Grant and Larry break down the 49ers’ schedule and the draft on The Krueg Show

Alabama defensive lineman Quinnen Williams runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Sunday, March 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Check out my latest appearance on The Krueg Show with Larry Krueger. We discuss the 49ers schedule, the draft and more.

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  1. Krueg’s right, the Niners got screwed with such an early bye. No coach wants a bye after 3 weeks of football.

  2. I sure find it interesting how far away you are from Larry Krueger as well, on the Niners W-L total, hah Grant? I guess he’s just another homer, am I right? Go figure.

    BTW Grant, how’s the weather down in Lonely Valley?

      1. I’m not demanding anything. I’m just wondering why someone who covers the Niners, has a far more pessimistic view about their upcoming season, than the vast majority of people who aren’t Forty Niner Faithful, but do follow the NFL? That’s all. Vegas even set the Niners’ W-L at 8-8, meaning their research suggests that’s the opinion of the vast majority of people who follow and bet on the sport. Why you are so far out of the mainstream is simply puzzling to me, that’s all I’m saying.

        Well that, and I can’t help but wonder why you spend so much time down in Lonely Valley, while just about everyone else is spending their time in RealityVille? I hear it’s always cloudy, dark & dreary down there, while the sun is usually shining much brighter up here in RealityVille. I suggest you grab your sunscreen and give RealityVille a go, you might find that the sun fits you Grant … and everyone looks better with a suntan.

        1. Kreuger is paid by the 49ers, so he will never, ever, dwell on the negatives, and will be a good homer, and paint the prettiest picture he can.
          Grant is a journalist, and has disavowed Niner fandom, so he can be objective.
          Yes it is all sunshine and rainbows in Homerville, but sometimes one gets skewered on that unicorn horn.
          Sunscreen? More like sunburn, after a 4-12 season.

          1. Brown nosing?

            Not everyone who disagree’s with Grant’s shtick is a homer. For a UCD graduate (you did graduate, right?), you should know better.

            1. Cassie, you are the expert on brown nosing. You were so servile towards the league, you were touting the aaf.
              Typical Baalke stunt. Baalke brown nosed Jed, so he would fire JH.

            2. Reading is fundamental. Figure out if I graduated or not by reading what I wrote.
              Still waiting on your mock.

              1. Pulled out of San Pedro late one night
                The moon and the stars was shinin’ bright.
                We was drivin’ up Grapevine Hill
                Passing cars like they was standing still.

              2. Mock draft 16, an homage to Kreuger and his trade back with Washington.
                Multiple trade backs with teams selecting QBs.
                First trade back with the Giants who want Haskins. Niners trade away the second overall pick for the Giants first, second, 4th and 5th round picks (6, 37, 108, 143), along with a 2020 second round pick. if the Giants pick 22nd in 2020, it balances out in the TVC.
                The Niners trade back with the Broncos, who want Lock. The Broncos give up their first and second round picks (10,41), for the Niners number 6, plus Sheldon Day and/or Tarvarus McFadden.
                The Niners trade back a third time with Washington, who want Jones. Washington gives up their first, third, 5th and 6th round picks (15, 76, 153, 206), for the 10th pick from the Niners. It almost adds up exactly on the TVC.
                The Niners trade back 3 times, 13 spots, and end up with pick numbers- 15, 36, 37, 41, 67, 76, 104, 108, 143, 153, 176, 206, and 212, and a 2020 second round pick.
                Using the Draftek Big Board, and trying to pick within 5 of each draft number, the Niners could select-
                15 – Clelin Ferrell EDGE.
                36 – Chris Lindstrom OG.
                37 – N’Keal Harry WR.
                41 – Juan Thornhill S. Juanhunglo’s favorite player. ;p
                67 – Elgton Jenkins OC.
                76 – Germaine Pratt ILB.
                104 – Lonnie Johnson CB.
                108 – Foster Moreau TE.
                143 – Olive Sagapolu NT.
                153 – Austin Bryant EDGE.
                176 – Gary Johnson OLB.
                206 – Keelan Doss WR.
                212 – Oli Udoh OT.

              3. There is nothing objective about Grant’s reporting Seb, sorry to burst your bubble. If he were objective, his opinion would likely be far less over the top and out of sink with the vast majority of people who follow the NFL as closely as he does. In fact, he’s so far out of the mainstream, it’s fair to simply toss out his ill-conceived predictions, IMO.

              4. 49, I listened to Larry Kreuger talk with Grant. Sure did not sound like Larry was thinking Grant was way out of bounds, and out of sync with the vast majority of the people.
                Grant is just expressing what a whole lot of us are saying. The Niners are under achieving, and are making way too many unforced errors. Their lack of preparations have directly led to their Red Zone woes and an inability to close out games, so they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
                Why do you give the homers such a wide latitude to fail? They were talking the playoffs last season, and the Niners ended up 4-12. With the Niners lack of depth, and the not unexpected injuries, the Niners did not respond well to adversity. Grant was being objective, pointing out their deficiencies. He was not hating, crowing about their struggles. The Homers were the ones who looked foolish, Grant was being realistic. Sometimes the truth hurts.
                Posters are way over sensitive about Grant. Case in point, Grant can say 10 positives about the team, but they only dwell on the one negative he writes about.
                Frankly, I am fed up with the sunshine and rainbows, Pollyannish SB expectations, then see them struggle under .500. The saccharine syrupy, sickly sweet shtick gets tiring after a while. Sure, I want them to win another ring, but not with the present organization. They really need to improve, and the best way is to have them learn from their mistakes, so they do not repeat them. In my book, constructive criticism is a good thing.
                Grant is just doing his job, and that is why I like this site so much. I am tired of being rosily scenario’d.

              5. Sebnynah, I have no idea how there is anything “constructive” about predicting them to win 6 games, when everyone and their sister have them going 8-8, 9-7, or worse case scenario 7-9. What exactly is “constructive” about this kind of out-of-the-mainstream criticism, and why in the world would it be beneficial when it’s so far removed from collective thought?

                I highly doubt anyone takes this kind of stuff seriously, because anyone with half a brain ought to realize that this kind of stuff is strictly sensationalism, far removed from journalism..

              6. Apparently you believe Grant’s job is to be a sensationalist then, because this is much closer to sensationalism, than actual journalism.

                Proverbial “Click Bait”!

              7. 49, predicting a 6-10 season is not sensationalistic, it is realistic.
                A sensational prediction would be 2 wins, or 16 wins.
                Guess you did not read Grant’s intro. He wants posters to argue with him, or agree with him. Sure, that is click bait, but he does not go out of his way to troll all the time. He just wants the conversation to get started, and allows posters to develop and present their points of view, while using facts and logic to defend them.
                The Kaep article was just throwing me a cookie, and the Bosa article was an assignment.
                6-10 is far removed from collective thought? With better preparations, and better coaching, they might be able to finish games and score in the red zone, and win 2 more games, which will put them at 8-8.
                Constrictive criticism is out of the mainstream for a 4-12 team? I am surprised there is not more negativity. The Pats fans would be apoplectic with a record like that. Us Niner fans are so down trodden, 6 wins looks like an improvement. I would be happy with an 8-8 season, because that would double the wins from last season.
                Where is the talk about a 6th ring? It has been beaten out of us. I would be jumping for joy if the Niners actually had a winning season.

              8. I would be jumping for joy if you could wean yourself from cliche dependence…

              9. I would be jumping for joy if you would stop trolling me.
                Guess my missives on Paraag has angered him, and made him sic you on me. Glad I got under his skin.
                Speaking of Paraag, I sure hope JL stops letting Paraag handle the phone calls in the draft War Room.
                Other teams like Paraag, because he allows them to make unfair deals. They loved letting the Niners move up, because it is inherently advantageous to get 2 picks for one pick. Paraag was so desperate to make a deal, he made ones that did not help the Niners.
                JL should have Martin Mayhew handle the initial phone calls, because other teams respect Mayhew, a former GM. Paraag was just Jed’s side kick on his humiliation tour, and has absolutely no football knowledge or experience. JL should ban Jed and Paraag from the draft, and let the football people handle the draft. Sure, Paraag can write up contracts, but Joan in accounting can, too.
                The stench of Baalke still lingers.

        2. He explained his reasoning fairly well and it makes sense, and there isn’t a ton of difference between 6-10 and 8-8

          The first 3 weeks are critical, if they end up losing 2 of the first 3 things could spiral very quickly for this team.

          The big issue they face is that their secondary still sucks, so they matchup poorly with pass-happy offenses. TB, Pitt, Clevland, LA, NO, and Atlanta are all tough games just based on matchups. Even the teams we match up well with Cincinatti, Baltimore and Washington are rough as they are all cross country trips with 10 am starts… these games are often referred to as scheduled losses for a reason.

          This schedule is not friendly at all, and that’s not even taking into account playing against GB or in Seattle once.

          1. Here’s why skepticism is warranted when it comes to the Niners:


            1. Lynch shows that he’s NOT way in over his head with managing the draft (and the team);
            2. Shanahan shows he knows how to be a competent head coach;
            3. Jed shows anything resembling leadership and competence as a team owner, then

            …it’s most logical to believe that the Niners will continue to suffer with inconsistency, field too much mediocre talent with no end in sight, and underachieve as a team. Hope and optimism are always nice, but the Niners ongoing pattern of failure stretching back for years — which starts at the top — is pretty damn frustrating to the fan base.

              1. Yes. Unfortunately, she was fertile that night.

                More seriously, she and her husband seem sanguine to let Jed do his thing with the toy they gave him, possibly indicating they don’t care about the Niners per se so long as the rising tide of NFL team valuations continues to raise all boats (including the leakiest).

          2. Draft DK Metcalf-The Next Juio Jones..maybe that’s y Lynch doesn’t mind trading down to around #15 where DK is expected to go to Green Bay..I’m tired of demanding to draft a WR early & we never do..At the least draft AJ Brown at #33 or Harry..all I know is I’ll turn off TV if WR DOESJT GET DRATED IN 1st or 2nd Round..Hoping it’s DK,last year I said Saquan at #2 will be best player in draft that’s not a Saquan on verge or becoming top RB PERIOD..already top 5 RV RIGHT NOW..CLOSE UR EYES & pick DK METCALF

          1. Grant called out Kevin Durant, and how did Durant respond to Grant challenging him? 38 points.
            Some times, it is a master stroke of motivation, to make some one so focused to prove him wrong.
            Lowell did it with BW, even though I ground my teeth at the time.
            Since you declare Grant is wrong all the time, you must assume you are right all the time. Do not get ahead of your skis.
            Devil’s advocate? More like the Devil is in the details.

            1. Grant called out Kevin Durant, and how did Durant respond to Grant challenging him? 38 points.

              I guarantee you Durant doesn’t give a flying f about Grant or his “challenge”. Nor did BW find any “motivation” from Grant’s pops.

              1. I beg to differ. Just listen to Grant’s interview with Eddie D.
                Sure, Durant will say he never reads the media, but he sure responds to them.

        3. Grant, have you ever heard the story about “the boy who cried wolf”?

          Because I can never shake what seems like a natural association between the way in which you cover the 49ers, and the boy who cried wolf.

