Grant’s final 49ers mock draft of 2018

Boise State linebacker Leighton Vander Esch is seen at the 2018 NFL Scouting Combine on Sunday, March 4, 2018, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Gregory Payan)

The 2018 NFL draft starts April 26. Here are the picks the 49ers should make.

Round 1, Pick 9. San Francisco 49ers: Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama.

Analysis: With this pick, the 49ers must get Fitzpatrick, Denzel Ward, Derwin James or Quenton Nelson. Reaching for a middle linebacker to replace Reuben Foster would be a mistake, considering teams can find good linebackers in Round 2. And no, Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith would not be a reach at pick No. 9 — he’s excellent. But, he wouldn’t be a middle linebacker for the 49ers, either. He would be a weakside linebacker. He would not replace Foster.

Round 2, Pick 59: Leighton Vander Esch, MLB, Boise St.

Analysis: Here’s the replacement for Foster. Some draft gurus consider Vander Esch a first-round talent, but he will drop to the end of round 2 because he has had concussion and neck issues. Those injuries forces him to miss seven games in 2016. In 2017, he played 14 games and recorded 141 tackles.

Round 3, Pick 70: Tyrell Crosby, G/T, Oregon.

Analysis: Crosby is an athletic offensive lineman who fits the 49ers outside-zone-blocking scheme, and can play guard or tackle.

Round 3, Pick 74: Dorance Armstrong Jr., DE, Kansas.

Analysis: Armstrong recorded 10 sacks and 20 tackles for loss in 12 games as a Sophomore in 2016. He was the best player on a bad team — similar to cornerback Aqib Talib when he went to Kansas.

Round 4, Pick 128: J’Mon Moore, WR, Missouri.

Analysis: Moore is similar to Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson.

Round 5, Pick 143: Jeff Holland, DE, Auburn.

Analysis: Last season, Holland ranked third in the SEC in sacks with 9.5.

Round 6, Pick 184: Troy Apke, DB, Penn State.

Analysis: Apke is an athletic safety the 49ers could try at cornerback, as they did with Tyvis Powell and Adrian Colbert.

Round 7, Pick 223: Nic Shimonek, QB, Texas Tech.

Analysis: Shimonek spent his red-shirt freshman season at Iowa with C.J. Beathard.

Round 7, Pick 240: Cameron Batson, WR, Texas Tech.

Analysis: Batson is similar Marquise Goodwin, but not quite as  fast. Batson ran a 4.35 at his Pro Day. Goodwin ran a 4.27 at the Combine in 2013.

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  1. Very good draft, Grant. I’d take issue with Roquan Montezuma’s Revenge Smith not capable of manning the Mike linebacker position. LVE scored 4 out of 5 on his medivalve at the combine, with 5 out of 5 being clean with no known issues. Grabbing a guy like Batson late is a good idea, and he could begin his career as a gunner making our team special on kickoffs….

  2. Overall I like it Grant, but I don’t see any way Vander Esch and Holland fall as far as you have them going. I’d also take a CB earlier than you have them doing, but a really good draft none the less.

    1. Thanks, Rocket.

      “I don’t see any way Vander Esch and Holland fall as far as you have them going.”

      That’s what people said last year when I said Zach Cunningham would be a late second round pick.

      “I’d also take a CB earlier than you have them doing.”

      Fitzpatrick is a corner.

      1. Anything is possible and if that happened I’d be thrilled because they are both players I really like. I just can’t see it happening, but I’m always open to being wrong if it works in the teams favor.

        You think they’d play Fitz at CB? I’d think they’d put him at FS.

            1. Which corner do you like in the mid rounds?

              My sleeper corner is Tre Herndon from Vanderbilt. He wasn’t invited to the Combine, but he’s similar to Chidobe Awuzie, who was the 60th pick last year.

              1. I’m surprised those two aren’t getting much attention. Herndon is getting none, which is so weird. He plays a premium position.

              2. Some team will reap the benefit. Good athlete with size, high IQ and feistiness. Not sure why he is so under the radar.

              3. The Chargers brought him in for a workout. Gus Bradley may see him as similar to Casey Hayward.

              4. I like Carlton Davis in the second if he drops and Quenton Meeks in the 4th. Rashaan Gaulden, Kevin Toliver II, Tarvarus McFadden and Brandon Facyson are a few of the CB’s I think would fit the system and be available on day 3. I like what I’ve seen of Herndon too and he would likely be available late so would be a good pick for sure. Not all of them fit the speed and arm length requirements, but have the size and physicality to take a shot on day 3 imo.

      2. I like that draft but only if they plan on playing Fitz at FS. While he might be able to be a good CB I agree with most prognosticators that he can be an all-pro FS. I totally agree on your take with Smith though. I don’t think he could be anything but a weakside LB in our scheme. He cannot shed linemen to save his life, they would have to keep him totally clean for him to be successful.

  3. Minkah… Would be a great addition to this team. I’ve said all along he was my main draft crush, besides Josh Jackson. Well I said it after one of grants mocks that had him dropping. If the league goes above crazy and Minkah is there, pounce….

