Grant and Lowell Cohn to announce 49ers road games on Hot Mic

A broascast microphone is seen prior to an NFL football game between the Carolina Panthers and the Los Angeles Rams in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday, Sept. 8, 2019. (AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

Big news: Starting Sunday, the retired Lowell Cohn and I will announce 49ers road games for Hot Mic — a cool new app that lets you sync your television broadcast with announcers of your choice. Download Hot Mic in the app store, and use the invite code: “COHN10.”

You can listen to my dad and I, and participate in the PD’s live blog at the same time.

The Cohn Zohn is back.

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  1. That’s a cool idea for an app. I’ll definitely check it out. Should prove more interesting than the status quo.

      1. If you have a 5.1 or 7.1 home theater system, mute the center channel. It removes the announcers but you still get the field and stadium background audio. Pretty cool.

  2. And this…


    I would love to listen, but I don’t think Google Play has the app.

    Hot Mic

    Replying to @ROGUE36BLACK @grantcohn @LowellCohn
    We will have it available in google play is 6 weeks, hopefully sooner.

  3. Congratulations Grant. Unfortunately, the likelihood I will be able to use the app for watching 49ers road games is close to zero due to where I live.

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy the experience with your Dad. Those moments are priceless. I’ll download the app but not sure I can get to it this weekend – im travelling. Hopefully, you will do a few more games.

  5. I don’t know that I will use this app sounds cool I just enjoy turning off all my devices for 3hrs and just watching dish like back in the days when life was simple!

  6. Congrats, Grant.

    So let me see if I understand how this works. I turn on the TV to the 49ers game. I then mute the TV and fire up the app on my iphone and listen to you guys announcing the game over my cellphone. Correct?

    1. Or I pad or if I am right Cubus I think you can synch it with your tv if it is a smart tv. Hope you have someone in your life that is smart with technology, my kids and wife are much smarter than me, I am definitely more Fred Flinstone than George Jettson.

    1. Niners should offer Dolphins a third, maybe conditional second. Would be a strong addition especially given Verett won’t be here for long.

      1. Only gave up one TD in coverage as a rookie. Wants out of a tire fire in Miami, which is understandable.
        I would imagine Miami wants too much

        1. They want a first apparently (lmao) but will take a second. I’d do a second. I think he would fill a hole on the roster.

            1. I heard if they trade Mullens, they could get a boatload…

              But in all seriousness, I think they could make something happen. Solly and a 3rd? I’d take that, and he’s young enough that Miami might be tempted too.

              1. Sad for that once proud organization! A warning to all others that glory is fleeting and difficult to maintain.

          1. A second I wouldn’t hesitate. Not having a second certainly complicates that, but a 3rd and Solly would suffice. Or some other equivalent . He’d be a real nice piece in the secondary.

  7. I said the Bucs defense might be pretty good. They sure looked good then, coming off a short week. Cam looked considerably worse than Jimmy G did.

    1. Jameis looked pretty sharp too. What if the Bucs aren’t the inept pushovers a lot of our realists have made them out to be?

      1. Would certainly make the week 1 win look a lot more impressive. And crucial, given that they may be in wild card contention.

  8. Grant…

    On hotmic, how are TV breaks/timeouts and halftime handled? Do hotmic announcers fill the air with chit-chat, or will hotmic pump in advertising?

  9. Cool….I can mute the volume on the game and listen to REAL football people while sipping IPA’s and watching the games…thanks Grant

    1. I really like the Solly/Third round pick deal. Would be good for Miami too as they could get more out of Solly. I don’t love trading a first for Minkah and a second. Granted the second will likely be a pseudo-first given how high it will be, I don’t now what the current o-line landscape looks like for next draft but I’d like to see that adressed. But I mean, potentially getting a long-term solution to corner/safety is a good trade off, so who knows.

      1. A first for Minkah and a second wouldn’t be bad. Especially if the Niners pushed into the playoffs. Miami is picking top 3. So moving down 10-14 spots for a Minkah would look pretty great. Could take a guard at 33 or 34 and thus would be addressing both biggest needs.

      2. Sadly, Miami will not be interested in Solly.
        Niners should not give up a first round pick, especially since they have no second round pick.

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