Grant’s free agency report: Part 1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers outside linebacker Kwon Alexander (58) during the first half of an NFL football game against the Cleveland Browns Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Mark LoMoglio)

Check out my Periscope report on Day 1 of free agency’s legal tampering period.

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  1. The 49ers sign Darby, and Grant melts down quicker than Fukushima.

    Rumor has it the San Francisco 49ers are doing everything they can to land Ronald Darby. With what may be a high price tag, don’t be surprised if he leaves the Philadelphia Eagles soon.

    “I believe that the New York Giants — I’ve been told this — are willing to move Odell Beckham,” Cowherd said this week. “But there’s a lot of optics here on what they want to get in return.” “San Francisco wants him, I’m told, really, really bad,” Cowherd said. “But they don’t want to give up the No. 2 pick. Maybe next year’s first round (pick).

    1. Cowherd wrong! Get it?

      OBJ is going to Cleveland. Is Cleveland going to be legit next year? They’re loaded on defense and now they’ve added OBJ.

  2. Coffee’s for Closers says:
    March 12, 2019 at 10:37 am
    Multiple sources with the 49ers say the team is torn on Quinnen Williams

    Reply: That’s because Williams has been drawing comparisons as a larger, faster, Aaron Donald:

    It’s been a trend the last three or four years to hype up seemingly every short or light defensive tackle as “the next Aaron Donald”. First it was Grady Jarrett, and then it was Jonathan Bullard, and then even just last year it was Taven Bryan. But most of those hope-filled comparisons have been mostly wrong, because I feel like people have mischaracterized what makes Donald so incredible in the first place.

    Donald’s extraordinary dominance is not just about being ultra-explosive, or super flexible, or having a natural leverage advantage because of his size; rather, it’s about vision, instinct, and mastery of technique. There are a lot of fluid and explosive freak athletes in the NFL, but there’s only one Aaron Donald because he knows how to maximize his gifts to be the best possible football player he can be.

    I have waited for five years to see another defensive tackle come out of college with the same uniquely terrifying combination of power, quickness, technique, and instincts as Aaron Donald. I’ve been waiting to see someone we can truly compare to Donald – and with Alabama’s Quinnen Williams entering the NFL this year, I think we have finally found our guy

    Reply: Admit that Solomon Thomas hasn[t lived up to expectations and draft the next Donald—-Free Buckner of those nasty double teams now….By the way, Ninerland, 49er execs, Mayhew drafted Ziggy Ansah and their DL coach coached him…Rumors are that 49ers sign him.

    1. Dear god,
      Forget throwing my remote through the TV. If they chose Williams over Bosa and Allen I’d throw my TV through my 4th floor window.

    2. I’m not arguing against Q. Williams the player, he’s absolutely an elite DT. I just think the Niners are stacked on the interior. Let’s not forget they have Kentavius Street making his debut this season, and he’s an incredibly versatile DT, IMO. Buckner, Armstead, Thomas, Taylor, Blair, Day, I mean, it’s probably the deepest group on the team. The 49ers basically run 5 DL with 2 stacked LB’s the vast majority of the time, so adding Nick Bosa to the front 7 would seem to be the the cherry on top of the icing on the cake, providing the 49ers one of, if not the most dominant front 7 in the NFL. Add a Safety in round 2, out of perhaps the deepest, most talented position group in the draft, a bigger bodied, fast outside WR in round 3, and where aren there any holes left? CB and punter, that’s about it. The 49ers can still add both a FA Safety, and punter this week as well, leaving nothing left to do besides advertising Levi’s Stadium postseason tickets. Lol

  3. Numbers on new Packers’ LB Za’Darius Smith.Adam Schefter added, 4 yrs, 66 mil, , 34.5 in 1st 2 yrs, +20mil signing bonus???….

    2h2 hours ago

  4. I think Saleh is at least partly to blame for the defensive decisions. You keep reading about how the 9ers pick players that “fit the scheme”. Who is supposed to know the defensive scheme better than the defensive coordinator? Therefore, I have to believe that he has a large influence on who gets selected on the defensive side of the ball.

    Also, weren’t the 9ers one of the worst, if not the worst, tackling teams through at least the first half of last season? Why should there be any confidence that Saleh and staff can teach someone like Alexander how to tackle?

            1. Grant. I am amazed that you went all in on your F with out mentioning an out based on a team friendly contract that protects the team from a long term obligation. I believe that you allow what you want it to be to influence you over all evaluations. This video gave you an opportunity to mention that the contract probably is not as bad as it seems. Now you have a bit of egg on your face..

      1. Dude we suck. No one is coming here just to come here. Like they can win a chip with us or something. So SF is gonna overpay for mostly everyone

        1. You’re probably right Billy. But if we’re going to over pay, why not try someone who is healthy and a real difference maker. Alexander is neither….and we over paid.

      2. Wasn’t Mosley just signed by the Jets for double the guaranteed money that the Niners gave Alexander?

        Mosley is a more established player… But not even close to being worth double the money. Niners deal might end up being pretty good considering Mosley signed for 17 million a year.

        1. Mosley has been to four Pro Bowls in five years and hasn’t torn his ACL. The 49ers should have given Alexander a one-year prove-it deal, but he probably wouldn’t have accepted it from them.

          1. How do you know that is deal isn’t structured as essentially a year to year deal? It seems like Paraag tries to structure his contracts as close to that as possible.

              1. Why? The ability to cut a player in the future with little financial repercussion is more important than some initial cap space. Again, it’s risk mitigation and not simply looking at the dollars and cents.

              2. Their big splash is a Will linebacker with a torn ACL. They should have given his money to an edge rusher or a corner or a free safety who doesn’t have a torn ACL.

              3. “big splashes” in free agency are stupid. only idiot fans and sensationalists want “big splashes”

                and it’s not like there isn’t money for an edge rusher, corner or a free safety.

                your criticism of the 49ers in free agency is starting to sound like bored frustration as opposed to rational critique.

              4. The 49ers just low-balled Roby and bowed out. Where’s the corner? Where’s the edge rusher? Where’s the free safety?

              5. This reminds me of the JG Wentworth commercial. It’s my money and I want my corner, edge and fs now!

            1. No. Cap space isn’t the issue. The 49ers chose to sign a Will linebacker with a torn ACL rather than fill one of their three biggest needs on defense. They never enter the market for the top players at premium positions.

              1. So you’re sticking with the signing being bad because why???? It’s not the money or the contract?

                How does the signing effect their ability to sign those other positions? Maybe they just don’t want to sign those positions in free agency as badly as most fans want them too.

