Greg Roman says it is “too early to tell” if Quinton Patton’s and Adam Snyder’s injuries are serious

Here is a transcript of Greg Roman’s Sunday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. staff.

Opening comments:

“Having a lot of good work against a very good Ravens team. Tempo is very similar to what we’d be doing against ourselves, but we get to do it against a different style of defense and certainly different style of players. Everybody’s working very well together and I think we’re getting a lot out of this. Any questions?”

Do you have any update on G Adam Snyder?

“Too early to tell. It looks like he got tangled up in a pile, but hoping for the best. Too early to tell.”

Most of your linemen wear knee braces, is that correct?

“Not all of them all the time, no.”

But, he was?

“You know, I can’t remember.”

WR Quinton Patton left early. Is he OK?

“Again, a little too early to tell.”

What’d you take away from the red zone work today?

“It was really good work against different type of coverages that we see in practice against our own defense, so that was huge. The goal line work was great. You have to have a fourth and a yard with your backups on the goal line in training camp for it to officially be training camp, so that was great.”

What about WR Stevie Johnson? It just seems like he’s getting along with QB Colin Kaepernick, their chemistry is growing, have you seen that too?

“There’s no doubt. Every meeting, every practice, guys are getting a little bit more synced up. I think we all say that we’re far from a finished product and we’ve got a lot more work to do though.”

Was the emphasis today on getting the ball down the field a little bit more?

“Yesterday we pushed it down the field. I think we hit some more today than we did yesterday, so we’re trying to get more work throwing the ball down the field than we have in the past on a day-to-day basis. So, we try to schedule that a little bit better.”

Are you able to see much of the T Joe Staley, Ravens LB Terrell Suggs matchup?

“Oh yeah, I see every play. And, that’s a really good matchup. Two very good players. Joe’s doing a good job. Suggs obviously gives him a lot of things to worry about. His style is a unique style. You remember when he was getting drafted, people were all enamored with his 40 time and there was a lot of debate. I think he’s pretty much squelched that debate. So, just for Joe, it’s a great challenge every day to sharpen his blade.”

Do you like the fact that G Joe Looney has gone up against sort of a shorter, powerful guy in Ravens NT Brandon Williams just in terms of how that requires certain technique that?

“There’s no question. Williams and [Ravens DT Haloti] Ngata can play as low as it gets. I think [former Ravens NT] Kelly Gregg is the only guy that used to play lower for the Ravens. He was just a little bit shorter, but yeah it’s great work. Two very good defensive tackles and a lot to be learned there.”

Do you see, I know it’s only been two days since the game, but do you see improvement in Joe’s technique in dealing with those kind of squattier guys?

“Yeah, and it’s something that he’s got to work on every day, it’s that simple. He showed improvement yesterday in practice and Joe’s a smart guy. Generally when something needs to get fixed he can fix it.”

How did G/C Daniel Kilgore do from an assignment standpoint? How has he been doing from the shoulders up?

“Great, great. He was I think 100 percent mentally in the game and in practice he’s been sharp. The center’s got to be on his toes every play. A lot like the quarterback, not only is he giving information, but he’s also got to be aware of what somebody else might be communicating to him too. So, Dan’s doing a really good job with that.”

How much just from a coaching standpoint are these three practices more valuable than even exhibition games?

“Here’s the thing, your ones get, we just got two valuable two-minute work against their number one defense, red zone work against their number one defense. The ones don’t always get that stuff in the games in the preseason. So, this is just a very good opportunity to get that work, situationally, against another team’s ones. Now, you do it against your own team, but it’s apples and oranges. Our defense plays this style, the Ravens play a different style, so it helps us prepare better for the season. As far as our backups as too it’s the same thing. They’re not blocking the same defensive front every day. They’re blocking different fronts that they’re going to see during the season. Different coverage techniques. Different coverages. Different disguise. It’s invaluable.”


