Grant’s midweek report on all things 49ers

Ohio State defensive lineman Nick Bosa gets measured during the NFL football scouting combine, Sunday, March 3, 2019, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Check out my latest Periscope. Warning: It’s too long and my face is greasy. Watch at your own risk.

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  1. To me, Bosa looked muscle bound, especially when he ran the 40. Yes, he is strong, and has quickness, but 4.79 is pedestrian.
    I agree. Niners should take Allen over Bosa, but I still like the idea that trading back will help the team more than drafting either Bosa or Allen.There is first round talent deep into the second round, getting 3 starters is better than Bosa or Allen.
    Rashan Gary is more similar to Justin Smith. Gary is 6′ 4″ 277 lbs and ran a 2.58, and 26 reps. Smith was 6′ 4″ 285 lbs and ran a 4.6 forty with 26 reps.
    Bosa is more like Aldon Smith Bosa is 6′ 4″ 266 lbs and ran a 4.79. Aldon was 6′ 4″ 263 lbs and ran a 4.74 forty.
    Bosa with his 40 time, family connections and injury history, is not a slam dunk.
    Trading back and missing out on Bosa and Allen is the best strategy.
    However, I totally disagree about Sweat. Sweat has a ton of potential, and with good coaching, will be a sack machine. He is fast and quick. Unlike Bosa, he can run down QBs. More importantly, his long arms will keep the O linemen from putting their hands on his chest, which will help Sweat shed blocks.

    1. I honestly feel like you haven’t watched tape on Sweat. You are just using his athletic profile to guide what you say about him.

      I will say though that playing more 9-wide like the 49ers are saying they will do could really be perfect for him. It could reduce the need for him to bend the corner which he struggles with. Make it more if a 45-60 degree angle rather than 90 degree angle with his length and burst could be just what makes him a star pass rusher in the NFL.

      1. I must admit I did not watch very many Miss St. games. However, I have watched his highlights, and he used his punch to keep clean. He rushed inside and outside, left or right. He was a good open field tackler and had many tackles for loss.
        Sweat DID have 12 sacks last season, and 22.5 sacks these last 2 seasons. You may think he was a stiff statue with no bend, I saw a very dynamic and productive playmaker.
        In almost every measurable, Sweat is superior to Bosa. He only had 3 less 225 reps. Go ahead consider a 4.79 EDGE as elite. I think a bigger 4.41 EDGE as more elite.

        1. Not a stiff statue by any means, but just not an elite edge bender despite what his athletic testing would suggest.

          I actually like him, I just think you are relying way too much on combine results and stats to tell you what he is.

          1. You may be right, but I also watched those Senior Bowl practices. Sweat went against many early round O linemen, and performed well.
            I just think that with some good coaching, he can play up to his potential.

      1. AND Sweat had a better 10 yard split. Thanks for confirming my assessment. You just admitted Sweat is better than Bosa.

  2. Bosa’s quads are like the bicyclist’s calves from the Liberty Insurance commercial.

    Congrats on the record setting periscope, Grant!

    I’ve got another cool idea. How cool would it be to do your periscopes live during all three days of the draft?

      1. You should do many more. The extra time it gives you to explain you perspectives gives a depth to what comes across as judgmental and shallow in print. You are far better in person. I really think you could do well in TV. On video or in person you are very personable and likable. That is something that comes across in total opposite in print.

    1. With all that added work Grant could ask PD execs for a pay raise… And perhaps a perk like a 2008 Mazda CX-7.

  3. Hope the 9ers bring in a punter capable of ranking in the top five–with a decent supporting cast of special teamers certainly. Too, hope the longsnapper issue works out following the suspension.

  4. Currently watching the periscope Grant. Definitely agree with trading back, and I do take your point about the type of pass rusher the team is looking for, which Bosa isn’t a perfect fit. Its something I have said previously and why I used to really like the idea of Polite.

    Burns makes a lot of sense. But I am not against Sweat either – see my response to Seb above, I think by limiting the angle to the QB could really unlock his potential as a pass rusher.

