Grant’s pre-Combine 2019 NFL mock draft

Kentucky linebacker Josh Allen (41) stands on the field during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Mississippi State in Lexington, Ky., Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018. (AP Photo/Bryan Woolston)

Without knowing the results of the Combine or free agency, these are the picks I think the 49ers should make.

ROUND 1: Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky.

The best player in the draft. A tall, explosive edge rusher with freakishly long arms who converts speed to power as well as anyone.

Pro comparison: Aldon Smith.

ROUND 2: Greg Little, OT, Ole Miss.

A natural left tackle who can play guard in 2019 until Joe Staley retires or leaves as a free agent in 2020. Little currently is the sixth-rated offensive lineman in the draft according to

Pro comparison: Laremy Tunsil, OT, Miami Dolphins.

ROUND 3: N’Keal Harry, WR, Arizona State.

A tall, tough possession receiver who excels in the red zone and running after the catch. Can return punts and run jet sweeps, too. Struggles separating from defensive backs downfield. Harry currently is the seventh-rated wide receiver in the draft according to

Pro comparison: Juju Smith-Schuster, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers.

ROUND 4: Juan Thornhill, FS, Virgnia.

A rangy, instinctive free safety who intercepted 10 passes the past two seasons. Will run a relatively slow 40-time (4.55-4.6) and fall to Day 3.

Pro comparison: Tedric Thompson, FS, Seattle Seahawks.

ROUND 6: Darrin Hall, RB, Pitt.

A big, tough, downhill running back who can be the 49ers’ red-zone and short-yardage specialist right away.

Pro comparison: James Conner, RB, Pittsburgh Steelers.

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  1. I have to hand it to you Grant. While I often find myself driven to offer counter points to a lot of your posts, I’ve rarely found fault with your mock drafts over the years. So, let me be the first reader to post a grade for your latest mock draft:


    Once again, you’ve hit it out of the park, IMO! I’d be over the moon with this draft! I’ll get my pre-draft mock posted in the next few days.

    1. Or I should say, my pre combine mock draft.

      I’m not usually big on pro comparisons, but the Josh Allen / Aldon Smith one is spot on, only presumably without the mental health issues.

  2. Yeah we wish kneal Harry drops to the 2nd let alone 3rd round… Why not Dj Metcalf then because they both are 1st rd grades. Also Rock Yasin is someone to watch in the 3rd. Lets hope Allen is more like Khalil Mack than Aldon.

    1. “There won’t be another six (Super Bowl) winning coach,” Davis responded on NFL Total Access, “but I think the guy that will be closest to that is Kyle Shanahan, the Niners coach right now. I know he’s 10-22 as a coach right now, but he’s been doing a lot with less than any coach in the league.

      “He’s young. He’s innovative. He’s a leader. He’ll be there for a long time, and he’ll get that team turned around. And he’ll win some rings. It won’t be six, and it won’t be eight, but he’s the next Bill Belichick.”

      1. He may be the next Bellichick but first he will have to be fired by the Browns — oops — 49ers. Then he’s got a chance. 😧

      2. I beg to differ. The HC who has the best chance for 6 SB wins is Sean McVay. He is young enough and has gotten to the SB.
        KS, with his propensity to implode and failure to finish games, needs way more improvement before he will be declared a HC savant.

  3. On Draftek,Greg Little is ranked 37, N’Keal Harry is ranked 30, and Juan Thornhill is ranked 38.
    On CBS, Greg Little is ranked 31, N’Keal Harry is ranked 37, and Juan Thornhill is ranked 60.
    So a more realistic mock may be-
    Round 1-Josh Allen EDGE.
    Round 2- N’Keal Harry WR,
    Round 3- Juan Thornhill S.
    Round 4- Bobby Evans OG/T.
    Round 6- Mike Weber RB.
    Round 1- Josh Allen EDGE.
    Round 2- Greg Little OT.
    Round 3- Juan Thornhill S.
    Round 4- Terry McLaurin WR.
    Round 6- Tony Pollard RB.
    My mock- Using pick numbers 2,36,67,97,162.
    Round 1- Clelin Ferrell EDGE.
    Round 2- Chris Lindstrom OG.
    Round 3- Devin Bush ILB/ Brian Burns OLB
    Round 4- Rock Ya-Sin CB.
    Round 6- Keelan Doss WR.

  4. I don’t mind the draft thought process at all…
    Allen – Edge rusher ( no explanation needed)
    Little – An athletic lineman who can eventually kick to LT is understandable.
    Harry – A big bodied receiver who makes sense (even if he has to bomb at the combine to last this long.)
    Thornhill – A need, They need to keep throwing picks here until some hits (allthough I would lean to cb)
    Hall – A between the tackle runner is a nice add, his pass pro sucks though

        1. Yes. This is my realistic wishlist:

          Bradley Roby
          Alex Okafor
          Preston Smith
          Ha Ha Clinton Dix

          Others would be either too costly or won’t come to the 9ers for various reasons.

      1. Niners should have drafted Roby instead of Ward. Roby was picked by Denver, the next pick after Ward.
        I went with a CB because Colbert and Tartt are returning, and DJ Reed and Marcell Harris have emerged. Also, they should re-sign Exum.

      2. Oh you mean the guy we should’ve drafted instead of jimmy ward? So mad that happened. Like we should’ve drafted peters instead of armstead who was picked the next pick also. Smh

  5. Not bad when considering it’s pre-combine….and prior to the opening of free agency.

    As always, I’m particularly interested in who the 9ers acquire as undrafted free agents.

    Wanting a decent punter to push Pinion really hard.

  6. This would be an amazing draft for the 49ers. I just don’t think Little will be available in the 2nd round and I don’t think N’keal Harry will be available in the 3rd round.

  7. Allen converts speed to power as good as anyone? Not so sure about that. His lower body needs to get stronger if he wants to be more consistent in setting the edge against OT’s instead of TE’s, and converting speed to power in his pass rush attack. He’s a very good prospect, but strength, vision to decipher blocks, and adding counter moves give me pause to draft him at #2.

    Little Lacks technique in pass pro with strikes too wide, and often exposes his chest. Hand feet sync’s are off, and his run blocking lacks the power and control you’d expect from a guy his size due to being too upright, not having control of his chest area, and not getting his hands inside. I think Coleman is slated to be the swing Tackle, and burning a high 2nd on one doesn’t make much sense.

    Harry would be a great pick in round 3, just not so sure he’d be there. He was the invisible man against the Huskies, and my questions about his agility have me very interested in his 3 cone drill.

    Thornhill and his instincts are really not that impressive to me, and I question his range in a deep zone due to his lack of burst and short area quickness. Only a year at the position, and I just don’t see the playmaking ability to be anything other than an adequate starter at the next level.

    Hall is a straight ahead power back, that runs too upright. I don’t expect Shanny to draft a running back in this draft unless the value exceeds the round to the extent it’s too much to resist. I just don’t see him having interest in a one dimensional back like Hall.

    Razor’s Pre Combine Mock Draft:

    1)Nick Bosa, Leo, Ohio St. The Cardinals rumors about releasing Nkemdiche have me thinking they could take Williams, or their HC’s public desire for Murray could mean a Rosen trade. Both scenarios leave the best player in the draft fullfilling the top need for a San Francisco team looking to finally have their Leo in their Seattle style defense.

    2)Garrett Bradbury, C/O, NC State. Future all pro that takes ownership of the RG spot that can backup the Center position with confidence. Richburg just had surgery and Bradbury provides valuable insurance.

    3)Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia Sudden movement WR with fantastic body control who was limited by quarterback, and scheme.

    4)Evan Worthington, FS, Colorado Has the size and athleticism. Would benefit from sitting and learning the mental aspect behind a player like Earl Thomas. Could be an excellent value pick on day 3.

    6)Sione Takitaki, LB, BYU Aside from the great name, he played well in the Senior Bowl and displays some good instincts. Should compete for a roster spot on special teams initially, while projecting towards a starting role in a year or so.

  8. Rather have andre dillard or dalton risner in 2nd. Riley Ridley in the third. Alize mack in 4th. N takitaki in the 6th. Bosa or Allen for the first or trade down and pick up clelin farrel or monteaz sweat. Imho this would be the best draft class. Supliment it with safeties ET or amos. Tight end sefrin-jenkins or jesse james. Edge, brandon graham or fowler. Olb, barr or preston smith or zadarious smith. The chargers denzel perryman and tyrel williams spend 45 million, give or take. Quality n character moves here.

      1. I liked your mock draft. But your love for Burns will “burn” you at 2. Too light to be a LEO, would need to develop his skills in run stopping and pass coverage to be a SAM. Allen has the ability to be a SAM because of his ability against the run and in pass coverage. Will admit that Burns is the prospect with the most pass rushing moves, and is quick to counter. Definitely worth a top 15 pick, but not sure about 2. Trade back candidate?

  9. Here is what the 49ers need to do to “fix” their pass rush:

    1) Sign Trey Flowers to rush off the edge. Best pass rusher that will actually make it to free agency that isn’t over 30.

    2) Sign Adrian Amos to play SS. Hard hitting Safety to patrol the middle of the field

    3) Sign Kareem Jackson to play CB. Veteran CB who only has a few years left but will be an upgrade and mentor in the time being.

    4) Draft Quinnen Williams. Williams and Devin Smith are the two best defensive prospects in the draft. The team wasted their pick on Thomas and Williams is the best way to make up for it.

    5) Trade Solomon Thomas. There’s got to be a team out there willing to give up maybe a 4th or 5th for Princess Solomon.

    6) Draft Julian Love. Excellent corner prospect that is flying a bit under the radar that should be available possibly in the 3rd and if not we can use the pick we get for Thomas to move up into the 2nd to get him.

    Williams is a much stronger and safer prospect to draft at #2 then either Allen or Bosa. With the other moves the pass rush would instantly be competitive.

    1. 1. Flowers is a good bet to be the Patriots priority signing.
      2. SS is up for grabs between Tartt and Harris. Sign Earl Thomas, it’s better.
      3. Meh, why not.
      4. Williams sure, Smith?
      5. LOL, won’t happen but it’d be nice to see the reaction of calling him “princess” to his face.
      6. Love, before I give him any I wanna know how fast he is. I’m betting he’s a 4.6 guy which would give me pause since he lacks strength and physicality.