  4. I look for a different trade by the 49ers.
    The 49ers trade the 9th pick the Bills for:
    The 22nd pick, a flip of the 53rd pick for the 70th, a flip of the 56th pick for the 74th, the 65th pick and a 2019 Buffalo 3rd round pick.
    49ers send: 1350 + 240 + 220 for 1810 Johnson Chart Points.
    Bills send: 780 + 370 + 340 + 265 = 1755. The remaining 55 points is equivalent late round 4th round 2018 value….which equates to a late round 3rd round for 2019.
    The 49ers areas of need include: OG, WR, CR, LB, Edge.

    Based on Walter Football Mock Draft (4/17/18) ALL of the below would be available at the 22nd pick:
    OG Isaish Wynn Georgia or Will Hernandez UTEP.
    CB – Joshua Jackson, Iowa (If Lynchashan speed dynamics consider this candidate too slow, Jaire Alexander, Louisville is also available)
    WR – DJ Moore, Maryland or Kristian Kirk Texas AM
    Edge – Harold Landry, Boston College

    Now the 49ers have the 53rd, 57th, 59th and 65th picks. Per the same mock draft the below prospects would be available after the 52nd pick and before the 74th pick AND the 49ers could choose four (4) of them:

    OG – Billy Price Ohio State and/or Connor Williams, Texas
    Edge – Dorance Armstrond, Kansas and/or Arden Key, LSU
    WR – DJ Clark, LSU and/or James Washinton, Oklahoma State, and/or E St. Brown, Norte Dame.
    LB – Terrel Emunds, Virgina Tech (the older brother)

    The 49ers could continue to re-stock and develop their roster with quality players that should meet specific needs and have an additional 3rd round pick for 2019.

    The Bills now have the 9th and 12th pick which may provide greater interest for the Giants. (2550 draft chart points). If not, the Bills now have capital to slide up the draft board as they still have the 70th and 74th picks to move up (or retain), without having the trade any additional 2019 draft assets.

    1. The only way that we trade our first round pick with the Bills (our only possible partner as I see it) is if a qb they actually love falls to 9. I just don’t see it happening. I put the possibility of trading with the Bills at 1 in 30.

      1. The Bills original problem was their two first round picks were too far back in the round to guarantee a top 10 draft team to obtain a specific player they may be looking for (if they chose to trade down). The Bills took a key step forward when they obtained the 12th pick. Now, based on the above trade, they have a top 10 pick. All the potential trade down candidates (Giants, Browns, Colts, Tampa, Bears) can obtain a non-QB of their liking and additional draft assets. In the case of Tampa and the Bears, they are both without 3rd round picks.

  5. 1. I would be delighted to get Fitzparick with this pick, it would make my draft. He could start his carer at corner. We had another player we drafted who started at corner and moved to safety. What was that kids name? Flott? Plott? Klott? It will come to me later.

    2. Vander Esch will be gone by 59. He is very intriguing, but his injury scares me.

    3. Tyrell Crosby will be a great pick. A great scheme fit.

    4. J’Mon Moore looks like what we need at reciever, but does not catch well. In addition he has a reputation for being surly and immature. We don’t need that .

    5. Jeff Holland would be a solid pick.

    Don’t know enough about the rest to comment.

    I am usually an advocate of drafting a QB every year. However, this year I would pass and concentrate on making the entire team stronger.

  6. Wrong 1st round pick. Biggest need at this time is an true edge rusher to help deal with with 2 pretty good quarterbacks in the NFC west. Either Landry or Davenport must be the choice.

    1. I couldn’t agree more that edge rusher is our most important move because there just aren’t many of them and how weak were we at that position last year, and because a good pass rush helps your secondary which we were weak at last year also…then get Bates II at safety and have a shot at a real Earl Thomas at safety and draft a corner back later after you get your big bodied wide receiver. Or maybe look at Vita Vea and pair him with Buckner and Thomas since Earl Thomas our dl1t graded at around 56 percent, not great. And all qb’s will tell you pressure up the middle is the hardest to contend with. That would be comaprable to the rams front seven. Vea has the speed of wide receivers. 340 pounds coming at you on punt returns.

  7. Gotta believe that Lynch will go Edmunds if he is there @ #9. He’s got Lawrence Taylor talent. Like WR, Moore and he is exactly what they are looking-for tall and can leap. His three cone was impressive as well.. Give Jimmy G big targets in the Red Zone.. Will be surprised if they don’t draft a RB but that said there will be several available as UDFA’s.. Basically, look to see them upgrade O line, pass pressure types, LB’s, a Corner, WR’s, RB’s and TE..

  8. Why do you hate the 49ers so much…..spend another high pick on a player with concussion and neck issues…..

    with all the other best available players in the 2nd round we should pick an injury prone LB whose primary job is to hit on every play

    This is insane!!!

  9. Roquan would play both as a stack LB, MIKE/WILL are interchangeable in this D. However, there are concerns that Smith won’t be able to play MLB at the next level. I don’t share those concerns, but the Niners won’t take him if they see him as WILL only.

    Strong mock overall.

    1. The Mike has to be more physical. The Will does not have to be as physical. Those positions are not interchangeable. Malcolm Smith could not play Mike.

        1. That’s the explanation for dummies. The truth is Malcolm Smith and Eric Reid could only play Will. They could never play Mike.

