How can 49ers improve red-zone offense?

San Francisco 49ers rookie wide receiver Jalen Hurd (17) work on a drill during the NFL football team’s rookie minicamp in Santa Clara, Calif., Friday, May 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — One thing in particular makes 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan special.

He creates “explosive” plays: successful runs that gain at least 12 yards or passes that gain at least 16 yards. He draws these up as well as anyone in the NFL.

Last season, 13% of the 49ers’ offensive plays were explosive — the second-highest rate in the NFL. Only the Kansas City Chiefs recorded a higher rate of explosive plays (14%), and they had the MVP in quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Shanahan had backup quarterbacks most of the season after starter Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL in Week 3.

Shanahan’s mastery of the big play is one reason some football analysts predict the 49ers will make the playoffs after winning just four games in 2018. But big plays alone probably won’t determine how successful the 49ers will be next season.

The most important stat for Shanahan is his red-zone touchdown percentage. Always has been. Always will be. Since he became an NFL offensive coordinator in 2008, his offenses have ranked in the top 16 out of 32 teams in red-zone scoring percentage just three times — in 2009 with the Houston Texans, in 2012 with the Washington Redskins and in 2016 with the Atlanta Falcons. And those were the only seasons his teams had winning records.

Shanahan knows how to drive the ball down the field in an instant, but he still is learning how to finish the drive and put the ball in the end zone consistently.

The 49ers will go as far as Shanahan’s red-zone offense takes them. Here’s why it struggled in the past, and what he has done to improve it this offseason:

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  1. Grant, was curious if there was any word on the offensive line in comparison to last year. Whether its scheme, health, alignment, or a player(s) to watch out for… what’s the good/bad of this group?

    1. Grant, do you have stats on Niners penalties inside the red zone? Last year and the year before, it seemed like they were always fighting 2nd and goal from the 15 or 3rd and goal from outside the 20, etc.

  2. As bad as we have had it……Cincinnati’s last five first-rounders have been limited as rookies or missed most of the season because of injuries.

  3. Shanny likes to mentally overpower his opponent rather than physically overpower them. One of the missing ingredients for a successful Red Zone recipe is continuity, and they’ll have that this year. Add that to some of the other Red Zone points of emphasis that Shanny has made this offseason, and I think we could see a substantial increase in production down there this year….

    1. Razor – Sorry but the biggest detriment to the Niners offense is a failure to run successfully in the RZ, either high RZ and even more significantly in the low RZ. Niners offense peters out in the RZ because of a failure to be physical and to run the ball. Down there you throw for show and run to win!!!! When your FG kicker is the answer, you are in trouble and most likely losing games because of failure to convert for 6 points rather than a bunch of 3s.

    2. It’s a good little article.

      Kyle’s 49ers have added considerable size, as well as physicality this offseason. Coleman and McKinnon both offer more physicality, especially for their size, and we may even see Hurd get some some carries, particularly in short yardage/redzone.

      Kyle certainly has added many more options and weapons this season, from goal line to goal line, and the added depth, size, and physicality leaves no room for excuses in 2019.

      1. I’m looking for a top 15 Red Zone offense from Shanny this year, and it’ll be the offensive line that facilitates it.

      2. A bruising RB isn’t going to help much if a holding call or OPI on 1st and goal at the 5 puts them back to 1st and goal at the 15. Saw too much of that the last couple of years.

  4. If there is anything that will limit Shanahan and the 49ers it will be red zone scoring. They have been bad on both sides of the ball here and it has translated into the records we have seen. For Shanahan, it may be his Achilles heel (alongside lack of humility and surrounding himself with people who will not challenge him).

    This year is a defining year.

    1. Agree…this year is very likely to establish signature status–emerging greatness or drawn into obscurity.

    2. I’ve often wondered what we would be saying about Shanahan if his name were Smith, for example. Yes, he shows signs of genius in drawing up plays. But in terms of just plain performance his record is clearly lackluster. How much of the benefit of the doubt he gets from so many comes from his lineage? In any case, it is true that this is a defining year, but when you look at the very deep hole he is in in terms of his actual record of achievement, he has a long road ahead just trying to get to mediocre compared to other successful head coaches. We’re all hoping for the next Bill Walsh but in terms of achievement to date we have the next Dennis Erickson.

  5. Careful now…new team, new year, it was argued by several in here that nothing from the previous year carries over to the following year.