    1. What do u mean ‘ used to like’ Polite. The media has misrepresented how he said things. On paper it didnt look great but I urge you to watch the interview. He was smiling and if anything, amused. Did not come off like a crybaby or some nutcase

      1. Completely agree his presser response has been overblown. But reports about his bad interviews are not referring to the presser. Apparently he was awful in his 1-on-1s, was carrying bad weight, and teams are questioning how hurt he really was. Hard pass for me now.

    2. I’m watching clips of the Lions’ 2011 defense. Vanden Bosch and Avril lined up almost five yards away from the offensive tackles. If that’s what the 49ers’ front looks like next season, I wonder what Arik Armstead’s role will be. Last season, he played head up against the tight end in the base defense.

      1. Its a good question. Based on Shanny’s (or maybe it was Lynch) talking about Armstead seemed to be suggesting they liked how he looked inside last year, including at NT. I suspect he will play big end in base (probably not wide 9 in base) but mostly DT in nickel.

  5. Trent Brown didn’t get tagged? I’m not surprised the Patriots never overpay for players they think can be replaced

    1. Should not have even posted that. Now we will hear from all sorts of fans who will want the Niners to make him an offer.

  6. Regarding OBJ, story is the Pats nearly got him before the trade deadline last year. Pats clearly think he is worth having. I get he is a diva, but he’s a great player also. He’s been stuck on a bad team with a bad culture where players often run rough shod over the coaches.

    Key to keeping him happy I don’t think is necessarily making sure he’s always getting the ball. Its to make sure you are winning. He was fine at LSU despite being the #2 WR there.

  7. Bosa definitely jumps out most as as a pass rushers on tape hes very explosive and will translate well. I think Allen is the less polished product and most his sacks were outside the pocket chasing guys down but not many one on one straight to the QB sacks… I like Allens versatility and could develop to be Khalil Mack like but Im ok with either one of those guys. Id rather see us trade with nyg for OBJ get the 6th pick and draft sweat and Rock Yasin in the 2nd to cover 3 needs in 2 rounds.

  8. NBC Bay Area’s Matt Maiocco reports the 49ers hope to sign a “starting caliber” safety in free agency.

    1. Good my plan is coming into shape.
      Sign Thomas or dude from NY (name slips my mind)
      Get someone like a Fowler we will give you around 8-10 sacks and draft Bosa or Allen and you’re in business.

  9. Regarding who’s in charge between Shanahan and Lynch, agree with you 100%. This was my concern at the time of the hire. Lynch as GM is meant to be Shanny’s boss, but he’s Shanny’s yes man, that is great in front of the camera.

    1. So, bringing in Mayhew and Peters was just for show? I think Lynch is willing to engage Shanahan and make Shanahan clearly explain why he wants particular players (in either FA, by trade, or draft). However, I also would agree, for obvious reasons, that Lynch will give in to KS if he forcefully wants a player on offense. Not so sure about defense, though.

      I still prefer a situation where GM and HC work together to find the best players. I do not want Lynch to be a “yes” man. Hopefully he is growing into the role.

      1. The scouting department’s job is to provide the HC the players he needs to win. For Shanahan he made it clear from his first presser it was important to him that he could trust the GM to do that. So far it appears that the approach to achieving this is giving Shanahan a lot of say on who they take.

        Saying Lynch is a yes man is somewhat hyperbolic, but what I mean is that Shanahan’s input appears to be weighed more heavily than others, based on what we have heard. While Lynch technically has last say, it would appear he often leans towards doing what Shanahan wants. Sounds good on paper in terms of keeping the HC happy, but if the HC doesn’t get the evaluation right they aren’t actually getting the players they need.

        1. It only makes sense. Contrary to most posters belief, Shanahan as the creator of his offense probably knows which type of players are best suited for it. Although you could never tell by all the posters who want him to get a power runner and didn’t want to get rid of Brown.