          1. Any chance the 49ers have interest in Trumaine Edmunds older brother Terrell for Will? He is predicted as a 3rd round prospect, with noted (shoulder) injuries last season. However his size at 217 lbs, 40 at 4.47, VJ at 41+ and broad jump 134″ are very similar to Eric Reid’s impressive 2013 combine (213 lbs, 4.49, VJ 40+, BJ 134). Is he a freakish athlete or a potential diamond in the rough?

            1. “Any chance the 49ers have interest in Trumaine Edmunds older brother Terrell for Will?”

              Check out this sleeper that the 49ers already visited with…

              ** Foyesade Oluokun, LB/SS, Yale, 6-2, 229, 4.48 – 40 yd, 37″ Vert, 33 3/4″ Arm, 6.75 (3-cone), Projected 7-FA

              1. Could this be another player who reviews the risks (CTE) of the NFL and moves on in life before the end of his first contract? I am thinking of John Urschel (as well as Glen Borland) a 5th rounder in 2014 from Penn State (and MIT), who decided that a NFL career may be too hazardous. I would think a Yale grad could read and understand the CTE research that could very well impact his career and his health. But the stats above indicate film review by Saleh and company is warranted.

          2. Roquan Smith is a great football player. He will be an awesome outside linebacker. But, IMO, he can not play MIke. He will be blown 7 yards down the field by NFL guards. I would not mind having him on the team, but he is not a critical need. Check out how he played against Alabama, great at chasing down runners from all over the field, but he was often blown off the ball.


              1. Yup, I saw this film earlier with Roquan getting owned by Oklahoma ‘ Oline.
                I was surprised to see him being pushed around, but more surprising was that he didn’t seem to adjust his play to avoid an Olineman coming at him.

                He will get swallowed up at the next level if he plays the MIKE. He will be much more productive as the WILL.


              “The learning curve, really, I mean they are interchangeable. The MIKE linebacker has to do all the communicating, the close call, talking to the defense, getting up in front of the huddle. He’s got all the checks, getting people aligned. The WILL linebacker can just play back and play football. But, at the same time, the techniques that we’re asking them to do, whether it be a hook-drop or man coverage, they’re the same. A hook-drop is a hook-drop throughout our entire defense. And so, from a fundamental standpoint and a technique standpoint, they’re the same. Alignments might be a little different, communication might be a little different, but fundamentally, physically it’s the same.”


                “Setting Foster aside, Malcolm Smith is fully recovered from last year’s pectoral tear. He could play “Mike” linebacker, but the team would prefer to use his speed at the “Will” spot.”

                ” Roquan Smith, Georgia. He’s an entirely different body type at slightly under 6-1 and his best spot probably is at “Will” linebacker. Smith, however, was ultra productive in the toughest conference in the nation. He’s drawn comparisons to the Falcons’ Jones, who is even smaller and who plays the “Mike” spot well in Atlanta.”

    2. ObiQuan would be fine,
      He measured in an inch taller and 7 pounds heavier than Foster did at the combine. And he had more tape showing he can avoid blockers quite easily or take them on when needed, than Foster did . Put Buckner and Mitchell in front of him and and he will probably deal with fewer free releasing linemen than he did in college.
      To be fair to Grant I thought the same about Foster last year but was proven wrong… having digested that information, I now thing Smith could handle the role just fine.

      1. He measured in an inch taller and 7 pounds heavier than Foster did at the combine. And he had more tape showing he can avoid blockers quite easily or take them on when needed, than Foster did.

        Also, he’s a Jedi. So . . .

  10. If this is what they end up with I certainly won’t complain. But I think LVE won’t last to 59, and I doubt they double dip at Leo. If they take two edge guys one will be a LB/edge that can play the Otto in base. Also doubt Holland lasts that long.

  11. Fitzpatrick, although a great prospect, does not have the measurables the Niners are looking for at CB. If we are going to draft Fitz to play CB, then I would rather have Denzel Ward who has a superior vertical.

    LVE will be gone by #59.

    Neither Roquan Smith nor Tremaine Edmunds would be a reach at #9. Whether they are the best option or not is a separate question.

    1. Fitzpatrick fits at CB. Look at the CBs Gus Bradley uses in LA. Ward will be off the board at 9.

      LVE will be on the board at 59.

    2. Now reportedly, Josh Jackson is in for a Santa Clara visit. At first glance he would not appear to be a serious candidate for the 9th pick. However, if there is a trade back, he would appear to be a quality player for a position of need. Any word if this interview is just one of the 30 visits…or if the 49ers have indeed had serious conversations for the potential for a trade down?

  12. I’m looking at Nelson if he falls to #9. This is highly likely because guards are not pick in the top 10, this is very rare, unlike tackles.
    With 4 QB’s predicted to go top 7, that leaves room for Barkley, Chudd , Edmunds and maybe 1 Corner that will push Nelson back. This is me hoping by the way but, 4 QB’s early makes this very possible.
    In the event we don’t get Nelson, I’m thinking trade back because we can still get a quality Guard, couple of Edge Rushers , Corner and MLB with our first 5 picks, especially if we acquire an additional 2nd and 3rd.

  13. So you don’t think any lineman other than Quenton Nelson is worthy of the 9 pick? I don’t really know so I’m curious about other o-line options at #9 if Nelson is gone. Obviously Fitzpatrick is a great player and would be an excellent pick but I’m partial to offense and I’d like to see the 49ers have the best o-line in the league to protect the best QB in the league. The 1st olineman is a Round 3 Guard. I’d like the 49ers to spend more draft capital on offense.

