Grant’s gems of the 2019 NFL draft

Vanderbilt defensive back Joejuan Williams runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis, Monday, March 4, 2019. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

Check out my video breaking down the six biggest sleepers in the upcoming draft.

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  1. Love Tytus Howard (though I don’t know if I would say he is the third best tackle in the draft; like Yodney Cajuste as well). Know and like Joejuan Williams because someone was talking him up (on this Board and on some draft show I was watching).

    Very informative with the last two dark horse candidates.

    1. Yes. Another big, mauling body. Solid character guy. Will be interesting to see the OL roster when the season opens.

    2. He’s played both DL and OL in the pros?..Didn’t know that kind of shenanigans went on. Probably a camp body/depth piece. But some thought that about Fusco and Person…Will he beat out Garnett?

  2. Hey Grant, just signed in to comment here I heard Scot McCloughan from his appearance on 95.7 the game yesterday where he said about Josh Allen, and I quote “he can’t convert speed to power.” Now maybe I don’t remember as well as I thought but you regard and respect ole Scotty’s opinion and talent evaluation pretty well, don’t you. So whaddaya think of that SGITR? (Since you’re so smart you should be able to decipher the acronym.)

      1. I hope they trade down with Gruden for #4,24,106. Lynch would look great if he then got Allen, A.J. Brown and maybe a decent OG with those picks.

  3. Grant any thoughts on the Frank clark trade? I thought good teams don’t spend a lot of money and resources on their front 7. I know you love clark but just for some objectivity he also had just 4 sacks on the road last year. He also played with a much better secondary. I think both clark and ford are excellent players but I wanted to bring some facts to the garbage you consistently spew. You don’t know football but yet you are evaluating the draft prospects like a coach. Please stick to reporting and break one story or write one well written article backed with sophisticated facts and sources. I understand that daddy got you a job, but you are better than this.

      1. Grant do you think Gould is just trying to force his way to Chicago? What gives with his stance of not showing up?

          1. I suppose in preseason he’ll shank a few extra points just to make his, um, point.

            Rationally, do you think he would be worth a second rounder (or more/better) for Chicago?

      2. Ya you got me smart guy. Go through his game log…
        1 at niners
        0 at Carolina
        0.5 at rams
        1 at Detroit
        0 at Arizona
        1 at Chicago
        1 at Denver
        The other 2.5 came in London. I would not call that a road game. There is way more nuance to that
        I was wrong big guy… he had 4.5.
        You got me though smart guy. You are the smart guy who makes grammar and spelling mistakes when your job is to write. Not everyone has a daddy that can get them a job.

          1. First of all I appreciate the compliments. I am a Stanford graduate(without being a part of the scandal) so technically I would consider myself to be intelligent. Second of all I consider the London game to be a neutral environment. Sacking the quarterback there is definitely not like an actually road game on another teams field. You break down the “film” by pulling highlight plays of players you like and lowlight plays of players you dislike as if you know football. If you knew football I think you would agree with the aforementioned nuance. You just hate on the 49ers because you are salty that Kyle Shanahan has no respect for you as a reporter(as does your place of work because you don’t attend road games) and sees through you as someone who gotta job because of daddy.
            Do not bring up how right you were on Solomon thomas. I think the jury is still out on him. He went through a tragedy last summer and we don’t know how that might have affected his play. I believe he’s gonna be a good player and we will see it this season.

            1. Man I still remember when you drew up plays from the bill walsh madden playbook for Shanahan to run. You are so full of it. You don’t have a source in the niners building. You have broken zero stories as a reporter. You don’t write any articles that provide actual statistical analysis of the niners. Instead you preach this garbage about some football that you don’t even know. I really hope daddy can make sure you keep a job because I am pretty sure every other reporter and every 49er views you as the worst at your job. Can’t wait to get banned and my comments deleted. I know you can’t face the truth

              1. Sounds like you are trying to speak for the Niners. Are you just another front office shill, doing their bidding? Thought JL stopped the leaks and backstabbing.
                Grant did get an exclusive one on one interview with Edward J Debartolo Jr, the Hall of Fame former owner of the San Francisco 49ers, who presided over those Glory Years. So what if JL and KS are afraid to grant an interview, it is their loss.
                Chip would not even answer Grant’s questions in the pressers, so KS is like a breath of fresh air. KS did whine about his players reading negative things in the press, and having that affect their play, but JG set the record straight by scoffing at that notion. JG treats the media like how Bill Walsh counseled the players and coaches should do. Maybe the only thing these posts do is motivate them to prove Grant wrong.
                Being a long time reader of what Grant writes, I am very satisfied with not only the substance, but also of his writing style. I am bored with the dull pablum most others Niner writers regurgitate, just reporting the news and reciting facts. They even assigned a Chargers fan to NN, to try and stir things up.
                Grant gets to the heart of the matter, and his edgy hot takes are talked about on KNBR all the time. Being somewhat verbose, I can appreciate good writing, and the nepotism snark is just tiresome, predictable, desperate hate, not based on fact.
                Only trolls talk about wanting to be banned, but your post is so ineffective. it does not need to be banned, because it just shows how little you know. You can write all you want, but after this I will just scroll past, and give your posts the attention they deserve. Tomorrow, no one will remember a word you wrote, and this blog will continue with knowledgeable fans discussing this upcoming draft and analyzing Grant’s sleeper picks.

              2. Grant got an interview with Eddy D because daddy knew him. Eddy probably has zero respect for grant. You mentioned Chip and Kyle who clearly have no respect for Grant. They don’t mind difficult questions but Grant just asks dumb questions. He knows nothing about football but talks like he is a football coach.

                See why don’t you go focus on releasing mock draft 22 with 16 different trade backs as if it’s so easy to magically trade back. You are so full of it and know nothing about football. No wonder you and Grant are butt buddies. The nice things is that you Jack Hammer, and can love each other forever because Grant probably will never get promoted.

                I think a lot of people on this blog are knowledgable. Old timers like Razor, Coffee, Scooter and others always provide a nice fans perspective. You do not fall in that category. I think if Grant didn’t have such a pretentious voice when he writes he might actually be decent. People like Barrows give their opinions and most people are okay with them and him.

