Homerism and full handshake coverage

Some of you called me a homer yesterday for ranking the 49ers third in my power rankings.

Apparently Football Outsiders are unabashed 49er faithful, because they give the Niners the second-best odds in the league to win the Super Bowl – 17.3 percent. They give the Packers the best odds – 17.5 percent – and the Patriots the third-best odds – 12.5 percent.

It’s interesting and surprising how the Super Bowl odds they give to the Packers and Niners are nearly identical. I guess they don’t think Aaron Rodgers is unstoppable like I do.

I’m working on a feature today, so I’ll be back at you later but before I go, here’s something to think about.

Can you imagine the type of television coverage the Niners would get in a playoff game? There would be game coverage, and then there would be Harbaugh coverage. There would be Harbaugh Cam. There would be Harbaugh: Mic’d up. And of course, there would be complete handshake coverage. I’m talking multiple cameras on the field after the game to get the handshake from all angles. High definition cameras to show the handshake replay in slow motion. Boom mics to capture every word, and lip readers for good measure.

I’d really like to see full handshake coverage, probably because I’m a homer.

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