            1. Newsflash: Your track record in predicting W’s-L’s isn’t good either, just in case you think we haven’t noticed. So with that, along with your other opinions that are so far outside of the mainstream it’s frankly puzzling, it makes it very hard to take you seriously, IMO.

              1. Sorry to be the one to inject some common sense into your dialogue Grant, but more often than not, an outlier is simply that … an outlier. That’s a fact! Your opinion is surely an outlier, and should be treated as simply as that.

              2. My track record of predicting wins and losses is the best in the area. Most writers tend to overestimate the 49ers’ win total.

              3. A much more mainstream 49ers narrative:

                The player who some in the NFL believe could have a Patrick Mahomes type of breakout next season is still a bit gimpy. He might wear a brace on a surgically repaired knee. This is the guy teams think could be the next Mahomes? Him? Really?

                When I asked a few front-office officials and assistant coaches to pick the next young quarterback to come closest to doing what Mahomes did last season, one name kept coming up: 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

                “He’s got the best chance to be the next Mahomes,” one AFC team executive told B/R.

                Garoppolo’s name has come up before with teams. There are teams that secretly have a massive crush on him (or maybe it’s not so secret). That desire to hand him a rose is emerging again.

                This seems…odd. Yet, it does make sense.

                It seems odd because Garoppolo, who met with the media this week, is still recovering from a torn ACL. Yet teams believe such an injury is not a huge factor, and they also think the 49ers have more talent than many people know.

                That latter factor is a big one in Garoppolo’s potential emergence, especially if second-year wide receiver Dante Pettis can make a leap forward to pair with Pro Bowl tight end George Kittle. On the defensive side of the ball, the 49ers could add another significant piece. They have the second overall pick, and odds are they’ll take Ohio State pass-rusher Nick Bosa. If Bosa ends up as good as we think he’ll be, he could transform that defense overnight.

                The same possibility exists if they take Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams. We’ve seen the massive impact interior linemen have had in the NFL recently with players like Aaron Donald and Fletcher Cox.

                If the 49ers add a handful of other good players from this draft, this roster could be sneaky-loaded with players like Marquise Goodwin, George Kittle, pass-rusher Dee Ford and future Hall of Famer Richard Sherman.

                At the same time as an improved roster could boost Garoppolo, he too could help his teammates rise up. What you saw with Mahomes is his play elevate the entire team. No, Kansas City’s defense was not great, but it would have been abysmal without Mahomes’ excellent play. A rising tide lifts all Spider 2 Y Bananas. Teams think Garoppolo can lift the entire 49ers franchise.

                Will he throw for 50 touchdowns, as Mahomes did? Most of the team officials and coaches we queried said probably not. But they think he could throw in the high 30s, at least.

                Their main point is that as we look at next season and see the potential dominance of new faces like Cleveland’s Baker Mayfield and older faces like Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers, we shouldn’t forget Garoppolo, who at 27 has made only 10 NFL starts.

                What teams like about Garoppolo is his accuracy and mobility and how he uses his athleticism to keep the play alive.

                The biggest piece of good news for the 49ers is that Garoppolo says he’s on target to return for training camp.

                “It’s very good to be throwing again,” Garoppolo said, according to a transcript from the team. “It’s what I do. It’s encouraging. Every day gets easier and easier; able to make this throw better than I was a week ago. It’s small victories like that. Throughout this whole process, it’s all about small victories.”

                When asked exactly how it felt to be passing again, Garoppolo gave a blunt and honest answer.

                “Initially, your body just isn’t used to those movements,” he said. “It’s been so long since you’ve did them that you’re like, ‘That’s not what it usually was.’ Then, you start to get back into it and your body starts to react the right way. It’s very encouraging.”

                There are two potential problems with the Garoppolo-as-Mahomes narrative. One is Garoppolo’s surgically repaired knee impacting his mobility (that seems unlikely).

                The other problem, a much bigger one, is the 49ers’ schedule‚—specifically, the last six games: Green Bay, at Baltimore, at New Orleans, Atlanta, L.A. Rams and at Seattle.

                There are definitely challenges, but the 49ers have the No. 2 draft pick and a quarterback some in the league say could be the next Mahomes.

                This could be fun.

              4. Wait … did you really just say that most writers tend to over-estimate the 49ers’ win total?

                Um …..tell us again what your 49ers W-L prediction has been during the first 2 years of ShanaLynch’s complete overhaul and total rebuild project, at a time when optimism should have been tempered at best?

                I’m going to go out on a limb in saying that I’m pretty sure your W-L prediction during the ShanaLynch era, considering the circumstances up to this point, would be considered wildly-optimistic when compared to the majority of writers.

                Wouldn’t you agree?

              5. Did any other writer predict the 49ers to win as many as 9 games during ShanaLynch’s first season tearing down and rebuilding this franchise practically from scratch, and with Brian Hoyer (pretty much a career backup, only signed because of his familiarity with Kyle’s complex system) leading the charge?

              6. I’m giving you a pass last season because nobody could have predicted their tough luck when it came to so many injuries to key personnel, but a prediction of 9-7 during ShanaLynch first season, with the dumpster fire of a roster in which they had inherited, was frankly unimaginable, IMO, and certainly well above the mainstream opinion.

                And yes, unless you are predicting a repeat of their injury racked 2018 season (and I sure hope you aren’t), 6-10 is certainly outside of the mainstream opinion, and I think you know that. I can’t find anyone other than yourself, with such a pessimistic viewpoint.

              7. Of course, I’m willing to recognize the unpredictability of the NFL, and injuries play into that. But predicting this team to go 6-10, even before they select a potential impact player at #2 like Nick Bosa, who, despite his questionable judgement, most people think is hands down the best, most impactful player in this entire draft class, seems overly pessimistic, and frankly strange to me, and I’m not afraid to say that!

              8. Well, if you truly feel that strongly about it Grant, I suggest you bet the house on the under-8 49ers Win total.

                Like most people, I truly feel like they will likely go, at worst 8-8, so why in the world would I want to prepare myself for a 6-10 season? Makes no sense with Jimmy G coming back, and their 3 headed monster at RB. And before you say, who cares about their 3 headed monster at RB when it’s a passing league, I’d like to remind you just how good 2 of those RB’s are at catching the football. I already like Kyle’s chances with this offensive personnel group, and I expect them to add another WR during the draft.

              9. Prepare yourself to be out of a job soon. Comments are down, new posters are down. It’s only a matter of time.

              10. I’m honestly not sure why you aren’t even more direct Grant. Why don’t tell us exactly how it is?

                You have no confidence in Kyle Shanahan or John Lynch, you think Jimmy Garoppolo is overpaid and overrated, and you think the 49ers current rebuild efforts are sh_t!

                There, from your apparent viewpoint, it would seem this is a fair summary of your feelings as someone who covers this team.

            2. If they Draft Dk Metcalf-The Next Julio Jones,just watch how much better 49ers offense will be..esp on play action..w Mcnion? Bredia,T.Coleman & rest of RB team..but DK,AJ Brown,Pettis in Slot,Kittle TE..& looks like Atlanta West..& don’t gives us that bs bout DK,he will be a ungaurdable BEAST that teams will need to bracket him & draw coverage his way way which will give us 1-1’s on other side..& ridiculous to talk bout his route tree or lack there off when Megatron & Julio & Randy Moss made a living w less then half a dozen routes that couldn’t be dealt will..I wouldn’t be mad if we get AJ Brown in 2nd round either,but WR MUST BE 1 of his first 2 picks cuzz other then Kittle nobody scares ppl as far as catch pasers..Dk had 27 Reps vs Julio’s 17..40” Vert vs 38..4.33 40 on 235lb 6”3 guy that had 11.2 broad jump vs 10 for Julio & don’t give me his mediocre. 20 shuffle,Julio wasn’t great either bigger guys r stiffer but nobody is keeping DK on the LOS,Dk next Julio just watch..remember I picked ODELL WHO WENT #12 over Sammy Watkin who went too 5..picked Julio over AJ Green,who got picked before him & both still GREAT WR’s but Atlanta saw what I saw hence sent Browns Boatload of picks & was worth it ALL DAY..I said wow Atlanta just ROBBED DRAFT RIGHT AFTER PICK WAS MADE..Atlanta was mid 20’s & went all to way to top 5 to get Julio..we don’t have to send two 1’sts,just need to pick DK!!!

      2. Not trying to be a delta bravo but seriously Grant, when was the last time you spoke to Jed York or asked him a question? I don’t get the sense at all that he’s demanding of the media. He’s totally inept at running an organization and seems to have been absent the day God handed out leadership ability but I just don’t see him as being aggressive with the press.

        1. Thank goodness Jed is getting smarter. I am happy he does not speak to the press. Grant would eviscerate him, if he allowed an interview.
          I am reminded of the saying- ‘Tis much better to stay quiet and only have them think you the fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.’ GS.

          1. I’m reminded of this…

            And the prairie towns go sailing by
            Saskatchewan there’s mud in your eye

            G. Lightfoot.

          2. Why would Grant “eviscerate” Jed? Isn’t his job to ask probing questions to relay information to his readers? His job isn’t to attack the man. Grant’s job is to gather information and details not otherwise available to the general public. I find your comment baffling. Seems like people nowadays think reporters jobs are to be activists for a point of view in search of a fight. That’s wrong.

            1. Jed would go into that interview, and get bludgeoned like he did with Murph and Mac.
              Sorry to say this, but Jed is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
              Jed likes to punch studs, almost breaking his hand. A smarter person would figure out where the studs are, so he can punch a hole in the sheet rock.

              1. So your argument is in a fit of anger and passion a man should pull out a stud finder and figure out where to land his punch on the wall? And that proves Jed isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer? Seems like maybe you and Jed need to meet the sharpening steel.

              2. Flying off the handle and almost breaking his hand did not impress me.
                Punching a stud is a teachable moment.

            2. Jed has about as much depth, intelligence, and charisma as Jim Tomsula. He’s an empty suit that sets the tone for the team. ‘Nuff said.

            1. GEEP, I have advocated for a trade back. Posters used to deride me for even presenting that scenario, saying it was impossible, and would never be done.
              Then, in 2017, they did exactly what I wanted. They traded back, even got 2018 second and third round picks, and still selected the player they coveted.
              Now, even Grant and Larry acknowledge that the Niners best strategy would be a trade back, and Scooter mentioned the advantage of acquiring additional second round picks to get multiple players in the second round, instead of just one.
              JL and KS even did another thing I advocated. They have stated ahead of time, the possibility that the Niners are willing to trade back, so other teams may want to move up, and select the QB they covet. This way, other teams can have proposals formulated ahead of time, and the Niners can leverage that precious number 2 overall pick, for as much draft capital as possible. The best strategy for the Niners is maybe to miss out on Bosa and Allen, but end up with more than 6 picks. Maybe 9 picks, with 3 second round picks.
              Hopefully, the Niners can get teams into a bidding war for that pick, and maybe even get multiple first round picks. However, I have proposed ways both the Raiders and Giants can move up, offer second and 4th round picks, and keep their additional first round picks, because that might facilitate the deal. I have even gone on the other team’s blog sites to present that scenario, so they know what could be possible.
              JL should also look at the 1986 draft, and study how Bill Walsh traded back multiple times, and built a SB team.
              My only doubt is that you will someday learn your lesson. You keep trying, but always seem to come up short.

