Harbaugh praises lots of players, including Kaepernick, McDonald and Patton.

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Jim Harbaugh said after practice Thursday afternoon.

Q: You ended practice early. Why?

HARBAUGH: I really liked the practice today and the entire offseason. It was a great effort by our team. I like our team. I like where we’re at right now. It was a good camp.

Q: It seemed like Colin Kaepernick and the first team offense really ended practice with a flourish.

HARBAUGH: They sure did. They were really sharp there. Colin has been on it all offseason. That period especially was outstanding. Saw Vance McDonald on his birthday making some spectacular grabs. We have to have more Vance McDonald birthdays. He was outstanding. Marlon Moore had a terrific day. There were others, but it was highlighted by some really good throws and catches there at the end.

Q: How was Austin Collie’s workout?

HARBAUGH: It was good.

Q: Anything more you can add to that?

HARBAUGH: Like what? He’s good. He had a patella tear seven-and-a-half months ago and he’s very far along. Very impressive.

Q: Does his concussion history scare you?

HARBAUGH: That’s for the doctors to look at and analyze.

Q: Do you know what happened to Brandon Carswell?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, unfortunately he tore his ACL. It was a real kick in the gut.

Q: How is Colin different through this weekend than he was last year?

HARBAUGH: I don’t know that I would compare the two. He’s doing a fantastic job in all regards.

Q: What about Craig Dahl’s assertion that you guys were tipping plays?

HARBAUGH: After the first game we played the Rams, we saw that we were doing that.

Q: So did you change things?

HARBAUGH: Yes, yes, adjusted.

Q: You don’t think that was an issue the second time in St. Louis?

HARBAUGH: Not as much.

Q: He just told you?

HARBAUGH: Of course we asked him. It confirmed what we knew.

Q: How often does that happen in the NFL?

HARBAUGH: Tips? Probably a lot.

Q: Why didn’t Anquan do team drills the last couple of days?

HARBAUGH: Today he didn’t. Yesterday he did. I felt he had done enough and I wanted to see the younger receivers and get them more reps.

Q: What about Eric Reid today? He didn’t participate.

HARBAUGH: Nothing like that. There’s a little minor thing he’s working through.

Q: On Tuesday you said A.J. Jenkins had his best week of football as a 49er last week. Did he build off of that this week?

HARBAUGH: I thought so. I thought he did another really good job. There’s quite a jump with Quinton Patton from where he came in. He elevated himself. Marlon Moore, as I said, had a great camp. Kassim Osgood really has been a real pleasant surprise at the receiver position. Chad Hall has done a remarkable job. Ricardo Lockette had perfect attendance, along with A.J. and Chad. Doing a really fine job. It’s fierce competition in there. They understand what’s at stake, what the team needs from them and they are rising to the occasion. That’s something that bodes very well for our team.

Q: How did you leave things with Collie today?

HARBAUGH: It’s ongoing. There are still a few things we want to have checked out.

Q: Do you think you’ll have to bring in another receiver for training camp?

HARBAUGH: Yeah, that’s a possibility.

Q: Does Collie have to get a little healthier?

HARBAUGH: We’ve plowed that ground pretty thoroughly. I don’t really have anything more to say about it.

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