Grant’s 49ers 53-man roster prediction

A football with the NFL 100th anniversary logo is sits on the field prior to an NFL preseason football game between the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers , Monday, Aug. 19, 2019, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Here are the players I think will make the 49ers final roster:

QB: Jimmy Garoppolo, Nick Mullens, C.J. Beathard.

RB: Matt Breida, Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson Jr., Kyle Juszczyk.

WR: Marquise Goodwin, Deebo Samuel, Trent Taylor, Dante Pettis, Richie James Jr., Jordan Matthews, Jalen Hurd (IR with designation to return).

TE: George Kittle, Ross Dwelley, Kaden Smith.

OL: Joe Staley, Laken Tomlinson, Weston Richburg, Mike Person, Mike McGlinchey, Ben Garland, Daniel Brunskill, Justin Skule.

DL: Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, Solomon Thomas, Sheldon Day, Ronald Blair, Jullian Taylor, D.J. Jones, Damontre Moore (cut initially to make room for Hurd).

LB: Fred Warner, Kwon Alexander, Dre Greenlaw, David Mayo, Elijah Lee.

DB: Richard Sherman, Ahkello Witherspoon, K’Waun Williams, Jason Verrett, D.J. Reed, Emmanuel Moseley, Jimmie Ward, Jaquiski Tartt, Tarvarius Moore, Marcell Harris.

ST: Robbie Gould, Mitch Wishnowsky, Kyle Nelson.

IR: Tim Harris, Kentavius Street, Jerick McKinnon, Jalen Hurd.

Week 1 inactives:

  • Beathard
  • T. Taylor
  • Brunskill
  • Bosa
  • Lee
  • Verrett
  • Williams

If you want to know why I picked these players, watch this:

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    1. Agree. Would be unfortunate to lose Moore–he’s playing at a high level, and given his experience overall I’d imagine a few teams would snap him up in a second.

      1. Waivers no, but any team can sign him. Seahawks could be one of them. No team is targeting Dwelley off the waiver wire.

    2. Razor I think the simplest answer is we are deep at DL and thin at TE. We don’t need Moore but we certainly need Dwelley.

    3. With the health of Ford nad Bosa in question, we need Moore. If Dwelley is for real, we wnat to keep him. CJ gets traded and Bourne gets cut.

    1. Did a skinny inexperienced QB who’d never started a full season, a bunch of no name journeymen RBs, 3 rookie DBs, an underperforming 1st round pick fullback converted to a TE (or was it the other way around?), a 10th round pick WR sound like a Super Bowl team to you? Not me in a million years.

        1. Yeah I know. As stated in the previous thread it’s blasphemous to insult the deceased.

          But are you saying no current or future coach can ever achieve greatness with this team again? Because… Bill Walsh? If so, you’d better pack up your scarlet and gold and go root for some other team. Like the Packers, for instance. No success there since the legendary Lombardi, amirite?

          1. No, way to jump the shark Rib. I merely laugh each time this team’s failures are seen as a steppingstone to Walsh like success.

            Let’s wait and see if Shanahan is as clever as everyone says he is. To date, I have seen good schemes, but can he coach? The jury is still out.

              1. We are looking at Walsh though a prism of nearly 40 year later after his decades of success. I sincerely doubt anyone carried that view as the 1981 season opened. right, Lowell Cohn?

  1. Interesting. So no Kendrick Bourne, Joshua Garnett, Levine Toilolo, Kevin Givens, or
    Azeez Al-Shaair. Can’t really disagree with any of those picks. The only disagreement I may have is I think they might keep Toilolo over Kaden Smith and they might keep Al-Shaair over Elijah Lee. Other than that I think you’re spot on.

    1. I’m still having this odd feeling of Bourne over Matthews.

      If I had Seb’s outsize ego, I’d say Grant’s throwing me a bone with the 3 QBs.

      1. I actually think the 49ers may really keep the 3 QBs with the hope of making a trade now or right before the trade deadline in October. Definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

            1. I could see a trade developing as well. But I would expect CJB is the guy traded unless the offer is too good to pass up.

              I had 3 QBs as well.

          1. I think teams will scour the waiver wire for a QB, but before the season starts, CJB will go to a QB needy team. Denver, Indy or Miami, maybe even Washington.