              2. They protected themselves long term, but overpaid short term, just as they did with McKinnon. That was another F contract.

              3. It’s reverse psychology. Last year Lynch bought a used Jet and it broke down. With Alexander The Great, you can’t break what’s already been broken! Makes perfect sense to me….🙄

              4. It’s also about lost opportunities. By selecting this player they’re bypassing other ones.

              5. It’s also about lost opportunities. By selecting this player they’re bypassing other ones.

                How exactly are they missing out on other players? This is the third time I’ve asked this….

              6. They’ve missed out on better players who have agreed to deals with other teams.

                Last year, the 49ers signed Jerick McKinnon to a series of one-year deals that average $7.5 million annually. Sure, they can cut him at any time. But, while he’s on the team, he’s making $3-$4 million more per season on average than he’s worth. That contract was horrific. Same goes for Alexander’s deal.

              7. They’ve missed out on better players who have agreed to deals with other teams.

                You still haven’t said how that has any bearing on Alexander’s deal.

                Why does McKinnion making more than what you believe he should make any difference? He gets more to avoid being stuck with him should the Niners not want him. If McKinnion were paid closer to what you think…what an additional…what $2M a year is going to do what for the 49er’s exactly? Are they currently hamstrung because of the cap? No. But if they need to get rid of McKinnon they’re not going to be stuck with him and some serous dead money.

                The 49ers pay more for future financial freedom and flexibility. It’s like insurance. Why is that so bad?

              8. They made Alexander their top priority in free agency. By doing so, they missed out on other, better players at more important positions. Not difficult to understand.

                Why are the 49ers overpaying for mid-tier players they think they may need to get rid of in a year or two? They should be overpaying for good players.

              9. It’s true…overpaid and it’s true..missed opportunities bypassing others, torn ACL not even 5 months ago, here we go again, undersized, tons of missed tackles. Should of been a 1yr or 2yr contract. Hope for the best.

              10. They made Alexander their top priority in free agency. By doing so, they missed out on other, better players at more important positions. Not difficult to understand.

                bwahahaha!!!! So your argument is that Paraag and John Lynch can’t answer the phone and work on multiple contracts at once? Good god if I were Jed I’d fire them. I’ve had idiot associates that can do multiple contracts that are far more complex than a player’s contract. But yeah….you know that’s a really weak argument right?

                Why are they structuring their contracts as they do? ALL of their contracts whatever the tier of the player are structured as close to a one year deal as possible. As to why they target tier 2 players? Because Free Agency is crap! The majority of high priced free agents are BUSTS. The 49ers are value shopping….as they should. Risk mitigate the investment on an asset that you believe has the potential to appreciate.

              11. Time is ticking and the best free agents are signing elsewhere. The 49ers are busy overpaying a Will linebacker who has a torn ACL and extending their long snapper who’s suspended for taking steroids so he can snap the ball better.

              12. “The majority of high priced free agents are BUSTS.”

                Imagine if the organization thought this back in ‘94

              13. For a team rebuilding, playing it safe in FA guarantees that they will always be rebuilding. Sometimes taking a risk (such as a blockbuster deal like they did with Justin Smith – a very good move which proved better with time) is the smart thing to do.

                Putting money into players who have a profile like our current acquisition means those monies are tied up until he is no longer on the team. It means we forgo players who may have a higher impact (Pass Rusher, CB). It also means the organization is focused on that one player for the time it takes to get them onto the team (scouts, medical staff, etc.). And as you can see there are a flurry of deals the first couple of days and then…

              14. The NIners are not concerned with one year cap hits but long term commitments. They have plenty of cap space now. You also said that the Niners should have signed him to a one year prove it contract. Well they essentially did. But with this contract they also protect themselves from having to lay out a larger contract if Alex does shine this next season. They have him locked up for longer . They front load their guarantee’s, because they have the cash now and also protect their future cap, when they have to resign their better players.

      3. I think people need to keep in mind that CA teams have to pay a bit more because of their tax issues. Highest taxed state in the union. Its already been reported that this affected some recent Baseball contracts and it has something to do with Chuckies delayed contract structure with the Raiders.

      4. Hah, ends up Kwon Alexander’s “mega payday” may not be so mega after all! Ends up it’s more like a year-to-year deal. The Niners are only on the hook for $11.5 Million against the cap this year, and have the ability to get of the deal as soon as next season, with just a $3M dead cap hit.

        This is why it’s wise to hold off on assigning FA signing grades. The devil is in the details!

        As the details emerge, this signing is nowA- grade for me.

        Niners kind of fleeced Alexander ask me, unless of course he stays healthy, in which case it’s a win – win!

        1. Nice. The 49ers protected themselves with a player they shouldn’t have signed, instead of getting someone more expensive at a more important position.

        2. Meh, Alexander has every incentive to play well, which would be the proverbial WIN – WIN, with plenty of guys still out there.

          Here are the Kwon Alexander contract details courtesy of SPOTRAC:

          Marathe sort of fleeced the kid. I almost feel bad for the guy … almost. Nah, he stands to earn plenty of money provided he plays well! WIN – WIN!

          Now let’s go get Deuce and Justin Houston next, both on 2 year deals!

          1. I do have to admit, it’s kind of silly how these contracts are announced, only to find out they aren’t nearly what they initially seem to be.

            I’m loving this acquisition now Grant, so much so in fact, that I think I’ll keep this new avatar for a while, if that’s OK with you ;)

            Let’s put it this way …. Reuben who? lmao

              1. I’m like a yoga master Grant, just trying to bring balance to the world.

                BTW, I’m hearing the 49ers are close to finalizing a deal with Earl Thomas! Have you heard anything?

                Let’s hope it’s another, low risk, team friendly deal, but something tells me they are going to have to pay that man, We’ll see. I’m good with a huge 1 year deal!

              2. But Grant a major part of giving them an F was based on the contract they gave him. You could have made your F conditional and still criticized the Niners for taking a one year risk. But in your video you also say that what you do with a player like Alex is give him a one year prove it contract. Well the essentially did that except the added an option to extend that contract if he does play well.

                No matter what you say you painted yourself into a corner with you F and the reasons you gave. You could have mitigated you F by leaving an adjustment if the contract turned out the way it did. You still could have made your point while leaving your self an out.

              3. If they cut him next year, they still have dead cap. I don’t like the 49ers’ philosophy of overpaying for mid-tier players who are injured or old or both, no matter how “team-friendly” the deal is. That’s thrift-store shopping.