    1. Yup. The term ‘meaningless’ has been used often… The heartbreak of ‘homeriasis’ swirls about as well.

    2. There’s a difference between the two which I’m not surprised is missed when folks try too hard to be funny.

      Shanahan has a track record. Might they be in the top half? Yeah. Does his track record suggest that it’s likely? No

        1. Jack, you say there are plenty of things to get excited over the Niners this season. Care to inform us what excites you? From your dour postings, it can only be the excellent work of the water boys and girls.

          1. They’ve won 10 games with this regime.

            Reasons to be hopeful:

            Garoppolo returns
            The RB’s
            Taylor more healthy. Samuels. Matthews.
            Ford. Buckner.

            They have talent. Can they now turn that into W’s?

            1. What do you say to those who claim they are lacking in talent in critical areas? OL interior, defensive back end, WR.

              1. 3 of the guys I mentioned being excited about are WR’s.

                Yes, the interior of the OL struggled, so did the RT in pass protection. Yes the DB’s are a huge question mark, which is why I didn’t put anyone from those groups as reasons to be hopeful.

                Despite that, they were in position to win 9 games last year. With the additions that were made they should be in position to win a couple more, so I’m putting them at up to 11.

              2. Last year they lacked talent In order of importance qb, cb, de, safety, wr, guard and at times rb.
                This year they should have the qb, de, and rb covered, and the wr should be improved if still slightly below average.
                Both db spots and og still are weak spots.

              3. At this point last year it was stated that QB, WR and RB were stacked. Injuries and setbacks happened after this time period. CB was seen as a plus as was safety. Then the season hit.

                I would say that the areas they are lacking in talent will prove themselves out like last year, once the season gets going (OL, DBs especially).

              4. They were 1-2 with the starting QB.

                The interior oline consisted of 3 guys this regime brought in. It was supposed to be an upgrade.

                The CB spots and safety spots were being touted as upgraded with Sherman coming on board. Colbert and Witherspoon were looked at as up and comers.

                Person after person came on here with unabashed excitement, “we are going to contend! Look at that 5 game winning streak! Just wait until Jimmy has a full offseason and work with Garçon! It’s gonna be electric!”

                The truth about this team is that they’re solid across the board, but there’s not much difference between the starters and the backups.

                Harbaugh gets kicked around here because his team “had talent”. He was supposed to win. And they did because he transformed them from a group that made just enough mistakes to only win 7/8 games into a dominant team.

                Shanahan/York completely rebuilt the team they inherited. That 2017 team looked nothing like 2016. They lucked into a few wins at the end of the year to save face. Last year more of the same.

                The team last year had no reason to be a 4 win team. Even with the injuries. Should have won 8 or 9 still, but they kept playing Beathard.

                This group is more talented than last. If they come out less than 8-8 this season they should get rid of Shanahan and Lynch.

              5. If they come out less than 8-8 this season they should get rid of Shanahan and Lynch.

                And if they come out 8-8 after another injury infestation like last year they should get ’em a medal.

              6. “The truth about this team is that they’re solid across the board, but there’s not much difference between the starters and the backups.”

                We disagree here if your speaking in regards to last years team.

                “The team last year had no reason to be a 4 win team. Even with the injuries. Should have won 8 or 9 still, but they kept playing Beathard.”

                I thought this was a 7 to 9 win roster when healthy. Take out a starting qb, rb, for the season and play musical chairs in the secondary and expecting what was an average team to still finish with an average record seems like an overinflated expectation imo.

              7. It was a 7 to 9 win team even with injuries. Arizona twice. San Diego. Green Bay. New York. All games they should have won.

                Antone Exum, a backup safety had 1 of their 2 picks. It got them a quick lead in SD.

                Lee, backup LB played just as good as anyone else they put alongside Warner.

                The DL guys all were about the same.

                The 3rd string running back averaged over 7 yards per carry and the 4th stringer was at 4.

                The numbers put up by Mullens in his 8 starts are almost exactly the same as those put up by Garoppolo in his.

              8. Ribico

                I realize that it wasn’t directed to me, but I am excited about the FAs and most of the draftees that we picked up this year….For the Oline interior, I like the acquisition of Justin Skule from Vanderbilt, Ross Reynolds, Ben Garland, Willie Beavers, and Wesley Johnson…If any of our present Oliners decides, to take a ‘day off’…they might think twice about it….

              9. “It was a 7 to 9 win team even with injuries. Arizona twice. San Diego. Green Bay. New York. All games they should have won.”

