Grant and Larry analyze the 49ers’ draft picks on The Krueg Show

Baylor wide receiver Jalen Hurd, left, tries to elude Iowa State defensive back Anthony Johnson, right, during the second half of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018, in Ames, Iowa. Iowa State won 28-14. (AP Photo/Matthew Putney)

Check out my latest appearance on The Krueg Show with Larry Krueger. We discuss Nick Bosa, Deebo Samuel, Jalen Hurd, a veteran the 49ers still can add to improve their defense, plus more.

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  1. Draft picks were def a head scratcher minus Deebo….but AJBrown was on the boards, this may come back to bite them…
    Bosa was a safe pick but not a true need= they already had a Leo with DFord….the Bosa pick has Jed written all over it. He wants to fill the seats er empty seats so enter Bosa.
    A Project WR> horrible pick but the dude may be a beast.
    Did not draft an OLB so they still have nobody to cover a TE on nickel downs. wtf? They may win 2 more games this year. The Secondary is a mess

    1. Not sure how you determined Bosa was not a true position of need. You’ve got Ford on one side. Without Bosa who do you envision playing the other side?

      1. JAllen…he could play nickel packages and cover a TE something Bosa has never ever done in his career…Instead they draft another “Leo” somebody to use on passing downs only…..why did they pay DFord 50Million then? .Bosa was there to fill seats not a roster spot like OLB. So now the team has 2 Leo’s and no OLB…not smart especially when JAllen was on the boards..

          1. Wrong Monty. Wrong Grant. Neither one of you seems to understand Bosa is a perfect fit and Allen wasn’t. Plus, both of you also vastly over-rated Allen based on draft hype.

            Not only did the 49ers not take him, but look how it went:

            2. Bosa – DE
            3. Williams – DT (and the Jets needed an edge rusher)
            4. Ferrell – DE (and the Raiders needed an edge rusher)
            5. White – LB (and Allen was a linebacker).
            6. Giants needed a DE, but reached for a QB who’d have been there in Round 2.
            7. Allen – Finally selected after two other DEs, LB and a DT.

            The fact that two DEs and a LB and DT, all by teams that needed sack production, should clue you in that you’re talking out the other end of your digestive system. Look at it:

            49ers – 5.5 sacks lead DEs.
            Jets – 7.0 sacks lead DEs and are strong at DT.
            Raiders – 3.0 sacks lead DEs.
            Bucs – Lost two linebackers to FA AND their best pass-rusher is 30+ who averages under 8.0 sacks/year.
            Giants – Would rather reach of a Round 2 QB at #6 and pass on Allen. Despite having the second worst pass rush in the NFL.

            Allen, if he was all that and a bag of chips, would have been snapped up. But he wasn’t. Because NFL teams, the people who count, didn’t like him as much as the hypesters like him.

              1. I’ll admit I wanted Allen more than Bosa, but Monty you sound like a crazy person shouting into the night.
                No question Allen is more versatile than Bosa. However, Bosa is better at stopping the run, and is a way more polished pass rusher.
                Like Houston said, I think you think you know more about scheme and football than you do.
                “Big end doesn’t exist in pro football”
                “Bosa doesn’t fill a need”
                “No one to cover TE’s now”
                Those statements are just wrong.
                Like I said, I preferred Allen, but I’m certainly not upset with Bosa. There’s a reason all the experts had him ranked #1 in the draft.

              2. I was hoping they could have traded back with the Giants who had 12 picks. Josh Allen was available at 6, but Gettleman took Jones.

          2. Not correct. Bosa can play Leo. Or he can play strong-side DE. He’s almost as good against the run as he is rushing the passer. He may come in as a situational pass rusher as a rookie, much as Aldon Smith did, but if anything, we’re more likely to see him playing in base packages while Ford comes off the field. And in general, I expect to see quite a bit of rotating on the DL. This pick made a lot more sense than Allen. But time will tell. And, admittedly, Allen doesn’t come with the injury concerns that Bosa does.

        1. This is blatantly incorrect…You have a Leo and a big end in the defense. Bosa will play the big end position…the same one Thomas has played recently. They could also go the route of putting Bosa at Leo in base, Armstead or Solly at big end and Ford at Sam. Fact is that having only one edge pass rusher capable of getting to the QB isn’t difficult to defend. They can chip him with a RB or slide the line to his side, and single cover/block the opposite side. It’s far more difficult to do that if you have Bosa on the other side. Also factor in that Ford has had some injuries in the last couple of years. So what happens if Ford goes down for a number of games/weeks? We’re right back where we started, with no one on the roster capable of creating pressure from the edges. Warner is fully capable of defending TEs in the nickle packages, with Alexander capable of defending RBs. All of this hand wringing over a position that sees the field around 30% of the time?

          1. Oh woe is me, The Bosa Constrictor can’t cover. Are you Eucking kidding me right now? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day!

            1. Razor

              C’mon…you know it’s true…every poster on here has alluded to the fact that Josh Allen had superior coverage skills than Bosa…he is faster, and can cut the cream off a glass of milk…Bosa is a charging bull…that’s it…Bosa is the prototype Press propaganda…

              1. OregonNiner welcome from Medford OR…yes you Grant and I are spot on….Boso was to fill the empty seats in the stadium not fill the roster holes..OLB was a need JAllen would have filled out the roster perfectly and he had 17 sacks last year….Boso has never had over 10 sacks in his entire career…it was a draft pick to fill the empty seats only

              2. monty, you’re right about one thing. The Bosa Constrictor was drafted to put qb’s on their seat, which will fill seats in the stadium.

