’s Gregg Rosenthal hears Carlos Hyde could be “a surprise cut”

As all of you know, I have said for months that Carlos Hyde may not make the 49ers final roster because he is a poor fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Apparently, Gregg Rosenthal of has heard the same thing about Hyde from an inside source.

Rosenthal shared this nugget Friday on his podcast when he was playing a game called “What’s more likely?” Here’s what he said:

“What’s more likely: Brandon Albert, left tackle of the Jaguars, gets cut at the end of training camp after being a pain all offseason? Or Jamaal Charles, a future Hall of Famer in my mind, gets cut at the end of training camp? Or Carlos Hyde as a surprise cut — I heard this one from a little birdy, insider.

How interesting.

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  1. We’ll see. I think Hyde will get a chance at camp. Another factor would be if Williams shows he can be the guy. Being ‘the guy’ also includes pass blocking and receiving.

    1. If Williams convinces them that he should start, moving Hyde could mean that they can also keep Bibbs and Breida.

    1. Agreed, his inside source is Grant-haha. Nowadays with news, if you can call this that, someone can call my sources say…and they don’t have to prove it because they are protected by the the law as not having to reveal supposed source. Unless, Hyde stinks and Williams shines, highly unlikely getting cut. If Hyde shows well and William Shows well, it will be a matter if the other UDFA pick ups do good and could get picked off before going practice squad. That said, getting traded is more likely.

  2. Man I’m glad everybody’s so optimistic about all these rookies!Maybe it’s just me but I just don’t see it happening.ex.1)Hyde is arguably the best player on the team,and he’s going to be cut?If you want to win you don’t cut the best player on your team.williams playing time will directly correlate to how well he can block.ex.2)Vmac vs. Te group. with the rookies, how well will they block? Will they stay healthy threw preseason games?Real bullets will be flying,these are essentially toddlers when it comes to the NFL.I just don’t see both rookies beating out Vmac,for me paulsen would be my cut.Vmac is far superior athletically and i dont see much drop off when it comes to blocking.obviously I’d love to see all these rookies do amazing things.i just don’t see it.

    1. The best player on the team is Buckner! Vmac can block but has hands of stone! Kittle is a beast at blocking and has shown he has solid hands; we will see how good they are when the hitting starts. The 49ers did an excellent job of getting needs and wants for a talent deficient roster. They will win between 6-7 games this year!

    2. Best player on the field. That is not saying much as we had a p poor team last
      year. As for this year we will see. Nobody knows even you

    3. Man… So True Hyde was averaging plus yds after getting hit in the backfield since he was a rookie…. the only RB with better numbers after contact… in the backfield was Beastmode! He has ideal size speed physicality n vision. What im i missing? He blocks n he can Cut on a dime… DONT OVER THINK 9ERS LETS MAKE THE SMART SIMPLY CHOICES WE STILL DON’T HAVE A O LINE OR QB

  3. McDonald and Bowman and now, Hyde? Who’s getting cut next…Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch and Joe Staley? Why stop there. If you order now…

    1. Reporters are so dumb. Just looking for attention. Cutting our all pro linebacker definitely makes a lot of sense?? So stupid

      1. Yep, this article is nothing but clickbait, IMO.

        I don’t see this team cutting a RB who has averaged 4.3 YPC over 3 seasons despite playing in 3 different offenses, behind bad offensive lines. Yes he’s injury prone, but when healthy Carlos has produced during less than favorable conditions. Kyle likes to take a run-by-committee approach, which in theory, should help Carlos stay healthy. I don’t buy into the idea of poor scheme fit. Carlos has tremendous burst, lateral movement, and good speed for a RB of his size. Yes, there’s going to be an adjustment period. He’s starting from deeper in the backfield, and the timing of his blockers is different. But Carlos has good vision, and he’s always shown pretty good patience, which is required in this outside zone scheme. These plays require the RB to stretch their runs horizontally, and be patient enough to wait for lanes to develop. Once they do, Carlos has shown the vision and burst to make his cut and break through his running lanes, breaking tackles if he needs to along the way. Joe Willams is going to be very, very good in this system as he’s a great system fit, but there will be an adjustment period for him as well, and KNOCK ON WOOD, any RB can get injured! If, god forbid, Williams were to get injured, the 49ers would be left in a precarious position at RB, which Shanahan’s offense relies on heavily, provided Hyde is no longer on the roster. Why take that chance when he’s still on his rookie deal and very affordable. Cut Kapri Bibbs if he’s no longer PS eligible and go with Hyde, Williams, Hightower and Breida, You can always find a fill in 4th string RB if one of these guys get hurt.

