Harbaugh: “I don’t ever talk about any jobs other than the one I have.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript, courtesy of the 49ers.


So, when are you heading off to Austin, Texas?

“Trying to be funny?”


Yeah, trying. Any comment on rumors that you are going to be up for that University of Texas job?

“I don’t ever talk about any jobs other than the one I have.”


With this job, coming off of such a huge emotional win, and then traveling cross country against a team with a losing record, what do you have to do as a coach to make sure that there’s not the natural instinct just to kind of look past the upcoming opponent?

“The obvious answer is … our guys are professionals, they know what’s at stake. This game is the biggest game on the schedule. This is a must-win game and just win. And do whatever it takes to get that. By any means necessary. The first thing is the preparation. You’ve got to put yourself in a position to earn that. And, our guys will be committed and professional about doing that.”


The Buccaneers have had a lot of interceptions over the last few games, it looks like that’s why they’ve gotten some of their wins. What do you see from their pass defense that QB Colin Kaepernick’s going to have to be aware of?

“It’s a multiple-schemed defense. We’re going to have to do a great job in protection. They have every blitz known to man. Very good secondary players. Very fast linebackers. They’re a very talented group on defense.”


What do you see from Buccaneers LB Lavonte David that makes him so dangerous?

“He’s fast. He’s athletic. He is an outstanding linebacker. He’s got interceptions. He’s got sacks. I think six sacks and five interceptions. He’s an outstanding player.”


Did you happen to cross paths with Buccaneers S Dashon Goldson when he came out here a couple of weeks ago?



What was your thought about an opponent who you’re going to be seeing on the schedule in a couple of weeks coming through the building?

“I’ve never seen that before, a player stopping by like that. But, it was cool, it was natural. People were glad to see him and he was glad to see guys. Had a chance to see him, give him a hug and talk for a little bit. So, it wasn’t a big deal.”


No high alert, shut it down, hide all the game plan stuff?

“No. Sure that’d be a natural reaction, but it just didn’t play out that way. It’s just saying, ‘hey Dashon’s here. Hey, I’m going to go say hello to Dashon.’ That’s the way it took place.”


It seems hits to the knees are up this year as defenders aim lower to avoid fines. Is it smart and prudent to trade potential knee injuries for concussion awareness?

“In terms of the rule making, etcetera?”



“I wouldn’t trade, don’t want to ever see anybody get injured. I think the NFL is doing a … the job that they’re doing is to that direction. They want to reduce injuries. I think it’s a safer game than it was back when I played. I think it’s safer than it was two, three, four years ago. So, in terms of trading down for that.”


Are you going to get G Mike Iupati back on the practice field this week?

“Yes, I believe we will.”



“I believe so, yeah. Seeing that he was already on the practice field today. So, the odds are pretty good.”


With a guard coming back, why add another guard yesterday?

“Something that our team thought was in our best interest. Our organization, scouting department had their eye on this youngster and just felt like this was the time to add him to our roster.”


Some people think that it’s a bit of a reconnaissance, grabbing a guy from the Seahawks practice squad like the Seahawks had done a couple of times before off of the 49ers squad. Do you think there’s any legitimacy to that or is that overblown?

“Overblown. As you noticed we picked him up after the game.”


Why shut down DT Tank Carradine for the season?

“I thought it was in his best interest. The doctors, medical staff, felt that was something that would be in Tank’s best interest. Not everybody comes back from an ACL injury fully recovered in one year. He did get a lot of good practice time. And, I think that the best thing for his career is to take this approach.”


People will listen to that and think that he had a setback. Is that a–?

“No. There was no setback. Actually there’s been steady progress. Just feel like in his best interest, playing games, he’d be better suited off to have another good offseason. But, it’s not that he couldn’t play this year, but just don’t feel that he’s 100 percent ready or able to play in games. His rehab has been steadily improving. Just in his best interest to hold him until next year.”


You had said on Monday that you were eager to see how T Joe Staley would come back from playing as many snaps as he did on Sunday. How has he looked early in the week?

“Seems good. Did good in the ballgame. Everybody that played in the ballgame did really good things. Nobody perfect, or are they really rarely ever are. But, everybody contributed in that ballgame and Joe’s no exception to that.”


You seemed to play your best in this last game in the fourth quarter. What’s the secret to that and do you guys train for playing well in the fourth quarter or is that something that just arises through preparation?

“A combination of all of those things.”


What kind of year is T Anthony Davis having?

“Anthony Davis is having a really good year. Consistently good every game. He’s playing at a very high level, kind of top-lineman kind of level. He’s having an outstanding year.”


When you guys extended him, what through 2019 this last offseason, how much is that upstairs working along, the team management, working along with the coaching staff to see where you guys stand with him, what you believe is his ceiling and how that all played out?

“It seems like a simple question, but it would require quite a bit of detail in answering it. The organization is in lock-step on all those decisions. We all work together on those decisions. And, we thought that was the most prudent thing for the organization. Hopefully that answers it.”


You gave a five-wide, empty-backfield look twice, ran out of it very successfully with Kaepernick. Might you have more things that have to unfold, or are we going to see, you’ve always kind of save some special plays for backend special moments in key games?

“Oh yeah. Those are all options. You want your opponent to think that all those options are open and available.”


What kind of growth have you seen from Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon over the last four or five games?

“Good. Good growth. I mean, every game getting better, getting more confident and playing at a very good level. Obvious to the football observer.”

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