Harbaugh says Kaepernick is “one of the most dynamic pocket passers in the game of football today.”

This is the transcript of Jim Harbaugh’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.

Will you guys have enough time with T Anthony Davis to go through the protocol before kickoff?



He’s out?

“He’s out.”


Can you share anything of just what he’s gone through? Was he still having symptoms?



Greater than initially feared after the game or–?

“Well, you can’t know what it’s going to be. Hard to predict.”


How much do you look ahead, with the Thursday game on the horizon, for this game coming up? Do you try to rotate more than usual? Give guys fewer snaps than usual?



Regular game and then go from there?



How comfortable do you feel just knowing T Jonathan Martin has already started five games at right tackle this season?

“Yes. Feel good about Jonathan Martin.”


LB Patrick Willis just posted that he had successful surgery. Do you have an indication if he’ll be able to participate in the off-season program or when he might be able to get back on the field with you guys?

“No, I don’t.”


What about LB NaVorro Bowman? Did he meet with the doctors and did they plan the course of action for next week, practice, anything like that?

“The latest is Dr. [James] Andrews is flying into town today to meet with him.”


Will that meeting result in a plan of action for Bowman as far as returning to practice?

“I think that’s a good way to state it. I don’t think we’re going too far out on a limb to state that that would be the case.”


Do you think he’s going to play this year? Do you know one way or the other?

“No, I don’t know.”


A couple weeks ago, we saw him on a Friday doing some change-of-direction stuff. Has that been scaled back as far as what he’s been doing as far as pushing it on the field?

“No, I saw him doing the same. He’s done the same routine.”


So there have been no setbacks that you know of?

“Not that I know of.”


CB Chris Culliver has come back from his ACL injury pretty well this year. Just what have you seen out of him these last couple weeks?

“Just really competing at a high level and playing very physical, tight coverage. Got a real competitive fire, which he’s always had. I just think things are really coming together for him. The health, confidence. Just everything. Tumblers coming into place. That’s what I see.”


Are you guys being defended drastically differently in the red zone this year than you have in the past three?



So the struggles you would say, I think you guys were around 52 percent touchdown rate last year, now you’re at 39, it’s more emblematic of struggles on offense with you guys, not what other teams are doing?

“Characterize it how you will, want to score touchdowns in the red zone. But, to answer your question, I don’t think that people are playing us drastically differently than they did last year.”


TE Vernon Davis’ production has not what it obviously has been throughout his career.

“You guys are starting to sound like Perfunknik (referring to Li’l Abner character Joe Btfsplk) from Li’l Abner. The guy that walks down the street and he’s got a cloud over his head. It’s always dark and rainy over the top of him. So, you guys are like Perfunknik. We can go through the top-10 list of things that we could be doing better. Perfunknik.” [Laughter]


That being said, it is odd that Vernon Davis has been a Pro Bowl tight end, his production is way down. He has had some injuries.

“I just feel like he’s ready to break out. I really do. You use the old olive jar analogy. The olives are packed in there real tight and you open up the lid and you can’t get any to come out. You can even dump it upside down and it doesn’t come out. But if you get that one to come out, then they just want to all come out and plop out. So, I think that’s the case and I think it’s going to happen soon. Hopefully this weekend. Get that one big one and then they start coming out.”


Do you, as a coach and as a staff, how do you keep from harping on the things that you aren’t doing well, while staying positive about the things that you are doing well? How do you balance that when you really try to self-analyze what you guys are doing?

“Well, we’re just after trying to get a mile per hour faster every day. Better today than yesterday, better tomorrow than today in all phases of our football team, individually, collectively. That’s our aim. Like the NASCAR boys trying to get a mile an hour faster. It’s just Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, I get to come in here and see Perfunknik.”


Do you have any staff members who are Perfunkniks?

“No, we don’t.”


They’re all positive?

“Relentlessly positive.”


I have, I guess, an open-ended question. You rank ninth all-time in career rushing yards by a quarterback.

“I do?”


Yeah, congrats.

“I did not know that.”


Yes, you do.