              3. ‘I will teach you how to be a good reporter. I will explain to you what it means to write good articles.’
                Thanks, you just made my day. Grant has forgotten more than you will ever learn.
                Yes, I am just a die hard faithful fan who had witnessed the Glory Years. In 2017, I also advocated trading back, garnering more picks, even getting additional 2018 second and third round picks, and still getting the player they coveted. Try writing a mock, I could use a laugh.
                The Matts are boring as heck, and are just cheerleading homers. If I want provocative insights, I come to this site. If I want somnambulant stroll, I will try to read their tripe.

              4. I would like to ask them. Considering that very few people in the current 49ers organization respect you, I think it is a safe assumption to assume that they do not.

                Sebby Grant is awful at his job. Like I stated before he has broken 0 stories. He asks garbage questions at press conferences. There is a reason he does not go to road games. He thinks he knows more football than coaches. In his heart, Grant is just another fan speculating and speaking about a subject that he knows very little about. I am calling for his job just as he has called for John Lynch’s job. He is not a good reporter or writer.

                You might think the Matt’s are boring, but they actually break stories and provide real insight for us fans. They also write articles that are typically backed up with real objective facts. Matt barrows is also a way better writer than Grant.

              5. Yes, Grant asked about gap integrity, and they did not know what that meant.
                Grant can rile up a coach with his questions? Imagine what an opposing coach will do.
                Sure the Matts are sycophants, that is why they are fed the breaking news, but Grant can analyze what those moves mean to the team.
                During the Baalke debacle, they were also fed the dirt, and they obligingly dished it.
                Sounds like you claim to be football expert, and a Pulitzer Prize winner, but so far, I am not impressed.
                I strongly disagree with your assessment of Grant. His writing style is edgy and refreshing. I feel like I am standing next to him, when he describes the Niner practices. He paints a picture, with vivid colors.
                Go ahead, call for him to lose his job. That just exposes your own failings and prejudices, and puts you in the troll category. The guy is about to get married, and you want him to become unemployed? What a cretin. You are as bad as Baalke. You are the kind of person who likes cutting players on the team bus.
                I do peruse the other sites, but if you think the Matts are insightful you just lost the argument. Grant calls it like he sees it. The others are so afraid to lose their status as lap dogs, they digress to platitudes, rainbows and unicorns. After 2-14 and 4-12 seasons I am fed up being rosily scenario’d. Grant says the truth, but you do not want to hear it.

              6. C’mon Sebbie… You’re a posturing narcissist. So pious, so righteous. Oh the crocodile tears.

                If Grant ever needed a poodle, you’re it.

              7. You don’t know if they respect you either Grant. You seem to think that you are some revolutionary. How do you maintain this confidence when 4 regimes of coaches have gone by with zero respect for you? I truly doubt you are disliked because you are a contrarian. They don’t like you because you are arrogant and act like you know this everything about football but actually know nothing.

                Seb get off grants balls. He calls for peoples jobs. What about their families? Grant has given this blog so many poorly written articles that he clearly put together in the last minute.

                Grant does not analyze anything. He is neither plugged in nor does he provide an interesting statistical analysis. A good writer like zack Lowe for an example gives real statistical and in depth analysis. Grant is just one of us, random fans who has a platform thanks to daddy to spew his garbage.

              8. Believe it or not, there is a high amount of turnover every year in the NFL. Both coaches and players adhere to the adage- Not For Long, as the NFL motto.
                It is Grant’s job to call out under performers. They need to grow a thick skin. This losing mentality develops into a coaching and player Merry Go Round.
                Here is where I totally disagree with you. I think Grant is a good writer. I come to this site to read his sharp, insightful, and inciteful writing, and do not waste my time on other blog sites. It is my prerogative to defend Grant, although he really does not need any help. Personally, I can see where people get all bent out of shape, because most team writers tend to be pom pom waving homers. Hoping for the best, even during 9 game losing streaks, and stating the obvious.
                Ah, the audacity to see a single negative thing written about our beloved Niners!!!!! Grant can write 10 good things about the Niners, but posters only want to dwell on that single negative sentence.
                I remember when this site had 30 posts, and many were derogatory nepotism screeds. I decided to reply to their snark to drive away the haters. Usually, I would be the only one doing it, but it does help when others chime in, giving pushback to the screeds. Now, those attacks are a lot less, but then we have trolls like you, who claim fantastic stuff, desperately and vainly attack, then wonder why posters like me are not applauding you.
                I have seen it all. Guys like you are a dime a dozen. If you want to attack, do not cower when I shove your own words back in your face. Stanford grad? Bet your daddy got you in, so do not whine about nepotism. My son went to Cal, and he did it with good grades, community service and acing the SAT. I wish I could say I helped him, but he did it all on his own initiative.
                There is a thing called blog etiquette. Act in a calm civil, polite manner, and we will get along fine. Act like a punk, and I will treat you like a punk. Attack Grant and expect feedback.
                Grant does not need to ban you. Your own words define you. Hope you can calm down and grow up.

            2. Solomon Thomas is a bust. London was a road game because Clark didn’t have the benefit of Seattle’s loud crowd. The Raiders didn’t have to use a silent count in London. The silent count gives offensive tackles a disadvantage and defensive ends a big advantage. I’m happy to explain this further if you’d like me to.

              1. How is Solomon Thomas a bust? He has been in the NFL two years and he is an average player. The jury is still out on him. Last season he had to deal with the tragic suicide of his sister. Your favorite player Joe Williams quit football over a similar tragedy. You gave him a pass for that.

                I also wanted to share for perspective that Dee Ford had 7 sacks on the road in 2016. Your notion that he cannot rush on the road is false. Regarding the London game, I do not need you to explain anything to me. Even without the silent count rushing on a field a neutral crowd is different from sacking the quarterback on the road. The momentum of the game is certainly different. There is a reason that NFL teams do not want to have a home game in London and that is because it gives neither side of the ball an advantage.

                I will teach you how to be a good reporter. I will explain to you what it means to write good articles.

  4. Ugh. Just so you know, De’Anthony Thomas is nothing special. He’s banged up all the time Grant. He’s returned 1 punt and ZERO kickoff’s for TD’s through 5 seasons, and he averages about 120 yards receiving, and less than 40 yards rushing per season.

