Harbaugh: “We made plays in the passing game – Colin moving.”

SAN FRANCISCO – Jim Harbaugh spoke about Colin Kaepernick at the podium after the 49ers’ 23-13 win over the Rams. Here is a transcript.

Q: How was the Rams’ defense playing your offense?

HARBAUGH: They did a good job containing the run. We made plays in the passing game – Colin moving. He had a lot of big plays off of scrambles, either him running it or moving to create space. I thought he did a great job throwing the ball in those scramble situations.

A terrific play that me made to Vernon Davis on the naked bootleg. Three weeks ago when we played Carolina, that turned into a big negative play. We really learned from that and responded in this game. Had pressure exactly the same way, off the edge. He got depth. He retreated with dignity and feathered the ball, laid it in there for Vernon to make a big play. That was the first one where he hurdled a man. That was really encouraging.

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