                You are basically saying they should have won every close game and the coach lost it.
                The counter argument is that talent wise they were not close to San Diego and they had no business being in that game. Same can be said with Seattle and Chicago among a few others. Against GB they had the worst secondary in the league facing a future Hofer… that’s a rough matchup.
                I’ll give you the NYG and AZ games, as they were the games that made Shanahan suspect to me.
                But talent wise, when they walked on the field, there were 2 teams I knew they were more talented than, Arizona and Oakland. What teams did you think SF was more talented than?

              10. “You are basically saying they should have won every close game and the coach lost it”

                They were tied with GB late and should have tried running on 1st or 2nd down to spin the clock and not give Rodgers time. That’s on Shanahan.

                They were up 3 before half against SD. Instead of running out the half they went for more points, were forced to punt and that resulted in the game being tied at half in a game they eventually lost by 2.

                Both games had questionable coaching decisions that I called out at the time.

                “I’ll give you the NYG and AZ games, “

                NYG and AZ twice. If my math is right that gets them to 7 wins. Isn’t that the low end of what I just wrote?

              11. So last years roster was a super bowl contender in your eyes?
                I guess they are good at talent evaluation.

              12. “So last years roster was a super bowl contender in your eyes?”

                Of course not. Way to jump the shark.

                Those losses I mentioned that should have been wins were to teams with 6 wins, 5 wins, 3 wins (2 of which were against SF) and 12 wins. Juggernauts all!

              13. “Of course not. Way to jump the shark.

                Those losses I mentioned that should have been wins were to teams with 6 wins, 5 wins, 3 wins (2 of which were against SF) and 12 wins. Juggernauts all!”

                I don’t understand, I didn’t ask anything about their record, I asked about their talent level?

                You stated that last year they were on par talent wise, with “almost every team” in the NFL.
                What does that mean… there are like only 4 teams more talented than them?6 teams?

                By that standard they should at least be a playoff team, and one capable of advancing past the wild card round “talent wise”, that would lead me to believe you think the coaching staff is what is holding a good team out of the playoffs.

                If they have the talent to advance to the divisional round in your eyes, given a break or two… wouldn’t they be considered superbowl contenders?

              14. It’s pretty simple what it means. NFL teams are all very similar talent wise. Coaching is the difference maker.

                “Talent” is a bit nebulous which is why I pointed at the records which are tangible.

                You say the 49ers were more talented than the Raiders, yet the Raiders ended up with the same record. Same with Arizona who beat them twice but beat only 1 other team.

                Truth is, the 49ers were tight in just about all but 4 games, LAR twice, in Seattle and at TB.

              15. Ribico

                There was only one ’72 Dolphins….only one undefeated team…Talent ..? I think that we’ve got a bucket full of talent…Perhaps too much….Who’s going to be our backup(s) at QB ? Will it be CJB, Mullins, or Speight ? WRs… Hurd, Deebo, Matthews, Poindexter, to add to last years cast. TEs… Dwelley, Talen Smith, Toilolo, to add to Kittles. We’ll finally have some big ‘uglies’ in camp to fill in the interior Oline with Garland, Skule, and some newly added UFAs….Everything else is already there….

  6. Will the O-line be healthy this year? or will it be a repeat of the previous seasons.
    My take last season we seems to have one chunk play and the next 2 were for no yards or a lot less (sack or drop) especially in the 4th quarter. Can’t win unless you control the clock and convert 3rd downs. Unless someone sees anything better it will be the same o same o

  7. Good stuff Grant. I tend to agree with you that Shanny’s preference for small, fast RB’s works against him in the red zone where the field is compressed and sometimes you need a bulldozer instead of a Ferrari. Did you cover the % of passes vs runs Shanny called last year in the red zone? I think they ran the ball quite a bit but it just wasn’t as successful as it needed to be. I also think o-line play contributed quite a bit to the poor production in red zone rushing. The middle of the 0-line seemed like a weak link to me.

  8. Maybe the Niners should have stayed with their third round pick and selected Alvin Kamara, the player the Saints chose with the pick the Niners traded away.
    I hope they revamp the O line. Put Garnett at LG, and Tomlinson at RG. Garnett is a good run blocker. If Richberg still has knee issues, put Person in at Center.
    Force Jalen Hurd to become a RB, and he may quit on the team.

    1. Sebbie…

      Are you saying this because your father was/is a UC professor? Don’t get angry with me, you brought it up.

      1. Cassie, it’s a textbook case of the son never living up to the fathers example. Now he has to prove to the world (eg this blog) “I’m smart too!” Also see GW Bush and Gulf War II for a disastrous example. A psychological condition as old as the human experience itself.