          2. @ Antoine,

            Exactly. Monty is absolutely incorrect. In one breath, he says Bosa is not a position of need and then says Bosa plays a position of need but he prefers Allen because he’s more versatile. I’m not a huge Bosa guy but to say “Bosa was a safe pick but not a true need” is simply wrong. Then to claim Jed forced the 49ers to select Bosa over Josh Allen or Quinnen Williams to put fans in the stands is simply asinine. In what world is Nick Bosa going to sell substantially more tickets than Josh Allen? Jed is an inept buffoon but there’s no way you lay the Nick Bosa pick on Jed.

            1. No not at all…most fans don’t even have an understanding of the roster positions….Jed wants to sell tickets enter Boso a “LEO” linebacker which the team just spent 55MILLION on with DFord.

              So the team needs are OLB Nose FSafety WR CB followed by guard tackle……

              JAllen plays OLB need
              QWilliams play Nose need

              So instead the idiots draft Boso who plays LEO same as Ford sheeeesh guys get real

              Come on guys go study the various positions in the NFL before you spout crap and make yourself look stupid.

              Niners did not draft “need” except for Deebo and Harris…can get a punter anywhere they grow on trees.

              There is still no OLB or Nose on the roster…HELLO

              1. I don’t think you know what you think you know. The defensive scheme is adaptable to personnel. Both Bosa and Ford can play either Leo or Big End. Instead of lining up based on strong or weak side, the 49ers could conceivably allow Bosa and Ford to remain on the same side of the field and then switch between Leo and Big End depending on offensive formation. Ford was an OLB in the Chiefs 3/4 last year so he’s more versatile than you give him credit. Seems to me you are regurgitating something you heard without truly understanding it. I too really liked Josh Allen but I’m not going to cry because the 49ers drafted the guy most experts agreed was the best pass rusher in the draft. It will be interesting to see if the 49ers prefer the 4-3 Under or the 4-3 Over with the personnel they have but it seems to me Ford and Bosa fit nicely into the Over. The fact remains the 49ers are better on d-line right now than they were at the end of last season.

              2. You sure don’t. Nor did you show you had a clue at the other team needs that also passed on Allen.


                You fell for the draft hype. Just like that WR that crashed to the 3rd round after all the draftniks had him pegged Top-15.

              3. SAM LB was our biggest need? Is this for real? Followed by NT? Newsflash: it’s 2019, not 1989. SAM and NT should never appear in any team’s top-five needs in today’s NFL. We’ve started Eli Harold and Mark Nzeocha at SAM the past two seasons. Those guys aren’t exactly elite in coverage. It’s obviously a position that our FO doesn’t prioritize. Using the second overall pick on a guy because he can play SAM in base downs is absurd. We’re much better off with a guy like Bosa who can play run and pass very effectively from the DE position in base defense. Again, assuming he stays healthy which is no guarantee. As for nose, DJ Jones will be just fine there. That’s why we cut Earl Mitchell.

                And don’t buy this myth of Grant’s that Allen is some rare athlete. He and Bosa are very similar athletes. They’re both above average, and neither one is elite. Allen is definitely better in coverage, but Bosa will maybe drop in coverage five times next year. Bosa is a better pure DE, and it’s not particularly close.


              4. that doesn’t mean Allen won’t turn out as effective as Bosa.
                look how many teams who needed QB’s passed on Mahomes… including our 49ers.

                what would the Jags, who took Allen at 7, have offered to get Bosa? if you at least pick up #38, you have the opportunity to draft everyone from Cody Ford down.

                i don’t have a problem with Bosa, but i do think the 49ers roster still has a huge talent deficiency in relation to the rest of the league and should have went for more picks.

          3. OK you have shown your football IQ….you are going to have Ford a SAM and cover a TE???? Hillarious….he has never ever played SAM ever LOL

            Warner is a Mike leader on LB’s and fills gaps he is not an OLB to cover TE’s this torched the team all last year and the team still has no OLB on the roster duh.

            And just WTF is a BIG END????? this is a high school college term that does not apply to the NFL positions..the NFL positions are clearly determined….Big End sounds like an Oakland ghetto girl term. Come on guys

            1. You’ve got a lot of nerve talking about another’s football acumen when you’re worried about The Bosa Constrictor in coverage!?

            2. Big end is a football term in that defense. You’re really showing yourself to be shallow and have lost all sense of perspective as you stick to your guns.

              Allen was passed by a lot of teams that needed him – Jets, Raiders, Raiders, Bucs & Giants.

          4. Antoine Gray gets it. And it isn’t that hard, given that is exactly what the Niners and everyone else has been saying in regard to how Bosa will be used; he is not supplanting Ford, but starting on the other side, and can be put in LEO when Ford moves to SAM.

        2. Bosa will play opposite of Ford. He was the best player in the draft. You don’t pass up elite talent to fill a need.

          1. this is exactly why this roster is a fkn mess.. they are not filling “needs” just draft crushes…..get real

            1. Says the man who is making an *** out of himself over a draft crush that was passed by five teams that needed him. Including 2 DEs, 1 DT & 1 LB.

              You’ve got nothing. Just be quiet.

      1. 6 wins and more injuries…..when you are stressed and being stressed by another team you get injured……still there are glaring glaring holes in the roster and the secondary is a hot garbage on fire mess. The better teams will just dump the ball off to TE’s on passing downs and avoid Boso and Ford. Same as last year. I agree with Grant its a 6 win team…

        1. I am going to stick with 8 wins, even with injuries.
          Of course, the planets need to align and an eclipse needs to throw off the opposing QB, but that is possible….