  5. I hated this signing but warming up to it a little bit. Now I just dislike it.

    He had the most tackles per game for his draft class by a decent margin. He gets to the ball carrier. The missed tackles are also an indication that he is getting to the ball carrier quicker and more often than other LBs.

    1. There are a lot of things to like about the player IF he’s healthy. A guy who’s biggest strength is his speed coming off an ACL. Is the speed going to be diminished? We’ll find out.

      1. His speed probably won’t change much however his agility and ability to change direction will likely be greatly affected. For a smaller linebacker who relies on slipping by blockers rather going through them, it could be devastating to his career.
        I don’t expect he will be very good in coverage after such an injury

      2. There are a lot of things to like about the player IF he’s healthy.

        You’re right Jack, starting with his contract!

        Here’s my question of the day: Reuben who?

        ha ha ha ha!

  6. Mickey Fisher

    Mar 11
    As I’ve known all along; Earl Thomas and the #49ers have a deal in place and barring any serious discrepancy he will sign in San Francisco.

  7. “”He’s very good in coverage. He’s a three-down linebacker, but he’s super fast. That’s one thing that they feel they really need to incorporate into that defense — a little more speed. He can cover the tight end. He can cover a running back. That allows you to scheme some things a little differently on defense.””

    “”This is a player, if he comes back healthy, it may take him a little bit, my God, he is a hell of a player,” Wyche said on the “Murph and Mac” show. “He is a fantastic player. They want to use him in that WILL linebacker role, in the scheme that they use, so he’s going to be someone in coverage.”

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  8. What’s done is done. My concern now is that they try to bring Alexander back too fast. I’m not a doctor, but maybe they should target him to play in the 2nd half of next season.

    1. Who knows Cubus. They very well could be doing just that. However, that would make the contract they just inked Alexander to look worse.

      1. Yes, it would, but it could potentially be better than having the entire contract tank. Still waiting to see what kind of magic Marathe was able to include in the contract details.

    2. Maybe that’s why they are holding on to Smith for now. If Alexander isn’t ready to go, Smith might play the WILL to start.

  9. At at first glance the Alexander signing is a puzzle. This may be the case with the second third and fourth glance as well.

    I might make me feel better about the signing if…

    – Little of the “guaranteed” money is fully guaranteed. A lot of the guaranteed pay is in the form of roster bonuses and rolling guarantees for injury only on a per season basis. Similar to kaepernick’s contract it’s structured to make the player bet on himself.

    – Alexander’s knee looks fantastic in the medical exams.

    – He was pretty good in Tampa, but rhis scheme will bring out his best qualities. His best years are ahead of him.

  10. Following up on the poor tackling of this team last season. The 49ers were graded by PFF in tackling as the 2nd worst team in the NFL (i.e. #31 in the rankings). The worst was the Cleveland Browns. The best was the team coached by probably the greatest coach in the history of the game in terms of overall coaching and general management – the NE Patriots. The Rams were ranked 3rd best and the Bears (Fangio) were ranked 11th. Cards were 1th and Hawks 15th.

  11. My concerns about the signing…

    – If there’s “book” on negotiating with John Lynch, it’s that he’s easily spooked into thinking another team is going to snatch his targeted player.

    Was Lynch really in danger of losing Juszczyk, McKinnon, Malcom Smith, Garcon, Richburg, Alexander if he offered a little less money? (Did he really need to trade up for Pettis?)

    – Another ACL guy? Really?

    1. *”Whereas Sherman overcame lower-leg injuries to make a smooth transition to the 49ers last season, Thomas is coming off a broken leg and could step in as the 49ers’ ideal free safety.”

      “There’s serious interest. There’s obviously a clear and easy fit,” Sherman said two weeks ago at the NFL scouting combine. “But financially it has to make sense.”

    1. I’m glad you brought up that pic. With all due respect for Grant, his facial expression looked like he was dealing with a case of hemorrhoids. Was about to suggest he try some Preparation H.

    2. Hope this goes to CFB…read site for years…and thoughly enjoy the back and forth this time of year among knowledgeable folks… And THAT post is the one that made me want to finally comment and say “cheers” to you…

  12. Jordan Hicks to the Cards at 4 years 36 million. Wow….49ers signed Kwon to 4 years 54 million. That just goes to show 49ers managment is not that good. Not only did they not sign the correct player, they over paid for Kwon and Hicks goes to the cards

    Look at the packers, they signed 3 defenders that should help their defense with the young CB they already have

        1. And he came back. Indeed he did. And we have no idea today how Alexander will pan out. Do we know how Alexander’s deal is structured?

  13. Matt Miller

    The #49ers aren’t don’t yet. Spoke to someone this morning who said a trade for @obj is still possible.

    1. The #49ers aren’t don’t yet. Spoke to someone this morning who said a trade for @obj is still possible.

      If that’s so, and if, as rumored, the Giants get the Niner’s first pick in the draft next year, it’s practically a certainty that the Giants will walk away with the top QB in the 2020 draft, assuming they pass on Dwayne Haskins — who really shouldn’t go any higher than later in the first round, TBH, and considering the top defensive players who should be available at #6 this year. If the Niners aren’t prioritizing assembling a semblance of a competent OL within the next 2-3 years, OBJ will have lame, off-the-street QBs trying to get the ball to him, with predictable outcomes, and his time in in SF SC will have been completely wasted.

  14. Remember how everyone freaked when they first heard about Colin kaepernick’s contract, only the calm way down after hearing about the details of the contract?

    I’m hoping this is the case with Alexander. Short on fully guaranteed pay, “fully” guaranteed pay, heavy on guaranteed money in the form of roster bonuses.

  15. I am worried that the Alexander signing is contrary to Seb’s strategy of “no more ACL or ligament recovery signings,” after the Baalke failed era….However, a bright note, Richard Sherman recovered nicely from his leg injury

    1. See would just claim that Paraag forced John Lynch to sign Kwon and that it was really Paraag who runs everything behind the scenes.

      1. You can make fun of Seb regarding Paraag but he is one of a very few here that accept the idea that Paraag can have an enormous amount of influence on building the roster. There is a very lot we don’t know about what he does but the signing of every player on the team has his finger prints on it and I disagree with anyone who doesn’t think that JL or KS have full say on the roster. We just signed Alexander who has not been greeted with much enthusiasm and, if the rumors are true, we struck out on Roby. Who decided what to offer those two players and who decided which one are the most important in rebuilding the team. I think we know it was not a decision for JL or KS. I guess what I am saying is how can we say that Paraag is not the problem? If he made a better offer to Roby and a more sober offer to Alexander so the signings were opposite, which football mind would you say is responsible for that occurrence? Some of us here see the same pattern coach after coach and GM after GM and then wonder if the one constant that we all accept as a given is not the problem. Seb is a lot of things but he is not out of line in questioning if the magical Maraathe isn’t sabotaging things to keep the cash flow where Denise and John are satisfied.