        Seb,, have you considered analysis? For your sake, and ours?

        1. Donald, posters can attempt to diss my intelligence, and I have every right to defend myself.
          Maybe you should establish your own bona fides, because your screeds denote an extreme lack of intelligent thought.
          Keep trying, though. Someday, you may learn your lesson.

          1. Childish namecalling…I’m better than you (and better than everyone else)… Exactly how an insecure personality would respond. Again I ask, have you considered analysis.

              1. I have a good life, with a wife and children who love me. I create beauty, and am a tax paying productive member of society. Every year, I cut branches from my flowering dogwood tree, and give them away, sometimes to total strangers.
                Why would I need a shrink? Life is good.

              2. Why would I need a shrink?

                That one hour a week you could focus completely on yourself rather than subjecting us to it.

                Not to mention, unlike here, the non-judgemental responses you’ll be getting.

                And cultivating some self-awareness? Hello.

              3. You do not get it. I am sick and tired of the Unicorns, Koolaid, sunshine and rainbows, Pollyannish Homers, which is just what a shrink represents. You should just talk to a wall, and save your money.
                Go ahead and waste your time and money doing that. Maybe you did not know this, but I do not suffer fools gladly.

              4. Maybe you did not know this, but I do not suffer fools gladly.

                You don’t suffer yourself very gladly? Multiple personalities – all the more reason to get yourself into treatment ASAP.

              5. Talk about self awareness. My comment went right over your head.
                Think about it…..
                Maybe bring up this posting thread with your shrink.

              6. Seb, when I don’t disregard your posts entirely, I disregard the gibberish and extract the salient point (if one is to be had, which is rare), exactly what I did here. I’m afraid I was unable to puncture your blimp-sized ego.

            1. Dude, how in the absolute hell do you live in NYC, nowadays? I came extremely close to buying a place in Brooklyn Heights and then in Manhattan off Columbus and West 70th.. Business took me to NYC all the time so i came very very close to just moving the family but it never worked out. I stayed in the NY Palace over 100 nights in a single year. Knew the staff by name. I cut off my trips after NYC started aggressively collecting the city tax for any person that worked in the city > 10 days per year. May have been 20 days but I seem to recall it was 10 days at the time. Most people I knew started forcing the people we needed to meet with to come to us rather than us go to the city. Most of them were fine with it. They lived in Jersey or Long Island anyway so getting out of working in NYC helped them too. I have absolutely no idea how anyone affords to live in NYC. Taxes there are absolute insane.

              1. “I live in NYC. It’s (analysis) a residence requirement.” Looks like he already answered your question Houston. Some of the exchanges here are priceless. Who forces anyone to read Seb’s (or anyone else’s) posts? Who forces anyone to come here and read Grant’s articles and posts? I think we have exactly the team we deserve.

              2. To each their own. I’ve come to both Houston and D/ FtW for business. You couldn’t pay me enough to stay any longer than absolutely necessary in either of those sh*tholes.

              3. @Ribs, Houston & Dallas are absolutely sh*tholes. You should definitely stay in your crappy little house where you can vote for communists & lunatics that want to raise your taxes even higher and in return you get absolutely nothing. I have a beautiful house on Lake Travis and a 5 bedroom home in an area with a booming economy and I guarantee you I paid less for both of those properties combined than what you paid for your 1200 sq foot sh*thole in Queens. But good luck to you in your delusion.

              4. I know West Village extremely well. Village Vanguard is an absolute dump. Not sure why that would be a selling point to you. I went to 2 Broadway shows last year and I live in TX. How many did you attend?

              5. Houston, that dump gets the worlds most renowned artists regularly. Hey, if you can’t stand a little authenticity, no doubt Branson MO is more to your liking, and more geographically convenient as well. Enjoy your pre-show dining at Olive Garden.

                Like most landmark institutions the vanguard is in danger due to the economic pressures of what you’d call the “booming economy” surrounding it.

        2. Father and Son. Daedalus and Icarus. Hope Sebbie doesn’t fly so high that his wax-reinforced wings melt. And there’s the paternal chain of succession in North Korea’s leadership, from the late 1940s on, but that’s another story.

          We need to ignite a discussion on 9er place kicking options… Does Ray Wersching have a son?

          1. Literature, legend, history, current events are rife with examples. And many times only revealed in an offhand way, as was here. And after it is, everything makes sense.

            OK Seb, we think you’re smart. Quit trying to impress us, we’re not your father.

