to 49er operations.” From these trips came several innovations that changed Rugby League.

    Gibson and Fearnley went on to coach the Parramatta Eels. They became coaching legends.

    Terry Fearnley passed away this week at 81 years old. Would have been nice if he could see Hayne field a few kickoffs.

    1. Gore no longer fits what this offense will be running, and he’ll be taking a piece of me with him….

      1. I’m soooo over York. There was a small window when he hired harbough and was about to make the stadium happen where I felt the Jed York had a lot of potential.

        Now I cant believe a word he says. When he says we wanna make it work with gore. I can’t tell if:

        A-he really means it.
        B-it’s posturing for if they don’t sign him to have gained fan favor that he really wanted gore but gore chose otherwise.
        C- posturing to blame baalke if he doesn’t sign him
        D-actually wants to sign him but not to help the team win but in his little mind to have to fans warm up to him again.

        Plus I think the stadium is a fail in my eyes. If they were going move out if sf then I would hope for it to be an awesome structure. It’s as basic as it gets, the sun is scorching without good shade. Looks like the noise factor wasn’t considered. Parking and getting is still a pain. The only thing I see that is good is all the money they will make from it. Opps I guess that’s only good for the Yorks and no body else.

        I’m having an angry moment about the 9ers. After watching them be horrible since 2003 and then getting a glimpse of how good it can be before having it yanked away like a cruel tease just gets me mad.

    2. Hyped hype. Gore will be “in the market” and stay with the 49ers only if no one wants him more than the 49ers want him. Remember that Frank wants too things ahead of money. A realistic chance at the Superbowl, and a realistic chance to get another 1,000 yard season.

      Do you really think the 49ers can provide him with either of those achievements?

      1. If he as a veteran sacrifices salary to help the roster then yeah he wants to win. It’s kind of like kobe Bryant minus the huge salary that handicapped his team. If gore wants to win at this age then he needs to realize a diminished role and salary is his best bet in San Francisco. Otherwise, find a team that is seriously a rb away from the big game. Problem is Gore’s speed has dimished enough to the point even if he finds a hole makes it through he’ll get caught from behind.

    3. In 3 decades of following the Niners, I can’t help feeling that that no other HoF-caliber 49ers has been less appreciated by the fan base than Gore.

      1. As a journalist, he’s pretty unprofessional, frequently jumping to conclusions and showing biases. And he makes mindless statements like this:
        “If Smith fails, more and more folks will point out that the 49ers took Smith in 2011 with J.J. Watt still on the board.”

      2. So does Florio have a listening device planted in the
        building … or what ?

        Grant ..

        you sounded .. “poised” in this interview ~
        Good job, dude !

        Like NinerGang ..
        I agreed with much of what you said .. but
        the 7-9 prediction really stung ..
        (you really know how to throw some mud
        on the dinner table, huh ?)

        Brodie ..
        Great story, man ! ..

        (appreciate a link, if you have one)


          1. Jack Gibson was known as the “Super Coach” here in Australia. An absolutely phenomenal master-mind, he really was one of the great innovators in rugby league.

            His trip to the US effectively revolutionised rugby league. He transformed the game into a far more professional sport on and off the field.

          2. Brodie….That was an excellent article…a bit of a tear-jerker, I met Dick Nolan in Los Altos in ’72. He was a gentleman

  4. Grant: You said that Baalke is bitter about AJ Jenkins – Harbaugh and Morton did not develop AJ. I assume you have the same explanation for AJ’s poor performance at KC.

  5. We’ve had good players and bad coaches before. We had losing campaigns every time. Even though I want to reserve judgement about the the coaching staff, it doesn’t look good. The Niners didn’t get any of the coaches that they initially set out to get, despite what they say. The reason is because of how the front office is perceived in the league. Come to the 49ers? Didn’t they just fire their entire staff of excellent coaches? I can’t do as well as Harbaugh did over the last number of years. I’ll get fired too. No thanks.

    1. Well Adam, a player of the caliber of Darnell Dockett signed with the niners instead of the Seahawks, Rams, Patriots all wanting him to visit. He chose the Niners. Dockett has never won a SB yet he picks the Niners. He mentions a big reason why he chose the Niners was because of the Talent and the HC Tomsula. My point is this team is very talented when healthy and have a bunch of motivated players who would love to play in this next SB in there back yard.. I like our chances man.. There is going to be A LOT of media members that will look stupid once September starts. I can’t wait to watch them all back pedal.