        1. But Carlos has good vision, and he’s always shown pretty good patience…

          I feel those are the two weakest parts of his game.

      2. unfortunately, sometimes an injury or a series of injuries does in the best of players, regardless of how much they may be fan favorites or how good they were when healthy. not all recover and return to their previous excellent quality of play. it does not seem fair, but that’s how it plays out.

  4. Kyle shanahan should look to signing Taylor Gabriel from the Atlanta falcons next season he’s on a one year contract , he would be good for our wide receiver core next year , look up his highlights ….

  5. Looks like LaDainian Tomlinson begs to differ. He’s projecting 1300 yards and 10 TD’s for Mr. Hyde. Barring injury.

    1. I think Hyde will not get 1000 yards, because it will be RB by committee. Hightower, Williams and Bibbs will get less touches, but they will help keep Hyde fresh and healthy.

        1. I agree with Razor on this one Brieda has looked better than anyone else by all accounts (without pads for whatever that is worth). Additionally with this physical traits he should be able to provide more explosive plays than anyone else. He is the most interesting offensive prospect brought in this year imho because of his physical traits and how little is known about how he will produce against elite level talent.

      1. Hightower has been in the league for 6 years and has 2700 career yards…he is not going to be taking snaps from anyone.

        1. KS likes to run an offense with a RB by committee concept. Hightower looked good in the OTAs. He also ran for 2977 yards and a 4.0 average, but was out of the league due to an ACL for 4 years.

      1. By “bright spots”, are you referring to the fact that they got lit up most of the time in every game they played?

        1. Perhaps by bright spots he meant that they weren’t as bad as the qb’s, wr’s and TE’s as a position group? :/

  6. I doubt if Hyde gets cut. He’s the only proven RB on the squad. In a rebuilding year, you need all the vets you can keep, while letting the kids get their hands a little dirty…

  7. Why cut him. Let’s see what we have. Still on first contract. I would love to see him go for 1000 yards. He has all the Intangibles.

  8. Carlos Hyde ran like crazy with one of the worst SF teams in history. Why create controversy with a solid player in a rebuild season. The niners are going to be much better this year. Keep Carlos Hyde. He’s solid!

  9. I dont get why he is a poor fit Freeman had 4.8 ypc Hyde had a 4.6 ypc last year. We wont talk about the supporting cast in ATL vs SF. I could careless either way Hyde will get picked up.

    1. Matt – it’s not about ypc, but rather running scheme and how each players skills and style fit that scheme.

    1. Agreed. Even with the current market he’s worth a 5th round pick. Shouldn’t be too hard to find a team willing to give up a 6th for him at the very least. He shouldn’t be cut.

          1. Unfortunately both better/better suited backs play for the Atlanta Falcons.

            Of course, if “better” means backs who have not (yet) demonstrated that they can block or catch the ball, then by all means waive Hyde.

      1. Exactly CfC. They should be able to get something for him. Not much, but something. Even if it is conditional.

    2. Would be pretty stupid to trade him and absolutely idiotic to cut him. Best RB on the team by a good margin and considering they can get a compensatory if they don’t re-sign him, there really is no reason not to keep him around and see how he does in the system.

  10. I heard from an insider Grant gets cut from the Press Democrat.But he’ll get picked up by Auto Trader so no worries.

  11. No way they cut Hyde. Hightower is good but not explosive. Can we really depend on the rookies to pass protect? Sounds like the reporter was just looking for a story. Keep Hyde this season and let him walk next year if he doesn’t excel.