    2. Shanahan should stick with coaching. His assessment skills are lacking. CJB, Joe Williams, Witherspoon, Pettis. McGlinchey/ Brown.
      KS thought That Hoyer was superior to Kaep. KS thought CJB was the best QB in the building.
      KS insisted on moving up to draft his players, when they should have been patient, saved their picks, and still could have drafted those players later on. Paraag had his fingerprints all over those moves. He instigated and facilitated those deals, when they should have banned him from the draft room.
      JL is not a yes man. He has grown into his position, and has changed the culture of the team. However, he is also cognizant of the fact that friction between the GM and coach was toxic for the team. He is the Anti Baalke. JL is accommodating, and thinks that they should all be on the same page. JL should analyze the past drafts, and show KS why he should delegate authority to others, and tap into their expertise. I hope they ban both Jed and Paraag from the draft war room. They should hand the phones to Peters and Mayhew.

      1. Shanahan never said Hoyer was superior to Kaep. He stated that Hoyer was better suited to his scheme under the circumstances. He took Hoyer because he needed a QB who knew his system which made it easier to assess other players for how well the fit in. You can not assess others if the QB is also learning.

        He gave a pretty good assessment on Kaep and explained why he was not the QB for him. You might want to try listening to what he says rather than coming to your own conclusions as to what you think he said. You sort of do that with others as well.

        1. Will. KS signed Hoyer and anointed him the starter. Actions speak louder than words.
          Too bad Hoyer pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself. In hindsight, KS’s assessment skills on the QBs were lacking.
          Thankfully, JG fell into his lap.

      2. Seb

        Thats neurotic, this constant use of Kap as a point of reference on anything football. You think I’m being purposely rude, but I’m not.
        There is nobody on this blog who talks about anyone or anything as much as you do about Kap. He has become the beginning and the ending point of reference on everything for you. That is not healthy.
        We all know why your pissed at Shanny………….well, get pissed at all the other coaches, too. If Bellichick wanted him, he’d have him, make no mistake. He doesn’t want him.

        1. LOL, getting nervous? No QB has signed yet in Free Agency. There was one pundit who surmised where Kaep would go. He is in the news, and will be in the news even more when he signs.
          I admit I am happy to bring up Kaep, because posters like you go ballistic when his name is mentioned.
          Did you know, Kaep took the league by storm? I think he will do it again, now that his dispute was settled. If they keep blackballing him, he could probably sue for treble the damages, and he would be even more of a hero. The best thing for you detractors to do, is allow him to play, and hope he does not succeed.

  10. It’s funny to hear you Grant slam Bosa for missing extra time with an injury that doesn’t usually take that much time, but praise Brown and his time here when that dude sat out damn near a whole season with a concussion.
    He didn’t want to play here, went to NE and started winning so then he’s healthy and playing well again.

    And I have to ask. What is that creeking noise?

    1. Wait till Brown gets a big long term contract. He will begin getting headaches and siting out games again. He played and gave effort for the Pats because it was his contract year.

  11. Something to consider re: potential FA options Houston and Weddle – as they are cuts I don’t believe either guy would count towards the comp pick calculations.

  12. KS should not play GM, too. He should not even play OC, either. KS should concentrate on becoming a better HC.
    KS needs to delegate authority. He should promote Mike LaFleur to OC. Holding him back from a promotion is churlish.
    KS’s team made too many penalties and mental errors because he is stretched too thin. With better position coaches, and with a good DC and OC, they can have better preparations. With more competent coaching, they can instill discipline and develop timing.

  13. Lynch is in charge of the 90 and Shanahan is in change of the 53. The whole point of this arrangement was to have them working together to make mutually agreeable decisions. So far they appear to be on the same page and getting along well. However if push comes to shove, Shanahan was the hire and he wanted Lynch for his GM.
    Also Shanahan was hired for his offensive skills and is regarded as an offensive superstar and will remain the OC despite the silly argument he should hire a OC.

    1. Bet Sean McVay regretted not having an OC in his Super Bowl. He was embarrassed on the biggest stage, and looked like he did not have a clue.
      Tell me, how will having an OC hurt the team?

      1. seb

        too many cooks ruin the stew….Please don’t carry on about Shannahan nor Kaep…accept what is handed to you and live in a more positive world…

        1. Ore, I am just giving my opinion, and want KS to learn from his mistakes, so he does not repeat them.
          Guess that I just want the Niners to return to relevance. That is a positive goal.

          1. Seb

            Try to be happy. Count your blessings. Help somebody out. Try to recognize the positive.