      1. 5. LOL, won’t happen but it’d be nice to see the reaction of calling him “princess” to his face.
        Grant is the one that likes to pick fights with lineman I’ll let him have the honor.

    2. I like all of this but I doubt they trade Solomon Thomas. At this point, you’re really just trying to dump a mistake on someone else so there isn’t much trade value there. I bet Lynch would take a ham sandwich for Thomas if someone offered it. I really like Kareem Jackson. Solid and consistent player. Would immediately be the 49ers best CB. I don’t know much about Adrian Amos but I do not like the idea of signing Earl Thomas. He’s on the back end of a great career but I think he would be more like Ronnie Lott as a Raider than Ronnie Lott as a 49er. I assume you meant Devin White. I agree with you. I think he is an absolute beast and will be a great pro. It’s weird how the top end of the draft works though. It’s almost like it’s more political than practical. Devin White is a player who will immediately change a defense but the 49ers would get crushed if they drafted him at #2.

      1. Despite his size, I think Devin Bush is another Devin that I expect will have a very good NFL career, and is more likely to slide into round 2 because he’s a smaller guy….

      2. Houston 9er

        Although I agree with most of your post…I do believe that there is a 3-4 team out there who will want to trade for Solomon Thomas…He can help several teams….

  10. I had a dream last night that we signed Ronald Darby. Seriously.

    I wouldn’t actually call this a dream but it was in my thoughts last night for some reason.

  11. Not a bad mock draft. You can forget about Bosa being their at number 2 because remember the Cardinals have Josh Rosen and if their coach wants Kyle then he will trade Rosen to the teams picking between 3-7, they all need a QB except the Jets unless they trade for something else and then draft Kyle. It would only happen if those teams value Rosen high enough over Kyle and wouldn’t mine also getting a high draft pick in the process, it would be a win-win for both teams. Unless they go the other way and draft Kyle number 1 and trade for Allen with the Jets because I don’t see him falling past the Jets but why would Jets trade they got a QB but maybe cardinals trade Peterson and a draft pick. What if the 49ers got Peterson/Rosen and another high draft pick for the number 2 pick then trade Rosen to lets say the raiders for pick number 4. Would you do that trade?

    of course I doubt any of that would happen due to the GMS’ not taking a chance and trying to win but I Guess that’s why I’m not a GM right. Josh Allen is a beast and I would be happy with him. If Little falls to the second round and he’s the best player still their then that’s fine too as long as he can play G in these run zone. That’s two starters already. I just hope they sign good FA this year or make good trades that does not involve the first 2 picks in the 2019 draft.

    1. I disagree. If Allen is such a beast and Zierlein and Cohn have him rated as the best player, the Cardinals will take him instead. Besides that, I think the Cardinals could go with Williams if they’ve decided to move on from Nkemdiche….

  12. Position wise this follows my thoughts pretty closely. Edge day 1, WR and OL day 2, DB early day 3. Obviously FA will play a role in exactly what they do, but I expect them to focus on D in FA.

    In terms of the players, you have mostly picked guys I don’t like as much as others. But each to their own.

      1. At the moment, yes, unless for some reason Riley Ridley was available at the 2nd round pick. I understand the desire for an OT, and if one of Williams or Risner fall to the 2nd round for some reason I’d be on that in a flash. But don’t see it happening. Not a big fan of the 2nd day OTs after the big names – too many question marks. Bradbury/ Lindstrom would also be guys of interest in the 2nd round if they don’t mind waiting for a WR.

        In the 3rd round Erik McCoy is a guy I like. Or Fred Johnson, or Michael Deiter. If they go OL round 2, KeeSean Johnson could be a guy to keep an eye on – and the 49ers could likely trade back a bit before taking him too to get an extra pick.

        After that, I haven’t really gotten down to specific players.

  13. Disagree with getting a Safety at all ! We have 2-3 starting level SS, and a young FS who could and should sit behind a VETERAN from FA. We have Shon Coleman on our team already to be a swing tackle, now if were gonna get Staleys replacement that’s another thing, but we do need a starting G, so i’d go there instead (please no Chilo Rachal tho!!!!). RB, I say no again- unless were gonna cut or trade somebody ! We have 4 solid RB’s, and Juice needs to be our short yardage back.. We only have 5-6 picks, we need to make them count and stop drafting redundancy!

    1. Safety is the weakest position group on the team. We have a RB coming off an ACL, a change of pace RB, and a few special teamers who can cover a few snaps at RB if absolutely necessary. The 49ers will absolutely draft a S and a RB or sign those position groups in FA.

  14. We need to trade down in all honesty. But if we stay I wouldn’t mind Allen. The whole bosa family is injury riddled. Hopefully that goof Mayock loves bosa so much, which I think he does, that he will trade #4 and #24 to get him. They have to leap frog jets to get the top 2 rushers if az picks one of em.

    1. I agree. Kyler Murray may be the deciding factor. If he shines in the whole Combine, some QB hungry team will want to move up to select him. Also, several teams have shown preferences towards certain QBs in the draft, so they may want to leapfrog over the competition, to get the QB they covet.
      The fate of Foles may also determine what happens in the draft.
      I hope the Niners trade back multiple times, to stockpile second and third round picks like the Colts did. The Colts went from 4-12 to the playoffs last season. Losing out on Bosa and Allen would not be a catastrophe, because this draft is deep in pass rushers.

      1. Sebbie…

        I like your 3rd paragraph dream, but don’t forget, Lynch is the GM and Shanahan the HC. You may give Lynch some condescending, passive/aggressive love (yeah, right), but you simply loath Shanahan. It shows when you launch into your frequent tirades.

        So that being the case, how do you expect Lynch and Shanahan to do anything smart with this draft?

        1. I liked their first draft, and I think they have learned form their mistakes. I had advocated that they should use later picks to move up to grab the player they coveted. However, I should have cautioned them to do that sparingly, and only if that pick would put them over the top, and into the playoffs. Considering that several of them were busts, maybe they should stop doing that. Being patient, saving picks, and still getting the player they covet, may be the better strategy.
          I hope from now on, they stop drafting red flagged players. I hope they stop drafting ACL players. That is like buying a wrecked and reclaimed car, and expecting to run like new.
          Above all, they should make deals with struggling teams, and refrain from helping teams win the SB.

      2. As usual, I think completely opposite as Seb. No trade back, 49ers need elite talent, A Alpha Dog, top-tier top-ranked Pass rushing star. If Josh Allen runs a 4.5 and benches 225 25 times, he will go number one. I’m thinking hes more an agile 4.7 with over 20 reps, which the 49ers will be happy to take at 2. Ppl say it’s a ‘deep draft for passrushers,’ but it looks to be only 2 players that are ready to step right in and be elite. Also fans say ‘We need to win now,’ and then turn around and say we should trade back 😂😂. Come on bro

        1. Look at the video of Allen. He stands around a lot. He did get a couple sacks, but he also gets stymied easily.
          Ya gotta bring your A game, every snap in the pros.I saw his achievements as offensive flubs. Several times, ball carriers ran past him.
          There is Rashan Gary, who has better long term upside, Clelin Ferrell, Jachai Polite, Montez Sweat,Jaylon Ferguson, Brian Burns, Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver, Jalen Jelks, Oshane Ximines, even Carl Granderson.
          By trading back multiple times, they could possibly have 3 second round picks, and get 3 starters. Instead of putting all your eggs in the basket of Allen, One might get Clelin Ferrell and Montez Sweat, along with N’Keal Harry.
          Trading back is the smart move, but it also takes 2 to tango. Other teams may not make a deal to move up.
          However, losing out on Bosa or Allen is worth increasing the number of high picks. Guess you disagree with me, but I am glad we can agree to disagree.
          I do want to win. More bodies mean more chances for success.

          1. Allen recorded 17.5 sacks while dropping into coverage 40 percent of the time. Bosa couldn’t come close to that level of pass-rush efficiency.

            1. Great, Allen will go #1 and we’ll take Bosa and have to be satisfied with only 10 sacks a year. You’re a real funsucker, Grant!🙄

            2. Something to consider here though is that by dropping him so often it forced teams to respect that he might not be a rusher – could never commit multiple blockers to him. Forced teams to leave him one on one.

              I’ve watched multiple games of his and I just can’t get overly excited about him as a pass rusher. Not that he isn’t good – his speed rush is very good as he is highly athletic – but he is very one dimensional as a rusher and I can’t help but feel he won’t find the same kind of success in the NFL in this aspect of his game. You liken him to Aldon Smith, but for mine he is a bigger version of Leonard Floyd.

              1. From what I’ve seen, on third down he always rushed the passer, faced lots of double teams and recorded lots of sacks.

              2. Sure, but Georgia’s D is a bit different to Kentucky’s. Floyd was the team’s leading sacker and second in tackles. Floyd also didn’t stay for his senior year.

                Allen is a better prospect than Floyd, and he is bigger so he is able to play with a bit more power than Floyd, but in terms of the type of player Allen reminds me a lot of Floyd.

          2. I don’t mind trading back but they need to get a boatload in return… essentially someone needs a qb.

            The other prospects to me are a bit scary…
            Rashan Gary – has every measurable but no production, I wouldn’t touch him in the top 20.
            Polite – has a great getoff but he gets bounced around a LOT, he could be a situational rusher.
            Sweat – Great against the run and a good bull rusher but lacks burst and bend I don’t think he will be effective as an edge rusher against NFL tackles but will set the edge and get around 8 sacks.
            Burns – similar to Polite in that he is a situational rusher… flashed several moves but doesn’t use them consistently and he goes quiet a LOT.
            Ferguson – he was very intriguing until the week of the senior bowl… when he didn’t do much against better competition. Great hands, not great burst and bend… its a travesty he’s not at the combine IMO.
            Ferrell – I don’t know what to make of him… he is consistently productive, and plays well in big games but doesn’t really bend that well, and has good burst but doesn’t threaten the edge as well as some of the others. I would argue that he and Allen have the lowest bust factor.

            In my opinion, if the niners trade back to gain more picks (provided Bosa and Allen are gone)… they MUST select at least 2 edge rushers.

