Harbaugh a Raider? Considering the unthinkable

Here is my Tuesday column.

Would Jim Harbaugh willingly coach the Raiders next season?

Is he insane?

He is under contract to coach the 49ers next season, but ESPN reported this past weekend that the Niners will dump him after this season unless the team makes a deep run into the playoffs – fat chance. Almost every other week it seems a new report comes out reminding us that Harbaugh probably is a goner.

ESPN added that the Raiders and Jets would like to trade for him, and that the Raiders are the favorites to land him.

That made me chuckle. How could the Raiders be the favorites for anything, let alone a big-name head coach like Harbaugh? Harbaugh has to agree the trade before it can happen. Wouldn’t he rather coach somewhere else?

Wouldn’t Harbaugh rather coach at the University of Michigan, his alma mater, where fans would worship him and he would make a ton of dough? He couldn’t fail at Michigan. He’s proven he can build a college football program – he already built two, at the University of San Diego and at Stanford. He can build a third program at Michigan, re-build his stock as a head coach and return to the NFL after a few years to a coach a team with real talent.

Isn’t that the shrewd move instead of coaching the Raiders, the least-talented team in the NFL?

Think about it from his ego’s perspective. Harbaugh has a giant ego.

Returning to college football would diminish Harbaugh’s ego. Perception would be that Harbaugh needed to return to college to fix his shortcomings as a coach.

Harbaugh doesn’t think he has shortcomings. He thinks he’s the best coach in the world. He can’t prove that at Michigan, but he can prove it at the Raiders.

If Harbaugh can fix the worst team in football, he can proclaim he is the genius he believes himself to be. And he can show up Jed York and Trent Baalke at the same time.

The Raiders are the perfect match for Harbaugh and his ego.

The Jets are a decent match, but they have more talent than the Raiders and they’re 3,000 miles farther away from the Niners. It would be more pleasurable to show up York and Baalke in their own backyard.

If Harbaugh went to the Jets, he would have to work for general manager John Idzik, a powerful executive like Trent Baalke. Harbaugh might not want to work for Idzik.

Harbaugh probably wouldn’t want to work for Reggie McKenzie, either. He may not have to. Harbaugh would love to work for Mike Lombardi, one of his best friends. Lombardi was the Raiders’ Senior Personnel Executive from 1998-2007. He currently is an assistant to the Patriots’ coaching staff after he spent last season as the Browns’ general manager. Lombardi allegedly tried to trade two third-rounds picks to the Niners for Harbaugh this past February before the Browns fired him (Lombardi).

Mark Davis can fire McKenzie after the season and replace him with Lombardi. That would make Harbaugh happy.

The Raiders would be stupid to trade their 2015 first-round pick for Harbaugh because their 2015 first-rounder could be a top-three pick – a potential franchise player.

But they have plenty of other draft picks to interest the 49ers. They could trade the Niners, say, a third-rounder for Harbaugh. The Niners would be happy because they’d get a mid-round pick for a coach they would just as soon dump for nothing. The Raiders would be happy because they’d get credibility, national attention and sold-out home games for the first time in more than a decade.

Jim Harbaugh spoke to the media Monday afternoon for the first time since ESPN’s report about a possible trade to the Raiders. The 49ers play the Raiders this coming Sunday, and one reporter asked Harbaugh if he can confirm which of the two teams he will be coaching during that game.

Harbaugh stared straight ahead, clenched his jaw and tried to show nothing. And then he smiled. He couldn’t help himself. The question amused him.

He knows that we know he might be going to the Raiders next season. He just can’t say it.

Is he insane? You tell me.

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.

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  1. Is He insane…?
    For all of the personnel swaps in and out, yes…he is. He has taken a team that was handed to him that was built by Mike Nolan and Scott McCloughan and has blown out at least a dozen players including Scott Rolzien, Alex Smith, JJohnson, as better QB’s than his ‘chosen one’ who can’t even find his second progression. You’re exactly right, Grant…his EGO is his worst opponent, and IT WILL ALWAYS BE…trade him for a high school cheerleader if need be.

      1. Colt McCoy who supposedly did not have the skills the HaRo brain trust needed, to play behind CK threw for 385 yards against the Colts on Sunday! Shawn Hill was the QB for the Rams on Sunday in the 52-0 beatdown. .

          1. @tkamB

            Yes, I do think that all four of them are better than CK…NOT better runners, but better QB’s overall, and that includes managing the team

            1. Well, you’re completely wrong. Ask any GM, scout, coach, towel boy, etc in the league which QB they’d rather have and I 100% guarantee that all of them say Kaepernick.

              1. I get that people are mad since the offense is struggling and Kaepernick hasn’t played well, but let’s be real. Thinking career backups who get starting jobs due to injury are better than Kaepernick is just silly. Just as silly as the people who thought Troy Smith, Nate Davis, Ken Dorsey, JT O’Sullivan, etc were better than Alex Smith.

              2. There are a lot of qbs that have a lot of raw talent and potential, but they don’t make it in the league. Vince young won a national title, started as a rookie and now is out of the league.

                What’s working against Colin is his initial success. Everyone thought that was his starting point and with more starts and experience, he will be amazing.
                The problem is that his initial start was an anomaly. He was never a good practice player, not known to be accurate and the book on him out of college is that he’s inconsistent.
                If a scrub like Greg Cosell can figure out what’s wrong with his game, don’t you think paid coaches can figure out how to beat him.
                It’s the nfl man! He’s got plenty of games now to get better but he looked as confused as geno smith and rg3.

              3. Compare Kaepernick’s stats, W/L, film. etc to Geno and RGIII and tell me he’s as “confused.” I’m convinced some of you don’t watch football.

              4. Just looks at the stats, facts, and results for this year, and then tell us again why you know more about football.

              5. Total QBRs;
                Kaepernick 52.7
                RGIII 26.7
                Geno 25.6

                Kaepernick 7-5
                RGIII 1-4
                Geno 1-9

                Passer Rating
                Kaepernick 87.8
                RGIII 85.7
                Geno 65.8

                Win Probability Added
                Kaepernick +.79
                Griffin -.82
                Geno -.93

                Expected Points Added
                Kaepernick +43.3
                Griffin -17.6
                Geno -16.1

                Want me to go on?

              6. The “inconsistent” label is a bit misleading with respect to Kaepernick’s play at Nevada. I believe it was Blaylock who first labeled him as inconsistent with respect to being a draft prospect, and at the time I thought it was the wrong term, and I still do. Inconsistency entails different performance in similar or the same situations. And while that term does fit Kap now in the 49ers offense, it did not fit him in the Pistol offense Ault ran at Nevada. He pretty much performed the same throughout the course of each season.

                Kaepernick was incredibly consistent within the offense he was running. He was a master at the zone-read concepts that Ault installed in offense for him, and he was an effective passer from play action. He suffered accuracy issues on non-play action pass plays , but this is not an inconsistency – he was consistently less effective in the non-play action passing game. He was also consistently less effective against pro-style offenses.

                Lack of efficacy in one situation while being effective in other situations is not inconsistency – it is differential efficacy. Differential efficacy can be very consistent – i.e. the person in question is always less effective in one situation over another. This is a difficult concept to explain, so inconsistent is often used broadly to mean differential efficacy.

                Strictly speaking, then, Kaepernick was not inconsistent at Nevada. He was not as effective in certain circumstances (non-play action passing plays & against pro-style offenses), but these were consistent problems. The issue he has now is that he is inconsistent with respect to those same situations. He has improved since Nevada – he is no longer consistently less effective in those circumstances – but he is wildly inconsistent in them, as sometimes he looks like an NFL quarterback and sometimes he looks like he did coming out of college.

              7. Great. Now take those stats and look at the results. Where does the offense rank?

                Geno Smith is in his 2nd year. RG3 his third. Colin is on his 4th.
                How many dumb plays does he make? How many games did he lose? I count 3 so far this year.

              8. JPN,

                I think you more than most, can speak from a different level of perspective having watched Kap his entire time at Nevada. Late comers such as myself, only saw Kap as a Sr. and dug into him more during the draft and after he was selected by the Niners. As such I think your view on this is right on the money.

                I think Kap just has to stop trying to be all things to all people in a football vernacular. Stop trying to make a play when it isn’t there, which we’ve discussed before. Accept the fact dumping the ball off is the right play sometimes as is throwing it away. It’s always seemed to me like Kap is so focused on making the big play on every snap that he misses the fact his job could be much easier if he’d take what is there instead of forcing the issue. I don’t know how they Coach him or what the focus is, but the things he doesn’t do aren’t that hard to figure out at least imo. I’m certainly not ready to cut him loose but this will be a big offseason for him and the next Coach could be the make or break for him here.

              9. @tkamB

                We’ve all heard that defense before…now have you asked every GM, scout, coach, towel boy, etc. in the league? Kinda’ loose with that 100% guarantee, don’t you think ?

              10. JPN, rocket:

                As always, thanks for the thoughtful comments. As this season seemingly comes apart, those are in short supply around here.

                rocket, I agree with you about Kaerpernick’s insistence on “trying to make a play.” It seems clear that, no matter how inadvisable it is, he’d rather try to make a big play than simply take what the defense gives him. It’s a disquieting sign of immaturity from a guy who is 27 years old.

              11. @fansince77
                You’re whole point was that he has looked “as confused as Geno and RGIII.” 49ers record and his stats refute that claim.I never disputed that the offense has been bad, or that Kaepernick has lost us a couple games, that still doesn’t make your comparison completely inaccurate.

                I don’t need to ask everyone, the contracts bear it out. The fact that more NFL coaches are afraid of Kaepernick than Peyton Manning is further proof. http://mmqb.si.com/2014/10/15/nfl-breakdown-peyton-manning-colin-kaepernick/

                Find me one coach/GM who would rather face Peyton Manning than Colt McCoy/Scott Tolzien, Shaun Hill, etc. You can’t.

            2. LMAO! Some people here are really funny. Shawn hill, colt McCoy lol.. Priceless man… I love reading these comments of people who have zero clue about the game of football. This is awesome!

            3. There is a reason we are called fans and not coaches/GMs.

              How are you sure that Harbaugh didn’t want to keep the aforementioned QBs and Baalke had other plans. Perhaps they also wanted an opportunity to compete for #1? You don’t, I don’t. Anything we post is merely speculation. A lot of it is 20/20 hindsight too! I seem to remember many fans cheering to get rid of Hill/McCoy and A. Smith.

              Patience should rule the day, but so far it hasn’t.

              Everyone please remember this team still is playoff eligible. Keep that in mind before you run someone out of town tarred and feathered on a rail. Smh.

              1. Almost everyone on this site thought McCoy was a stiff. His production while he was in the games in preseason were abysmal. People seem to have selective memories. I wonder why people don’t seem to consider that since QB and wr seem to do better when they leave here that the problem was not with them but rather the system here. It was relatively hidden until other problems such as injuries to key players exposed it in 2013.

    1. Oregon,

      What you posted is plain stupidity. There’s no other way to put it. So you want to get rid of a coach that has taken the team to 3 NFCCGs, 1 Super Bowl appearance, and has a combined record of 43-16? The team Harbaugh inherited had gone a combined 37-59 under Singletary and Nolan. Do you want to return to the abyss? Be careful what you ask for.

      1. @Nick

        You still don’t post anything about football…just historical numbers and name-calling. How can you expect to be taken seriously ?……seriously!

      2. Rocket,

        I have learned that the Internet is a good way to get data. That it falls under the guise of information is sometimes true but not always. That it is true, well that is a much higher level for data to attain. That it is useful….

        Kap has been subject to expectations which are unreasonable. I remember thinking that Steve Young wasn’t very good, but then I realized that he was following Montana. No one came close to him. Certainly not Manning, who is a fantastic passer. Kap is developing and will have good days and bad ones. This year has been tough for the team. Out of synch the entire year and luck has not favored them (injuries, Lattimore, hold outs, bone head decisions by players, etc.).
        We fans invest a lot of our lives into following this team but we have to remember how difficult it is to be #1. We should be happy that our team is competive and have a world class coach and FO staff. The players are first rate – Kap is better than the majority of starting QBs. He may not be Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers but he is a very good athlete and player.
        Fans seem to forget how much they loathed McCoy. How Ward took over for a spent Carlos Rogers.
        The losses that the team has had (Walker, Goodwin) are the ones that they most miss and have had a harder time filling. Gore is much older and does not have the burst through the hole he once did. I would love for someone to explain to me why Hyde is not having the kind of success that say Charles or Lacy seemed to have from the start.

        1. To your point, EastCoast9er, I would say that Hyde is not having a similar impact in the running game as Charles or Lacy did coming out is because he (Hyde) faces more 8 & 9 man fronts. Lacy had the advantage of working with Aaron Rogers, giving him run-friendly looks early in his career. He had more of an opportunity to display his breakout skills against a pass conscious defense. Jamaal Charles is much smoother in his execution and showed a natural talent in the passing game, both in screen situations and lined up wide as a receiver (this is a whole ‘nother discussion – involving the running backs in the screen game). Hyde is having a tougher time against loaded boxes, which is a common strategy against the 49ers, regardless of any threat in the passing game. Teams are game planning to take away Kaepernick and Gore in the running game. Usually when Hyde enters the game it is in 21 Personnel and they run the 2-back stretch play to the left. He hit some nice counters against NY. He has best been utilized lined up in gun-weak with the threat of qb keep, play pass or quick screen to the weak side – with a zone dive attached.

