Harbaugh: “It was good to be in the fray. Got stepped on. Got cleated in the foot. And that felt good too.”

Jim Harbaugh spoke on KNBR from London on Tuesday. Here is a transcript.

Q: Where are you guys?

HARBAUGH: It’s a hotel. We’ve got a real nice football facility set up, field, weight room, locker rooms. We turned conference rooms into offices and meeting rooms. It’s very good. I would compare it to our setup in Youngstown or when were in New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

Q: How have the players adjusted so far?

HARBAUGH: They’ve been good. We flew out right after the game. It was a happy flight after the victory over the Titans. Then, got here. Some guys were experiencing different things. I’ve seen many of the guys walking around the hotel. Some have gone and seen their family in London. Andy Lee, Kevin McDermott, Phil Dawson and Colt McCoy were headed out for a round of golf today. So, different things that the guys are doing. They have the day off today.

Q: Is this your first trip on European soil?

HARBAUGH: I’ve been on European soil before but it’s a working business trip much like it was when we went to Youngstown. Coaches, Monday and Tuesday are game-planning days.

Q: What was the most satisfying part of the win? Was it the return of the read-option? Was it the special teams?

HARBAUGH: Both those things were really good. Multiple guys contributed. The play of the special teams was great. The play of the coverage units putting our offense in great field position, putting our defense in great field position.

Kaepernick had a great game. I thought it was maybe Frank Gore’s best game since I’ve been with him. The blocking, running, touchdowns, everything that he did was A++. I loved that.

Anquan Boldin had some huge catches. Defensively we played really good again. Like last week we gave up some big plays but I think we can keep improving in all facets. That was my take from it.

And Frank, too. The more I get to know Frank, I just love him so much. He’s a mystical type of guy. He’s got a spiritual connection. He sees more than most of us do. Very deep guy. Very special person. Love him to death.

Q: Do his teammates feel the same way?

HARBAUGH: No question about it. He is one of those guys that is very inspirational through his actions and what he says but mostly what he does. He’s one of those guys that can see things, points them out, has a great mind for football but just as a person in general, very special. A mystical man.

Q: In addition to using interesting words like mystical, you used a phrase about Darryl Morris looking like an arrow through snow as he runs down the field. We liked that. It was very evocative. I had never head that. Are you a hunter or is that a common phrase?

HARBAUGH: Very what was the word you used? Evocative?

Q: Evocative. I think I did say that.

HARBAUGH: I’ve got to look that one up. Evocative. Is that a word?

Q: Winston Churchill’s speeches during the Battle of Britain were evocative, how’s that?

HARBAUGH: Ok. It is a word.

Q: What is an arrow through snow? Are you a hunter?

HARBAUGH: No. Never have hunted.

Q: I’ve just never heard the phrase. It’s something you picked up?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, from my brother John. I cannot take credit for that one. The way he went through the man was like an arrow going through snow. He just went right through him.

Q: Were Kaepernick’s feet bothering him earlier in the year and not anymore and is that why he’s running well now?

HARBAUGH: He’s running well. It’s just what he does, what he’s capable of. He’s a very talented individual and you’ve seen it, many examples.

Q: What was it like being in that fracas on the field?

HARBAUGH: What was it like? It was good. It was good to be in the fray. Got stepped on. Got cleated in the foot. And that felt good too. I walked that off. It felt good to get cleated again. It’s been over a decade since I’ve been stepped on and cleated. It gave me something to walk off. It felt good to be honest with you. Life-giving energy. Feel like you’re in the fray getting jostled around. Don’t quite have the leg strength I once had though. I was getting moved more than I was moving anybody. Just another reminder, you stare in the mirror and it’s not the same reflection you saw in the mirror in my south quad college dormitory room.

Q: You said we may see Aldon Smith playing in a couple of weeks. Any update on that?

HARBAUGH: No. As I said at the time, I’m hopeful. In the overarching scheme of things hopeful for Aldon personally. And I think he’s on track. I know he’s treating one day at a time and that’s how we’re looking at it too. Make the day as good as possible and hopeful that we’ll see him soon. I don’t know when that will be. I’m not the authority for when that will be. I’m not the spokesman for when that will be. Just speaking as his coach and as his teammate and the way the rest of the team and coaches and players feel. We’re in his corner and support him and we miss him. Hopefully we see him soon.

Q: Are you going to take the team to see any sights in London?

HARBAUGH: Yes, we will do that. We’re going to do it as a team after Friday’s practice. We’re moving from out here in the country down to the city so on our way we’re going to take some buses through and see some of the sights and hopefully 10 Downing Street will be one of them.

I think you kind of get the picture. We’ll go to Buckingham Palace, mess with the guards a little bit. See Big Ben. Can you just imagine, you take 70 football players, jump out of the bus, snap some photos, back in the bus. It would be like one of those European Vacation movies. Chevy Chase, I’m picturing Chevy Chase here. Clark what his name? Griswold! I’m going to be Clark Griswold.

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