            1. Looking at Rashan Gary’s film, he is a beast, and hard to handle. However, I did not like the fact that he skipped the Bowl game, even though I understand the risk of injury.
              Polite seems impolite to QBs. I watched a couple of his games, and he did well, but some say in others, he did not shine.
              Sweat looked good in the Senior Bowl practices, and can set the edge.
              Burns is small, but very productive. He might be the guy to replace Foster.
              Ferguson has a red flag, so I have avoided selecting him.
              I have mocked Ferrell over Bosa and Allen, and he might be available, even if the Niners trade back. I agree, he had played well in the big games.
              At 2, the Niners are guaranteed to get either Bosa or Allen, but trading back might get them the 2 edge rushers you want. Jalen Jelks, Oshane Ximines and Carl Granderson might be good later round candidates. I also want the Niners to sign a Free Agent pass rusher, too.

              1. Looking at Rashan Gary’s film, he is a beast, and hard to handle.

                Huh???? Did you watch his highlight video or something because he’s a no show in most games.

              2. Both Schrager and Kiper love Rashan Gary, and think he is a top 5.
                Gary did have a shoulder issue, so that may have hampered his production, and justified his declining to play in the Bowl.

              3. He might be a good player someday but he’s out of his element on the edge. Athletically, He’s very similar to Armstead and Solomon Thomas, very explosive but linear, can’t really bend or move laterally as well as an end should. Sadly, he wasn’t nearly as productive as either of them in college.

                IMO He would be better off playing end in a 3-4 defense or bulking up and becoming a penetrating DT.

              4. You may be right. I have never mocked him to the Niners. Clelin Ferrell is my top choice, though in my trade backs, Montez Sweat or Polite have been my preferences, and Sweat due to his Senior Bowl.

  15. I think everyone has already pointed out that Harry and Thornhill in the 3rd and 4th rounds is a dream, but unlikely.

    Above all else, please avoid Greg Little. He has BUST written all over him. As Matt Miller reported:

    “”Oof…this guy is just bad. I don’t know what to tell you. He doesn’t move well enough to play left. He’s too lazy. I laugh every time he’s in the first round of a mock draft.” — NFC pro scout

    “I think this one is pretty obvious because the hype on him has really died down. I remember reading a mock draft in midseason that had him as a top-15 pick, and he was just never that good.” — NFC area scout”

    I avoid him even in the 2nd round. Maybe 6th round?

          1. With QBs moving up, I hope Nasir Adderly might be available at 36.
            I heard he might be the best ‘Earl Thomas Type’ player.
            Yes, everything will change in the Combine.

      1. 1. Different drafts, hard to compare availability and which teams wanted safeties at what point across the two years. Would have to look back to recall what happened in free agency and draft needs.
        2. From what I recall, and verified through old scouting reports available, there were concerns about Thompson’s size (skinny frame) affecting his ability to play man coverage against big tight ends and fill gaps in running game. Thornhill is a little bigger, and also has experience at cornerback to know how to attack catch points and run in man coverage. Also, Thornhill has shown more blitz ability than Thompson did out of college. Of course, Thompson has more than lived up to his pick value, and Thornhill may not. But that is projection.
        3. Currently, Thornhill is being ranked behind Deionte Thompson, Nasir Adderley, and Jonathan Abram (Taylor Rapp and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson are in the mix, but I think consistently below Thornhill). I just don’t see only 3 Safeties going off the board through 3 rounds.
        4. After the combine, it may be that Thornhill falls (he has only modest foot speed, so I will be interested how the 3 cone drill goes for him). But until then, as a pre-combine view, you have to go with what is occurring before testing.

  16. Not bad Grant. I especially like the need for a power running back and a big receiver. Fixing the pass rush and RZ offense are the 2 most important things, in my opinion.
    However, I do believe Little and Harry will go earlier. If RB Jacobs somehow falls to 36, Niners cant pass him up, despite a crowded backfield

          1. Who’s Harry? Like Mel and Todd said there’s no Amari Cooper in this years draft that’s why the Cowboys hosed the Raiders lol

  17. David Irving is about to hit the open market. Do we dare take a flyer on him? Should be able to sign him to a risk averse, prove it deal.

  18. I like Harry, but I don’t see the JuJu comparison. JuJu is a physical WR who is not afraid of contact, but actually looks to create it on occasion.
    I still remember his monster hit on Vontaze Burfict (who got a piece of his own medicine).

    I don’t see Harry as being this type of WR. While I do like his catching radius, his YAC catch is average. But if Harry drops to the 3rd rd it becomes a good pick.

    Samuels is the closest I’ve seen of JuJu’ playing style. But we would need to do some draft day maneuvering to get him (I believe that it would be worth it).
    All and all, good 1st mock.

    The real mocks will begin in earnest after the combine as some players will be shifted around according to their numbers.
    I’m still looking for a draft day trade, but either way, we will come away with a good haul.

      1. So would I, but do you really think the Giants would give him up that cheap? That’s a mid 1st-rounder for a guy that’s yet to hit his prime!

  19. Grant why do I gotta keep putting my name and email every time I post? Wish I can save it on here so wouldn’t have to do it every single time.

        1. After composing a post, I go to the Name input box. When I click there I enter the first character of my username ‘c’ and Cassie…. appears. I select that. Then, I click on the email input box and enter the first character of my email address. I select it and the box is populated. Then I post…

        2. Razor, I click on the name box and my name appears, I click on my name and the name and email field is filled. I believe its in the browser. I use Microsoft edge for this place. IE doesn’t do that for me.

          1. Thanks, Under. Hope all is well with you and Little Joe! Winter is almost over, and I’m very much looking forward to Spring.

  20. Some nice players there, but I’m not feelin it wrt Darrin Hall. It’s only a 6th, but we’ve picked up better UDFA’s. Speaking of FA’s, there’s this old guy named Frank Gore who ran for 4.6ypc last season.. Gore would not miss those blocks, either. So if we’re looking to pick up a downhill runner who can make the tough yards and pass pro his ass off, Gore’s my choice and he doesn’t even cost us a draft pick. Correction: he cost us a 3rd round pick (2005), but we already paid it.

    1. I totally agree. They should sign Frank Gore March 14th, and let him play. Right away, he would be the best blocking RB on the team.

  21. 1. l like Allen at 1.2. His stats are pretty consistent during the year – not 4 huge games and then disappears. Let’s see how he looks at the combine.
    2. I don’t think Harry makes it to Round 3.
    3. Niners would be wise to draft WR in Round 2.

  22. Mock draft 4 including 2 new trade backs.
    Cards are forced to take Bosa, the best player in the draft. They will be excoriated if they pass on him.
    Niners trade back with the Giants, who covet Haskins. They are worried the Jets will trade back, since the Jets saw how the Colts traded back and got back into the playoffs.
    Niners give up their number 2 pick, for the Giants first, second and 5th round picks, (6, 37 and 132), along with a 2020 second round pick.
    The Niners trade back again with Denver, who wants to get ahead of Jax and Detroit, because they covet Drew Lock.
    Niners give up pick number 6 for Denver’s first, third and 4th round picks ( 10, 41, and 118), along with a 2020 third round pick.
    Niners end up with pick numbers 10, 36, 37, 67, 71, 97, 118, 132, 162 and 219, along with 2020 second and third round picks.
    Using Draftek Big Board, and trying to pick within 5 of each ranking, the Niners could select
    10- Montez Sweat EDGE.
    36- Te’von Coney ILB.
    37- N’Keal Harry WR.
    67- Eric McCoy C.
    71- Brian Burns OLB.
    97- Rock Ya-Sin CB.
    118- Jace Sternberger TE.
    132- Chase Hansen S.
    162- Keelan Doss WR.
    219- Mitch Wishnowski P.

      1. I debated selecting Julian Love instead of Brian Burns, but I like Burns. he is about the same size as Foster, so he might have a D lineman’s mentality in blitzing and stopping the run at ILB.
        Chase Hansen was rated 103, but he is only 220, so I hope he falls as a kind of tweener. He is listed as a Safety and an OLB, so he might be a good candidate to be that SS that can morph into a LB.
        I wanted to select Jalen Jelks at 162, but Keelan Doss is going to be a pro bowler. ;p

          1. It is interesting, Burns is ranked 71 on Draftek, yet you say he might go top 10. That is why I selected him at 71, he is too good to pass up at that spot.
            Like Grant says, the Combine will change all the rankings.

            1. Are you seriously attempting to sell me that a player who ranked third in the nation with 67 total pressures and a 90.5 grade as a pass-rusher is somehow going to last until pick #71 because Draftek says so? The combine changes little things, not a joke like that!

              1. His size may not translate into the NFL. Happens all the time. He is listed at 6′ 5″, 230 lbs.
                Bosa is 6′ 4″, 270 lbs, which is 10 lbs lighter than his brother.Thomas is 280, so Bosa may be considered some what of a tweener.
                Allen is 6′ 5″ 260 lbs.
                Von Miller is 6′ 3″, 250 lbs.
                Reuben Foster is 6′ 1″, 228 lbs, so I thought Burns might be able to replace Foster.

              2. Burns is a DE in a 4-3 defense. He’s 6′ 5″ 235-240 lbs. with the frame to get stronger, and he’s plenty strong now.

              3. Razor, we must be reading different articles. Granted, he was very productive, and that I like him, but I remember him being listed at 225, which is where he might want to be during the Combine, to show off his speed.
                Read Walter Football. They say he would have been better off if he had stayed another year to fill out and get stronger. They think it is ridiculous to see him in the top 10.

              4. In Solak’s mock draft 5.0, he has Burns taken by the Jets at #3. Yep, over Josh Allen. We will see at the combine how much he weighs, and just how strong he is compared to the heavier pass rushers….

              5. Well, I have also seen Rashan Gary go in the top 5 in some mocks.
                We will see. The combine will make some things clear, and I expect some sleepers to emerge.

    1. If they do this they had better sign or draft another edge rusher because I’m not sure Sweat offers much more than Solomon Thomas.
      Currently he is Mr. Measurables… a bull rush specialist that struggles to get around the end, and several of his sacks are from qb’s making stupid plays… holding onto the ball when they were outside of the pocket, feeling pressure from elsewhere and running into him.

