Grant Cohn and Larry Krueger discuss 20 reasons for 49ers optimism, plus more

Brian Hoyer waits for the snap during practice

KNBR’s Larry Krueger invited me back on his “Krueg Show” podcast Monday. We discussed my recent column on the 20 reasons to feel optimistic about the 49ers in 2017, plus the potential signing of Kirk Cousins in 2018 and more. You can listen to the interview below.

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  1. Good stuff, Grant. I have one quibble. There’s no way Johnson is faster than Reaser. Johnson is a 4.5 guy whereas pre-injury, Reaser was a 4.3 guy….

      1. Yea, he’s not an elite speed guy, and if you watched him against Watkins and the Clemson Tigers it was quite apparent. Reaser had legit elite 4.3 speed.

  2. Actually Johnson ran an official 4.45 at the combine, and generally speaking, unless guys do a lot of training for this event, guys his size and length usually take longer to hit top speed off the starting line than a shorter guy like Reaser. So yah, I’d guess when you’re talking pure long speed, Johnson may in fact be faster than Reaser.

      1. His graft from the cadaver was rejected, and Doc Andrews fixed it in February of 2014, if I’m not mistaken. Should be fully recovered, and back to 4.3 speed.

    1. “This is a value pick. The 49ers have so many picks, so they are picking for next year. They will put Reaser on the PUP list, but this is a 4.3 (40) corner and those are rare.” — Mike Mayock

  3. Really enjoyed it. Thanks very much, Grant. Your knowledge about the team does shine through.

    One unrelated suggestion, which I’ve made before, about your picture next to your bio: Don’t you have something current of you that your IT guy could use? No response to this expected.

  4. I’m just going to come out and say it. This team is going 10-6 and will win a playoff game. It doesn’t have the same level of talent that Harbaugh had in his first year, but part of what propelled that team was desire from having been losers under Singletary, and seeing the difference that good coaching makes. This is an emotional game. Take a team with middling talent like the 49ers now have and get them fired up beyond belief about the scheme and coaching, and what it feels like to play professional football again, then combine that with an easy schedule and watch this thing start to steamroll from mid-season on!

    Players I think are going to have a huge impact (and the NFL doesn’t see this coming):

    Brian Hoyer
    Trent Taylor
    Joe Williams
    Jeremy Zuttah
    Elvis Dumervil
    Reuben Foster
    Rashard Robinson

  5. Staley/Beadles/Zuttah/Garnett/Brown starting OL.
    Gilligan OT/Fusco OG/Barnes OG

    Notable cut, Daniel Kilgore.

    1. The OL has suffered since Goodwin left. Zuttah should be significantly better than Kilgore. But who is the backup if Kilgore is gone? Can Beadles handle that job to at least the level that Kilgore can?

        1. any time someone says a guy can play a lot of positions it usually means he doesn’t play one really well. Hopeful as I am I predict two of the top 6 picks next year will be offensive line. I don’t think any of the three up there will beat out Kilgore for back up spot. There are three spots to upgrade and one of the ones not being upgraded needs to step up

      1. Yeah, Grant … good interview ..
        Like fine wine … (w/o the sulfides) .. you seem
        to get better at it … with age ! … {-:

        RE: the bio pic …
        you got one with you wearing a ‘stash … or a goatee ..?

  6. Grant, this is my first time posting on here.

    I’ve read some of your stuff before and have been turned off by it. I too believed you were VERY pessimistic. But what I do like now is that you give good insightful facts about why you believe something and you try to be fair. The turning point for me was when you retracted your view on this year’s free agency. It takes a lot of guts to do that. I respect you for that.

    Anyways, keep up the good work. You’ve gained a new reader in me. I look forward to reading your articles and hearing your opinion on my favorite team.

          1. Yeah … I think you should !!

            You’d look quite dashing !! … and probably
            end up havin’ to beat the women off
            with a stick, too ! … :-}

  7. Grant, congratulations! You cut back on your ‘Uhs’, I must say that you seem stilted in your delivery by trying so hard to not say ‘uh’,but that slight pause is way better than saying ‘Uh’. Major improvement, I only heard one ‘uh’ the whole interview.
    Commenting on the overall interview, you gave good insights and backed up your assessments with personal observations. Kreuger asked great questions, he was a real pro. He did a great job to direct the conversation, then stepping back and letting you expound on the subject.
    Commenting on the topics, I sure liked Kreuger bringing up questions about Hoyer, and he pointed out that Kaep was superior physically, and mentioned the Len Eshmont Award to bring up the fact that Kaep could still be a leader. When he mentioned Hoyer’s playoff game, I thought Kreuger must be reading my posts. Glad you mentioned Barkley, because I, too, think he may win the QB competition.
    Almost every facet of the team was covered, so it was very informative, and I was impressed with the whole interview. Hope you will take my constructive criticism about the ‘Uhs’ not personally, since I did say you improved greatly and hope you appreciate my praise, because it was well deserved.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Qb’s play with their brain, Seb……………..Sheesh!

      You should stay away from the QB position. You simply are incapable of making intelligent and objective judgement’s about this position. All emotional with you……….

      1. Saw, I guess you are getting nervous. Snyder will pay, because not paying will be a disaster for the whole season.
        With Cousins locked up, the Niners will need to look elsewhere. I wonder who is still on the FA market?
        Pity, it would have been nice to let Cousins fall into their lap, because he is one QB who better than Kaep, since he will be paid a boatload as the franchise QB. Snyder will pay any amount to not let Cousins go to KS, and indirectly to MS.
        Emotional? Look in a mirror.

        1. If Saw doesn’t have a mirror, could he borrow one of yours Seb? You have so many of them. Just wipe the nose prints off first, okay?

      1. ‘Frankly, I do not give a damn.’
        Lately, Grant seems to be getting the standard derogatory pablum, so I wanted to throw him a cookie.
        If I see improvement, I want him to know, so he can learn and grow.
        I thought the whole interview was riveting. I listened non stop. I learned a lot, and they both conversed about a topic about which I am hungry for any tidbits. I want to listen to more interviews like this last one.

        1. Yes Seb, good interview. Find it curious how you laud Grant, then pick at him just a little–taking the approach that ‘you did very well little boy, you even reduced your usage of Uhs…’ A subtle dig. Someone in your life must have treated you similarly as you were growing up; ‘You show promise little boy; however…’ Shows in your narcissistic behavior–you are in the position of dispensing criticism, haunted by not being quite good enough.

          1. No, I have been taught that during speaking in any interview or out in public, saying ‘uh’ is frowned upon. Media 101.
            Grant had a previous interview where the ‘uh’s were conspicuous and way too many, and he was called out for them.
            Unlike you, who is a toady and sycophant for Baalke, I feel perfectly comfortable criticizing Grant if he messes up, just like I feel that I can give praise with no expectation of acknowledgement. Your incessant drivel criticizing me is totally expected since you are catfishing under Cassie Baalke’s name. The stench of Baalke will remain as long as you keep posting your screeds.
            Haunted by not being good enough? Maybe you should read my posts more carefully. I have no delusions or fears of lacking confidence, and you just expose yourself as a gadfly to condemn me for having a big ego, then criticize me for thinking I might not be good enough.

  8. Great to hear you and Larry discuss the team and upcoming season! Has much as your and larry’s negative slant bugs and annoy’s me at times, my kids say the same things about me! Thanks for the knowledge and fun entertainment!

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