Are there any teams, have you looked ahead on the schedule to see that the Ravens are similar to this team that’s coming up?

“I wouldn’t do a thing like that.”


You wouldn’t?

“No, of course not.”

And if you did, I’m sure you’d share it with all of us.

“Of course, of course. I would just blast it out there via megaphone.”


Rookie receivers notoriously struggle, but is WR Bruce Ellington further ahead than usual?

“That’s a great question. He gets better every day, more confident every day. And again, when something isn’t quite right we get it fixed and he gets it fixed and then you move on from there, what’s next? And, that’s a credit to him. Every day he’s getting better and this has been great for him.”

Do you think the rookies coming from the college ranks, maybe the guys who were asked in college to play a few different positions are a little bit more–?

“Could you be more specific?”

Like Saints WR Brandin Cooks with the Saints, Ellington does a few different things. Do you think being asked in the college level to do different things has allowed them to catch up a little bit better?

“I think so. I think they’re used to a little bit of multiplicity, multitasking, yeah. I think it’s also a sign of them that they were able to do that previously. People put those duties on them because they were able to handle them. That’s part of the allure of having a guy like that.”

I know that T Jonathan Martin was dealing with mono in mid-June and that can be a pretty severe illness. Is he back to full strength? Where is he in terms of getting his weight back and all that stuff?

“He’s getting there. I think losing that time and what he had gained prior had set him back, but he’s just gutting it out, working hard. Probably not quite there, but getting there. But, has been obviously the number one priority since he’s come back.”

I’ve got a Levi’s® Stadium question. Have you tested the elevators and will you miss the coaching boxes at halftime?

“I was just talking to some of the Ravens guys about that. The sprint down the stairs when the elevator was working, and then through the crowd, onto the field, across that, through the tunnel into the locker room and back, man, I’ll be telling my grandkids about that someday. But, looking forward to a highly functioning, fully functioning elevators of Levi’s® Stadium and that’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

You’ve tested them out, or not yet?

“I have tested them out, yeah. It’s unbelievable. Have you been up to the top? Have you guys been up to the top above the press box what they have up there? Unbelievable.”

Have you actually done it with a stopwatch to time it?

“No. I stopped using a stopwatch on myself a long time ago, for a good reason.”

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  1. Hmm…. I wonder if Davis still has more leverage.

    The niners are trying to pair a new center with a new guard. Which wouldn’t normally be as big of deal but for the fact that Gore cant run to the outside.

    Now after watching of the Niners interior line get blown up repeatedly by Baltimore and seeing our backup swing tackle get hurt you have to think Boone’s value just shot up. If Snyder’s injury is serious then Boone’s agent will be bumping up his asking price.

    The question is… does Boone just want to be paid like a top 15 guard, or does he want to force a trade… so he can play and be paid like a tackle. I hate to say this as a niners fan, but if I were Boone, I would want to play tackle and be paid like one.

  2. This was amusing.
    Excerpt from the link above:

    In person, I don’t think people understand how good of an arm 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick really has. Kaepernick has been known to display his athleticism with his feet but should get more credit for what he can do with his arm.

    Not only did Kaepernick throw some laser shots past the secondary, he displayed a good amount of touch as well.

    Throughout the first half of practice, Kaepernick and the 49ers offense had the upper hand during “trash can” drills in which the linemen are substituted for giant industrial-sized receptacles. At one point, even a fullback caught a pass over linebacker Arthur Brown.

    On a positive note, Jimmy Smith did have a late-practice interception.

      1. Its amusing to me what a wide variety of opinions there are on Kap’s throwing ability and that someone outside our nit picky fan base was impressed. I live outside CA since childhood and most people write Kap off like the author did until seeing him play. I am a big Kap fan but not blindly so knowing he has some improvements to make. It seems like he’s progressing. Lets see how he does this season when more is required of him.

      2. I also think its good to know what the author was watching that impressed him. Lets hope this translates to real games.