        2. Qb hunters off both edges, and another up the gut is an offenses worst nightmare, and a secondaries dream.

          1. And still no OLB to cover a tight end or a NOSE for short running situations…..6 win team with obvious holes in the roster….

            Oh and the secondary is a hot garbage on fire mess Boso can’t cover passes so what’s the point.

            3 step drop hit the wide open TE happened all last year

            1. There’s only one TE in our division that scares anyone but you, and his name is George Kittle.

            2. Tartt can cover TE very well when on the field. Plus chances are on third down there only using two LBs anyway. They can insert another secondary piece to cover TEs. As far as RBs go have you seen Warner and Alexander play? They specialize in speed and covering. You do not draft Anthony Barr second overall that’s essentially who Josh Allen has a chance on being. You draft Joey Bosa to match up with Melvin Ingram that what the Niners did with Nick Bosa and Dee Ford. Just enjoy the havoc that will be created by the front 7… Watch the back end get recognized for how good they played due to having a great pass rush. Robert Salah will get credit from Grant saying he should be a HC by years end. I can’t wait.

            3. You keep saying they don’t have a NOSE. Any chance you recall DJ Jones?
              They let him play in place of Earl Mitchell down the stretch last year. They obviously liked what they saw, because they let Earl walk.

      2. You might want to turn the brain back on, Shanahan is 9-7 with Mullins or Garoppolo starting. The problem was the other two QBs who both **** the bed.

    2. Ford and Bosa will be opposite each other.

      Stop already with this tired and busted talking point.

    3. This should have been the draft
      1-Allen preferable with a slight trade but either way
      2-Greedy Williams
      3-Hakeem Butler
      4-The safety NO nabbed right after the horrendous punter pick
      5-The Stanford punter NE nabbed
      That would have been a successful draft then next year they could have just gone O line O line
      Bosa is too injury prone
      Horrible draft IMO and may seal their fate. We’ll see if I’m wrong but….I don’t think I am.

      1. Good call. Only change I would make is taking Joejuan Williams instead of Greedy.

  2. John Lynch take note and learn from an expert –

    Belichick, the Master, turns Garoppolo trade into SIX players -The Patriots are turning the Jimmy Garoppolo trade into quite a haul of talent.

    New England traded Garoppolo to San Francisco during the 2017 season for the 49ers’ 2018 second-round draft pick. That pick turned out to be the 43rd overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. But the Patriots didn’t use it. Instead, they traded it for two picks — and then traded those two picks for more picks, and kept making more trades until the point when they’ve drafted six players with picks that came completely or in part from the 49ers’ second-rounder. And they’re still not done.

    As noted by, the Patriots’ moves after the Garoppolo trade have been extraordinary:

    They traded the 49ers’ pick last year to the Lions for the 51st and 117th overall picks.

    They traded the 51st overall pick to the Bears for the 105th overall pick, plus the Bears’ 2019 second-round pick.

    They traded the 105th overall pick to Cleveland for the 114th and 178th overall pick.

    They traded the 114th overall pick to Detroit for the Lions’ 2019 third-round pick.

    With the 178th overall pick they drafted Christian Sam.

    With the 117th overall pick they traded up from their own second-round pick to draft Duke Dawson.

    With that 2019 second-round they got from the Bears, the Patriots combined it with another pick to move up this year and draft Joejuan Williams.

    With the 2019 third-round pick they got from the Lions, the Patriots made another trade with the Bears, this time getting the 87th and 162nd overall picks, as well as the Bears’ 2020 fourth-round pick.

    They used the 87th pick on Damien Harris and packaged the 162nd pick with a third-round pick to get two other picks that they used on Yodny Cajuste and Jarrett Stidham.

    So the Patriots got Christian Sam and Damien Harris out of the Garoppolo trade, plus picks that were partially responsible for trades that got them Duke Johnson, Joejuan Williams, Yodny Cajuste and Jarrett Stidham, and they still have the Bears’ 2020 fourth-round pick. That’s a mighty big return for the Patriots.

    1. Yep that’s why they the Pats are always champs and the Niners are always losers. Poor management =the Niners Brass is always micro managed by Jed who knows squat about football..

      1. So the Patriots got no one that has contributed yet for the JG trade and the Niners got a 27 year old franchise QB… Great break down LOL…

          1. Well 6-2 with at the time a talentless team. So he has everything you want in a franchise QB. Has brought life to this franchise when he was healthy. If he stays healthy he is a top 10 QB all day long. He hasn’t been healthy which I understand but there is no denying his talent.

            1. Marcus Mariota has everything you want in a franchise QB, but he’s not a franchise QB. Can’t stay healthy. Neither can Garoppolo. Already has suffered two major injuries through just 10 career starts. Russell Wilson never has missed a game. That’s a franchise quarterback.

              1. No one is arguing the health aspect of it. He was unfortunate last year. He tore his ACL on a stupid play that he could of avoided. He hasn’t been healthy enough I agree. His talent is undeniable. He is a franchise changing player when he was on the field for the 8 games he played with a rebuilding offense. Mind you he didn’t have the Kittle we have today. Plus the WRs they just added. Or a Defense that will have a top 3 front 7 in all of football. If Niners stay healthy they finish 11-5 book it! His health is key to that.

