Grant’s free agency report: Part 2

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford (55) tackles Oakland Raiders running back Doug Martin (28) during the second half of an NFL football game in Oakland, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018. (AP Photo/D. Ross Cameron)

Check out my Periscope report on Day 2 of free agency’s legal tampering period.

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  1. Draft The Bosa Constrictor and we’ll have the new Ford Boa, but trading down and getting Burns and Baker is the route I’d take at this fork in the road….

      1. I’m a big Devin White fan. This front seven is the start of a very strong front 7. I’d still like the 49ers to strengthen the interior d-line. I’m not an Armstead fan and DJ Jones seems just ok.


    1. Doesn’t get shaken or baked. He plays fast and can pattern match. He’d be an instant starter opposite Charmin.

  2. Also, Bosa is overrated. If the Niners draft Bosa, he is going to hold out because his family will want all the guarantee money upfront, just like they did with Joey – then he’ll get injured and not fight and play through his injury. Just my opinion.

      1. I disagree. An opinion is usually based on some factual evidence. I think pure speculation is a more accurate description….

              1. Does it matter that I dissagree, and I’m usually right?

                Landing Dee Ford, and getting him signed long term without giving up a pick this year, was a blockbuster for me! Sure …. Robert Saleh has made some small tweaks, but Pete Carroll always described it as a “4-3 front with 3-4 personnel”, primarily a 1-gap defense, with multiple defenses out of similar look. It goes back to Monte Kiffin. With his son Chris Kiffen and new DL coach Kris Kocurek ready to get down to business, I’m all in on drafting Nick Bosa would be more or less complete this front 7 now that they signed stack Linebacker Alexander (remember linebackers must be able to cover receivers in this scheme), and that’s where I am leaning right now!

                Bosa – Armstead – Buckner – Ford, Jones, Street, Thomas, Day … yes please!

                I do have to say though, I am definitely disappointed on missing out on the Deuce. Earl Thomas was my “top FA for the right price”, so I can understand why the Niners didn’t want to give him the $32 million – $14.33 Per Year, over the first three years, but dang it if they couldn’t make it happen! I was really hoping they would get him on a 2 year – $30 Million deal, so the numbers weren’t terribly that far off.

                Oh well :(

                I’m BIG on Marcell Harris at SS … biggety big, so with a versatile safety like Tartt, maybe they’ll do just fine by drafting one of the best single high FS in the draft – Juan Thornhill, Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, and let all of the safeties battle it out, while the cream rises to the top.

              2. They also now have the option to trade back, if a real good opportunity presents itself, that’s an added bonus. So even though I’m leaning Bosa at the moment, I’d consider trading back for the right price.

                At the moment, I’m giving these grades:

                Kwon Alexander – B+
                Dee Ford – A-

                Is that enough, IMO? Well, no …. no it’s not.

              3. Let’s be honest. as much as I like Alexander and Ford, that’s simply not enough as far as I am concerned. In a rich free agency class, and stacks of mad cash in the bank, the 49ers haven’t done enough to add talent to this roster, and I’m frankly a little PO’d! Sure, you don’t build a roster through free agency, but you do use it to supplement your roster in addition to the draft. There’s time left, and they’ll likely add another couple players, perhaps a solid veteran later on down the line after teams are forced to make some late roster cuts, but after the shine has worn off of the Dee Ford trade, I’m left feeling a bit disappointed right now.

                I like Alexander, but he’s the only FA they have signed, outside of a couple of their own players. Hah …. that’s not nearly enough to fill the bill as far as I am concerned. We’ll see what happens here in the next day or two, but as of right now, I am taking a break from the free agency proceedings.

                I’ll be back Grant!

              4. Oh geese, the Niners have Jason Verett in for a visit?

                I’ll say it right now Grant … If the Niners don’t make the postseason this year, it’s time for some heads to Roll!

                Signing off for now.

        1. Raz

          What the hell are you talking about…He left his team in a lurch to train for the draft some SIX MONTHS EARLY…that’s not speculation that’s fact…not a true teammate…

          1. Oregoniner, actually the unfake news fact of the matter is:

            A. The doctors prognosis was that he might be able to return during the final weeks of the regular season, but that’s not guaranteed.

            B. He suffered an injury that requires resting without exertion as much as possible. Therefore if he was able to return in late December, there’s no way in hell he’d be even close to 100 %.

            I couldn’t disagree more with your character assessments because they are based on pure speculation and innuendo’s.

  3. BTW, Trade Solomon Thomas. Just because I am tired of hearing people talk about what to do with him. Get rid of him. That’s what to do with him. Maybe we can get a fifth-round pick for him.