        Colin Kaepernick completed six touchdown passes, five them came inside the red zone. Former Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin hauled in three of Kaepernick’s scoring plays. Kaepernick’s only blemish on Sunday was being intercepted by Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith.

        1. Couldn’t agree more! I’ve known Kap since his freshmen year at Nevada! He will continue to work hard and get better!

  3. Stevie J getting better by the day. Who’s the moron that said he could be on the outside looking in or maybe cut?

      1. Maybe you already know, but he was a 7th round draft pick, a throwaway. Not many of them become a #1 WR. Quite a gamer! Goin’ to be great for us.

        1. Thanks I actually didn’t know or maybe I heard it some place now that you say that. Its good that Crabtree and Lloyd are out for him to get a bunch of reps with Kap. I hope they both return soon.

          1. Yeah, it’s great for the others, a very good point. Wasn’t tryin’ to school ya, btw. Still a pupil.

    1. >i?Who’s the moron that said he could be on the outside looking in or maybe cut?

      I remember two people suggesting that Johnson would or should be cut.

    1. If M&M does not win the Center Job at some point this season, it would be a big disappointment from my point of view….

        1. I considered M&M the best Center in the draft, Kilgore was drafted in the 5th Round and I thought he played Tackle in college. M&M is bigger, and like Looney/Dial, has a nasty disposition. The injury set him back, and maybe now they need him more at guard. Never the less, I congratulate Mr. Kilgore and wish him the best….

            1. I thought Goodwin was weak in pass protection, and getting up there age wise. His experience will be missed, but ironically both him and Kilgore were 5th round picks. He’s got that youthful vigor, we’ll see what he can do…..

              1. Snyder before his injury. The forgotten man is Seymour. I believe the only position he hasn’t played is Center…..

          1. Thanks for explaining. He played tackle and guard at ASU.

            Have you rewatched the game at all?

              1. Looney did a lot better than he’s been given credit for. Martin’s flop was even better in super slo-mo, but he wasn’t horrible. Seymour could have a shot at the swing tackle if Snyder is hurt back enough. Not seeing why anyone would think Moody was better than Borland. Offense looked the same as before. Nose Tackle is the biggest question mark with this team.

              2. Thank you for your report. I was thinking the same thing regarding Seymour, and the reasoning behind it. Are you saying Moody could be on the cutting floor, or practice squad?

              3. Unless Skov beats him out, I think Moody makes the roster. Willis, Wilhoite, Borland, Moody.

      1. “After the 49ers used a third-round pick on Marcus Martin in May, some speculated that he could push aside Daniel Kilgore for the starting center spot. Any offseason competition, however, will happen next year. Martin looked very much like a rookie in Owings Mills over the last three days, getting beaten soundly on some plays by the Ravens interior defensive linemen. Farrell, who went undrafted out of New Mexico, looked like the more competent rookie.”

        Read more here:

        1. Kap/Gab

          *Gone when Dorsey returns
          **Traded when Aldon returns
          ***Gone when Bowman gets back

          1. Gabbert HAS to show something at least minimally competent in a PreSeason game or they either cut him or need to keep Josh too.

            1. Brotha, with the current IR cap hit, you think they’d be willing to eat another $2 million? I’d think they’d approach the shell shocked quarterback about taking a pay cut similar to what they did with the false McCoy….

              1. Yes, more likely. There are still 3 more games for BG to show a spark, but I worry that he’s reverting to form.

  4. It’s good to see that Johnson and Kaep are forming a great chemistry considering the unknown severity of Patton’s injury and the increasing liklihood of this being Crabtree’s last season wearing a Niners uniform.

    Martin is still getting working on getting back to full strength after his bout with mono. Now who was it on here that mentioned that as a possibility?