    The Niners have more than enough guys now to run Jet Sweeps, and return kicks, thank you very much! Besides, I’d take Richie James over Thomas or Wilson. At least James is up to 180 lbs now.

    1. BTW, Tevin Coleman runs a 4.39 40, Matt Breida,runs a 4.39< 40 plus, Jerick – The Jet – McKinnon runs a 4.41.

      Add Goodwin to that list, by my count that’s 4 guys who can run the Jet Sweep at 4.41 or faster.

      1. 4.4 speed is nice. 4.3 speed is better. And Goodwin is not a good jet sweeper.

        Here’s what Shanahan said about Thomas and the rest of the Chiefs’ receivers before Week 3: “Over these last four years or so, they’ve really added an element of the misdirection and stuff. It’s been an issue, not just because of the plays, but the people with the plays. They have the speed at every angle to run those things and really put defenses in a bind because if you hesitate with a 4.3 receiver, and they have three of them, that is a huge issue.”

        1. Nobody has room on a roster for a gimmicky 166 lbs “Jet Sweeper/Kick returner” unless they are absolutely, positively special. And, BTW, compared to M. Wilson, De’Anthony Thomas was “special”, and Thomas was far more prolific in college, and Thomas actually played football for a real school, one of the top teams in the entire nation. Yet, as a pro, De’Anthony Thomas barely ever touches the football on offense.

        2. Geeze Grant, maybe that’s because KC has Tyreek Hill, who goes 190 lbs, and IS special! In fact, Tyreek is built more like a RB, and played a lot of RB in college.

          Malik Wilson, who goes 166 lbs, is no RB (he had 1 carry in college), and he isn’t qualified to carry Tyreek’s jock strap! That’s a fact!

          1. In fact, Malik Wilson isn’t even qualified to carry Richie James’ jock strap either, and it’s laughable that you would even make that statement!

            Honestly Grant, you find a little shrimp from some no-name college who can run fast and you say he’s “like Richie James, but actually good”?

            That statement proves you either have an ax to grind with the Niners, or are simply talking out of your arse. Which is it?

            1. Oh yah, and the one and only time Malik Wilson rushed the football in college, HE FUMBLED! His one chance in 4 years to be a college “RB” and he turns the ball over on a fumble.rusher, and he fumbled. That’s quite a find Grant, lol!

              1. And … no, Hill and Wilson are not even close to similar in body type. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

                Again, Tyreek is 185-190 lbs, and is built like a RB, while Wilson is built like a slender 166 lbs WR. Tyreek Hill actually played RB and receiver in college, Wilson … rushed 1 time in 4 seasons (and fumbled). What does that tell you?

                Wilson is almost certainly a UFDA Grant, and the chances of him beating out Richie James is about 1/1,000. I sure sure as heck wouldn’t draft him.

                And, BTW, all 3 of the 49ers RB’s, certainly Coleman and McKinnon, are fantastic receivers in their own right, and you can bet Kyle is scheming ways to get them lined up on the LOS, as we speak!

              2. They’re not the same person, but they’re similar players. They were used differently, but they move in similar ways.

              3. Grant, both Coleman and Breida ran sub 4.40 40’s. SUB – 4.40! And McKinnon ran just over that at 4.41. You don’t think that’s fast enough to run a Jet Sweep and maybe even actually not get broken into a million little pieces by a fast flying 245 lbs LB? We already talked about physics, you know the deal. Even Richie James is at least 185 lbs.

              4. I’m not upset at you picking him as a sleeper Grant. That’s fine … who knows when you get that deep in the draft?

                I’m upset that you had the nerve to say what you said, comparing him to Richie James – who’s an actual Receiver, and was actually an absolutely prolific WR/KR in college, is 7th in the NFL in kickoff AVG, and who, BTW, also rushed for more yards than Wilson did in college.

                Shame on you! Richie James has certainly earned more respect than than some smal-fry Malik Wilson …. or whatever his name is, out of NC A & M or whatever!.

              5. You do realize they can only carry 53 players, and not all of them can even suit up?

                Less than 1,000 yards receiving TOTAL over 4 years for North Carolina A&T? Oh yah, that will have Richie James and the rest of the NFL shaking in their boots …. not!

              6. Do you really want to know Grant? OK. I’ll start before he got himself into legal hot water.

                All he did in 2014 was rank 2nd in the nation with over 1,600 all purpose yards while at Oklahoma State. Safe to say a little bit better quality competition at Okl St, am I right?

                2014: 534 yards rushing, 381 yards receiving, and a whopping 740 yards returning kicks!
                Understand the difference between Oklahoma State and N.C. A&T?

                He then transferred (got kicked off the team for allegedly choking his girlfriend), and played for West Alabama in 2015. Because of his legal troubles, the HC at first didn’t want to accept him, and then he slowly eased him in, but he played fairly sparingly..

                2015: 237 yards rushing, 444 yards receiving , 669 yards returning kicks!

                Set, point, match!

              7. So Hill never significantly eclipsed Wilson’s single-season high in receiving yards. Thanks.

              8. So that’s over 800 yards receiving, 771 yards rushing, and over 1,400 yards returning kicks in 2 seasons. How do those compare to Malik Wilson?

                I’m sorry, I think it’s GAME, SET, MATCH! Or checkmate, whichever you prefer.

                Should I list De’Anthony’s college numbers for the Ducks, or are you satisfied?

                As you can see, Tyreek was in a class of his own while at Oklahoma State, because he was part RB, part WR, part Kick Returner. While Wilson is not a RB, has far fewer receiving and return yards averaged out per season, while playing against lesser competition.

              9. And, BTW, a sub 4.40 means both Coleman and Breida run the 40 in the 4.3’s, as Kyle alluded to. And McKinnon’s 4.41 was right on the cusp of the 4.3’s, and that’s fast enough.

                If they absolutely need another pure speedster WR who can run sweeps and screens, Paris Campbell would be a guy they can get who could actually make the roster. That guy is an NFL caliber speedster!, who could be a difference maker.