            1. I wish to disagree with Grant.
              I think they will put Taylor on the IR with a mid season designation to return. They will let his broken bone fully heal.
              I think they will keep Garnett, and use him for trade bait. Then, they could poach an O lineman from a playoff team’s PS.
              Jason Verrett may be put on IR with a mid season designation to return. Then he will be fully healthy and able to help the Niners on their tough stretch run. This will allow the Niners to keep Antone Exum.

      2. Rib, your ego is plenty big, but you are sadly mistaken if you think Grant threw you a bone. Grant was just parroting KS, who said they would be keeping 3 QBs.
        Also, Mathews is superior to Bourne, so they will keep Matthews.

          1. Yeah that parrot said the same thing….wish folks would stop with the “they are gonno do this, they are gonna do that” because its irrelevant to what the team actually does

            1. Poked fun at you that your malignant narcissism construed as a compliment?

              Don’t keep us guessing Seb, throw us a bone.

      3. The thought behind keeping 3 QB’s might go something like this:

        Garoppolo is coming off the knee injury, and hasn’t shown the ability to stay healthy.

        If Garoppolo goes down they will need a solid backup behind Mullens. Beathard has a firm grasp of the playbook, so he gives them the best option should Mullens go down.

        Keeping Beathard wouldn’t come at the cost of a guy they’d expect to make the 46.

    1. How are you going to keep a suspended LS on the 53? How do you keep 4 RB/FB and 7 WR’s but only 2 back ups for 3 LB positions who take the most beefing on the field? C’mon man, get real.

      1. Rick… I’m only stating what I’d like to see in regards to one player. You can rest assured that I have no influence whatsoever over 9er player personnel matters. The Yorks, Lynch, and Shanahan pay no attention no me. They don’t consult with me. They have no clue that I exist. And I’m very cool with that. I’m at peace.

  2. I’d swap out…

    Mayo for Alshaazir
    Brunskill for Garnett or a trade / waiver wire pickup
    Skule with a trade / waiver wire pickup

    1. Keeping Garnett is a head scratcher….the only thing I can come up with since they have spent so much money on him they are reluctant to cut his sorry ass..

  3. Skule as our swing tackle? Nah fam. He’s not even ready to play RT, let alone LT. He could make it to practice squad easily.

  4. Grant you are looking haggard! Lay of the coffee or Meth what ever it is, but you making predictions for the Niners is like The Devil working for God LOL

  5. Can’t risk Moore outside of the original 53. Perhaps Mayo or Lee gets the initial cut, but I don’t see both of them making the 53 long-term anyway.

    I agree with the Bourne cut. The WR, RB and TE picks are right on. I’ve always been a big Dwelley fan and think he would be scooped up in a heartbeat.

    And if Skule survives JL’s scour of the waiver wire, we’re in big trouble.

    Otherwise, good post Grant.

  6. I hope they do not waive Bourne, because Seattle will want to grab him. I hope the Niners can find a trade partner out of the division. Maybe accept a 6th or 7th round pick for him.

    1. I live in the Seattle area and don’t think they’ll be looking for a receiver. They drafted 3 receivers just this year

  7. Grant:

    To keep Bourne and 3 QBs, have only two TEs on the 53. I think Kaden would still be around on the practice squad. If a TE gets hurt, just call up Kaden from the PS. Hurd also doubles as a TE backup, when needed or by design.

  8. Grant:

    Can you ask Kyle and John why they are keeping D.J. Jones? Because Saleh likes him? Jones does not provide any pashrush and he only played decent against 2nd string.

    CJ Beathard – really? If Jimmy G. gets hurt or Mullens gets hurt, 2019 is toast with CJ at the helm.

    Also, DJ Reed is crap against good receivers and Witherspoon plays scared.

    If John and Kyle had done their due diligence we could have had Mahomes instead of all this injured garbage. Balke, Lynch and Kyle – what has really changed?

    I don’t see the playoffs in our future, but I am open to be proven wrong. Go Niners!!!

  9. A winning argument can be made for the roster that Grant has put together. There are a few things that I would TRY to change

    1st–Trade Armstead. I know that his $9 million salary could get in the way. But even If we had to eat a little of it. His versatility is nice, but $9 million for a d lineman with no pass rush history is way out of line. And he would just be taking snaps from a young players who will be here next year. His chances of re-signing , with the depth we have, would be pretty small

    . 2nd-trade Goodwin. Taylor, Samuel, Hurd and maybe even James have already passed him on the depth chart. I know there are injuries to account for, but as long as they feel Hurd and Taylor will be ready soon, do it. Goodwin is basically a #4 or #5 receiver on a pitch count with no special teams ability. This falls in the category ‘a year to early rather then a year to late.’

