Grant talks 49ers on KRON’s Bay Area Sports Night

New Orleans Saints wide receiver Tre’Quan Smith (10) passes in the first half an NFL football game against the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans, Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019. (AP Photo/Butch Dill)

Check out my latest appearance on KRON’s Bay Area Sports Night with Mark Carpenter and Jason Dumas. We discuss Jimmy Garoppolo, Weston Richburg, the 49ers defense and more.

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  1. No one has to tell Foye Oluokun that you can’t keep a good TE down.

    We have to get multiple hats to the ball and bring him down.

  2. I am not sure how to deal with the Arik Armstead contract…….

    Do we really need him?

    Can we get by with DJ Jones/Soloman/Street/Day next to Buckner……..

    1. we can drop Solomon Thomas and Sheldon day, and keep Armstead, Solomon and Day are replacable players in the upcoming draft.

        1. On my phone and can’t figure out how to get link. Title of article is: Let’s argue: Kyle Shanahan is the reason the 49ers aren’t undefeated

          See his answer to second question.

            1. McKinnon, Coleman, Staley. Saved you a little more than $20m. Skule, Brunskill, Coleman fight for the starting LT role.

              Mostert, Breida, Wilson at RB. Grab another in the draft or an UDFA.

              1. Yes. 2 years. 0 snaps. $8.5m cap hit next year.

                Staley will be 36 and the 4th highest cap hit on the team. Move that money to younger/valuable guys.

              2. I feel you…..but just imagine Mckn in this offense……the speed around the corner …..think Vikings Cook……

              3. I’d be very surprised if they cut Staley. When they extended his contract, IMO, Shanalynch made a statement that they value his leadership and experience, as much as his playing skill. His missing half the season is atypical as Scooter pointed out. Staley has always produced above his positional pay. Bowman’s case was completely different since he had become a liability in coverage. Staley played very well against the Saints and has been playing at a pretty high level except when he was rusty after his return.

                Also, I don’t think Walsh’s approach of cutting players earlier than later works anymore in the days of salary cap and free agency.

              4. McKinnon, Coleman, Staley, Taylor, and I hate to say it, but somehow cut bait with K Alexander now. The guy is a walking injury waiting to happen.
                Someone that’s missed this much time with two injuries should not be making that kind of money.
                He’s good. But how many games will they get “good” with?
                There are three players that need to be signed ASAP
                Buckner, Armstead, and Kittle.
                Whoever else you have to cut bait with should be done.
                Dee Ford is closing in on my personal cut list also.

              5. The 49ers announced Thursday they placed TE Garrett Celek on IR, ending his injury-plagued season. They promoted TE Daniel Helm from the PS. Celek had offseason back surgery and began the season on the physically unable to perform list. The 49ers activated Celek on Nov. 11. He appeared in five games this season, with one start.

                Helm originally signed with the Chargers as an undrafted rookie FA on May 10. The Chargers waived him in training camp, and the 49ers claimed him Aug. 2. The 49ers waived Helm out of the preseason and signed him to the PS the following day. SF signed safety Jacob Thieneman to fill Helm’s spot on the PS.

              6. «  I don’t think Walsh’s approach of cutting players earlier than later works anymore in the days of salary cap and free agency. »

                Sure it does, especially with the way the 49ers structure most of their contracts. Staley has only $1mil in dead cap if he’s released this off-season, $500k if the following.

                This isn’t the mid to late 90’s when the team was burying itself with bad contracts.

              7. @hammer

                Sure it does, especially with the way the 49ers structure most of their contracts.

                I was commenting from the performance viewpoint. Before salary cap and more pro-player free agency, Eddie paid backup (who was almost as good as the starter) very well to ride the pine until the starter showed start of decline. These days. there’s a bigger performance drop off from a top-quartile starter to a backup unless one can use scheme to mask the drop off. Sure, Paraag does an exceptional job in drawing up team-friendly contracts but it’s all about getting out of contracts of grossly under-performing players. It’s not about getting rid of Pro-Bowl players who are past their prime but not significantly in decline, like Staley. Otherwise Paraag will lose the trust of the agents, most of who will not sign similar contracts with other front offices in the first place. IIRC, Bowman requested to be released rather than be traded. They did not cut him.

                I can see Staley playing out his contract unless there is steep decline or Staley loses interest. Staley is a great athlete who works hard to take care of his body. If Whitworth can play competently at 38, so can Staley, IMO.

