How are you prepping for the Super Bowl?

How are you getting ready for the 49ers to take on the Chiefs?

Are you going to the game? What are you travel plans? What will your pilgrimage look like?

Are you staying home? Will you wear special gear during the game? Do you have any Super Bowl superstitions? Did you use these in the ‘80s and ‘90s when the 49ers won five Super Bowls? Is there something you did in 2013 when they lost the Super Bowl that you swear you’ll never do again?

We want to know how you plan to spend Super Bowl Sunday and if you have any game day traditions or superstitions.

Email with your name, city of residence, three-five sentences on your game day preparations and a photo showing off your 49ers gear and/or how you plan to celebrate. Your submissions will be entered in a drawing to win a $250 gift card to Oliver’s.

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  1. Nice… a $250 gift card that only Seb can use.

    Buy yourself perishables from a place most of us are at least an hour or more away from.

    Does anyone here not think this gift is meant only for Schlebbie?

    1. Olivers has stores in Cotati, West Santa Rosa, East Santa Rosa, and Windsor. Local workers get shares after five years; they pay o.k.; offer benefits; and sell local food that really is local. The also host Redwood Empire Food Bank fundraisers.

      If you live too far away from all the Olivers Markets, consider mailing your “winner” to the Redwood Empire Food Bank:

      Go Niners!

  2. There will be the fan tunnel coming in the house. From the courtyard.
    Fog machines. Lights, an introduction shout out and dance.
    When guests enter they will be coming through with high fives and cheers. (Niner fans only)

    I will put up my two projectors
    Two man cave Tv’s
    Back patio TV
    All of the niner stuff I have over the years from the games and that I’ve bought will decorate the house
    A fumble football game with a prize during the game.
    We will also have squares
    And we will have a prop contest this year.
    Whoever has the best “costume” of their team will win a prize.
    My bottle of JD and a beer in hand
    Touchdown cookies will be ready for my puppies.
    Grill will be hot
    It will be loud.
    Got the Champaign bath spot ready outside.

    And when it’s all said and done, I will finally get to light up the sky with the fireworks I’ve had since 2012. That sadly didn’t get to do their job. 😉

    A lot of work, but it’s gonna be as fun as the last super bowl party I threw (2012) but this time it will be a different ending.

    Oh and I was confident enough to take some vaca days during that week. For the day after and the parade.
    They laughed a month ago, when I told them why I wanted scattered days off during the week…. who laughing now?? 🤣🤣

    Cheers faithful. Whatever you’re doing be safe, don’t be a loser and drink and drive.
    And let’s party like we’re in the super bowl!!

  3. Going to get my face painted in red and gold, throw on my new black custom niners jersey and head down to my local VFW hall for tri-tip and beer/whiskey drinks. Its a win-win. Support my fellow vets and watch the niners win number 6. Like ninermd, i have also put in my leave slip for monday feb 3. Go Niners

  4. Very short list for successful game watching:

    Goal 1: Get in a spot, even a cave, with only serious Niner fans.
    Tactics: a) Get somebody in large circle of friends/family to host a big party that will draw the “fans” that say stupid things like “I hope the game is close, so it’s more exciting.”
    b) Non-qualified for cave people a couple places you may be, but not specifics for “‘the’ cave.”
    c) “Forget” phone at home if you have to so any non-raving-fan can’t get to the cave.

    Goal 2: Don’t miss any of the action.
    a) Have dual ways to get the game on a screen.
    b) Bathrooms should be close by.
    c) Food and drink is secured before noon.
    d) Have the DVR’s set recording cleared out from 2p.m. to 10p.m. for game day. Set the game, and post game to your locals. Record in High Def and Low Def channels. make sure to get it recorded.

    Goal 3: Don’t kick in your TV due to East Coast Media B.S.:
    a) If the ***t gets too thick or stupid, pick up KNBR for the sound; but “do not” ***k with TV remote to do that. Just go ear buds for radio for sound. People that touch remote during games should not be in the cave.

  5. What’s your plans Grant? Throw on a nice suit jacket with Hawaiian shorts while doing your live play by play? am i close?

  6. I will be at home hoping that the team wins their sixth Super Bowl. If the 49ers win, then I will celebrate by being ecstatic outside of the eyesight and earshot of Chief fans.

  7. I have been working steadily on carving out the SF logo in my front lawn. A combination of urine and round-up gives me the ability to selective turn the grass in to gold and green (which will be painted red).
    I’m inviting all my fellow fans to smoke a peace pipe with some good Cali-Gold, right here in Sebastopol!
    24-23 wont do this time, I predict 49-23 for Montana’s team!!!
    GO NINERS!!!!!