              2. Didn’t Wilson lose to Nick Mullen’s last year? He is a damn good QB always has been but he is going to be in trouble this time around with the front 7 that the Niners are going to have believe that.

              3. Grant:
                * “Marcus Mariota has everything you want in a franchise QB, but he’s not a franchise QB.”
                * Then Marcus Mariota does not have everything you want in a franchise QB, does he?

          1. monty
            * Since you know so much about what Jed does (how he “micro manages the team.” Do you mind telling us what position you held in the 9er FO, to know all about how Jed and the FO interact?
            * I’m fascinated to find out how a brilliant football mind, like yours, went undetected all this time!

    2. Wait, multiple trade backs? But, but, that is impossible. That sounds too good to be true……JL told me.

      Damion Harris — “5.79 CHANCE TO BECOME NFL STARTER.”

      So a special teamer and a linebacker who MIGHT be capable of playing in the NFL. Vs a QB who has shown he make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear…. A guy who is 6-2 while playing with a team of rookies, street FAs, UDFAs and cast-offs.

      Man, you dumb if you think the Patriots won that trade…

  3. The way the Patriots handle draft picks acquired via trade reminds me of how smart blackjack players handle their bets. Someone better versed on gambling can correct me but it goes something like, once a player wins 2-3 hands in a row they continue to double their bets until they lose a hand and then go back to the table minimum until they win 2-3 hands in a row again and they begin doubling their bets again. So basically you start out betting your own money and then bet house money which protects your initial investment.

      1. I like your writing Grant. Even when I don’t like what I am reading. You will be eating crow this year when we go 8-8 or 9-7.

        I think the draft was what we needed. We needed the d line and a couple of wrs.

        I like Hurd and Deboo

          1. I don’t mind you as a writer Grant. We don’t agree on a lot but I don’t take anything personal nor should you. It’s great to have a back and forth about football. There is nothing quite like it. I enjoy it.

          2. Good =you are a breathe of fresh air with a “realistic” viewpoint of this mismanaged team…thanks Grant

      2. Grant
        * “Pay me $2 million and I’ll stop covering the 49ers.”
        * How about $55K? That would be ~ a $5K raise?

      3. Ha! But C’mon Grant, your worth more than that. Where’s Drew Rosenhaus when you need him?

      4. As the punchline goes…we know what you are, we’re just haggling over the price now.

  4. Grant –

    I just listened to the entire podcast and enjoyed it.
    I disagree that Jalen Hurd is a 2 -3 year project. You can see on tape what a special talent he is. Comparing him to Borland was a weak comparison. Hurd changing positions wasn’t because he was scared or afraid of concussions. There’s nothing wrong with a guy (Hurd) switching positions to Make a Better Living (extra years). Most running backs can’t make NFL rosters as receivers like Hurd can, or they might do it too.

    Your prediction that Clelin Ferrell will have a better career than Bosa will not happen. That’s just the Raider in you… It’s so obvious you don’t like Bosa and want him to fail. He is so much better than you think he is.

    I do agree with you on the Tim Harris pick. You pointed out that he was healthy enough to run a 4.3 40. This was a great pick in the 6th round!

    I agree with most of everything else you said on your podcast, especially when you said Shanahan thinks the roster is completely loaded and 49ers are going 13-3.
    The O-line & secondary still worry me.

    Even though I seem to agree with you about half of the time Grant and you piss me off sometimes, I’m still a fan of yours…Of all the sports columnist in the Bay Area, you have the most guts and you work harder than anybody. Except maybe Maiocco .?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

      1. Clein Ferrell will be Solomon Thomas 2.0. Just not enough talant on the Dline. Mark the Tape.

        Antion and draft picks are not going to stop anybody. I predict the Raiders 6-10.

        1. LMAO Ferrell better then Bosa. That’s like saying you are better then Maiacco LOL. Jesus man. Stay off the crack Grant it kills.

      2. Here is the thing about this draft and the people that ran it. U study, u research, u watch tape, and u put together a draft board for your team. U draft with that and u win or lose with it. U can make an argument for each pick that was made. U may not agree with it, but u can make the argument. So here is my deal……from the moment they came I to power, Shanny, Lynch and Salah have said that to make the offense work, a certain kind of center is needed and on defense a single high safety is needed. In round 2 thru 5 this draft had someone in each of those rounds that at least could provide solid depth at those spots. And we passed. They have drafted 27 players in 3 years, our center played hurt last year because no real backup, our top 2 FS’s on the depth chart r coming off injuries, and we have not drafted a true single high safety or interior lineman. 3 years!!! Not one at either spot. No draft capital whatsoever. THAT blows me away. Especially after this draft

    1. With a trade back, I mocked Clelin Ferrell several times. Guess Mayock agreed with me, or should I say, I agree with Mayock.

  5. “Now, San Francisco has a complete and devastating defensive line with Bosa, Dee Ford, DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, and Solomon Thomas. It also has depth with the likes of D.J. Jones, Sheldon Day, Ronald Blair and Kentavius Street. The last time the Niners had at least three players with 10 or more sacks in a season was back in 1997 when Dana Stubblefield (15), Chris Doleman (12) and Kevin Greene (10.5) accomplished the feat. It’s not crazy to think that Bosa, Ford and Buckner have a chance to do it again.”

  6. RIP Gino Marchetti. In his era he was as dominant as Reggie White was in his. A guy who was admired by fans of other teams because he was so darn good.

      1. Very impressive. Fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and went on to have a HOF career.
        He also fought for integration. As team captain, he declined an invitation to the Orange Bowl because they wanted to exclude 2 black players. That was a profile in courage.
        RIP Mr Marchetti.