              1. Get over yourself Sebbie. Yes, you’ve advocated trade backs. Others have too–not everyone–but there have been others. Check the archives, you revisionist chipmunk.

                Geez, you have the ‘look at me, I’m a genius’ shtick down pretty well.

              2. Rocket derided the very notion that a trade back was possible.
                Many on this site have been advocating NOT to trade back. They think Bosa is the best next thing to sliced bread.
                Glad you think I am a genius, but I am just a humble Die Hard Faithful Niner Fan.
                Your Baalke stench seems to show up every day, just like clockwork.

              3. Seb: Glad you think I am a genius…

                Lost in translation: “genius’ shtick

                shtick: a gimmick, comic routine

              4. “…just a humble Die Hard Faithful Niner Fan.” Really Sebbie?

                Me? I’m just a singer in a rock and roll band…

              1. I saw you present another’s mock, but it was horrible one with crazy trades.
                Guess you can relate to that type.

  3. Grant is like the people who claim to read the future. They make a ton of outlandish claims and hope you forget all the times when they’re wrong but if they hit on one you never hear the end of it.

    1. At times, Grant proudly wears his ‘binary, snark worldview’ like a crown.

      And no Grant and Sebbie, I’m not a homer. Check the archives. Recall the Tomsula and Kelly days. I was in there pitching rocks like nearly everyone else. Lynch and Shanahan are an improvement. Yes, results have been wanting, but it’s clear–whether you like it or not–the Yorks are sticking this one out. This will be a pivotal year IMO. Another bad season and I’ll be calling for flying ‘dump Jed’ banners and railing against the owners and failed staff.

      1. I’m not sure anyone was eventually harder on Chip Kelly than me. I stopped watching the 2nd half of a lot of games during the Chip Kelly era, for what might be the first time in my adult life, because I got so bored of watching the same schematic nonsense bang it’s head against the wall ad nauseum, running the same plays to no avail, over and over and over again.

      2. You were a Baalke apologist. You chose Baalke over JH. The Niners should have chosen a successful HC over an empty suit. Niners wanted a WR, and instead of Alshon Jeffrey, Baalke chose AJ Jenkins. No wonder JH could not succeed, with his busts and ACL picks handed to him by Baalke.
        During those painful Tomsula and Chip seasons, you were supporting Baalke and Paraag with their leaks and smear campaigns. Baalke loved cutting players on the team bus, and trying to coach the DBs. Baalke was a megalomaniac, insisting on total control over the personnel. He thought he was Carnac the Magnificent, cleverly pulling a name out of an envelope, but he was really pulling it out of his rear end. The draft was a one man show, with coaches being ignored and the scouts wondering if Baalke was using their reports for toilet paper.
        Thankfully, Baalke was kicked to the gutter, and it has taken over 2 years for JL to rid the organization of the stench of Baalke. However, with you, it still lingers.
        Nice try at some revisionist history, but we all know the true story.

        1. No way Sebbie. You’re lazy. Check my posts in the archives.

          Give us more crocodile tears–how you’re just a die-hard fan, only wanting the 9ers to be relevant again…….

  4. Kreuger hit the trifecta. He selected Jake Bailey, a punter, Bryce Love, an ACL player, and Terrill Hanks, who ran a 4.98 forty. He is a LB and ran D lineman speed.
    Sure am glad that both Grant and Larry think that trading back is the best strategy. However, Larry wanted a trade back with Washington at 15.

        1. What’s that for, amigo? Is Abram one of your favs? If so, I didn’t know that. My reasoning is that we need a FS and already have Tartt and Harris.

          1. Hmm, you had a ‘Good Knowledge’ reference, but seem to have edited it out. That is what I was smiling about.
            I agree, Abram should not be one of their targets for safety. Thornhill is superior.

            1. Thanks for explaining. I did edit it out. The reason I asked is because ;p that looks like someone sticking his tongue out.

              1. I call it a wry smile, with a semi colon showing one eye winking.
                It is intended to be funny. Sorry you took it that way. I meant no disrespect. I thought you knew that it is my signature smile, to differentiate myself from others.
                I think :b is the tongue sticking out emoji, but could be wrong.

    1. I was vacationing in Miami with the wife and flew back yesterday. Been half-ass watching the TV and news for awhile. I was telling her on the flight back that I was kinda excited because the NFL draft was going to be the next day (today). I get home and open the news on my phone and realized it’s next week. That sucked.

      1. Give you time to get your menu together.

        Thursday: Rib Tip Dinner from Frankie’s in South Bend. Best in the area. Comes with steak fries.
        Friday: Volcano’s Pizza and breadsticks with alfredo sauce. Both best in Elkhart.
        Saturday: Ice cream filled donuts from Rise’N Roll with colombian coffee. Italian subs, chips n dip, coca-cola.

        1. Damn. Thats a helluva menu. I’ll prolly watch from my deck by the pool on all 3 days while I grill and sip on Johnnie Walker ‘White Walker’ on Thursday. Moscow Mule’s on Friday, and then a few beers on Saturday.

          1. Either Thursday or Friday I’m queuing up for Crab Cioppino–a dish perfected over several Candlestick tailgates in the 80s, the last being the 9ers-Bears game on Monday night, December 23rd, 1991. Young and the 9ers crushed the Bears.

            1. I wish I knew where to get a plate of Linguine in Clam Sauce (white) like I used to get from this chef at the High Sierra in Tahoe. Didn’t taste fishy at all, clams were tiny, tender, and it was just pure deliciousness served over spinach pasta….

              1. Anywhere in NYC or Philly. They put clam sauce on combo pizzas if you ask. Love it, but Anchovies on pizza, not so much.

                I’m headed to the High Sierra next week and weekend. Not the Tahoe resort, Yosemite. By the time I get back and learn the draft choices, some of you guys will circling 4949 with torches and pitchforks!
                (No matter who they pick, SOMEBODIES will be pist. 🤬 🤯 😱

  5. Nice job GC! I agree that the Niners will go with Williams. I love him. First, in a wide 9, it makes as much sense to have two strong DT’s. Provides a push up the middle and improved run support (which is a problem in wide 9). Now, you can either let Buckner walk, get a high compensatory pick or trade him. With Williams becoming your future 3T, you can now keep Thomas and Armstead. Solid, yet unspectacular players. You also have Taylor who may ultimately be better than either.

    Coming out of college Williams has more potential than Buckner. A quicker first step, better hands and rare ability to squeeze his body. Williams actually reminds me a little of Reggie White. You get a young kid like that in the weight room, he will look like White in a few years. I know, DT vs DE, but back then WIlliams would probably be playing DE with his quickness.

    1. I disagree with Grant. The Niners are not talented enough to get rid of their best player, and expect to win.
      The Niners should reward excellence. They should extend Buckner now. It would show loyalty, and show the whole team they want to retain veteran leadership.

    2. I agree about Q Williams. The best player in the draft. A prospect with great potential. On a level with Warren Sapp, Aaron Donald and maybe even Reggie White coming out. No injury concerns like Bosa. No way should he be passed over.

    3. I have no idea if the Niners will go with Williams, but I like your line of thinking. Hope we can also acquire Burns somehow.

      1. That’s the bottom line, height restrictions in proximity to SJC….runways 12L-12R, 30L-30R

        Flying drones near airports is not a good idea…so say’s the FAA.

      2. What if the drones are controlled and monitored by the airport? The team could pay a reasonable fee for the service.

    1. Cubus,
      Thanks for the link.
      But for me, this idea opens up a humongous can of safety concerns.

      One mistake can cause catastrophic tragedy. Also, the NFLPA may fight this tooth and nail if the players are uncomfortable with something that large hanging over their head.
      Of course, that’s just one man’s thoughts on this.

  6. The solution isn’t a drone but a dirigible, which casts a larger shadow and is safer. Tie it off on the rim of the stadium with cables. Make the cables attached with winches so that the dirigible can be deflated and roped in when not in use.

    1. Cap,
      Some soccer stadiums in the middle east use custom tent material to provide protection from the sun.
      Al-Khor stadium is a great example to follow. Sure, it would be a big cost to construct, but it would provide for a much more comfortable game experience.

    2. Yup. Dirigible–or blimp–in restricted SJC air space. What could possibly go wrong.

      “Southwest 2789, cleared for takeoff runway 30 left. Avoid the dirigible tethered to Levi’s Stadium at your 12 o’clock, 2.5 miles…”

      1. 150 ft above the stadium? If a flight is flying that low it’s got more problems than a low lying, cabled inflatable. You must have been traumatized by watching Black Sunday in junior high at the drive in. Try some hypnotherapy. You might get over it.

        1. Suggest you have a conversation with the FAA concerning airspace management and vertical obstructions in proximity to metropolitan airports.

  7. This is fun (from Chad Reuter,…

    » Round 1, No. 4 overall (from Raiders in projected trade): Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama
    » Round 1, No. 32 (from Patriots in projected trade): A.J. Brown, WR, Mississippi
    » Round 2, No. 35 (from Raiders in projected trade): Darnell Savage, S, Maryland
    » Round 3, No. 67: Justin Layne, CB, Michigan State
    » Round 4, No. 104: Jachai Polite, edge, Florida
    » Round 6, No. 176: Vosean Joseph, LB, Florida
    » Round 6, No. 212: Dennis Daley, OT, South Carolina

    1. After Jachai’s debacle at the Combine, the Niners drafting him would work out about as well as Donald Trump drafting Elizabeth Warren…

  8. Rather than do another mock, here are some thoughts. When I have time from work, I will try and explain some of my choices.

    Who I like: Quinnen Williams, Alabama. Not a rusher, but best player available. But given our needs, and the fact Bosa is not far off, the pick at 2 should be Bosa.


    Player to Take at #2: Nick Bosa, Ohio State

    Alternate if First Choice is Gone: Brian Burns, Florida State

    Alternate if Niners trade back in First Round: Brian Burns, Florida State

    Alternate if Niners decide to fill position on Day 2: Chase Winovich, Michigan

    Alternate if Niners decide to fill position in later rounds: Charles Omenihu, Texas

    Dark Horse: Ben Banogu, TCU


    Player to Take at #2: None

    Alternate if First Choice is Gone: See Day 2 picks

    Alternate if Niners trade back in First Round: A.J. Brown, Mississippi

    Alternate if Niners decide to fill position on Day 2: N’Keal Henry, Arizona State or Deebo Samuel, South Carolina

    Alternate if Niners decide to fill position in later rounds: Anthony Johnson, Buffalo

    Dark Horse: Jalen Hurd, Baylor (as in, 6th round or undrafted. He has only played receiver for a year and a half, but has athletic ability to do it)

    Who I like: AJ Brown.


    Player to Take at #2: Josh Allen, Kentucky (move down to end in nickel D)

    Alternate if First Choice is Gone: None

    Alternate if Niners trade back in First Round: None

    Alternate if Niners decide to fill position on Day 2: D’Andre Walker, Georgia or Jahlani Tavai, Hawaii

    Alternate if Niners decide to fill position in later rounds: Josiah Tauaefa, UT-San Antonio

    Dark Horse: Jahlani Tavai, Hawaii


    Player to Take at #2: None

    Alternate if First Choice is Gone: None

    Alternate if Niners trade back in First Round: Darnell Savage, Jr., Maryland. Some mocks have him going that high.