“That’s positive [Laughter].”


Nice feather in your cap.

“Ninth all time?”


Ninth all time. Former 49ers quarterback Steve Young was third. He has theorized through his experiences, he said his ability to run delayed his growth as a pocket passer. I’m asking this, obviously, Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and QB Colin Kaepernick are going to be on the same field Sunday. Can that be an issue for mobile quarterbacks? That their feet can bail them out sometimes and so, therefore, their growth as a pocket passer can be delayed?

“He’s growing and growing and growing as a pocket passer. I think he’s one of the most dynamic pocket passers in the game of football today. And he’s one of the most dynamic runners. “


What was your experience like?

“Pretty mediocre. For me, personally?”



“Yeah, I was mediocre. I was a mediocre player. Kap’s a great player. That’s a big difference.”


Ninth all time, though.

“See if you can spread the word on that. Try not to keep that to yourselves. See if you can kind of get that out there a little bit.” [Laughter]


You repeated it like four times.

“Well, I don’t want to carry my own water. Humility would prevent me from doing that. Just see what you can do. Spread the word.”


How is DT Justin Smith doing?



He’s starting to take Wednesdays and Thursdays off. Is that just a concerted effort to keep him fresh? Why do this when you didn’t do that last year, for example?

“Well, he’s not taking them off, that’s for sure. He’s working extremely hard. We’re monitoring the practice reps that he has and doing what we think is in the best interest of a player and the team, as we always do.”


Was there a sense that last year he got worn down at the end of the season? Why change things up? Just a normal guy getting older and you just want to keep him off the practice field as much as possible?

“Well, how’s he doing? He’s doing great. He’s doing great. You can see it on Sunday when they play the games. This past week I thought was one of the, when you look at the two defensive tackles, [DT] Ray McDonald and Justin, the way they played, both individually and just as a tandem, it was one of the best of the year. They made plays when we were exposed, going to get a big gainer hung on us. Those two leveraging the blocks, coming off the block, making the tackle really covered up for us.”


You guys listed DL Glenn Dorsey as out with a forearm. Is that a different injury than what he experienced?

“I don’t know. I don’t fill out the–.”


Injury report?

“Yes. Thank you.”


Is it something that could be a long-term type of thing, this forearm injury?

“We’ll see. He was getting a second opinion on it last night so we’ll see what the results of that are. I haven’t gotten that yet – that information.”


Has DT Tank Carradine been benefitting from Justin missing Wednesdays and Thursdays?

“Tank benefits from the reps, yes. So does [DT] Quinton [Dial] and [DT] Kaleb Ramsey’s getting some reps, too. So, yes.”

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  1. See how much easier press conferences can be if you actually say something? Maybe Harbaugh reads these boards, lol.

  2. …“one of the most dynamic pocket passers…”
    1.(of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.
    “a dynamic economy”
    (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.
    “she’s dynamic and determined”

    So all that quote really said was the he is one of the most positive and full of energy pocket passers in the game. Which of course really says nothing.

    Follow up question missed: “So you just called kaepernick one of the most positive pocket passers in the league but what does that actually mean? If he was a pessimist would he be worse in the pocket?

  3. Harbaugh being Harbaugh.
    This forearm injury is alarming. Wonder if it’s an extension of the biceps. Going through this knee injury I’ve noticed my hammys and calves have been used a lot more and sore.
    Get healthy big fella and get back at full health. Gonna need ya in the playoffs.

    1. Ninermd, I saw some where today that his initial injury was the bicept ripping off of the forearm. Unless its a new injury it would seem that the surgically repaired point is the forearm which continues to be the injury that is healing. Who knows?

      1. Yikes….. I still say rub some dirt on it and play. Lol
        A buddy had the same injury and he said it was the most painful thing he’s been through.

        1. By dirt you mean some of those pain killers they were talking about earlier in the week?

          I wondered if its pain in the arm causing a weakness when he uses it making him a liability?

          It was on ninernation today that I read it.