    1. They won’t cut him because he does have trade value and another team that needs a RB for one year would certainly trade for him. Having him for one year does not serve the Niners best interests. He is not a vet in respect to knowing the offense and if they expect not to resign him it would be in their best interest to get rid of him if keeping him makes them cut a player they might want on the roster when he leaves next season. Winning this season is less important than making long term plans. In fact going for wins at the expense of building the team for the future is really bad planning. They are not going to be fired if they do not put up a lot of wins next season. But they will be judged on their long term planning and success.

      1. Yea, but they can ride his dick into the dirt this year. Watch him sign with a team next year, and receive a compensatory pick in 2019. It’s like having your cake, and eating it too….

  12. Orlando, your obviously right. I haven’t seen him do s$$% in the pros but run around in shorts.I hope he is exellent,but reality is he’s a kid playing against grown men who know how to play at the PRO level.IJS
    Artist stokes,Buckner is a good choice,that’s why I said arguably the best.also I’ve not seen Kittle block anyone at the PRO level.Also McDonalds hands were actually better last year.was it because he was actually thrown to and given a chance to get better after 2 plus years of mostly blocking.I hope the rookies do great,I’m just not ready to give starting spots to guys I’ve never seen in pads.

    1. We’ll learn a lot about Kittle the first time Hoyer tosses a high ball his way and an unseen Kam Chancellor lays into him from behind.

  13. “As all of you know, I have said for months that Carlos Hyde may not make the 49ers final roster”

    After you stole that idea from me. I’m just waiting for the first couple weeks of TC to come and when you’ll flip and start “projecting” that Armstead doesn’t have a role in this defense. :)

      1. Nah, CFC can claim that, because I like 1000 yard rushers. If anything, they should showcase his talents, then get a good draft pick for Hyde from a team whose RB just went down due to injury.
        Do not know exactly how fully healed his knee is, but it bent in a bad way when the DB hit his knee.

        1. Maybe they tried to trade him and no one wanted to take a risk because of his injuries so therefore he’s not worth even playing I would rather see a struggling rookie then Carlos Hyde pretending like he gona win games when he just a stat stuffer he ain’t no frank gore!! Loljk

  14. Man it’s rough rooting for players on other teams but why does it have to be the Cowboys? Hoping Jaylon Smith has a full recovery. Should be an elite player if he does.

    1. I’m guessing OJ Simpson will be cut loose , but given he has fresh legs and has had time to rest and heal he will be on the browns radar!

  15. carlos is not the best player on the team he has not finished a season yet with out getting hurt the most of his best plays are during preseason that is why we brought in so many back in the last couple yrs and i can see him getting cut is his play does not increase right away they have been letting players go

      1. You can’t fix lazy. You can’t fix stupid. The only one that can turn Lynch around is Lynch and he doesn’t seem to be actually interested.

  16. Potential surprise type departures:

    Carlos Hyde
    Arik Armstead
    Daniel Kilgore
    Aaron Lynch

        1. Not mine, CFC’s. Kilgore is the only one on that list that personally I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. He’s not a good Center, and he’s even worse at Guard. I think Barnes replaces him as the backup….

    1. If Joe Staley gets traded for a 2nd or 3rd draft pick next year, we’ll know that the Niners are angling for a first round QB and a slew of offensive linemen. Regardless, I think that two of the Niners top five draft picks in 2018 will be on the OL.

  17. Grant I will always remember when your dad asked J York…Why shouldn’t you be dismissed? if we come back to glory have this wierd feeling the York will mess it up..Anyways I know you guys are contraversial but that question was epic..

  18. Who I hope is cut… Basically anyone Baalke has picked..
    #1..Vance McDonald
    #2.Eric Reid
    #3.Eli Harold

  19. Well John Lynch’s no leak front office didn’t last long did it. I wonder who it is Parag, Jed or maybe Sean Spicer.

    1. Seriously?? You guys are blaming the front office for this? Wow, I’ll just say this, why in the heck would the Front office leak this if they wanted something for him? Chew on that and then blame the horse whose mouth it cane out of. Could it be that this guy just happened to read Grant’s column. Just like the other time Grant was mentioned about his expose’ on Bowman. Get over it guys. There are no leaks, just parrots.