    1. I definitely considered it, deciding to give him more time before making a final evaluation….

  5. The moron has arrived. Instead of euphoric, irrationality I prefer a reasoned, logical approach. So Roman, the offensive mastermind, says SJ and Kap are getting synced up but there is more work to do. Ummm, hasn’t either roman or JH said the same or more complimentary things about ellington and QP? Aren’t the latter duo having more success in practices than SJ – refer back to Grant’s WR trading camp report from a few days ago.

    Plus, SJ does not come cheap. I think that money is better spent on restructuring Crab and VDs contracts. Oh, and for those of you who have decided you are in love SJ based on limited evidence to support the allegation that he is in sync with kap , search you tube for Stevie Johnson Drops.



      1. Pretty reasonable considering the production. If his hands improve to cut down on his drops, he has a shot to continue to make a case against all the naysayers….

      2. Actually not cheap when you consider the infrequency of 3 wr formations . That’s not chump change. He would be pretty expensive when you consider his per snap salary.

        It is better to develop QP and ellington and spend that money elsewhere.

        plus , the niners dont need a diva.

        1. He would be pretty expensive when you consider his per snap salary.

          Not as expensive as a receiver who is almost always dealing with some kind of injury to the lower half of his body.

    1. I think there’s plenty of rational logic in being behind liking SJ. Its a well worn rut to discuss though. I’d like to hear Grant publish target and catch counts for these guys during the Raven’s practices. There are his drops against him and there’s also 3 1000yd seasons for him. I also think the quality of QB he was playing with should buy SJ some grace. Its not like Brady or Manning was throwing the ball to him. The Bill’s punted him too which goes against him, but we punted Whitner and Walker, neither of whom was a bad player but ones where we could replace their performance with a cheaper salary. To his credit he’s regularly beaten Revis and has a TD catch on Sherman.

      Patton and Ellington have faired well in practice but have no real NFL experience to back up the promise at this point. I like both Patton and Ellington but they are both unproven. Patton can’t seem to stay healthy and did make a few clutch catches last year. How many times during this camp have we heard him getting nicked up. These two may develop into good receivers and when one of them has 1 or 2 1000yd seasons then we can compare logically. I think its just as illogical to assume these two are better since they are unproven.

      In any case all of these guys are an upgrade over what we had last year. You’re correct in that they could have used SJ’s money to upgrade VD’s or Crab’s contracts and they chose not to. Lets see what happens.

      1. Grant wasn’t even in Baltimore, he can’t provide that info. Plus practice production compare to actual NFL stats. C’mon man get over it. There is no way possible SJ isn’t the 3rd WR on the team. Great trade and pick up of BE in the 4th. Two playmakers in the 4th rd. Nicely done.

  6. Who wants to make a prediction on how the Alex Boone saga ends? I’ll start it off. He gets traded to the Browns for Gordon straight up…..

    1. He comes in after a couple weeks into the season with his tail tucked in between his legs and realizes that he lost money for no good reason.

    2. I think Boone will prove more valuable than Iupati. Had Boone been more patient and come to camp he might have put himself in good position to garner to big contract and made Iupati expandable.

      Boone still could make Iupati expendable when he comes back because of his versatility but that also depends on how Looney and perhaps Marcus Martin if he can shine at guard especially if Kilgore locks down the center position.

      1. Are you suggesting the 49ers might pull a fast one, and sign Boone to a big deal, and then trade Iupati?

      2. I almost think Boone is willing to hold out… mostly because he wants to be a Tackle in the long run. If he can force a trade and gets a position change he will average a few million more per season.

    3. I can’t believe that you of all people are serious, Razor. It’s more likely they’ll give him a max contract — if he will accept their definition of max — and let Iupati fade into the sunset. Trading Iupati is unlikely because there’s not enough good depth right now.

    4. You’re closer (geographically) to the Browns than me and so maybe more informed, but I thought the OL was one of the strengths of their team. I’d be surprised if they’d be a trade partner. Also, how many guys can we put on the field at a time, and how many games could he be available for? I’m selling that scenario.
      As to how it all does end I can’t begin to guess as I don’t really understand how AB thinks this hold-out can work to his advantage.