        1. Whine,
          But the best chance of signing a player like Earl Thomas could have more to do with Sherman and Saleh than the top brass.

          If we can get ET, he may attribute his signing to those two above all else.

        2. Both Baalke and I am pretty sure Lynch have said that Paraag’s role is simply to get the deals they want done, done.

          The question mark on how much influence Paraag has should only be in terms of whether he influences things through the contract structures. And by that I mean whether he has the power to specify the contract language by himself and thereby influence how likely a player is to sign for the team, or whether this goes through the GM before getting to the player.

          1. “The question mark on how much influence Paraag has should only be in terms of whether he influences things through the contract structures. And by that I mean whether he has the power to specify the contract language by himself and thereby influence how likely a player is to sign for the team, or whether this goes through the GM before getting to the player.”


            They say the NFL is a copy cat league. Well, how many other teams have a Stanford Biz school guy who “manages the cap”. I’d like to know who manages Belichick’s cap so I could copy that.

        3. Prag is certainly the York’s mole, but I will never believe what he wants on the football field will take precedence over what ShannyLynch want.

          However, it would not entirely surprise me if that were so. The 9ers are incidental to money for the Yorks.

        4. Whine,
          “Who decided what to offer those two players and who decided which one are the most important in rebuilding the team. I think we know it was not a decision for JL or KS.”

          I couldn’t disagree more. I absolutely believe that Kyle and John are in charge of the roster and they decide who to prioritize and they have both said so. As I also believe that before them, Baalke was in charge of the roster and before him Scott was.
          Paraag was here through all of that. So either the Yorks have been paying a lot of money to GM’s for years to “pretend” to be a GM. Or, they have been paying them to be a gm, prioritize what players they want and tell Paraag what percentage of the cap they are willing to spend on a position group to get said guy. His job is then to negotiate the best deal possible within those parameters.
          It’s kind of like telling a relator I want a house , get the best one you can in this area for under 350,000… even if he finds a great house in my area, if someone else is willing to offer 500k for the same one most likely that house is going to someone else.
          Also before we start going well the York’s are cheap, I would argue they haven’t been cheap… they have been stupid in the way they are allocating their money. Their fullback is making roughly 5 times what the next best fullback is. He along with their kicker are costing SF roughly 10.5 million in cap space… and that falls on Kyle and John not Paraag.

      2. @whine

        I guess what I am saying is how can we say that Paraag is not the problem?

        Because everything we know of Paraag’s role indicates otherwise?

        There is a very lot we don’t know about what he does but the signing of every player on the team has his finger prints on it and I disagree with anyone who doesn’t think that JL or KS have full say on the roster.

        Despite the fact that we’ve been told who has control of the roster….you choose to believe otherwise?…..because???? I swear Paraag gets the boogieman treatment from some fans. Especially those that are scared of finance and risk mitigation and don’t understand it. If you understand those things….many of the 49er’s personnel moves, player compensation value and contract structure makes sense. All of which have little to do with the quality of the player and how they’re coached.

        the magical Maraathe isn’t sabotaging things to keep the cash flow where Denise and John are satisfied.

        Another irrational comment. Jed fired Tomsula and Chip both of which had guaranteed (and are still being paid) contracts and then hires Lynch and Shanahan on 6 year deals? That’s keeping the cash flow going to the Yorks? Isn’t everyone complaining that the Niners spend too much on the free agents (for those that don’t understand finance and risk mitigation) they signed: McKinnion, Juszyzk, Alexander….maybe even Garappolo to expensive contracts? If they’re spending too much on free agents….how are they trying to get cash to the Yorks???? Especially since they tend to FRONT LOAD contracts.

            1. Unless anyone can provide any evidence to support Whine’s claims. I’m sticking with the tin foil hat boogie man theory about disgruntled fan’s attitudes towards Paraag.

              1. So you are suggesting that Lynch told PM that he wanted Kwon signed to a 3 year contract but only make a one year offer to Roby. Look, we have heard the stories of who we wanted to try to get and who have signed elsewhere. The rumor with Roby is we tried a one year deal and then he signed a ONE YEAR DEAL with the Texans so you tell me why we couldn’t make the deal. You want to call it a tin foil hat boogie man when the only unassailable fact is that the one and only one constant while coaches and GMs come and go is PM. You want to think it’s a coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences. The FACT is that, as Grant says, we only can sign relatively unimportant FAs who have very little impact on the team’s success. The facts support a hypothetical that GOOD IMPACT PLAYERS don’t want to play for the 49ers but those who are desperate and without significant other offers will let Paraag work his “magic” signing them to a contract that is not what it seems but really an opportunity to roll the dice on their future (for the team and the player – See Richard Sherman for example). My opinion is that Paraag’s “magic” speaks for itself and no further evidence is required. Name one real impact FA we have signed since SM left. We have constantly had the Cap Space but with no end of excuses have plain failed in bringing in any real impact FAs. And please don’t count kickers because they only have an inordinate impact because we can’t score touchdowns.

              2. Whine,

                ROBY ASKED FOR A ONE YEAR DEAL. The Niners offered a one year deal. We don’t know the amount of the offer or the terms. Maybe Roby just liked Texas better. But you’re projecting that decision as a negative on Paraag with no supporting evidence.

                Everything else in your post is connect the dots with your tin foil hat conspiracy nonsense. It has no basis in fact. Paraag doesn’t select players. You have no evidence to the contrary. He writes up reports on players. You know what else has been a constant in the 49er’s organization across the various regimes? THE SCOUTS (and I’m not necessarily blaming the scouts). But no….it’s the guy with the uncommon name that scares people with his numbers that everyone focuses on with irrational criticism.

              3. What you call a tin foil conspiracy is a business model that the Yorks have chosen. JL and KS give Paraag a list of players and it is his job to sign them. The evidence you ask of me is right before your eyes but you refuse to see it. How many times have you seen that the football operation is interested in this or that player and the players are signed by someone else. Your “evidence” that the 49ers one year deal was rejected is (using your own words) “Maybe Roby likesTexas better” is nothing more than speculation, as is my claim. You apparently know much about the game itself but yet you chose to characterize my speculation about management as “irrational” and your last post suggests my position is racist. Both have no basis in fact and are nothing more than disparaging remarks about my character. I have nothing against the man personally. He is serving the Yorks in the position they have hired him for and one must assume he is doing so to their liking. I am merely suggesting as others have (including Grant I believe) that the 49ers method of doing business is not likely to lead to success. And the evidence I have for that is their record which speaks for itself. Again, coaches and GMs come and go but Denise, John and Jed York along with their trusted financial guy, regardless of any stereotypical description you chose to put on him, remain a constant. You want evidence and yet your answer to my claim the he MAY be the problem is “everything we know of Paraag’s role is to the contrary”. Please tell us all the evidence you have about everything we know.