    2. Here is a Razor- influenced mock, with the same numbers.
      10- Clelin Ferrell EDGE.
      36- Brian Burns OLB/ILB.
      37- Chris Lindstrom G.
      67- Garrett Bradbury C.
      71- Julian Love CB.
      97- Mike Bell S.
      118- Jace Sternberger TE.
      162- Jalen Jelks EDGE.
      219- Keelan Doss WR.

  23. Raw’s 2019 off season

    Free Agency:

    1. Niners sign Ziggy Ansah. Too much connection here to not connect the dots. A very good edge player hampered by injury more times then not. Since the majority of the good edge players will be off the market, Ansah will be the target IMO.

    2. Niners sign Anthony Barr. Niners upgrade there sam position with a very good player in Barr. Had a down year in 2018 but is still very young and versatile.

    3. Niners trade the 2nd overall pick to the Giants for the 6th pick and Odell Beckham Jr. Niners also trade a 2020 2nd rnd 2020 4th rnd pick to the Giants. Giants move up for Dwayne Haskins OSU QB.
    This is year 3 where I believe Kyle/John get aggressive this off season. *IF OBJ becomes available he is way too talented to not trade for. One of the most skilled WRs the NFL has seen. 26 years old at that. NO BRAINER!

    4. Resign Gould, Pearson(cheap) and mosert.


    6th overall pick(From the Giants trade)
    Cellin Ferrell (DE Clemson)
    A very productive player on the edge who is going under the radar in most mocks. For my money he is a 10 sack kind of guy. I don’t see much of a drop off to Allen who some are taking at 2 overall. To come away with OBJ and Ferrell instead of Allen would be highway robbery.

    Rnd 2
    The best O lineman available. I think this is the sweet spot for us at the top of rnd 2.

    Rnd 3. Mullen’s CB(Clemson)
    I stay with the national champs and come away with a nice corner in rnd 3… He has the size and instincts to develop nicely. Witherspoon, Moore and Mullen’s is a nice trio of talent to develop moving forward. With an improved pass rush I expect Witherspoon to bounce back nicely.

    *IF SF stays at #2 and Bosa is off the board I would take Williams over Allen. The two best prospects in the draft are Bosa and Williams. I don’t think it’s close either.

    1. Maybe Barr might flourish in a new system on a new team, but I hope the Niners can sign Trey Flowers instead.
      OBJ might be a wonderful pickup, but I just cannot see them obtaining Haskins, then trading away his best receiver.
      Other than that, good strategy and picks.

  24. In my opinion the top rushers:


    So if Bosa is unavailable, take Allen or trade down (preferable) and take Ferrell or Allen depending on availability. If you cannot trade down, take Williams and trade the princesses.

    Grant may be right that Allen is like Smith but then Buckner or Armstead would need to transform into Cowboy.

            1. No, Buckner stayed at defensive tackle and faced constant double teams. He’s really good, and Josh Allen will make him even better.

              1. OK, I will take your word for it, but I do remember games when he beat his man with an arm move to get to the QB for a sack.

              2. I like Buckner but I don’t see him as Khalil Mack type of superstar not even close he’s basically just a good solid player

              3. They play different positions. I think Buckner is the second-best defensive tackle in the NFL after Aaron Donald.

              4. Sorry Grant I just don’t see game changing plays from Buckner that I see from Mack and Donald but he’s good. I’m all for keeping Buckner but not a 20 million per year not even close. If I were the 49ers I would let him play out his current contract since u can still franchise him because I gotta see more.

              5. That’s fair. I’d love to see what he and Josh Allen could do as a tandem. I think they would complement each other perfectly.

              6. I would love that! I fear the Cardinals will take Allen instead of Bosa just because Allen would be a better fit for what they do on defense.

              7. Right, and he’s a cleaner prospect than Bosa, who has had two season-ending injuries since 2015, not to mention mediocre production in college.

              8. Ugh! We don’t need anymore injury prone players then we already have it’s like that’s been the 49ers Achilles heel for years now.

    With ~$66 Mil. Cap Space, 9er FO need to use free agents to set up their draft. The 9ER top 2019 needs:
    #1) Edge: Most, maybe all, top edge rushers will be franchised and not become free agents. The 9er FO should
    spend the money and sign 26 year old Za’darius Smith to a 5 year, $10 – $12 Mil P/Y contract.
    #2) Safety: Tre Boston, 26 Y/O. Can play FS, SS and CB. Spotrac 2019 Market Value $5 Year- $8.1 Mil P/Y
    #3) Safety: Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, 26 Y/O can play both SS and FS. Spotrac 2019 Market Value 5 Year – $9.9 Mil P/Y
    #4) ILB: CJ Mosley, 26 Y/O. Spotrac 2019 Market Value 5 Year $9.8 Mil P/Y
    #5) WR: Tyrell Williams, 26 Y/O, 6’3″ x 204, 4.43s 40. Spotrac Market Value 5 Year – $9.6 Mil P/Y

    * The 9ers are free to draft their #1 draft pick, (Bosa or Allen), or trade down for additional draft picks.
    #1) CB: Trade down for LSU Greedy Williams. Tutored a year under Richard sherman and time to gain weight before
    replacing him. The combine will change where players are drafted, butthe trade down should give the 9ers
    ~1100 points.
    #1A) WR: 1100 points should allow Lynch to trade up for Ole Miss WR DK Metcalf. If he’s off the board, second
    choice is WR Kelvin Harmon, NC State#4 at end of Rd #1
    #2) OG: Trade down for Boston College Chris Lindstrom, a plug and play draft pick. Trade down should give 9ers
    ~ 180 points
    #3) ILB: Germaine Pratt, NC State. Converted Safety, 6’3″ x 240, Fast (4.54s 40) can drop back and cover TE in
    center field. Needs a year being coached up and grain strength.
    #4) OT: Tytus Howard, Alabama St. A Converted TE and small school sleeper. Needs a year to gain strength and
    NFL coaching to refine technique. Matched up with top draft picks at the senior bowl play proving he can play in
    the NFL!

    1. I have mocked Lindstrom, because he was solid in the Senior Bowl practices. However, Center may be the area of biggest need.
      That is why I like Center Eric McCoy. They say he is versatile enough to play Guard, too.

      1. Seb:
        * I would agree with Razor, the 9ers need a backup if C Weston Richmond goes down. But, NC State Center Garrett Bradbury won the 2019 Remington award and his only experience playing OG was in 2015. He missed spring workouts with an injury, then moved to offensive guard during fall camp, then suffered an injury in the opener and missed the next two contests. He he saw action mainly on special teams for the remainder of the season.
        * Eric McCoy: After redshirting as a freshman, McCoy started every game in his final three seasons, with all but two of those starts coming at center.. He spent training camp in 2018 at right guard but injuries forced him to left guard and back to center.
        * In my opinion, neither McCoy or Bradbury has have demonstrated enough experience to make a successful transition from a college Center to OG in the NFL.
        * KC Free Agent Center Mitch Morse is a talented center, especially in pass protection. He’ll be 27 Y/O in April and has a bright future ahead of him. The one issue is that he hasn’t stayed healthy; he’s missed 12 total games in the past two years. If it weren’t for his durability, he’d be rated as a four-star player. Spotrac lists his 2018 salary at $1,486,890. The 9ers should sign him for ~$2.5 Mil P/Y and let him compete for starter with Center Weston Richmond.

  26. Grant, could your next mock include one with a trade down? I would like to see what this coaching staff could do with Jaylon Ferguson, NCAA Football’s reigning sack master…(Your 1st mock was a good 1)!!!

    -Impressive play strength. Routinely bullies offensive tackles.
    -Long arms and heavy hands let him create leverage and establish control early.
    -Strong core keeps blockers from pushing him around.
    -Ridiculously productive at LA Tech: 187 total tackles, 67.5 TFL, 45.0 sacks, 6 passes defensed, 7 forced fumbles, 3 fumble recoveries. All-time FBS sack leader.
    -Good vision and play awareness.
    -Physical with good motor. Plays hard and though the whistle.
    -Shows some variety in pass rush moves and plays to his strengths.
    -Reliable and disciplined run defender.

    Statistics from Dan Pizzuta

    Led NCAA with 17.5 sacks in 2018 and was second with 26 tackles for loss

      1. So as we said, familiarity. Kiper mocks Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa to the Arizona Cardinals and Kentucky linebacker Josh Allen to the San Francisco 49ers. What is interesting is what he says in his blurb regarding the 49ers’ pick:

        “If the Niners don’t trade down to add more picks, I expect them to take an edge rusher here. And Allen (6-5, 250) is just a step behind Bosa on my board. Two former first-round picks along the defensive line ( Arik Armstead and Solomon Thomas ) have struggled in San Francisco, but neither has the pure pass-rushing ability of Allen , who had 17 sacks and five forced fumbles last season. ”

      2. I like Ferguson and have mentioned him a few times on this blog throughout his college career.
        Some mock-heads have him going anywhere from a mid 2nd rd – early 3rd rd pick. For a player who led college in total sacks, now being touted as a 2nd and 3rd round pick gives me pause.

        I understand that he’s been given a red flag so that likely has a lot to do with his down-trend.

  27. This is pretty much where I’m at too. Allen > Bosa imo. Character and more importantly injury concerns around Bosa, I don’t think he can last in the NFL if he is hurt this often in College.

    1. I agree. Bosa is not a slam dunk pick, and I also think Allen is blockable. Allen had a chance to shine in the Senior Bowl, but was afraid to lower his draft stock.Maybe he had good reason to hide his weaknesses.
      Much better to trade back, and get more picks, and more options.

      1. Well it’s not like if Bosa goes first Allen isn’t a better player. Depends on what Cards want. I think Bosa is a better all around line player, as I feel like there was a good reason Allen was dropping into coverage. But as a pass rusher, I’m picking Allen. It’s close, and I’m not sure I’m going to be wholly satisfied or disatisfied with whomever is picked. I will even accept trading back as long as it’s a worthwhile venture. Though I would rather get an elite draftee to solve the edge rush problem.

        1. If a GM wants sacked quick, the best way to do it is by drafting need over talent. That’s fine if you believe Allen is close to Bosa, but to me that is ridiculous.