  4. What’d you guys think of Young’s take on running QB’s. Sounded pretty accurate to me. Kap though his passing numbers are up he does seem to hesitate between running and throwing equalling a sack. When he makes a quick decision and doesn’t think to much he seems to play better. I have not proof just pontification. I wonder what kind of coach Young is for these young QBs?

    1. I think he’s still finding his middle ground. He looks brilliant at times and lost at other times. A little more seasoning and trust with his line and I think he will be just fine

    2. It took Young a loooooooong time to become a serviceable postseason QB, nevermind a great one. The same is true of his career as an analyst of the game, and he is still toiling in Tampa Bay-like mediocrity in that department. In his current endeavors, he has Trent Dilfer and Deion Sanders lighting his path, rather than Joe Montana and Bill Walsh, however, so don’t expect Young to get smart any time soon.

      #QuestFor9 if #Montana had never been traded.

      1. Young’s brilliant! Montana was in decline and steve took the torch. Look up his stats and let us not forget the ferocious defenses Montana was paired with. We couldn’t win a Super Bowl until we found a cornerback to jump as high as Alvin Harper. As for his sports punditry, he’s second to none. Where else do you get commentary like, “exhaust the play” or ” or someone to delineate for you a good 15 yd scamper from a bad one? 1 +1 = 1 genius. Go ahead and listen to those prosaicly trite hackneyed analyst you fancy because to appreciate this game from a holistic, intangible angle would require an inquisitiveness to understand the arcane, esoteric faucets that make the engines run.

        1. We couldn’t win a Super Bowl until we found a cornerback to jump as high as Alvin Harper.

          That 70-yarder against Don Griffin still makes me sad. It started the Cowboys dynasty. Of course, it didn’t help that we had a 63 yard TD to Rice negated on a phantom offensive holding call on the game’s first play.

          That was a bad day..

  5. Notice that JH said that CK is “one of the most dynamic passers in the game of football today.” However, what was missing was JH claiming that CK was one of the most dynamic passers in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE today. Therefore, JH is correct when you consider college, high school and youth level football. Currently, in the NFL, CK is in the middle of the pack with respect to TD passses (14th), 15th in QB rating, 14th in average yards per attempt and 22nd in completion % at 61%.

    1. mike ..
      could your observation have anything to do
      with the revolving door that has been the O-line ?

      It takes some time for 5 guys to play with some
      cohesion .. but, what that is interrupted by one guy
      or another going down to injury .. that throws
      a monkey wrench into the gears …

      We should start to see some good things from the
      entire offense, soon .. and something tells me
      that will start happening with the ‘Skins

  6. I’m on the cusp of putting back six lbs. of the 30 I lost last summer. Pumpkin pie is my downfall, especially those big suckers from costco…

    1. Ghost ..

      On T-day .. I usually make 4 pumpkin pies .. and,
      I’m lucky if I manage to get more than one slice ..

      The grandkids say that mine are the best in the world !
      (dunno about that, but .. I’ll take it)

      1. I like Sweet Potato Pie even better and there has to be a slice of Pecan Pie too. But I’m more health aware now…..I don’t HAVE to have ice cream with it.
        Sometime pull out your apple pie recipe and substitute pears for apples. Add a touch of cinnamon. Pear season here is late August through mid October. Im telling you…….

        1. Well.. BT ..

          My Thanksgiving pies are anything but low-calorie ..
          It’s one of the two times a year .. I buy the quart size
          carton of heavy whip cream … and I go hog wild topping
          the pies ..
          (I suppose, that’s a little more “healthy” than using
          that chemical-laden “Cool-Whip”)

          I have made pear pies .. but .. a “touch” of
          cinnamon ain’t enough for me … lol !

          Hey… what are the holidays for, anyhoo ?

          Gotta CELEBRATE !!