          It is a play designed purely on numbers and he has scored at least 2 (maybe 3) TDs on this specific scheme alone. In all truth, the play mentioned most likely also has a pass automatic which the quarterback can “alert” or “kill”, depending on the way they package the sequence. They may have several different checks where they will only check a run play from strong to weak, no matter what the secondary shows. They may call a pass play with the option to kill the pass and check to the run – allowing for the additional strength check; and vice versa: a called run with the options to kill the play and run the corresponding play-action. And, as above, they may call a run play with a read/qucik screen option tied in (no-check) where the quarterback reads the “conflict defender(s)”; with the option to “alert” to a max pro “outside-in” quick rub or fade pass if they see zero blitz.

          It’s really great play design and something that the entire offense is predicated on, but it is something that a young running back may have a steep learning curve with, limiting his awareness of responsibility in certain situations due to sheer volume.

          The 49ers offense is stuck in a “paralysis by analysis” pace of execution, or as what Matt Barrows considers to be “too many cooks” in the kitchen. Where Brooks refers to the flip flopping of personnel at the heart of the issue, I would say that it is more of the way that the offense play-management is complex for everyone involved. It is ironic that 49ers fans ran Smith out for being a game manager and it is painfully obvious that if Kaepernick could just incorporate a little of that management quality into his game – check downs, throw-aways, reading low-to-high, taking what the defense gives you (basically a west-coast offense approach to quarterbacking), as opposed to Kaep’s penchant for always looking for the big play (HT to… someone else, I don’t know where I read it, but it was good analysis) – the offense’s general execution would improve.

          And I digress…


          1. Nice post.
            I’d be curious to see the blocking stats on Hyde’s carries versus Gore’s, as he seems to be met in the backfield more often than anyone I’ve ever seen.

            As for the ‘game manager’ commentary, I couldn’t agree more. If Kap just threw the ball away instead of taking sacks, the offense would be markedly better. He’s a great runner in space, but he’s not particularly good at escaping the pocket (especially compared to Wilson). Oh well, this isn’t the first time we’re reliant on a top D and a barely servicable offense.

    2. Lol I wrote earlier on how some of you bitter Alex smith fans make me chuckle with your thinking Alex smith would do better this season. And here is one of them. Chuckle chuckle. Same old smither Oregon. Man sooo bitter. Gotta love it

      And you forgot to mention that this “handed down team” who never had a winning season until he got here, has been to THREE straight NFC title games. Something no coach has done in their first three seasons. But hey let’s get rid of the guy who turned this team into winners. All because he cut Alex smith. Again.. Chuckle chuckle.

      1. I don’t really have a pony in the Smith/Kaepernick saga but I would say that one of the reasons that is under-reported for Kaep’s stagnation is the fact that he doesn’t have Smith there to mentor him and talk him through what he sees on the field, providing insight and valuable coaching tips that may contextualize the feedback he is getting from the coaches. Plus there is the void of competition between a viable challenge for the starting job without Smith there to push Kaep. Kaep signed for the big money and became complacent. One of Harbaugh’s major tenets is competition. You can’t have true competition without a viable challenger. Kaep needs the threat in order to truly get the most out of himself. The NFL salary structure makes it virtually impossible to retain 2 starting caliber quarterbacks on a roster. This may prove to be a challenge to Harbaugh’s style but he has proven that he can win with an undisputed QB1 in Luck at Stanford.

        3 NFC Championships, indeed, I agree that the 49ers are foolish to jettison a coach who has posted such a winning percentage. He just wins. The fact that it has taken 4 years for the 49ers to start regressing back to the mean is an impressive feat in itself. A down year with a decent shot to make the playoffs. And if they do make the playoffs, you can throw out this whole fat chance thing of making a deep run. This is an experienced team with playoff road wins at Green Bay and Carolina last year and narrow losses in the Super Bowl and NFC Championship last year. Heck, it’s like Crabtree said, they were the best team every year from the beginning that Harbaugh took over. If it wasn’t for 2 muffed punts in 2011, they probably go on to beat NE in the Super Bowl.

  2. Grant,

    Don’t you think part of the reason Harbaugh chose the 49ers over Miami back in 2011 was they gave him the best chance to be successful right away?

  3. He’s not insane at all…but the Niners might be it they let him go!
    Am I the only one that remembers the Mile Nolan, Dennis Erickson, Mike Singletart fiasco years? Good coaches are hard to find, don’t chase one away!

    1. There are a lot of people who know and remember how hard it is to get a program and coach that will bring an organization out of average in order to compete at the level Harbaugh has reached.

      It’s just that those who feel entitled to a Superbowl win each and every year have to have a scape goat any time that goal isn’t reached. Someone must pay.

  4. Yeah Harbaugh is a arrogant pain in the az boisterous lousy offensive coach. But the yorks are the clowns who fired mooch and turned from the wco ( see Green Bay Ravens, Kansas city etc…) to the 3 stooges. Erickson and sing were bad but we could have had McCarthy and Rodgers for that dufus nolan. Maybe Harbaugh can’t turn kap into a real qb, instead of the latest mike Vick clone, but it sure beats going on the cheap with tomsula . We have a offense problem with seifret ( remember having to hire mooch) to Harbaugh, and you want to hire a dl coach? Maybe we can fix flat tires with oil changes. Honestly I trust the goofiness of Harbaugh over the amateur incompetence of the yorks! New ownership turned it around for the the 49ers Eddie d & moribito brothers) Giants , Warriors and Seahawks. Please someone buy this team from the yorks please!!!

    1. Maybe Larry Ellison can buy the niners from the Dorks and save the niners from 10 years of mediocrity

  5. Some of the beat writers in attendance at todays press conference showed more signs of mental instability that JH does.

    1. Are you referring to the Tim Kawakami question, that Grant quoted but didn’t credit, about which team are you coaching Sunday?

  6. What makes Harbaugh a good long term coach? He was supposed to be the QB Whisperer but the chosen one isn’t working out so good right now. If Kaep was getting better and farther along in his development, we would not be talking about this right now. We would be paying Harbaugh 8 Million, or anything more than Pete Carroll.

    I forget who wrote the article about how competitive Harbaugh is, how he hates to lose and it’s his ego that is putting all the pressure on Kaep.

    I’ve been tough on Kaep all year, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel for the guy. At times maybe Kaep didn’t need tough love, he needed some time to let all that new knowledge sink in. Just watch him in the pocket, does anything look natural or instinctive?
    End of the day maybe Harbaugh was a snake oil salesmen, let him go, and try to keep Fangio.

    His replacement has to be an up and coming coordinator, like Mike Tomlin was for Pitt. Maybe Bevell, not because he’s good, but that we’re poaching from our rival. Who knows, maybe York can sell Bevell as the guy who can help Kaep get to the next level, just look at how Russell Wilson turned out.

    1. Fan:

      I live in Seattle and just a week or so ago most of the fans were calling for Bevell’s head. From what I see, it’s Wilson’s ability to keep a play alive that is largely responsible for the modest success of their offense. It may be that Bevell recognizes Wilson’s limitations and works with what he has, instead of forcing him to be a pocket passer as JH and company seem to be doing to Colin. Since Colin will play through the rest of the year, I’m for letting him play instinctively instead of forcing him to be a pocket passer. If the CS does that, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a nice mix of pocket passing with instinctive stretching a play/running – depending upon what the defense gives him.

      1. Absolutely- aside from developing a screen game, allowing Kap to roll out and either dump it off or take off if nothing is open down field would likely keep the chains moving more often than not………. interestingly, there seemed to be more design runs at the start of the year vs what we have seen of late as well.

      2. Difference being SEATTLE has Lynch. And don’t underestimate Wilsons ability to throw from the pocket. He’s not great but he doesn’t make ill advised throws.
        How many times this year have we seen balls bounce off defenders hands for should have been INT’s?

      3. I’m not saying Bevell is a good coach or a good choice. It’s all about spin and selling a coach to the masses. You can’t go from a celebrity coach like Harbaugh and then go back to another old traditional coach, John Gruden is the only exception. So you need a young turk.
        I think the Kaep ship has sailed. The league has figured him out. He has to go back to the drawing board, disappear, and then come back, by then he will be 29.

        1. Fan:

          The 49ers situation truly calls for an experienced coach. Part coach, part shrink part religious advisor — there are a lot of bridges to mend.

            1. @Fan 77

              That will NEVER happen in San Francisco…One day it’s parades and chariots, the next loss it’s “Et tu, Brutus?”

      1. There is a history of failure no matter where you go to hire somebody. Coaches are on a short time clock and have to produce quickly or they’re gone. The team needs to find the best candidate no matter where he comes from or what the past history was.

        1. Rocket a short time clock is certainly one reason coaches fail but i truely believe that HC of an nfl team is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, its not a very important job, but there are only about 12 to 16 men in the world today who can be consistent winners in the NFL. Its why when you have one of them in place you do what you need to to keep him. You do’nt let the fact that he can be irritating and even border line beligerant get in the way of keeping a winner.

          1. I completely agree with you Old Coach which is why I’ve said anyone thinking Harbaugh can be easily replaced is fooling themselves. My point here is based on the notion that the relationship is irreparable and they will be looking for a new HC once the season is over. I think it’s asinine to reach the point the FO has with their HC, but smart people do dumb things sometimes and it appears that is the case here.

    2. Fansince Replace Harbaugh with an up and coming coordinator with no HC experience. Why? I think you will find that up and coming coordinators with no HC experience fail at a very high rate. See M. Nolan see C. Weiss. See Josh McDaniel. Hell even E Mangini falls into that category. The list is endless. Its why there are 6 to 10 NFL teams looking for a new HC every year.

      1. OldCoach
        That’s why I’d prefer a college HC over an NFL assistant with no HC experience. There are good ones out there – David Shaw, Rich Rodriguez, Todd Graham, etc. Nonetheless, I’d rather see the 49ers keep Harbaugh.

  7. Hammer,
    I agree that Harbaugh could have chosen Miami, but this team was already prime for a run at the playoffs and beyond as was proven with their appearance in the SB in Harbaugh’ second season.

    “Harbaugh doesn’t think he has shortcomings. He thinks he’s the best coach in the world. He can’t prove that at Michigan, but he can prove it at the Raiders.

    If Harbaugh can fix the worst team in football, he can proclaim he is the genius he believes himself to be. And he can show up Jed York and Trent Baalke at the same time.

    The Raiders are the perfect match for Harbaugh and his ego.”
    ~ Grant

    The undisciplined and perennially bad raiders team is the type of team that can sully any coach’s winning percentage and good reputation. Even Harbaugh’.
    Harbaugh would not have the seemingly overnight success with the raiders that he had with the 49ers.
    And Harbaugh will not invest 3-5 years just to get the raiders to a 500 record.
    Harbaugh will be the hottest commodity at the end of the season with opportunities afforded to those like the Jimmy Johnson’, Bill Parcells, and Bill Cowhers of the world.
    Why would he want to risk that image by coaching the hot-mess in Oakland?

    I know that reports are that Harbaugh’ wife would like to stay in NorCal, but even she would have to consider the physical and mental toll her husband would undergo in raidernation. Michigan could give Harbaugh tenure and make him an offer that he and his wife could not turn down.

    Harbaugh has one foot out the door in Santa Clara, but I doubt both feet land in Oakland.

    1. Good points AES. While Harbs would be intrigued by the challenge of Oakland, he knows it’s a double edged sword. If he doesn’t turn them around, then he goes from a murky SF departure to an Oakland Fail & would hurt his legacy. I also think that any other place he goes he’ll want more control and less interference. Would he get that in Oakland? I doubt it, and it wouldn’t last for long if he did.
      Dallas has been suggested. Again I’d have trouble seeing him sign on to work Jerry who drafts, chooses players to start sometimes and dictates too many details to his coaches and undermines them. Doesn’t seem like a good fit.
      Or Jets? Would he and Izdik get along?

  8. You mentioned that Mike Lombardi was the Raiders’ Senior Personnel Executive from 1998-2007. You didn’t mention that Jim Harbaugh coached for the Raiders for two of those seasons, 2002-2003 (QB Coach).

  9. I could see Harbaugh Coaching the Raiders although I think they’d be far down the list of preferred destinations.

    Both San Diego and Stanford were in bad shape when he took over, so he’s obviously not afraid of a challenge.

    The Raiders also have some positives that would be intriguing.

    First and foremost they appear to have a pretty good young QB to build around along with a great young defensive player on that side of the ball.

    They will have a ton of cap room and with Harbaugh as HC, may attract a better caliber of FA’s than they did last year.

    They are likely to have the #1 pick in every round with the chance to add some great talent in a hurry.

    Crazy as it sounds it might not take Harbaugh that long to turn things around across the Bay.