  7. Bottom line is Boone is a decent man who is grossly underpaid. I hope he stays but however it works out I wish him the best. I do believe that if the Niners lose him they will deeply regret it in the very near future and for a good while…

  8. Jeez, trying to get information out of a 49er coach is almost as bad as trying to get a FOIA request filled by the Obama White House. It’s just not going to happen.

  9. I don’t know what Boone’s magic number is. And I understand the 49ers not negotiating with a player that is holding out. However I hope they can meet in the middle.

    With the injuries we’ve had and with players like Anthony Davis coming back just in time plus the fact that we have a first year starter at center and an aging starter at RB, we need stability up front.

    Anyone hear what Boone’s magic number is?

    1. Bay,

      I remember seeing a report awhile back on Barrows Blog I think, that said the Niners had offered an extension to Boone that would have put him in the top 15 in OG salaries and he turned it down.

      I don’t believe this is as simple as some think. Boone isn’t just looking for more money; he’s looking for a lot more money.

      1. He does want to be a guard, he wants to be a tackle, therefore making a whole lot more money. This is what its about.

  10. I think we’ve been spoiled as fans the last 4-5 years as the offensive line has come into it’s own. I remember a time with Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, Tim Rattay, and Ken Dorsey ran for their respective lives. Let’s not forget Shaun Hill or JT O’Sullivan. Trent Dilfer was victimized for the last time December 9th 2007. The line hasn’t always been so stellar.
    While there may be some drop off from the previous seasons, the team is not poised to repeat the first decade of this century.
    I for one am confident that while the challenges will continue to mount for this team, they are coached by a stellar group of individuals who know and see a lot more than I do. I’ll withhold judgment until the mid point of the season.

    1. Matt I hear you. However we are not trying to just be good, we are trying to win the Superbowl. To do that we have to have more predictability and rely less on hope IMO.

  11. Maybe the compromise will be as follows:
    1. He accepts something a little more for this year.
    2. They agree to a one-year contract.

  12. Another compromise that makes sense to me, although I have never heard of it done, possibly due to the CBA:
    1. The two parties get together with another team and agree to a trade for next year. The Niners get a draft pick.
    2. He plays for the Niners this year as per his current contract.

  13. Looks like Patton’s practicing today. Very good news, I was a bit worried there. No more injuries please.

          1. Must be mitigating circumstances for Hammer to conclude that Looney was not that bad….

            1. For Thursday the only 49ers starting offensive lineman that graded out better than Looney was Staley.

              1. That was my thought prior to seeing their grades. With PFF anything between -1 and +1 is average.

              2. It looks to me Denver has emphasized physicality this off season. I noticed some two tight end sets from their offense, and on defense Smith is back from injury. Knighton is a big man too….

              3. Do either of you see Denver as the team to beat in the AFC or is there another team that you see representing the AFC in the Super Bowl?

              4. If Denver’s Defense stays healthy, and Clady returning to keep Manning upright, I see no reason for them not to be one of the teams in the AFC Championship game….

              5. Both good choices. For me, it’s the Patriots as well. I think their offense is going to be in the top 5 this year, and they have the type of comparable defense to go along with it.

              6. Hammer-Your Patriots must no be too enamored with their DL, they’re trading for them like crazy…..

    1. What happened to Patton’s foot fracture, razor? ;-)

      Patton has gotten a reputation as being injury prone due to last season, but both of those injuries were somewhat freak incidents (broken finger from a McCoy pass and broken foot when he got stepped on) and he doesn’t have a history of injuries from college. He’s been one of the more durable WRs this camp.