  28. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell says 49ers are a playoff team if Jimmy Garoppolo plays 16 games
    By David Bonilla
    3 hrs ago • 0

    “I think if Jimmy Garoppolo plays 16 games next [season], the Niners are a playoff team,” Barnwell predicted on the “Gary and Larry” show. “I do firmly believe that.”

    San Francisco is 6-2 with Garoppolo under center. The team is 4-20 during the Kyle Shanahan era without him.

    “Jimmy G, he’s really good,” Kittle said earlier this month. “I wish you guys could see all the stuff he does in practice because you guys have just been kind of teased on what he can do, just like the six games he played for us, and then the two-and-a-half that he played for us this season.

    “He’s going to do a lot of good things for us, and I think he’s going to help out everybody on the roster.”

  29. San Francisco 49ers running back Jerick McKinnon tweeted out to Jerry Rice on Monday night, asking the Hall of Fame receiver about the famous hill that he used to run during his rigorous training regiment with the team.

    “[What’s] up with this hill work?” McKinnon asked Rice via Twitter.

    “That hill was pretty much the fourth quarter for me,” Rice once told Daniel Brown, now of The Athletic. “It taught me how to be able to endure — in pain — and still perform at a very high level. You have to challenge yourself. And that’s what I did in the off-season.”

    Rice still runs “The Hill” to this day,

    Reply: The day McKinnon runs the hill with Rice is the day he stops working out with him.

  30. NFL Draft 2019 – Draft Insiders’
    Top 50 Pro Prospects for the NFL Draft 2019

    1 * Nick Bosa DE 6-3, 265 Ohio State
    2 * Quinnen Williams DT 6-3, 295 Alabama
    3 * Greedy Williams CB 6-1, 180 LSU
    4 Josh Allen LB 6-4, 250 Kentucky
    5 * Rashan Gary DE 6-4, 280 Michigan
    6 * Ed Oliver DT 6-2, 290 Houston
    7 Montez Sweat LB 6-6, 255 Mississippi State
    8 * Devin White LB 6-0, 245 LSU
    9 * Dwayne Haskins QB 6-2, 215 Ohio State
    10 * Jonah Williams OT 6-5, 300 Alabama
    11 * Jeffery Simmons DT 6-3, 305 Mississippi State
    12 Clelin Ferrell DE 6-4, 260 Clemson

    16 * N’Keal Harry WR 6-2, 215 Arizona State

    25 Zach Allen DE 6-4, 285 Boston College
    28 Austin Bryant DE 6-4, 265 Clemson
    45 Jaylon Ferguson DE 6-4, 270 Louisiana Tech
    48 * Joe Jackson DE 6-5, 260 Miami

    1. After reviewing many of the NFL profiles available, I believe Rashan Gary II offers the 49ers the best chance as their 1st Rd pass rushing pick.

  31. OT, but just read, former Seahawk TJ Cunningham was shot and killed over a parking dispute.
    More senseless gun violence. I wish to express my condolences to his family.

    1. sebnynah says:
      February 19, 2019 at 10:44 am
      OT, but just read, former Seahawk TJ Cunningham was shot and killed over a parking dispute.
      More senseless gun violence. I wish to express my condolences to his family.

      So the gun got out of the car itself and shot the man?
      And if the guy had ran him over instead?
      Should have figured

      1. A former NFL player who has five children was killed over a parking dispute.
        I wish you had a scintilla of humanity for his children.
        I really expected more of you, but guess you just cannot help yourself.

      1. Razor,
        I like Samia. He’s one of the key reasons why OK. had one of the best run offenses in college football.
        If we can maneuver our way to gain another early 2nd Rd pick he would be a strong selection imo.

        I would take Deebo over Ridley and drafting him with our own 2nd Rd pick would make for a very strong haul.

  32. Watching more video of Josh Allen just for fun. He makes football look so easy. Has the speed and explosiveness of Jevon Kearse. Both are “freaks.”

  33. As long as John Lynch does not reach for a player like he did with Soloman then ill be happy with that. I also hope he signs talent this year and doesnt over spend on 2nd and third tier rate players in FA. Trade really is the best route as long as he keeps his first 2 picks and could easily trade down to recoup any lost picks with any trades he might make.

    I read people complaning about getting Bell and or Brown. IDK why cause we have no WR except Kittle but hes a TE. We dont have a RB whos a complete back like Bell. Jerrick is ok and brieda is always hurt. Im not saying over spend on Bell over give up the draft like mike dika did but just add more talent. OBJ would be nice too.

    John and or Shanny who is ever calling the shots need to learn how to balance the FA and draft. Trade for Brown/OBJ if possible get both. Then sign Bell to a contract thats team n player friendly. Sign a true starting SS or FS, and get a Starting LB. that would take care of three needs then in the draft get pass rush and CB or if LB is deep the sign a CB and draft LB. they also cant go into next year with Arik making almost 10 million but they did it with Ward and marsh making 5 million

    Wr-Brown/or OBJ
    Oline- add new Guard or use Garnett

    Defense could and should be new CB, pass rush, Safety, and new LB

  34. “Once a Bear, always a Bear.” Robbie Gould said. Sounds like he doesn’t want to be here, and he’ll be going back home.

  35. Glad Seb’s keeping up with the latest firearms ‘nonsense’ for all.

    Perhaps a few pointers on military grade munitions such as the white phosphorus he used with students on the playground and proper weedeater maintenance to keep it from sparking a fire on the neighbor’s property would dovetail nicely into their proper usage.

  36. Latest Mock Draft, according to

    Arizona Cardinals: Quinnen Williams. …
    San Francisco 49ers: Nick Bosa. …
    New York Jets: Josh Allen. …
    Oakland Raiders: Clelin Ferrell. …
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Jonah Williams. …
    New York Giants: Rashan Gary. …
    Jacksonville Jaguars: Dwayne Haskins.

  37. I feel somehow the same vibe about Josh Allen when we drafted Patrick Willis back than .
    This dude will be a difference maker.
    I believe also he fits the mentality that Shanny and Lynch wants.

    1. I know exactly what a you mean. Both are franchise-changing talents. I have no idea how anyone could watch Allen and think, “Meh.”

      1. I watch Allen and see Leonard Floyd, and I watch Burns and see Aldon Smith. If Burns weighs in at 240 lbs., he’ll be a top 10 pick….

        1. Mr. Burns?
          I fail to see how a scrawny, sickly, aging entrepreneur from The Simpsons is going to generate pass pressure.
          What?…..? Oh…
          …..never mind……

      2. While I don’t think this was directed at me, I would like to clarify that I don’t see “meh” when watching him. I just don’t see #2 overall pick pass rush talent. He’s definitely a top 10 guy in this draft though.

        I have thought about another comparison for him other than Floyd. I think Julian Peterson is a good comparison for him as well. Not quite the gumby flexible athlete Peterson was, and he is bigger (which is partly why he isn’t as flexible), but he has that same natural athletic talent and ability to move easily in space, plus nice length and speed. I love how easy he makes running downfield with a receiver look for a guy his size.

        1. It wasn’t directed at you.

          Peterson was 231 pounds at the 2000 Combine. He was mostly a 4-3 off-ball outside linebacker in the NFL, like a skinnier Anthony Barr.

          To me, Allen has more in common with Jevon Kearse — freakish combination of size, speed, fluidity and production. Allen can play LEO or SAM in the 49ers base defense, but he would be a pure DE in their Nickel defense.

              1. How much you think he weighs? I know they say he’s 260 lbs., but I have a hunch he’s 240 lbs. at weigh in.

          1. Peterson at the Seahawks was more of a hybrid OLB/DE from memory. Kind of how I suspect Allen would be used if the 49ers took him.

            I prefer that kind of comp to Kearse because Kearse was a true DE. Not really a guy you put in coverage as he wasn’t so comfortable in space. And I think Kearse had more of a pass rush arsenal.

            1. Good memory on Peterson. Still, he was a 235-pound player, and more of a linebacker than a pass rusher.

              Allen is 250+. He’s big enough to play defensive end. If you must compare him to a linebacker, DeMarcus Ware would be a better comparison than Julian Peterson.

              1. Ware was more compact and stronger (I suspect) than Allen.

                Probably splitting hairs at this point. Very good prospect that provides versatility as an OLB/DE. I don’t like him quite as much as you do, but he’d certainly be an upgrade for the 49ers.

              2. Scooter, Ware benched 27 reps. He was definitely stronger coming into the league than Allen, who I think will be lucky to do 20.

              3. Same things that made Joey Bosa a better prospect. I’m not sure why anyone wouldn’t think Bosa is a top prospect in this draft outside of injury concerns or being a prisoner of stat watching. His combo of size, strength, athleticism, agility for his size, pass rush plan/ repertoire and counters make him a superior prospect than Thomas.

                Lance Zeirlein’s analysis that he has tight hips is off base for mine. For his size/bulk he bends and moves laterally very well.

              4. If Nick Bosa is as fantastic as you say, why cloudn’t he outptoduce Thomas or come close to matching Joey’s production?

              5. He did out produce Thomas and on significantly less snaps. He produced less than Joey because Joey played almost every snap while Nick played around 60% of snaps due to the heavy rotation OSU employed the past few years.

              6. That rotation kept Nick Bosa fresh and boosted his per-snap production. And he still broke down. Got to wonder if he can handle a bigger workload in the NFL if he couldn’t handle it in college or high school (tore his ACL).

              7. Razor,
                In a recent pff interview, Allen stated he can Bench 405 “easy”; if that’s true he should bench 225 around 24 times. That would be incredibly impressive given his length, keep in mind Aldon Smith only hit 20 Reps.
                However, I must say Bench is about the most worthless strength test out there. It doesn’t really translate to anything on the field. I would much prefer seeing something like heavy singles, for a clean and press. That would tell me how explosive someone is while showcasing both their upper and lower body strength.

              8. Shoup, I agree but other than film, the bench is all we really have to quantify how strong they are in the upper body, along with how much weight room work they put in.

                I agree that 24 reps would go a long way to nullify any perceived strength issues. 9 days!

              9. “That rotation kept Nick Bosa fresh and boosted his per-snap production. And he still broke down.”