    1. There isn’t one single team trading up for a Olineman (Guard) @9 not named Nelson, so no.
      This draft is full of linemen but, Nelson is the best of the group. I wouldn’t mind if the 9ers traded back and picked another guard but, Nelson is the pick if he’s there @9.

      1. Agreed.
        Nelson is a no-brainer if he slides to 9. He would be a starter out of the gate and I believe he will be the only pro-bowl player from this draft class in his 1st year.
        Nelson would be a game changer for Shanny’ offense.
        It would not surprise me to see Lynch trade up for QN if he slides to #8.


    1. Smith

    “To me, the ability to shed blocks separates the good linebackers from the superstars. Smith has a plan when blockers approach, often initiating contact to keep himself from being driven backward. Even when long-armed offensive linemen get into his frame, he is violent enough with his hand use to shed quickly to get in the running lane.”

    Scheme Fits 
    Middle Linebacker
    1. Smith

    “Smith is ready to be the quarterback of a defense and run with tight ends down the seam.”

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t that the knock on Foster coming out as well, could not shed blocks very well?

        I wouldn’t mind Roquan at 9. I’m starting to jump off the Landry wagon, they need to get a super star @ 9 if there’s one available. That’s how you rebuild successfully, not by reaching for need. Although trade may still not be out of the question.

        Thanks Grant, very good Mock. What happened to your edge rusher out of USC? Forget his name.

        1. “Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t that the knock on Foster coming out as well, could not shed blocks very well?”

          Yup. That was something I fought back on. Foster wasn’t asked to do it much, but he did show he was capable. Smith has been inconsistent with block shedding, but that is coachable.

              1. Watch the other video against Auburn. He can do it. I know the opinions will be mixed. It depends on what Lynch and company think.

          1. Another thing to keep in mind is that Smith was playing at a little over 220. He was 236 for the combine and didn’t look any different as far as his speed and flexibility so that will help if he has to play inside. Having said that, I think it would be a travesty to play him anywhere but the weakside because he is a naturally gifted seek and tackle LB. It would be a waste to have him anywhere else imo unless you have a wall of DT’s up front.

            1. “Another thing to keep in mind is that Smith was playing at a little over 220. He was 236 for the combine and didn’t look any different as far as his speed and flexibility so that will help if he has to play inside.”

              Good point. I forgot that he has already bulked up.

              1. “Once he is locked on to, he is ridden out of the play. If he does get that initial angle advantage, he lacks the power to make up for it. Has a strong frame with plenty of muscle, but his power in the box is below average.”

                “His ability to take on and shed blockers is in question.”

                “must become more consistent getting off tight end blocks on the line and at the second level. Gets engulfed by better tackles at the point of attack.”

                Some scouts argued he couldn’t play in the Middle and/or was a poor fit for a 3-4 defense. But these scouting reports were made of Bowman.

    1. 80,
      Look at Smith ‘ game against Oklahoma. Maybe he had an off game because his shedding blocks was less than complimentary.
      The Olineman took him to the shed.

      1. I did. No doubt he needs to be more consistent.

        “I’m getting like 18 reps right now,” Smith said. “Just coming back from a shoulder injury last year in February. I got back in May and built up enough strength to play throughout the season, and then throughout the course of the season, you’re not able to actually build up strength.”

        He played Oklahoma in the 14th game of a long season. He wasn’t at full strength and was probably underweight. He’s already bulking up.

  15. Razor’s Mock Draft Ultimate Edition:

    Josh Rosen slides to the 49ers…

    #9)*Trade* Patriots send picks #23+#43+#95 for 49ers #9 and select Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
    #23)Harold Landry, Edge, BC
    #43)Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado
    #59)Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis
    #70)Austin Corbett, OG,
    #74)Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon
    #95)Shaquem Griffin, LB, Central Florida
    #128)Key’vantanie Coutee, WR, Texas Tech
    #143)Tarvarius Moore, FS, Southern Miss
    #184)Tegray Scales, LB, Indiana
    #223)Christian Dilauro, OT, Illinois
    #240)Mike Ford, CB, Southeast Missouri St.

      1. Benjamin Allbright

        Verified account

        Following Following @AllbrightNFL
        Just got a text about the Patriots and interest in Josh Rosen… whew.

        This is Brady’s last year in New England from what my sources are telling me due to the power struggle with BB….

      2. If they take Rosen in the first round, the Patriots also get Rosen’s fifth year option. Just the right timing to match TB12’s age 45 retirement!!

        1. Oh I’m sorry Mr. Kraft. I meant to say I wanted to play until my late 40s. Sorry but now you need to trade Rosen (or you will hurt my feelings.) Sincerely TB12 : )

    1. I agree with Grant that NE wouldn’t make that trade, but whooeee would that be fun to see. Talk about fast tracking the rebuild.

    2. Great mock draft. Though I don’t know if Landry falls to 23; he’s been climbing too much. Like the first 6 picks a lot; though, with Miller being 5’11”, and the existence of Goodwin and Taylor already on the roster, I would switch out Coutee for a big body receiver.

      1. Thanks Pot! Which big body receiver’s you like there? My thought process on Coutee was that he could be our primary returner in his first year, and backup for Taylor. I think Miller could improve our Red Zone TD’s(He finished 2nd in the nation with 11 TD’s in the Red Zone in 21 attempts). It’s not always the size, but the separation, savvy, and heart of the player as well….