      1. No that isn’t me, could be Aaron Rodgers though.
        I think the guy at the end says; “Good live to you Grant”.
        Maybe this was Grant before he got married?
        Best answer EVER to those hyped up reporters though.

  8. Actually, I am now predicting a Niners 35-34 victory. This will not be easy. The Chiefs do have talent, and good coaching. It may come down to which ever team makes the fewest mistakes. The Niners run game is productive, but the Chiefs just shut down Derrick Henry. I hope the Niners are balanced, and JG dissects their zone coverage. Kittle should have some mismatches, and he is a superior blocker compared to Kelce, imho.
    Like the Niners, the Chiefs will attack the edges, because of their speed. I envision at least 4 fly sweeps this game. The Niner D front 4 will have to get to Mahomes, by themselves, but I hope Saleh dials up some exotic, unexpected blitzes. Will the pass rush get to Mahomes? That may be one factor that helps decide the fate of the game. If Mahomes has time, and can break containment, he will be a dual threat. The Number one pass defense against the potent Chief air game, will be a challenge.
    The 3 Chief WRs are very fast and skilled. K’waun Williams will be severely challenged. Can Kwon cover Kelce? or will they assign Tartt on Kelce? I hope they disguise coverages, and can jump some routes. Getting a pick six against Mahomes may shake his confidence.
    If the Niners jump out to a lead, JG should just concentrate on scoring TDs, every opportunity he has. Ideally 49 points for the Niners would be sweet, but 35 may be a more realistic number. That would be 5 TDs. A little more than one TD per Quarter. A 35-34 score would have the Chiefs scoring more times, but losing the game because they settled for field goals, and did not boldly get TDs. Keep the pedal to the metal, because they overcame a 24 point deficit.
    I want to apologize for my catfish. Him talking about roundup and urine is low class. The Niners are poised to earn their 6th ring, and we are inflicted with him being the shmuck.
    GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX!!!!!!

    1. The Sebfish is starting to show his true colors under pressure. Trying to be Razor sharp makes him eat some…
      My dear friend, the real Seb, would NEVER apologize for the Sebfish since that would be akin to admitting that he himself would IS the Sebfish! Something he denies vehemently.
      On top of that, even though Seb isn’t jewish, he chooses his insults wisely and never misspells them.
      That would make HIM the schmuck…
      But you had me almost fooled.

      1. Dee I don’t think there is a catfish. I think it’s the same guy trying to draw attention to himself.
        When the “first” Sebnynah came on here that’s all he did. He was looking for a response or any type of attention.
        After his act got boring and people ignored him, he created this little operation.
        If the real Seb was legit, he would change his avatar randomly but he hasn’t, why? Cause he Iives for the attention. It’s the same guy.

        1. Prime, as JPN pointed out there is a distinguished difference in writing style between posts under the name of Seb. The original sebnynah was animated, educated but also provocative even pugilistic. Few post have risen to that level recently. My friendly banter to try to stop him from being a nuisance only encouraged him to be more annoying unfortunately.
          I think he throw in the towel. After all this was not his first rodeo where he pestered the heck out of people but this time he met his own maker! Like you said before Poetic Justice.
          I don’t know if there is one, two or more Sebfishes swimming in his cesspool but they sure were effective in taking out the shark!
          If the guy wouldn’t make himself so important, he could actually be enjoyable.

  9. Hey guys just letting you know that Patrick Mahomes walks in water has fed all of Africa and has already won the Superbowl by himself,that is all…
    Jesus I can’t watch or listen to any national media it’s just disgusting.Cokin Cowherd seems to be the only one giving the Niners credit

  10. Stats that make you smile:

    The 49ers have an NFL high 57 sacks this season (including playoffs).

    They’re the 7th team in the last 15 seasons to enter a Super Bowl with more than 55 sacks.

    The previous 6 all were victorious.

    1. Read that stat yesterday and it did in fact make me smile.
      The fact that very few people are giving the Niners a chance is laughable.

      1. Who are these very few people?

        I mean even former Cowboy Michael Irvin has the Niners. I think Deion did too.