    1. It also looks like John Lynch is calling the shots at the moment. But his scouting and evaluation along with the one he trusts the most in Adam Peters, could get him fired if all of this is true!! It’s also the 1st “leak” we have heard about in 2 years

    2. This is interesting to say the least. Both Lynch and Shanny have said that they have spirited arguments over players. But a philosophical difference is more serious.

      The coach, Shanahan, wants to scheme and develop players while not being bothered with the player evaluation process, but more and more he finds himself involved while not trusting the decision-making of Lynch

      Considering that overdrafting both CJB and Williams in early rounds was to please Shanny, I don’t know why he should trust his own judgement so much.
      However, Matt Miller is wrong on such a basic thing in this report (length of Shanalych contracts) that I have a hard time believing him.

      1. Based on this information and assuming there is some truth to it, I wouldn’t be surprised if KS’ dissatisfaction has to do with the fact that he had to spend a fair amount of time evaluating punters. In the after-draft pressers, KS did not try to hide the fact that he hated having to evaluate punters. Perhaps Lynch forced him to do it as part of their agreement on how the draft process is handled. If that’s the case, I think any discord will blow over fairly quickly.

        1. I’m sure that the investigative reporting in all of us can draw many conclusions from this, but I find it hard to believe that the 49ers brass is starting to rattle their sabers without any of the recent draft class getting on the field.

          Stories like these are only relished by the Lynch detractors who like to howl at the moon.

    3. Sounds like a PR move by York because he wants to have just cause to fire Shanahan and Lynch.

      1. I think you may have hit the proverbial nail in the head. Sounds like Shanny is in, Lynch is out. I would expect a move if this team falters this year. Additionally, it puts Shanahan on notice as well….

    4. I see Paraag’s fingerprints all over this. I knew he could not refrain from leaking.

  7. Why the 49ers reached for punter Mitch Wishnowsky in the NFL Draft

    John Lynch:
    “We felt like with all due respect to the other punters, [New England Patriots P] Jake Bailey is a kid right up the road who went to New England, who we thought highly of”…

    “Everyone knows he’s the best punter in the draft; You’d love to do it in the seventh, but I promise you we wouldn’t have gotten him if we tried to do it in the fifth. That’s why the Patriots traded up to take next guy in the fifth.”

    Where the New England Patriots drafted a Punter:
    Round 5, Pick 163: Jake Bailey, P, Stanford

    1. No matter how you slice it it strikes of hubris or panic (over a player they covet). Either it does not spell good news for the franchise!

  8. Thanks Grant. You proposed part of a trade I had advocated previously. I had a trade proposal, bundling Mullens and Witherspoon with Thomas, for a high pick and Chris Harris.
    I also agree that they reached on Deebo. If AJ Brown went 51, Deebo should have gone later.

    1. Your trade proposal sounds a bit like Congresswoman Omar.

      “Some teams should trade some people.”

        1. Seb
          * Come on Seb, you said I was Prime! Now you go and renege…..can’t trust a thing you say!
          * You been huffing instead of puffing, killing those brain cells? lmao

          1. GEEP, you seem to be a gadfly like Prime, but you need to start hurling insults and expletives before I will class you in Prime’s category.

            1. Seb
              Definition of “gadfly”… annoying person especially one who provokes others into action by criticism. That describes you perfectly (look in a mirror), only I call you lord of the flies!

    2. Seb,
      I personally liked AJ Brown more than Deebo, but not all draft experts agreed on that.
      Shannahan got a long look at him at the senior bowl, and I’ve gotta trust that. If your guy is there go get him. You never know who can swoop in and grab him.
      Again, wouldn’t have been my choice, but I like Deebo, and he’s a 9er now.

        1. Seb,
          Are you placing that same standard for A. J.?
          If you are absolutely sure that AJ is better than Deebo, than he should have more than 10 TD’s wouldn’t you agree? I’ll put a standard of 12 TD’s for AJ (since he’s supposedly better).
          Let’s revisit this next January my friend.

          1. AES, AJ Brown has to break into a lineup that includes Corey Davis and Adam Humphries.
            Deebo might start right away.
            Mariota needs to stay healthy, but then again, so does JG.
            Yes, January will be the time to make comparisons.

  9. San Francisco 49ers: 5 VETRANS WHO ARE ON THE BU BBLE 2019 NFL Draft

    At 6-foot-5, the former Baylor wide receiver looks to be an H-back weapon for Kyle Shanahan, which would all but eliminate most situations in which Celek would be a receiving target.

    The Niners struggled to find any consistency with their No. 3 tight end
    There was a solid-enough reason to move on from Celek in 2019, too. Case in point, he ended up being tagged with more accepted penalties against (six) than receptions (five) last season.

    No. 5: Tight End Garrett Celek

  10. Anybody at all: “Something completely negative about the Niners… anything at all, does not need to make sense

    Grant: That is exactly right! I am really impressed with your knowledge and wisdom that you display.