      1. My mistake Scooter. I’ll be more careful next time. Skál to both you and Patton….

  14. I don’t see this boone situation turning out well, if it is true we offered him a big extension and he turned it down. Sounds like he is commited to money over team. What kind of pick could we get for him? I bet we bring in someone when final roster cuts happen, or wouldnt be surprised to see TB make a trade too.

    1. I think a 4th is about as high as a team would offer; maybe a conditional 3rd. The Boone fan club isn’t as vast outside of Niner world.

      1. I’ll represent the 49ers point of view. Are you kidding me!? He can start at RT or LT or G, and the best you come up with is a conditional 3rd? Your scouting department is embarrassing you, and it’s an insulting offer. Call us back when you have a legitimate offer….

      2. Rocket I think his value might not warrant a 2nd or 3rd, but some teams out there that have injury problems and or lack of depth might offer as high as a 2nd later into training camp. Remember Boone can play every position on the line except centre. Not too many OL can do that.

        1. “but some teams out there that have injury problems and or lack of depth”

          Yea, us.

      3. Only one guard went in the top 80 picks in the draft this year, so not a high-value position.

              1. Is this one of those trick questions? I think he did throw a number out there, 24 teams. I’ll let someone else make their brain hurt doing the math on whether or not that’s a truckload….

              2. In 2006, the average weight of an NFL player was 245 lbs. which was up 10% from 1985. Assuming the average player’s weight only went up 5% in about ten years, that would put the average weight of the current NFL player at approximately 257 pounds. With 53 players currently allowed on a team, that would make the first problem
                257 ×53
                with the answer being 13,621 lbs. total on the average NFL team.
                We then take that approximation times twenty-four teams which would look like this
                13,621 × 24
                giving us the answer of 326,904 lbs. in total weight for all 24 teams.
                Finally, we take the latest answer and divide it by 84,000 and come up with approximately 3.89. So you can approximately fill all 24 teams in almost four truckloads.

        1. How did J. Cooper and C. Warmack grade out from last year? Im under the impression they both struggled but could be wrong.

        2. Careful with that argument, my friend, different vintages of draft have had a couple of guards go in the first round; not a uniform talent pool. While I agree with your basic premise and the team’s track record, SF did spend a 1st on Iupati.

        3. The problem is we don’t know if Boone is a starting OT. He’s played part of one game at LT and the rest of the time at RG where he struggled last season. Sure he looked good in that one game, but I don’t see another team deciding that’s enough to warrant giving up a high pick for him. He was beaten out at RT by Anthony Davis let’s not forget that. If he was as good as many here think he is, then why would the Niners extend both OT’s? Be careful when making conclusions based on little snippets of information.

          1. You may not know that, but having watched him play in college, there’s no doubt in my mind he’s a natural Tackle playing out of position, but was able to make it work….

            1. Razor,

              I don’t disagree with that. He is playing out of position and I think it started to show last season when his performance dropped off from the previous year. He should be playing OT. My point was we don’t know how good he’ll be as a Starting OT in this league because he hasn’t done it yet. Part of one game is not enough to go on, at least for me. If Harbaugh and Co thought as highly of him as you and some other do on here, I don’t see why they would have extended Davis and Staley. It would have made more sense to let one of them move on and move Boone in.

              Either way, he isn’t going to be a OT here so if they can get something for him that has value, I’d make the trade.

              1. They extended Davis and Staley because they believed it was in the best interest of the team….

                Boone stoned a top pass rusher in his tracks. Never sniffed the QB…..

              2. What teams don’t want the versatility of a guy who can move up and down the line and play multiple positions? Why has Kilgore stuck around, actually, drafted because he could play both guard and centre. Same with Marcus Martin. Boone is a great security blanket in case Staley or AD get hurt. Of course teams are not going to pay a utility guy like a starter but looking at our OL woes right now, they should,

              3. Boone’s versatility is a big plus. Unfortunately he wants to be paid like a starter and you can’t pay everybody.


                So the best interests of the team didn’t include Boone starting at OT, but instead taking a much bigger cap hit to extend their starters to high dollar contracts. That tells us quite clearly how the Niners feel about Boone as an every day starting Tackle.