    Alternate if Niners decide to fill position on Day 2: Darnell Savage, Jr., Maryland

    Alternate if Niners decide to fill position in later rounds: Lukas Denis, Boston College (if he adds 10 pounds)

    Dark Horse: Khari Willis, Michigan State. Sean Bunting, Central Michigan (only because most teams have him as a Cornerback, but I see him as a Free Safety in the Niners’ system. And to address Grant’s concern about drafting players for positions they have never played, Bunting at least began as a Safety in college).


    Player to Take at #2: None

    Alternate if First Choice is Gone: None

    Alternate if Niners trade back in First Round: Chris Lindstrom, Boston College

    Alternate if Niners decide to fill position on Day 2: Nate Davis, UNC-Charlotte (both Jenkins and McCoy lack athleticism to engage in move blocks sufficient for outside zone scheme, better suited for Center position)

    Alternate if Niners decide to fill position in later rounds: Tyler Jones, North Carolina State

    Dark Horse: Michael Deiter, Wisconsin (whom I like, and has position versatility having played Center and Right Tackle also, but needs to improve movement blocking for outside zone scheme)

  9. Raiders sent their Scouts home until after the draft to prevent leaks. It seems kind of funny, but some teams have kept their Board a secret to all but a very few in house.
    Gil Brandt related a story of how one year the Cowboys were worried about a particular scout on their staff. They gave him a look at a false version of the board and two days later a story from a beat writer came out predicting the red herring in the 1st round.

  10. Bill Barnwell is proposing the following “wild” deal for the 49ers:

    49ers get the 6th pick (first round), the 143rd pick (5th round), a 2020 first round pick, and CB Janoris Jenkins
    Giants get the 2nd pick (1st round), QB Nick Mullens and CB Ahkello Witherspoon

    “For the Niners, though, this trade is more about adding a juicy first-round pick in 2020 from a team that has an inflated view of its own ability to compete this season. There’s a good chance that pick will be better than the 17th selection, which the Giants hold as part of the Odell Beckham Jr. trade. It also restores a top pick to replace the 2020 second-rounder the 49ers shipped off to the Chiefs as part of the Dee Ford trade. After adding Ford, the Niners don’t have as much of a pressing need for an edge rusher; they should still be in line to add someone like Montez Sweat or Devin White to supplement their defense with the sixth pick, or they could choose to trade down again.”

    1. Giants would never do that in a million years. Give up their first round pick when Tua, Herbert and Fromm will be available next draft? That is obtuse.

    2. Janoris Jenkins? I’d check skeletons in his closet first. And dead bodies in his house second.

      Swap out Mullens for CJB and maybe, just maybe, this stupid deal is somewhat less stupid.

  11. Top 5 bust candidates in the draft. Some of these players could end up contributing in the NFL but will be considered busts based upon where they were drafted. Example; Solomon Thomas.

    1. Kyler Murray QB. Good luck Arizona. Will be first player drafted, I wouldn’t even put him on my team as an UDFA.

    2. Rashan Gary* DE. Will be drafted top 10 when he should be a 3rd round pick. Will likely become an NFL starter just nothing special and not worthy of where he’s likely to go. Gary seems like a guy that Lynch would draft.

    3. DK Metcalf WR. Big, powerful athlete that will get shutdown by NFL defenders because he doesn’t possess the skill set needed to compete at the next level.

    4. Greedy Williams CB. Another 3rd round prospect that could turn into an NFL starter but wont produce at a level that deserves a first or second round pick.

    5. N’keal Harry WR. Harry is never going to get open in the NFL. a bust at almost any draft pick above a 6th rounder.

    *I realized that for awhile now I’ve been switching Gary and Sweat, calling Sweat the for sure bust when I meant Rashan Gary.

      1. I question his ability to mentally digest what a QB has to process at the NFL level. I don’t see him as a show up first leave last player. I don’t like short QB’s in the NFL. Will he be limited to playing solely out of shotgun? Even with his ability to run, the offense will be quite limited and NFL defenses will quickly adapt to whatever system the Cardinals are forced to put in place to suit his skill sets.

        WF brings up a good point in that how do you create a special system for this “unique” player and then have a traditional back up? Do you also have to find a back up who is similar to Murray? Going to make it really had for the team transition if Murray goes out.

        I also question how long will he stay committed to “hard” football especially if he struggles knowing he can just run to “easy” baseball anytime he wants to.

        Despite his potential as a scrambler he seems like a limited prospect that might not even be fully committed to the sport to begin with. Why waste a pick on that player when there are more suitable candidates.

              1. Raz,
                Bidwell and Kingsbury seem to hold the (pardon the pun) cards. If they pass on Murry they could throw the top ten picks in disarray.
                A QB, under 6″ is going to struggle at the next level.

                Ok, so he could rack up some big yards when he runs. But because of his size, he could also sustain an injury after a big hit.
                I know it looks like Kingsbury is all in with Murry, but for all we know he could be pulling a Smollett – What, too soon?

              2. AES, Murray doesn’t take a lot of hits when he runs. If you watched him, he tends to give himself up 5 yards before contact on runs. In the pocket he’ll give himself up as soon as he realizes there is no escape lane. He plays really smart. I believe the Cardinals already have a contract written up with Murray, and they will indeed make him the #1 selection.

              3. Raz,
                What worked in college doesn’t always translate to the NFL, where players weighing 250-280 lbs can move pretty good. As big as Kaep was, he took some massive hits in the Super bowl that imo, made him a little squirrely for the rest of his career.

                My other concern with Murray is that he will have some big trees (tall D-lineman) that he will need to throw over. I’m sure that he will provide enough excitement to put butts in the seats, but unless he is the next Russell Wilson, Arizona should be in buyer beware mode.

              4. AES, Kaepernick came into the league with a rod in his leg. He was nowhere near as thick in his lower body as Murray or Wilson, and nowhere near as agile.

              5. Razoreater says:
                April 19, 2019 at 6:48 pm
                AES, Kaepernick came into the league with a rod in his leg.
                To go along with the rocks in his head.

        1. CFC:

          As I understand it the Cardinals can include a “no baseball” clause in Murray’s contract similar to what is in Winston’s contract. Now, whether or not that quells the desire to play baseball if he is not succeeding at football is another story.

          You were big on drafting Mahomes. Given the type of player that Mahomes is, who backs him up?

            1. After I posted, I thought about it some more and agree with your statement. The difference is that it will be hard to find a backup that plays as creatively as Mahomes does.

            2. “It’s a favorable comparison,” said NY Jets QB Josh McCown, who appeared as a guest analyst on ESPN’s Get Up. “Both have baseball backgrounds. Kyler has a very strong arm and he makes plays similar to Patrick, so I think there’s a tie-in there where you can look at that and say Pat played for Kliff in college and here they are sitting with the No. 1 pick…It makes sense for Kliff with all of the things he wants to do with the (Arizona) offense, to look at a guy like Kyler Murray.”

              1. Mahomes is the hot name right now so he’s the one that everybody will be compared to, there’s even some scmhuck trying to compare Mahomes to Garappolo so, yea.

                “Around the NFL, the confidence hasn’t wavered in the Niners signal-caller. According to one AFC executive speaking on Garoppolo, “He’s got the best chance to be the next Mahomes,”

                LMAO, Jimmy G is no Mahomes and never will be.

              2. He’s not comparing their physical skills. He’s comparing the two as franchise signal callers that have that intangible of raising the play of those around him.

                Wrt Murray, I think he’s just as smart as Mahomes and won’t “require” some specialized offense. He might not get the luxury of sitting behind one of the smartest tutors in the league for a year, and that certainly won’t give him any advantages, but he’ll also be running an offense that he’s very familiar and comfortable with….

            1. Here’s my list in October. Thorson not being able to play at the Senior Bowl had a lot to do with him sliding down to #3.

              Coffee’s for Closers says:
              October 11, 2018 at 8:45 pm
              Giants will have their pick of 3 good QB’s next year:

              Clayton Thorson
              Drew Lock
              Ryan Finley

              That’s the order I’d take them but I see Thorson and Lock as 1(a) and 1(b). You’re getting a great prospect with either one.

              1. QB class rankings based on McGinn’s scouts/execs poll:

                1 Kyler Murray (52 points)
                2 Dwayne Haskins (47)
                3 Drew Lock (41)
                4 Daniel Jones (36)
                5 Will Grier (7)
                6 Ryan Finley (6)
                7 Jarrett Stidham (6)
                8 Clayton Thorson
                9 Gardner Minshew
                10 Brett Rypien

          1. Murray, Haskins and Lock may go in the top 10. Jones may go in the top 15.
            Stidham, Finley. Grier and Jackson are decent backups.
            Thorson, McSorely, Rypien and Ta’amu are intriguing prospects.

  12. I am predicting a 10-6 season. This is predicated upon two seasons growing the young kids a good off season Free Agency, a good Draft and coaches who prove they can win.. There is no excuse for anything less. These kids can either play to win or they can’t and these coaches either can coach them up or they can’t. There is no more excuses. Anything less than 10-6 and this regime needs to walk..

  13. Wonder what Juanhunglo is thinking about: 1) the draft, and 2) the quality of this blog’s conversations…

  14. Back at you Seb. Cassie nailed you on one of your numerous spelling errors. I want a 10 page reTport on why this happened. Not the redacted version…This report better not resemble your free agent suggestions for the 49er’s roster…Thank you in advance!

    1. TrollD, I am human, and make mistakes. I also have been monitoring several other team’s blogs, and YouTubing many players. I am perusing the various mocks, and seeing how the player assessments affect their rankings.
      Guess I am not diligent enough in my proofreading, but am kinda busy, along with plans for some landscapes.
      Looks like you also made an error, so maybe you should follow AES’s advice.

  15. Larry Kreuger mentioned something I will disagree with. He thinks the Niners should not try to get 2020 picks, because he wants the Niners to concentrate on 2019.
    I think obtaining future picks is a good move. My trade back scenario with the Giants have the Niners obtaining a 2020 second round pick. That would replace the 2020 second round pick they gave up for obtaining Dee Ford.
    Since they got 6 year contracts, I hope they are thinking about the future. That is what planning is all about.

    1. Actually Seb, what he said was “ Lynch wouldn’t be interested in 2020 picks because he might not even be here then. Lynch has to win now and he has to prove it this draft.”

      That’s quite a difference quoting what he thinks Lynch will do vs. what he thinks the 49ers should do.

      1. With his 6 year contract, JL will be thinking of the future. Even with a sub par draft, I think his job is safe.
        Jed will not want to go on another humiliation tour. One piece of advice I would give Jed is- do not fire somebody unless there is a superior person already lined up ahead of time.
        Firing JH was obtuse, because they ended up with Tomsula. Then they went with Chip.
        Obtaining 2020 second and third round picks is shrewd, and is strategically the smart thing to do. Like a chess match, thinking ahead a few moves is a winning strategy.

          1. Bill Belichick has this saying posted in his locker room- Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought. Sun Tzu.