    1. Mike should be worried, because this idiot named monty wants to be Grant’s new pet.

      1. FU Razor….you have no class and no football IQ just a homer with wore out knee pads…..go back to putting your head under the desk peter eater

        1. You have no business talking about class when you include it with comments like that lmao. That’s having your cake and eating it too… which I suspect is a regular occurrence for you Monty…

        2. Monty, I want new posters, but not if they turn into trolls.
          Back off. Razor is a legend on this site.

          1. sebnynah says:
            April 30, 2019 at 12:16 pm
            Monty, I want new posters, but not if they turn into trolls.
            Back off. Razor is a legend on this site

            First you believe you’re calling shots at 49ers headquarters and now in Grants blog?
            Sorry Seb. The last couple of days you’ve hit way past annoying and repetitive.
            Here’s the truth.
            Nobody cares what you wanted the 49ers to do in the draft. You’re not a GM and you’d fail at it. Believe me!
            And nobody cares what kind of posters you want around here. You’re still green yourself bud!

            1. Md, by saying I am annoying and repetitive, you are saying that you do care.
              In this draft, they did trade back, and even bundled a player and a pick. Maybe your beef it with JL because he did what I advocated.
              Guess you were impressed with all the reaches, and drafting a punter in the 4th round. I was not impressed.
              Guess you like trolls. I do not.

      2. I just assumed he was Coach/GM GC Razor! :)
        Another alter ego to reinforce his skewed opine. ?

  11. Look I’m not Bosa’s biggest fan but I don’t care whether my edge rushers can cover, like I don’t care how good my QB’s can catch. Bosa has his role, it’s a passing league, if he’s good in his role he will make a difference, it’s as simple as that. The D-Line is loaded so if turnovers and sacks aren’t happening then if nothing else Salah will be out of work. I am concerned about the secondary but even this secondary has looked good when the Niners have generated pressure at times, like parts of the GB game last year. I strongly dislike Tartt but he can play when healthy.

  12. I’m looking forward to Grant’s training camp videos–the ones where he cherry picks and spotlights poor performance, for the most part anyway.

    I do appreciate his videos because the 9ers have clamped down on releasing ‘official’ video of nearly anything related to drills. The trick is remembering that the video Grant shares only feature player fails, with Grant then concluding the player is a bust, was a horrible draft reach, is a coward, etc. To be honest, Grant does allow some objectivity in his video work, but very little. A ~50/50 mix of good and not good would be welcome. Yes Grant, I think you can find some positives.

    C’mon training camp!

    1. You mean like when he talked about how sensational Joe Williams was going to be and now doesn’t play in the league?

      1. Didn’t Shanahan intone similar qualities about JW? What Grant writes doesn’t matter. What Kyle does certainly matters.

        1. Yes Kyle did. Our point was cherry picking things from training camp. Don’t mistake me for someone defending Kyle. He took on too much wanting control of the team and players too. And we’re not even including his play calling duties. I do think what Grant writes matters towards his own credibility. He went all in on JW, he was as wrong as KS. What he writes has no bearing on the team or its performance.

          I see us struggling again this year.

          1. I agree. I think 6-8 wins depending on lucky breaks. Bad breaks and it will be lower. I predict 7 wins.

            I also think there will be 15-20 players on IR this year. Don’t think the team has the structure to supersede that eventuality.

            Kyle is getting players that are good only in certain areas but won’t be all down players (look at the RBs as an example). Additionally, he didn’t adequately address the backfield and that will hurt the team. This is not a one year event. Seems to be something that has been a constant in his time here.

            Regarding Grant, sure he likes to look good. All the posters who try to point out his flaws conspicuously overlook their own. Somewhat human nature.

      2. I believe the term Grant used was “phenom”, and both Scooter and myself warned him about Joe Williams. Unfortunately, Lynch listened to Grant.?

  13. KS has dominated the draft for the past 3 years. JL has acquiesced to KS, by allowing KS to call the shots. KS demanded to move up to grab Foster, CJB and especially, Joe Williams, who was off JL’s draft board entirely. KS wanted McGlinchey, and did not like Brown. KS wanted Pettis, and moved up to take him, when the best strategy would have been be patient, saved that pick, and still get Pettis where he was drafted.
    Why did JL act like he did? Jed wanted his GM and HC to be on the same page. JL let KS have his way, because that is how they would be on the same page. Now, they are blaming JL for this draft? Blame KS. JL wanted Q Williams. KS wanted Bosa. All the reaches looked like KS picks. I bet Paraag also had his fingerprints all over this debacle, too.
    KS is being burdened to being the defacto GM? KS needs to be reined in. He needs to back down, and let JL do his job. JL needs to slap down Paraag, too. Paraag is not a football guy, who is making football decisions, by flexing his financial muscle. By only making team friendly deals, they are making player unfriendly deals. Paraag is giving Jed millions in profits, but that strategy does not lead to wins. They do not care about winning.
    Now they are having leaks. Paraag is the most likely suspect. Niners are hurting for their amateur hour draft, so Paraag is spinning like mad. JL is being set up to be the sacrificial goat.
    KS dominated the draft, and JL is the taking the blame. KS is full of hubris, and needs to eat some humble pie. If they do not learn from their mistakes, they will be doomed to repeat them. KS thinks he does not need an OC, and they end up 4-12, when KS actually said he should have won 3 more games.
    JL is changing the culture. He should not be on the hot seat for KS’s failings. JL should hire an OC to save KS from himself. He should hire Mike Shanahan, how can KS object? There is no way in hell that Belichick would have traded JG to Baalke and the Niners. He traded JG with JL, because he respected JL.
    Jed needs to make a sober assessment of these last 3 drafts. He needs to kick Paraag out of the draft room, and tell him to make fair deals, not team friendly deals. He should let them pry the draft phone away from Paraag. Jed needs to rein in KS, and he should tell KS to stop trying to be HC, GM and OC, and just be the HC.
    Yeah yeah yeah, I am being harsh on KS. Am I being too harsh? After this draft, KS deserves censure for making the Niners look bad. JL needs to rein in the coaches, and let their scouts have more influence.
    I totally agree, Grant. Us long suffering fans deserve better.

