Harbaugh: “Greg Roman is the play caller.”

SANTA CLARA – Thursday, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat learned the 49ers divvy up the offensive game planning. Today, I asked Jim Harbaugh if they divvy up the play calling, too.

ME: Does Greg Roman call all of the offensive plays during the game, or does John Morton call the pass plays, and Geep Chryst the red zone plays?

HARBAUGH: I think we’ve gone over this multiple times. Greg Roman is the play caller.

ME: When you’re on the sideline, are you only hearing one voice in the headset?

HARBAUGH: I don’t really feel the need to dissect it.

Harbaugh didn’t quite answer my question. I think he’s suggesting that Greg Roman is the one person calling the plays through the headset during the games, although he never actually said it.

If my interpretation is correct, that means while John Morton puts together the game plan for the pass game, and Geep Chryst puts together the game plan for the red zone, Greg Roman calls all the plays during the game – not just the run plays.

Is this how you interpret it? Do you think it makes a difference if there is one voice in Harbaugh’s headset or if there are three voices?

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