        1. We know he has a 6 year contract. There’s a lot of speculation that he may not make it to 6 years because of his mistakes. You glossed over that he wasn’t lobbying for no picks on 2020, rather suggesting Lynch might have a short timers focus.

          1. JL has not done anything to get fired for. He is accommodating KS with the draft picks, and has changed the culture in the locker room. The 4-12 season can be blamed on injuries, but they beat a division rival , a playoff team, and snapped a losing streak with a third string QB and a rookie backfield. This team has improved, and the talent is measurably better. JL is the best thing Jed ever had fall into his lap after JH did. If Jed fires, JL, even after a losing season, he deserves to go on another humiliation tour.
            Being a Niner fan, I expect JL to put on his Trader Bill Hat, swing for the fences, and hit a grand slam in the draft.

            1. Solomon Thomas at #3 and Foster? No FS help or good WR’s? Gee let’s take a few more RB’s or DL prospects. How about a Guard? Come on Seb!

            2. Be realistic Sebbie… Try Bill W’s shorts, and accept a ground rule double.

              PS… Your repeated use of the same phrases–week after week, month after month, year after year–erode the intended impact of your message.

  16. New report out that the Cardinals were hoping Murray would help boost ticket sales but that early reads from the Arizona area is that they aren’t that excited about the player and now the Cardinals are no longer locked into taking him #1.

    I think the only reason they are saying this is because they’re trying to get more for Rosen than teams are likely offering knowing full well they are about to draft his replacement.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I suspect is the case – they failed to hide their intentions and now find the market for Rosen isn’t as strong as they hoped.

      However, a part of me has always thought maybe the Cards were just playing mind games. It came out far too easily that Murray was their guy, so early in the process. I can’t figure out what benefit there is for the team picking #1 to be making this kind of play, but having it come out so early they were taking Murray just doesn’t sit right with me.

          1. True, but I don’t think that necessarily means Bidwell knew KK would draft Murray #1. However, I think you’re right in that Bidwell suspected KK would get a QB with those types of traits.

      1. Famous cover your bases response, Scooter. “I suspect that’s the case but just in case I’m wrong I also guess the opposite.” :)

    2. CFC
      * * Josh Rosen signed a 4 year, $17,597,756 contract with the Arizona Cardinals, including a $10,878,368 signing bonus, $17,597,756 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $4,399,439. In 2019, Rosen will earn a base salary of $570,000 and a roster bonus of $709,898, while carrying a cap hit of $3,999,490 and a dead cap value of $14,398,164.
      * Arizona signed Terrell Suggs to a a 2 year, $10,000,000 contract, including a $4,000,000 signing bonus, $7,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $5,000,000.
      * Chandler Jones signed a 5 year, $82,500,000 contract with the Arizona Cardinals, including a $15,000,000 signing bonus, $51,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $16,500,000. In 2019, Jones will earn a base salary of $16,500,000, while carrying a cap hit of $19,500,000 and a dead cap value of $25,500,000.
      * Chandler Jones signed a $82,500,000, 5 year, contract with the Arizona Cardinals in 2017, including a $15,000,000 signing bonus, $51,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $16,500,000. In 2019, Jones will earn a base salary of $16,500,000, while carrying a cap hit of $19,500,000 and a dead cap value of $25,500,000.

  17. Seb

    Josh Allen….Miles Boykin….Hakeem Butler….Deebo Samuel…Jonathon Abram….Jachai Polite….Justin Hollins….Andre Dillard….Conner McGovern……O.K….that’s who I want…now get me some ‘swaps’ and trade-downs….Thanks, I’ll appreciate it…I’ll even send you one of my hand made Wine racks….

    1. I like Jalen Jelks, too, in the later rounds. However, Jachai Polite and Conner McGovern are off my draft boards.
      Polite has talent, and I liked him initially, but he is a head case, and the Niners should avoid the red flagged players. They should stick to high character team leaders with blue chip reputations.
      McGovern’s first negative talks about his pass protection. That is a hard pass to me.

      1. Oh, and Dillon Mitchell, Lil’ Jordan Humphrey, along with Miles Boykin, are later round WR prospects, but I am reserving that spot for Keelan Doss, a sure fire pro bowler.

          1. Boy oh boy. A similar game and outcome was previous season Thanksgiving. I was at that game. That’s also when I exited the Kaep bandwagon.

    2. Mock draft 17, with 3 trade backs.
      First trade back with the Raiders. For the Niners number 2 overall pick, the Raiders give up their first, second and 4th round picks (4, 35, 106), along with a 2020 third round pick, to even out the TVC. Gruden saves his 24th and 27th picks, and gets Bosa, his replacement for Mack.
      Second trade involves the Giants, who want to preclude a team trading up with TB, to poach Haskins. For the number 4 pick, the Giants offer their first, third and 4th round picks ( 6, 95, 108), which almost balances out exactly on the TVC. Giants select Haskins.
      The Niners then trade the number 6 pick to the Broncos, for their first and second round picks ( 10, 41). The Niners balance out the trade by offering Sheldon Day and/or Tarvarus McFadden along with the deal.
      The Niners end up with pick numbers 10, 35, 36, 41,67, 104, 106, 108, 176 and 212. Using the Draftek Big Board, and trying to select within 6 of each pick, the Niners could select –
      10 – Andre Dillard OT. He is ranked 10, and Allen is long gone by 10.
      35 – Hakeem Butler WR.
      36 – Brian Burns EDGE.
      41 – Jonathan Abram S. Juan Thornhill is another good prospect.
      67 – Conner McGovern OG. Think better OG’s are available, but he is ranked 66.
      104 – Jalen Jelks EDGE.
      106 – Lonnie Johnson CB.
      108 – Foster Moreau TE.
      176 – Keelan Doss WR. Miles Boykin is ranked 173.
      212 – Justin Hollins EDGE. Although he may be picked up as an UDFA.
      Josh Allen is ranked 3, Jachai Polite is ranked 82, Deebo Samuel is ranked 88, so I just could not fit them in with those draft numbers.

      1. Seb, this is getting out of hand. Do you seriously think that the Niners are going to do this? A trade from 2 to 4 then a trade from 4 to 6 then a trade from 6 to 10?! I can guarantee you this won’t happen. Is this just a fun game for you to see if each of these teams gave you exact chart and you line it up with a top prospects list what the Niners could get? Not sure why you would put all this effort in for something that really is not realistic

        1. JL told us he would consider every mock, so I am just showing him the possibilities.
          Believe it or not, I am channeling Bill Walsh. Study his 1986 draft. He traded back many times, then used those picks to move up when they wanted a player out of reach.
          Yes, try doing a mock that has as good a draft haul as mine. One time, I traded back and got 12 picks.

          1. Making those small incremental trade backs make them more feasible. They do not cost too much for the team moving up.
            They also are trade ups for teams wanting QBs. Giants want Haskins, and they want to leapfrog over TB who may trade back with another team who covets Haskins. The Broncos like Lock. Elway gushed over his leadership skills.. Everyone is touting Bosa so much, maybe Gruden would spend some picks to secure the replacement for Mack. He would still keep the 24th and 27 picks, so he would be in a good position to get 3 starters in the first round.

          2. Rediculous reasoning, Sebs———-its one thing to keep trading back to get more and more picks. It’s quite another to have the eye for talent to pull that off and make it worthwhile……..

            You keep going on and on forever about how Walsh would trade back-you never talk about his eye for talent that made this strategy productive. You need both to be effective at it.

            1. I want JL to channel BW, which also means relying less on analytics, and more on his gut instincts.
              Yes, this is a stern test for JL. Sure think he is swinging for the fences, and hope he hits a grand slam.

      2. Sung to Seasons Of Love (RENT)…

        Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred mock drafts
        Five hundred twenty-five thousand variations so dear
        Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred mock drafts
        How does Seb measure, measure a year?

        In trade-backs, in cone times
        In bundles…of players to trade
        In hand size, in wingspan
        And cups of ‘o Joe

        Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred mock drafts
        Why does Seb do it? …So he can crow
        So Sebbie can …cro–o–o–o–o–ow!
        So Sebbie can …cro–o–o–o–o–ow!

  18. Seven NFL scouts unanimously envision the 49ers selecting Nick Bosa at No. 2
    By David Bonilla
    Apr 19, 2019 at 11:01 AM • 3

    First, we have to assume the Arizona Cardinals are selecting quarterback Kyler Murray of Oklahoma.
    Damond Talbot of NFL Draft Diamonds recently surveyed seven NFL scouts and asked them a series of draft-related questions. Each believed that Murray would go No. 1 overall …

    What do these NFL scouts envision San Francisco doing with the No. 2 pick? All seven forecast the 49ers further bolstering their pass rush and selecting defensive end Nick Bosa of Ohio State.

    While the need is apparent, the seven NFL scouts don’t all agree that Bosa is the best player available at that spot. When asked who the best overall player in this year’s draft class is, only two named Bosa while three named defensive tackle Quinnen Williams of Alabama. None, by the way, named Murray.

    Reply: TomD has been on board the Quinnen Williams band wagon.

    1. It’s an intriguing thought, especially in light of the recent reactions to Bosa’s social-media habits, and regarding the perceived upside of Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams. Chris Simms repeatedly has said that Williams is the best interior defensive line prospect Simms has ever studied, and Simms has studied prospects like Aaron Donald.

      Reply: The 49ers don’t have to use Quinnen Williams at the 5 tech, they already have Armstead…Williams has played DE and up and down the line for Alabama.

  19. I definitely feel the 49ers want to trade back. And I think they would be willing to trade back further than many think – potentially past 10 if it nets a big haul. But I can’t help but feel the guy they would be interested in if they trade back is Rashan Gary. Ford is the Leo… Gary would play the big end and strongside end in nickel, with the ability to slide inside. Basically what Thomas was meant to be.

    I don’t like the idea of taking Gary, but something tells me the 49ers may like him a lot.

      1. Good player, but the 49ers value athleticism on D. That’s partly why I think Gary might be a player they really like.

        1. No way in hell Lynch takes a boom or bust player like Gary in the first half of round 1. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Gary is still sitting in the green room when pick #20 goes on the clock….

          1. I agree with Scooter. Trading back and getting multiple second round picks, with Rashan Gary as their first pick, is much better than staying with 6 picks, and getting Bosa, who does have injury issues.

            1. You keep saying Bosa has injury issues, but there is no red flags that I am aware of coming out of the combine. However, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports wrote that he continues “to hear some teams have medical red flags on Rashan Gary (Michigan). Specifically shoulder concerns. Reminds me of Shaq Lawson or Miles Jack where osteoarthritis may be the culprit….

              1. Core injuries are tricky. Groin strains may be minor, or lead to surgery.The tendency for relapse is greater than other types of strains, but it also depends which type of injury he had.
                I am not positive, but I think Rashan Gary’s shoulder issue was like Arik Armstead’s. Looks like he is fully healed.
                Gary tried playing through the pain, so it showed he is tough. Bosa basically quit on the team. Sure, it was the financially sound way to proceed, but even Gary declined to play for his bowl game, so it has become the trend.