      1. CK=Elite, I”m with you on this stance. On the surface, this coaching staff appears to be a collection of last choice candidates cobbled together by a desperate owner and GM that hadn’t planned beyond their primary goal which was to oust Harbaugh at all costs. But, as more than one local media jackal has speculated, there’s a good chance the new head coach was the guy they wanted all along. I think York and Baalke did a horrific job of making any sort of smooth transition from Harbaugh’s staff to this one,but I also think we have some capable coaches and a team with a ton of talent. The Niners have a long hard uphill battle in the NFC West to get to the playoffs and the third toughest schedule to play, but I think they have a good a chance as any to still be playing in late January. I’m quite certain the fact that the next Super Bowl will be played in Santa Clara, in their house, will be an oft-repeated motivational theme from the beginning of OTA’s, through training camp, through the preseason and all the way to the opening kickoff in September. I know I’ll be watching every play of every game and rooting for the Niners as hard as ever. I would absolutely hate to see any other team than the 49ers represent the NFC in Super Bowl 50.

        1. I think the true measure of this staffs effectiveness and any justification for ” The Decision” will not come this coming season but rather the following season.

  6. Nice interview Grant. As usual I don’t necessarily agree with everything you said, but it was entertaining and you made a lot of good points.

    1. Scooter:

      What’s your take on the term “coaching” or “coaches”. Do you think these terms include game planning/scheming or is it just mostly about developing players technically? As I said above, I think these are big elements in winning games probably as big as talent.

      So, for example and hypothetically, Chryst might be a lousy QB developer (coach) but a great game planner (coach??). If so, you’d still want to have him on the team and in the position of OC. Logan can do the QB development assuming he’s a good coach. To be clear, I’m not saying that this is the case with Chryst/Logan just putting forth as a hypothetical example.

      1. I think you’re falling overboard trying to dice things too fine. It’s all coaching. The planning has to fit your players, understand what the opponent wants to do to you, and what the opponent thinks you are going to try to do to them. Then you have to adjust on the fly when the opponent or your players don’t do what you expected.

        It may not be herding cats but it’s close.

      2. I think you are correct that a coach that is good at teaching players won’t necessarily be good at devising and implementing a game plan, and vice versa. They are different skills.

        My understanding is the two coordinators (or HC, if the HC runs one side of the team) need to be guys that are good at devising, installing and implementing plays and game plans. They don’t necessarily need to be good at teaching, though obviously that helps.

        The position coaches need to be good at coaching up players technique wise, teaching players what they need to do on a play, and assisting in installing game plans. They don’t necessarily need to be good at devising and implementing plays and game plans, though again, it obviously doesn’t hurt.

        As to whether Chryst is a poor position coach but good coordinator (or Mangini for that matter) I have no idea. With Chyrst, he was the position coach for Alex Smith and seemed to do good work with him. Though you always have the question of how much of coaching the QBs was also Harbaugh’s influence. And Chryst has been an OC previously without much success (albeit with a pretty horrendous offense talent wise).

        In terms of importance, to be successful long term I think you need a combination of guys that are good at game planning and putting their players into positions that suit their talents, talented players (and ergo guys that are good at finding talented players), and good teachers that are capable of developing players’ fundamentals and getting them to understand their role.

  7. Jim Tomsula might be fine as a motivator. That’s a big component of coaching. It really is. There are some coaches out there that are big X’s and O’s guys, that can’t motivate worth nothing. But we also need guys that can design plays and call them. I have no idea if the guys we have in the coordinator positions can do that. I do know that the guys that we originally went after for those positions said “no”. You can’t argue with that.

    1. There is initial motivation, and what happens to motivation as time goes by. Singletary did fine as an replacement coach using motivation, but he failed when his first full season started. Maybe he lost the team in training camp with his torture workouts.

      1. It will defined on the field over how ever many games he is allowed to keep his job. I don’t expect any problem for the FO if they want JimT to fire him.

    2. Umm, im pretty sure we have 2 coordinators that have been coordinators or head coaches before. So this statement doesn’ t hold wwater. Now they also have the talent they didn’ t have at their previous stops. All this bitchin that has been goin on for the last 2 month’s is ridiculous! Guys get over yourself. Whe harbaugh wasnt winning everybody was saying he needs to go or something to that nature. Now that he is go.e you guys are bitchin that we didnt get a “big name coordinator” . How many big name coordinators actually succeed? But what alot of you are basically saying is, if we would have gotten big name coordinators and got our azzes kicked then it would have been ok, but since these guys arent stars they arent even given a chance. To each his own opinion. Go Niners!!!