                That last part is the only part where I think detractors of Bosa have a point. The injury concerns are legitimate.

              10. Yep, no doubt about that. The fact that it has yet to affect his stock could be considered a testament to his pro potential.

              11. “The first part is true, too.”

                If true, its only marginal. Its not as if his production was inflated by playing less snaps. It was deflated by playing less snaps.

                The start of the 2018 season Bosa was playing more snaps than in 2017 and in 2 and a bit games he had 4 sacks and 6 TFL. I’m sure detractors will argue it was against lesser competition, but it is still impressive.

                I know you don’t like PFF, but one of their metrics is snap win percentage – the rate at which the player beats the man in front of him regardless of the outcome of the play. Yes, it can be a subjective measure to some degree (in terms of defining a “win” on a snap), but even so Bosa’s win percent is ridiculous. And it shows on film. Even if he doesn’t get on the stat sheet he is creating issues for the offense.

              12. On a per-snap basis, his production likely was inflated. With more snaps, fatigue would have become a greater issue, especially against quality competition that could have worn him down.

                The combined records of the teams Ohio State faced in 2018 before Nick Bosa quit was 10-27.

                You and PFF seem to be saying Bosa is disruptive but has issues finishing consistently.

              13. “On a per-snap basis, his production likely was inflated.”

                As I said, probably only marginally. And in terms of overall production I think it is very fair to say the impact of reduced opportunities outweigh the gain on a per snap basis. There are a lot of players that argue they prefer and play better the more they are on the field as it gets them in the flow of the game better.

                “The combined records of the teams Ohio State faced in 2018 before Nick Bosa quit was 10-27.”

                Like I said – “I’m sure detractors will argue it was against lesser competition, but it is still impressive.” As for quitting, yeah, from all reports he wouldn’t have been ready to play again until the bowl games, which chances are he like a lot of players would have skipped anyway. If you ding players for skipping bowl games you are going to miss out on some good talent.

                “You and PFF seem to be saying Bosa is disruptive but has issues finishing consistently.”

                Yes and no. Bosa doesn’t seem to have any issues finishing on film when he has a chance to make a play. But perhaps despite “winning” a rep he doesn’t quite have the juice to always get in a position to finish. I think part of this though is that he also quite often gets chipped, etc. He got a fair bit of extra attention from opponents to try and slow him down.

              14. They kept Bosa fresh for pass-rush downs. That did not hinder his production. Quite the opposite.

                Bosa didn’t just choose not to play the rest of the season. He quit the team.

                Bosa got a fair bit of extra attention, but not nearly as much as Josh Allen, who was the only player worth game-planning for when facing Kentucky’s defense.

              15. I think we must be watching different film. Didn’t look to me like they were saving Bosa for passing downs. And why would they? He was one of the better run defending DEs in college.

                As for Allen getting more attention- looked the opposite to me. I thought Bosa got more attention than Allen. Maybe later in 2018 Allen was getting some more attention, but what I have seen was Allen generally being left 1-on-1.

              16. Bosa didn’t miss many third downs from what I’ve seen.

                If you don’t think offenses schemed to stop Allen last season, you probably should watch more of him.

  38. Vernon Davis back in sf could be an interesting change of events.

    Lynch needs a better FA run than the Garcon /Malcom Smith splash. Vernon Davis dining makes sense as I don’t see Washington keeping him.

    5 million per year is relatively small for the plus side.

    1. No, Davis is a shell of his former self, and even during those NFCC Game years, his blocking could have been better.
      Draft a TE. There are several good candidates.

  39. My assumption is the NINERS will bring in a FS, CB, LB, WR, OG and Edge in free agency…Today the niners have the worst WR talent in the league outside of the Raiders…IF Jimmy/Kyle are going to succeed they need offensive weapons to get into the arms race, succeed in the red zone and get the coming double teams off George..

    My Mock –
    RD 1 – Allen or Bosa EDGE (Whomever is available)

    RD 2 – JJ-arcega-whiteside WR

    RD 3 – Deeboo Samuel WR

    RD 4 – Chase Winovich Edge

    RD 6 – Mike Bell – Safety

    RD 7 – Best power back available to compete with J.Wilson

  40. Re Josh Allen – Aldon Smith comp

    J. Allen – Quicker off the snap. Better bend. Love his change of direction.
    A. Smith – Much stronger hand punch. Bull rush to set up edge rushes later. Greater variety of rush techniques. The combine might prove me wrong but I think Aldon is taller, bigger, stronger.

    Note: These observations are from recollections of Aldon Smith’s 2nd to last year’s college footage to keep things apples to apples (Before the leg injury hampered his final college season)

    It’s a shame his footage (when he was 18-19 years old) vs Colorado was taken off YouTube for copywrite reasons. Young Aldon abused the entire Colorado offensive line, which included Nate Solder. Bull rush, edge rush, rip, swim, stunt. I think he hit every gap on the Colorado offensive line.

    Like the comp. Even good comps players still have differences.
    I’m liking Allen alot. Would not complain if he was the pick at #2.

      1. Allen is about speed, which is great but I prefer Bosa. Allen could ultimately get more sacks, but Bosa’s variety of moves and hand techniques make him a higher floor prospect. Much less risk. If all a guy has is his quick outside move, NFL OTs will shut him down.

        Search Aldon Smith Bull Rush. He knocks OTs on their rumps.

        1. That’s why if we do draft Allen, it’s imperative that we get a Graham or an Ansah through F/A to hold down the Leo until Allen is able to grow into the position….

  41. Most likely mock that entails 3 trade backs, while missing out on Bosa and Allen.
    Cards select Bosa, who Razor thinks walks on water. Everyone will consider him the best player in the draft, so the Cards are almost forced to take him. Niners then pass on Allen, and trade back.
    Niners trade back with Oakland, who gives up their first and second round picks to select Murray. They then trade Carr to the Skins for a second round pick, so they recoup the second they lost. Niners give up pick number 2 for pick numbers 4 and 35. Jets may select Allen, but should select a tackle.
    Niners trade back again. They trade pick number 4 for the Jags first and second round picks (7 and 38).
    Niners make a trade back in the second round. They trade their second round pick (36), for Miami’s second and third round picks ( 48 and 78). By making 3 trade backs, the Niners end up with pick numbers- 7, 35, 38, 48, 67, 78, 97, 162 and 219. They have 7 picks in the first 100 picks.
    Using Draftek Big Board, and trying to pick within 5 of each ranking, the Niners could select-
    7- Clelin Ferrell EDGE.
    35- Brian Burns OLB.
    38- Te’von Coney ILB.
    48- Chris Lindstrom OG
    67- Julian Love CB.
    78- Garrett Bradbury OC.
    97- Mike Bell S.
    162- Keelan Doss WR.
    219- Matt Gay K.

    1. Possible UDFAs include-
      Gardner Minshew QB, Jake Browning QB, Tyree St Louis OT, Aeris Williams RB, Jaques Patrick RB, Qadree Ollison RB, Mavin Saunders TE, Kano Dillon TE, Isaac Nauta TE, Preston Williams WR, Jazz Ferguson WR, James Gardner WR, Corey Fatony P, Stone Wilson P, Zach Sinor P,

        1. 1. He can force premature hinges by OT with the amount of space he eats up in his first 3 steps.
          2. His hand to hand combat is at a black belt level.
          3. His lethality with counters runs the gambit, and carries all arrows in his quiver.
          4. Reduces the surface area by opening shoulders, and takes corners like a Porsche 911.
          5. Outstanding mental processing and reactionary skill to breakdown OL to set the edge.
          6. Highly competitive with a fever to run down the football carrier.
          7. Dynamic striking power when tackling.
          8. NFL polish with a multi-layered arsenal that never runs out of counters.
          9. Blue chipper ready day 1 to slot into the LEO.

              1. I don’t see a wide array of moves from Nick Bosa. I see a very good swipe-to-rip move with an inside head fake, which he uses most of the time. I also see the occasional inside swim move, the occasional speed to power.

                With Allen, I see all those moves, plus a spin move and an elite speed-to-rip move, which Bosa doesn’t have.

                Allen looks like Cameron Wake with that speed-to-rip move.

              2. Allen did well against Penn St, but against Georgia, he had one tackle and 2 assists. He did recover 2 fumbles, but he did not cause the fumbles and they bounced right to him.
                Allen was afraid that he would be exposed against Senior Bowl O linemen, not a profile in courage.
                Actually, in the Penn St game, I thought Kash Daniel had a better game.

              3. Any top-five pick should never participate in the Senior Bowl. It can only hurt him. Allen was not afraid — he was smart. He also played in his bowl game, which most top prospects don’t do anymore.

                Nick Bosa didn’t face Georgia, but he did face Penn State and had 1 tackle and zero sacks. He also faced Illinois and Nebraska and got shut out against both teams.

              4. I beg to differ. If a player thinks he is the best player in the draft, the best way to cement his standing would be to excel against strong competition.
                If he wanted the Niner coaches to consider him, why did he stay away from them? It was a perfect opportunity to showcase his talents. Other players made a lot of money in the Senior Bowl practices. Allen did not.

              5. I bet the Niners had wished they could have run him through some drills. Yes, it was understandable, but they missed out on some hands on experience.
                It sure would have helped in their assessments.
                However, you may be right. If Allen did participate, and fell flat on his face, he would have lost a ton of money. The smart thing on Allen’s part was avoiding the Senior Bowl.

              6. Sebber’s has it right. The hype surrounding Allen created unrealistic expectations which if not realized during the game, would have dinged his overall stock….

              7. Grant, you’ve got to admit that the perception is that Allen lacked the confidence to perform in a disruptive fashion by not playing. Not indicative of an alpha personality….

              8. Razor, you’ve got to admit that the perception is that Nick Bosa lacked the confidence to perform in a disruptive fashion by quitting on his team after three games in 2018. Not indicative of an alpha personality….

              9. Any top-five pick should never participate in the Senior Bowl. It can only hurt him.

                Exactly, the risk isn’t worth the reward. Even a relatively minor injury could hurt his draft stock… while playing well there would likely mean he gets drafted in the same spot. The people who prefer Bosa, would likely prefer him regardless due to traits. The people who like Williams would likely prefer him anyways due to his tape this past season.