    1. Harbaugh might decide to go to the Raiders, for one thing there’s a young talented Qb D. Carr that he can build the offense around and raiders has some young talents.

    2. “Both San Diego and Stanford were in bad shape when he took over, so he’s obviously not afraid of a challenge.”

      That’s exactly right, rocket. And while we all like to talk about how this team was loaded with talent when Harbaugh took over, there is no way you would have believed so prior to 2011. There were significant question marks on this team before Harbaugh took over. Its only after the fact, seeing what a good coach can do, that people saw this team actually had legitimate talent on the roster.

      Since 2002, the one thing that has been consistent in Harbaugh’s decisions regarding where to coach is location.

      1. The 49ers missed the playoffs by 1 game in a miserable division the year before Harbaugh took over.

        The key pieces were in place, RB, O-line, RB, Willis and Smith on D.

        There’s a team out there now in a similar situation and it isn’t Oakland.

              1. Jack,

                I agree about Dallas. I think Harbaugh would do wonders there. They have the o-line and the running back for a power running scheme, and they have a QB who has proven to be effective & efficient when he is not asked to carry the team.

              2. Harbaugh in Dallas could get him a Super Bowl. Romo could be a top 10 QB. He’s more talented then Alex smith and if harbaugh reigns him in and cuts down his mistakes, and he takes Fangio?
                And what a way to stick it to the yorks!
                Forget Seattle, Dallas is a true arch rival that goes back years.

              3. i can’t disagree with any of them but I don’t think life gets my better for JH in any of those scenarios. Especially Cleveland where they shafted his buddy whose name is escaping me at the moment

              4. Harbaugh working for Jerry Jones? I suppose anything is possible but that seems like a match made in hell to me.

              5. Wow! Dallas? That would make the “battles” between Baalke and Harbaugh look like a Mary Poppins afternoon tea.

                I can only imagine Harbaugh and Jerry having a go at it — it would come to blows for sure.

              6. Yeah I can’t picture Harbaugh putting up with Jones coming down to the field and trying to talk to him while he’s Coaching or looking over his shoulder and giving his input every week. Just not a fit imo. Jerry likes yes men, not head strong individuals who want the owner to stay out of the way.

        1. They may have only finished one game behind the division winners, but they still only finished 6 and 10. Much of the talent was still young and unproven. It wasn’t until Harbaugh took over that many of those key pieces started to look like key pieces, including on the OL. Its a far cry from what Dallas has done this season.

          The Raiders don’t appear to be as talented as the 49ers were in 2010, and their record would support that. But they have some young and veteran talent on that roster. A good coach and a good draft next year and they could be competitive.

          1. I agree Scooter. As I said in the earlier post, it’s almost a perfect storm if they hire Harbaugh in that he’ll immediately change the perception of the franchise which in turn could attract more quality FA’s. They will have more cap room than they know what to do with along with the top pick in every round. It’s set up to be turned around in a hurry if they hire the right HC and possibly GM.

            The Niners were a decent team talent wise before Harbaugh arrived, but it was the Coaching that put them over the top along with some key additions through the draft and FA. You can never underestimate the effect good Coaching has on a team and the Niners are a great example.

            Harbaugh will not be easy to replace and no one should kid themselves into believing that is the case.

            1. “Harbaugh will not be easy to replace and no one should kid themselves into believing that is the case.”

              Least of all Baalke and York. If they do get rid of Harbaugh at the end of the year, they can’t half-ass the coaching search and just go with a guy they think they would like to work with. Even then it may be impossible to get a HC quite as good as Harbaugh has been.

              1. Scooter,

                You just brought up my greatest fear in this whole scenario: What if they just settle for Tomsula or Fangio instead of doing an extensive search for a better option? That would be a huge mistake and possibly set this team back more than we could imagine right now.

              2. Yeah, I’m afraid both Baalke and Harbaugh are going to realize that the situation wasn’t as bad as they thought and discover that it could indeed get worse.

              3. The value of a 49ers ticket into Levi’s Stadium will depreciate quite rapidly once they get rid of Coach Harbaugh….

              4. That’s what I like about you, Razor. You always find the silver lining in every cloud.

              5. Rocket, that is my greatest fear as well.

                As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m willing to believe there are real issues between Baalke and Harbaugh that aren’t likely to be solved. Too much rumour to not have some truth. And assuming that is true, I do believe one of Baalke or Harbaugh has to go to get this front office working in lock step. Given all the rumour, it appears 99.99% likely that Harbaugh would be the one to go, whether we like it or not.

                But if they then replace him with a guy whose best attribute is he gets along with Baalke and York, then they have made a huge mistake. They need to do a thorough yet decisive search. It goes without saying that any new coach would also need to be able to work with Baalke, share a vision on how the team should be built. But Baalke and York need to be willing to find and work with someone that doesn’t mind stepping on some toes for the good of the team.

            2. Scooter,
              I agree with what you’re saying. I’d add that Baalke is replaceable. On the flip side, replacing Harbaugh will be much tougher.

              1. It is easier to replace a good GM (which is what I think Baalke is) than a great HC (I’m still on the fence as to whether Harbaugh is a good or great HC).

                But it appears highly unlikely Baalke will go before Harbaugh.

              2. I believe the Madden phraseology went, “It’s a lot easier to get a suit than it is to get a coach”….

        2. @Jack

          Thanks for the post; I agree with most of your posts, but I disagree about him not choosing Oakland….too many plusses

              1. Jack:

                On a more serious note, I wouldn’t discount Harbaugh’s ego and how much it would appeal to him to stick his success in people’s faces up close and personally. Can you imagine what would happen if he turned the Raiders around at the same time the 49ers stumbled? He could metaphorically flip off the Yorks, Baalke, and despised members of the media on a daily basis, with a big grin on his face. I think that would appeal to him.

              2. Claude,

                It may. I would actually love to see him go over there. Many around here don’t seem to care for his style of football, but I enjoy it.

              3. Jack:

                Many around here don’t seem to care for his style of football, but I enjoy it.

                Same here. I especially appreciate how he tries to make his offense compatible with the defense. Assuming the rumors that he and Baalke can’t get along are true, it’s a shame. Together, they’ve built something good.

            1. Oakland most likely is not interested in drafting a QB. It’s been speculated that Harbaugh would most likely not want a trade because as the coach of the new team he would have less draft picks. Wouldn’t a possibility be to trade Harbaugh to Oakland and swap first round draft picks rather than asking Oakland for their draft pick without us giving up our draft picks. This could be applied to other rounds as well. With the first pick of the draft, SF could do whatever we need to (maybe Mariotta).

              1. Cubus,

                Wishful thinking imo. Nobody expects Harbaugh to Coach in SF beyond this year so why would anyone give up compensation like that? Harbaugh also is not the type to allow others to decide what he does with his life or where he works, so getting him to agree to be traded would not be easy or likely.

                If things are as bad between Harbaugh and the FO as is being reported, then they will fire him after the season. It’s really the only thing they can do.

            2. I mentioned some above Jack. They have a young QB and star in the making on defense to build around, they have a ton of cap room and can create more by dumping some of the guys they signed last year, and they will likely have the first pick in every round. Put all that together and you have the ability to turn things around quickly with the right HC and GM.

              The perception of the Raiders being a moribund franchise with no direction could be changed dramatically if Harbaugh were hired as HC and somebody like Tom Gamble came in with him to run personnel. FA’s would be much easier to sign and a lot of talent could be added in a hurry between FA and the draft.

              I don’t think there’s any other situation that would give Harbaugh as much control either. Tommy Boy would stay out of his way at least for the first couple of years.

              The more I look at it, the more I think this is where Harbaugh winds up.

              1. Rocket: Couldn’t reply to your reply to my post as there was no reply link (probably too deeply nested). The only reason I can think of why Oakland would accept such a deal is because they have first dibs at Harbaugh. BUT, that assumes Harbaugh will accept a trade. If Harbaugh is simply fired, then they have to compete with all of the other teams. I admit it’s a long shot, but if I’m in the FO and Harbaugh is a goner anyway, I would certainly want to discuss the merits of such a proposal.

                BTW: How do we know that Harbaugh can nix a trade. Is it a standard clause in each head coach’s contract?

              2. Cubus,

                Yes it’s in Coaches contracts that their services are tied to that team only. They have to accept a trade or it can’t be completed which is why you rarely if ever see it done.

                I agree no harm in trying, just pointing out it’s not likely.

              3. Agree its a longshot; but obviously a swap would be more palatable to Oakland (and maybe even Harbaugh) than just asking for Oakland’s draft picks with no additional compensation from SF.

              4. “Tommy Boy would stay out of his way at least for the first couple of years.”

                LOL. That there’s funny Rocket!

            3. Sticking it to York/Baalke by resurrecting the Raiders and getting a new stadium built for them, ultimately bleaching out their Levi’s….

            4. Nowhere to go but up?

              Seriously anyone who takes the Raiders and makes them halfway relevant will be coach of the year.

            5. Jack

              He wouldn’t agree to go there unless they gave him a lot more say in the draft and FA’s, and he could cherry-pick through his roster and see just who he wanted to keep and who had to goAs has been pointed out, he delights in sticking his finger in people’s eye, and would love to do that to the 9er FO. He could once again be ‘king’, and not have to face the reality that he is a very good ‘college’ coach…not NFL…YET

      1. Be careful here Mary. The Seahawks could look vastly different without Beastmode. That could happen too, this year or next.

        1. what do u mean be careful — that is always who Harbaugh wanted for QB and yes the 49ers would have been set up for multiple SBs.

  10. The next coach of the niners is jim tomsula! Book it.. 8-8 team for the next 3 years.. Our owner is a F ing idiot just like his father..

    1. Steve Young once pointed out, and I expect that he still thinks the same, that getting out of the 7-9 and 8-8 rut is one of the hardest tasks for an organization. When it happens, it shouldn’t be taken as lightly as Jed seems to be taking his teams record under Harbaugh.

      1. It’s about breaking into “outlier” status… away from the regression of the mean…

  11. It took the mighty Steve Young 3 years as a starter before he became a decent QB and some so called Niner fans are crucifying Kap in year 2! Remember how awful Alex Smith was until his final year when the light finally turned on? I’ve been a Niner fan since I was 8. The 10 years before Harbaugh almost made me forget how great this franchise was. Even if we don’t make it deep into the playoffs we have to keep Harbaugh. He is a winner. He maybe a pain in the butt for management, but they need to do what’s best for their fans and the team. 3 NFC Championship games in 4 years is phenomenal. Jed York, don’t pull a Mooch and send us back to the dark ages again. The Niner Faithful will never forgive you!

    1. By what logic do you use 3 years? Steve Young was an all pro in his second full year as a passer or in his seventh year as a pro. The 49ers were also a very different team from the Tampa Bay team he started with. Kaepernick has shown regression and is not an apt comparison to Young. At this point he this point he looks like Kordell Stewart of the Steelers.


      1. Kordell? Man, you nailed it, I’ll see stewart now everytime Cap hits the field. Five Stars Mikester…

    2. And the some of the same ones praised Alex smith for taking 6 years to become decent. Ironic isn’t it?

      1. The main difference though is that Smith wasn’t in the same type of offensive scheme until his final two years here. Kaep however has been since the day he came into the league.

  12. I’m at a loss as to what goes through the minds of fans on this issue:
    Harbaugh is gone after the season, better then than after the 2015 season, another lame-duck campaign in which he will lose the players even more than he has this season. The owner has buyer’s remorse and doesn’t want him, the GM hates him, and Harbaugh hates both of them and doesn’t want to work for or with them any more. No amount of money could bring him back. This isn’t Singletary or Nolan or Erickson, those mediocrities would have been happy to hang around and pick up the paycheck for as long as they could.
    Stop pretending that there is a way this could be worked out. There isn’t. Give it up and hope for the best in his replacement…

  13. More “Reports” from the always “Correct Media”?

    What’s more of a Joke……. the Media or the Report?

    The Raiders or the Jets?

    Seriously people……. if Jimbo is going to leave it will be on his own volition not an Owner forcing him to go to a Sorry Organization like the Raiders or Jets.

    More likely to happen since Jimbo has 1 yr. left is Jed will want him to fire Greg Roman after the season, Jimbo will refuse which will force Jed to fire him. Jimbo takes the 5 Mil that’s owed to him & he will move on his merrily way. He then will have the Time & Freedom to go to any Team he feels give’s him the most Control & Success.

    You can take that to the Bank!

  14. You could tell the front row reporters were quite pleased with themselves after peppering Coach Harbaugh with their agenda driven line of questioning, by the way they were giggling together afterward like a group of school girls….

      1. It was after it concluded. I watched there too. Maybe you turned it off too fast, or I was just imagining it, but that’s how I saw it….

        1. I don’t think you imagined it, others apparently were tweeting Kawakami about it. I rewound it but didn’t hear anything. It wouldn’t have been the first time there was cackling going on after Harbaugh left the stage.

          Probably making something out of nothing though.