  8. Niners going after Torrey Smith in a big way.. He is there number 1 target according to Adam Caplan from ESPN.. Make it happen Trent!

      1. I agree Scooter fits exactly what they need. I will guarantee you Sherman cannot run with this guy..There going to need earl to pay special attention to him.. Anyway I’m dreaming..

        1. For sure. He’d be an expensive #2 WR, but he’d also be a good fit for this offense.

          If they sign Smith, I also wouldn’t rule them out of drafting a WR at some point in the first three rounds. You’d have to assume they’d get rid of Johnson if they sign Smith, and this will be Boldin’s last year you’d think. Someone like Tre McBride in the 3rd round would be worth a look.

          1. Ya I wouid imagine they will take a receiver potentially in the 2nd or 3rd.. I’m starting to think that Balke might be looking at a guy like Dupree from Kentucky.. This is a great draft for edge rushers. Balke has a great eye for that.

            1. Dupree is the guy I had the 49ers taking in at the mock draft I posted last week.

              1. I’d take Flowers in the first and P. Smith in the second. Fangio will want Mr. Beasley….

              2. If the 49ers sign Smith in FA, as well as a CB or two on the relative cheap (e.g., Cox and Cook), then Baalke will pretty much have carte blanche to take BPA.

                I’d say you are right about the Bears. Beasley would be a nice addition to their new 3-4 defense.

              3. With all the good rookies from last year and another good looking draft for WRs this year, I wonder if Torrey Smith will get as big a contract as that. I think he could be had for around $7.5M to $9M a season. DeSean Jackson got $8M a season last year, and plays a similar deep threat role. And Mike Wallace is a good cautionary tale of giving a deep threat WR a huge contract.

                I realise Cobb just got $10M a year with the Packers, but then he also put up better numbers than Smith and is more than just a deep threat.

                I believe the Ravens are reported to have offered him $7M a year last off-season. I’ll say 4 to 5 years, around $8M to $8.25M a year could be enough to get him.

              4. If you’re right Scooter, then it is certainly possible the 49ers could afford him. I’m just wondering why the Ravens wouldn’t match that amount. Not too much difference….

              5. The Ravens are up against the cap, razor. I’m not sure they can afford to offer him much more than they did last year.

              6. Smith is currently classified as the top free agent WR, so that alone means that he is out of our price range.

    1. It sounds great unless it’s one of those “we tried but he was too expensive” PR moves.

    1. Hahaha!

      On a separate note, the market for RBs was just set by the Saints. Ingram signed for 4 years, $16M.

        1. Probably less than that. My guess would be 2-3 years, around $3M – $3.5M a year.

            1. Silly move if you ask me. Lots of RBs available in the draft this year, so don’t think teams will be too keen to spend big $$s on a FA RB that comes with durability concerns. But we’ll see.

        1. In FA? He’d have been one of the top ones after Murray.

          Ingram, Spiller and Forsett probably would have been the next three best options after Murray. Gore probably after those guys due to age, Ryan Matthews probably after those guys due to injuries.

          Not sure where Reggie Bush will fit in in the RB market.

          1. We paid Frank $6 million last year. Would you pick up Murray if we could get him for that price? It would not be a confidence builder for Hyde, but after all, this is only his second year.

            1. No I would not. It’s the Mr. Hyde show and he just needs a guest star like Dyer in the 6th Round….

  9. Cobb to the Packers 4 years 44 million,was hoping that a bidding war would start allowing us to grab Smith,now teams will go after Smith.

  10. If Smith is worth anywhere even remotely close to that price level he’s not coming here. Too bad.

  11. Saturday Night Pre F/A 49ers mock with no trades;

    1: CB Trae Waynes. At this point it feels like our #1 need. Especially if the 49ers pick up a WR in F/A I’ll expect this pick to be a corner or a pass rusher. Why Waynes, although I agree with Grant’s reasoning on Baalke taking Ifo in later rounds Im feeling a little pressure to plug this hole with the player that seems to be the best option at the position.