    Also, aren’t these geniuses suppose to look ahead. They should have known this class would be loaded with DLinemen, so why did they draft two low-level DL last year who were never going to play.

  4. I think the 49ers will trade back here. They can recoup the second rounder they gave to Chiefs, plus get an extra first rounder, another 2nd rounder, and STILL have a top 10 pick. We have needs at G, T, WR, Sam LB, CB, and S. Let’s collect some more assets to replenish our roster – we can’t do it all in FA.

    1. 49ers still need one more pass rusher. In spite of the double teams, Buckner still managed 12 sacks.
      Trading down one spot with the Jets (who covet Bosa), picking up extra picks for secondary and providing Buckner with interior pass rush help, rids those double teams…Drafting Quinnen Williams, widely considered a generational talent on par with Aaron Donald is the way to go.

      1. TomD

        For at least the time being, I’m off Alabama Dlinemen, and Stanford Linemen…let’s read the Tealeaves and draft Josh Allen after Arizona takes Bosa off the board. If not, we can proably get Sweat or Ferrell…

  5. Their was an article from Brent Sobleski from B/R and he mentions what everybody should know by now, the fact that the 49ers management is no good, they draft bad players and sign players to bad contracts. That article is so true. Now of course that was before the Dee Ford trade but still good article to read.

    They should trade down multiple times and get multiple 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks back for this year and next and still get a good edge or CB. They might can even get two first rounder’s this year just by trading down, say if Cards draft Bosa or Williams and the Giants want Kyle or another player or another team with multiple first rounds picks decides to trade up

    1. Disagree. The 49ers should trade every pick in the 2019 draft for multiple picks next year. Then they should trade every one one of those picks for multiple picks the following year. They should continue to trade away all of their draft picks until they finally have every pick in the first, second, and third rounds. I estimate that should take about 16-18 years. They sign street Free Agents during these transition decades. Then the 49ers can build through the draft like we always wanted. Superbowl LXXVIII here we come.

      1. I sort of did that in Madden Franchise Mode. Along with continuously developing players and trading away players at the end of their contracts (around age 28 or 29) in 5-10 years I could routinely accumulate all or nearly all of the top 25 draft picks (because Madden only lets you hold on to 25 Picks). Madden used to trade fairly generously it’s future picks for current picks. It’s not as generous in trades anymore.

        Still there’s something to be said about trading until you get more than one 1st round pick. Then using one of the 1st round picks and then trading one of them for the following year’s number one and maybe a second round pick. Take that extra 1st and 2nd and trade back for another following year 1st, 2nd (for your current 1st) and and maybe another following year lower 1st (for your current year 2nd)….every year you still have a 1st round pick to use while accumulating more picks with your excess picks.

        1. Yeah, I kinda got that idea from my sons who have done something similar in Madden. I was just poking a little fun at Niner who seems to think it’s super easy just to trade back and accumulate picks for the following year. I guess it’s possible but easier said then done. My sort of crazy strategy would be to look at the NFL landscape and try to figure out who the worst team in the NFL is going to be next season. Then I would swap 1st round picks this year and get maybe a 3rd round pick this year and then their 1st round pick next year. My top targets would probably be the (6) Giants, (13) Dolphins, or (11) Bengals. I think there’s a good chance the Dolphins end up with the #1 pick in 2020 so I’d like to make that trade. Logically the Giants would be the best since they have the #6 pick so you could still get one of the top edge rushers with the #6 pick and you will probably end up with a top 5 pick in next years draft.

          1. which Madden are you playing? The latest one I played was the one that came out last year. It’s been that way for at least the past 8 years.

            Btw. I’m talking about OFFLINE Connected Careers/Franchise Mode. I have no patience to play with kids online.

            1. Haha…allforfun….I did basically the same thing in madden. I just got the new one and haven’t made any trades yet. Plus the niners basically have no assets to trade.

    2. That was a good article. However, I disagree with the 49ers front office being no good. They are inexperienced. I have no clue why the 49ers did not pursue Earl Thomas. Lynch is a good GM, he just makes knee jerk reactions because of fear of losing out on big name players (I am paraphrasing what Mr. Cohen said in an earlier article). This is why you play the waiting game until the new league year starts. If I were John Lynch, I would have signed Earl Thomas, and then draft OL to sure up protection for Jimmy G. That way you have stability for the future. Dee Ford, eh, 2 good years in KC, yeah I get it, he will now have to adapt to a 4-3 defense, which has proven difficult. If the 49ers draft edge, like everyone is predicting at #2, then the 49ers have really lost there way. They will probably bring back Jimmy Ward for some reason, which will be a mistake. Oh well. Stay Faithful!

