Harbaugh on Kaepernick: “He doesn’t need to prepare for press conferences and come up with a routine like Jay Leno.”

Jim Harbaugh spoke about Colin Kaepernick’s press-conference attitude Tuesday morning on KNBR. Here is a transcript.

Q: When Colin Kaepernick speaks to the media, boy does he shut down his personality. We know he’s a bright, engaging guy. We’ve had him on the show where he’s been bright and engaging. Are you advising him to shut down his media personality, is it something you’d like to see change, do you feel like he’s projecting a cold image or do you not care at all?

HARBAUGH: Wow, that’s a lot of questions. First of all, no. Players deal with things through their own personality. I think you’re being a little over-analytical and critical. His focus is on winning games, on being the best that he can be as a player and his preparation is on football. To say that his job is be more entertaining, be more engaging – basically, I think it’s entertaining. You want him to be more entertaining, more..

Q: I think more human.

HARBAUGH: Human to you is what? He’s being a human. He’s being a human football player.

Q: I guess. What you said yesterday about Kassim Osgood…

HARBAUGH: He doesn’t need to prepare for press conferences and come up with a routine like Jay Leno. It’s not his job to come out for 15 minutes and do a monologue. He’s got a lot of things to study for his job. That’s what he needs to do – his job.

Q: Yesterday you talked about how Kassim Osgood has pizzazz and how that’s good. It’s just something about when you’re talking to a person and they’re answering you curtly. You do a good job of engaging us…

HARBAUGH: You have to understand, sometimes those questions are asked curtly as well. I really don’t want to argue about it with you. Colin is doing a great job. He’s doing his job. What more do you ask from a guy?


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