  7. Wilson73 and NINERMD said it best. Kaep is trying his hardest to become a pocket passer. When everyone including me screams throw or run at the TV when it looks like Kaep is frozen, that’s when he’s thinking. If anyone has played sports beyond middle school coaches tell players non stop to stop thinking. It slows down your reaction time. More than likely Kaep is fighting the urge to run so he can become a pocket passer 1st. It takes time. If anyone thought he was going to stop running and become this great pocket passer during the offseason you’re sadly mistaking. He’s trying to retrain his brain. That in itself takes a long time. He’s proabably been running all his life now he’s being told to stand still. It takes time. Sit back and enjoy the ride. The guy will get there eventually

    1. KY,
      Steve Young said that it took him 4 years to become a pocket QB. And he had a good defense, a good TE a good RB and he had Jerry Rice. There is a natural process that a QB has to go through to mature. If they can go through that process and win while they are doing it, it is a win win.

      Look, I don’t like the tats, or the designs his barber puts on his head. I don’t like the Beats headphones or the sideways cap. I don’t like that he doesn’t dress more appropriately after games when addressing the media. I don’t like the way the team dealt with Alex Smith especially losing your job while injured. Those are all personal opinions BUT they have NOTHING to do with the product on the field. Some of us have the ability to distinguish between the two and some don’t.

      I hate that Kaep isn’t taking off and running more. It’s not like he’s lost the ability to attack with his legs. He’s made a full commitment to becoming a pocket passer. This year that’s been sidelined by an offensive line that was going to get the guy killed. It looks like that is rectifying itself. The line is playing better. However Kaep doesn’t fully trust them yet. You can tell because of his footwork on throws.

      Bottom line, real fans, REAL HARDCORE fans will enjoy the progress. Those with personal prejudices won’t. Can please everyone. For me, I’m enjoying every game from section 109. I’ve got my Christmas list all made up too.

      Tall vertical speed receiver



      Speedy RB

      1. Wow for once you said something intelligent and meaningful. Oh wait someone must of hijacked your avatar!

        1. Hmmmmm. Either Bay Area Summer’s Eve ran out of meds, or someone hi-jacked his avatar.
          He was 80% honest, until he gets to Kaep and starts spreading the blame onto everyone else. Kaep’s slow development is on Kaep. When the Niners made the switch, he was the starter. Period. They did it because they expected he could make that jump.

          This was supposed to be the year he made the big turn and became a better pocket passer. The O-Line, TE is just another way of avoiding the fact that he’s not grasping the nuances. Wanna talk crappy O-Line and WRs, tell that to Alex Smith his firsts 9 years as a pro!
          I would love to see Kaep turn the corner too, but so far he hasn’t. I don’t think you can compare him to Steve Young either. Sure Steve took a longer longer, but with all the digital technology available, Kaep has much more access to film. Heck even the normal fan can order the all-22 and see how he’s slow on reads.
          We’re in the middle of the season now, not much we can do. The work Kaep needs to do will have to take place in the off season.

      2. Forgot one more present, a return specialist….. Like Ellington a lot, but he aint that guy.

      3. I’m confused by your post bay.lol..Basically you’re saying u don’t like the way Kap looks..Don’t like how he got his job..Don’t like him bein a pocket passer..Don’t like people judging him on some of the very things u don’t like about him personally..all the while pictured in his Jersey..Im sorry bay..im confused..lol..

    1. Yet I notice Grant left up Sourdough Sam’s racist comment. Now if that Cracker had directed it at him……….

      1. BT, this blog has turned juvenile lately. It seems like the standard has been lowered to increase internet clicks.

        1. For a laugh, look at the standards delineated in the “terms” section for the Press Demo. Then imagine you’re a senior editor giving Grant his annual performance evaluation.

    1. Hammer,
      Always good insights into the game/49ers.

      I find your comments in pointing to a number of issues on the offensive side while not just isolating the QB refreshing. The redzone issues fall on many laps.

      This is a good game for our offense to try to get a sizable lead by halftime and than begin to rest its starters to keep them healthy and ready for Turkey (Fowl) Day.

    1. Bay,

      That’s the article I read right before my last post. I did not read the entire thing. I do think many people are trying to rush Kaep though the QB growth process.

  8. A little concerned about J.Martin because his real game play has been limited by the return of A.Davis. My only pause is that Martin may be a little rusty.
    This is a good game for A.Davis to get the extra time to heal and be ready for Thursday night.