            You’ll be happier.

      2. While Bellichick did out-coach him, it is also true the Rams left 14 pts on the field they easily should have had.
        Those 14 points are the players fault. They choked.

        With those 14 points, the Rams would have won. An OC was not relevant.

  14. Grant, some constructive criticisms. Ask your fiance’ about makeup. You can reduce the shine from sweating. I just asked my daughter, who has acted in plays, and she recommends matt powder.
    Look in a mirror and comb your hair before going on. Pretty basic, but will improve your image. Maybe shave?
    The lighting was OK, but your backdrop needs improvement. Invest in a 49er poster, or even ask Bob Lange or Mike Chasanoff for some 49er props. This is an Inside the 49ers blog. Maybe Lowell has some unique Niner memorabilia.
    Hope this does not come across as hyper critical. With a little effort, you can vastly improve the experience. I still listened to every word, but want more.

    1. Holy Cow, Seb!!!!!!! Talk about picayune!!!!!!!!!!!

      You have a wild hair up your arse about something today, thats for sure!

  15. I hope the Niners do not trade back with Denver, because that is going back too far, and they could miss out on Sweat, Allen, Gary, Devin White or Ferrell.
    Even with Flacco, I think that Mullens could be traded to Denver, because Scangarello loves Mullens like a son.
    Getting more picks will help the team rebuild quicker. Mullens, as a backup, does have value, but his skills are wasted sitting on the bench.

    1. They need to keep Mullins until at least they get another QB even if it is one on the practice squad. We also need to be sure that JG is ready to go. Anything can happen. Would you want Beathard or Mullins as the guy on the field.

      1. Will, I hope they do get an UDFA after the draft. Gardner Minshew, Jake Browning or Nick Fitzgerald could learn behind CJB for the first year.
        I am assuming JG is ready to go. He did not have some one fall on his leg, and they are saying he is rehabbing well. If they did have him regressing, sure, Mullens would be the starter.

    2. Seb,
      Until you need him to come off of the bench. The backup QB position in the NFL is actually more important then a few of the starting position.

      1. Old Coach, guess I am hoping JG stays healthy all year, and can lead them to the playoffs.
        I think he is worth at least a third round pick, but if he could be traded for a second round pick, the Niners can continue to plumb the sweet spot in the draft, and get another starter.
        CJB can help as the backup, he also knows the playbook.

  16. Looks like many teams have franchise tagged their pass rushers. Fowler may be an option, but he may take less to stay on a SB contender.
    Ziggy Ansah may be the best option. He does carry some injury issues, but those issues are the reason why he may be available. Yes, it is a risk, but there is also a high possible reward.

  17. I am in the minority but I don’t really like Burns that much.
    To me he is a flash player who doesn’t consistently provide pressure when watching a full game. That’s why his highlights look great but his game tape is not nearly as impressive.
    When watching his game tape to me it seems he’s constantly in pass rush mode. He consistently ran himself out of the play and left the off tackle wide open. The problem is that while constantly being in pass rush mode his win rate was not that great.
    He will be drafted in the top half of the first but I think he shouldn’t be taken in the top 20.

    1. Not feeling the Burns? I’ve liked him over Allen all along, but not at #2. To me, the only difference between the two is Allen has more experience in coverage, and Burns is able to run under a table at full speed….

    2. I hope he falls to the early second round, then the Niners can draft an EDGE and OLB with their first 2 picks.

  18. I totally agree with you in regards to the playmaking being the one thing that does seem to translate to db’ with NFL potential. Don’t agree on Bosa. We NEED SOMEONE that can play 85% of the snaps. Thats how turnovers happen. Also this team was already pretty good against the run so this move may give the line an actually identity. I think thats important for this group at this time. You’re a bright dude man keep this stuff up!

  19. I totally agree with you in regards to the playmaking being the one thing that does seem to translate to db’s with NFL potential. Don’t agree on Bosa. We NEED SOMEONE that can play 85% of the snaps. Thats how turnovers happen. Also this team was already pretty good against the run so this move may give the line an actually identity. I think thats important for this group at this time. You’re a bright dude man keep this stuff up!

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