        1. Miller is great. I watched him closely in the UCLA game, and he competes.

          Among big receivers, I’ve actually seen St. Brown in mocks as late as 7th round, so he could be there at #128. I actually like Marcell Ateman. Though not as big, being only 6’1″, I am also a fan of Dasean Hamilton out of Penn State.

          1. Nice. My only concern with St. Brown is his level of dog fight in him. Not sure he has that competitive nature Shanny likes his players to have within….

    3. Given the large number of needs I think the 49ers would jump at an opportunity to trade back and get some more premium picks. If they could move back and still get Landry that would be awesome.

      1. I think Lynch understands he won’t likely be drafting high for years to come. This is his chance to get a high level prospect.

        “you can get a dynamic, game changing player when you’re drafting high”
        ” I know some people day you should get the solid player, but I think your looming for a game changer there (9)…”

        I wouldn’t budge from 9 for anything less than a second rounder. Even if it’s only a few spaces back.

        At about 3 minutes in.

    4. I like it, but I don’t see Landry getting past GB. If not, you better hope Seattle trades down. The Seahags would take Landry in a heartbeat. Landry in Seattle is my nightmare scenario.

        1. Yea, but don’t lose hope. GB could trade up for a DB and Seattle does like to trade down. But it would be risky if Landry is the guy the Niners really want.

      1. I think Green Bay goes defensive secondary. Denzel Ward, Jaire Alexander, or Josh Jackson. If James or Fitzpatrick falls, they could go there to match up with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

        If they do take a rusher, I think they have Davenport graded higher based on some of the rumors and mocks reported from various sites.

    5. Pick 9 is just inside a nice talent spot for high floor, high ceiling prospects. I would demand the Pats 23+31 to even think about moving back. 23+31 is almost an exact chart match. 1350 vs the 1360 for picks 23+31.

  16. They can’t draft Vander Esch he is way too injury prone especially when those injuries are head and neck injuries. The 49ers can’t waste 2nd rd picks two years in a row on a guy who may end up in prison and a guy who might not last all the way through camp. I would rather see them wait until the 4th or 5th rd and pick an ILB out of LB state Jason Cabinda.

    1. He was given a clean bill of health at the combine and didn’t miss a game last year OC. I know there were injuries his first couple of years, but I always go with the most up to date info. It’s no guarantee that he’s past the injury problems but injuries are possible for any player.

  17. If the 49ers don’t take Landry in round 1 then I really hope they draft Kemoko Turay, who they are bringing in for a visit. He’s a really underrated pass rusher. Heck, even if they take Landry he wouldn’t be a bad guy to draft and have him play Otto.

    1. I’ve yet to see his final medivalve report which seems strange, but he’s my #3 player at the position behind Sweat, who was passed with no red flags, which means the lowest he could of scored was a 3 out of 5….

    2. I really like Turay as well. My only concern is most of his work was out of the two point stance; he really hasn’t played with a hand in the ground. Also, one of his strengths is his ability to hold his own in pass coverage, which doesn’t matter as much to us given we want to make him a LEO. He strikes me as most valuable as an OLB in a 3-4. But, among rushers, I definitely like Turay more than Nwosu, Hubbard, or Key (though, the Niners have been spending a lot of time looking at Key according to Matt Barrows).

        1. Yup. Now that we have a QB, I don’t see Shanny losing when he has five months to prepare. I know he’s busy right now, but I’m sure he’ll scan the schedule. He then won’t be able to resist gameplanning a little.

  18. Well with Rueben Foster out of the picture and Thomas looking like a total waste of a high first round pick Niners need an impact player at 9 not a position of need…If they draft Minkah who sits? Witherspoon?Safety is the only position we have depth at.Niners need a game changer at 9 not a reach like S Thomas,and that is Smith Edwards or Nelson

    1. If Fitzpatrick ix the pick at 9, where he goes might hinge on Sherman. If he’s healthy I think Colbert sits. Ward could be FS or slot.

  19. I’d be happy Fitzpatrick at 9. Edmunds, Ward, James and Smith too. Of the bunch James would be my favorite, but its close. Pick 9 is a good place to be.

    I wanted a top level edge rusher. Position importance matters. But if Lynch has a chance at a great player, so be it.

    I’d like to Trade 9+74 up for Chubb in the 6-7 range but I doubt he falls that far, and if he did teams would demand well above chart.

    I don’t see the 49ers trading back unless Lynch is offered at least a 2nd rounder. Pick 9 is just inside a nice talent range.

    1. That’s what I would want. But for a second, I would be all about it. We might miss out on Landry but I could survive that if we ended up with some combination of Hernandez, Wynn, Oliver, Evans, Leonard, Davenport, or Armstrong.

  20. We need to come away with a blue chip talent. The loss of Foster hurts bad. Trading back to pick up an extra third is not worth it. Fitzpatrick, Smith, Edmunds, Nelson are blue chip talents that could be there at 9. James, Landry, Sutton, Jackson are not. There good players but we need more at 9. With Nelson off the board I see Edmunds, Smith and Fitz as the targets and they should be.