  15. Coach Harbaw:
    please do not let your ego steer you
    (Michigan vs Miami vs Oakland)
    to a new job which creates
    ” irreconciliable differences” such that
    marriage #2 goes up in smoke.
    Place a higher priority on your wife’s opinion here.
    She is worth more than your reputation as a coach,
    more than a Lombardi trophy. Isn’t she???

  16. I want to know who’s going to be the adult in the room that can lower the temperature so that cooler heads can prevail between CEO/GM and Head Coach. John McVay anyone?

    1. Exactly, they are destroying a perfectly great team. I for one hate to see a good rivalry die.

    2. I don’t think that guy exists within the current front office. York wants to play Uncle Eddie, Baalke wants to play Bill Parcells and Marathe wants to play money ball. Too many agendas and non warranted egos.
      In some ways, I feel like Harbaugh’s ability to piss off everybody in the building is the only thing preventing them from pointing the finger at each other. If Harbaugh ends up leaving or being fired, the microscope will be on the front office.
      They experienced success only after Harbaugh arrived to coach the team. Harbaugh took the same core of players to the NFCCG during his first season. Levi’s stadium was approved and financed largely on the momentum Harbaugh provided.
      York, Baalke and Marathe want credit just as much credit as Harbaugh does for the teams success, but the results clearly show that Harbaugh has been the difference maker.
      The front office seems to have convinced themselves that Harbaugh is now just a cog in a well oiled machine. Their egos match Harbaugh’s bit for bit. A John Mcvay personality is needed at the top, but that is hard to find and might not matter with these guys. They all want credit.

      1. Great post BigP and makes a lot of sense considering what we’ve seen over the years. Jed came off really badly with that tweet right after the game as well.

        Nice to see you back here.

        1. Rocket–I totally agree with that as well. Great post P.–I think the other ego’s got a bit b*tt hurt when Jim got so much credit ( too much in their eyes) for the success of the 2011 and 2012 seasons. They possibly might have even subconsciously sabotaged him out of spite.

      2. The team’s success also coincided with Baalke being promoted to GM. The team’s success can quite rightly be tied to the work of both men. Most of the starters are guys Baalke has brought in, and Harbaugh has done a terrific job getting the team to play good football.

      3. Good comment. I would just add one thing. I would say it was harbough and Nolan/ Scott mccloughlin (I just butchered his name!!) that drafted the core of these players that harbough helped take to the next level.

        But long story short – they all have shortcomings- harbiugh, little York, and baalke. I just don’t think each one of them can see their own limitations.

  17. According to multiple sources, Jim Harbaugh has already told Michigan that he is not a candidate.

  18. Harbaugh will stay on the west coast and I think he would love to come to Oakland, where Al gave him his first coaching gig and turn the team around. Plus, his ego would love to stick it to Baalke.

    1. The exclusive interview with Inman that waxed poetically when discussing Al Davis and the Raiders, was a middle finger to the man child Jed York. Harbaugh will build their franchise a new stadium which will rip a hole in Jed Yorks’ Levi’s that Tomsula is incapable of mending….

  19. This coaching staff has obviously filled this team with heart and will to play this game at a high level. Something they didn’t have before his arrival. Where this heart is now, is a mystery. I might be the only one who thinks this, but that heart and will may come back to life after this loss. Pride is a deep rooted thing. And if this team has some. (Which I think they do) I can’t imagine this humiliating loss won’t spark some pride. And they don’t turn it around on the offense.
    Yeah I still believe. I felt they would hit rock bottom this year and catch fire in the end. Well the football gods have it laid out. You can’t get any lower than they did last Thursday. The playoffs are still a real possibility. I think after this it stops and they start the march to the Super Bowl. They aren’t an unproven team, so it’s not a stretch to believe they can. They are good on the road, and I think they will finally find a way to score points and win out. It’s not over yet.

    1. You are dreaming to think that all the sudden CK is gonna become an accurate QB.
      The only way the Niners win out is if the defense plays unreal, they run the ball 80% of the time and they limit the big throws CK has to make.
      I love everyones optimism on here but let’s face facts,this offense is not going to do much with a QB who throws interceptions in crucial moments and overall play is erratic. He will get away with it this week but in Seattle it will be another crushing reality that this guy is not a franchise QB.

        1. If what you want to define as blame instead of results that’s your prerogative.
          But if you want to see what the true root of the 49ers woes is, go back and watch #7 last Thursday. Not much more to say than that. Everything else you guys are drumming up is static.

          1. Prime, if you can get past your personal animosities with certain kaep backers here, you might notice the kaep has been able to put together big game effort in the past. I don’t see any reason why he can’t get it going again, he still has the same talent that served him before.

            1. Rib,

              Prime, like Fansince77, has already made his decision, and made it some time ago. There is no middle ground with them. Kap can’t play and anyone else is a better option. Wins, stats, playoff performances? Pffft means nothing. He played some bad games this season and is a tattooed loser. It’s over for him here.

              1. Geno Smith? Colt McCoy? They are really grasping at some seriously short straws now. I know the backup QB is always the low information fan’s favorite player when things go not as expected. But *other* teams backup QB? Boggles the mind.

              2. How about this: I didn’t make up my mind. Kaep made up my mind for me. He’s done nothing this year to show that he can be a consistent player and he’s dragged the entire offense down with him. Even when he was playing at his best, he rarely made other players better.

                One good game against the Raiders will not change anything. He needs an offseason to really take his game to the next level.

                Right now it’s all survival mode for the team. They might sneak into the playoffs but it’s not going to be pretty.

      1. Prime.. Dreaming? How so?
        He’s had big games before. He’s been accurate before. He’s killed defenses before. It’s not like he’s never played well and all of a sudden I think he is going to.
        Yes my knock on him is his play vs Seattle.
        I also knock the inconsistent games this season.
        Just like the inconsistent line play, play calling, running game. Is it a far stretch for you to think this running game can get going? Where have they been? They haven’t been world beaters either. My guess is they run ck more. I think the worried of him being injured is out the door. Screw the pocket, roll him outside where he excels, hammer the run, force throwing to VD to get him in sync. If this loss isn’t a wake up call for the o-line and offense then nothing will be.
        Some have compared this team to the 2012 giants a couple of weeks ago. NOW is where they could be those Giants. I’ve seen it before good teams struggle and either one play, or one beating waked them up. This team isn’t new to winning. I’ll stick to my prediction earlier in the year at 11-5. And roll with it until they’re eliminated.
        Stop blaming one player for the MANY faults this offense has. It’s never looked this out of sync an bad since harbaugh got here. You can’t blame the qb for that.

        1. Kaepernicks’ intermittent phenomenality is no longer sexy enough to look past his recent deficiencies….

          1. Yeah Razor let’s keep referencing the Bears game last year and the Patriots game and the ATL playoff game like they mean something.
            It’s all boils down to beating people in your division and if you can’t do that, you don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. What’s his record against the division this year? He blew goats in all 3 loses.

        2. Oh yes I can blame the QB and you know why? The performances against the arch rivals. It’s one thing to get by the lesser likes of the Redskins, Giants but when faced against a top notch defense like the Hawks and Broncos, you can vividly see the fundamental flaws.
          Yes he’s played well before but this league isn’t about past performances. It’s a what have done lately league.
          You cannot teach accuracy or all the sudden become accurate in week 12.
          The offense has struggled because Roman can’t trust CK. They’ve tried everything from the read to the spread and everything in between. You can’t do much with a QB who makes bad decisions and who’s inaccurate. Its all come to light now. Go back and watch Thursdays game. Better yet watch him again in 2 weeks.

          1. And where are your comments on the running game, play calling, o-line, receivers and what was once a tight end? Is that Kaps fault too?

            1. Because Kap is so limited on what he can do, he limits everyone around him. He can’t audible, can throw to a secondary receiver, can’t step up in the pocket, can’t hit the side of a barn. He’s good for one miracle play every few games while the entire offense sputters along.
              Watch the Seattle game in the all 22. It’s bad. He has no clue what to do when it comes to passing. It’s atrocious, he just threw the ball to the first read. When he threw the first pick to Sherman he had a clean pocket and clean one of sight. It was not just a bad read, but a bad throw.

      2. I hate to say this after the win against the Raiders the 49ers record will be 8-8 at the end of the season And they’ll missed the playoffs and Harbaugh and G Roman will be moving on:-)

  20. Ellington is playing Sunday. Will we get to see him run routes out of the backfield or from the slot as well? Can we just get him the ball so we can see what he can do?

  21. Intensity & obsessiveness are common traits in football coaches. Harbaugh is all that and passionate. His passion overflows a lot but he inspires hard work towards a common goal. In that way he’s a good coach.
    Many gifted people are socially difficult, but we remember the ones who accomplished much.
    Mozart, Beethoven, Van Gogh. Ernest Hemingway could be a real axe/hoe. One of my favorite musician/composers is Van Morrison and he’s very prickly. Steve Jobs? Please. Marlon Brando. Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Jackson. Ty Cobb.
    Al Davis? Bill Parcels? Vince Lombardi? Buddy Ryan? Sean Payton? Aho, aho, aho, aho, aho.

    1. Brotha a name you can add to that list , [i know its sacrilege in the bay area to say anything negative about this guy] but Bill Walsh was known as a prickly SOB who did not suffer fools well at all.

      1. Yes. He was a lot of things. Proud, cold blooded and manipulative among them. It seems like those are required at that level. He was a Shogun.

        1. To have an intolerance for stupidity you must first be intelligent enough to recognize it. The most frustrating thing about dealing with stupid people is that they don’t recognize they are stupid.

            1. i know for a fact that I totally suffer from this. in fact i’m an expert in this…because the internet makes us all experts and some of us egotistical maniacs….some even get paid for it.

              1. As the Internet-wrought “democracy of the media” has shown, the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they set this country up as a republic and not a democracy

              2. ribico:

                Yeah, but the rise of the tea party idiots makes me wonder whether we would be better off had the founding fathers found a way to add another layer to the system.

              3. I have been blessed with knowing and being friends with two people who are actual genius level intellects. These associations have helped me better understand my own intellectual strengths and limitations. Further, one of these two, a man I respect as much as anyone I have ever met, always humbly points out that everyone has something they do in which they have greater proficiency than those around them. I always try to remember that if I start looking down on those who lack the strengths that I value in myself. I find that I enjoy my life more if I work on valuing what other people do well rather than what I think they should do well. So, when I read comments about stupid people or discussion of the Dunning-Krueger effect, I tend to wonder what those people to whom we believe these discussions apply might think about us, and about things that they know or can do that we do not know or cannot do.

              4. JPN:

                You only say that because you are a better human being than I am.

                It’s not the stupidity or lack of competence that bothers me. People are as God made them. It’s the refusal to recognize it that irritates me no end.

              5. JPN
                I had a college Prof who was the smartest guy Ivue ever been around. When guest speakers in his field would show up for talks on campus they’d always begin with praise for him. During one of those moments he nudged me and whispered: “If I’m so smart how come I can’t find my car keys?”
                We didn’t admire him just for his smarts, he was the best and most challenging teacher we’d ever had. His exams were legendary.

              6. “It’s not what you don’t know that kills you, it’s what you know for sure that ain’t true.” Mark Twain

        2. I read Ronnie Lott’s book and while he admired Bill Walsh, he didn’t always like him.

    2. I want to rock your gypsy soul/Just like in the days of old/And magnificently we will fold/Into the mystic.’

    3. Brotha Tuna

      That is one hell of a well researched post….I’m still laughing, but your point is well-made. Head coaches are not usually people you would want to be social with…Good examples…

    4. Interesting that “Aho” means “stupid” in Japanese Osaka dialect which is what the brass at the Niners are — very, very stupid. (calling someone stupid in Japan is a serious fighting word. In Tokyo dialect it is “bakka”)

    1. Brent speaks the truth. Of course, no of us really know how much Kap obsesses over the details of passing game and opponent’s pass defense.

  22. Wonder why we failed to add speed to the offense this year. I’m still on the fence about Jimmy Ward as a number one pick…

    Quote from Brent Jones…

    “It feels to me like we’re not there yet (with Kaepernick) … Part of Kap’s problem is that he has had so much darn success early, and he still has all the potential in the world … And on his behalf, we have not had a serious down field threat at wide receiver for him. He needs some vertical threat … We need to have a burner, a guy that can go deep, that can stretch defenses…

    1. What are you talking about Estrada? You were singing the XMas carols about how B Lloyd would be a guy to stretch the field for CK? You know target all areas of the field.
      Your hero #7 has plateaued. Face it, he is not the guy. Watch him in 2 weeks up in SEATTLE.

      1. Patience, young padawan .. PATIENCE

        How many seasons did it take for Peyton to become
        “elite” ? … or Breese ?

        Someone mentioned, (on an earlier thread) …that
        both Martins (on the O-Line) couldn’t block the
        better pass rushers …

        What do you suppose that does to a QBs
        timing and accuracy ? ..

        h-mmmmm …

        We could be witnessing Kaeps so-called
        “sophomore slump” … but to throw
        the baby out with the bath water (Harbs)
        because of it … would be insane ..