            1. I will fully admit my father was way smarter than me. He would do the crossword puzzle in pen.
              I am not trying to impress you. I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, who is passionate about his team, and wants them to win more rings. I just see them making the same mistakes over and over, and want them to stop repeating the same errors.
              ‘Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.’ -GS.

              1. ‘I was born in the wagon of a travelin’ show.’ — Bob Stone, sung by Cher

              2. Your ability at attract responses is really something to behold.

                Kinda reminds me of when I take my girlfriends dog for a walk. It’ll drop a deuce and immediately flies swarm.

              3. If the shoe fits, wear it.

                Birds of a feather, stick together.

                Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.

                And Zoo says………….(pg 214, Ch. 8) “Dont get caught preaching to others,
                or you’ll find yourself doing THEIR druther’s”.

                Don’t go against the family, Sebs-and don’t go against Zoo.

          2. Flight Of Icarus/Iron Maiden

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            An old man stands on the hill
            As the ground warms to the first rays of light
            A birdsong shatters the still

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            Looks the old man in the eye
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            His eyes seem so glazed
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            Now he knows his father betrayed
            Now his wings turn to ashes, to ashes his grave

            Fly on your way, like an eagle
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            On your way, like an eagle
            Fly and touch the sun


    1. As long as his body isn’t lying a mouldering in the grave. Still, that would make him better than a Bears placekicker.

  9. Troll says:
    June 24, 2019 at 10:30 am
    Trolls have rights too, Sebyyninny-or whatever…………

    And we need love-and your not giving any!

    Reply: Troll, I apologize for our more obtuse posters (one Sebnynah). Apparently he’s forgotten his Declaration of Independence: ” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL…”

    You and Cassie have the same right as Seb to post a novel a day…..You go Troll !

    Troll, I leave you with an ode By Seb, aka, Sebraidah.

    ODE TO THE 49ers, written by SEBRAIDAH:

    I am a Raiders fan, tried and true,
    I’ve pledged allegiance, through and through,

    Nary a day I don’t root for Kaep,
    Though many of you, think I’m a sap,

    My mission, when through, front-loads contracts,
    with subpar players, just like Kaep.

    So I bid Niner Nation adieu, with players like Hayne,
    pushing the 49ers into salary cap shame.

    1. sebnynah says:
      June 25, 2019 at 11:05 pm
      2900 BC- The Chinese emperor Fu Hsi references marijuana as a popular medicine.
      2700 BC- Chinese emperor Shen Nung said to discover the healing properties of marijuana. Shen Nung was considered to be the father of Chinese medicine.
      1500 BC- Earliest written reference to medical marijuana in Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
      The Rh-Ya, listed marijuana as a healing agent

      Reply: Emperors Cheech and Chong–AD, Sept. 15, 1978

    2. Ha! Pretty good, that one there, Tom! I’ll be working on some little ditty for your perusal……………..

    3. The worst insult you can give, is by claiming a die hard faithful Niner fan is a Raider fan. It just proves you are the true Raider fan, and it is codified by you making up songs about the Raiders.
      Please go crawl back under your rock, TrollD, the Raider fan.

  10. Go to­ ­ NFLTVNOW­ website. There you can watch that game without any blackouts or some other popups.

  11. ” Deebo Samuel, another quick receiver who’s only 5-foot-11 and struggles making contested catches. He may not help the red-zone offense. ”

    Really. I have seen film of him catching quick slants at the goal line. He seemed pretty sure handed. I have also seen film of running jet sweeps from the 5 and scoring. In fact he scored 11 td last year at SC and had a monster game against Clemson. I think he will be a tremendous asset in the redzone.

  12. From those shameless shills at…

    “Deebo Samuel, San Francisco 49ers

    Without a true No. 1 receiver in San Francisco, Samuel has a real opportunity to make waves in Year 1. The rookie was a successful slot receiver for South Carolina and will be a nice addition to the 49ers’ pass-catching corps, alongside star tight end George Kittle, Jordan Matthews, Dante Pettis, Marquise Goodwin and fellow rookie Jalen Hurd. Any one of these guys could emerge as Jimmy Garoppolo’s top target, and I think Samuel, a second-round draft pick, will be the guy to surprise.”

  13. Grant. Question.

    Given the situation with Robbie G., I imagine you’ve been interested in learning more about Jonathan Brown, the guy they signed in early May to placekick. What have you seen first-hand concerning his abilities?