  21. Sorry, Grant, but LVE is ranked 30 on Draftek, and 27 on the CBS draft board.
    Jeremiah has him going 22 to Buffalo, and other mocks have him going to the Chargers, Cowboys,Pats and Steelers, all in the first round.

  22. Ledyard giving Lazard some love.

    “Lazard is a decent route runner with good attention to detail, and what he lacks in separation quickness he manages to often make up for with nuance and toughness at the catch point. Lazard is fantastic in the air, capable of boxing out corners and making tough concentration catches outside his frame.”

    “The 49ers need receiver help in the red zone, and Lazard could give them a big-bodied X-receiver that can make plays on the ball despite tight coverage. Lazard isn’t going to be dynamic in hitting big plays down the field or post-catch, but he can add a dimension to the 49ers receiving corps that they don’t currently have on the roster.”

    1. I watched him in game last season and he’s got great ball skills. But I don’t think he is a Shanny-type player with his inability to separate. Shanny will look to a TE for red-zone dominance, IMO.


    “Smith consistently evades blockers with quick feet and steady diagnostic skills, which is far more translatable to the NFL than a hulking linebacker who barrels through 320-pound offensive linemen.”

    “Even when you scheme to get a hat on him, good freaking luck. Look at the way he sets up this blocker, cuts back inside of him on a dime, sifts through trash with a new aggressive angle to the ball and eventually makes the tackle.”

  24. Mock 4.0
    I will continue with the Patriot trade back scenario, since the trade value chart balances out.
    Niners trade back, giving up the 9th pick (1350), for the 23rd (760), 43rd (470) and 95th ( 120) picks, which add up to 1350.
    Niners also trade back from pick number 74. They trade back with Detroit. Niners give up pick numbers 74 (220) and pick number 184 (17.4), which equals to 237.4. Detroit gives up their picks numbers 84 (180) and 117 (60), which adds up to 240.
    Niners end up with pick numbers- 23, 43, 59, 70, 84, 95, 117, 128, 143, 223 and 240. They get 9 players in the first 143 picks, by trading back twice, 24 total spots.
    Using the Draftek big draft board, and trying to pick within 5 of each spot, the Niners could select-
    23- Harold Landry, DE.
    43- Carlton Davis, CB.
    59- Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, OLB.
    70- Billy Price, C.
    84- Jerome Baker, ILB.
    95- Rashaad Penny, RB.
    117- Allen Lazard, WR.
    128- Deadrin Senat, DT.
    143- Tegray Scales, ILB.
    223- Hercules Mata’afa, OLB.
    240- Troy Apke, S.
    Niners should also sign UDFA Quinton Flowers, QB, Matt Elam, S, Devron Davis, CB, DeAndre Goolsby, TE and Alex Cappa, OT, so every main position is covered.
    This trade is accomplished, if a QB that the Pats covet, is available at number 9. Niners get back pick number 43, that they traded away to NE for JG.

    1. Pick 9 is just inside a nice talent range of elite 10 or 11 prospects. Lynch thinks he won’t be drafting high for years. He can still get mid-low first “steals” that come with risk, but he believes this is his last chance at a high floor/ceiling prospect.

      3 minutes in
      you can get a dynamic, game changing player when you’re drafting high
      I know some people day you should get the solid player, but I think your looming for a game changer there (9)…

      I’m for standing pat, but if I had to trade I’d demand the Pats 23+31(1360) for pick 9 (1350).

      The chart was create before the 5th year option. 23+31 is a closer value match. 10 points won’t be a deal breaker if a team wants a quarterback.

      Ian Rapoport – DE Harold Landry has seen his stock rise in this pre-draft process. He recently visited the Bills and 49ers, looking like a mid-first rounder. One team told me they don’t believe he gets to the hometown Patriots at No. 23.

      If Landry’s gone by pick 23, who is the pick? Would he still be worth trading back?

      1. B2W, Pats will not want to give up both of their first round picks, and the Niners would get 3 picks instead of only 2. I guess I just think that the 95th pick is good value. Niners would also recoup their 43rd pick they traded away for JG, so essentially, they would have gotten JG for free by only moving back 14 spots.
        Who to pick at 23, if not Landry?
        Joshua Jackson, CB (21 ranked).
        Kolton Miller OL, (22).
        Connor Williams OT, (27).
        Leighton Vander Esch ILB (30).
        Isaiah Oliver CB, (32).
        Isaiah Wynn OG, (33).
        Any of those 6 players could help the team. If not Landry, I would probably choose Kolton Miller, because he is 310 lbs and he ran a 4.95 forty.