    1. Captain Sensible – I guess he would rather play with Carr and opposite Antonio Brown than with Jimmy G and who knows at WR – Pettis and the Bourne Ultimatum? ???????

  6. Evidence of smart advisers: Trent Brown pushed most of his pay to 2020 so that he earns $21 million that year because he will be in Nevada in 2020, and thus have no state income tax (as opposed to California’s 13.3% top marginal tax rate). As a lawyer, I appreciate this type of work for your client.

  7. Hard pass on Bosa injury prone like his brother and will likely holdout for all guaranteed money on rookie deal before even playing! Allen or trade down with giants and get 2 first rounders! Get a DE and WR then safety in 3nd round! Let’s get it!

    1. KF,
      Bosa looked disinterested, arrogant and disconnected at the Combine.
      He may not be a good teammate and a locker room irritant at the next level.
      We’ll see how that plays out.

    1. What I like about Ford in these clips is that he is always looking to strip the ball from the QB as he is sacking them and was successful on at least half of the sacks.

  8. Can’t wait for training camp. We’ll get to see Grant’s many line drill videos where Ford will be pushing offensive linemen around like they were on roller skates…

    1. Or on the side practice field jogging back and forth seeing if he can heal up and up to speed b/c the coaches don’t rush those things.

  9. of course they probably won’t say what they offered to the Giants if anything but a first next year, 3rd round this year and Tartt wouldn’t of gotten the deal done for OBJ. Maybe throw in conditional pick or swap for next year. if that’s all the Browns gave up for OBJ why couldn’t we beat that deal. unless they didn’t want him in the NFC but other than that.

    or if it was the swap of 1st round picks this year the 2 and 6 pick with Tart and maybe other picks involved from both teams. I bet the 49ers management said no because they going to pick the wrong player again at number 2 instead of getting a top 3 WR and still have top ten pick.

  10. Apparently Gettleman wanted OBJ out of the NFC. There’s a bit of a trend here with the Niners in play for players, but those players playing elsewhere. The supposed suspects; Aqib Talib (turned down), Khalil Mack (BA Bias), OBJ (Traded outside the conference). Circumstance or pattern? Lynch not looking like a closer. No coffee for him.

    1. That’s sounds about right, John not being a closer on these trade. If they really wanted these players he should of gotten them. I’m not saying trade all your picks but having Mack is better than Dee and getting OBJ at WR would of been nice. With at least still have this years 1st round pick even though the Mack trade happen at the beginning of the season. Could of traded a 2 this year and 1 in 2020 or be creative and do what the NBA does you get my 1st round pick if its not in the top 5.

    2. Wow, what an idiotic take. Talib was not willing to play for the 49ers, the Raiders did not want to trade with the 49ers, and the Giants were wanting a first round pick from the draft this year. How in the crap is any of that Lynch’s fault? You’re just searching for excuses to throw a pathetic hissy fit.

      1. it would be Johns fault if he did not want to swap 1st round picks this year. that’s how I see it happening based on what the Giants received for OBJ from the Browns. Unless the Giants were trying to fleece John, then its his fault or who ever is in charge for the 49ers. Talib wanted to play for his defense coach and now players get to say where they want to go. raiders probably didn’t want to trade with the 49ers but John said he tried to trade for Mack so that tells me they at lease heard his trade proposal but just did not like it.

        1. From what I understood from an article I posted the other day, the Giants were not willing to swap picks.

  11. All I hear is everyone bitching and complaining about what our front office is doing!!!!!we picked up a solid and young mike lb that should be very good paired with Warner and before anyone says a thing about money just look at what Mosley got!!!!and then bitch about ford who is a perfect Leo lb/de when that’s what we needed!!!and if the Giants were willing to swap 1s and trade beckham to us I’m sure we would have done it but there no chance I trade them our #2 for him when Bosa May be that top flight edge we have needed!!!!!we are better today defensively then we were last year and add Bosa and we still have the 36th pick I am very happy with that!!!

    1. I don’t think the Giants would of tried that trade OBJ for the number 2 pick and if they did then they were trying to fleece John and that’s right they shouldn’t of done that deal. How ever I doubt it was that way. If the Giants GM wasn’t trying to fleece John he should know going from number 2 to 6 is a big trade in net value. Maybe they could of wanted another pick and Tartt or just a pick but I see JOHN stopping that deal because he wouldn’t want to trade out of the number 2 pick down to 6. The Giants clearly did not want OBJ because that’s true in the return they got for him (1st, 3rd and a player). So instead he trades a round 2 pick next year for Dee.