              2. The first thing I did was research his core injury, and they don’t have a propensity for recurrence. No medical red flags on Bosa, just the twitter smear campaign. This “quitting” on his team BS has been refuted by multiple players on his team. After we draft him, I hope you welcome him with open arms and not let the fact that he called your hero a clown affect your judgement.

                As I said, Gary came out of the combine with medical red flags. Whether it’s his shoulder or something else, that was the report. Same goes for Sweat, and he’s sliding because of it. That’s why he changed his mind about attending the draft. I guarantee you Lynch is not drafting either one….

              3. Reading more on it, Bosa could hardly get up from bed, so he had surgery. The surgeon repaired both sides because if he repaired one side, the other side tends to tear, too.
                Thankfully, he has fully recovered, but the possibility of a relapse is a lingering issue.
                Rashan Gary also had surgery, but also performed in the combine. some say he has medicalred flags, but they may also be blowing smoke so he will drop and they can poach him.

              4. I researched his injury back in January. According to the Orthopedic Journal Of Sports Medicine in 2017 the return rate in the NFL to postoperative performance is high. Players unlike Nick Bosa who have poor hip flexion are the ones you have to worry about. According to Dr. Schultz (Team physician of the Ducks/Angels), the injury does not make you at anymore risk of happening again, plus the mesh acts as protection against it.

              5. Yes, there have been many outcomes where the player returns to a high level of play, but some think that inadequate training and stretching can invite a relapse.
                Hope the new trainers are able to keep the players healthy, and can prevent more injuries, which doomed last season.

              6. The players upfront best chance at staying healthy is vis-a-vis rotation, and our offense possessing and scoring. Nick Bosa’s injury is not “tricky”, “the tendency for relapse” is a lie. After Nick Bosa’s surgery the surgeon told him it’d be 12 weeks of rehab, but it would not be strong enough to play football at a high level in that season. “Bosa basically quit on his team”, another lie….

              7. Razor, it is not a lie, it is an opinion. In the history of football, there have been many cases of players with a core injury, having chronic problems.
                Sure, the medical science has improved, but there are always exceptions to the rule. The doctor did not promise that it would be impossible to injure it again. he probably said it would be very unlikely, with proper training. However, this is football, and players get injured all the time.
                It is also an opinion that Bosa did not play more than 3 games, because of his injury, but also because he was thinking about the Combine.

              8. Dr. Schultz and Bosa’s surgeon are not the liars with opinions. They are the experts and I just proved beyond any doubt by quoting them that your “opinions” are false.

              9. I was not privy to their medical opinions, but they are just opinions, too. I am sure they did not say that it would be impossible to injure his groin again. Football is a brutal sport, and injuries happen all the time.
                You can say that what I said was factually incorrect, but I did not intentionally lie. Bosa did have an ACL injury. Please do not say that it will be impossible for Bosa to injure that knee again.

              10. They’re not opinions, they are medical facts supported by a doctor and surgeon, and his knee was never a part of this exchange. If you wish to keep perpetuating falsities that’s completely on you. Nick Bosa did not “quit” on his team, nor is he at more risk for a core injury. He’s 100% healthy, and he’s no more susceptible to injury than any other football player….

              11. You can deny he tore his ACL, but I know he did, and that is a medical fact. Believe it or not, I am not a fan of ACL players.
                I am spreading false rumors? No, I am just repeating what Grant wrote. He said there were question marks over his injury history, and groin injuries can become chronic, despite all the medical treatments. That surgeon said there was not more of a likelihood of him tearing it again, not that it was impossible for him to injure it again.
                Quitting on his team? Sorry to give you the news, but a lot of players are doing that. They are not playing in the Bowl games, because they are thinking about their future in the NFL. It is a business decision, but they are quitting, none the less. Bosa did it after 3 games, but he did have a core injury as an excuse. Some players had been able to recover in 6 to 8 weeks and played again. The fact that his surgeon mentioned a 10 to 12 week recovery period just confirms that his injury was more serious than something minor.
                Yes, many players are quitting on their teams. McCaffrey did. Even Rashan Gary. Many have the excuse that they are injured, and do not want to exacerbate their injury, and want to heal up for the Combine. It is the new trend, and I cannot fault them for not risking further injury, thus costing them possibly millions of dollars. But they did quit, despite your denials. Bosa is not the first, and he certainly will not be the last.
                Your blind allegiance towards Bosa is denying reality. I feel perfectly fine declaring he quit on his team, because that is exactly what he did. You may not like that, but I am not going to back down and say you are right. We will just have to agree to disagree.
                That said, I will also say that if Bosa is picked by the Niners, I will not mercilessly rip him, and will root for him to get sacks. I will agree that he is talented, and can help the team.
                However, I will also say that I still prefer the trade back and if they miss out on Bosa or Allen, it will not be the end of the world, because this draft is deep in pass rushing talent. The acquisition of Dee Ford allows the Niners to be more flexible and gives them more options.

              12. You’re the one in denial and walking around with a probing cane with your infatuation of multifaceted trade down scenarios. I have a doctor and his surgeon refuting your propaganda.

              13. It’s OK.
                I have been advocating the trade back scenario so much, JL and KS have announced they are accepting trade up proposals, both Grant and Larry have stated the best Niner strategy is to trade back, but now, even Scooter is wanting a trade back, to get multiple second round picks.

              14. Sorry, but if Bosa is as good as you say, he might go number one in the draft. Sounds like the Cards are getting cold feet on Murray.
                Then, with several teams bidding for Murray, the Niners could leverage their number 2 overall pick into a boatload of picks, maybe even multiple firsts.

              15. Sounds like the Cardinals are backing off Murray? Ha! Who is reporting that, Prisco? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣That ship sailed long ago!

              16. Sounds like they are not getting good offers for Rosen. Keim is the GM, and he is the one who may decide.
                Fixing their defense may be the best way to go, and Rosen was thrown to the wolves, with clueless coaching. Maybe the Cards even trade back. Nothing is set in stone.
                Murray is a good talent, but his size will always be a factor. Maybe they want to Tank for Tua.

              17. Murray and his agent already have an agreement in principle contract with the Cardinals that includes a no baseball clause….

            2. I completely disagree.
              Gary is a very big gamble. He wasn’t even as good as Solomon Thomas in college and would play in the same role. If they trade back for more picks and get Him in the first they had better do very well with those other picks, because their first one was a complete throw away.

              1. The GM taking Murray 1st cannot go to sleep that night and not wonder if he may end up being fired, but if Lynch takes Bosa at #2; he can lay his head down on his pillow that night, and sleep like a baby….

              2. Saw, I said I would cheer for Bosa to make sacks and cheer every tackle, hopefully TFL’s.
                That does not sound like a hater. That sounds like I will be a fan of his. I want the Niners to draft him for his football skills, not his political beliefs.

      1. Raz,
        We may see some breakdowns this week, but he covered the top three positions of need.
        Edge, WR and Secondary.

        I’m getting a good feeling about the draft. If Arizona passes on Murray (which I believe they will) the raiders will come knocking for the #2 pick.

  20. In 168 hrs we’ll be arguing about how the draft went down, AND we’ll be learning who the 9ers are picking up as undrafted free agents (UDFAs). Always like the UDFA part.

  21. Sad news, 49er scout Reggie Cobb passed away suddenly.
    My heartfelt condolences go out to his family.
    RIP, Mr Cobb.

  22. Espn is running a rerun of the 2016 Draft right now.
    No; I am not 💩ing you.
    Look, I’m interested in the coming draft, maybe overly so, but c’mon man….rerunning blabbing commentary between draft picks from 3 years ago? It’s like the East Anglican Seniors Division Cribbage Quarterfinals From 1958………..who the heck cares now?!?

    1. NFL Network is running documentaries of various drafts. They are doing 1984 right now. Those first few picks by the Niners was great; Todd Shell (eh), John Frank, Guy McIntyre, Michael Carter, and Jeff Fuller. Quite impactful.

  23. This was a good listen Grant, thanks for posting. I’ve kind of softened towards the Bozo pick in recent weeks, maybe because I’ve resignated myself into believing it, but I don’t see myself being (too) irate if it happens.

  24. I read some comments on line that Bosa has missed games due to injury in every season starting in high school. Due to so much information on the web being “reliable “ I was wondering if anyone knew if these statements were remotely accurate.
    If not, just more trolls at work. If true, it should be a major concern.
    Happy Easter everyone.

  25. Mock draft video from Jackson Krueger:

    I can’t recall if Jackson Krueger’s name has ever come up on this blog. He has a site with 143 film reviews spanning current players around the league, not just Niners, and current draft crushes like Bosa, Williams and Allen. His review on whether Trent Brown was worth his Raiders contract is quite interesting, but all the other ones I’ve viewed are as well. Here’s the link to his video collection:

    1. Thanks for posting the video, George. His picks seem reasonable. One thing that he said that I found interesting (and have never heard anyone else say) is that the center is the 5th most important player on the offensive line (i.e. least important). Found that surprising.

      1. I will disagree with his second Packer pick. Rapp will not be the best choice, and GB will not let Fant fall into the Patriots hands. Since Gronk retired, everyone knows that the Pats will be looking to find a new TE.
        GB needs TE help, so they should take Fant over the slow Rapp. Why help the Pats win another SB?

      2. cubus, I posted his mock draft video because I thought it would get the most attention now. Yes, his picks do seem reasonable, but we both know the mocks are mostly for entertainment. I encourage you to watch some of the others, for example his film study on Kwon Alexander. That’s really why I brought him up. He’s opinionated but not obnoxiously so and one can learn from him — despite the fact that he talks a hundred miles a minute. I also enjoy Delmark’s videos, which you brought to my attention, but as you know he’s not prolific. One should be happy that Krueger has the time for all his posts. They’re all gifts.

  26. Teams will remove players from their draft boards over social-media posts

    Consider this quote from Jay Glazer’s latest Q&A with “I was in a General Manager’s office two years ago, he said, ‘Jay, you’ve got to see this.’ This kid said the dumbest stuff you could ever imagine on social media. I’m not going to repeat the language he was using, but they were kind of laughing, saying, “Well, this dipsh-t’s off our board.”

    Teams, as Glazer notes, now hire firms to scour the social-media accounts of all prospects “over the last 10 years.”

    Based on when the process starts, there’s a good chance that teams know the contents of social-media accounts long before the prospect realizes that he should remove the information.

    1. This needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Short of the prospect bashing the potential team on Social Media no team is going to remove a legitimate talent from their board for immature comments. If a payer is taken off the board then the team already had doubts about them on some level and the comment simply was the finishing touch.

      1. Yep. The only other way I can see a social media post affecting whether a team takes a prospect off the draft board is if one or more of the posts contained a threat or promised an act of violence against another person.

        1. KC hoped Hill was the exception to the rule. That’s why I lean towards letting other teams be the redeemers. Seattle seems to have gotten lucky with Clark, but I’d be surprised if they get a 1st rounder for him….

  27. The NFL schedulers are clueless. Instead of making matchups to generate interest, they should take the schedule, and make TNF games with teams around their Byes. That way, they can schedule 2 games within a 3 week period. With a TNF game, a team can have 10 days rest before playing another team, with proper planning. However, with TNF games there are only 3 days rest under the present system, which is bad for players with all the CTE issues.
    If the league was truly concerned about CTE they would never schedule games with only 3 days rest.