        (But then … Jed’s daddy .. did just that)

        1. Bay- Can anyone really say that Ward was worth where he was picked this season. He came in injured and missed a lot of camp. And now he is out for who knows how long or if he ever comes back healthy. The guy was another IR rookie who gave the team basically nothing this year. Except unlike the other IR rookies he cost the team a top rather than a lower round pick. And they were shifting him to a new position to boot.

          1. Will, Ward was a solid contributor. Not an all world, out of the park player but much better than who he replaced (Carlos Rogers). You don’t thik Kilgore, Williams, Dorsey, Elkington where wasted pick ups? What about Borland and Lynch or even Dontea Johson? The injuries have been tough but also allowed the team to showcase some young players.

          2. If there is a conversation that involves a hint of how Baalke (and his OCD) has failed the 49ers, you can bet Willtalk will be part of it…

          3. I am not ready to give up on Ward just yet. He is an intriguing player due to his ability to play the slot and the free safety. With Bathea getting up there in age he is player that could transition to the Free moving Reid to the Strong. This would give the base defense a great deal of flexibility as both players can cover a lot of ground.

            Additionally I think the position change for him is overstated as Ward would primarily cover the slot in college. With so many colleges running spread formations it seems to me he would have been primarily playing as a slot corner as it was (Granted, I haven’t verified this) and this is a fairly normal transition.

            That’s not say he wasn’t over drafted or that there may have been a better pick, but the present scouting department has a very good track record in regards to evaluating db talent.

    2. Just as the strength of this scouting and personnel office is drafting and getting FAs on defense, they have had a noticeable shortcoming in drafting on the offensive side in general, and receivers in particular. There are some coaches who have an eye for receiver talent (Coughlin, Arians, for example). Right now, after Jenkins and McDonald mistakes, the FO appears to have no confidence in itself to draft pass catchers in higher rounds.

      1. Mood,
        That observation is spot on. Other offensive misses include LaMichael James and possibly Kendall Hunter.

    3. well, it doesn’t need to be at WR. prior to this yr it was Vernon at TE. pts wise, 9ers were 11th in offense from 2011 to 2013, but are 25th this yr.

      qb-wise, they’ve only had 1 yr of decent QB play (2012) and they were 11th in yardage (vs 22, 24 and 26).

      not sure how much of it is Roman and the OL.

      thing is the team has somehow gotten worse on offense and Cosell’s critique points to Kaep. it’s time to look for a replacement.

      assuming Harbaugh is good for QB’s (Josh Johnson, Andrew Luck, and Alex’s improvement), Kaep hasn’t been “hindered” by a Nolan or a Singletary or a new OC every year or a lack of NFL talent at the skill positions. he has less Alexcuses going for him and yet is performing at the same/a worse level. he is what he is.

  23. I think we do what it takes to get Mariota. With Jax winning this week, it’s likely that the Raiders end up with the #1 pick.

    Harbs + our #1 this year + our #1 next year + a young player (someone like Boone, Davis, or Tank) could be close to getting it done.

    Kaep – If you have Mariota, you trade or cut Kaep and use his $13 million toward someone else.

    Crabs – Let him walk and take the 3rd-round compensatory pick. Eliminating Kaep and Crabs from the roster immediately makes our locker room 100% better.

    Iupati – Franchise him, surprisingly. I know he hasn’t been great this season, but the franchise tag for a guard is only $8 mil. I’d prefer to see him playing RG, with a better pass blocker at LG. But either way, I think it’s worth a one-year deal to see if he can get back to a pro bowl level.

    1. Do you have any idea what it takes to trade up from the twenties to number one? Any idea at all? And if you do, what do you have? Andrew Luck already trained for the NFL? No, you have another gifted athlete who relies a lot on his legs.

  24. I thought this was pretty funny from the guys at NFL.com in their power rankings this week:

    “Would have liked to have known what was going on in Colin Kaepernick’s head on some of those dropbacks Thursday …

    First read: He might be open. Here goes nothin’!!
    Second read: n/a
    Third read: n/a

    Let’s just say that performance wasn’t Kap’s greatest with a capital “G.””

    1. One of the most humiliating and demoralizing losses in recent memory. The Seahawks conquered and then they feasted on the 49ers logo, leaving the scraps for the vultures….

      1. First of all Harbaugh is not going to the Jets. Can you imagine how the media would treat him there. Dallas nope, cant imagine Jerry and Jim being a match. The Raiders I don’t think so reason he wants a super bowl ring too bad (family rivalry). Michigan would be the only logical place for Harbaugh to land but I doubt that too.

        What happens if the Niners win out, and win the SB, what happens then. Unlikely scenario, but not out of the realm of possibility. Team gets hot, gets a little help, waa-laa next thing you know there in the playoffs.

        1. Harbaugh (IF) wins a Superbowl he does his best John Wayne saunter out of town into the sunset.

          1. That is not out of the question. The offense has all the tools and could kick it into gear at any moment. Kap looked like a different player during last year’s playoffs. It has happened before too. Caughlin did it under pressure of a firing. It would be sweet too.

            1. East, have you seen anything remarkably close from this offense that says their close to breaking out?

              1. Prime,
                Sadly no. Most games I sit dreading a loss and relieved at a close win. Though I will tell you IF the Niners win and win a SB that way, I will be as pleases as punch.

                It can happen, and I still have hope.

              2. Sure I’ll take a playoff appearance at this stage, but I’ll be honest, when CK trots onto the field, I have two extra sips of whatever I happen to be drinking.

            2. Some of those tools have some rust on them, and I don’t see team speed anywhere in the tool box.

  25. Coaching vacancy at Michigan!
    Boy was that a good decision…..Have you ever seen a coach clapping and cheering to his players exiting the field (every time they turn the ball over on offense)???
    Who am I?
    I look like governor Chris Christie, I sound like Minnie Mouse and I coach like Tyrone Willingham.
    Good riddance Hoke….You’re a bum!!!

  26. Trey Wingo with a quote he attributed to Bill Parcels:
    In Football there’s winning and misery.

  27. Ya know what I find odd ?

    A so-called (National) “sports reporter” .. (in NY) .. with
    “insider information” … reports ..speculation ..
    then Kawakami and Purdy .. pick it up ..
    regurgitate it as … u-mmm … fact

    and then … (here’s the good part)

    A lot, (here on this blog), ..

    believe it as gospel !

    2nd rule in Journalism 101 …

    “Make sure you have TWO credible sources
    BEFORE you go with a story !”

    Just wondering … how many actual “sources”
    do these guys on NFL.com and ESPN (et al)
    have in the 49ers locker room ?

    my guessitmate is ZERO

    1. MidWest ..
      at least Cosell is reporting his opinion

      (presumably as a result of film-study) .. and not

      something he “claims” he heard from someone in the locker room


      1. Cosell never speculates about play calling because he doesn’t know what play is being called. With his adult life spent analyzing football he knows better than anyone what he is qualified to comment about.

        1. At some point some of these fence sitters will open their eyes and see the fundamental flaws in CK’s game.
          Like I said, wait another week til Seattle and we will see what type of QB he really is. I witnessed it last Thursday. Maybe others need more than 2 punches to the nards to figure it out!

          1. Prime,

            This fence sitter has seen Kap’s flaws, but has also seen the good things he does as well, not to mention the fact they’ve gone to a SB and NFCCG with him at QB while learning how to play the position in this league at the same time.

            Any thoughts that this would be a quick process were wishful thinking. This was as raw a prospect coming out of College as there has been. I thought he’d sit two maybe even 3 years before seeing the field. That time frame was accelerated when Kap played as well as he did in year two, but he was still in his infancy as a pro QB. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: the success Kap had should not have raised expectations to an unreachable level which is exactly what has happened with some fans such as yourself. The success he had showed he was talented enough to win with his physical play and a conservative run oriented game plan. This is the first year they have tried to go beyond that and they’ve struggled. Kap has struggled as much as anybody, but if you look at this objectively you see that he is one part of it. The Oline has performed poorly for most of the season, the receivers on this team lead the league in dropped passes, our all pro TE has disappeared, there has been a media witch hunt all season hovering over this team. There is a lot of issues causing these problems and they are not going to be solved simply by getting rid of the current QB and bringing in a new one. That is not how this game works and you should know that if you are as proficient in your knowledge of this game as you say you are.

            Nobody knows what Kap will ultimately become, but I do know conclusions on what he can be are very premature. There should be competition brought in, but proclaiming this guy can’t do something when he has shown he can at times, or deciding he’s as good as he’ll ever be shows a clear ignorance of the game or an agenda. Players develop at different paces and different ways. Kap is 27 years old and has been the starter for a little over 2 seasons. In that time he’s shown enough to continue to see if he can develop further. If he can’t so be it, but dumping a QB who has achieved what he has in such a short time would be ludicrous and the team knows that which is why they signed him long term.

            Don’t let your emotions make decisions for you.

            1. Once again Rocket you say way too much to make one point and it all sounds like verbal diarrhea. Stick to the facts.
              I don’t base my opinion on emotion regarding CK. I base it on his play against the Hawks and other good defenses. The results speak for themselves. What else is there to say, blame Roman, the oline, noise, injuries. Just look at the turnovers.
              Let’s see what happens next week against another elite opponent!

              1. Prime,

                I say what I feel needs to be said to make and backup my point. I understand you don’t like that, and prefer to just say what is on your mind with no facts or research. I’ll rephrase in a way you can hopefully understand and focus on for the short time you are capable:

                The team will not be cutting or demoting Kap based on what transpires in Seattle next week.

                Is that simple enough for you?

              2. Your long winded homily’s may work with the retired folks on here but at the end of the day, the proof will always be in the performance of the players. Stats sometimes do. not give the complete picture. You seem to focus too much on what on paper rather than actual results.
                But you know what does give the complete picture? How a player performs against the best teams. And the other thing is how that player makes his teammates around him better.
                Can your facts or research answer those questions?

                Lastly, I’m not looking to cut or demote CK. That’s up to the organization. All I do know is they have a head scratcher if they think he is their QB for the next 5 years.

              3. He’s performed well against good teams Prime. That is what you won’t accept in your desire to close the book on him. He hasn’t played well against Seattle no doubt about it. Neither has Brees, Rodgers and Manning in the past two years. Meanwhile he has performed well and won many more games than he’s lost including the playoffs.

                You want a polished QB who can go and play well and beat Seattle. We all want that, but it’s easier said than done and should not be the determining factor in Kaps future after 2 seasons as a starter.

              4. Rocket your idea that we should be patient on CK’s development is very kind.
                However in the NFL it’s a what have you done lately type scenario.
                You realize that the poor performance of CK this year might indirectly cost Harbaugh an extension? JH went all in with CK thinking he would develop, progress and become a better QB. If you can honestly tell me that CK is a better QB this year than last year, come up to Canada and I will expense your entire stay!

              5. Rocket unfortunately Kaepernick plays in the NFC West where beating your division rival is number one in the job description. Same as it was for Montana all those years against Dallas, and Steve Young vs. Dallas and the Packers. Unfortunately he has not been able to do that because of a lot of factors, but primarily, the turnovers. There is no denying that.

              6. Harbaugh’s relationship with the front office will cost him his job, and it’s the only thing that could considering he has one of the best winning percentages in the league in his time here.

                I have seen progress from Kap, and his numbers for most of the season have been better across the board along with the fact I’ve seen him improve in his progression reading. Is he elite in these areas? Of course not and the improvement has been slow, but it’s there and the talent he possess’ is too much to give up on.

                I appreciate the offer but it’s too damn cold in Canada.

              7. rocket:

                Don’t worry, it’s not just the retired who appreciate your long-winded homilies. Those of us who have jobs also appreciate them. If only you could simplify your thoughts down to bumper sticker-sized quotes, you’d reach everyone else.

              8. FDM,

                Rocket unfortunately Kaepernick plays in the NFC West where beating your division rival is number one in the job description. Same as it was for Montana all those years against Dallas, and Steve Young vs. Dallas and the Packers. Unfortunately he has not been able to do that because of a lot of factors, but primarily, the turnovers. There is no denying that.

                That’s how it is in every division, but it’s not just on the QB. Young was on the losing end against Dallas and GB more than he was on the winning side. Sometimes the other team is better, sometimes they are better Coached, sometimes they just came up with a better gameplan.

                What I know for certain is Kap has taken this team to a SB and an NFCCG and performed well on the big stage in the process of getting there. I could understand the angst and desire to get rid of him if he was constantly underperforming and this team was going 8-8 or 9-7 every year but that is not the case.

                What is happening on this board is the SB or bust mindset. They haven’t been able to win the SB so everything else is meaningless. That is how some are viewing the QB and to some extent the HC. Only one team wins the SB at the end of a season. If you take the SB or bust attitude in regards to your enjoyment of the season, you will be very disappointed 99% of the time.

              9. Claude,

                I try to be versatile. It’s quite amusing how Prime associates a long post with appealing to an older age group. I’m in my early 40’s and expect nothing other than informative and well reasoned arguments. I guess I’m retired in my mind.