        1. Seb you have such an active imagination and Paraag is the evil behind all of your conspiracy theories. John Lynch is a great guy, just not a great GM. He was ranked 22 out of 32 GM’s in the NFL. Our roster reflects it. It also reflects KS’s player philosophy. John’s track record is on display. We keep drafting oft injured players and reaching for people too early. If it’s all Kyle and Paraag using him as a talking head JL should quit because it’s a toxic culture. JL is too much of an alpha male to be bullied like you say.

          The coach, Shanahan, wants to scheme and develop players while not being bothered with the player evaluation process, but more and more he finds himself involved while not trusting the decision-making of Lynch

          1. Since Paraag has been with the Niners, they have not won a SB.
            Maybe JL is too nice a guy, and needs to kick some rear ends.

            1. Wouldn’t you go a little deeper towards the ownership rather than Paraag in terms of no SB wins?

              1. Seb has to have a fall guy. Used to be Baalke but he’s not around to kick around. That honor has now fallen to PM.

                So we get to hear the fevered fanciful follies of PM. It’s his MO.

              2. It is very hard to replace an owner, but super easy to remove a pencil pusher, and number guys are a dime a dozen.
                Sure, Jed deserves some blame, but Paraag seems to be the power behind the throne.

          2. Wilson, JL is doing exactly what Jed wants. He wants no friction between his GM and HC, and wants them on the same page, and rowing in the same direction.
            JL may be letting KS have the final word on the draft picks. However, he should not be taking the blame for the choices when they go bad, like Foster and Joe Williams. We all heard the reports that KS convinced JL to draft JW, even though he was off JL’s draft board.
            They are selecting players who fit KS’s parameters, like Pettis and CJB, but that may be fine, because KS has to coach them. All I wish is that KS takes a step back, and let JL and the scouts have more input. Looking at KS’s track record, he should realize his shortcomings, and trust others to make some selections. JL liked Q Williams, but let KS pick Bosa. I sure hope it works out.

    1. I also heard a scout say Bosa’s 10 yard split on his 40 was faster than Allen’s which surprised me a bit.

  14. Grant,
    So Bosa is Max Schmelling and Trump is Hitler?
    You my friend need to do a much better job of using comparisons and scenarios to get your point across.

    It’s obvious that for many people anything Trump does and says will be ridiculed and they have every right to do so as Americans.
    Also, using a scenario where Black players will target Bosa because Trump mentioned his name is stereotyping every Black player without recognition that many may not be Dems. These types of comments will (if they reach the locker room) will open the door for conflict. You are a professional journalist, please be more responsible in your narrative and radio interviews.

    Can we just stick to football already?

  15. 1. Grant faults N. Bosa for playing every other series as a freshman (2016). Really? Its freaking Ohio State! You don’t think they have a pair of junior DE’s that deserve more snaps than a pure freshman? Tyquan Lewis was a junior and second round pick the next year. Sam Hubbard was a junior and third round pick the next year. Its conspiratorial to assume that it was some sort of deal with the Bosa family to keep their freshman son healthy. He was an 18 y/o playing behind grown men.
    2. I call BS on the logic of criticizing the Bosa as redundant of Dee Ford, then arguing Josh Allen would have been a better pick. Ford and Allen literally have the same college 3-4 OLB/EDGE profile, while Bosa is a true 4-3 DE.
    3. Any concern about “same position” could be applied to 3T Quinnen Williams and DeForest Buckner/Arik Armstead.

      1. Obfuscate much? I never suggested Ford would be an OLB on the 49ers. You know what I was saying but cannot actually address that honestly.

        Josh Allen was an OLB/EDGE in college, just like Dee Ford was. They stand up more than they put a hand in the dirt. Both can drop back in coverage and have often. Ford was doing it for Chiefs.

        Ford will play LEO, which is where Allen projects if the 49ers had drafted him. Very similar speed profiles. Not as strong or powerful as Bosa.

        Bosa is the LDE, hand in the dirt all three downs, though he can play LEO if Ford sits or plays SAM on first downs. Allen would struggle opposite Ford and be less adept setting the edge or stopping the run.

        The way to attack Ford and Allen is to run at them. That doesn’t work on Bosa.

  16. Overall, it’s hard for me to criticize Grant’s draft review. I think it’s generally accurate – if a bit extreme because, you know, clicks.

    The obvious pick in the first was either Bosa or Q. Williams. Bosa is an incredibly safe pick – but for the injury issue. And that’s an awfully big if. It doesn’t seem like the FO is concerned about injuries, but if last year is any indication, they need to be. Williams may have greater upside, but he also plays a less valuable position (Bosa will be an every down DE if healthy, and that’s a very important spot). I was fine with this pick. Grant’s Allen argument is becoming a bit silly, particularly the positional complaint. Bosa can play either DE spot, and a SAM is arguably the least important position on our defense.

    I didn’t like the Samuel pick, primarily for the reasons Grant mentions. I like Samuel as a player and I think he will be a contributor on this team, but we had our pick of DBs and should have gone in that direction. I personally like AJ Brown more than Samuel if we were going to go WR, but I can understand if the FO doesn’t. And in that case, they needed to take the deal Carolina gave the Hawks one pick later, move back ten spots, pick up the 77th pick, and almost certainly still get Deebo. That’s not hindsight; I said that as soon as the details of the Hawks trade came out, around pick 39.