    1. Guess the league doesn’t give a flyin’ one. Boycott the NFL Sebbie…you’ll no longer need to suffer helmet patting and wayward tongues. Channel your indignation. Turn all that negative energy into a burning commitment to complete your many big projects on-time and under budget.

      Sebbie, we salute you!

      1. Cassie, I see you are totally committed to wasting your time to desperately throw snark at me.
        Your life really must s*ck to think you are achieving something by doing that.
        Glad to see Paraag and Baalke are so upset about what I write about them, they sic their lap dog on me.
        The stench of Baalke still lingers.

  28. All 32 No trades

    1. Cardinals-Kyler Murray QB
    2. 49ers-Nick Bosa DE
    3. Jets- Josh Allen DE
    4. Raiders-Quinnen Williams DL
    5. Buccaneers-Devin White LB
    6. NYG-Rashan Gary DE
    7. Jaguars-Jawaan Taylor OT
    8. Lions-Montez Sweat DE
    9. Bills-Ed Oliver DT
    10. Broncos-Daniel Jones QB
    11. Bengals-Dwayne Haskins QB
    12. Packers-TJ Hockenson TE
    13. Dolphins-Jonah Williams OT
    14. Falcons-Andre Dillard OT
    15. Redskins-Drew Lock QB
    16. Panthers-Cody Ford OG
    17. NYG-Greg Little OT
    18. Vikings-Clelin Ferrell OLB
    19. Titans-Christian Wilkins DT
    20. Steelers-DeAndre Baker CB
    21. Seahawks-Brian Burns OLB
    22. Ravens-AJ Brown WR
    23. Texans-Byron Murphy CB
    24. Raiders-Josh Jacobs RB
    25. Eagles-Chris Lindstrom OG
    26. Colts-Dre’Mont Jones DT
    27. Raiders-Jachai Polite DE
    28. Chargers-Rock Ya-Sin CB
    29. Chiefs-Greedy Williams CB
    30. Packers-Parris Campbell WR
    31. Rams-Erik McCoy OL
    32. Patriots-Devin Bush LB

    -Being a no trade mock I put players to teams I expect them to take but many of them will likely be taken later after a trade back, i.e. Packers taking Hocksnson at 12 when I really expect them to trade back and then take him, I don’t think they’ll chance waiting for their second first rounder.
    -No safeties in the first round is pretty unlikely it just happened to work out that way and I didn’t want to go put one in simply for the sake of it.
    -I expect teams to reach for Tackles in the first this year. Williams, Little and Dillard all go higher then most have them projected at this time.

      1. I haven’t paid much attention to the draft so I don’t know about his length, I just liked how this guy went about his business . Been looking for property on the south eastern slopes of the Cascades.

          1. There is nesting Eagles in the Klamath basin. I have been looking about 30 to 50 miles NNE of there. Not sure of their range.

            1. Here in Seattle I’m able to watch a few bald eagles fly by my office window a couple of times a week during the fall and winter (the house is situated on a hill above the Sound). Sometimes they get as close as twenty feet. It’s an incredible experience.

            2. They’re in Klamath-Tule Lake and North Fork of Umqua, so likely in 3 Sisters-Bend as well. Cal’s North Coast too.

  29. Media evaluators are saying that the strength of the ‘19 class is in rounds 2-4. If true, then trading up back into the later 1st round wouldn’t seem to make much sense. Keep them and use them, or perhaps minor trades back to pick up a mid or late round pick.

  30. SF at TB W
    SF at CIN W
    PITT at SF W
    CLE at SF W
    SF at LAR L
    SF at WAS W
    CAR at SF W
    SF at ARI W
    SEA at SF L
    ARI at SF W
    GB at SF L
    SF at BAL L
    SF at NO L
    ATL at SF W
    LAR at SF W
    SF at SEA L

    10-6 (Based on Jimmy G playing the entire season)

  31. Harry interview and some unusual statements by grant –

    1. Nkeal Harry interview on NFL network Friday.

    2. “Arians knows NFC West” He never faced Garoppolo and one year removed. CJ Breathered is a far cry.

    3. “Niners not over 500 on the road since 2002 if we take away the Harbaugh years. ” Why are we taking away the Harbaugh years?

    4. The remainder of my comments have been redacted.

  32. I would love nothing more than to look back 5 years from this week and say that the 2019 draft was the catelyst in thrusting the 49ers back to glory.
    Let’s go, John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan.

    1. Good luck with that..As long as that tool paraag maraathe and his freakshow York’s are involved this team is going nowhere

  33. I’ve seen this movie before..Watched it for the last twenty years….Hope and optimism only to be the laughing stock of the NFL…again..Aah the life of a forty Niner fan

    1. Considering the Yorks are likely to sit on the 9ers iron throne for at least the next several decades, prospects for the return of the 9ers dynasty are about nil, no? Let’s just give up….

  34. George,
    Thanks for the link.
    I especially like how Bosa opens an avenue for other teammates along the Dline because he is being double teamed.

    My only concern is that the Cards may target Bosa. I believe that Arizona has been dangling Murray the last couple of months just to get a feeler around the league for Rosen’ value.

    We will get all of our questions answered by the end of the week.

  35. 4 more days until the draft. The Niners are in position to do very well, especially if they manage to trade back. All the wild speculations and rumors will be moot, once the Niners are on the clock.
    I do not think they will get a deal done before the draft, because everything depends on what the Cards do.
    Gruden and the Raiders are also a wild card. He might want to move up, but is playing his cards close to his vest. Sending his scouts home is a big clue. I think the purge of Reggie MacKenzie personnel will continue.
    Giants, with their 12 picks, have a lot of draft capital to work with.
    Jets seems determined to trade back, and TB is in a good position to make a deal. There are going to be several QB needy teams looking to move up to get one of the 4 best QBs in the draft.
    I hope the Niners can manage to trade back, and refrain from trading up.

  36. Here is what Prisco had to say about Arizona no longer being interested in Murray:

    Initially, the ownership pushed for Kyler Murray. That much I know, I was told that. The reason they did is they are having a hard time selling tickets. Well, they put it out there. Arizona was lukewarm to it. All of a sudden, they are pulling back and from what I’ve been told, they are going to go in a different direction. They are not going to draft Kyler Murray.

    There are those out there who don’t like Prisco, for sure, but he generally stays away from the hot takes and rumor-mill reaches. Unlike a few others, including a fellow CBS Sports insider, Prisco’s record for being wrong about these kinds of reports isn’t bad, so we’ll see.

    1. Here’s another quote from that article:

      “Keep in mind, 10 of the last 11 first-round quarterbacks taken have been acquired via a trade of some sort. The only exception of that bunch, of course, being the Cleveland Browns selecting Baker Mayfield No. 1 overall in the 2018 NFL Draft. No need for a trade-up there.”

  37. The Athletic posted a seven round mock for the Niners showing picks by Barrows, Middlekauf, and Dave Lombardi. Of interest is that they used, the same site I use.

    Below is the reprint (since there is a paywall, the link is no good):

    General​ manager John Lynch said​ the 49ers​ will​ wrap up​ their​ draft​ preparation​ by​ doing​ countless mock simulations​ —​ even​​ wrangling people from the non-football side of the building — so that there are no surprise scenarios when the big day arrives.

    The Athletic took the same approach in having three writers think their ways through a seven-round mock draft. Or more accurately, a six-round mock since the 49ers traded away their seventh-rounder this year in the deal with Cleveland that landed reserve offensive tackle Shon Coleman.

    The result: A lot of different names.

    Of the 18 possible picks, there was just one overlap — Ohio State’s Nick Bosa with the No. 2 overall selection, and even that wasn’t an unanimous choice. The position groups were similar. There were a lot of wide receivers and defensive backs taken. And this might be a year in which the 49ers take a punter. But the draft is deep in all of those areas, and the names differed.

    We used Fanspeak, a web site that allows users to play the role of general manager for a specific team while a computer model fills in selections for the other 31 squads. Some of the simulations the computer presented — for example, Quinnen Williams going to the Falcons at pick No. 14 — seemed farfetched and were scrapped for more realistic scenarios.

    The site also offered plenty of trade options, and making deals is something Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have done liberally since they took over. For the sake of this exercise, however, we stuck to the script and made choices where the team currently has picks.

    Here are the results:

    Round 1, No. 2 overall
    Matt Barrows: Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State

    Yes, the 49ers signed an edge rusher, Dee Ford, in free agency. But defenses need two in the pass-happy NFL and as it stands the team’s second-best edge rusher might be Ronald Blair. Bosa would play on the strong side of the formation, the same spot his big brother plays for the Chargers.

    John Middlekauff: Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama

    The 49ers go with the most talented player in the draft with their top pick. Williams will be paired with DeForest Buckner and the two immediately would become one of the most talented inside combinations in the NFL. It should also help Ford get loose on the edge, and maybe even give Solomon Thomas a chance to excel.

    David Lombardi: Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State

    If the pick is between Bosa and Williams, my rationale is simple: The 49ers still need edge help more than they need inside help. Bosa’s frame and skill set fit the strong-side perfectly, forming a nice complement to the lighter Ford.

    Round 2, No. 36 overall
    Barrows: Chris Lindstrom, G, Boston College

    Receivers A.J. Brown and Harry were off the board in my simulation. So I went with the ant-over-grasshopper choice with Lindstrom. The 49ers may not need him right away, but he’s the second-rated guard in the draft and one whose quick feet are ideal for the 49ers’ zone-running scheme. Lindstrom plays right guard. The 49ers’ top two players there right now are vagabond Mike Person and under-achieving Joshua Garnett.

    Middlekauff: N’Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State

    This offense is desperate for a big-time playmaker on the outside. Harry is a big, physical wide receiver who is excellent when it comes to contested catches, and he is just a flat-out playmaker with the football in his hands. He reminds me of JuJu Smith-Schuster. This gives Jimmy Garoppolo a chance to have his version of Anquan Boldin, and Harry would pair perfectly with George Kittle as a one-two punch.

    Lombardi: Darnell Savage, S, Maryland

    Here’s a player who looks like he can develop into the pure free safety that the 49ers’ Cover 3 scheme covets. Savage was named the best defensive back at the Senior Bowl, where the 49ers staff coached, and he’s logged a sizzling 4.36-second 40-yard dash.

    Round 3, No. 67 overall
    Barrows: Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State

    No, Butler doesn’t have the wiggle and fluidity that Shanahan prefers. But at this stage in the draft, he won’t be looking for perfection. Instead, Butler offers a big (6-5, 227), deceptively fast, feisty target who is very hard to bring to the ground. If Butler falls this far — and I’m more than a tad skeptical he would — it’s easy to see him lining up on the outside opposite Dante Pettis.

    Middlekauff: Deionte Thompson, FS, Alabama

    This would be an absolute steal if the 49ers could land Thompson in the third round. He would pair with Jaquiski Tartt at safety and they would complement each other perfectly. Thompson can play the back end, has good range and ball skills to cover up Tartt’s in-the-box style. A Nick Saban product, Thompson has excellent football intelligence, making him an immediate starter.