      1. ‘I heard this from a birdy insider’
        Sure does not sound like Grant has achieved insider status, He has access to the practices, but he is an outsider who makes observations. That rumor came from the FO, from the inner sanctum.
        Now that Baakle is gone, I wonder who was the last person to leak…..

      2. “why in the heck would the Front office leak this if they wanted something for him?”

        Why did the FO smear Kap when they were trying to trade him? The FO also smeared Harbaugh. Obviously, none of us know for sure, but John Lynch was definitely worried about the leaking from York and or Marathe.

        “Before agreeing to become the general manager of the San Francisco 49ers, John Lynch had some questions about the team’s recent reputation for leaking information.”

        “So Lynch decided to use his candidacy for the job to put the team to the test. Speaking to KNBR radio in San Francisco on Wednesday morning, Lynch said he asked CEO Jed York and executive Paraag Marathe to keep his name a secret during their search for a new general manager.”

        So was the Hyde story a FO leak? Who knows, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Marathe leaked this with Jed’s blessing.

        1. Your comparing Trent Balkees regime to John Lynch’s regime. Now assuming Jed gave his blessing to do so. I have no doubt balkee leaked some things, but I also believe, as of now, this story did not come from the front office that Lynch has built? My belief is, no way in hell

          1. “Your comparing Trent Balkees regime to John Lynch’s regime.”

            No, I’m comparing York and Marathe to York and Marathe.

            As I said earlier, I don’t know that this a leak any more than you know that it isn’t. I actually agree that this is echo chamber reporting, based on speculation.

            But we have a reputation of leaking which may or may not be true. But perception is reality, so I can understand if fans assume this was a FO leak.

        2. Yep, that is why Lynch apologized to Kaep for the continual leaks.
          The stench of Baalke still lingers….

    2. How about NOBODY. Does it ever occur to you these reporters live in a ****ing echo chamber where they change speculation into fact? Or have 49er fans forgotten the “Alex Smith has small hands” crap? Smith is a rookie QB. His ball security is terrible. He fumbles a lot (like most rookie QBs). Further, QBs, as a position, also fumble a lot. The Top-21 active fumblers in the NFL are QBs followed by Frank Gore (#22) and Adrian Peterson (#23).

      Smith actually has average size hands for an NFL QB and they were the largest hands of any QB drafted that year.
      But for YEARS after Lynch speculated about Smith’s hand size (instead of looking it up right there on NFL COM where it was reported) we got this clown-fest of Alex Smith has small hands reported as fact by all the other reporters. They turned Lynch’s speculation (wrong speculation) into fact that remained ‘fact’ for years before eventually fading into obscurity.

      And this cuts across the entire news spectrum. Too much of what is passed off as knowledge and fact is rampant, fact-free speculation or out-right lies that reporters pass on and/or reinforce because ‘everybody knows’ facts and data be d**ned.

      1. “How about NOBODY. Does it ever occur to you these reporters live in a ****ing echo chamber where they change speculation into fact?”

        Yup! Its unfortunate that the media has become a circus of sorts. As you are probably aware the circus doesn’t just apply to sports it is everywhere in all aspects of the media.

        1. Include the fans and posters, too. With blogs and the internet, they now have a platform that did not exist in the 80’s.
          For trolls, that is their MO.

        2. undercenter

          I am in total agreement with you…someone with their trigger-finger on the keyboard is trying to create a ‘feeding frenzy’ by scooping all the others…. and Grant is the leader of that pack…you’ve got half a dozen players on the ‘cut-list’ who will be starters for us this year… ahead of such luminaries as Celek who is good for about three nice catches each year, and about 10 whiffs …How about Razor’s ‘Duke’ Ellington whose only pattern is to the infirmary. Eli Harold and Aaron Lynch will be having ‘sack contests’ this year….How about “let’s watch and see”…

        3. When judging the validity of a rumor like this I just try to break it down in common sense fashion based on positives and negatives. Cutting Hyde has no positives. Not a one, so cutting him would not make any sense. Trading him doesn’t make a lot of sense either unless they get a day two pick. Anything less and they may as well keep him and get a compensatory if he leaves in FA. Now the negatives to cutting him:
          They’d be cutting the best RB on the team and not giving him time to show what he can do in the system
          They would be left with two rookies, a journeyman and a washed up vet on the depth chart
          They would not have anyone who has shown an ability to be a factor in the passing game

          So when I way the factors involved, the idea of cutting Hyde is stupid and trading him isn’t much better if all they can get in return is a late round pick. Therefore I would say the likely hood that it happens is slim to none.