                I know he played well in St.Louis. What I’m saying is forming an opinion on that small a sample size is not something most teams would do imo. At least not to the extent where they’d offer a 1st or 2nd round pick. I’d love to be proven wrong on that though.

              4. FDM,

                They brought in Martin to be the swing Tackle if he showed he was capable. The jury is still out on that but that was the plan I’m guessing. They also have played him at OG so he can have that versatility the others do. Ryan Seymour is another guy who is showing some strong play and versatility. They have options and I don’t see the Oline woes you are talking about other than the fact Davis is slow to come back from his shoulder injury. They actually have some pretty good depth overall.

              5. I think the 49ers knew full well Boone could be a starting Tackle if he could get his head on straight, but kept it a secret. When the opportunity to play guard came along, they were more than willing to pay him accordingly. The Rams game revealed the secret, and now we are left with the consequences….

        4. Only one guard went in the top 80 picks in the draft this year, so not a high-value position.

          That really doesn’t mean anything in regards to the value of the position Jack. It just means that a team can find a starting guard later in the draft.

            1. If we go with that assumption, then the WR position has little to no value with the current front office of the 49ers.

              1. “then the WR position has little to no value with the current front office of the 49ers.”

                Maybe it does since they’ve only selected 1 WR before the 4th round under the current regime. Even the trades they’ve made for WR’s has used no higher than a 4th.

              2. 49ers used a 1st round pick on a WR in 2012. They are also spending decent money on Crabtree, Boldin and Johnson.

                More to the point, teams use first rounders on WRs all the time, while 1st round OGs are rare.

                I’m surprised you are arguing this Mid (but only to a degree, no offense but you could find something to argue about if someone said the sky was blue :-) – not a bad thing, just saying). It is fairly common knowledge the NFL in general, and the 49ers in particular, don’t place as much value on OGs as many other positions.

              3. no offense but you could find something to argue about if someone said the sky was blue :-) – not a bad thing, just saying).

                None taken Scooter, but that includes many others on here as well. I still remember when I posted that Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Alex Smith all had a Catch attached to their names and a swarm of people on here believed that I was saying that Smith was in the same tier as the two aforementioned (and I still don’t know how they came to that bizarre conclusion to this day).
                I was also referring to the current front office in regards to my post. And Jenkins’ value was so great that he was:
                1. The backup plan if Bruce Irvin was off the board.
                2. Traded to the Chiefs for another bust after just
                one season.

                Glad to see that you caught on to what I was saying Jack.

          1. Mid,

            You can find a starting OG later in the draft, which is why they don’t want to pay him more money. They’ve got Thomas sitting there for next season and can draft another next year if they want. Never mind they have guys on the roster right now capable of playing there.

            1. That’s not what I was saying Rocket. I was pointing out that a team could find a quality starting OG in the later rounds. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the value of the position is lower, but that a team believes that it can take care of certain skill positions before going after an OG. Plus Jack had mentioned that only one OG was picked up in the first 80 picks of the draft while leaving out the fact that the last draft was classified as an average one for the position.

      4. Rocket,

        Teams are rumored to be willing to offer a 3rd already. The Giants and the Bucs.
        On another note, hopefully Josh Johnson will be given the 2nd string QB job after he beats out Gabbert. Not like what happened with the Tolzien situation 2 years ago.

        1. Are these teams coming from the same sources that said Gordon could be had for a 2nd last year?

          1. Not familiar with that, but I think the guys name was Jason Cole?, that gave me that information….

        2. I hadn’t heard that Jordan, but if true, I’d jump on it.

          I agree with you on Johnson, although they’ll give Gabbert a lot of rope to hang himself before making that decision.