              8. « I was commenting from the performance viewpoint. »

                The offense didn’t miss a beat without Staley.

              9. McKinnon is gone.
                He wasn’t a great runner to begin with and now he’s been out of the game for 2 years. At this point I think he offers far less than Brieda, Williams or Mostart and will cost more than all 3 combined.

            2. Oh yeah McKinnon should have his bags packed already….plus as gifted of an athlete he is, i would give him ’til about week 4 until he’s back on the IR. We paid him more than enough for his time. No question Lynch’s worst signing, but no one saw that coming.

              Staley on the other hand is a tough sell, considering he’s a legend. He deserves the utmost respect from the Organization. That being said don’t know about a cut, possibly a trade. But I think negotiating a pay cut should be the 1st option imo.

              1. best we win the SB…..that way staley can go out on top…..

                I don’t think its a good look if they cut him…..

              2. « I don’t think its a good look if they cut him….. »

                Meh. Who cares? This regime moved on from Navarro Bowman in the middle of their first year. You do what it takes to make your team the best possible. If Walsh was around he would have let Staley’s contract run out this year instead of giving him that extension.

              3. hmm….this locker room is different…..they look up to Staley and it’s not like he sucks….or couldn’t play at a top level like Bowman….

              4. Believe it or not, there’s going to be guys who are on this team now who won’t be around next September.

                Staley is on the downside of his career. Trade/Cut him. Use the money to keep a younger, more productive player. If he’s that important to the locker room they can hire him as an assistant.

              5. Can’t agree with moving on from Staley just yet. Yes, this year he has been beset by injuries, but prior to this season he has mostly been fine health wise and still playing at a high level. I’d keep him around for at least one more season.

                As for Armstead, yeah, it will suck to lose him. But I just don’t see the team paying him top dollar to keep him around. I think they like the depth they have built behind him. I suspect Blair is the guy they will try and keep.

              6. If Joe is able to finish out his contract, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest he cannot, he will be our starting LT in 2020….

              7. Tbh of all the guys coming off contract the one I think the team will make a priority to re-sign is Ward. I know they have Moore waiting in the wings, but this coaching staff loves Ward and he is playing at a very high level this year.

              8. I agree with Jack. We need money to keep the young up and coming talent. Use Staley’s money and maybe even Sherman’s money and resign Arik Armstead and Buckner. Then use McKinnon and Coleman’s money for Kittle.
                It’s a difficult decision but we have guys that are younger and with more potential who can fill those positions.

              9. Blair’s a good player, but has never come close to the volume of snaps that we’ve seen from Armstead.

                Yes. Staley may be back. I’m going with what I’d do.

              10. They already have the cap space to sign Buckner and Kittle to extensions. Also, keep in mind that Buckner already counts a decent amount to next season’s cap due to his option year.

                They have a few guys they probably want to re-sign, but the only guy they really need to massage cap space for is Armstead. They can probably do that without getting rid of Staley I think. But in the end it will come down to whether they think having three guys on the DL with huge contracts (Ford, Buckner and Armstead) is a good use of cap space.

              11. “Blair’s a good player, but has never come close to the volume of snaps that we’ve seen from Armstead.”

                No, and even if they re-sign him I don’t think he’d get close to the amount of snaps Armstead has played this year. I don’t think he is a like for like replacement. From what I have seen they think of Blair as purely an edge guy. I think Jones, Thomas and Taylor would play more if they let Armstead go, and they would likely expect Street to compete for a role as well. They would also likely look to add another player too.

              12. Yes, they do. Having five guys on the DL in your top salary cap hits is a lot. Especially if three of those were earning over $15M a year, which is likely what Ford, Buckner and Armstead would all be getting.

              13. Yes Ward is a good one….the guy is having a great year…..but this is his 1st healthy season in his career, so there’s a lot of risk involved. I’m hoping for a low-risk year-to-year contract. Really nice to see him finally put it all together.

  3. LOL, I lasted 4 minutes watching. Let’s just break some of these gems down:

    Jimmy has won one big game in his career

    So Steelers, Rams, Packers – none of these were big games anymore? I love how consistently the posts keep getting shifted.

    Not to mention both Cards games, particularly the first one. I guess those don’t count any more, too.