      When really he could of gotten both players and I would of been like wow that’s a good GM right their. I would of forgot about the kwon signing real quick.

      We might be better on defense if we get Bosa but we sure aren’t better on offense

        1. LMAO thanks for setting him straight.

          Don’t forget:

          shouldn’t of != should not have
          their != there

    2. >>and if the Giants were willing to swap 1s and trade beckham to us

      And there would be just as many complaining about that pickup as those praising it. Roll with it, everyone is just talking out of their @sses. :)

      1. Nobody who is a true 49ers fan would complain about trading pick number 2 for pick 6 and OBJ. That would of been a better steal than what the Browns gave up.

  12. Why the 49ers hired Kris Kocurek
    By Brad Almquist
    Enter: Kris Kocurek.

    One week after firing Zgonina, the 49ers hired Kocurek, one of the most respected defensive line coaches in the league. Kocurek came from Miami, where he spent one season. In his eight previous years coaching the Detroit Lions, their defensive line compiled 250 sacks, the fourth-most in the NFL during that span. He will work alongside Chris Kiffin, who was hired last February as San Francisco’s pass-rush specialist.

    Kocurek plans to deploy wide-nines, which means stretching the defensive line to create more pass-rush opportunities. A nine-technique aligns himself well wide of the offensive tackle, and on the outside shoulder of the tight end, if there is one. The wide-nine is meant to isolate edge rushers, particularly speed players, so they can rush the quarterback in space…

    Over the past two days, at the annual NFL Combine, Shanahan and John Lynch have raved about Kocurek.

    Nick Waggoner: Dee Ford fills big need for 49ers, who might not be done boosting pass rush….

  13. Well, I am not a huge fan of the Alexander signing, even though seeing the contract details give me a little relief that the team can get out of it pretty easy. And Dee Ford’s back injuries and limited years of elite play give me pause.

    However, I do think there is a fairly obvious plan.

    Alexander is a similar player to Foster. They clearly believe that spot is important, as they have paid a lot of money for Smith, drafted Foster high and now paid a lot of money for Alexander. All in an effort to get the WILL spot sorted. Personally I think they are over valuing the position, but the plan is obvious. They want those second level defenders to be fast, fly to the ball and be good in coverage.

    Ford is exactly the type of undersized, fast and highly athletic pass rusher that this system makes use of. Avril, Ingram, Beasley, Ngakoue. Those are the type of edge player the 49ers have been seeking. That is what Dee Ford is, and he has shown he can play at an elite level. Looking at FA, there weren’t many players available of that ilk. I don’t see a panic move, I see a planned move. He is the edge rusher they wanted that was available. This idea he will be a liability against the run doesn’t make a ton of sense to me, as the other teams running the same system have found a way to make their run D work while carrying a similar edge player.

    The team is also clearly in the market to add a veteran starting CB, and ideally that appears to be a short term contract situation they are seeking. They missed out on Roby. It happens. But the plan again seems obvious. Get a short term solution that can compete with Witherspoon and Moore this year.

    What has me a bit baffled is the apparent lack of interest in adding a FS.

    1. 2nd round target at FS or with one of the picks they add from a trade down in the 1st I would imagine is the plan at this juncture.

      1. Never mind. finally loaded onto my phone.
        Adding Berry would be a huge boon for the secondary, but injuries are a huge concern for him.

        1. Mid
          The 49ers might need to add duplex-tents on the sidelines to keep up with injuries and signed FA players 😉
          Actually, Berry reminds me of old Colts Safety Bob Sanders. Great player but can’t stay on the field.

    1. It’s a toss up between Bosa(injuries) and Williams(redundancy). I think if the Cardinals do not draft Murray, the 49ers will for sure trade down lucratively. I still think they take a modest offer to Make The Move down even if Murray is gone, and then target their edge and secondary combination. Whether it’s Burns and Baker or Sweat and Adderly. It simply isn’t exactly clear yet….

      1. With the addition of Ford I doubt Burns would be the type of edge they look for. Sweat and Ferrell maybe. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if that becomes a 2nd/3rd round player now.

        If they are looking for a starting FS from the draft I think CGJ needs to be the pick. Adderley has talent, but its a big step up in competition. Not sure you want him starting immediately.

          1. That would be a huge weight increase compared to what he played at in college. I wouldn’t want to try and make him something he isn’t.

              1. He’s still growing. I think he could add 10 lbs. of muscle and not miss a beat. Mind you it wouldn’t be until next year after a full year in a NFL S&C program, but he has the frame to support it.

  14. Jason Verrett heading to Santa Clara for a physical. He’s the type of guy in FA you take a gamble on with a 1 year prove it deal. Top end talent if healthy.