  14. Following up on the issue that Deebo can’t make contested catches and will be unhelpful in the redzone , I found the following video evidence to the contrary:

    0:19 Red Zone Jet Sweep – powers into end zone
    1:10 Throws TD pass in Red Zone
    2:31 One handed TD grab
    5:01 One handed TD in Red Zone

    0:16 Incredible one handed TD grab in Red Zone
    1:43 Amazing TD catch in Red Zone
    2:32 Contested catch for 37 yd gain
    3:04 Separation -burst of speed – to the house
    3:38 Contested catch in Red Zone
    3:50 Jet Sweep – 15 yards for the score
    4:30 Separation -burst of speed – to the house

    1. Thanks, Rt, and thanks for all the work you put into this. Totally agree with you. He’s a guy with the where-with-all to get the job done. I think he’s a great complement for this offense. A WR RB. About the same size as Marshon.

    2. Rollo, thanks. The kid has potential written all over him, I can’t wait to see him get the field. Loved the option pass and the announcer “Deebo might go!” when leading the pack by at least 10 yards. lol

  15. Seb,

    I want to commend your courage and persistence in posting here. I don’t agree with you on the Kaep thing, but I enjoy many of your posts. A lot of people would have just packed up and left. You haven’t. Props.

    1. Cap, ‘I ask you to judge me by the enemies I have made.’ -FDR.
      The peanut gallery drive me away? Why would I give them that kind of power? I invite their scorn, just like I invite Baalke, and now Paraag, siccing Cassie on me. It just gives me another good opportunity to kick them in the teeth.
      She is desperately researching the archives to diss me in any way. What a fine way to make her waste her time. My detractors seem to think that by parroting my own words, they are opposing me. Actually, they are so programmed, I do not need to to say as much, they just say it for me.
      TrollD obdurately opposed me so much, he became unhinged and raved about breaking into gun safes and creating nightmares. Now, he has aptly demonstrated his sub 50 IQ by challenging me to take an IQ test. Rib/Donald wants me to go to a shrink, when we all see how much he needs one himself. So far, a shrink has not helped him much. GEEP is kinda harmless, and I use him as a verbal punching bag, just like I did with Primo Lame-o.
      As our friends often define us, so do our foes.
      Thanks for the kind words. I like your posts, and think you bring much to this site. I have resigned myself to not seeing Kaep play until some Stable Genius is removed from office. Yes, Saw is cute with all his exclamation marks, but I like how he rises to the bait all the time, and now is fixated on me. Just shows my power over him. The interesting thing is, they oppose me mightily, but then show how little they know about football, by claiming Gabbert, Hoyer, Peterman and others like the Butt Fumbler, are superior QBs compared to Kaep.
      I hope to see more of your posts. You are also a true, die hard faithful Niner fan, with a lot of common sense.

      1. sebnynah says:
        August 27, 2017 at 6:18 pm

        If Hoyer can play like that, I will not mind if Kaep is blackballed.

        Hoyer had one hot preseason appearance and Sebbie kicked Kaep to the curb.

          1. GEEP says:
            June 23, 2019 at 5:02 pm

            In an IQ test with a head of lettuce, Seb would have to cheat to come in 3rd place…

            sebnynah says:
            June 27, 2019 at 10:26 am
            Now, he (TomD) has aptly demonstrated his sub 50 IQ by challenging me to take an IQ test.

            Reply: “Reading is fundamental.” I’m joined by others in their attempts to get your IQ test info. Seb, so it’s not just me making the request !


            1. TrollD, keep trying. Taking an IQ test is not hard. Maybe you can surprise me, and get a 60 score.
              However, having a high IQ score is not an prerequisite to posting on this site, just like claiming to have played in the NFL.

              1. TomD
                * Seb: “However, having a high IQ score is not an prerequisite to posting on this site.”
                ** This from the genius that made his wife throw all the lettuce out….Who’s your
                daddy Seb?

          2. If….

            Hoyer had one explosive night and you tossed Kaep away. Your If condition was met, Sebbie. You pulled the trigger. Own it.

            1. IF he could do it. Too bad he could not play like that. Hence his losing record, and pulling a Gabbert and benching himself.
              Keep digging in those archives. They are not a waste of time, for you.

              1. Getting into the archives is a snap. Many of your posts are sane, and some are thoughtful. Props to you.

                Many posts are quite curious–especially those where you angrily claim credit for actions on the field and in the front office.

                Here’s hoping for a strong 2019. Cheers!