              10. So Hill never significantly eclipsed Wilson’s single-season high in receiving yards. Thanks.

                Now you are just being silly Grant!

                Tyreek Hill never significantly eclipsed Wilson’s single-season receiving yards, but it’s apples and oranges because Tyreek Hill split time on offense at RB and WR, while Wilson was only a WR. Why is this such a hard concept to grasp? Tyreek Hill rushed the football over 100 times with the Cowboys in 2014, of course that is going to take a big chunk out of his receiving yards.

                As a WR, RB, and return man, Tyreek Hill eclipsed 1,800 all-purpose yards in 2014, playing for Oklahoma State in the Big 12, against teams like Oklahoma, Texas, and Texas Tech.

                Malik Wilson gained 1,100 all-purpose yards during his best season, playing against teams like Coppin State, UM-Eastern Shore, Savannah St, and Morgan St.

                But if you want to compare receiving numbers to Richie James …. James had over 1,600 yards receiving alone in 2016, while Wilson gained just over 400 as a receiver during his best season.

            1. One more point before I hit the sack. Kickoff’s are becoming less and less important because of the way the league is trending. Don’t be shocked if they do away with them completely in the near future. It’s extremely hard to justify carrying a guy who can only return kicks. I highly doubt Kyle would do that when he has other guys who can do that well, and can also play WR.

              Malik Wilson only ended up with 402 Yards receiving, and 12.56 Yards Per Reception in 2018, his best season. 12.56 YPC is peanuts for a light 166 lbs WR with a slender build, and he doesn’t seem to have the body type to put on much more weight than that. You mentioned cliff Branch, but he was a rare exception even back then, and he truly was a world class sprinter, and he was also the NCAA Division I-A record holder for kickoff returns for TD’s. But the game has changed, defensive players are bigger, faster and stronger now, and kick return specialists hold less value due to the rule changes.

              Could I be wrong? Could Malik Wilson shock the world? Of course. But the odds are LONG and I am willing to bet he wont even be drafted, because of his size and his lack of college production as a WR even though he played in a small, lesser college conference – the MEAC (against teams like Coppin State, UM-Eastern Shore, Savannah St, Morgan St, etc).

              Keeping a player on the roster who only returns kicks, and not much else, is rarely done anymore, and we just saw Richie James handily beat out another fast, but limited small-bodied WR, Victor Bolden, because of Bolden’s serious limitations as a WR.

              1. Bolden isn’t fast. Wilson caught lots of screens in college. That’s why his average isn’t higher.

              2. Wilson caught lots of screens in college. That’s why his average isn’t higher.

                That’s ridiculous. Did you ever stop to ask yourself why Malik Wilson relied on so many screens just to amass a little over 400 yards receiving, 3 receiving TD’s, and was never … ever, a downfield threat?

                Like I said, Hill had an excuse called also being a RB. What’s Wilson’s excuse?

                Richie James on the other hand, averaged 15.5 yards per reception, while amassing over 1,600 receiving yards, and 12 receiving TD’s in 2016, and he caught more screens than Wilson, I can assure you that!

                My gosh, I feel like I am debating a 6 year old.

              3. Dude, you don’t anything about Wilson and you’re pretending to be an expert about him. He caught lots of deep passes, too.

              4. Oh, so now he caught lot’s of deep passes, for 400 total yards, 3 TD’s, and a 12 yard average, vs extremely weak competition? Is that how it works Grant?

                Come on man, you can’t change the facts Grant, no matter how hard you try!

                I’d be willing to bet I know at least as much about Wilson as you do. I can assure you that Richie James had a much higher grade than Malik Wilson coming out of college, and if you think Wilson was anywhere near as impressive as Richie James was in college, it’s no wonder you keep wandering around down in Lonely Valley.

                The only reason Richie didn’t go until as late as he did was because of his collarbone issues. If he were healthy, he would have almost certainly gone no later than round 4, while a healthy Malik Wilson will be making a sandwich and reading the newspaper, during the 4th round this year.

                Watch & learn!

              5. Seb, seriously? You know as well as I do that you were all over Kevin Hogan, and his funky, herky-jerky throwing motion that year, AND you also talked up the teeny-tiny little QB – Vernon Adams as well, so …… pipe down :)

                BTW Sebnynah, are you impressed with a 166 lb WR who, during his very best season, recorded just over 400 yards receiving, with 3 TD’s, and a 12 yard AVG, against teams like Coppin State, UM-Eastern Shore, Savannah St, Morgan St & Norfolk St, during his very best season?

                What kind of grade would you have on a kid like that?

              6. If you read my posts Seb, you’d know that it is the way Grant talked down Richie James while talking up some little 166 lb sand-flea who never came close to producing numbers like Richie James did in college, that I find absolutely appalling. Grant is supposed to follow the 49ers, right? Wouldn’t you expect Grant to know that the only reason Richie James wasn’t drafted earlier, was because he broke his collarbone twice in college? Putting aside Richie James’ injury history, and simply judging talent and production as a college WR…. it’s absolutely laughable for Grant to say what he said in his video.

              7. 49, you are so easy. It took only 3 words to set you off.
                Considering the length of your tomes, I am surprised he has not won a SB by now.
                I may not agree that Wilson will make the team, but your pushback is over the top.
                James was a 7th round pick, whose main claim to fame is that he did not fumble on STs.
                Wilson is a sleeper pick for Grant. He is not a slam dunk elite first rounder.

  5. And, in fact, Richie James AVG’s over 25 yards per kickoff return as a rookie, which was 7th best in the entire NFL, and also a better AVG than D. Thomas over his 5 year career, and James already has more kickoff returns for a TD than your boy – De’Anthony Thomas has in his 5 seasons as a pro, which is ZERO!

    So next time you make a disparaging remark about a 49er player, at least act like you know what the h_ll you are talking about!

      1. I like Richie James. He isn’t just a guy. He is undersized but he is a good WR. I don’t think his place in the NFL will be on the 49ers but he will play somewhere.

    1. Richie James was way more prolific in college than Malik Wilson, and it’s not even close! I have no idea where you came up with this one. Wow!

      Hard pass on a gimmicky 165 lbs “kick return specialist”! If he goes undrafted, which he probably will, maybe take a flyer on him as a UDFA.