    And what do we trade for?? Either offensive linemen and/or draft picks. period

    1. “but $9 million for a d lineman with no pass rush history is way out of line.”


      The 49ers have among the highest amount of cap space in the league. That $9 mill wouldn’t go away if they cut Armstead. So while it may be outta whack, the player brings some good things to the team and it’s not holding them back at all.

      1. And not every dlineman needs to be a sack specialist.

        And obviously Robby hasn’t paid attention because AA had a great qb pressure metric last season:

        People form their opinions without actually looking at the stats and numbers. If the guy isn’t getting a sack every down, he’s trash…or so their mindset goes.

        Same with Pettis. His per rec numbers last year were top 10, ypc was 5th and his catch percentage was equal to or better than guys like AB, Hill, Evans, etc, who a number 1 wrs. But the chatter is he’s not tough, is having an awful camp, should be traded, etc.

  10. I think the Niners should go with 24 on offense, and 26 on defense. They should go with 2 TEs, and keep Nzeocha. They need a SAM with Smith being cut.
    I had them trading away Blair, but with Street on IR, there is a spot for Blair.
    I expect they put Verrett on IR with a mid season designation to return. That would open a spot for Colbert or Exum.
    I have been listening to Grant, and there is no way in hell that they would trade away JG. There is no team that would take a chance on JG with his recent ACL. They would have to give up at least 2 firsts, and no team is that desperate. With Herbert and Tua on the draft board next year, some teams may not mind losing games.
    Grant presented a well thought out 53, but the Niners may have different ideas.

  11. If the Niners cut Garnett, just expect him to sign with Seattle. Iupati is injured, and a lot of their backup O linemen are injured.

      1. Thank you for your kind words, but I wish to disagree with you.
        Seattle has made it a habit of poaching Niner players. They also beat the Niners many times until this last game they had. The Seahawks see the talent, but also gain important intel.

  12. Surmising about the fate of CJB, he is expendable. I think Speight is a good third option.
    I think the Broncos may be a logical landing spot for CJB. Lock is injured. Hogan is a journeyman, and Rypien is an UDFA.
    Scangarello is familiar with CJB. He knows CJB lost several games by less than a score.
    KS is going to showcase CJB, and hopefully boost his trade value.
    Elway tried to lowball JL, but JL will be patient, because Elway will be excoriated if he neglects the QB position again.
    JL should ask for a 4th, and accept a 5th for CJB.

    1. Thanks cubus. Garlands for Garland. Might we have a viable swing interior lineman, maybe someone who could step in as a starter and not miss a beat (or blocking assignment)?

  13. Huh. Jimmy throwing me a bone. Because you know, he reads all my comments here.

    Ribico (on the throw into trips coverage at the GL):

    Perhaps Garoppolo was sending the same message to Pettis that Grant supposes Shanny is sending to JG. Put him in a “difficult situation”. Make the damn catch, will ya.


    A big part of that is it still being preseason, or in practice, you try things like that. You know, during a real game, you wouldn’t make that throw or that decision, but there’s a trust factor between quarterback and . . . whoever’s catching the ball. The more you try those things, you see who’s going to make the play for you in a crucial situation.

    1. Ribico, congrats on achieving that high legendary status that so many of us covet, yet few of us without proper acumen and verbosity can attain!

      1. SY, if you can come up with an obvious observation and boast about it coming to fruition you can join the boneyard too!

  14. I would hope they are waiting to see what happens the next few days with players getting cut and who really needs a backup QB. Keeping 3 would be a big mistake. They should know that CJ is not backup material in this offense anyways and should just trade him, at least they will get something for him. I also would think they keep an eye out for OL, CB or Safety depending on the health of the players they got now ( Verrett, Williams). The WR group don’t be surprised if Goodwin could be released but maybe not if the health of their other WR are not good. They probably will cut Matthews to not guarantee his contract and resign him unless he has to pass thru waivers. Looks like the weakest links are the OL, DB and WR groups.

  15. I think we should put trent taylor on IR , sucks injuries already affecting the team with jason verrett and bosa probably out for week 1

  16. Helm is actually a better blocker and more versatile than Dwelley, Toilolo or Smith. Keep him as 3rd TE. Or at least on PS.

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