Harbaugh on Moss: “Just a matter of time before he gets a big-catch day.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Jim Harbaugh said about Randy Moss at the Monday press conference.

HARBAUGH: Randy Moss has been just great. A lot of people talk about the past or whatever, I’ve seen nothing other than a guy who works hard and wants to contribute, practices and says and does all the right things.

Q: What’s been great about Moss’ play on the field on Sundays?

HARBAUGH: Assignment, route-running, speed’s been there. Just a matter of time before he gets a big-catch day that everybody seems to only pin their evaluation on, but he’s been excellent.

Q: Does he communicate to you and the coaches during games what he sees out there?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, not daily, it’s weekly. Most days Randy’s got an enthusiastic suggestion for what we can do or try. The neat thing about it is it’s never a self-centered thing, how to get him more balls. It’s how to help the team.


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