    1. Agree on all points. Signing him is also an indication that the type of CB fit for the defense is evolving with Woods as the DB coach.

        1. Verrett is injury prone and never has stayed healthy. Why do we keep hanging onto to these guys with recent injury history. I don’t like this move but really hope I am wrong. We need a Safety.

          1. Sign him to an incentive laden 1 year deal. No real risk for the 49ers, but potentially big upside. Why the heck not?

      1. Meh, I don’t see the harm in taking a flyer. If they were looking at him as the piece to solve the riddle then sure, bad move. If it is a piece they see as potentially providing some competition, no problem.

  15. Sorry, hissy fit or not, John Lynch is no John Dorsey. Dorsey gets things done.

    Jimmy G fell in his lap. Closers get players–sometimes it takes money to seal the deal or something more.

    Not only isn’t he not a closer, his drafts mostly suck.

    Thomas? Foster? They’re both busts. He’s made a few nice picks, but let’s be real, overall, these drafts have not been good.

    He gets props for Warner and Kittle. Pettis, TBD. Got better as the season went on.

    So remind me again, what is Lynch really good at?

    1. Not whining like you are. Go and become a Browns fan if you are so enamoured with Dorsey bringing in several big-headed egos under one roof.

        1. It doesn’t change the fact that you are whining and using Dorsey’s moves as an excuse for said whining.

    2. One thing i’ve notices about the down-on-Lynch people-irrespective of the fact that he is replenishing some 47 of Balky’s players-in effect, an entire roster-but, when he does something they like, that player fell in his lap. If he doesn’t get precisely what they wanted, he should be fired-or at least-he sucks.

      Fan——short for “fanatic”.

  16. Maybe Razor can come up with a cute set of lyrics or some punny wordplay to defend Lynch’s front office skills.

  17. Dorsey and Veatch wanted Pat Mahomes. Boom. Traded up to get him. KC is set with a gunslinger for the 21st century. That’s okay. Lynch drafted Solomon Thomas.

    Dorsey wasted no time–drafted Mayfield. Then he fired his coach. Then he got Sheldon Richardson, Olivier Vernon, OBJ, and Kareem Hunt.


    1. ok, so JD is better than JL!! so what! he has more experience and had far more assets!
      Lynch took over a team that won 4 games combined over 2 years!!
      they had no qb, no stars and no draft assets…..
      the prior GM had no credibility around the league!!! players wouldn’t come here and GMs wouldn’t do business with us!
      Heck, Baalke never singed anyone!!!!! 3rd tier guys at best!

      JL instantly tripled our win total from the year b4……
      instantly brought credibility !!! Elway let FO guys come here , in a parallel move when he didn’t have to!
      they instantly started singing guys…..that weren’t 3rd and 4th tier……
      The credibility with other FO’s led to JG falling in our lap! they didn’t blow by low balling JG and having to tag him….hes been aggressive!!!!!!! your not gonna land every punch or hit every ball out of the park…..but you gotta swing!
      his worst string of moves- drafting ST and RF!!! passing on Mahomes!! in his defense…JG falling in his lap made it easy to pass on PM! he couldn’t really have 2 young franchise qbs… his hand was kind forced!!
      in August….no one was complaining!!!
      one guy tears an ACL and the other tossed 50 tds…….and its easy to arm chair GM

      1. Well said J,
        It’s as if people think there’s no competition to sign players?
        Fans act like every free agent wants to play for their team, and no other teams have interest in said player.
        Therefore, when a player doesn’t come to their team “(insert GM) is and idiot!!!”

    1. That’s a strange signing. Is McKinnon still going to be a 49er? What does this mean for Breida?

      Coleman was the “backup” at the Falcons, so would be surprised if Shanny is bringing him in to be the #1 RB. So you would think Breida would remain the “starter”. Is Coleman going to effectively be the short yardage back, that can also be an effective RB to split time with Breida/ McKinnon?

      1. If nothing else the competition factor has been bumped up a bit. Could impact the 9er draft from the RB aspect.

        1. C’mon Sebbie. Lot’s of fresh discussion. Paraag is getting a kudo or two. You need to set some people straight.

  18. Of course, I gotta throw in my 2 bits about the production. Maybe be more cognizant of the lighting. The glare from the light on the left side of the screen was distracting.
    Still would like a better backdrop. It would make your periscope look more polished. I would chip in 10 bucks for a poster. Please do not rise to their bait, or they will try to troll you even more.
    Wonder if you could sync up your image and the sound. The slight delay detracts from your presentation. Hope you take these constructive criticisms in the best possible way, I really like your periscopes and find them entertaining and informative.

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