    2: OL Jake Fisher. He was the most athletic lineman at the combine. He’s a bit tall for a guard but I think he could transition or be a swing and understudy and be a potential replacement for either of our current starters. Most importantly he gives us depth at most positions along the line except center.

    3: WR Trey McBride. Gritty pass catcher that appears to have strong hands and just enough size and speed to fend off defenders, at the college level at least. He could be a real value pick even in the third round.

    4: QB Garret Grayson. I think this is a fair concession. Yes I still couldn’t help myself in putting Grayson in my first mock but at least I had him slide into the 4th round. I still feel that outside of Winston that Grayson is the best prospect in the draft. Best case scenario he develops into our starting QB, worst case scenario he’s a sturdy back up that helps push Kaepernick.

    5: RB Cameron Artis-Payne. The main knock that I read on this guy is his speed but I dunno, maybe they’re speeding up the youtube videos or maybe it’s my uber computer but he looks pretty fast to me. Anyway, I like his size and seems like a good pick at this spot. I’m not convinced that Hyde can replace Gore and maybe this guy can.

    1. edite; “but I think he could make the transition or be a swing tackle

    2. I’d be very happy with that draft CfC. You’ve included two of my favourite players available in this draft too – Waynes and McBride.

      1. Waynes is a great man corner, I’ll give you that Scooter. However, his tackling and angles are bad. Bites on the run and often gets out foxed by reverses to his area of containment. His backpedal is shaky and why does he flip his hips so much? I think he plays too passive, especially on blocks….

        1. Backpedal shaky? Flip his hips so much? Are we watching the same guy?

          Waynes has a good backpedal, and does a fantastic job staying square until the WR commits to a direction.

          I agree he isn’t great in run support, he is often pretty easily blocked and isn’t the best form tackler, but he is willing.

            1. I have to agree Razor. He also seems to not play as fast as his 40 time indicates and uses his hands too much (which is something he’ll be flagged for at the next level).

            2. I think you guys are both watching a different player.

              He’s clearly a better coverage player than run defender, but he is a willing run defender. So he’s not like DRC. And as a coverage corner he has true lock down potential. NFL Draft Geek reports that over the past two years no CB in college played more on an island than Waynes did, and yet he only gave up 2 TDs in that period.

              I’m not sure where you are getting the idea his playing speed isn’t that fast Mid because I never saw him struggle to run stride for stride down the field with a receiver. Neither did anybody else which is why not one scouting report I have read mentions anything about his speed being an issue. In that I truly am left wondering what you are watching I’m afraid.

              And yes, he does get a little grabby, a little too physical. But that is how the Michigan State DBs are taught. Look at Dennard last year. He’ll need to get used to not having as much contact, but I don’t see any reason to think he can’t learn as he has very good fundamentals in place aside from that.

              1. I respect your opinion, but it simply boils down to this for me. He’s an excellent cover corner, but the rest of his game does not merit that high of a pick….

              2. Fair enough. But I strongly disagree. He’s the best coverage CB I’ve seen coming out of college for some time.

                And I understand he’s not the best run defender you’ll ever see but as I’ve said its not through a lack of willingness to do it. He’ll add some strength as a pro and a team like the 49ers would teach him better technique to avoid blocks.

                Some team is going to be very happy to have him.

    3. Outstanding draft coffee.. I would be stoked with that.. Thanks for taking the time to do that.

    4. Uh uhh.
      I was the first saying Waynes. That my dude. Everyone says wr I’ve been saying Baalke is a defensive minded GM and that will be his first pick.
      2,3,4 are yours. Get off my laaaawn!!! Lol

      1. And I think this smith talk is garbage. Trey do this stunt every year. Won’t sign him and will get Beck in the second. All coming to light.

    5. @C4C….I don’t know anything about your #5 at RB, but I sure do like your first 4. My only hope for an ‘extra’ would be Scherf from Iowa….no big deal though, as an avid ‘Duck’ fan, I don’t think we could go wrong with big Jake Fisher.

      1. Artis-Payne is a solid back and a good fit. He’s gonna need to learn pass protection assignments however.

  12. no way we pay $7-8M/yr for a limited deep threat WR like Smith. Smith is nice to have, but he shouldn’t be paid like one of your top-5 guys. I’d rather draft Parker or DGB, pay them less than half of what TSmith will get, and invest the difference in solid depth for OLB or CB to keep our D strong. Look at Denarius Moore or Cecil Shorts for value after the first wave of signings

    1. You bring up some good points. I disagree though about Smiths ability. He is a great deep threat and his one very good skill is what this offense needs to be successful. We might have to over pay but this addition could be a very big piece going forward. By getting a player like Smith mind you he is not a true number 1 but he is a serious weapon. It would allow us to really take best available come draft time. Shorts and Moore are not upgrades to Simpson, Patton, Ellington… No need for those guys.

