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  1. Nate Burleson is on record as doubting that the 2019 49ers are ready to Make The Move against the Rams or Seahawks. Jimmy has to play well for us to have a chance, and he looked like a deer in headlights last year. I think Jimmy will struggle a little bit initially just because of the amount of time he’s missed, but if the team can carry some of his water until midway through the season keeping them in the mix; Jimmy should by then be feeling his oats and could make it a photo finish….

  2. Interesting interview. His accent made me wonder if he would go off on a tangent, and talk cricket or soccer football. it seemed odd, listening to a British person discussing American Football.
    Grant and Colin covered a lot of territory. Division dynamics, opposition analysis , position assessments, historical perspectives, draft trade back scenarios. Colin even mentioned trading back, and still getting the player they covet.
    I agree that JL is on the hot seat, but I think he rising to the occasion and the challenge. JL was swinging for the fences, when he made all those FA deals and the trade for Ford. He is either going down swinging, or he will hit it out of the park. With the draft looming, JL needs to use all of his years of football experience to hit a grand slam in the draft. I hope JL bans Paraag and Jed from the draft war room, and relies on his gut instincts, and less on analytics. JL should make his mark by this draft, and not let anyone dictate to him.
    Maybe Paraag and Jed can buy those seats, sit quietly, and let JL work his magic. JL should channel BW, put on his Trade John Hat, be bold, decisive, and be fair, so all deals are win/ wins. He should only make deals with teams out of the playoffs, who are also striving hard to improve. He should avoid deals that might help the Pats in any way.
    JL should get the coach’s perspectives and wants, then huddle with his scouts to produce the type of player that may help the team win. KS should stop being so insistent on a player, and let JL do his job. He should also only insist on trading up if it would help them get into the playoffs. If they are still rebuilding, they should save all their picks, and maybe trade back to garner more.
    I agree, the Pats schooled the Rams. McVay did not have a clue, and should have installed 5 new plays that the Pats had never seen before. The Wide 9 defense shut down the fly sweeps, so now the Niners have a blueprint on how to stop the Rams.
    Niners should trade back with the Raiders, who covet Bosa. They could get the Raiders’ first, second, 4th and 2020 3rd round picks to move back 2 spots and let Gruden get his replacement for Mack. Raiders still keep their 24th and 27th picks, so that should be fair to them. Then, with the 4th pick, they should select Oliver. who can help on short yardage situations on offense. along with being a force all along the defensive line.
    Bet Colin was happy eliciting all that information and opinions from Grant, it was very entertaining.

      1. Well, you wake up in the mornin’, you hear the work bell ring,
        And they march you to the table to see the same old thing.
        Ain’t no food upon the table, and no pork up in the pan.
        But you better not complain, boy, you get in trouble with the man.
        Let the Sebbie Special shine a light on me,
        Let the Sebbie Special shine a ever lovin’ light on me.

      2. Just synopsized the 38 minutes, for those who do not want to spend all that time listening, including some of my comments.

  3. I have faith in ..Kyle Shannahan
    I have no faith in
    John Lynch
    Martin Mayhew
    Robert Saleh
    The York’s
    Predict another long wait for another losing season
    6 and 10 book it

  4. Grinch

    I wasn’t any happier with some of John Lynch’s draft choices than anybody on here…but I don’t want to poison the well with negative crap that would tend to make JL doubt himself…”don’t put that club back in the bag…” If it were me, in his position, I’d make a list of what we need in the draft, and a second list of what we DON’T need. GM Lynch knows what is necessary to win, and is probably ‘grateful’ for his draft position and the array of quality , NEED players to choose from. Frankly, I’ve never seen such a draft….chosen wisely, this draft can stock our roster for the next 10 years.

    Go for it JL….make us proud again…

    1. Ore, I whole heartedly agree. Yes, JL is too accommodating, and let KS dictate who he wanted, but he also wanted to be on the same page as KS, unlike the previous regime. After seeing KS’s draft selections blow up in his face, I hope KS can take a step back, let the Scouts have more say, and let JL do his job.
      While I agree with Grant and think JL may be on the hot seat if the team under performs again, while KS will still be safe, I like JL and am rooting for him to succeed. Just by stopping the leaks, JL has turned the organization around.
      I totally agree that this draft is loaded with talent, so I hope JL can hit a grand slam. I sure hope he avoids the red flagged players, and any ACL players. I also hope he is smart about trading up, and trading back. I hope he has a deal in place even before the draft, so the Niners can trade back, get more picks, and still get the player they covet. I hope he is patient, saves his picks, and refrains from trading up, then still gets the player they targeted, without spending an additional pick.

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