Greg Roman: “Down-and-distance situations may have taken us out of exactly what we wanted to do.”

SANTA CLARA — I asked Greg Roman about his play-calling against the Rams Thursday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

ME: Greg, by my count in the Rams game, the offense gained 26 yards on three counter runs, 9 yards on two power runs and 14 yards on one wham run. The wham was called back because of a hold, but it was a good play. Why not come back more frequently to those particular plays in that particular game?

ROMAN: That’s something you can always look back at and ask. I’d say, generally speaking, down-and-distance situations may have taken us out of exactly what we wanted to do. But the point is well taken. I thought the execution on those plays was really, really good.

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  1. But, coach Roman you are in a tie game, or virtually tied game, so why deter from your game plan? There is no harm in running the ball on second and 7 or more yards. Also, with the Rams defensive front in “jet stances” so they can rush the passer, is that not an excellent time to him them with a trey block or to run the counter as they focus on blowing up the field, looking for another sack?

  2. Grant ..

    Just got the Coroners Report ..

    This horse is dead … you
    can stop beating it, at any time, now

  3. It was a good question and you phrased it in a way that received a somewhat candid and honest response. Niice job Grant wish your peers put as much thought into their questions.

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