    2. From Schefter on Twitter:

      “And with Randall Cobb back to the Pack, some added leverage goes to Jeremy Maclin and Torrey Smith.”

      Rapoport reports that Cobb’s agent fielded 6 to 7 offers. Pack offer was not the highest.

      Expect Smith to be expensive.

  13. “The 49ers, under new coach Jim Tomsula, want to win immediately to justify their dispatching of Jim Harbaugh, yet they have more holes in their roster than usual.

    And those holes probably all can’t be filled by third-tier free agents or in the draft.” … Guess Who?

  14. On PFT website:

    “ reports that the Eagles have “serious interest” in free agent Frank Gore.
    Per reporter Eliot Shorr-Parks, the interest in mutual, and a deal “could get done as early as Tuesday.” Gore is reportedly seeking $4 million per year, the same amount Mark Ingram got from the Saints. The Eagles were previously connected to Ingram. Gore would be the power back in Chip Kelly’s committee. It’s doubtful he could get $4 million for 2015 in Philly, but the Eagles are awash in cap space.”

    1. Gore is one of my all-time 49er favorites and would love nothing more than to have him back in Red&Gold but only as a complimentary back behind C.Hyde.

      But knowing FG’ never-say-die mentality and warrior’s heart, he would never want to end his career being a back-up, especially for the team he had a hand in bringing back to respectability and prominence.
      If the 49ers can guarantee that if he re-signs he would come in as the starter, he would be willing to come back to take what I believe he feels is his rightful place in the 49ers lineup.

      But if the FO can’t guarantee Gore’ starting position he will go where he can start. I would hate to see one of my all-time favorite 49er leave, but if can be a starter somewhere else I would want to see him go out like that. He deserves and has earned that much.

  15. Wonderful interview of Grant. I thought he was spot on.

    It is very troubling that Trent Baalke is upset that A.J. Jenkins was not “coached up” by Harbaugh and Morton. Everybody who drafts is going to miss on occasion and it seems to me that an important skill a GM must have is to write off the mistakes that will happen and move on. If Baalke truly still thinks that A.J. Jenkins was the right choice it bodes ill for the team moving forward. Baalke, like every other GM will make some bad draft picks. In the future when his bad picks don’t pan out it will become fault of someone else, and Harbaugh will not be around to blame. Someone new will have will have to be the bad coach. This is almost the definition of dysfunction.

    BTW, No one can make a claim that A.J. Jenkins was a worthy first round pick. If they truly think that then they are delusional.

    I can understand why Baalke wants to put some of the blame for 2012 on someone else because the 2012 draft class was one of the worst, if not the worst, draft class in 49ers history. Baalke crapped out and you can try to put lipstick on this pig, but it is still a pig.

    1. Wow, you’ve just taken Grant’s bold assumption as fact.

      If Baalke truly thought Jenkins was worth keeping and the it was the coaches fault he wasn’t progressing, why would he trade him before his second season? If he still thought Jenkins was a good coach away from being a good player, why hasn’t he re-signed him now that he’s been cut by the Chiefs?

      Fear not, Leo, I think it is safe to say that Baalke has moved on and realises he made a bad pick.

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Baalke feels they crushed his confidence and ruined him.

        1. If that was the case, then he was not only weak physically, but mentally as well. Weak, weak pick and weak, weak performance by Baalke….

        2. this is what happens when people speculate other people take it as fact and run with it.then it becomes part of the narrative and all of a sudden is truth

        3. More speculation there Grant.

          Baalke clearly wanted Jenkins to work out. Of course he did. But after his second training camp, and no doubt following discussions with the coaching staff including Harbaugh, he was willing to admit he wasn’t working out or what the team needed. Not many GMs would be willing to give up on a player they drafted that quickly.

          A narrative that he was pee’ed off at the coaching staff for not developing him and was trying to blame him not working out on Harbaugh doesn’t really seem to fit the willingness of Baalke to let him go.