        1. BTW..Grant…..Are you planning on doing a ‘shadow draft’ when the teams are on the clock in the 1st round or just on the 49ers in all rounds??..Maybe you can do a live 1st round shadow draft here?

      1. There are plenty of 166 lbs fast runners who can score a kick return TD with a wide open lane, that doesn’t come close to making you a bonafide NFL WR!

        Richie James had over 3,000 receiving, and 20 TD’s over his first 2 seasons, before missing most of 2017. Malik Wilson has less than 1,000 receiving, and 10 TD’s OVER 4 SEASONS!

        1. To say Malik Wilson is “Richie James, except good”, is absolutely an asinine statement! And you wonder why I give you a hard time?

          You just simply can’t help yourself, can you? SMH!

          1. Mailik ‘the freak’ Wilson or ‘smoke’ can take it to the house..and he has good hands too. He’s thin 5’11” 166lb but so is 5’9″ 166lb WR Marquise Brown, probably a late 1st rounder. Another quick thin guy was 5’10 170lb DeShean Jackson. Wilson isn’t in their level and will go in the late rounds but he has quick feet and a little Deion Sanders in him…

            1. Oh boy Troy,

              you are excited about a guy who caught 3 Td’s and gained just over 400 yards as a receiver during his best season, playing against teams like Coppin State, UM-Eastern Shore, Savannah St, Morgan St, etc.

              You must be quite the scout Troy!

              On the other hand, Richie James was an actual WR, and gained over 1,600 yards receiving and scored 12 TD’s during his best season.

              So let’s see …. 400 yards receiving, 3 TD’s and a 12 yard average (Malik Wilson) or 1,600 yards receiving, 12 TD’s, and a 15 yard average (Richie James)? Hmm, that’s a tough one, lol.

  6. I like Oli Udoh OT, who also did well in the Senior bowl practices.
    JoeJuan Williams at 4.64 is too slow. I prefer Lonnie or Isaiah Johnson
    Instead of Stidham I like Trace McSorely, who is mobile and ran 170 times for 798 yards, for a 4.7 average and 12 TDs. He may not have the strongest arm, but I think he would thrive in the NFL short passing game, gaining first downs with his arm and and his legs.
    Garry Jennings Is OK, but Keelan Doss may help the Niners win another SB. Miles Boykin, Keesean Johnson, Lil’ Jordan Humphrey and Jazz Ferguson may also be great later round options.
    Malik Wilson at 166 lbs, is too small. Maybe the better option is 187 lb Mecole Hardman for KO.
    Darren Hall did well, but I prefer Ryquel Armstead or Justice Hill in the later rounds, although they may pass on a RB altogether with the position being so full. McKinnon may need to sit.

      1. So noted, i listened again to what you said about Williams.
        I still like Isaiah Johnson with his 4.4 speed, even if he needs more coaching.

    1. Remember last draft? We all thought they were going to draft Harold Landry, but they went with McGlinchey, and traded away Brown.
      Niners may go BPA, but a trade back is the superior option. Depends on how much a team wants the QB they covet.

      1. No Sebbie…. Not evreyone. Check Grant’s mock from 2018…

        “The 2018 NFL draft starts April 26. Here are the picks the 49ers should make.

        Round 1, Pick 9. San Francisco 49ers: Minkah Fitzpatrick, DB, Alabama.

        Analysis: With this pick, the 49ers must get Fitzpatrick, Denzel Ward, Derwin James or Quenton Nelson. Reaching for a middle linebacker to replace Reuben Foster would be a mistake, considering teams can find good linebackers in Round 2. And no, Georgia linebacker Roquan Smith would not be a reach at pick No. 9 — he’s excellent. But, he wouldn’t be a middle linebacker for the 49ers, either. He would be a weakside linebacker. He would not replace Foster.

        Round 2, Pick 59: Leighton Vander Esch, MLB, Boise St.

        Analysis: Here’s the replacement for Foster. Some draft gurus consider Vander Esch a first-round talent, but he will drop to the end of round 2 because he has had concussion and neck issues. Those injuries forces him to miss seven games in 2016. In 2017, he played 14 games and recorded 141 tackles.”

        Alas… Landry.

        1. We, as fans, liked Landry. Most, but not all, wanted a pass rusher.
          Grant marches to the beat of a different drummer.

    2. Yeah, I think this article is right on the money. The more I think about it, I think the 49ers really should not select Quinnen Williams. QW is an amazing player but the need for pass rush is urgent and they have adequate, although not pro bowl caliber players, to play in the spot Williams would occupy. This may be a draft for the 49ers where BPA is in direct conflict with team need.

      1. The contracts and draft capital for an edge rusher that was recently spent is further evidence for why the 49ers should have Bosa over Williams on their board….

  7. Niners could pull off a blockbuster trade. Denver is kinda desperate, and has been struggling lately. It could be a win/win for both teams, and propel them into the playoffs.
    Niners could offer Solomon Thomas, Nick Mullens, Ahkello Witherspoon and Joshua Garnett, for Denver’s first round pick, a 2020 second round pick, and Chris Harris, who wants a trade.
    Solomon Thomas may thrive in a 3-4 system, and Fangio is a 3-4 savant.
    Rich Scangarello would love Nick Mullens, and Mullens has proven he can start in this league, so he would be the perfect backup for Flacco, in case Flacco falters.
    Ahkello Witherspoon played in Colorado, and they would be swapping CBs with Chris Harris, who wants to be traded.
    Niners are planning on drafting a guard, so Garnett can help shore up the Bronco O line. garnett does have talent, being a first round pick and Outland trophy winner. He might shine in a new environment.
    Niners would be trading away 4 players for 2 draft picks and a player. The number 10 pick in the draft would be huge for the Niners, and the 2020 second round pick would help build for the future. With that number 10 pick, the Niners could possibly get Hockenson or Fant, one of the 2 best TEs in the draft.
    Elway wants to win now, while Von Miller is in his prime, and the Nick Mullens acquisition just means they do not need to spend their number 10 pick on a QB, or maybe one could say they did use the number 10 pick to get a QB.