          1. It’s funny how Hyde gets ripped for his supposed inability to make a specific cut, So, he’s getting cut because of one aspect of one play. And because Williams is a guaranteed stud ( I hope so, but who knows).

            Do teams still have bulletin boards. If so, Bow, Hyde, and Lynch have gotten some good material.

  20. I believe Hyde will get an opportunity this season but will lose his starting role by week 3. I dont see him being cut but i do see the 49ers not renewing his contract and Hyde will be a free agent season..

    1. Not sure it happens in week 3, but closer to mid season. I definitely do not think they have any plans to renew his contract, and I’ve maintained they can get a compensatory pick for him when that happens….

  21. rkg115‏ @rkg115 u had said b4 they wanted Vic Fangio as DC, with this switch to 4-3, would Fangio still be a candidate next yr if the defense and Saleh suck?

    BARROWS ANS: Yes, I think that’s a plausible scenario. Did you see the photo of Fangio’s hole-in-one shot the Bears tweeted out last week? That looks like a Bay Area course. Which is to say, Fangio likes it here and this year will be in his contract year.

    1. So we’ve got Maiocco, and now Barrows on record saying the 49ers would definitely be interested in Fangio next year, barring Saleh’s emergence as the next Fangio or greater…;>)

  22. Anyone listen to the Locked on 49ers podcast? How about Better Rivals?

    Which one do you like better?

  23. There are only a few surprises on the team. The Niners do not have one great player on the team not a one.

    1. Undercenter

      …but remember the “no name defense ” of the ’72 Dolphins….not one great player on that team that went undefeated….

  24. Foster does not have too prove himself he by far the best on he roster now lol. Maybe they tried to trade carlos and no one wanted to take a risk because of his injuries so therefore he’s not worth even playing I would rather see a struggling rookie then Carlos Hyde pretending like he gona win games when he just a stat stuffer he ain’t no frank gore!! Loljk

  25. I think Hyde gets a shot in the system during the season. If he almost had 1k yards in a terrible Chip Kelly offense and a terrible offensive line. I think he can thrive especially with a decent backup to help take the pressure off him. Shanahan loves dual running backs. Give him a chance, if all else fails, let him go next year and decline his option.

  26. How the hell u gonna cut Hyde?? LMFAO this is a complete joke.. and the article where Bowman has to prove himself in preseason!! PROVE HIMSELF TO WHO??!! The 2 best players on the team are on the bubble.. Give me a F*CKING BREAK..

  27. I can definitely see Hyde getting cut..Not Bowman..Lynch played the game they will not cut Bowman..Trade maybe..not cut..Hyde?See ya son

  28. I dont know what the hell you guys are seeing, that says “I can definitely see Hyde getting cut”. My opinion, the only way that statement comes true, is if Hyde is hurt. I know it’s a matter of if and maybe when, but no rb on this team is even close to Hyde. Not even joe Williams. He doesn’t have to learn how to block,he knows how, he doesn’t have to learn how to pick up blitzes, he knows how. He doesn’t have to learn how to run routes and catch, he knows how. While guys such as joe are learning to do all that, Carlos will be learning the scheme. As of this year, he’s not going anywhere in my opinion.

    1. Steelmatic

      I wholeheartedly agree ….’Disposing of Hyde, Arron Lynch, or Bowman would be proof that bloggers don’t know s**t…

  29. Agree steel,haven’t even seen the rookies in pads yet but there locked up starters.gimmie a break you got a bunch of kids about to play a grown mans sport.lets see what happens when the pads come on.Hyde is going to make a lot of y’all eat some crow this season.