          1. If I was a team needing a starting Tackle, I’d be ecstatic to get him for a 3rd Round Pick….

            1. I think the Niners would be happy with a 3rd round pick too considering Boone isn’t going to play OT for them and they don’t want to pay a OG big money. Win win situation if it happens.

              1. You mean he wouldn’t play OT UNLESS Staley or Davis were wounded….

                They’d be happier with a 2nd Round Pick…

              2. You don’t pay a backup OT a lot of money. If Boone winds up being as good as you think he is, it’s only a matter of time until he’s gone anyway.

              3. They didn’t pay him, that’s why it was such a luxury. Now Boone wants to levy a Luxury Tax on the 49ers. After what they did for him, how ungrateful….

              4. That’s how the league works Razor. The Niners signed him to a contract above what he had earned to that point strictly based on potential. Now he has outperformed that contract and the team likely agrees with that but you can’t rip up two years of a contract and start over. First it sets a bad precedent and second it has an impact on the way you’ve structured your salary cap. If they give Boone what he wants, it knocks somebody else off the roster and keeps them from signing one of their other FA’s. The Niners made a calculated move when they gave Boone that deal and now Boone isn’t happy about it. Welcome to the NFL.

            2. ESPN Insiders were speculating that Niners’ FO probably wouldn’t even talk trades for Boone until mid-season. idk.

        3. 23j
          Although Gabbert had a rough outing last Thursday my sense is that Harbaugh still sees something in him that stirred his interest when he tried to recruit him to Stanford.

          If the teams goes with 3 QBs JJ is in, if they go only 2 JJ will likely be out.
          My sense is that Harbaugh thinks he could make Gabb’s into a viable QB.
          I believe Harbaugh takes pride in being labeled the QB Whisperer.
          Gabbert becomes his next challenge.

    2. Every player SHOULD put money over team when it comes to contract time. Boone’s job is to maximize his earnings when it comes time to negotiate his contract. These guys have very short windows to earn as much money as possible for their families. They also usually walk away from the game with permanent physical impairments. I hold no grudge against any player trying to get what they think they are worth.

      The only trouble I have with this situation is Boone seems to have overestimated his value.

      1. The only problem with that theory HOU is players sign contracts and have to honor them, otherwise it would be anarchy.
        The 49ers have made it a business decision to not negotiate contracts with hold outs. All he has to do is show up, and then maybe they can renegotiate some how.
        I wish more players would sign deals with less term and then prove themselves and then be in a better position to command high dollars. Boone has been good but he signed his deal. No one forced him into it.

          1. The difference is the player gets a lot of money up front. That is the trade off for the team being able to end the contract.

      2. The problem is Boone signed the deal and it has two years left on it. Holding out achieves nothing other than costing him money. His agents have a history of this type of strategy so he make take it all the way to the final 6 games of the season. If he does that, he will have hurt his market value and cost himself most of his salary for the season after fines are included. Doesn’t make much sense but to each his own.

        The bigger problem is likely that he wants more than the team wants to pay which wouldn’t be resolved by reporting to camp. That’s why I think this will ultimately end with a trade.

  15. Anybody remember this:

    “I remember before a game my rookie year,” All-Pro linebacker Patrick Willis said, “I went to [then-coach] Mike Singletary and said, ‘Coach, I can’t breathe.’ He said, ‘Pat, calm down. Always remember: calm before the storm.’ Ever since then, I’ve always taken that into every situation.

  16. I still think we have a solid line we just are lacking in depth. This line could be good the left side is dominate

    1. I’d say, based on what truths emerged from the Patton-Kaeprnick-Lockette non incident in Miami, that everybody should just chill for now, IMO.

        1. Mary ..
          I’m guessing this entire incident came about
          because this chick laid her hands .. on his …
          bag of Skittles ..

    1. MWD: That’s a shame. However, I’m convinced you need a chart of characters before you to keep everyone straight in your head, although the list is dwindling. One more year.

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