              2. Be still my heart. I actually got a compliment from you?
                I still think Baalke was a malevolent force, with very little drafting skills.
                However, in the spirit of good sportsmanship, I thank you for the acknowledgement, and think you do have a clever quip every so often. I just wish you would channel your energies towards more productive pursuits.
                Cheers, and GO NINERS!!!!!!

            2. Seb
              * “GEEP, thanks for proving my point.” * The one on the top of your head? Or about you being jealous of a head of lettuce? * Who’s your daddy Seb?

              1. My point impales your pathetic attempts to counter punch. 5th grade stuff.
                You seem to double down on equating an head of lettuce to a cogitative communicative chordate, and jealousy is a weird association to me, but obviously, not for you.
                Knock yourself out. Be jealous of a head of lettuce.

      2. Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        I’ve already told ya I LooOOve you, Mighty Kong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        But rises to the bait? Get over yourself, Sebs-I’ve been on to your game for years-warned Prime about it. It just happens that you are my guilty pleasure-in that, I am admittedly guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Hahaha!

          For you, Sebs, it can honestly be said: Quite literally, life begins and ends with your false god, Kap. All of life revolves around Kap. You weave him into nearly every conversation for one reason or another.

          And, of course, its always somebody else who MADE you do it……………….

          1. Saw, I just think it is polite to respond when addressed.
            I hope you have noticed that I have shown restraint in posting about Kaep. He is still in the news, because Exum wrote a song about him, and Megan Rapinoe cited him in her protest, but I have not stirred the pot, when I could easily have done that.
            Yes, I am glad you admit your guilt, but wish you would atone for your sins.
            Just stick to football, if you know how.

            1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              I apologize-simply couldnt resist.

    1. Yeah, what a Pollyannish Homer.

      both the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams ending up with 12-4 records with the latter winning the division.

      Seattle 12-4? O.o

  16. sebnynah says:
    June 25, 2019 at 10:28 pm

    FYI, my father was a UC professor, and I graduated from UCD. Extrapolate my intelligence from those facts.

    Reply: Yawn ! …Legacy admissions have no value for me. George Bush Jr. was a legacy admission to Yale Univ. , due to his father, GW Senior, having gone there.

    Harvard is well known for their legacy admissions.

    FYI, Sebraidah. I had to work hard, putting myself through a Div 1 university while also dividing my time playing D-1 football and maintaining an 3.7 GPA.

    Your free pass demonstrates what I knew all along. That your ‘silver spoon’ admission to UCD was not due to your own blood, sweat and tears, but that of your poor father–If he could only see you now…..I weep for the future of education at UCD, spawning parasites such as yourself.

    I leave you with your own legacy, Sebraidah:

    Harvard’s freshman class is more than one-third legacy—here’s why that’s a problem

    1. TrollD, I am not impressed with your are obsessing about me. Only weak minded individuals think that sort of thing is important.
      Just shows how you have lost control, and I can manipulate your thoughts.
      Now you are bragging about your grades, and making more unfounded accusations. What is next? Touting your NFL stats? .
      Your IQ is taking a tumble.

      1. Seb:
        * “TrollD, I am not impressed with your obsessing about me. Only weak minded individuals think that sort of thing is important.”
        ** TRENT BAALKE and PARAAG MARATHE! Seb, are they important? Who’s your daddy?

        1. GEEP, Why so fixated? Guess it really hit home for you.
          Trent Baalke used to be the GM for the Niners, That is a title BW held for years. That is kinda a big deal, and we all had to live through those trying years under Baalke.
          Paraag really is just a numbers cruncher, with little football expertise, except to be the buffer between Jed and total humiliation. He writes team friendly contracts, so the elite players will not want to sign here. He was the main leaker, at the behest of Baalke, and drove the team into the gutter.
          Thankfully, JL is building the team, brick by brick, and he has changed the culture of the team. Too bad elements in the organization are leaking smears, again. I wonder who? Who was caught before? Why would some one do that? Who would gain from turmoil?
          So yes, Paraag is kinda important, especially because he is the nexus to all their problems. He is the reason why Buckner is not sighed. He is the reason why Bosa has not signed, even though Bosa cannot vary from the rookie contract’s, League parameters.
          I agree. Both Baalke and Paraag are weak minded people, because they do not know what is important. Baalke ended up dismantling a SB team, and was fired for an insipid 2-14 record. For the life of me, I do not know why they kept Paraag. He was just as guilty as Baalke. No wonder they had to rush back, and wrest the phone out of his grip, before he made any more bad deals. Paraag wants to be the lead negotiator, and we get Foster and Joe Williams deals. They should lock Paraag in Jed’s cabana, during the draft.
          Look at how Paraag ended up, 2 years ago, going from city to city, hat in hand, with Jedediah. They deserved to get doors slammed in their faces, because they went about the process, not only from a position of weakness, but from a position of supplication. Nowhere was Paraag’s negotiation skills on display. It was rather humiliating. Jed caught a huge break when JL fell into his lap, and Paraag’s biggest role, was not leaking about the deal.
          Stabbing people in the back, is what weak minded people do, because they do not know better. If they knew better, but did it anyways, that is worse, because that would mean they would be ethically challenged.
          If you are implying that I may be focusing too much on them, I will counter by saying that I would much rather talk about how to improve the Red Zone Offense. However, you and Cassie just keep bringing them up. Cassie, just by her name, and also what she writes, gives me a platform to describe how huge a failure Baalke was. He is in Joe Thomas territory.
          Yes, they are kinda important, because they are a good example how NOT to run a franchise.