    Lombardi: J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, WR, Stanford

    Was there a better contested-catch receiver in college football over the past couple of years? Arcega-Whiteside helped his draft stock during the offseason by testing well for a player of his large frame. At 4.5 seconds in the 40-yard dash, Arcega-Whiteside isn’t a lumbering target who’ll struggle to get separation. He can diversify the 49ers’ receiving corps and improve all facets of the passing game — and the running game, since he can block on the perimeter.

    Round 4, No. 104
    Barrows: Jace Sternberger, TE, Texas A&M

    With Garrett Celek heading into the final year of his contract, it’s time for the 49ers to replenish their tight ends room. Sternberger averaged a wide receiver-like 17.3 yards per reception last season, meaning that opponents will be in pick-your-poison mode when he and Kittle are on the field at the same time. If Sternberger is gone, a local product, San Jose State’s Josh Oliver, might be a nice alternative.

    Middlekauff: Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State

    This might be the biggest steal in the draft. I doubt he is there, but in this simulation, he was. Shanahan has learned he can’t depend on Marquise Goodwin’s health on a weekly basis. The 49ers desperately need a deep threat for the future, especially with Harry owning the short and intermediate routes. Campbell possesses elite deep speed, and Shanahan has proven he can utilize these speed-type players. He’d be an ideal fit in this offense.

    Lombardi: Lonnie Johnson, CB, Kentucky

    NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah recently projected Johnson to go in the first round at No. 20, which shocked a lot of people. Fanspeak simulations obviously didn’t think as highly of Johnson, as he was still available in almost all of them until the third or fourth rounds. But Kentucky enjoyed a breakout 2018 season and Johnson’s 6-foot-2 frame makes him an intriguing corner to add to the fold. This 49ers’ position room will benefit from more competition.

    Round 6, No. 176
    Barrows: Sheldrick Redwine, FS, Miami

    A one-time cornerback, Redwine found his niche at safety and last year led the Hurricanes with three interceptions. He has good speed (4.44 seconds in the 40) and athleticism (39-inch vertical jump) and the 49ers coached him at the Senior Bowl. And let’s not overlook the obvious: He has the perfect surname for Northern California.

    Middlekauff: Saivion Smith, CB, Alabama

    He’d be the third Alabama player of the draft, but why not? They have the best players. Smith is a tall, long press corner, which the 49ers’ defensive scheme demands. He started 12 games this past year for the Crimson Tide, and he has proven to have solid ball skills. He is a little bit of a project, but in the sixth round this would be an excellent late-round flier.

    Lombardi: Jake Bailey, P, Stanford

    In 2015, the 49ers used a fifth-round pick on punter Bradley Pinion. I will not be surprised if they draft a punter again this year, and since Pinion left via free agency, they need a kickoff man, too. Unlike Utah’s Mitch Wishnowsky, who primarily punts in rugby style, Bailey has a traditional, powerful and accurate leg that got the job done on both kickoffs and punts at Stanford. Heck, some Cardinal fans even wanted Bailey to win the Heisman.

    Round 6, No. 212
    Barrows: Mitch Wishnowsky, P, Utah

    Fanspeak didn’t offer any options for punter, but we’re taking one here. There’s a bit of a debate as to who is the better punter, Stanford’s Bailey or Wishnowsky, who hails from Perth, Australia. Bailey is considered the better technician while Wishnowsky, at 225 pounds, is heftier and has the bigger leg. The 49ers did a lot of research on punters and it would not be a surprise if they drafted one.

    Middlekauff: Emeke Egbule, LB, Houston

    This would be a very good late-round pick. An excellent athlete for a linebacker, Egbule should be able to compete for a spot on special teams right away. He has the play speed to cover kicks and the upside to develop into a cover linebacker in nickel and dime packages. The key to late round guys is having a big upside, and Egbule possesses that. This would be a steal for the 49ers brass late in the draft.

    Lombardi: Iman Marshall, CB, USC

    Yes, USC isn’t the USC of old. But Marshall was a standout there, and he’s been a solid football player ever since being rated one of the nation’s top prospects coming out of high school. Building quality depth throughout the secondary should be paramount for the 49ers, and finishing the draft with a polished pick like this would leave a good taste in the team’s mouth.

    1. I like Barrows 2nd round pick of Lindstrom and Lombardi’s 6th round pick of Marshall, although I think he’ll go higher than that. I also like Lombardi’s 6th round pick of Bailey, I feel like Bailey has a high chance of making it on the team.

      Pretty hard to imagine that Parris Campbell could make it to the 4th considering he’s a candidate to sneak into the end of the first round.

    2. I just started learning about the potential draft picks beyond pass rusher. NFL Matchup Draft Edition was a good intro. Jace Sternberger seems like a good pick if he falls to fourth. I won’t be shocked if Shanalynch pick a receiver and a TE in rounds 2-4.

  38. I like Grant’s podcasts with Larry. Either of them can be pretty logical one moment and “high as a kite” and “pulling stuff out of his a&s” the next moment (that’s Larry’s choice of words describing Grant’s views, don’t blame me :)
    I think Grant should consider a full-time career on radio, maybe starting out by playing Robin to Larry’s Batman (after sending Gary into the sunset in the latter’s Bentley)? I’m trying to imagine some of the regulars here on sports talk radio…

  39. Glazer:

    I think that Bosa and Williams are the two surest players in the draft. Both of those guys will have long, productive, probably Pro-Bowl type careers. I think the 49ers are looking for one of those edge pass rushers and Quinnen Williams is a phenomenal prospect but every time Nick Bosa gets on the field something happens — he changes a game. That’s what teams are going to be looking for. You can’t go wrong with either one of those guys because you know what you’re going to get. Others may end up having incredible upside but there’s some gamble to selecting them. There’s no gamble with either one of these two guys.

  40. I’ve touted DeAndre Baker as the best corner but I’m downgrading him and putting Rock Ya-Sin in his spot. RYS likely wont be one of the first couple corners selected but ultimately he’ll end up being the best in this class.

  41. I would love Sternberger in the 4th rd. This guy could carry another 10 lbs of muscle and still move around with fluidity.
    Mark Bavaro 2.0
    Unfortunately, I see Belichik grabbing him ahead of us.

  42. Wonderlic scores for 2019 QBs have leaked out. Highest listed was Ryan Finley at 43 and lowest listed was Kyler Murray at 20. Some notables:

    Daniel Jones – 37
    Jarrett Stidham – 27
    Drew Lock – 26
    Dwayne Haskins – 25

    Does the Wonderlic matter?

    From the article:

    “In a column for Sports Illustrated, Edward Krupat, PhD, wrote the Wonderlic is “an outdated way of thinking about intelligence when it comes to predicting performance on the football field.”

    “A well-researched article on Medium looked at quarterbacks only and determined there was a minor benefit at this position: “There seems to be a sort of smartness threshold, where the best NFL quarterbacks need to be at least this smart to see success. But once a QB passes that threshold (around a score of 25), their additional smartness has little to no effect on success on the field.”

    “All of the quarterbacks in this draft are mostly above or around that 25 mark.

    Former NFL scout John Middlekauff said last year regarding the Wonderlic, “everything matters when it comes to quarterbacks.”

  43. Grant…

    Is there some correlation between on-field performance and Wonderlic scores? Not looking for a knee-jerk reaction–rather, your considered opinion.


    1. I’d guess no, at least not universally. QB could be an exception. We seemed to like checking that box in evaluation if last year was any indication. Then there’s players like Frank Gore who’s football acumen is second to none, but his wonderlic was very poor. I think the chalkboard intel sessions are much more useful, and the wonderlic is just a measurement, like arm length, broad jump or throwing velocity….

  44. What did I tell you Sebbers? You want #2, you’d better come big or go home!

    “If something came to us that was too good to be true,” 49ers General Manager John Lynch said on the possibility of trading back, via Cam Inman of the Bay Area Sports group. “[There are] players we’d be comfortable taking in the middle of the round, like at 10. We’ve done our due diligence.”

    3rd Degree Burns would be my guess at #10.

    The 49ers would want at least a second first-round draft pick to move back this year, Matt Maiocco of reports.

    1. It is a QB driven league. Some team will want to move up. Mayock may want the option of either Haskins or Bosa, while retaining the 24th and 27th picks. The Raiders could offer their first, second and fifth round picks (4, 35, 140), and a 2020 third round pick. If the Raiders picked 11th in 2020 draft, it would balance out in the TVC.
      Maybe JL can get the Raiders and Giants into a bidding war, and garner an additional first round pick.
      Maybe the Packers could offer both their first round picks and their second round picks (12, 39, 44) plus a 2020 third round pick, for the Niners’ number 2 overall pick. Maybe they want the replacement for Clay Mathews.
      Maybe TB could trade their first, second and 5th round picks (5, 39, 145) plus a 2020 second round pick to get the QB they covet.
      If the Niners trade back with the Giants, then Denver, Miami and Washington may be second trade back partners.
      The Niners may even want to trade back from 36.
      Burns at 10 would be fine with me.

        1. JL had JG fall into his lap. That seemed to good to be true, but now the Niners have a franchise QB who can lead them to victories, with the proper support.

  45. “I think that he’s a great teammate,” 49ers General Manager John Lynch said of the former Ohio State defensive end, via Matt Maiocco of “I’m not going to get too far because a lot can happen at [No. 1]. He can go one. In general, we spend a lot of time vetting these guys and everything about them. You put something into all of it.”

    The 49ers have done their due diligence on Bosa, whom Lynch called “a heck of a player.” But the team has spent a lot of time on all the top prospects, researching and considering everything.

    “We try to be as thorough in the process as we can,” Lynch said. “That is something we look at it. We also look at what kind of teammate is he. What do his teammates think about him? And when I say ‘him,’ I’m speaking of any prospect.

    “In particular, when you talk about guys who are going to go that high, you’ve vetted these guys in every way. You try to look at things like that. What kind of member of your organization will this guy be in every respect? You look at it all. We’ve done that with all the prospects.”

    Like it or not, Bosa has the same rights to his opinions as anyone else.

  46. Grant Cohn, I’m proud I never wrote a “glowing puff” piece about Nick Bosa.

    Jealousy, it’s my 2nd favorite sin.

    Tell Matt Maiocco I said hi. Awkward….🔪🔙

    1. Comments like this sadly indicate that Grant will only look at the negative in regards to Bosa if he ends up being drafted by the 49ers.

      1. When the 49ers draft Nick Bosa, Grant’s head will explode. MWD, is your final mock done yet? Mine is, but I’m waiting for Grant’s to post….

    1. Superb!

      Character. Leading via example.

      “Lastly, I came back because of the commitment I gave to Stanford and my teammates when I signed my letter of intent. I always want to be the best football player and teammate I can possibly be.”

      Commitment to teammates and school. Very cool. Not all that common.

      1. I hope that Bellichick drafts him rather than McVay — prefer him not in NFCW. Don’t see Niners drafting another RB.

  47. Chris Collinsworth, TV announcer and part owner of PFF, has the 49ers picking Bosa at #2 slot.

    “Bosa is the best defensive player on the board despite playing just 113 snaps last season with Ohio State. He had a higher pass-rushing win rate as a true freshman than Brian Burns, Clelin Ferrell and Jachai Polite did a season ago. If he doesn’t go first overall, this is arguably the easiest pick of the draft.”

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