    I don’t hate having Hurd on the Niners. He’s an interesting chess piece and I’m somewhat excited to think about what Shanahan can do with him. But the third was too high. Again, there were good DBs on the board (watching the Rams grab David . There were other good WRs on the board. That was a fifth- or sixth-round pick to me.

    Wishnowsky really put me over the top, though. There is just no way that he’s going to be so much better than other players at the position to merit taking him with that pick. And we have major needs. Listening to Shanahan explain why we didn’t take a DB with language virtually identical to explaining the failure to add an edge rusher last year made my physically ill. Remember “It’s not easy to beat out Cassius Marsh, Arik Armstead, and Solomon Thomas on the edge”? All we had to do to make up for that mistake was trade a second-round pick, hand out a big contract, and use the second overall pick on the position. But hey, I think we can all agree no rookie out there could challenge Antone Exum for a roster spot….

    After that, I don’t have a huge problem with any individual picks, just a general outrage that we didn’t address what I think was the team’s biggest need heading into the draft. I’m in disbelief – especially in a very deep defensive draft – that we didn’t do more to address the defensive backfield. I really like the Harris pick, but he should have been the second or third DB we added. I think think the failure to add more competition at that position is going to come back to bite the team in the ass.

    Ultimately, the offseason additions on both sides of the ball should make this team competitive, if key players stay healthy. And when you’re relying on 16+ games from Garoppolo, Verrett, Ward, Tartt, Goodwin, and Pettis, you’re in a bad spot. We’ll see….

  17. Same thing every year.
    The arm chair GM’s get all *issy because the team didn’t pick who they wanted.

    It’s really this simple. The biggest problem for KS and JL team isn’t who they’re missing only.
    Nope the biggest problem has been injuries.
    Plain and simple.

    Now I’m sure a couple of the players milked some nicks because the season was over halfway through.
    But winning cures those nicks.
    Every team makes some draft mistakes.
    Yes early and later in the rounds at times.
    This whole grading thing before they’ve suited up is nothing but a joke.
    It’s a fun game, but some take it to heart.
    Ehhh Seb and Grant.

    You’re entitled to your opinions, but it’s silly to take it to heart because they didn’t listen to you and your choices.
    I was all in for Allen, and before him Ferrel
    When I thought the Bosa pick was out of reach when they beat Seattle.
    Well he’s here now, and those guys some of you THINK you know more than are running the show and IMO will make you eat your words this season.

    Again if they can stay healthy to key positions this team is a real threat.
    Hate it all you want haters.
    But you better believe these post draft posts will be archived and brought back.
    I just wonder if you have the claidballs to admit you were wrong when it comes.

    1. Md, maybe Mayock read these posts because he did exactly what I advocated. He traded back multiple times, garnered a bunch of picks, and still got the player they coveted.
      I will agree, injuries will determine their future, so why obtain players with knee and concussion problems?

      1. Seb…. I doubt Ferrel was at the very top of their board.
        If they were at the number two I don’t see them or any other top 5 pick passing on Bosa. No way that was happening.

        And so the Raiders plan was the same as yours. That means it’s going to work or benefit them?
        It was the 49ers who had a ton of picks also a couple of years ago.
        This is my point on fans throwing hissy fits. You complain about the picks they choose but then want to give them more opportunity in your eyes for bad picks.
        Instead of picking the no brainer pick.
        What kind of sense does this make?

        And as far as picking players with injuries.
        I don’t know Seb. That is actually a good reason for concern.
        But there are few players out there without injury problems in their past.
        I mean would you have passed on Brady 5 years ago?
        P Manning?
        How about Frank Gore coming out of college?
        Injuries heal and a lot of players go on and have great careers after setbacks.
        Talent doesn’t just come appear out of nowhere.
        I’m pretty sure the scouts and staff in Santa Clara know what player really fills their needs.
        How many players have you or Grant scouted in the NFL?
        How many practices have you ran?
        How many film sessions have you sat in?
        How many of these players have you interviewed?
        How many players have you coached?
        The answer is Zero!
        And you, Grant, hammer, razor and I have no clue about this business and how to coach, pick or run a team.

        Again it’s fun to play these draft games, but taking it way to serious like you and Grant do. Is absurd.
        One more time. YOI ARE NOT GM’S IN THIS LEAGUE.
        You know NOTHING about it.
        You’re not even close.
        Let it go and try for the perfect draft next year.

      2. Md. I will fully admit that I am not the GM.
        And neither are you.
        You are not impressed with my football knowledge, and I am not impressed with yours, so we are even.
        I am just giving my opinion, but I guess you cannot handle that. Grow up.

    2. Part of that is drafting players who have injury histories.
      I’m okay with Shanahan drafting his guys. It’s just where Lynch drafts these guys.
      the general consensus is that they’re drafting guys like CJ Beathard & Dante Pettis way too early.

      I think it happened again this year. Deebo is a Shanhan WR. no problem, but based on how the draft was playing out, 36 was too early for a WR. i probably keep trading down until at least AJ Brown is picked (51). and you could have come to that choice w/o knowing much about other teams. maybe that’s too early for some, but you can see the reasoning. it’s not some huge curveball.

      And I understand that sometimes you’re going to lose out on your guy. but chances are, you’re going to be wrong. even the best evaluators have horrible success rates. the best you can do is get your guys as late as possible while having as many chances as possible. now, if you have the Saints GM’s recent track record, you get a pass.

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