Harbaugh names Kaepernick the No. 2 quarterback, but “nothing is set in stone.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh announced Tuesday in the media tent that Colin Kaepernick has tentatively emerged as the 49ers’ No. 2 quarterback. Here’s everything Harbaugh said about Kaepernick and the other QBs.

Q: Is it possible that you’ll carry four quarterbacks on your roster during the regular season?

HARBAUGH: Anything is possible. We’ll do what’s best for our football team. This is one of those things that was foreseen, that we have four very good quarterbacks, that these are four quarterbacks who will all play a very long time in this league. I knew it would be very competitive offseason and training camp. It’s been of great value in that we don’t take a bad rep in practice because of the quarterback not knowing what to do or not having the ability to make all the throws. It’s also played out as we had foreseen, that this competition is fluid – it goes up, it goes down, it goes sideways. It’s still playing out.

Q: Are you foreseeing a difficult decision on who the No. 2 and No. 3 guys are going to be?

HARBAUGH: There are things that are taking shape, but these games are very important as we knew they would be. We thought that it would come down to some of those games.

Q: You said early on that there was a three-way tie for the No. 2 spot. Has Colin Kaepernick emerged as the No. 2?

HARBAUGH: I would say Colin has emerged there. He’s been very good. Nothing is set in stone in that regard, but he has emerged.

Q: In what order will your four quarterbacks play on Saturday against the Houston Texans?

HARBAUGH: It’ll be Alex, and then Kaep, and then Josh Johnson and then Scott Tolzien. All four will play.

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