Harbaugh on the 49ers’ kicker competition: “We have a leader in the clubhouse.”

SANTA CLARA – This is what Jim Harbaugh said about the 49ers kicker competition Monday in the media tent, courtesy of the 49ers.


Have you made any resolution on which kicker is going to be working for you on Saturday?

“No. Not a resolution, but, we have a leader in the clubhouse, and we’ll see how it goes today and tomorrow.”


Can you say who that leader is?

“No. No, but it’s been good competition, and working through it.”


When would you like to have that decision made?

“Like we’ve said from the beginning, there’s no set date or time on that, when we’d like to. Just when it happens.”


By all accounts, K David Akers has been good in practices throughout the season. A, is that true and if it is how do you then base the competition on practice knowing that at least for him practice hasn’t necessarily translated to successful games?

“Well, there have been both. He’had success in practice and in games. But, just football. Good in practice, accurate in practice. It usually translates to good in games. And some other issues we’re attempting to fix, too. We’ve got to sure up our protection. That needs to be better. We’ve had too much penetration. We’ve had extra points tipped. We’ve gotten split at the wing. So, there has to be an understanding that that needs to improve as well. And we’ve been working on it.”


Is the leader in the clubhouse based on the two practices last week?



Is the fact that it’s a home game make a difference that one guy might know the conditions of Candlestick better?

“Yeah, you usually weigh as many factors as you can there. But, it’s predominately being based on how they’re kicking now head-to-head.”


Will you need time to be set aside to go up to Candlestick and have either or both of those kickers kicking in those conditions on that surface?



What day will that be?



Is there a chance that both of them will be on the roster come Saturday? Or do you hope to pick the guy before then?

“Yeah, that’s a good question. I think there’s a good chance that they’ll both be on the roster come Saturday.”


Would it be conceivable that both would be active on Saturday?

“That’s conceivable.”

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