              10. Now you are starting to put words in peoples mouth Rocket. I cannot speak for everyone else on here but the whole issue I have with Kaepernick is the lack of progression. He started out of the gates so well. Was dynamic in every phase of his game. But now the league has also learnt in how to defend him and he has not developed into beating defenses tat force him to read, react, and make accurate throws.

              11. FDM,

                It wasn’t my intention to put words in anybody’s mouth. I made an analogy based on what I’ve been reading on here since the loss to Seattle. There seems to be a sentiment from some on this board that dumping the HC and QB is a good idea and that makes me smh.

                You say the league has learned how to defend Kap, and I disagree. What a defense learns how to defend is the offensive system and tendencies a team runs, and it’s up to that Coaching staff to make changes to counter it. If you want to say Kap is inconsistent, you’ll get no argument from me, but that is very different from saying he can’t do something or has been figured out.

            2. Rocket I don’t think its premature to make conclusions on Kaepernick. He has been in the same system, same team, same coordinator now for 4 years. We all use to use the inconsistency in structure as a detriment to Alex Smith. Now that Colin has all that its only fair to critique using the same factors.
              Accuracy is accuracy. If you cannot stand in the pocket and make the necessary throws, then that’s an issue. If also you cannot secure the ball and manage the game, that’s also an issue.

              1. FDM,

                This is nothing like Alex Smith’s first few years and the criticism of Alex Smith under Harbaugh was similar to the criticism Kap is now receiving.

                You can’t form a conclusion on a QB who has started for 2 seasons unless you want a 50/50 chance of being wrong. Inconsistency is something that can be fixed over time with playing time and work in the offseason. What can’t be fixed is the inability to play at a high level ever. That is not the case here.

                Your last paragraph is incorrect. Kap has made accurate throws from the pocket and has been one of the best QB’s in the league at avoiding TO’s. What is happening is the games where he has been bad in those areas are being taken to hyperbolic levels and overshadowing the fact he’s genuinely been pretty solid and has improved in his progressions and pocket presence. Not to the level everyone wants, but there has been improvement which is why you cannot draw conclusions. When there is no improvement then we can write the final edict on Kap. We are not there yet.

              2. Rocket something else that seems to be going on with CK is total lack of confidence in his O line. I hear criticisms of him because he looks like he is hurried even when he has time. To me he looks alot like Jim Plunkett in about his 3rd yr with NE IE a deer in the head lights. Look at film of his 1st season his pocket presence especially after play action was out standing but the O line was also giving he and Smith all day that yr. I believe there are problems with his development and he might not get a whole lot better. I’m not sure who [that would be available next yr] would be better with that O line in front of him.

              3. Old Coach,

                I agree with you and he does look rattled at certain points when it appears he has more time. Why that is we won’t know for sure but he’s taken a lot of hits and sacks this year so that is a good place to start.

                This may be as good as Kap will ever be, I don’t know, but it’s too soon to draw those conclusions in my opinion. Your point about another option is spot on. If you decide Kap is not the guy then you have to have a plan in place for who is and they don’t.

              4. Rocket says “this may be as good as Kap will ever be, I don’t know”
                We will next week and down the stretch because if anyone thinks a different coach other than JH can make him better, have another hoot!

              5. Rocket, the bottom line is, without the 49ers defense Colin kaepernick would’a been a below average QB in the NFL. If you can recall how many times in the last three season have the 49ers D took over and won the game for the 49ers, because Kapernick and the 49ers offense have problems putting points on the board? Kaepernick cannot take the 49ers team on his back, especially he has a lot of issue passing the ball in the pocket and he has trouble reading the opposing teams defense. And when the opposing defense shut down the running lane he get sack a lot, and he has trouble finding the option receivers to throw too.

            3. Rocket,
              Great post. I think everybody realizes the logic of the topic, certain people just ignore it because of their personal agendas. They are zealots, still deeply hurt over the closure of the Church of Alex Smith. That, or they are red necks. Either way, your expectations for Kaep are spot on and are a tip of the hat to common sense and QB development.

              1. Where is the logic in throwing 2 picks on Thursday night that cost us the game?
                And tell me what does any of the poor play CK has demonstrated against good defenses have anything to do with Alex Smith?
                Why can’t you guys just admit that CK has regressed? Better yet hold your breath and wait one more week up in Seattle and see what our future holds at the QB position!

              2. Thanks BigP. It’s the reactionary personalities that want results without considering all the elements that have to be in place to achieve them or for for the benefit of our ADD suffering fan Prime:

                Armchair Quarterbacking.

              3. Sure Rocket keep petting your little Maltese dog on your lap and tell yourself everything is okay.
                There is nothing reactionary to a QB coming out on the biggest game of the year and throwing two erratic INT’s that deflated the team.

              4. Rocket:

                Right on! Fans need to chill a little. Give these guys some room. We are so impatient nowadays 3 people I line is way too many and we expect NFL player to throw for 6000 yds. Like they do on Madden. Real world is a bit different.

                You can’t be talking about that washed up QB who went on to win a Super Bowl? You mean Jim Plunkett improved over the years? Who’d a thought?

              5. Mr Big P, I disagree with your logic. What does Alex Smith have to do with Kaepernick poor performance? Let’s face it, Kaepernick is already has 4 years in the NFL and his 27 years old next season he’ll be 28. My question is how many years do we give Kaepernick to developed in to a good pocket passer and to elevate his ability in reading the opposing defense and finding the option receivers? My opinion is if Kaepernick lose his running ability this guy would end up like RG3 being a mediocre QB in the league. This guys is athletic and has skills running with the football and can’t throw the football 50 to 60 yards, but he’s very inconsistent in all phase of the game. His Athletic skills is not good enough in order to be successful in the NFL, his lack of intelligence and decision playing in NFL is the issue. The 49ers management was smart constructing his contract. If they decided to let him go at the end of each season without further compensation to Kaepernick.

            4. Good post rocket.

              The main thing I find concerning for Kaep is he now has over 40 starts under his belt (regular + post season). By the end of the year he’ll almost have started 3 regular seasons worth of football. He is getting close to the point where lack of experience starts wearing very thin. And while he showed some signs of improvement in going through progressions early in the year, as the season has progressed he appears to be reverting to one read throws more and more, is alternately indecisive or decisively making bad reads/ decisions, is innacurate, and looks rushed/ harried even when he isn’t being rushed. His confidence looks very low right now, and I would say he’s playing some of the worst football he’s played since he was named the starter.

              Some of that comes down to a lack of confidence in the OL. I acknowledge their level of play has been a hindrance to his development this season. I believe part of that also falls squarely on the shoulders of the coaches as the offense is highly predictable, making it harder on all the offensive players.

              But at the moment Kaep is stagnating. I’m willing to write off this season for him and see what he can do next year, but next year is either his last chance to show he can learn how to be an effective pocket QB, or they need to bring in a coach that will install an offense that is more suited to his existing strengths (e.g., Gus Malzahn) and see if he can succeed in that type of offense in the NFL.

              1. I know it’s a boring response Scooter, but I agree with everything you said here. My point has simply been the fact the offense as a whole has to be held accountable; not just the QB. There’s no doubt Kap has struggled at times and looked terrible against Seattle, however the reasons go deeper than a player can’t do this, or he’s as good as he’ll ever get. That’s lazy and reactionary analysis.

                I think Kap is struggling to stop his instinct to run and is also starting to hear footsteps when they aren’t there. That is making him look rattled and confused at times and it’s up to the Coaches to help him. If he gets good protection I’m pretty sure he’ll look better throwing the ball. If the running game gets going again, the whole offense will look better. There is no magic solution here other than everybody having to up their game and execution.

      1. Thanks CB but knowing that my QB sucks isn’t the kind of thing that gets me excited.

        You know the one thing that I notice about all of Cosell’s breakdowns of Kaepernick? There’s never a play where he says, “the QB did everything right it was just the wrong play called for the situation.”

        1. He has said many times that he never makes that kind of call because he doesn’t have the right information. He’s not in their heads, nor is he in their strategy meetings.

          1. No you’re right, he simply analyzes them based upon the quality of the execution of the plays that are called. Wish others could do the same.

  28. I’m sure it isn’t much of a surprise to anyone, but it is confirmed that Trey Millard and Kaleb Ramsey will remain on the injury list the rest of the season.

    1. It will also come as no surprise when they announce they are shutting Bowman down for the season….

      1. At this point, if I were Bowman, I also would want to take a pass on this season to make sure that I physically was totally healed and back to full strength and COD (change of direction) before coming back. No sense in risking it.

  29. Cant help but think the best game of the year at Levi Stadium will be this Friday with #2 Oregon against #7 Arizona. Go Ducks.

  30. Mike Tanier on the Niners’ offense:
    “The 49ers are seeking the magic prune juice and bran cereal diet that will uncork their offense. We can round up a long list of blockages—Colin Kaepernick, Jim Harbaugh, Greg Roman (the team’s offensive philosophy still seems to change radically from series to series), Vernon Davis—but a pair of guys named Martin are a big part of the problem.”

    1. Trying to picture the expression on Harb’s face when is on Tanier’s prune juice-bran cereal diet.

    1. Just wondering does anyone have concrete evidence of “internal strife” or that “he grinds on those around him to the point that they no longer want to deal with him”

      I mean it’s nice to speculate or assume but this is all hearsay isn’t it?

      1. What would you consider to be”proof?” Short of one of the mentioned parties actually coming out and acknowledging it which of course wont happen anything else is just speculation and we already have plenty of that. You’re looking for proof that isn’t going to exist until after it’s relevant.

        1. I would consider the proof to be a former employee of Harbuagh’s. But he’s maintained the same coaching staff for numerous years so my question is, how does he wear on people?
          If it’s Baalke or York then they need to understand their role more. JH coaches, they administer the team. It’s not like the daily interaction of conflict affects each others job. And if it does everyone needs to shut up and get along. Why break up a good thing.

      2. He has had the same issues going back to his childhood. He said he liked moving often as a child because by the time they were ready to move, he had already alienated the rest of the neighborhood kids. He was abrasive and uncontrollably competitive as a child and he still is as an adult. There is absolutely nothing surprising about the situation in Santa Clara. It was never a matter of if Harbaugh would piss somebody off, it was always a matter of when.

    2. It’s a well written piece Jack. I’m envious of those that can parlay their thoughts coherently into a more corporeal version.

      I do think that your piece makes a different point then what your title might suggest. One might take it to say that you’re suggesting that the 49ers should move on but from the examples you give It seems to suggest that it’s not that they should but if they do they might not be as bad off as people are suggesting.

      Or maybe that’s kind of the same thing?

      1. Thanks Coffee.

        The point I was trying to make is that while Harbaugh has built a strong foundation it may take someone else to take it to the next level.

        I just see too many similarities between what the Warriors went through last year and what the 49ers are going through now.

        No one likes change, but often it can make us stronger.

        1. When Mariucci was fired I was ready for it because I saw him as a College coach that was only good at building up a young team but didn’t have the Je ne sais quoi that the truly successful NFL head coaches have. His message didn’t seem to translate to the older more established players so the team appeared to plateau. When I question whether Harbaugh needs to go I wonder if he is similar to Mooch. Does his message only translate to the younger players. When you’re building up a team you make broad strokes and big changes but when the team is put together it’s takes a finer touch. Maybe like Mooch Harbaugh likes the finer touch needed with this level of players.

          With that said I still believe that if the QB doesn’t lose the games he cost us and if the offense was properly executing the plays being called I don’t see any of these conversations happening regardless if there is any actual front office animosity or not.

          1. And then you get quotes like this from Marcus Lattimore: “The vibe in the locker room is that the players love him. We love everything he does… I love Coach Harbaugh and so do the other players. “

            1. You’re not suggesting that Singletary ran a collegiate locker room like you think Mariucci might have? Or that Harbaugh doesn’t know the difference between college players where he played, and the NFL players where he played a very long time?

              Mariucci never had a GM that could get him the offensive players to run the type of system that he preferred. I’m not saying that his system would have been better than the one he used, but he never got the chance to try. What he did in Detroit obviously didn’t work.

              1. Mariucci had offense it was defense that his teams lacked and I couldn’t tell you if that was the GM’s fault or not. My only point is that having been an NFL player with a short or long career doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a message that translates to veteran players.

              2. True, where would you put your money? Mariucci, possibly at first but he was here for six years. As for Harbaugh, I’ve never heard anything that would indicate that he has treated his players like college kids. Therefore, knowing nothing else, I’d put my money on him treating them like NFL men.

                Mariucci was primarily a passing oriented coach, but he ran a running attack because that’s where he had the best talent. At least that’s what my two brain cells remember. Using binary, I can still count from zero to three.

          2. Harbaugh went all in with kaep. They thought they had lightning in a bottle. If he didn’t throw that bad pass in the sb, if he only developed faster, then harbaugh is a genius. But kaep is stuck in neutral and now sliding backwards.
            He went from conversations about eliteness to being out of the league like Vince young.

            It’s too bad because he’s a good guy and has a great backstory, but life, and sports is tough.