  16. Mike Klis – “Spoke to Bradley Roby. He turned down 3-year offer from Steelers and 1-year offer from 49ers to take one-year, $10 Mil deal with Texans. Browns were also in for a while. Roby: “It’s a prove it deal. I feel like I should go back in (the market) while I’m still young.”…”

        1. It definitely looks like they have targeted in FA the positions that are weakest in the draft and FA. That makes some sense, though personally I think they are missing the boat by not being aggressive at a position like FS and edge that are big weaknesses and very important positions where there are/ were a lot of nice options.

          Based on their offer to Roby it appears they also only want a stop gap at CB. Darby is a good player, but coming off an injury of his own is he a good stop gap option?

    1. Very interesting. Looks like only year 1 is fully guaranteed and with only $4M in signing bonus they can cut bait after 1 year if he sucks (so long as he isn’t injured, as second year appears to be guaranteed for injury, similar to how Kaep’s contract was).

      Its a lot of money, but very little fully guaranteed gives the team a lot of power. Can basically look at this as four 1 year deals.

      1. too funny….I guessed something like this yesterday. I even got the signing bonus exactly right!

        (from Grant’s last Alexander post)

        it’s the same thing. again, it depends on how the contract is structured.

        It’s a 4 year $54M deal. $27M in “Guaranteed Money”.

        So what if it’s structured as a $4M signing bonus. Guaranteed (start of the year) Base Salary: Year: 1: $2M. Year 2. $5M Year 3. $8M Year 4. $12M And weekly active roster bonuses that totals of $6M/Year. If the Alexander doesn’t work out, they can cut him next off season for only $3M in dead cap money. And if he keeps getting hurt, he doesn’t get the prorated $6M roster bonus (if it’s payed weekly).

        Maybe the roster bonuses aren’t quite so risk adverse in their structure and the active roster bonuses are paid out at the beginning of the season. Still, that gives the 49ers the ability to cut him with minimal loses.

        It gives Alexander all the incentive to sign with the 49ers because he has the chance to make money if he’s healthy and performs. The Niners spend more but are paying to mitigate their risk.

        I doubt he’d take a 2 year deal. But the Niners effectively gave him a sweet year to year deal.

  17. 1. Alexanders’ contract seems to not create salary cap problems for the Niners. It really appears to be only a two year commitment.
    2. Should the Niners trade this year and next years #1 draft choices and a # 3 choice in either years for OBJ and the Giants #1 this year?

    I would consider that deal, but I am worried about his injury history, and I don’t know if he is that much of a difference maker.
    Does anyone know how it has worked out in the league when a #1 draft choice has been traded for an established player? Who usually gets the best end of the deal?

      1. 1. Cap space never was an issue. Come on Grant, you are becoming far too predictable. An hour ago the 49ers grossly overpaid for Alexander, and took a big risk on another ACL project, now that his contract details have surfaced, money (or cap space) is no longer an issue? Anyone ever tell you that you like to have it both ways, the proverbial have my cake and eat it too syndrome.

        2. I agree, Hell no. However, I would be willing to make some kind of deal for OBJ without giving up a first round pick.

        1. The 49ers always protect themselves. They protected themselves with McKinnon. Doesn’t mean that contract wasn’t one of the worst given out last year, because it was.

          1. Sure, but that’s easy to say after McKinnon missed the entire season.

            At least the 49ers have a strategy, which is more than I can say for some teams, like the Raiders. Are they trying to win now, or 3 years from now? Is Derek Carr their QB? Is Trent Brown playing LT or RT? Lamarcus Joyner, both undersized and slow, coming off of a horrific postseason?

            And the Redskins, oh man, they are the Cleveland Browns circa 2015. Why would they break their bank (they were already cash strapped) for an in-the-box Safety coming off of a torn labrum in his left shoulder, when there are plenty on the market AND it’s one of the strongest position groups in the draft?


            1. I agree, the 49ers have a more coherent strategy than the Raiders. But, the 49ers strategy is to overspend on mid-tier players. That’s what bad teams do.

              1. They overspent on Kyle Juszczyk, and Malcolm Smith, I’ll give you that. I understand why they did it, but they still overpaid. However Malcolm did just take a big pay cut. Goodwin definitely earned his money in 2017, injuries limited him last season. My jury is still out on McKinnon and Richburg. If McKinnon can get healthy, he has some serious potential in this system, and Richburg – the #2 ranked Center in the league in 2015, was also hobbled throughout his first season. I like the deals for Tomlinson and Person. A number of other quality depth pieces for a reasonable price. Jimmy the G man!

                It doesn’t appear that they grossly overpaid for Alexander, and free agency doesn’t officially start until tomorrow. Lots of talent still out there, including some of my favorites.

                The 49ers have plenty of money to spend. Let’s see what happens in the next 24 to 48 hours.

              2. Don’t know about that heard this morning from analysts on nfl network bashing Trent Brown and the Raiders about how a player with bad work ethic and weight issues could get a ridiculous contract that the Raiders gave him and that the jets severely overpaid for CJ Mosely 85 million who’s had coverage issues through out the year.

    1. Barring injury, Alexander’s contract appears to be only a 1 year commitment.

      Regarding OBJ, I would be fine swapping 1sts this year plus giving up #36. Maybe a mid round pick next year added on if needed. But if it takes a first next year as well forget about it.

  18. It would be interesting to know how many free agents are turning down offers from the 49ers. When free agents say they turned down an offer from a specific team(s), is there any reason not to believe them?

      1. When all else fails… Backstop!

        Actually the whole Brexit thing is a bit of a mystery to me. When the dust settles I’m hoping to retain the open border. Would hate to see the Good Friday agreement go to pieces just because of or policy planning.