  30. Hyde starts well…then at bye he can go DL. He’s not a full season back. This is why can’t build around him.

  31. Waiting before TC and the season to begin, I wish the NFL would make some changes.
    The NFL should shorten the preseason games to 3, and use the extra week to create another Bye week. The NFL should also use that extra week to schedule some games so there would be 2 games played in 3 weeks, with 10 days rest between games. This would allow for Thursday night Games, but eliminate forcing teams to play with 3 days rest.
    After much study and planning, they should shorten the preseason games to 2, and start with adding another game to the season. Eventually, they may add that additional Bye, and add 2 games to the season. While it would make the players play one more game,and eventually 2, they could be paid more, while eliminating the risk of injury for meaningless games. Players hate the preseason games because they are paid little, while risking their health and career with games that do not count in the standings. Many players play in 20 games anyways, so the league should increase their pay and make the games count more. Attendance would soar if the game counted in the standings, compared to empty stadiums during the preseason.
    Adding an additional Bye week will help the players heal and rest, so the fans get to see the best out of the players. They should start the Bye weeks after the first 3 games, and stop them after the 12th game, so some teams do not get an advantage. Having a Bye near the end of the season may help one team more, especially if they have injured players who need to heal more. Maybe even schedule Bye weeks for teams who will play each other next, too, so one team will not get 2 weeks rest while the other team gets only 7 days rest.
    Another way to eliminate the risk of losing a starter playing in a meaningless game, is to have the teams designate 22 starters, and make them ineligible to play in the preseason games. The teams want to see how the backups play, and by sitting the starters, the backups can play the full game and be evaluated.
    I think these changes would help the players make more money, give them more rest between games and reduce the risk of injury in meaningless games. They should evaluate the repercussions over having players play an additional game that counts, before adding 2 games that count to the schedule. Preseason games lose money compared to a regular season game, so the league would profit, too.

    1. Well I touted Malik Hooker in my final mock because I thought he was just like Earl Thomas, but I wanted the Niners to be patient with him, anyways, and was looking at the long term prospects.
      Dang, the Colts are snake bit. First, Luck is PUP, now Hooker.

      1. Anyone surprised Hooker ended up on the PUP list might be thinking with something other than their brain…;>)

        1. I knew he had an injury issue, that is why I hoped they would trade back, garner additional picks and still get him. Guess I am not sold on Ward stepping up to be that high free safety.
          Speaking of something else, I am disconsolate. My 8 footer is turning male. Bummer. :(

          1. Ward is serviceable until you find something better. You just can’t fill every hole on a Chip full of them. Gotta be methodical. Plug amidships first, then aft….

            How the hell did that happen?

          2. Males tend to be elongated, while females tend to be shorter, with shorter internodes. I started with 12 seeds, pumped the Nitrogen, and got 8 females. I plan on giving 2 to a good friend, so I will end up with 6 females.
            I am not too bummed, the others are 6 feet tall and they have 2 whole months of optimal growing weather.

            1. I’m well aware how to tell a male from a female, and usually I can do it by the 3rd week. At 6ft, something must have stressed it out to go hermie on you. Yea, I wouldn’t complain about 8 out of 12. That’s pretty good. If you want to do better, in addition to keeping your nitro higher, you’ll need to keep your temps down, increase your humidity and decrease the amount of light to about 14-15 hours a day for the first 10 days.

      1. Last year Kelly rushed Kaepernick back, and consequently contributed to him suffering “dead” arm. Shanny will be much more prudent with Foster. Keep a bridle on him, and see how that shoulder responds. Everything we’ve heard thus far has been positive. Keeping my fingers crossed….

    2. Not surprising Hooker is on PUP at all, it was expected. You don’t draft a player based on how quickly he’ll be ready for his rookie year anyway. You are basing the pick on who the best player is and the fact you hope he’ll be with you for at least 5 years to develop.

      1. Yea, but not at 2. I said he’d slide to 15, and he did. Many, including the “experts” scoffed at that assertion.

  32. Hyde shouldn’t be cut. He is a great option for out of the backfield receiving. Don’t cut 28!! He will tear it up for the red and gold this year if given the opportunity!

  33. Stupid title for a writer to endorse. What an amateur. He’ll try to make news out of what a TV commentator told him he’s heard. No source. Everyone’s commenting on innuendo and TC hasn’t even started yet.

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