              1. Next week vs.Seattle will probably tell us what direction the organization should go with him.

              2. No it won’t actually. You may convince yourself he’s done, but that won’t be the case. Teams don’t jettison players based on anger over not winning a few games while forgetting about all the positives. That’s for armchair GM’s like you and fan.

          3. You know, if Garrison Hearst doesn’t break his leg the 49ers win the Superbowl that year and who knows how much longer Mooch would have stayed as coach.

            1. Cfc….
              I don’t know of they win the Super Bowl that year, but they definitely would have beaten atl. The broncos were unbeatable that season.

              1. You’re right, I can’t say for certain they would have beaten Denver but they certainly had a better chance then Atlanta. I know I can’t know for sure but I feel pretty confident that they would have made it to the Superbowl that season in the very least.

              2. MD
                Except that the 9ers beat the breaks off of Den 34-17 (game wasn’t as close as score indicates) in the game that JR came back from a torn ACL caught that TD and then fractured his other knee.

        2. Jack I do’nt think you can compare HC’s in the NBA and HC”s in the NFL. I believe the Warriors got lucky with their Kerr hire but at the same time i believe theres close to 100 current NBA assistants and current college HC’s who could have stepped into the Warriors situation and won. I do’nt belive the numbers are any where close to being the same in the NFL. I think all your arguements for letting Harbaugh go are solid but at the same time i believe that the chances he will be replaced by someone who will fail are about 80\20 towards failure. Maybe not in their first season [there will be a 1 yr quality coach carry over] but by mid season of their 2nd season.

          1. Coach,

            Thanks for the comment. I just find the similarities between the two situations striking.

            1. I agree with both of you. And, anyone who follows the Warriors knows that it’s a long season and a mountain of bad things can happen.

    3. Jack:

      Although the comments thus far don’t reflect it, that’s a thought-provoking piece. Well done.

    4. Jack,

      It’s a well-written piece. Makes a good case to move on from Harbs. I agree with you that Harbs is a builder, not a long-term leader, like many CEOs who are superb at turning companies around or leading start-ups, but not good at keeping a large successful company going strong for a decade.

      But I am not so optimistic as you as about the post-Harbaugh Niner era.

      I don’t claim to have any deep insights, but I’d leave out David Shaw out in trying to buttress any argument for change away from Harbaugh .

      Shaw benefited greatly from Harb’s coaching hires and recruits. As coaches such as Hamilton and Mason have left for greener pastures, Shaw has not been able to attract good coaches from outside (with one exception — Duane Akina). He has promoted only from within and while Lance Anderson has done well as DC, the offensive side is a complete mess under Bloomgren as OC and Pritchard as QB coach.

      Shaw’s recruit quality has declined. He’s not able to bring energy and imagination into the offense. The program which peaked under him with Harbaugh setting the upward trajectory is now on the decline.

      But I must say that the similarity between the miserable Niners offense and the struggling Stanford offense has been striking this season. Which makes me wonder if the problem is the size of the playbook. Andrew Luck mastered it relatively easily and Alex Smith could make progress into its later chapters. But clearly both Kevin Hogan and Kap have not, and both have had unsettled O lines to make matters worse.

      1. Mood,

        “both have had unsettled O lines to make matters worse”

        That’s where the issues with execution start.

        1. Jack

          If you look around the league, few teams are playing with all their starters on the O line at this time. Execution starts with the O line but does not end there. The coaches have to modify their game plans to hide weaknesses and play to the strengths.

          Both Shaw and Romanbaugh failed to understand the changed situation with the O line and adjust to it. Or it is entirely possible they have no solution when the O line is less than ideal. Shaw is as stubborn as Harbaugh but he publicly acknowledged that the coaches didn’t anticipate the O line problem. Probably deep-pocketed alums got mad when Shaw was blaming the players (“execution”) on all the team’s woes.

          The other teams in the NFC West also have unsettled O lines. Rams O line was a sorry mess at the start of the season. Do you think Niners can drop 52 points on the Raiders like the Rams did?

          1. Mood,

            In your opinion how should Rombaugh have adjusted due to their o-line problem?

            Keep in mind, since Kilgore went down they’ve lost over half a yard per carry on the ground and given up an additional sack per game.

            1. Jack:

              It’s not like the offensive line was playing at a high level prior to Kilgore’s injury. I think those who have called out Solari may have a point.

              1. Did Solari suddenly become a bad coach? Was he previously overrated as a coach because we had a relatively good line before this year (although it started to get worse the last couple of years). Are the Martins, in particular, the problem.

                I wonder about having Martin start at center. I’ve seen a number of gifs over the last couple of weeks that have shown plays where several members of the offensive line have had no one to block and were looking for someone to block (these were posted on niners nation). Martin is in most if not all of those gifs. Jack’s pointed out the poorer production from Martin vice Kilgore. OTOH, the offensive line has looked bad most of the year. But still, it seems to me that putting a rookie in to play center is asking a lot, but I’m not sure that there is any other choice.

                A couple of games back, Staley mentioned bad schemes among other things. At the time I speculated that he was referring to Roman, but now I’m wondering if he meant Solari.

                How is the protection being handled now that Kilgore is out?

              2. Claude,

                “It’s not like the offensive line was playing at a high level prior to Kilgore’s injury.”

                That’s true when it comes to their pass protection, but prior to Kilgore’s injury they were still averaging 4.2 yards per carry, compared to 4.4 the previous year so the drop was slight. Since the Kilgore injury they have averaged 3.7 per carry.

                Just for a point of reference, the 4.2 yards per carry average would have them tied for 12th best in the league this season. Last season they were tied for 9th.

                The 3.7 average of the last 5 weeks would put them in a tie for 27th with the Raiders.

              3. Cubus, I don’t think it is about Solari being overrated or a bad coach, per se. He’s got a good track record so he clearly knows something about coaching an OL. But even with the injuries this OL has some talented players on it. It should be playing better than it is. And that is both on the players and the coach.

              4. cubus:

                I just saw your question. From 2011-13, Solari he shared the offensive line coach job with Tim Drevno, who now coaches at USC. Some commenters (I apologize to them for not remembering their names) have suggested that Drevno’s departure is the reason for the offensive line’s poor performance.

            2. Jack

              As Claude pointed out, O line has been performing sub par since pre-season. But the Niners have seem to have no consistent offense unless the O line is performing at close to its best.

              What should they have done? Maybe they should have gone back to a simpler playbook of 2011 and 2012 and focused on execution, especially for the O line. More rollouts for Kap, more screens (why can’t they execute screens effectively?).

              Most important, they should have sped up the game tempo. Tanier had a good piece on how the Browns have managed to do more on offense with less by modulating the game tempo.

              Instead, their play call continues to be slow coming in, and the Niners seem to be committed to doing what they had planned in the off-season despite (1) O line being unsettled (2) Kap’s insufficient progress as a pocket passer and (3) undermanned RB platoon.

              Again, I am no expert. But the Niners are what their record says they are — and it just doesn’t reflect their talent level.

          2. There are multiple reasons for O-line’s poor performance, but the main one in my opinion is the loss of Tim Drevno. Since his departure, the O-line play has declined. Solari needs to take most of the heat.

  31. (Sigh) I hate to jump on a bandwagon that may be more fabrication than fact, but……smoke>fire… A number of folks predicted a relatively short tenure here.
    Change is a universal constant. But it comes with risk. We had an understanding in The Marines; no matter how bad your CO might be, the next guy can always be worse.
    Proceed at your own risk.

    1. Better the devil you know…

      I still think that much of the criticism of Harbaugh is media driven. Which former employee has stated that Harbaugh was difficult to work under? Have the Stanford or San Diego people stated this, on the record? All I’ve seen is whispers and former players. Former players don’t count because you always get that – plus Luck loves Harbaugh. Whispers could be low level people who got in Harbaugh’s way (from his point of view) and he just trucked through them.

      The shining example of the premier organization in football is the NE Patriots, or so I am told. When was the last time they won a SB? Or were in the AFCCG? Great team no doubt, but they aren’t running the table. Belichick is everything that Harbaugh is and more, but no calls for his head. So Harbaugh is acerbic with the media. Booh, hooh!
      Let the man coach!

      1. I agree eastcoast! Let man coach. I really do not understand why those people that he really spends more time with has not really complained about Jim. I do not see a lot of his coahes bailing out on him. Fangio could easily find another job and his been with Jim for more than 4 yrs now and I am pretty sure he spends more time with Jim than any of FO employees combine.

    1. I had to listen to make sure It wasn’t me. I re-watched the game and might have blacked out from rage and made the call.

    2. Fan77 – How long do we have to hear you bash #7 day after day after boring day? Is there anything more important going on in your life that could possibly help you turn the page?
      Look #7 has been very disappointing so far this season but is it possible for you to talk about anything else besides #7?

      1. Just think of it this way.

        How much noise or stink does a mouse with flatulence make?

        That’s my meditative question for the week — maybe for longer than a week.

        1. htwaits,
          I remember you. I was ready to let it go, let Kap’s atrocity in the pocket speak for itself. And then Kaper-lovers like you write idiotic comments that attack mer personally, because they cannot admit or accept their hero is a zero reminds me they need more education.

          So I’m going to help you by watching the all-22 from the Seattle game and show you why Cosell and others say what they say about Kaep. I’ll keep it simple and just use a few plays. Lord knows there’s so many to choose from.

          It’s amazing how far the team got with Kap and his inexperienes. Props to his skill sets. But it’s sad that he can’t even do basic stuff.

          Check in later today and I’ll get you some GIFs hammer style!

          1. Point of fact. I haven’t posted about Kaepernick’s performance or his future. I have posted about how long it’s taken for some well known quarterbacks, now and in the past, to “get it.”

            On the other hand you keep trying to make noise. I can’t hear you.

      2. Crab, do not hold your breath on this one. That question has been asked of him so many times by different commentors here and I doubt it will be the last.

        1. Ricardo/Razor – Thanks for the concern for our fellow blogger Fan77 and his continuous bashing of #7.
          It appears Fan77 is not coming back, he is under some kind of eerie spell. It’s starting to resemble Linda Blair (Regan) from the exorcist movie. We may need Father Karras (same movie) to intervene or have Grant set up a “casting out” ritual to help him.

          Yes, #7 sucks this year but lets not get all “haunted” about it.

          1. “It’s starting to resemble Linda Blair (Regan) from the exorcist movie. We may need Father Karras (same movie) to intervene”

            Thanks for the laughs, Crab! BTW, that movie still haunts me to this day.

  32. Trade Kaepernick to Raiders for 1st rounder and let Harbaugh go there with Roman. Send Crabtree too… or just let him go far away. Draft Mark Mariota and hire Mark Helfrich. Bring back some class and professionalism to the team. Please. So tired of this batch of squanderers.

    1. Josh so you wa’nt to trade one run option QB for another run option QB and that will change things how?

      1. Good point Coach. The 49ers need to draft a QB from a school that has run a pro-style offense. As we have seen it has taken nearly 3 years to turn Kaepernick into a pocket passer and its painful to watch.

        1. How many major Division I schools run a pro style offense? Most colleges have went to the spread with a running QB due to the change in the rules. Out of the top 20 football programs in American you will be lucky to find 5 schools that run a true Pro style offense.

          1. Good point KY. Maybe then the skills set to play in a pro-style offense. Accuracy, poise, pocket presence.

          2. KY49er you are right you have to do a great job of scouting but i’m begining to believe that to win consistently you need to draft a pocket passer. He can be elusive but he needs to have excellent pocket presence. How many college run option QB’s have become good to very good passers in the NFL so far?

            1. Coach,

              Very few if any, especially in the modern day landscape. I will even go a step further and say many high schools have now went to spread option offenses. This has slowly happened over time. This is where the landscape of football has gone. The days of Drew Brees, Manning, an Brady are almost gone. Coaches want fast QB’s to counter act fast defenses. The Big Ten is one conference that has stuck with what may resemble pro style offenses but it has not gotten them far. SEC, ACC, Pac 12, Big 12 are all prodimently spread.

              I also agree with you that there are QB’s that are pocket passers but can be elusive. Those are the ones better suited for the NFL.

              1. KY do you think that the highschool and college ranks evolution of the spread and or running QB will dictate how NFL teams draft and or play offensive football?

              2. KY i think there is a big difference between spread O’s and pistol\run option O’s. Spread QB in college can come out with great pocket skills. I would add the Pac12 to the Big10 that still have pocket QB’s whether out of a 2 back set or a spread set J. Goof is one example along with the Wash st QB

              3. FDM,

                I think that’s what we are seeing now. More QB’s who can outrun everyone in high school and college. That’s a strength. Until they get to the NFL where everyone is just as fast or faster. We are talking about just changing skill sets, we are talking about changing an entire mindset. That’s what’s going on with Kaep, in my opinion. He could out run everyone and throw a rocket to his receivers. Now that doesn’t matter. He trying to adapt.

              4. FDM i know you asked KY this question but i’ll throw in my 2 cents anyway. I believe that NFL teams will draft players they feel they can win with and if some of these current NFL run option QB’s do’nt start developing pocket passing skills they will eventually stop drafting them. If I’m a high school QB who has NFL aspirations and i notice that run option schools are no longer putting QB’s into the Nfl which schools do you think i would choose to attend? Stanford or a run option school?