  19. Great periscope Grant.
    There’s not much I disagree with you on. Kwon is an expensive gamble. As a fan I look at the fact that he’s 24, has already been to a pro bowl and in theory should have his best years ahead of him.
    As a realist, I see another ACL hopeful that got overpaid.
    I really don’t want Earl Thomas either and my choice would also be Tre Boston. It’s not his fault the Cards were a dumpster fire last year. He’s young and can play ball. Earl is another “let’s hope” player.
    I also agree on Bosa not being the right choice. Injuries and team commitment come to mind. However, I would like to stay put and draft Allen. I think the sky’s the limit for him and the Niners need a blue chip difference make, not a bunch of value guys. I’ll puke if they stay Q.Williams.
    We also disagree on Harbaugh. This might not be a popular opinion, but I thought he inherited an insanely talented roster and should have won it all a couple times, but didn’t. He got out coached in big games (still happening in Michigan) and I was sick of watching his sideline hissy fits.
    Again, great periscope. This stuff keeps me going in the off season.

  20. Grant… Reach out to Kwon as soon as you’re allowed. Snag that interview. Be forthright and let him know that you and many angry fans feel the 9ers made a huge mistake acquiring him. With that, ask him what he’ll bring to the team. Please.

  21. We got one of theirs and they got one of ours. Seems fair.

    Dov Kleiman

    #Buccaneers releasing Punter Bryan Anger, who’ll forever be known as the Punter the #Jaguars took in the 3rd round a few picks ahead of the #Seahawks picking QB Russell Wilson.

    Bucs are signing former #49ers Punter Bradley Pinion to a 4-year deal

  22. NFL Update
    Anthony Barr was “physically sick” last night after the news broke that he was headed to the #Jets, per @AdamSchefter. The decision just didn’t feel right for him. Decided to change his mind and got a deal done with the #Vikings today.

    What’s Alexander feeling? (Yes, I’m bored waiting for something, almost anything, to happen).

    1. Yeah, until they actually sign there is no guarantees. But from Kwon’s tweets it sounds like he is excited about coming to the 49ers.

        1. I missed that – that is interesting. Based on what I have heard re: the 49ers not even getting in contact with Thomas’ agent, could it actually be that Thomas is more interested in joining the 49ers than the 49ers are in getting Thomas? Before FA started I was sure it would be the other way around.

          1. I am inclined to agree. I believe Thomas is a fit and immediate upgrade for the secondary, but I am beginning to wonder how much his bird flying hurt his value with the 49ers.

            1. He is trying to get more than $14M a YR…..

              Yes he fits…..not sure how he is an upgrade with one leg healthy……

              1. You and I are an upgrade over Colbert, so I am pretty sure a one-legged Thomas is an upgrade over Colbert as well.

  23. I was on a Mexican Riviera cruise last week. A guy on the cruise ship had a great T-shirt. It reads:

    “I don’t need Google…….My wife knows everything!”

  24. Grant…. NFL free agency seems to break down into a couple of phases or waves. There’s the glitz wave where most of the best, splashy FAs are snagged in the first 48 hrs or so, followed by a second less sparkling wave where most remaining FAs find a home. Since we’re getting close to that second wave, how do you see that playing out for the 9ers? You have sources. What are they saying?

  25. I am starting to feel sorry for the Jets…they already were burned by Kirk Cousins and Dont’a Hightower previously and Anthony Barr this week…… L. Bell is about to join the list….

  26. I was fine with the acquisition of Alexander but after hearing about OBJ to the Browns I think it’s time for Jed to fire Lynch. Watching AB go to the Raiders as well and knowing the “compensation” those teams gave up shows me Lynch is not a capable GM. You really mean to tell me you couldn’t put together a better offer. Very disappointing

  27. How the F….did lynch F …this up

    Could have given them a 1st next yr….a 2nd or 3rd this yr….and Thomas or Armstead….

    Damn this sucks…..really 😤 right now……F U lynch

    1. They wanted a first this year. No way you give up a second pick with so many needs.
      Don’t think lynch blew it as much as Cleveland being in a better position right now.
      Would have been nice to have him, but this team needs defense and now.

  28. The Giants are dumb….the QB draft class next year is better than this yr…..

    Mehn…really was looking forward to OBJ in 49er uniform….

    Getting Ford is the only thing that can make this FA better….

    1. Meh, I don’t understand why Landry gets so much love. Sure, he scored 9 pitch-and-catch TD’s in 2017. But the guy averages 10.4 YPR over his career. Big whoop, talk about dink and dunk, the Niners fullback – Kyle Juszczyk, averaged 10.8 YPR last season, for crying out loud. Toss out Landry’s 2017 outlier of a season, and he averages less than 4 TD’s per season.

      OBJ, yah, he’s pretty good, but the Niners will beat Cleveland this year now that they just landed Dee Ford for only a 2020 2nd round pick. Yeeeeee Haaaaa!

  29. 49ers in deep talks with KC for a Dee ford trade. Now that would be an aquisition I’d love to have. If they didn’t sign Thomas.
    Bosa in front of him? Wow!

  30. Sounds like trade compensation for Ford has already been agreed upon and it’s the contract that they’re still working out.

    I hope they didn’t trade away anything higher than a third-rounder. 49ers are throwing the Chiefs salary cap life preserver. No need to overpay.

    KC needs cap space. 49ers have the leverage. Remember the Boldin trade?

  31. 2020 2nd rounder for Ford apparently. Would not be surprised if the 49ers try and work a trade back to recoup a day 2 pick next year at some point.

    1. Door #1. Ford + Bosa + Buckner
      Door #2. Ford + Q. Williams + Buckner
      Door #3. Ford+ Burns + Baker + Buckner

      I’ll take door #3 please.

      1. The more I think about it, the more I think Williams will be the pick at 2 if the Cards take Bosa and no trades develop.

              1. Trading back with the Raiders would be ideal. One of…

                – 2 for the Raiders 4+24
                – 2 for the Raiders 4+35+2020 2nd

                The 49ers would still get one of Williams, Allen or Bosa at 4.

              2. More likely it would take at least two of their first round picks Brodie. Excessive to us, but there is precedence that shows such a deal being possible where the Redskins gave up three first rounds picks just to move up four spots to draft Griffin.

          1. Yes, that would make sense. I still believe they should get another edge. This is a good year for them and the should take advantage of that. They can still get a good one with a trade down.

  32. Instead of getting mad anymore,I’m just shaking my head at this team…I’ve brought this up before,as long as Parrag and his analytics and the York’s have been running this team ,they have been donkey balls bad..
    Except.for Harbs because he didn’t do what they said is why he was fired….And just watch ,this April ol Paarag will be in every shot on the when they show the Niners draft room..

    1. I disagree. Paraage is good for business.

      ……..reports that Ford deal is set to be for five years and $87.5 million.

