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  1. Grant, love to hear what you have to say, but it’s really hard to do all the listening.
    Who has the time besides your Seb?

    1. There are a lot of retired fans, who have lots of time to listen. Guess it depends how much of a 49er fan you are….
      BTW, the program ran over an hour, but Grant only was on for 25 minutes.

      1. I agree, it was 25 min. and if it’s under 30-40 min. that’s fine but any more than that even if you’re retired can be hard. Also it’s better if the interview was in studio and not from a phone. Live interviews or taped and video like his periscope is better than reading an interview or report.

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    1. Grant is appreciated for his candor and the only reporter I could find the last month to get 49er inside info including of course his opinions, interviews with other sports journalists and the GM and also camp videos.

  2. How much does what you see tonight matter or translate to the Regular season?

    Never forget the 2008 Detroit Lions.

    4-0 Preseason record. Average margin of victory, 12 points.

    0-16 Regular season record.

  3. Catalina
    #49ers football tonight!!
    CJ throwing to future cut guy in other uniform is going to be lit !
    Let’s gooooo!!


  4. My prediction for the QB numbers tonight:

    Beathard will be 9/17 for 64 yards, 0td 1Int
    Mullens will be 11/16 114 yards 2td, 0Int

    1. My prediction for the QB numbers tonight:

      Beathard will be 10/10 for 150 yards, 3 TD’s
      Mullens will be 5/12 for 48 yards , 0 TD’s, 2 int

      In response, all knowing 49er fans will descend upon Grant’s page like locusts, demanding that Coach Shanahan immediately demote Mullens in favor of Beathard, despite it was only the 1st preseason game and conveniently forgetting Mullens work last year during the regular season.

    2. Ok I will bite
      CJ 5/15. 87 yards 0 TDs. 3 sacks 2 Int.
      Mullens 12/16. 215 yards 3 TDs. 1 sack 0 Int.

      Shanny will say both played even.

  5. Pundits make me tired and are so annoying in the way everything is viewed in past tense. They all say Aaron Rodgers is the greatest when he only won a Super Bowl once and that was quite a long time ago. Of course they think the Rams are going to be the best team when what I saw was they shot their wad and performed miserably in the big game. I think the Niners are poised to beat them baring injuries because of their now aggressive pass rush. The past couple of seasons the Niners got by with zero pass rush and refused to try to bring in better rushers. Basically they were playing with their arms tied behind them. Finally this looks like a demonic pass rush this season that will make Goff pee in his pants and every other QB they face. I’m excited. That leaves Shanahan to work some magic on offense to get a lead.

    There are lots of interesting players at WR and TE and specifically at WR where there is no true number one receiver but maybe a number of players that can move the chains. It’s hard to cover all these different guys. At RB, Tevin Coleman is the best pure runner/receiver while Breida is a great change up who will make dynamic plays but you don’t want to expose him to too many carries because despite his heart he will get injured. McKinnon is a luxury at this point and I don’t think he’s any better and maybe not as good as the two RBs already mentioned. They could use a bruiser back but maybe next year. Special teams is an area that could also give the Niners an edge with a great punter and reliable kicker for points and field position. I see the Niners beating the Seahawks, Rams and Cardinals.

    1. 49erROK

      I find it somewhat amusing that all of the bloggers on here have deigned that we have no “#1 WR”…whatever that is. I think of a #1 WR as the first target the QB looks to for completions and yardage. Last season , our #1 WR wasn’t even a WR, but a TE. In the previous two seasons, our #! WR was a big, strong, over-the-hill butt-kicker by the name of Anquan Bolden whom we pilfered from Arizona after his ‘good’ years. He was slow, but he had good hands and seldom lost ‘jump balls’. Well, father time finally caught up with ‘Q’ and he retired. How propitious that who should fall into our lap, but a ‘Q’ clone named Matthews…Not the fastest, but has size and the length (6’3” ) and the ability to catch the ball; he runs good routes, and has a history of a ‘decent’ blocker. He provides us (Niners) with the possibility of a 4th red zone threat …Kittles , Hurd, Dwelley… that we’ve been missing for years…Call me old and foolish, but I’m having difficulty understanding all of the blather about trading him and going with smaller , faster WR’s who can’t hold onto the ball …please explain…. Celek took up space on the bench for several years, and I believe that his race in SF is run…surely we can find space for Matthews….?