      1. Abdullah Anderson, DT, Bucknell (WOR)
        Dorance Armstrong Jr., DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Kansas (WOR)
        Jerome Baker, OLB, Ohio State (PRI)
        Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State (COM)
        Bradley Bozeman, C, Alabama (SR)
        Evan Brown, C, SMU (WOR)
        Tony Brown, CB, Alabama (PRO)
        Deontay Burnett, WR, USC (COM)
        Christian Campbell, CB, Penn State (SR)
        Alex Cappa, OT, Humboldt State (WOR)
        Lorenzo Carter, 3-4OLB/OLB, Georgia (PRI)
        Bradley Chubb, DE, N.C. State (COM)
        Regis Cibasu, WR, University of Montreal (EW)
        Austin Corbett, OT/C, Nevada (WOR)
        Zachary Crabtree, OT, Oklahoma State (EW)
        Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon (WOR)
        James Daniels^, C, Iowa (COM, PRI)
        Marcus Davenport, DE, Texas-San Antonio (COM)
        Ross Dwelley, TE, San Diego (WOR)
        Tremaine Edmunds, OLB, Virginia Tech (PRI)
        Rashaan Evans, ILB, Alabama (COM)
        Nicholas Falah, C, USC (PRO)
        Minkah Fitzpatrick^, S, Alabama (COM, PRI)
        Tre Flowers, S, Oklahoma State (EW)
        Michael Gallup, WR, Colorado State (SR)
        Mason Gentry, DE, SMU (WOR)
        Frank Ginda, ILB, San Jose State (WOR)
        Matthew Gono, G, Wesley (WOR)
        Devin Gray, WR, Cincinnati (PRO)
        Rasheem Green, DE/DT/3-4DE, USC (COM)
        Da’Shawn Hand, DE, Alabama (SR)
        Chris Hardeman, FS, Houston Baptist (PRO)
        Davontae Harris, CB, Illinois State (EW)
        Quadree Henderson, WR, Pittsburgh (WOR)
        Trayvon Henderson, S, Hawaii (SR)
        Will Hernandez, G, UTEP (COM)
        Michael Hill, DT, Ohio State (WOR)
        Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa (PRI)
        D’Ernest Johnson, RB, South Florida (EW%)
        Arden Key^, DE/3-4OLB, LSU (COM, WOR)
        Mark Korte, C, Alberta (EW)
        Harold Landry, DE/3-4OLB/OLB, Boston College (COM)
        Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond (SR)
        Jamar McGloster, OT, Syracuse (EW)
        Kolton Miller^, OT, UCLA (COM, WOR)
        Ryan Nall, FB, Oregon State (COM)
        Siran Neal, S, Jacksonville State (SR)
        Bilal Nichols, DT/3-4DE, Delaware (EW)
        Uchenna Nwosu, 3-4OLB/OLB, USC (PRO)
        Dorian O’Daniel, ILB, Clemson (PRO)
        Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado (WOR)
        Foye Oluokun, OLB, Yale (PRI)
        Brian O’Neill, OT, Pittsburgh (PRI)
        Brandon Parker, OT, North Carolina A&T (WOR)
        Dante Pettis, WR, Washington (PRI)
        Darius Phillips, CB, Western Michigan (PRO)
        Harrison Phillips, DT/3-4DE/NT, Stanford (SR)
        Skyler Phillips, G, Idaho State (SR)
        DeMornay Pierson-El, WR, Nebraska (PRO)
        Byron Pringle^, WR, Kansas State (SR, PRI)
        Jacob Pugh, 3-4OLB/OLB, Florida State (EW)
        Justin Reid, S, Stanford (COM)
        Nathan Shepherd, DT, Fort Hays State (SR)
        Roquan Smith, OLB/ILB, Georgia (PRI)
        Vyncint Smith, WR, Limestone (PRO)
        Josh Sweat^, DE/3-4OLB, Florida State (COM, WOR)
        Auden Tate, WR, Florida State (PRI)
        Jullian Taylor, DT, Temple (PRO)
        Chad Thomas, DE/3-4OLB, Miami (EW)
        Matthew Thomas, ILB, Florida State (EW)
        Kemoko Turay, DE/3-4OLB, Rutgers (PRI)
        Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State (PRI)
        Fred Warner^, OLB, Brigham Young (SR, PRI)
        Kyzir White, S, West Virginia (PRI)
        Jake Wieneke, WR, South Dakota State (EW)

          1. SR – Senior Bowl meeting.
            EW – East-West Shrine meeting.
            COM – Combine meeting.
            INT – Interested.
            VINT – Very Interested.
            PRO – Pro Day or campus meeting/workout.
            LOC – Local visit. Prospect making a local visit.
            PRI – Private visit. Prospect making an official 30 visit.
            WOR – Private Workout. Members of an organization working out a player in private.
            STM – Some Type of Meeting.
            % – indicates more than one meeting at an event.
            ^ – has met with team at more than one event.
            # – indicates meeting set up outside of the 2018 Senior Bowl or the 2018 East-West Shrine Game

    1. Prime,
      Thanks for the link. A great act by the Org and the payers involved in this.
      Makes for a nice break from the negative mist over the past week.

  25. Returned after a 10-day road trip to Utah (beautiful country down there) to find that Landry seems to have dropped out of favor from many draftnik lists.

    Considering Niners’s situation right now, I’d say that the top rated Leo pass rusher would be the biggest difference maker to the team at a position probably second in importance after QB position, and essentially without a starter-quality player right now. I don’t expect Niners to draft in the top half of the first round for quite a while in the future, and a starter-quality Leo will not fall to the second half of the first round.

    Of course, Minkah appears to be a Pro Bowl-caliber player as do the rest of the top 10 (of whom, maybe 3-4 will probably be busts), but why this Baalke-like predilection for assembling a DB platoon at the expense of a maximum need at a critical position that is without a starter-quality player? Has some metric been discovered of late that raises Landry’s bust-potential?

      1. Irvin isn’t even in the conversation when it comes to the speed and flexibility that Landry brings to the table.

          1. Irvin tested very high indeed and I don’t see any negative to being compared to him as Irvin has been a pretty good player for a long time. Landry also compares favorably to DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller among others, so saying he’s going to be like any one player who has similar size, measurements or test results is a waste of time. Landry is Landry and we’ll see what that looks like at the NFL level.

