Harbaugh is “proud as heck for Aldon.”

Aldon Smith is six sacks away from tying Michael Strahan for the the single-season record. Here’s what Harbaugh said about that on Monday, courtesy of the 49ers.


LB Aldon Smith is six sacks away from tying Michael Strahan for the all-time NFL record. How cognizant are you of that? How much would you want to see him get there?

“We’re always happy for the other guy’s success. The thing that really gets you excited when you start talking about the history of the game or the history of the franchise, that’s something that’s accomplished by very few people or very few units. Happy for Aldon, happy for our defensive unit, happy for that team effort that those men have done on that side of the ball. It’s really a team thing too, if you were to break it down to its fundamental core. It’s that team that puts you in the situation that you can have that kind of success. Proud as heck, proud as heck for Aldon and let’s keep on trucking.”


I don’t know if you remember when Strahan got his final sack, to get that, Brett Favre laid out and sort of let him have it. I don’t imagine you would be in favor of that type of thing, I would suspect you would want him to get it a little more organic way. What is your thought on setting things up so he can get the record?

“I think I’ve told you what I think of team effort and records and it doesn’t need to be compared with anything that happened previous years or with previous great players. I mean you’re talking about great players that accomplished great things. It’s great to be mentioned with that, but I think I could speak for Aldon if I could for minute. Statistics aren’t what motivates him, it’s winning games.”

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