              5. I completely agree with you Coach. It is something to GM’s should be noticing for sure. I think the bigger issue with kids, they want to be flashy. All style, no substance.

              6. One of Stanford’s problems this year was that they didn’t have a real power running game and their quarterback was very erratic in the pocket until the last two games when they pounded UC Berkeley and UC Los Angles — both spread offenses.

        2. That is what is so baffling. First, fans want Carr, a talented, yet poor decision maker (may have a strong upside, time will tell).

          Now everyone wants Mariota, not a player from a pro offense, to come in and do what we won’t let Keapernick do – develop.

      2. Not every player is the same, as you know. Are all PAC 12 college coaches the same? Watch Mariota play. He doesn’t overthrow in the wings like Kaepernick does constantly. His down the field awareness is stronger too. Plus he’s fast and could elude the rush, especially behind this hurting Oline.

        1. I’ve seen Oregon play SEC Schools. It never ends well. That’s what Mariota does not see in the Pac 12. The athletes in the PAC 12 are not as big, fast, and strong as the SEC. I could be wrong but he will have the same struggles as Kaep and Cam in the NFL. ANDY don’t let the 1st and 2nd season success fool you.

          1. Marriota is further along as a QB than Kap was. Kap played in nothing resembling a pro offense while Marriota has. Marriota has also played a higher level of competition which will make more prepared than Kap was. Whether he is successful as a pro will depend on the team and Coaching staff he winds up playing for.

            1. Agree with the comment on Mariotta being further along than Kap. Although I haven’t been following him, I keep seeing Conner Cook’s name from Michigan State as a college QB that plays in a pro-style offense.

        2. Josh my point is that lots of run option QB’s have looked great in college but none of them have developed into good QB
          s at the pro level. Maybe Mariota will be the first but untill i see it happen I would shy away from College run option QB’s imho

          1. OldCoach, FDM, KY49er, Josh, Rocket and whoever will chime in, these are good football discussions. Please continue. Thanks.

  33. 1. Note to ” kapurnicus ” …

    over the next four weeks, ugly victories
    will not suffice: WIN BIG OR GO HOME.

    2. the man was difficult to work with;
    avoid him in the elevator, okay? [female voice]

  34. note for those who wager…

    the experts see the Niner’s odds
    of making the playoffs as less than 50%…

    Jim Harbaw sez: attack, attack, attack etc.

  35. CSN Bay Area has some quotes from M. Lattimore, you know, who was actually in the locker room, saying the guys are supportive of JH.
    Deion Sanders, Ian Rappaport, and Anne Killion’s “reports” not withstanding.
    Friction with the FO is likely real, but replacing the HC is a two step process. Firing or releasing or terminating the incumbent is the easy part; actually finding an equivilent or better HC is the tricky part.
    One would be well advised to have a good plan before taking that plunge. If Jed is determined, then I’d almost prefer SF not make the playoffs and they get busy with it.

    1. Maiocco posted the following yesterday under the title “Harbaugh FAQs: Unlikely sides remain together in 2015”:

      “One source told CSNBayArea.com that general manager Trent Baalke and Harbaugh have clashed on occasion, but it never escalated into a situation in which either man felt as if he could not work with the other. But that changed a couple weeks ago when an undisclosed incident or series of interactions occurred that irreparably tore at the trust that must exist between a coach and general manager. (The source would not disclose the specifics of the disagreement.)”

      Sounds like it’s getting more real with each passing day.

      1. Or it’s just the next step in trying to get the fan base to feel that it’s a good idea to get rid of Harbaugh. Feel is the operative word.

        1. Barrows is reporting that Harbaugh and Baalke were chatting “amicably” before practice today.

  36. Fan,
    my job is done. I don’t have to expose you anymore because you’ve been exposed. Enough posters complain about your stink without me having to point it out anymore.
    Agenda is clear troll, your gibberish has grown beyond tired.
    Grant, why don’t you give me my christmas present early and unblock my IP addresses? I have hundreds of them so it’s pointless. But unblocking my main IP addresses at least tells me that you still love me.

    1. Bay,
      You didn’t do anything. There were always a few stragglers who believed that the Earth was still flat even after Columbus came back. You and your crew and believe whatever you want.
      I’ve been stating my opinion on Kap the entire year. I gave him some credit that he earned in a few games, and held my position on why I didn’t think he was the future.

      Kap sucks so bad that all you can do is attack me for stating my case.

      I wish Kap was the answer but he’s not.

      Time to welcome Gabbert or whoever.

      And when that happens, are you still going to be a fan of this team? If Kap figures it out next year, that’s great. That’s two years too late but what can you do?

        1. Mr. Hammer,
          It started as a satirical suggestion for Gabbert or Sanchez. I had my doubts on Kap but was hoping for signs of life that he would start to get it. Maybe he developed a little, but the all-22 from the Seattle game was bad. We have an undisciplined QB who is a pre-determined thrower just like Cosell, said. He could potentially be as infantile as RG3 in grasping route concepts.

          He ran himself into a couple of sacks instead of throwing the ball away. He made pre-determined decisions on where he was going to throw the ball regardless if the wr was even going to be open. You’re the coach, i’m sure you’ve seen it.

          We are paying Kaep starting money, he’s playing like a back-up. Why not give Gabbert a chance? Why not try and get Sanchez. In fact, Baalke could have gotten Sanchez cheap too to back-up Kap, but he went to Gabbert.

          The one guy I won’t take is Schaub. He’s done!

          1. “We are paying Kaep starting money”

            Kaepernick’s cap number this season is the 28th highest among QB’s in the league.

          2. Cosell also said that we have no speed and cannot beat Seattle’s press. Limiting our game plan. Add Jonathan Martin to the mix and you got what you got. A broken offense with a blind man calling plays.

            Our offensive line took away our identity this year. We basically had to learn another language on the fly.

            Look at our rushing output per year.

            2011 31 attempts per game 128 yards per game

            2012 31 attempts per game 155 yards per game

            2013 32 attempts per game 138 yards per game

            2014 28 attempts per game 114 yards per game

            We are broken up front and we have no speed at the receiver position. For everyone that wants to give Baalke a shiny trophy, realize that we missed addressing areas of need. Think getting rid of Ginn was smart? I think it was a mistake.
            For all those that think bringing Stevie here was a great move I think it was poor use of money when you look at how sparingly we utilize him.

            Add to it the off field issues and the injuries. This year is not meant to be unless the offensive line gets angry and Roman and Harbaugh rediscover the run.

            For those that want to put it on the QB, your agenda is clear. Look at Troll77’s posts after a win. Barely posts a thing. After a loss, he acts like he’s Nostradamus and posts 300% more. He’s a typical troll like Mary. Seahawks suck, Mary disappears. Seahawks win, Mary spreads her colorful feathers and posts a ton. It’s predictable guys.

            I still hold faith that our boys are going to fight, but that fight better start up front with the big boys. If Jonathan Martin is part of that group then we can call it a day and begin looking for Guards and Tackles in the draft…..

          3. Here is an interesting article that came out when the all-22 was becoming available to the public. Somebody like Jack Hammer who has been a college coach probably gets a better read on what is happening than the usual fan. I don’t know your experience coaching football at that level or any level for that matter – or even if you played football at a competitive level, but like the article states it will create a lot of fans that think they know what they are seeing that have never seen a playbook or have been in football team meetings to really understand what they think they are seeing.


  37. There may be another element to this Harbaugh to Oakland speculation. That is the likelihood of Oakland becoming Los Angeles, the prestige of bringing success to the second biggest market is the entire country would have a draw all of it’s own. I think the current state of the Raiders is moot, Harbaughs confidence is rock solid, he would believe he could turn things around there no doubt.

    1. Hmmmmm, D.Clark-
      A cultural point; I can’t think of any city in the USA that is more UN-Harbaugh-like than LA. Can you imagine TMZ and ET dealing with him? Let alone the Fashionistas!

    1. I like Kap’s terse answers to stupid questions.

      I just need him to make better decisions with the ball and more accurate throws.

      1. Prior to reading your comments, I used the exact words you chose in the recent Kaepernick interview post. I laughed out load after reading your response here, and thought you and I must share a mental wavelength together….

  38. Ha. It’s “all arrows up” for Gabbertt. The guy did throw a fourth quarter TD in a blowout. Wheeeeew!

  39. Zach “The Warrior” Mettenberger and his wolverine like healing abilities is good to go for the next game. Guess you don’t have to question his toughness or durability anymore Razor.

    1. Until the next injury CFC, and it still does not explain your hypocrisy regarding his arrest record….

        1. Isn’t that the image you’ve complained Kaepernick exudes in his dress and demeanor, rather than actually being arrested?

          Also, your statement about trading Mettenburger for Kaepernick and the 49ers are in the Super Bowl was intriguing. If I could tear you away from your film room for a few minutes, would you be so inclined to explain exactly how you arrived at this conclusion?

          1. “Isn’t that the image you’ve complained Kaepernick exudes in his dress and demeanor, rather than actually being arrested?”

            I have no idea what you’re talking about, that sentence doesn’t even make sense to me??

            Razor just go back to not responding because you don’t do yourself any favors anytime you start trying. Since you don’t like me you’re clearly not going to bother to spend the time to notice that those statements are for entertainment value. You’ll see something like that and latch onto it and run around screaming he think’s Zach will take us to the Superbowl. Well you know what kid, knock yourself out you’ve proven that you have an agenda to pick at the things I say and frankly you’re just not very good at it. So keep trying and I’ll just keep laughing at what you post.

            1. You’ve stated before you don’t like the “thug” image Kaepernick portrays, yet you’re fine with a convicted sexual assault player as the face of a franchise. I’m not so sure they are for entertainment value when you continue to serve the Mettenburger with cheese….

              1. Razor: you don’t like me either but will you send me that animation of the 49er plane blowing up the Seahawk logo. I kind of miss that.

              2. Razor,
                CofC doesn’t like being called out. Next he’ll begin stealing your avatar and telling you its public domain….

                We’ve all read what he’s posted and we all know what’s behind his prejudice dislike.

                There are a few on here that don’t comprehend football. See it’s a team sport with a roster of over 50 impact players. Yet to hear them tell the story, only one guy is playing and it’s the QB.

              3. No Bay, the QB hasn’t been playing. He’s been coughing up the ball and grinding this offense into the ground.
                See Richard Sherman times 2

              4. There are a few on here that don’t comprehend football. See it’s a team sport with a roster of over 50 impact players. Yet to hear them tell the story, only one guy is playing and it’s the QB.

                Smh. Wow, just, wow.

    2. If you don’t mind me asking CfC, what is it you so like about Mettenberger?

      I must admit I wasn’t ever a fan as I thought he was made to look good by having some elite talent around him at LSU, and a good OC that limited what he needed to do. The way Beckham, Landry and Hill have played in the NFL so far would indicate he certainly did have excellent skill players to work with.

      But credit to Mettenberger, he’s come in as a rookie and has shown some promise, although a lot of his stats are racked up in garbage time.

      1. Scooter I’ve paid attention to his games as you can imagine and 4 of those 7 TD’s came in the first half of the game so I don’t think the comment that he only produces in “garbage time” is very accurate. What I think is accurate is that a rookie has been plugged into a bad team and is playing as well as a guy who’s been playing on a great team for over 3 years. What’s also accurate is that if they had a defense that didn’t give up nearly 30 points a game he’d have earned his first win by now.

        1. I didn’t answer your question, sorry. What I liked about him was when I watched a film, and don’t get me wrong I might have watched half a dozen or so youtube videos of his games. What I liked in those videos was his ability to throw to the receiver before he was open. He could anticipate and throw to the spot the receiver was going to be in.

          On a much simpler level I like tall QB’s that stand in the pocket. So he looked the part and seemed to play that part at least on the videos I watched.

          1. Cool. You are right, he does a great job standing tall in the pocket, and isn’t afraid to take the hit. Good trait for any QB to have.

        2. I didn’t say he only produces in garbage time. Just that a lot of his stats have been racked up in garbage time. And a lot of his passing yards have been. That happens on bad teams where you get blown out a lot.

          He’s playing better than I thought he would, much better in fact. It will be interesting to see how he goes for the remainder of the season, and what the Titans do over the offseason regarding the QB position.

          1. Well, he did beat out Tyler Wilson, so clearly he’s got to be pretty good.

            If he continues to play mostly clean like he has and avoid a lot of “dumb” mistakes I can’t see that they would want to use a top 5 pick on another signal caller next Spring. They’ll probably need to find another back up though cause Locker is just plain awful.

            1. “Well, he did beat out Tyler Wilson, so clearly he’s got to be pretty good.”

              :-P An excellent point.

  40. 49ers: knock, knock
    Raiders: who’s there?
    49ers: Juan
    Raiders: Juan who?
    49ers: Juan and 11
    Raiders: F*@k you, bring it on mother f&@ker

        1. If Vernon just came out of the closet he would have the weight of the world off his shoulders and he could play inspired ball again.

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