  16. I’ve been an advocate of drafting O-line with our first round pick, but the position we need to draft is guard, not tackle. Andrus Peat is like 6’7″. Isn’t that a bit tall for a guard?

      1. At least we know why Kaep never checks down to anyone in the middle of the field, he can’t see over the redwood tree in the middle of the line.

      2. Ereck Flowers is 6’5″ and like Boone can play guard and both tackle positions. He also has a nasty disposition and is a mauler. 37 reps on the bench. Given that he’s decided to negotiate his own deal just like the Cowboy tells me this kid is old school….

          1. He’s the only first round talent I’m aware of whose executing that move….

            1. There are other things that are negotiable, like offset language, so there is some reason to have an agent. But negotiating his own deal either makes him really smart or really dumb.

  17. Walterfootball says the 49ers have met privately with the following players at, before or after their pro days:

    – Randy Gregory (OLB)
    – Marcus Hardison (DL)
    – Stephone Anthony (ILB)
    – Deshazor Everett (CB)

    Interesting that the only players they are known to have met with are all on the defensive side of the ball. Of course that doesn’t mean they haven’t met with offensive guys, just that any such meetings have been kept quiet for now.

    The one guy that makes little sense to me is Stephone Anthony. You’d think one position the 49ers really don’t need to take in the draft is ILB. But he was Vic Beasley’s teammate…

      1. Correct… I’m not sure why they met with Gregory, he doesn’t appear to be a great fit.

      2. Gregory was two pounds less than that at the Combine. And I agree that he wouldn’t fit on the 49ers defense.

  18. Gore will be an eagle. They will offer him more money and not a split role. This is good for both sides.

  19. As reported by PFT:

    “ESPN’s Josina Anderson reports the 49ers and Vikings have expressed interest in free agent Brian Hoyer.
    Hoyer wants to go somewhere he’d have a chance to compete for the starting job. It wouldn’t happen in either Minnesota or San Francisco, but we highly doubt there are more than 1-2 teams willing to give Hoyer a shot as a starter. He proved last season as a turnover-prone “game manager” that he’s a backup.”

  20. A couple of thoughts on the article about Philly’s interest in Gore.
    1/ Chip’s interest shows how oriented he is to power ball. The tempo and wide open reputations mask the underlying approach.
    2/ For the last 4 (5-6?) years there has been this loud harangue on this blog every off-season about moving on from Gore. That’s he’s washed up. His legs are gone. He’s one of several turtles on the roster. And yet, there is reported interest (Philly), and rumored interest by other teams (Az, Indy, Mia). Perhaps there’s value in turtles.
    I’ll be highly disappointed if FG signs elsewhere; I respect and admire him and wish him well. But in the wildly unlikely chance that he left and the 49ers won the SB (stay with me here, its Dream season), I’d be disappointed he wasn’t with the old crew hoisting the trophy. I’m concerned that since TB hasn’t closed the deal by now it means its 60/40 he’ll depart. Reminding me of Ronnie Lott’s exit, sadly.

    1. It’s time Frank to move on. Thanks for the great years. 4 mil a year is to steep for a part time back. If niners don’t win the SB I hope Frank does somewhere.

  21. I love Frank Gore and will be sad when he finally leaves. But now is the time. Does he have some left in the tank? Undoubtedly. However, I don’t think he has enough to carry the load all season and I don’t see him flourishing in a complementary role. If he played for Bill Walsh he would already be gone. Walsh’s rule: better a year too early than a year too late.

    Also, if Baalke let’s Frank go this year the public relations hit will not be to bad because the public relations are at a very low level. Can’t get much worse.

    1. Actually, it can get worse. A record of 8-8 or worse and the PR department and the entire front office will be under siege.

    1. Somebody was going to do it. Spin-masters have been comparing his FA to Reggie White’s. Reg helped GB a lot. We’ll see. Maybe Suh can play QB & WR too?

      1. Comparing Suh to Reggie White is even funnier. The only way Suh will join White in the HOF is by paying for a ticket.

    2. Poor Detroit. Suh was the dirty heart and soul of the Lions, their beacon of hope for ever playing in January.

  22. Anybody know how Hunter’s rehab is going? With these large RB deals (McCoy getting a five year, $40 million contract) it’s looking dim for re-signing FG.

      1. Not “worried.”

        Baalke loves to joke “Are we ever transparent in what we do?” That’s how the 49ers roll. I’m not always happy about it, but its their prerogative.