          2. Irvin does not get the limbo bend and speed without slowing down that Landry does on the field, nor did he have the production that Landry had coming out of college. I also believe Landry is a more mature player mentally than Irvin. I would compare Landry to Beasley or Kevin Greene before I would Irvin, and I’d hope Landry has a similar career to those two rather than what Irvin has accomplished to date….

      2. Grant,
        I’m not sure what you mean when you describe Landry as “one dimensional” Do you mean he only has one move to the QB or do you mean he can only rush the passer and can’t play the run?

        1. He will only win with speed around the edge in the NFL. He won’t win with power and he won’t win with counters inside. He’s Bruce Irvin.

          1. I’ve seen him use his counter inside, but he won’t use it very often. Landry will do just fine disrupting the edge under Kiffin, so DPOY can swallow up the quarterback. He’s Vic Beasley….

              1. Beasley struggled with a hamstring injury last season so that likely had something to do with it. Beasley is being used the same way Irvin was used in Seattle as a SAM. It doesn’t take best advantage of his pass rushing ability imo, but he was a liability against the run early on so they made the move. I don’t think that will be the case with Landry. It will also be interesting to see how Irvin does this season now that they are going to have rushing the QB the majority of the time.

              2. Vic Beasley had 15.5 sacks, and the best Irvin could produce was 8. Are you kidding me right now? Landry if healthy will be the double digit sack artist, and who knows how many assists by extension….

              3. Beasley is much stronger and much more explosive than Landry. There’s no comparison between the two. Landry will be a 7-8 sack/season guy like Irvin.

              4. Landry grades out higher with 6.15 to Beasley’s 6.08 coming out, and btw…Zierlein again compares Beasley to Irvin on his scouting report….

    1. Mood,

      I haven’t seen Landry drop on anyone’s board personally. He was woefully underrated on many boards and is now being ranked a lot higher on most of them. The majority still have him in the 20’s, but I firmly believe he is higher than that on NFL team boards. The reasons for that are: he plays the second most important position (imo) in football, he has shown elite natural talent as a pass rusher that can’t be coached and he tested in the 90th percentile when healthy. The only knocks against him are that he didn’t produce at the same level his Sr. season due to injury and the fact many – erroneously imo – feel he is a liability against the run. Even if that were true, which it’s not, the fact he is capable of coming in and being a force off the edge on passing downs alone are reason enough to use a top ten pick on him.

      I will be shocked if he isn’t taken in the top 15 picks of the draft. You just don’t see pass rushers this good slide beyond that usually. I don’t know if the Niners will take him as there are going to be a number of good options for them, but he would be the best pick for them imo due to his position and the team need matching up perfectly.

      1. Can’t you have two players start at the LEO position – one during first downs and obvious running downs (Armstead for example) and one for obvious passing downs (Landry for example).

        1. Cubus,

          Yes. That is essentially what they did last year with Armstead (before he got hurt) and Dumervil. Landry would be on the field a lot regardless however as the defense is in Nickel so much these days and obviously on 3rd down.

      2. rocket,
        My thoughts on one-dimensional (as Grant describes him).
        I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I saw/see Landry as a one-dimensional player. I never said that this made him a bad player. Actually, those traits have the potential to make him a great player.

        My concern with OD players is that they can be neutralized at the next level by O-cords that will not need to work very hard to scheme against them. Speed and bend are excellent traits but unless Landry adds more to his tool box there’s a good chance that we won’t hear much about him when the season starts.

        OJ Simpson was known for his tremendous breakaway speed and cut back ability coming to the pros, but at wasn’t until he learned to add how to be patient and follow his blockers when he found great success.
        Different positions and different players? But my point is that coming into the pros with just a one trait (no matter how good that trait is) does not guarantee immediate success.
        Even our own WR Marquise Goodwin had to learn that to more successful he had learn other nuances of the game aside from his speed only.

        I’d be fine if we draft Landry but he is far from a finished product imo.

        1. No argument. He isn’t a finished product, no College player ever is. It’s the level of play he’s been able to perform at that is exciting. I also don’t agree that he’s one dimensional as that suggests he can only do one thing which isn’t the case here. He’s a great natural pass rusher who can set the edge in the running game and has a very high ceiling to get even better. I haven’t seen a great player this underrated in a long time.

            1. Which boards are you referring to?

              There is no agreeable consensus that Landry is a top 10 pick. He’s been touted by few as a top 10, but most see him as a mid 1st.

              Kiper doesn’t even have him in his 1st rd (which I don’t agree with).
              Landry will likely be a situational pass rusher in his 1st year. If that’s the type of player Lynch is looking for he could find them on day two.

              I believe we all agreed a month ago that we need to select someone that has the ability to be a pro-bowl type player in his first year. There’s only a very small group that fit that description. Sorry, but Landry is not one of them.
              If he is an pro – bowl player as a rookie I’ll be more than happy to eat a double dish of crow.
              But I just don’t see it.

              1. Zierlein says Landry can be a Pro Bowl player if he learns a counter move, and improves his hand to hand combat. I’ll take that in the first round at a premium position, and one of extreme need as well….

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