Grant’s Super Bowl diary Day 6: How I met Ross Dwelley’s mom in Miami

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 17: Tight end Ross Dwelley #82 of the San Francisco 49ers celebrates after scoring a four yard touchdown reception against the Arizona Cardinals during the first half of the NFL game at Levi’s Stadium on November 17, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

MIAMI — Dear Diary,

First thing in the morning, Janet D sent me a direct message saying she’s in Miami with her husband and would like to meet me. Janet D is a middle-aged woman who watches all of my Periscopes and regularly sends me tweets. She’s the only middle-aged woman who follows my coverage so closely. I just figured she was a huge fan. She really knows her stuff.

I sent her back a non-committal note saying it was nice to hear from her, but I’d be working all day and maybe we could meet up later. She wrote back and said she was with Ross Dwelley’s family and they’d like to meet me, too.


Apparently, Janet D is not just some random die-hard 49ers fan. She is the mother of Dwelley’s girlfriend.

I told her of course I’d meet them for a drink after dinner. I finished my work, ran downstairs and took a Lyft to the J.W. Marriott Marquis in downtown Miami — that’s where the 49ers and they’re families are staying — and when I got there, I met Janet D, her husband, their daughter, Dwelley’s mom, Dwelley’s step mom, Dwelley’s dad, Dwelley’s best from childhood and one more relative.

The Dwelleys are the sweetest people. We had such a nice time. I also met George Kittle’s mom. The Kittles and Dwelleys are really close. It’s so cute. This 49ers team really seems like a family.

I also learned something about Dwelley. Apparently, tight ends coach John Embree scouted him, worked him out before the draft and campaigned the 49ers to sign him as an undrafted free agent. I’ve never heard of an NFL tight ends coach scouting players from small schools who probably won’t get drafted. Embree clearly does his homework. Plus, he’s a fantastic teacher. Look at the work he has down with both Dwelley and Kittle. You could argue Embree is the most underrated coach on the 49ers. I had no idea.

Halfway through the evening, Dwelley’s girlfriend turned to me and asked, “Where’d you get the idea for the video?”

She meant this one:

“It was a little tongue in cheek,” she said.

I started stuttering. “Um, uh, yes, but you know I really think he’s terrific. I wasn’t putting him down.”

“What did you call the video?” she asked. Dead pan.

“Ross Dwelley is an American Hero,” I whispered.

“To the American Hero,” she said. Then she raised a glass, and we all toasted to Ross. I was so relieved.

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  1. This was a great story that made even the most nervous fan smile.
    I’m sure it will be a memory that you will enjoy recalling even into your old age. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Grant, this story is Gold. Sounds like you hit the Mother Lode!
    I hope Dwelley catches a TD pass.
    Who’s got it better than Grant? The NINERS !!!!!!
    GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX!!!!!!

  3. IDGI,
    Sometimes I realize I am pretty dense….how was the video a little tongue in cheek…btw i have always disliked that phrase. Only recently have I come to understand it may mean to try and talk out the side of your mouth. i.e. to not talk straight. i.e. usually for humor sake but could be for any other reason. Because it is disrespectful of what a true American hero should be? Meaning football is just a game… and ok… so… why would that make you nervous Grant? This is the problem with cliches. … or is this just your english major background stirring drama and a good narrative to a story. I just don’t know. I do recall when I was in undergrad there was a push to get rid of cliches for this reason. It is interesting the whole point of grammar is so that what is being written can be easily understood by anyone and yet…cliches. smh.

  4. So all we’ve heard from the “so called experts” is…..
    Mahomes = Faster than a speeding bullet, leaps tall building with a single bound, stronger than a speeding
    locomotive…..Yea, yea, I hear it….BUT!!!!!
    49er D = KRYPTONITE.! Now it’s time to kick a$$, take names and no prisoners!
    9er = 38 —— KC = 27

  5. Quote of the day:
    “Sure, we were motivated by all the attention everybody gave Marino and the Miami offense,” Montana said. “That’s all we heard all week long, Miami’s offense and how were we going to stop them? We didn’t say anything, but deep inside we were thinking we have an offense, too, and no one was thinking about having to stop us.”

  6. Exactly NW Niner. Great quote catch! That’s what happened back then and history is repeating itself! Even from Iggy! The only thing he seems to say about the offense is if Jimmy turns the ball over, they’re done!! What a chump.
    Niners offense will be the story of the day today. Mostert will be the MVP. Niners will win and thus cover. Shanny will out coach Andy!

    I took the Niners +1 and the over (54)

    SF 30 KC 27

    KC will get the ball last with less than 2 minutes left and a chance to tie or go ahead, but Sherman will end it with a INT.

  7. I am taking Donte Whitner’s analysis seriously, so I am changing my prediction.
    I previously said Niners 35-34.
    Now, I think JG will play like a champion. I think the Niner defense will make a defensive score, JG throws for 3 TDs, and Mostert scores 3 TDs.
    49ers 49- Chiefs 34.

  8. Damn cool story. Those are the types of things that make football awesome. I feel like your doing the things every fan that reads your blog would love to do. You are blessed Grant. I hope you realize it.

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