        It leaves alot of 49er fans scrounging for signs and tidbits on what the roster will be, and the managerial state of the 49ers. Perhaps the biggest indoor past time for 49er fans in the off season.

  23. I feel
    Sorry for gore. Not going to end well in philly. Not that type of back for that system. They will try to use him as a power back and their passing game will faulter. That system is fit for a faulk or Craig type of back. Take the cut and play the role Gore. It’s your best chance at a Super Bowl.

  24. I find it funny that people keep asking if he has anything left in the tank…… He continues crank out 1,000 yard seasons with 8-9 people stacked in the box. Does he have anything, his stats say so.

    1. Frank was by far the most durable back on the 49ers. He ran with power, but knew how to save his body.

      Gotta get Hyde to run lower going into contact. When he’s upright and struggling in a pile, a cheap shot from a defender outside the pile (hello Seattle) can wack his ACL.

      1. I agree. I think we confused what a good back is. Regardless of what his age is, day in – day out, he shows up with his lunch pale, and goes to work.

  25. I think that Gore would take less to play with Luck, and would probably do better than he might with the Eagles.

    The FO will shed a few crocodile tears and move right on “down” their path.

  26. Adam Schefter: “Frank Gore to sign with Eagles”

    I think Gore would have been a better fit with the Colts. Colts of Eagles, it will be nice to see what Frank can do when he’s not facing a stacked box.

    Maiocco: “$5 a year, $7M guaranteed”

    That’s really good money. Way more then I expected the 49ers ti try to pay him.

  27. If the 49ers sign Torrey Smith, they can concentrate on running back depth. Baalke’s said he believes in the committee approach. They can trade back in the first and get a heck of a runner.

      1. Before the Torey Smith potential signing, I was thinking Jay Ajayi on day two.

        Agile, but doesn’t waste time dancing. He’s a powerful, decisive runner that should nicely transition to the NFL. Sets up defenders, then makes his cut backs at just the right moment.

        But not perfect. He fumbles a bit more frequently then I would like. The 49ers will need to determine if that’s correctable. Many here also doubt (with justification) Baalke will pick a 2nd round running back two years in a row.

        But if Torey Smith is signed, Baalke won’t have to over-pay to trade up for a player like Parker.

        He can after a bigger name running back early… or wait till round three (or later) and get BPA, an O-linemen or Corner in the first.

  28. The big question with Gore leaving: Who can they count on for 70 yds/game and 1 TD every three games?

  29. “barring something unforeseen, Gore will sign with the Eagles. The contract is expected to pay $7.5 million guaranteed over the first two years.”

    that sucks…..for the amount of playing time, Gore deserves at least $5mil a yr from the niners……

    really think its a huge mistake letting Gore go…..

  30. If we sign Torrey Smith, then I see Baalke most likely trading back in the first to pick up extra picks, one of which he will use on a RB ealier than the 4th round. That could change, however, if for some odd reason one of the big three WRs is still available at pick 15.

  31. Drafting running backs early or late?

    Its been a long term trend to draft running backs later in the draft. This is a passing happy league. Also more injury prone, so some teams have a committee approach.

    There are some speculating the trend might be changing…. mainly because there are so few pro ready quarterbacks coming out of college, more teams might revert to a ground and pound approach.

    1. It could be that teams have seen the success that the 49ers and Seahags have had. Those two teams typically run the ball more than they pass it (at least they did in the 2013 season). And, as you say, with so few pro ready QBs coming out of college….

    1. Look on the bright side, MW. At least you won’t have to change out your avatar this season.

      1. Hope yer right, Cubus .. but .. imo
        the bloodletting could be far from over !

        I’m beginning to think that all Jed wanted
        was The Harbs to be the “Poster Boy”
        for his new stadium …
        and now that all the seats have been sold ..
        He’s gonna run the team into the dirt ..

        Like Tom Petty once said …

        “… Damn the Torpedoes ! .. Full Speed Ahead !..”

        The incompetentcy in the Front Office seems
        to know NO BOUNDS !!

        1. MWNiner,

          I believe it was actually Admiral David Farragut who said, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” Or, at least, the quote is attributed to him. Tom Petty used part of the line as a title for one of his best albums.

  32. Does anyone, here, have Larry Ellison on speed dial ?

    If so.. could you ask him if he’s still interested in buying the team ?

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