Greg Roman on the Cardinals’ D: “They were selling out. Like full waving-the-flag selling out to stop the run.”

SANTA CLARA – I asked Greg Roman a question Thursday afternoon about his play calling against the Cardinals this past Sunday. Here’s my question and his response.

ME: In retrospect, do you feel you underutilized Frank Gore and the base running game, or were the matchups unfavorable against the Cardinals’ base defense?

ROMAN: With what they were doing going into the game, they were selling out. Like full waving-the-flag selling out to stop the run. You always want to get Frank involved, but you’ve got to weigh how much, when and how. And then you’ve got to factor in everything that you think is going to happen and then everything that is actually happening and go from there. You’ve got to be fluid. For example, last week we had a plan that was different than the one we utilized early in the game. The other plan was working pretty good, so, shoot, we’re not getting to that other plan. And that’s pretty much every week to be honest with you.

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  1. So was your followup question “are they waving the flag stopping the run” because your offensive line sucks, the receivers suck, or is it because of a clueless quarterback that can’t figure out what defense he is facing and what are you going to do about about it?

    1. Are you a trader-jack? a troll from the great northwest seahaggs? surely you can`t be a 9er fan talking like that.

    1. We didn’ t because this offensive playbook rarely calls for plays 15 plus yds down field. It is simple, play your run game then take the top off. We use our pass game as an extention of the run. 5 and 8 yard outs, by damn, can we please go for explosive plays, not 5 yd outs and hope for Y.A.C

  2. I’m tired of this team not being able to take advantage when an opponent sells out to defend the run.its been going on for years. Do that against other Super Bowl contenders and they will hang 40 points on you.

    1. This.

      I’m tired of an offensive coordinator not knowing how to call plays, use all his players strengths and dictate to the defense. Instead, it’s OC after OC that reacts to what the defense does and plays not to lose rather than to win.

  3. Football 101, it the safeties are up to stop the run, throw deep. Whoops, I guess that is another basic passing concept that Roman doesn’t know. What a waste, the single biggest weakness on the team is the OC.

    1. We get excited about LMJ, don’t use him. We get excited about Hyde and so far he’s averaging 4 touches a game. Even though he’s averaging 4.5 and has two Tds. Ellington brought in to stretch out defenses, when? Vernon been thrown to deep how many times? In the mean time Roman dreams about wham blocks…..

      1. We get excited about LMJ, don’t use him.

        Apparently nobody is excited about James or wants to use him since he’s still a free agent.

    2. Throw deep and Greg Roman CANNOT be used in the same sentence, He has NO clue what the word DEEP means,it is not in His volcabulary .

      1. Well..the same issues have occurred thru two different qbs..different players on offense and defense..same system..I think u can safely say something is amiss…or everyone we basically have isnt a fit for the system….doubt that last part..but .what a concept eh?.

  4. Can this Man get fired already please! geesh.GRO is a bona-fide Idiot that is “stuck-on-stupid”

  5. …to be honest with you
    So normally you’re not?

  6. Roman got two touchdowns out of passing his way out of a full box in the first half and should have gotten a third if not for Boldin’s penalty. Roman called a good game. Execution was iffy in the second half and we were jobbed by the refs. Stop taking shots at Roman, who called a good game.You are showing your ignorance.

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