      1. Where would you put him? I think Verrett is the anticipated starter on one side (prob received some verbal assurances of their plan) and Sherman on the other w K’waun in the slot (underrated, in my opinion)- Witherspoon will be developed. They’ll draft a Corner in the 4th+, I would anticipate (DL, WR, S/OL preceding Corner).

        1. I hope the Niners move Sherman to safety, so Verrett, Chris Harris and K’Waun Williams can be the CBs.
          Trading Witherspoon to the Broncos may resurrect his career.

    1. Seb

      Personally, I want the niners to keep Witherspoon…tooo much physical presence to let him go after one season

      1. Sorry, maybe Fangio can teach him to turn his head back and track the ball. One time, the ball hit him on his helmet. Missed out on a pick.
        They got Verrett, all those second year players, and I hope they draft a CB, too.

  8. Just had a chance to watch the breakdowns. Great stuff once again Grant. I really like Gary Jennings – as you said, CfC identified him early so I went and took a look. Really good player. I think the 49ers will take a WR before when he is expected to go, but if they haven’t taken one by round 4 he would be a great pick.

    Williams is an interesting prospect. He certainly has some nice film, but also had some average moments. In the 3rd round he’d be a fine enough pick.

  9. Hey Grant…

    You may have noticed…it seems a handful of older blog topics are attracting IT-related spam–hulu, mcafee, etc. Rather humorous but it’s beginning to clog the Links to Comments panel. Are there any spam filtering tools the Press Democrat’s Division of Information Technology could implement?

  10. “I was one of the only people in the country who preferred (Zach) Cunningham over (Reuben) Foster. Cunningham is a far superior player now.”

    You’re like the Donald Trump of sports reporters. The love affair you have with yourself brings a tear to my eye. It’s so beautiful to behold. I just hope you avoid the dreaded dislocated shoulder from patting yourself on the back. Maybe Armstead can give you a few pointers on rehab exercises if you tear that labrum.

          1. Keep that dream alive Seb.
            Let me guess. You jumped the collusion train and now are in the interference train.

      1. I think you’re getting married soon. You should absolutely drop “I’m right tho” from your vocabulary.

          1. Man, I feel sorry for people your age. Must be supremely confusing to be a male millennial. If you thought that was sexist then you really are a lost cause. Nothing sexist about saying it will minimize conflict in a marriage to stop saying you are always right. Males don’t have exclusive rights on being obnoxious, although I can tell you are trying to corner the market.

            1. I didn’t say I was always right. I said I was right about Cunningham and Foster, because I was. Did you think Foster would be better than Cunningham?

              1. I don’t claim to be an expert on pre-draft player analysis. I had no idea who would be better but I did like the Foster pick. was hesitant about his off the field stuff.

                I am however an expert on relationships and I know for a fact if you’re ever in a disagreement with your wife and use the “I’m right tho” line you will not go to sleep with a happy ending.

              2. I’ve been in this relationship for 10 years.

                And how many “I’m right tho”s in those 10 years?

              3. .45 times per year. I think Houston can agree this is below the threshold for marital strife. Even so, how comfortable is your couch for sleeping? ;)

              4. Hah, Grant, you never got to complete the sentence the last time ! You’d mentioned that your fiance is of Indian origin. Just curious, is she Punjabi, Gujarati, Delhi, Tamil, Bengali, etc. — can be very different cultures with different tolerance thresholds…. :)

              5. My wife tells people we dated for 10 years but that’s not really true. We dated for 6 years through college and grad school and then dated seriously for 4 years. Her education is in architecture and that is massively time consuming in college. I paid my way thru school so I was always at work or studying. Once we got out then we got serious about our relationship. Still doesn’t change the fact that I learned thru experience not to say “I’m right tho” even when it was very clear I was right. My wife is Hispanic and she’s got a little bit of the Latina hot head to her personality which is great accept for when she refuses to listen to me say I’m right.

                Since you don’t want to hear me give you advice let me give you a suggestion. My wife and I developed a code after we had kids so we wouldn’t have to cuss in front of them. If one of us was being a jerk or saying something the other didn’t like the other would say “Yes Dear.” In our relationship language, “Yes Dear” translates to “F You.” We both know it. We both use it.
                Using that code you don’t have to say something mean to escalate a fight. You don’t have to say something hurtful. As an example, last night I used leftover crawfish from the crawfish boil we had last weekend to make crawfish etouffe. If you’ve ever made etouffe you know it’s a messy dish with lots of dishes to clean. After I was done cooking, I washed all the dishes. I walked back in the living room and she said, “Thanks for doing the dishes.” And I said, “I always do the dishes after I cook.” The insinuation being that she always leaves a dirty kitchen after she cooks, which she does. Her reply to me was, “Yes Dear.” We both knew what it meant. Nothing else needed to be said. I just smirked and sat down to watch TV with her. It’s a good code to use and it’s my wedding gift to you. You’re welcome.

              6. If one of us was being a jerk or saying something the other didn’t like the other would say “Yes Dear.” In our relationship language, “Yes Dear” translates to “F You.” We both know it. We both use it.

                The same if a waitress ever says “hon” to you. Code for “f-you, you d-bag”. At that point I’d be leery of what was brought out from the kitchen.

              7. Grant Cohn says:
                April 24, 2019 at 10:38 am
                She’s south Indian and she grew up in Fiji.

                They have great apples. 😉

              8. From Fiji — interesting. I have met many Fijian Indians over the years in this country. Many South Indians migrated to Fiji during British rule, a good fraction working in the sugar plantations, IIRC. Over the past decades, many of their descendants have migrated to the West and Australia in search of opportunities, and because of friction with the Fijian natives over the former’s relative economic success.

    1. whatz shocking? …..dummy……Damian Lillard is the real deal…..

      What comeback?…they won the series 4-1…… you stay in your lane loof

      1. oneniner says:
        April 24, 2019 at 10:28 am
        whatz shocking? …..dummy……Damian Lillard is the real deal…..