    2. You’re lucky Big Tone. I have been called irrational and a racist for suggesting that Paraag is at all a factor in this continuing clown show.

  33. Grant has an issue with Ford….anyone surprised…?


    The upcoming draft features the best class of defensive linemen I’ve ever seen. Why would you pass on that to trade for Dee Ford? He turns 28 in a week.

  34. Dee Ford is a 3-4 OLB who doesn’t play the run well and is on the block because he doesn’t fit the Chiefs 4-3 defense.

    What defense does SF run again?

    1. Ah Jack, I’ll let KNBR’s Larry Krueger explain how it works to you:

      The 49ers’ defense is actually a 5-2, that utilizes 3-4 personnel. On every snap they have 5 defenders on the LOS and 2 stacked LBs roaming behind that 5-man front. Dee Ford can dial up the necessary heat off the edge.

      BINGO! I’d say Dee Ford will fit in just perfectly Jack, thank you very much!

      1. Yeah, about 70-60% of the time.

        49ers were 14th in pressure rate last year so this should be enough to get them into the top 10.

    2. He is very similar to frank clark. I’m assuming since frank Clark was a favorite of Grant you are in love with Grant you love frank clark. Frank Clark and cliff avril the Leo’s Of the Seattle defense are also undersized. Both dee ford and frank Clark have had two double digit sack seasons.

  35. Jim Trotter

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @JimTrotter_NFL
    Congrats to Dee Ford. Deal to SF done.

    1. It’s ok.. we need his talent even if we had to overpay……

      He his better than all the pass rushers currently on the team x 10….

    2. Ford had a career-best 13 sacks last season and was Pro Football Focus’ top-graded edge rusher. It was his second season with double-digit sacks, and he’s posted 30.5 in 67 career games after entering the NFL as a first-round pick of the Chiefs in 2014.

    3. Spotrac estimated his market value to be around a 5 year $81 million deal, so the amount is actually about right.

      1. Yeah, not hating the move at all, in fact I like it, but regardless of what spotrac says as to whether it is in line with market expectation, it is a lot for a guy that has only had one year of elite level play. Especially when you add in a 2020 2nd round pick for him as well.

        But regardless of the compensation, he is a big upgrade for the 49ers D.

        1. Depending on where you look in PFF you get different numbers. I just posted above that Ford had 15 sacks in 2018, but now I see 16 sacks on another page that lists stats for his entire career. He had 12 sacks in 2016 and apparently only played in 6 games(2 sacks) in 2017 (not sure why).

  36. I can gripe about the compensation to the Chiefs all night, but this move buys a lot of drafts flexibility. Trading back from pick 2 or taking Q Williams is now a greater possibility.

  37. Ryan Ethan

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    Replying to @JimTrotter_NFL @LombardiHimself
    Congrats to @JohnLynch49ers He just fed the Chiefs their brain Hannibal style.

  38. Love or hate the moves, but no one can put up a valid argument that Lynch is not looking at every possibility to help shore up the pass defense.

    1. You are really undervaluing Thomas. What you suggest is ridiculous. He is worth at least a toasted muffin with cream cheese topping.

    1. Hah, how about the still-video Periscope feed below it Cassie? I’d say Grant looks a wee bit on the “whiny” side!

      But one thing we can all count on like the sun rising in the morning, Grant Cohn will figure out a way to poo poo all over this deal, just watch.

        1. Yay!

          Follow Follow @RayEthan408

          Replying to @JimTrotter_NFL @LombardiHimself
          Congrats to @JohnLynch49ers He just fed the Chiefs their brain Hannibal style.

  39. 1. Dee Ford is a significant upgrade for the Niner defense.
    If Williams is as good as some people are claiming, the Niner’s can put together a much better defense by taking him and not Bosa.
    If they pick up Thomas as well the middle of the defense could be awesome.

  40. I can only hope they sign Thomas still and draft Bosa.
    Man they better not trade back. They have a chance to have a very scary front seven who can give qb’s nightmares.

      1. Razor… Lynch will play Pedro and make all of my wildest dreams come true and steal Thomas from the hands of the Brownies. 😏

  41. The 49ers will now select Q Williams at 2. assuming the Cards arn’t bluffing about Murray and they take Q. at 1. Williams is the best player in the draft and close to a generational type talent. Lynch won’t pass on him now with Ford on board.

  42. Steelers are old and lack leadership
    Ravens are young and in rebuild mode
    Bengals are confused and lost
    Browns are loaded….

  43. If the 49ers select Williams at two the deserve years of punishment.
    Overrated in my book. Won’t get to the qb in the nfl.
    Gotta go edge.

  44. I think this move might take Josh Allen out of the equation at #2 for the 49ers. I suspect the edge opposite Ford will be a sturdier guy. Like, say, Bosa.

    1. Agreed Scooter. If they invisioned Allen I think it would have been more of a hybrid edge rusher. That’s gone now.
      And I still think Arizona takes Williams with the number 1 pick if they stay put.

    2. Agreed. I just did TDN Draft Machine after the order reset:

      2 Nick Bosa, EDGE Ohio State
      36 Dalton Risner, OT Kansas State
      67 Juan Thornhill, S Virginia
      104 DaMarkus Lodge, WR Mississippi
      176 Isaiah Johnson, CB Houston
      212 Mavin Saunders, TE Kansas

  45. You guys will find a way to kill everything this team does. Now it’s we overpaid. Everyone overpays. Get over it. The result will justify the means. In all free agent contracts. That’s why you guys aren’t gm’s, because you would be cheap Trent balkee lite… Draft and develope hell, it’s achieve to succeed

      1. I’m with you and knowing paraag the contract is front loaded with an out after 3 years. And the guy can play. Let’s kick the tires and light the fires

  46. I like the Dee Ford addition! Go Niners! Draft capital wise, it is just a 2020 2nd round pick….no brainer.

    87.5 million seems like a lot, but I’m sure Maraathe would have some side notes on the contract.

  47. Grant– I do agree with you about the Raiders and Brown. Brown will probably turn out to be this decades version of DeMarcus Russel who ate himself out of football after he got a guaranteed contract. Neither of them seemed very committed to football, rather were more into it for the money.

  48. From MM…..Hearing there’s a mechanism in long-snapper Kyle Nelson’s contract that enables the #49ers after six games to remain with Colin Holba without any financial impact if things are going well with their specialists and they don’t want to break up that chemistry.

    In Paraage we Trust…

  49. Anyone else concerned about Ford’s back injuries? I hadn’t realised how bad the back injury was from 2017, or that it wasn’t the first time he needed back surgery. A bit of a worry.