                As to the “he’s not a competitor” narrative, everyone knows that’s BS. He played in his bowl game (the one that actually matters) and chose not to attend a glorified scrimmage to focus on the combine since it will affect his draft stock more.

                I don’t get the “I like Bosa so I don’t like Allen” or vise versa thing, that is happening. They are both very good edge rusher prospects with different strengths.

              10. Shoup, that’s a fair point, but you know what they say about perception.

                I certainly have made my position clear that Allen is a very good player. I just happen to believe Bosa is one of two blue chip prospects, the other being Q. Williams.

              11. Like I said, the overall strategy is important. If they pass on both Allen and Bosa, but get a boatload of picks, that is the best case scenario. Maybe in Free Agency, they get Trey Flowers and Ziggy Ansah. Then trading back and getting Devin Smith or DK Metcalf may be the best moves.
                I have also said that both players are talented, and could help the Niners, but that a superior candidate may also be available. Maybe they can trade back and still get Allen.

              12. I thought Allen believed he was the best player in the draft. He would not make that statement, then say he might hurt his draft position if he did participate. The best guy will be brimming with confidence, happy to showcase his talents for a huge payday.
                A player with doubts will try to hide his weaknesses.

              13. To be fair, Sebber, Mack did not participate either and proclaimed to be the best of the bestest too. My point using it was more one of perception based rather than based in any reality….

              14. Razor, I am just glad we can wildly diverge and have polar opposite opinions, yet can be civil and respect each other.
                If the Niners manage to snag Bosa and he makes 12 sacks, I will be the first to admit I way way wrong, and praise your assessment skills.

              15. Sebber, if only the world could learn from our ability to agree to disagree civilly without letting ideological dementia to infect our relationship, it would be a better place. Sure, we may take a friendly and humorous elbow to the other’s rib now and again, but it’s never in a mean spirited fashion.

                I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the Spongebob episode of, ‘Opposites Day’, but I feel like that best describes the world in which we live….

            1. I think my best comparison between Nick Bosa and Josh Allen would be from the LEO perspective, and it would be; Nick is a man, while Josh is a man-child, as of now in their respective careers. That’s not to say that Allen can’t get there in a year or so under NFL coaching. On the contrary, I think he can.

              1. Joey Bosa plays base end (4i), not Leo, for the Chargers. Nick Bosa also is best suited for base end in the Seattle defense. He doesn’t have the ideal speed to play Leo.

              2. You’re the first that I’m aware of with that opinion. I couldn’t disagree more. I think Nick Bosa is your prototypical Leo in the 49ers defense….

              1. Yea, the only hope to create any disruption of a play in which the quarterback gets the ball out that quickly is up the middle, and coverage slanted towards the quarterbacks most likely target, and that’s after studying hours of film. That’s why talented 3t’s have become so desirable in recent years….

              2. I just re-watched every Patriots offensive snap from that game, and Brown dominated Bosa in both the run and pass game. Bosa stopped giving effort in the fourth quarter. Brown pancaked him three times.

              3. Scarnecchia and McDaniels had a masterful strategy to counter the Bradley defense. Every facet of the offense was utilized to slow Bosa/Ingram off the edges. Screens, running the ball, quick throws, shuffle pass, passes to the backs out of the back field, and TOP to wear them down. Sure the offensive line played a fantastic game, but it wasn’t just The Great Trent Brown. Scheme is still king….

              4. Brown engulfed Bosa in the pass game and rag-dolled him in the run game. I cordially invite you to re-watch the video.

      1. Personally, I think it is more important to trade back to get more picks, so I am presenting scenarios that miss out on Bosa and Allen. I think Clelin Ferrell is superior to them, so I hope they trade back, garner more second round picks, and get Ferrell, the player they should covet from the beginning.
        I have tried to include players others have mentioned, although I will continue to champion Keelan Doss, a future HOF. ;p Burns may go top 10, but other draft pundits think he is too small, and will fall to the second round. I just think Bosa has issues, and Allen may turn into another Solomon Thomas.
        If the Niners can land a decent pass rusher in Free Agency, the urgency to pick Bosa or Allen may diminish. Trading back may help fill all the holes on the defense, while also bolstering the O line. If they do stand pat because no team wants to move up to grab a QB, Bosa or Allen would be fine. They both do have talent and both could help the Niners.
        I included a kicker since Gould may want to go to the Bears because they may give him his best chance to win a ring. He also mentioned his family. Maybe the Niners should franchise tag him, then trade him to the Bears for a 5th round pick. The Niners should not be greedy, because the Bears do not have a first or second round pick, so asking for their third round pick would be poor form, and the Niners lack a 5th round pick.

  42. #2. 49ers–Josh Allen, EDGE, Kentucky
    Is Josh Allen the best pass rusher in the draft? That will be decided in the coming weeks and months, but no one did more for their draft stock than Allen, who returned to Kentucky for his senior season and went off. After seven sacks and 10.5 tackles for loss in 2017, Allen gained 10-15 pounds of muscle and put up 14 sacks and 18.5 tackles for loss and was pretty much unblockable. The 49ers need an edge rusher and Allen is it.

    Reply: Rashan Gary has a ton of upside, but played all over the line. Allen is a ready made pass rusher with an array of moves that Gary needs to practice if he’s to play the DE full time.

  43. Josh Allen, 6-5/260
    Defensive End/Outside Linebacker

    Josh Allen Scouting Report
    By Charlie Campbell

    Excellent instincts
    Splash plays
    Makes huge plays in the clutch
    Can take over games
    Annual double-digit sack potential in his pro career
    Explosive speed off the edge
    Natural pass-rush ability
    Fast get-off
    Excellent in pursuit
    Repertoire of pass-rushing moves
    Dangerous speed to get around the corner
    Active hands at times
    Agility to sink his hips/shoulder
    Speed-to-power rusher
    Can line up at a variety of places
    Good athlete
    Agility to dodge blockers on the run
    Pursuit run defense
    Strong tackler
    Can drop into pass coverage
    Quick to read his keys and get in position to make plays
    Good height, length and weight
    High character
    Locker room leader
    Hard worker
    Loves football
    Upside; continues to improve

  44. Grant,

    I’ve posted Allen’s highlights. I don’t see the array of moves he’s credited with on the video. Ie, no bull rush, rips, swim inside, spin, under or counter clubs. The video only demonstrates a speed rusher. However, I’ve seen Rashaan Gary use some these moves, specifically a bull rush and Charles Haley had these moves…Is this a little high to draft mostly a speed rusher, albeit, a dominant one ?….Or maybe this is why Shanny hired a new DL and pass rushing coach…To teach

    1. He’s an OLB and a DE work in progress. He’s shown with better coaching he can improve, and at the next level of even better coaching, along with strength and conditioning improvement, and experience; I believe Allen will get there eventually.

      1. Thx Razor, is he worthy of the #2 pick ? Here’s another bio before u answer:
        Josh Allen ER Kentucky
        by Drew Boylhart •

        Josh reminds me a lot of former Dolphins DE Jason Taylor. He has the same athletic talent to play more than one position in your defensive front seven as Jason had.

        Josh has an excellent burst and can change direction in coverage just enough to cover tight ends off the line. He has the potential to be as good as the Vikings Anthony Barr and in the future could become a special defensive player, the kind who can impact and you can build you defense around. He’s a defensive playmaker.

        Josh is a much more aggressive attacking the line of scrimmage than he is dropping off the line of scrimmage. He struggles tackling consistently in the open field and this will be magnified at the next level. When he drops off into zone coverage he seems to be lost at times and struggles to be consistent in his drops. Josh struggles tackling consistently in the open field and at times uses poor form and also will hesitate, allowing others to make the tackle. This doesn’t happen when he is used to attack the line of scrimmage.

        There is too much talent and potential to pass up Josh in the 1st round but the truth is right now he is better in a three-point stance bursting off the line into the back field than he is standing up, off the line of scrimmage. He is going to need some hard coaching and a mature attitude to reach his full potential as an OLB/DE in a 3/4 Defense.

        1. Rashan Gary DL Michigan:

          Rashan has good size and good enough athletic talent to become a solid defensive lineman for the team that selects him. His strength is in defending against the run. He does a good job getting off blocks and making tackles in and close to the line of scrimmage as a run stuffer.

          There is a big lack of attention to details to Rashan’s overall game and techniques. In spite of his obvious size he struggles to consistently put pressure on the quarterback and change the line of scrimmage in his favor on every down. He is a bit of a tweener in that he doesn’t have the bulk and techniques to play inside and lacks the burst and techniques to play on the outside. Rashan does show good effort but struggles to use second moves when he has been stopped to free himself when pass rushing. If he works hard my guess is that he will fit a 3/4 defense the best and because of his length could become a better than average pass rusher.

          TALENT BOARD ROUND 3.72
          As of this writing Rashan is listed as a potential top ten player in this draft and he is coming out early to take advantage of that… I suppose. For me personally…I don’t see it! As far as I’m concerned, someone is blowing big time smoke up this kid’s buttocks. The truth is this whole team lacks the attention to detail in its coaching and it shows in their play on the field.

        2. Combine, Free Agency, Draft. This is the fun time of year. Everyone can be an armchair GM.
          Sure is lots better than watching a 4-12 team, but hope springs eternal.

      1. Grant,
        Anyone can go to YouTube and see highlights of these players. The problem is that the videos only highlight the “best plays” which doesn’t allow the viewer to get a full range of the players deficiencies.

        I hope that you will be able to show the good, bad and the ugly.

        1. AES, Grant just showed a game’s worth of film on Allen. To me, it showed a player who flashed at times, and also stood around at times. There were 5 instances when the ball carrier ran near Allen, but he was either fooled by a decoy, or had a bad angle. There were many plays when a single blocker stymied him, and he never beat a double team. One sack, the guard whiffed. On another, he was unblocked. Ryan Bates, the LT he ran around, may not be drafted. He was given a 7-FA rating at LT, he may be a better guard.
          Youtube is a good resource and yes, the highlight films are a teensy bit skewed. However, there are whole game films available.

          1. Seb,
            Yeah, I’ve seen a good amount of video on Allen and Bosa.
            It’s a pick your poison scenario with these two.

