Harbaugh: “We would have liked to have B.J. back. We don’t, so, rolled the dice there and now we don’t have him.”

SANTA CLARA – Jim Harbaugh spoke in the media tent Friday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What’s the outlook for Patrick Willis for Sunday’s game?

HARBAUGH: We’ll see. He’s progressing good every day. We’ll see what the chances are tomorrow and the next day.

Q: How did Michael Wilhoite look this week in practice?

HARBAUGH: Good, good. He’s done a nice job in games and practice.

Q: Is he at the point where you can just plug him in and keep everything else the same?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, he’s a trusted agent.

Q: As far as the offense goes, is there another team you’ve faced the last two years that’s similar to Houston in the sense of their zone run blocking scheme and their play action passing?

HARBAUGH: They do a great job in their run blocking schemes and really, nobody does as good a job as the Texans do in simulating the play action pass, making it look exactly like the run, making the bootlegs look like the run. I can’t say that there is anybody that does it as well as they do.

Q: When we spoke to you on Wedensday, B.J. Daniels was still in limbo. Obviously, he’s not with the team. What’s your reaction? Are you disappointed you don’t have him anymore on the squad?

HARBAUGH: Yes, we would have liked to have B.J. back on the practice squad. We don’t, so, rolled the dice there and now we don’t have him.

Q: Was that a risk you thought could happen?


Q: But the Seahawks in particular, did you know they were interested in him?

HARBAUGH: There was speculation, yeah. We knew they had worked him out etcetera.

Q: The fact that John Skelton worked out for the Titans on Tuesday, did that play into your decision? Did the decision come sooner than you would have liked to have made that decision?

HARBAUGH: No, the decision came when it came.

Q: The fact that he was working out with the Titans didn’t affect it?

HARBAUGH: No, it did not.

ME: How do you define “stature”? Is it just height?


Q: What stands out about Andre Johnson?

HARBAUGH: Just about everything. He’s competitive for the ball, I think that stands out the most. He’s fluid, very accomplished route runner, blocker. Top-notch player.

Q: Willis will be questionable?


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