      1. Sure was. If he stays healthy he has shown he can play at an elite level. But back injuries are tricky things that can come back at any time.

    1. Reason he was so good last year is because he was finally healthy. Gotta stay that way, so it’s a concern but one that seems tempered by his 2018 season….

  50. Actually, I like the Ford move. It means the team will finally attack the Opposition QB. This is a move in the right direction. Makes the blunder of picking up K Alexander far more palatable.

  51. I don’t feel the Alexander signing is an unreasonable risk. They are basically only risking the 2019 season salary. Basically a prove it year. Of course you can also add the rest to the guarantee of 3 mil as the cost of keeping him the remaining years of the contract if he balls out. If he does than that will turn out to be a great contract. They have the money available so they can risk immediate money easily. What they are trying to avoid is long term guaranteed contracts that have the potential to put them into future cap hell. As this contract stands they are only risking one year, with the potential of gaining a really good linebacker. It/’s basically the same risk taken with every draft pick. This is smart.

    1. I have stated this before, it’s not the immediate money, though it still plays into it, but opportunities lost. Ford is a good move, Alexander reminds me of the Malcolm Smith move. More a hope and prayer.

    2. I’m in the smart camp, and it’s a pretty quiet bunch but the ones in the disaster camp are loud and melodramatic.

      1. Nah….i think the below best describes you…

        You feel disoriented and have a hard time focusing or making decisions. In your extreme state, you are referred to as delirium. With your confusion lasting this long i am sorry but dementia might be the reason.

  52. I like the Ford signing. Now, if we can get Alexander back to his pro bowl level we plug two important positions.

    I called for trading out of our #2 for more picks and now we have the ability to do so.
    I still like Bosa if we say pat, but Q.Williams moves from my 3rd choice to my second choice with Allen out.
    The draft just got very interesting.

    1. Yea, I think a trade down all hinges on whether or not the Cardinals take Murray and if they don’t, are we willing to reduce our compensation demands to move down….

      1. A couple of weeks ago I would have smirked at the possibility of Murray going to the Cards and that talk from the Cards FO making him the #1 pick was merely a smoke screen. But the Cards could be serious about him.

        On the other hand, I just don’t see Arizona giving up on Rosen after one season. Rosen put up subpar numbers but the kid was a rookie last year.

        I like Murray, but I don’t see him having the same success in the pro game as he had in college. Not only is he small in stature but he seems to have short arms which can work against him at the next level.

        Murray will need to be on the same level as Russell Wilson and that may be asking too much of him.

    2. The Ford signing buys alot of flexibility.

      For what its’ worth, internet chatter from the likes of Charlie Campbell claim the 49ers are gaga about Quinnen Williams but are struggling because they already have 3 first rounders at inside.

      This could just be informed speculation, not really insider info. Of course the 49ers like QW. Of course the 49ers are struggling with the idea of choosing a 4th defensive tackle in 5 drafts.

      The Dee Ford signing makes Williams at #2 seem a bit less absurd. But I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around a tackle at pick 2.

      I’m hoping for a modest trade back.
      – 2 for the Raiders 4+24. If a QB goes first the 49ers get one of Bosa, Allen or Williams at 4.
      Alternate: 2 for the Raiders 35+2020 second

      – 2 for NYG’s 6+17. Almost a perfect chart fit. Sweat or Ferrell at 6. BPA (hopefully corner or OT) at 17.
      Alternate: 2 for the Giants 34+2020 second

      1. Correction
        Alternate: Pick 2 for the Raiders 4+35+2020 second
        Alternate: Pick 2 for the Giants 6+34+2020 second (and likely another pick)

    1. I’d be good with Williams. He’s a player who can dominate his position. And the 49ers need those type of players ASAP.

    2. They are not that stupid….no way they draft Williams…..please stop this nonsense talk….there is no way we are picking a DT with the 2nd pick….just stop…its not happening…

      The #2 for NYG’s 6+17…..makes waaay more sense

    3. It is looking like perhaps Williams is a target. They have too many inside. Who do they trade? Buckner? Armstead? Thomas is not really tradable but maybe he gets dumped in a trade for additional picks (since he isn’t a “scheme” fit)?

  53. Le’veon Bell to the Jets despite strong offer from Niners. Seems Niners wanted Bell, but Jets came over the top. Saves a $13 million/year expenditure.

    1. Pot,
      I’m glad we didn’t sign him.
      I’m not big on players who quit on their team.
      I said from the “get” that I was a big pass on A. Brown and I feel the same way about L. Bell.

      We would likely get nice numbers from these guys, but is it worth losing the locker room – especially with so many young players on the roster?

  54. Beckham had been sought after by the 49ers even before he entered the league. Former general manager Trent Baalke considered trading up in the 2014 draft to select Beckham, but Baalke refused to part with a package of three draft picks.

  55. L. Murray signing a $14.4m – 4yrs contract with the Saints is a head scratcher………he needs to fire his agent asap…

  56. With both the DL and LB 👍

    DB is next……I get the feeling 49ers want to sign a starting CB on a 1-2yr contract……filling a need and also allow the young ones to grow

    FS ….I won’t be surprised if they bring back Ward on a 1-2 yr contract…..

  57. Grant , if you want to rise in the world beyond the written word, don’t use a still from your vid that’s reminiscent of the “you’re lucky she (Britney) even performed for you” dude.

  58. I agree with Grant. The elephant in the room is Paraag. He is writing the contracts, and Kwon Alexander was a pure Paraag deal. The ironic thing is he is an ACL injured ILB and now he is the second highest paid player on the team.
    Baalke is gone, but Paraag remains, so Paraag’s influence is undeniable. JL looks like an empty suit. He is being too acquiescent, and is being led by the nose. Nice guys finish last. JL needs to become lean and mean.
    I am blaming Jed. He is letting his good buddy lead them down the road to ruin. Jed needs to rein in Paraag, because he has less football knowledge than Houston or AFFP. JL needs to reassert control, or he will be fired next season. JL is the GM, and he needs to act like a GM. This is his last chance, so he should go out with a bang, not a whimper. If JL allows Paraag to man the phone, they will be schooled again, so they need to make an honest assessment of how badly Paraag is screwing up, and make the proper adjustment.
    The Ward and Exum re-signings also have Paraag’s undeniable influence.
    This whole Free Agency has Paraag’s fingerprints all over it. Not only overpaying for an ACL player is not obtuse, it was imbecilic, because he is now the second highest player on the team. Some one said their philosophy is desperation coupled with arrogance. I agree, because it results in incompetence.

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