        What comeback?…they won the series 4-1…… you stay in your lane loof

        I wonder how long it took you to, realize I was talking about the Sharks game.
        You idiot. You can’t even keyboard warrior well.
        You are the poster boy for clowns

  11. Grant,
    Miaocco put out his 7 round mock, take a look at it and see what you think. I like his picks quite a bit.

    1. I like N’Keal Harry over Samuel. Deebo is ranked 78.
      I like Lonnie Johnson, and have also mocked him.
      Sternberger is ranked 72, so he may not be available at 104. Foster Moreau is a better blocker.
      Drafting a punter with only 6 picks? Get an UDFA.
      They should trade back, and get a safety much sooner.

      1. Seb,
        I am one of the few around here who believes that with a good to great draft the 49ers could be in playoff contention this year. If they are one of the teams battling for the last couple of spots our punter and kicker could play huge roles. I believe filling those 2 positions on the cheap (if they trade Gould) could be disastrous.

        1. Sorry, but I am of the belief that punters and kickers can be obtained later, and they should use their precious 6 picks on other position players.
          Guess we will have to agree to disagree. In this draft class, there are no slam dunk punters or kickers.
          Guess I hope the Niners will drive down the field and score TDs, so the punter and kicker are not critical for success.

      1. It was good. The draft talk has been ongoing since Garoppolo was injured. Was a lot more fun when the team was good so we didn’t really start the conversation until February.

        Anyone but Bosa in round 1 please, and a trade back would be even better.

              1. Look, I did not like it when people attacked Kaep for his protests. It would be hypocritical of me to diss Bosa for his juvenile rantings. Everyone should show tolerance and acceptance, even towards Kaep or Bosa.
                I want the Niners to draft Bosa so he can sack the QB, not for his support of Trump. Politics and football have mixed, but I intend to concentrate on football. If Bosa becomes a Niner, I intend to cheer for his success, just like I did initially with Gabbert and Hoyer. Too bad they benched themselves. If Bosa sacks the QB, I will be wildly cheering. If he sucks or has a groin strain, I will point out that I saw he had potential flaws.
                However, since this is a QB driven league, I fully expect some team will think it will be in their best interest to move up and grab the player they covet. Niners want to trade back, and the number 2 overall pick is very valuable.

            1. Don’t look at me! I will be happy no matter what they do.

              Stop presses, I agree with Sebs!

              I take that back, I would not be happy if they picked a punter at #2. Now if they trade back at pick a punter at say around #8, different story ;)

              1. Rib, I have more confidence in JL than you do. He will have done his due diligence, and that draft board will probably not have a punter on it, or at least, only have one at pick number 212.
                Punter at 8? I see you are smoking some good shi- er, stuff. ;p

            1. Raz,
              Yeah, this topic has been commented on ad nauseum over the past few weeks if not longer.
              For me its simple. We have a need for an Edge (since Aldon’ dismissal) and Bosa is the best. All the outliers don’t matter to me.
              Just get to the QB!

              QW is very talented, but more redundant now with Armstead getting re-upped.
              J. Allen is also very talented but he will need a few years to find his groove.
              Bosa is NFL ready and will make an immediate impact.
              But the possibility of trading for more picks in a widely considered talented draft is also very intriguing.

              1. I was just poking fun. It’s a non-issue for me because the worst thing anyone could ever say to me is, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help”.

        1. Jack Hammer

          Agreed with your statement Anyone but Bosa in round 1 please.;…and a TRADE BACK WOULD BE EVEN BETTER

          1. Very astute, Ore. I hope Oakland and NY get into a bidding war.
            I saw Jalen Jelks at 117, so he fit well at 118, on my trade back mock.

  12. What Grant posted on 25 April, 2013…

    “Here is my final 49ers mock draft:

    1. Trade the 31st, 34th and 128th pick to the Dolphins for the 12th pick, and draft CB D.J. Hayden from Houston.

    2. With the 61st pick, draft CB Darius Slay from Mississippi St.

    3. With the 73rd pick, draft DT John Jenkins from Georgia.

    4. With the 94th pick, draft WR Marquise Goodwin from Texas.

    5. With the 131st pick, draft FS Josh Evans from Florida.

    6. With the 157th pick, draft SS Duke Williams from Nevada.

    7. With the 175th pick, draft ILB Gerald Hodges from Penn State.

    8. With the 180th pick, draft TE Nick Kasa from Colorado.

    9. With the 227th pick, draft OG Jeff Baca from UCLA.

    10. With the 246th pick, draft RB Knile Davis from Arkansas.

    11. With the 252nd pick, draft OT Luke Marquardt from Azusa Pacific.”

  13. Another prediction, unfortunately reinforced by some of Lynch’s comments: The Niners will not select a free safety in the first half of this draft, if at all.

    Thinking Ward, Exum, Colbert, and Reed fills out the free safety position is like thinking you are rich because you have a handful of pennies. You have a lot of coins, but none of the individual coins are of any value.

  14. 49Reasons says:
    April 24, 2019 at 11:52 am

    Seb!!!*** seriously? You know as well as I do that you were all over Kevin Hogan, and his funky, herky-jerky throwing motion that year, AND you also talked up the teeny-tiny little QB – Vernon Adams as well, so …… pipe down :)

    Reply: I will see you and raise you one of Seb’s roster nightmares foisted on the 49ers: one Jarryd Hayne.
    You recall Seb ballyhooed him until his cut from the roster—still leaves scars on Sebber today.

  15. I just heard it’ll take (3) 1st round picks. 2 this year(4+24) and a 1st next year(Bears), plus we give them back this years #36 in return to trade down to #4, if the Raiders were so inclined. So that’s (3) 1st rounders, my idea of too good to be true….

  16. 1. The mock draft to end mock drafts

    Many draft experts, like B/R’s Matt Miller, have been singing Williams’ praises for a long time. And folks across the league are no strangers to how good he is.

    What is surprising is how chaotic it appears the top of the draft could be because so many teams have fallen in lust with Williams. For now, there are teams convinced the 49ers will take Williams with the No. 2 pick and the Jets will select Ohio State defensive lineman Nick Bosa at No. 3.

    1. Bosa recently admitted to deleting a series of tweets in support of President Donald Trump and calling former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick a “clown” for his protest against racial discrimination and police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem.

      Reply: I see this as a player Seb’s would draft at #2 !