  11. This one has been making the rounds so I’ll ask it. This years 49ers team vs the 2012 version? I actually believe the 12 version had more talent.
    Qb – Jimmy
    Rb – very close but I’ll take our 3 headed monster over Gore at that point of his career.
    O-Line – 12 version, Staley was younger and better. Davis and Iupatti were road graders
    TE- kittle is better than VD
    Wr – this is close but I’ll go with the current team.
    DL- 12 version was better The Smith Brothers (prior to their injuries) and Brooks shut down the run and pass equally well.
    Lb -12 version, they had 2 hofers imo
    Cb- current, Sherman and Eman have been great.
    Safeties – 12 version, they were fast and and intimidating.

    This is a tough matchup.
    I think the 12 team would shut down this teams running game and could run against our defense. However, I think Kyle could scheme up some drives and this defense would shut down that teams passing offense.
    The 12 squad was more talented overall but this team is more balanced imo.

  12. Qb – Jimmy G hands down

    Rb – no question it’s Gore.
    O-Line – Different types of O-lines.
    12 squad blocked well on the runs, but were worse in pass coverage than this team. I’d say Even.

    TE- Davis was fast, could block well, and his hands were questionable at times.
    Kittle is the total package. Kittle on this one.

    Wr – the weakness on that 12 offense was WR, didn’t help with the QB throwing short a lot, but this unit today is fast young and hungry. S of now I’d give the slight advantage to this years WR’s

    DL- the Smiths were a hybrid /DE duo. A Smith was not DE. Playing the 3-4 negates the Smith brothers on this category.
    Goldman sacks are the better D-line. Simply because of the pressure they put on qb’s, where the 12 team excelled was vs the run.
    I think this pass rush barely edged out the run stopping of the 12 d-line because they don’t rely on LB’s as much, and this team barely blitzes. Edge Goldmen Sacks

    Lb -not even close as of now. 12 squad is perhaps the best or one of the best units ever put together for their short time. Weak link Brooks, and he was no slouch. Easily 12

    Cb- this team has the edge.

    Safeties – 12 had a great safety duo, for hitting and speed, they gave up a lot of deep passes though, this team today matches the speed but gives up some physicality what separates this unit today vs 12 is they don’t give up those deep passes, same for the CB.
    This secondary is better that 12.

    With all that said. The better team is this years team overall IMO.
    They are the first team to get the number 1 seed in this loaded division and conference.
    2012 team never did that.
    I don’t know if the 12 team would have made it this far with key injuries to the roster like this years team had.
    If both had played head to head, I could see the 12 team running a lot and over powering this team with the run,
    With this team I could see them terrorizing Alex Smith and CK to the point of multiple turnovers with the heat they’d bring.

    This team could out scheme fangio and that defense to put up enough to win a low scoring tight game by a FG.
    I mean taking out bowman or Willis to cover Kittle would be a big blow to that defense.
    I think Kwon could cover Davis a little better, which would force Smith or CK to not even look that way or force a first read throw.
    I’d say 2019 Niners 13 2012 Niners 10

    1. DL- the Smiths were a hybrid /DE duo. A Smith was not DE. Playing the 3-4 negates the Smith brothers on this category.

      I included Smith and Brooks in the DL because the strength of that team was the nickel package which could shut down the run. They were also in this allignment as much or more often than in their base alignment and in this alignment, Aldon and Brooks were lined up as DE’s with Smith and Ray MacDonald as the DT’s , behind them, were Willis and Bowman.

      That defense only gave up 17.1 pts per game, 2 pts less than this years version and were top 5 against both the run and pass, and those numbers probably would have been even better had they not suffered injuries to both Smith’s in the Patriots game. The next week the seahawks lit them up, scoring 42 pts. Granted that version was better than this year’s Seattle team.

      One player I also forgot to take into account for that team was Walker,who paired well opposite VD.

      That team just had rotten luck so late in the season with injuries to their 2 best D-linemen… Imagine if this squad had major injuries to Bosa and Defo late in the season.

  13. Good ol’ PT. First he says it is hilarious to have a catfish trolling, now he agrees with the catfish and says there is no catfish.
    They are not fooling anyone. Just watch for the snark. He thinks he is smart, but he also wants the Niners to have as twice as hard a time to win.
    I will continue to talk about this epic battle looming. The Niners are on a quest for 6, and I could not be happier.
    The Number One rated pass defense against the high powered Chiefs passing game, is a good Super Bowl matchup.
    GO NINERS !!!!!! SIX !!!!!!

  14. Senior Bowl on reminds me that the last few years we’ve been talking about the draft since December.
    It’s amazing what a Glorified OC and Hopelessly Overmatched GM got done. Dumb luck I guess.

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