  6. Opportunity for those on this blog who feel far superior to anyone else when it comes to purveying hot information. Sebbie, this is for you…

    Johnny Volk

    Our team is growing!

    We’re looking for a Social Media Producer to help take our #smsports game to the next level. Let’s work:

    1. That Baalke sure felt he was superior to everyone. He treated the players like they were only pieces of meat. He even browbeat Jed to keep his job. Thankfully, his mother was the adult in the room, and got rid of the cancer.

      1. Great audition Sebbie! Forward your response to Johnny Volk ASAP. You can turn your 2.5 acres into 6 with the income from your new social media gig.

          1. Just a sore loser because your hero was ousted by management.
            No matter what you say or how ever you spin it, you are a bitter bioch!

            1. Prime, I am more mature than you. I remember when Ronnie Lott and Roger Craig were cut, and Joe went to KC. Players move on, but you cannot seem to move on from your snark.
              BTW, sore losers welch on their bets.

              1. All you do is cry and bring up irrelevant things from the past.
                How Roger Craig and Lott, Montana relate to Kap is beyond comprehension.
                Then again you know nothing about the 49ers and football in general.

              2. Thanks for proving you know less than me. I brought up Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig and Joe Montana because they were 49ers who moved on. Guess you did not know that.
                You claim to know more about football than me? Then why do you hurl insults and not talk about football? You cannot read Football for Idiots and claim to be an expert. You should read books like- Building a Champion, Finding the Winning Edge and The Score Takes Care of Itself.

              3. It was then that Caroline remembered her kitchen back in Montana, with a stove that she might or might not have turned off, and so with a heavy sigh, she put down the penguin. [BLF}

              4. “I brought up Ronnie Lott, Roger Craig and Joe Montana because they were 49ers who moved on. Guess you did not know that”

                That’s what Praage and upper management has done as well. Move on from players.
                Guess you don’t know that that’s what personnel and management guys do. Evaluate and keep the players they like and move on from the ones they don’t want.

                You are just bitter the 49ers moved on from Kap. That’s why you always bring up Praage and Baalke and criticize Shanny and Lynch. All because they sent old wind up packing. Lol!

              5. I am cheering for the team to win. You did not do that.
                You are the one fixated on the past. I am rooting for Mullens and CJB to do well.

  7. Niners just signed Brandon Wilds. He is a 6′ 1″, 220 lbs RB.
    Guess the JM knee issues are serious. Glad they signed a bigger back, so now they can run inside.

    1. Nice guess. Check his career stats…

      Rushing — 16 attempts, 42 yards, 0 TDs
      Receiving — 2 receptions, 20 yards, 0 TDs

      1. I agree. I never claimed he would become the starter.
        However, Mckinnon thought he did not need to wear a brace, and his knee swelled up. That is not a good sign.

        1. This is what you did say…

          “Glad they signed a bigger back, so now they can run inside.”

          Strongly suggests that the arrival of Wilds will (finally) allow the 9ers to run inside–strong implication he will be doing the inside running. He’ll need to be on the field and carrying the ball for that to happen–for your dream to be realized…

          1. Baalke would probably infer a lot more into that. He would probably claim Wilds is SB bound.
            Niners have RBs that are small. A bigger back will be able to run inside more. I fully expect the Niners will claim a bigger back off the 53 cutdowns, if they want to become more balanced, especially now that JM has a swollen knee.
            Other teams will probably use the Wide 9 defense. They will shut down the OZ runs and dare the Niners to run inside. I never claimed Wilds would run wild, but at least he is big enough to be able to run inside.
            Juice is another option to run inside, but I think he fumbles too much to be utilized that way.

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