      Kaep disrespected by Rams:

  17. The next 24 hours promises to be chaotic. Let’s keep it real:

    1. AZ has no choice but to move on from Rosen. They take Murray.
    2. SF must protect their investment in Ford. They take his bookend. Bosa.
    3. Jets are perpetually confused. This is where “who knows”? Williams makes the most sense but Allen fits. No one trades up for Haskins.
    4. Raiders take the other no-brainer. They want Josh Jacobs and Greedy Williams in the later part of this round.
    5. TB. White.
    6. NYG will wait until 17 to look at QB. They take Sweat or Burns.

    Sorry it’s boring, or conventional. Just keeping it real….

    1. He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good. Draft Bosa for goodness sakes!

  18. The Bosa Constrictor had a higher pass rush rate as a freshman than 3rd degree Burns, Ferrell and Polite did last season.

  19. If Bosa is gone and they pick another T in Williams. It will be a huge mistake and the end of Lynch.
    He is nothing but a run stuffer who gets pressure and can’t finish the job.
    He is not a sack guy. He’s better suited for another team like Arizona who needs help in that department. He is not even close to Donald. The pre draft hype is always fooling people.

    If Arizona takes Bosa which I think they do. There’s….
    1A snatch Allen
    1B trade back
    The 49ers can not afford to walk away without either of those two this draft.

    1. Ninermd

      I can see it from here…HE”S GONNA’ DO IT AGAIN…! This time tomorrow Lynch is going to screw it up for the last time…WE don’t NEED Williams, and we don’t want IR BOSA Trade back….

    1. Also on Grants feed, a retweet:

      “california is a sh*t show going to sh*t and the Democrats are ruining it.” Nick Bosa: like

      LOL. Maybe the Niners have told Bosa they aren’t picking him?

  20. If the draft Gods want to smile upon the 49ers they need to write in Bosa’s name on Arizona’s card. Would be a win/win/win;
    win-we don’t waste another first round pick on a dud d-lineman.
    win-we pick up a bunch of high draft picks
    win-Divisional opponent wastes a #1 pick on a player that will average 11 or fewer games played per season over his career because every time he gets a scratch he sits out a week or two because he’s afraid of getting CTE.

    It’s unlikely to happen but it would be nice.

      1. Lol, for the record I have amazingly low blood pressure.

        I’ve already accepted that they’re very likely to drat Bosa and am past the point of being upset over it. Just par for the course with Lynch and it will be just one more bad pick that people will discuss when he’s eventually terminated.

        1. Think of it this way. Bosa or Williams, Williams or Bosa; we’re going to get a premium player at a premium position for peanuts for at least 4 years.

          To what do you attribute your amazingly low blood pressure? Working out and turmeric?

  21. Arzona is trying so hard to build trade value in Rosen. They’re desperate to make everybody believe that they not only don’t want Murray but that Rosen is a good quarterback prospect.

    Listen to this sales pitch: “Yeah, I think Josh has done everything humanly possible to show what type of quarterback he is, what type of competitor he is,” Kingsbury said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic. “I’ve said it all along, I couldn’t be more impressed with his approach. He’s a great player. I mean, he was a top-10 pick for a reason. You see it out there how cerebral he is, how quickly he’s picked up our system. I was really impressed with his execution [Tuesday].”

    He was basically reading off a QB resume for anyone interested in listening. This is the dead give away quote right here, “I mean, he was a top-10 pick for a reason.” I almost spit out my drink when I read that. Could he be anymore obvious?

    I think we’ll learn Rosen’s new team after pick #15 tomorrow, that’s if the Redskins don’t trade out of it. If they don’t take a QB then they’ll trade for Rosen. Arizona I’m sure is trying extra hard to get a deal done before the first pick tomorrow but a smart team is going to wait for them to piss away the rest of their leverage after they draft his replacement #1.

      1. Rosen has been exactly what I thought he’d be. A back up quality prospect. He’ll be good enough one day to win a few games when your starter goes down but he’ll never be the guy you want as your permanent starter.

  22. Enough already.
    We spent a first round pick on defensive tackle Ted Washington in 1991.
    We spent another first round pick on Dana Stubblefield in 1993.
    Now you want to use a first round pick on another defensive tackle in 1994?

    I don’t care how good this Bryant Young dude is, draft a different position.

    1. Ha! Thanks for the dose of reality B2W. I love Williams as a prospect. Would be very happy if the 49ers take him. I don’t care that they’ve spent a lot of recent first round picks at the position, he’ll make the team better.

        1. A chance, yes. If it proves difficult to get him to re-sign they would then be in a position where they could look to trade him.

  23. ig: josinaanderson

    A #49ers source last night laughed at the notion #Cards hv no clue on #1 pick. In their opinion, source feels they hv at least a main plan & draft night contingency plans to date, while still keeping ears open. Was told, “being that we are division rivals, I hope they mess it up”

    11:30 AM – Apr 24, 2019

    1. Would be fun if draft trades were public. Hire the Mecum auto auction guys to take bids.

      “This 1997 Rosen coupe is in mint condition…”

  24. I know most of us expect the 49ers to take a z WR on day 2. But I wonder if Shanny will surprise us and look to take a more explosive type like Isabella or Hollywood Brown on day 2, then take a more prototypical z in round 4 (say, Jennings)? I could definitely see the 49ers taking two WRs this year.

    One smaller WR I could see Shanny liking in round 3 is Mecole Hardman. Still learning the position, but he can really fly. Taylor Gabriel type.

  25. Now wouldn’t it be cool if players had first right of refusal when drafted–let’s say only applicable in rounds 1 through 3. Players would have 60 seconds to approve their selection or refuse it. If refused, the’d go back into the draft pool, and the ‘rejected’ team would get the next pick, plus a 7th round ‘reject’ compensation pick the following year. This procedure would add another 40 minutes or so to each round, but think of the fun to be had.

    Additional wrinkles such as multiple rejections could be addressed. If a player refuses three consecutive selections, they are barred from availability until 20 picks later. Of course, some teams could game the system by selecting players they know don’t want to play for them–thereby building up a stockpile of 7th rounders the following year. Perhaps cap the reject compensation picks at only three per year.

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