    It’s more the WRs, not Jimmy

    BALONEY! How many times has a WR had to make a catch that saved a poor throw over this period? I can’t think of any, off the top of my head. At the very least, compare it to the number of throws that Jimmy has made where he has led a receiver into open space which has led to big gains. I’d wager the latter would be in greater supply than the former. Let’s make no mistake – the receivers are benefitting a lot from having Jimmy throw to them. Look at Sanders production on the Broncos this year compared to since he joined the Niners.

    You know how you know Jimmy is good? Because writers like Grant have had to change the markers for success on an almost weekly basis. I think Grant has been watching too much Whitlock. Maybe he’ll bring up the porn star as a reason he isn’t “great” next.

    1. Good interview Grant…or Iggy, that what pop’s calls you. Your dad had me laughing in the hot mic coverage vs the Saints. He said on the Kittle play at the end…Hey Iggy, who’s the CB holding on to Kittles facemask, he’s an idiot!!..That had me rolling. You two would agree on something during the game and repeat back and forth a few times was funny too. By the way NICE dress shirts with the pressed shirt collars and tie. Looks way better than a few weeks ago, seems like better lighting too. Keep it up Grant.

  4. just watched JimmyG latest press conference…I swear dude looks like superman…….

    funny comment:

    F…ker looks like superman cant watch games with my wife she will leave me

    1. I suspect that some of the irrational Jimmy G hate is driven by sheer envy of his looks…maybe coupled with some personal insecurity issues …. :)

    2. Grant–in 2019 video–kinda looks like Jimmy’s older brother…. Jimmy’s had everything handed to him, Grant had to scratch and claw for the things he has.

    1. Yeah, that has me a bit baffled. I know they love using 2 TE sets + a FB, but 3 TEs + Juice should be sufficient with Helm on the PS. No need to bring him up I would have thought.

      The only thing I can think of is that Toilolo may be injured and unable to suit up right now. So if they don’t have Helm on the active roster and they got an injury during the game they would no longer be able to use those sets.

    2. Has this been Kyle’s MO in earlier stints at Atlanta, Washington and Cleveland, I wonder?
      Since he always does something for a reason, I wonder if he has some emergency plays up his sleeve with 13 personnel that he will pull out if needed in the next few games.

  5. The better the 49ers do, the more I fret and worry about every little thing that could derail a super bowl trip. It’s my way of being a loyal fan. Such is the life of a neurotic 49ers supporter.

    The following are playoff scenarios that will play out over the next three weeks. None are a death sentence. Wildcard teams have won the super bowl. But a home field advantage and playoff bye sure can help.

    Ranked Best to Worst
    A – 49ers clinch number one seeding before the final game in Seattle
    B – 49ers clinch number one seeding by beating Seattle (temped to make this top choice)
    C – 49ers eliminated from number one seed before Seattle game. Rest as many starters as possible during Seattle game to keep legs fresh for the wildcard game. Essentially a “pseudo-bye.”
    D – 49ers forced to play wildcard game after physical week 17 loss

    Most likely scenarios are A and D. No matter what, it’s been a great season. I really like this team.

  6. Sherm… says he’s playing vs rams.
    I like that news.
    Celek is a move to bring in some defensive bodies.
    This season has been split with injuries on both sides.
    Started on the O
    Now the D is falling apart.
    That means more points they must score.
    This defense right now is not elite, it’s good, but only as good as the offense makes them look.
    Bright side is some of the big pieces missing on D should be back for the playoffs,
    Dark side….. what seed will they be playing under? I’m not worried about them playing on the road.
    I would just like to see them with an extra week of rest with the bye.
    And maybe two weeks if they wrap up the number 1 after next Saturday.
    It would be huge.
    Play the starters for the first half in Seattle and get them the hell off the field.
    Ramp up the practices and come out in round 2 fresh.
    I can only hope!

  7. I wanted them to deactivate Celek, because he was hurting the team. He was a shell of his former self. Putting him on IR is fine.
    I had hoped they would have re-signed Armstead before the season, when they had plenty of cap space. Now, with his stellar performance, he may be lost to free agency.
    Dee Ford is damaged goods. I hope they sit him, and wait until the playoffs to use him. He may be a salary cap cut, with his balky knee.
    Obtaining Sanders was a coup. Looks like JG and he has linked up. Throwing that TD was impressive, with the defender in his face.

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