            Bosa provides a pure pass rusher off the edge, while Allen provides more versatility and overall range.
            It may come down to which one of these players can give the defense immediate help. I feel that either player can fill an immediate need, but it’s what the FO thinks.

            I appreciate Grant’ full range of videos showing all aspects of the players. Again, I want to see the good, bad and ugly that gives us more perspective.

            1. If Allen is such a good pass rusher, why do they drop him into coverage? Seems like getting sacks would be a higher priority.
              I agree, a full game tells a lot more than highlights.

  45. Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has never played for an NFL team outside of the New York Giants, but that could change by the 2019 season.

    According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the “sense persists” that the San Francisco 49ers are interested in trading for the playmaker. Florio noted that “the 49ers have had real interest in Beckham for nearly a year; the only question is whether the Giants are willing to pull the trigger.”

    Reply: Yr 3 of the rebuild. The clock is ticking to show team ownership why they hired Shanny. I believe Eric Armstead + draft picks will be offered as trade bait for Beckham as the ‘Go to’ player JG never had.

    1. If we were to trade for OBJr., and I’d expect the Giants asking price would be cost prohibitive from my perspective, I would hope that Lynch gives up no more than next years 1st combined with this years 2nd-rounder….

      1. Yeah, JG needs to put fear in the defense with a real threat. Beckham would be our Larry Fitzgerald, getting Shanny to the playoffs and team ownership thinking early contract extensions ….Yr. 3, I feel it, something’s going down, most likely at the 2019 combine.

        Time for Shanny’s offense to threaten teams more than their drafting dept. in recent years.

        1. Getting out of paying Armstead $9 million would definitely benefit the 49ers if they were to take on OBJr.’s contract. For mine, if it seems too good to be true; it probably is….

      1. Razor,
        My guess is this year’s 1st and 2nd + mid round pick(s). That’s too high of a price to pay. Instead, the team can get a solid WR in FA (example D. Moncrief or T. Williams) and/or the via draft (Metcalf, Brown, Harmon, Harry, or Whiteside).

        1. I agree that price is too salty, and also that the wide receiver prospects in the draft, such as Ridley, who can stop on a dime, or Samuel, that most resembles Garcon, are the better option in such a scenario….

  46. Looking at the NFL, Jax may want Foles, but they have negative cap space. I am thinking the Bills may be the most likely spot. Foles would compete against the Patriots, which the Eagles would like, and they have 80 mil in cap space, so they could afford Foles.
    Miami may be another likely destination, but the Eagles will never franchise tag then trade Foles to the Skins, because they do not want to play against him twice a year.
    Washington’s best bet may be to trade a third round pick to Denver for Flacco. Denver only paid a 4th round pick for him, so they would probably consider that a good deal. Keenum may the best bet for Miami, if they cannot get Foles. I think Bridgewater ants to stay in New Orleans, as the heir apparent to Brees.Cincy and TB may also be in the running to upgrade their QB situations.
    Sorting out the QB situation will determine how this draft goes.

  47. He Clogs the line of scrimmage for the LB’s to shoot the gaps in the 3/4, that’s why Baalke drafted him. Great experience for NYG in this D

    Oregon Stats:

    Tackles Def Int Fumbles
    Year School Conf Class Pos G Solo Ast Tot Loss Sk Int Yds Avg TD PD FR Yds TD FF
    *2012 Oregon Pac-12 FR DL 11 15 26 2.0 0.5 0 0 0 0 0
    *2013 Oregon Pac-12 SO DL 9 6 9 15 3.0 1.0 0 0 0 2 0 0
    *2014 Oregon Pac-12 JR DL 11 25 21 46 5.5 2.5 0 0 0 0 2 1
    Career Oregon 42

    Professional Stats:

    Games Def Interceptions Fumbles Tackles
    Year Age Tm Pos No. G GS Int Yds TD Lng PD FF Fmb FR Yds TD Sk Comb Solo Ast TFL QBHits Sfty AV
    2015 22 SFO 91 16 1 2.0 19 14 5 3 10 1
    2016 23 SFO ldt 91 8 4 1 0 0 0 0 2.5 15 9 6 2 4 2
    2017 24 SFO de 91 6 6 0 0 0 0 1 1.5 16 8 8 2 3 2
    2018 25 SFO DE 91 16 16 3.0 48 33 15 6 12 7
    Career 46 27 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 9.0 98 64 34 13 29 12

  48. Seb,

    Yr 3 or halfway point of any rebuild is when the coaching staff begins to feel pressure.
    With your GM hat firmly in place, do the 49ers make a trade at the 2019 combine ?

      1. After the Niners complete the Combine, watch the tape review the interviews, and make assessments.
        Then, they need to formulate an overall strategy, before thinking about certain players. The Free Agency strategy will determine a lot, and every team will be affected by Free Agency, too.
        Assembling a team must be carefully thought out, with Redundancy, Resilience Cohesion and Competence being major factors to consider. Veteran influences, Leadership, Tactics, Locker Room Dynamics. Coaching philosophy, Assessments, Adjustments and Timing are important.
        I actually do like KS and hope he succeeds. I am just making constructive criticisms so he can learn from his mistakes and improve from a 4-12 record.
        I think John Lynch is a breath of fresh air, and I like how he has turned things around. He has made mistakes, but I like his honest, forthright approach. I also think he is very smart, so I hope he gets smarter, and reduces the influence of Paraag. I hope he lets Martin Mayhew and Adam Peters to manage the phones during the draft, and they make sound beneficial deals that helps both sides.
        We all thought that they would draft a pass rusher, but they went OL, then traded away Brown. McGlinchey did well, and Brown did his job to help the Pats win a SB. Hope this year, they get a starting pass rusher , that performs like Von Miller.

  49. A for effort Grant because your mock fills several needs, but I do not foresee your selections being worth the pick. You know how I feel about Josh Allen, so I will avoid that discussion.
    – I haven’t been able to watch any tape on him yet, but every piece that I have read on Little indicates that his stock tanked this past collegiate season, so I am wary of the 49ers drafting him on Day 2 that high in the draft.
    – Pass on Harry. A WR that is unable to separate from DBs downfield would not help the offense.
    – Razor pretty much stated why I do not see Thornhill as a fit or good draft pick.
    – Taking a RB at any point in the draft makes no sense.

      1. Regardless of where he’s ranked, he has issues that currently are not worth taking in round 2 for a 49ers team that already has their swing OT in Coleman. They also have a practice squad OT, and I’m sure they’ll bring in a couple more to throw into the mix. There should be better wide receivers, and or better IOL….

          1. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. They traded for him, and they’ve gotten an up close, and personal assessment on him. He’s still on the team, and Gilligan is off the island. I don’t think that’s by coincidence. Maybe from the OT’s they bring in, Coleman loses out. That’s a distinct possibility, but I doubt it’ll be Little at the top of round 2. I think there will be better players at another position with stronger need. WR and IOL.🤷‍♂️

            But we’re getting waay ahead of ourselves if we’re being honest, because we haven’t seen where their free agent currency will be emphasized….

            1. No. Ifedi never played left tackle in college — he started at right guard before moving to right tackle. Little always played left tackle in college. He’s much more fluid than Ifedi.

          1. Technique, balance, and effort are the three biggest issues I keep seeing in the analyses. I found a video on him, and he appears to be allowing DEs to engage him first. What I am seeing is a Day Three candidate that will go higher because of a weak OT class.

  50. 3,113 viewsFeb 6, 2019, 01:29pm
    San Francisco 49ers Free Agent Target: Dee Ford

    Pass Rusher:
    Based on what we saw this past season with the Kansas City Chiefs, there’s absolutely no reason to believe a better option exists than former first-round pick Dee Ford.

    Not so fast. Taking over starting duties from Hali in 2016, Ford recorded 17 quarterback hits and 10 sacks.

    That’s when Ford took the next step to elite status this past season. He recorded career highs in tackles (55), tackles for loss (13), quarterback hits (29), sacks (13) and forced fumbles (7). Ford had finally arrived on the broader NFL stage.

    Sure. Ford played primarily outside linebacker in the Chiefs’ defensive scheme. He could very well take over as the 49ers’ SAM linebacker — providing the team with a major upgrade over what it had this past season in Mark Nzeocha and Dekoda Watson — among others. That would be the most natural fit for Ford in San Francisco.

    Then again, the 49ers could double dip at edge during the offseason. That would include picking up Kentucky’s Josh Allen No. 2 overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. Allen would play the SAM position with Ford taking over for a player in Arik Armstead who might not be back with the team in 2019. Remember, the 49ers can save $9 million against the cap by releasing Armstead.

  51. Pro Football Focus

    Trey Flowers was the third highest-graded edge defender in the NFL last season

    7:16 AM – Feb 13, 2019

    The fact that the Patriots have been reported to want to sign or franchise him at a high price tag lines up with his PFF Grade.

        1. Fortunately, the Niners have way more cap space, and can easily out bid the Pats.
          However, He may take less to stay, because he wants another ring.


    It’s funny when you see articles that cover another team, write as if they are acquainted with another teams coaching style and offensive proclivities. Not only do we have our “Bell” in McKinnon, allegedly, the amount of financial commitment it would take, not to mention collectively, and quite honestly, I’m not sure Bell would be a good fit. We want one foot and cut runners. Bell is a patient runner, sometimes almost a mirage of running in place….

  53. Not sold on Allen. Yes he had nice stats last year but when you watch him,when he is matched up against a quick and strong lineman, he usually gets taken out of the play. In college, he has used his speed to take him far, but his hand skills are not impressive and he doesn’t seem to be capable of bull rushing the sort of linemen he will encounter in the NFL. Given those limitations, until or unless he learns a whole bunch of moves and shows that he can overpower people (and why, at this point, is he so lacking in those areas?), he really isn’t much better than some other speed rushers and passing-downs only players who can be found well out of the top ten. If Bosa is not available, I think trading down and taking another pass rusher (or two) and filling other needs with the haul of picks may make more sense the Allen at #2. Grab a guy in free agency. Flowers or Graham or Fowler or Ansah. Quinnen William’s or Ed Oliver if Bosa is gone at 1 and if SF doesnt trade down.

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