    On Kap, I like that he seems to be adapting better to the pocket. This will prove to be a career saver in the next couple year as he approaches 30 yrs of age. Once CK masters the pocket with all the nuances that come with it, he will become a top 5 QB. Right now he is learning not to be a “run at first blush” type quarterback and he is paying the price at times as seen in the many sacks.

    I’m not worried about Kap because his intense competitive character will get him to where he needs to be as a great QB.

    Oh, and just a little side-bar:
    Willtalk read all my past threads regarding CK7 before giving me a hate label. If you actually took a little time reading my takes on Kap you would be able to make better assessment before shooting from the hip.

    1. I know a lot of people make a big deal about Kaep getting older but he hasn’t taken any big hits. He can still run like a gazelle. He gets comfortable and plays from the pocket, he truly could become a Top 5 great QB.

  9. Horsefeathers…He’s gone as far as he’s gonna’ go….He should look good against the ‘Redskins’…so should everyone else Niners 47- Redskins 21….Both Gore and Hyde go over 100 yards….maybe CK too

  10. KY,
    I’m not making much of a deal about Kap’ age. CK will likely always have the ability to be a good runner regardless of age.
    But those running opps will need to come when there is no other option.

    Steve Young always had the ability to run even in the late stage of his career, but it wasn’t until he had/developed a ‘mindset’ change that gave him the attribute to stay in the pocket rather than run at first blush that helped him became a HOF QB.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that Kap needs to develop this same type of mindset. When he does he will be a top 5 QB.
    The ability to run will still be a part of his arsenal, but will those runs will come by way of last option selection vs run at first blush selection ala Steve Young.

  11. Kaleb Ramsey. Based on his footage…

    – 293, explosive, quick twitch, super strong, agile.
    – He can two gap, shock-n-shed blockers for solo tackles.
    – He can also single gap with explosion.
    – Moves like a cat once in the backfield.

    But he can’t stay healthy.

    Might make a good late season secret weapon. A spot inside pass rusher to get pocket passers off their mark.

    1. Lol… i would like to see that happens on Thu so we can send one of our hitters and take him out of the game.

      1. I would LOVE to see Dick Sherman lined up as a WR. I don’t root for players to get hurt, but, man, I’m so close with this jack ass.

        I hate to tell Dickie boy, but there’s a reason WR’s get converted to CB: they can’t catch the ball well enough to be WR’s.

    2. He played WR at Stanford, not that he’s NFL caliber but who knows. The story is told that he hated JH so much he moved to the defensive side of the ball.

  12. wheeew…..looks like we are making the playoffs…..

    As long as we have a better record or tied with Dal and Phi

    We have an advantage with tie-breaker edges over Philadelphia and Dallas based on head-to-head victories.

    Current playoff seedings
    Division leaders
    1. Arizona (9-1)
    2. Detroit (7-3)
    3. Philadelphia (7-3)
    4. Atlanta/New Orleans (4-6)

    Wild Cards
    5. Green Bay (7-3)
    6. Dallas (7-3)

    Still in the hunt for wild cards:
    7. SF (6-4)
    8. Seattle (6-4)

    1. You nailed it… the 49ers need to finish 2nd in NFC West, and at least tie the worst of Dallas and Philadelphia.

      1. 10-6 was almost a lock to make the playoffs before the NFL went to four divisions.

        Now its almost a certainty the winner of a stinker division will replace a quality 10-6 or 11-5 team.

        1. The NFC South is just downright ugly this year. And to think that Breese, Cam and Ryan reside in this Div even makes me more appreciative of what Baalke and Jim and his coaches have done to our team in the last 3 plus years.

          1. Consistency year to year is a rarity nowadays. Despite the hell schedule in the hell division the 49ers have strung together 3 (and counting) winning seasons. An uncommon accomplishment.

  13. @XG

    I don’t want to ‘clean house’… I just want to get JH gone because without that, He’s going to stick with Colin ’til hell freezes over because he’s so hard-headed. CK is not a franchise QB IMHO

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