          1. Sebbie….

            About 9er special teams play… What advice do you have for Shanahan and Hightower as the 2019 season closes in? The kicking game alone has some interesting aspects, as you know.

  17. Grant, I have wondered if interior line play has way more to do with RZ rushing TD’s than the size of the RB? look who is near the top of the list? McCaffery, he’s not big. Frank Gore has played from 210-217, he’s not big either. It could also be the that OZ backs that we have aren’t skilled at running inside too. Just like Hyde wasn’t great at OZ. Have you done any comparisons of interior line play on the top rated RZ rushers?

    1. We might not hear from Grant too much before TC. He needs some slack as he works for bridezilla now. 😏 All brides run the show. 👸🏻 💍 🎂 🥂
      Then there’s honeymoon, so let’s ease off on his assignments. The bubbling mud pit that is the comments section will no doubt sputter on.

  18. How can they improve the Red Zone Offense? By being quick and decisive.
    One thing I noticed in the 5 game win streak, was the quick decisive play, due to simplifying the playbook, because JG had not mastered all of KS’s offense.
    When asked about why JG completed passes into triple coverage, when no HC would recommend that, KS replied that he was happy JG overcame the coaching. Most HCs would tell his QB to focus on the single coverage, because there would be a better chance of making a completion.
    Then, JG started 2018, and struggled, getting sacked 3 times, and hit 9 times in the first game, then getting sacked 6 times in his second game. JG looked tentative and uncomfortable. There were too many cooks. The QB coach told him to concentrate on one thing. The Passing Game Coordinator would make him focus on a different thing. The Running Game Coordinator would make him aware of some other aspect to think about, the QB coach would talk about his footwork. KS would be calling plays, while trying to manage the game. They need to simplify things and only concentrate on becoming quicker and more efficient.
    Maybe KS should let JG become the field general, so he can become more quick and decisive, with just enough input from the side line to point out weaknesses in the defense. Then have them so well prepared, they will know what to run on first and 10 inside the Red Zone, what to call on second and short, or second and long, and what to run on third and short or third and long. They should have plays set up to exploit what the defense will give them in certain formations, or seeing which personnel is out on the field. They should have plays that attack the end zone, and 5 yard plays.
    They should concentrate on playing quicker and more decisively, but also crisply executing the play with no false starts that are drive killers.
    They should be bold, and not settle for a field goal, if confronted with 4th and short.

    1. Sebbie….

      Suggestion. For your posts which run over 400 words, record them as a podcast and place them somewhere in the cloud. Then, post a summary sentence on the blog, with a link to the podcast.

      Your field general comment…. You posted–almost verbatim–the same idea for Kaep, at least twice in the past. I found that in the archives. Do you keep all your longer posts in Microsoft Word and just cut and paste ‘new posts’?

      1. Cassie, another thing that I noticed, is that posters are commenting on how much the Niners have improved, but the other teams have also improved.
        Yes, the Niners have spent millions, but the other teams have spent more millions. The league has many players who are comparable in size, speed and skill. The disparity mainly comes with the coaching. Some teams have way better coaches than others.
        The field general comment does sound similar to past posts, because I think it is relevant to how the coaching is getting in the way of the playing. Both QBs seem to have done better when allowed to lead, and improvise. The last 5 games of JG resulted in wins, because he was not over coached.
        Yes, the coaches should give input, and suggest plays, but if the coaching makes the QB hesitate, it is counter productive. That is true back then, as it is true now.
        BTW, I do not cut and paste. If I did that, I could flood this site with a blizzard of posts. Obviously, you do not want me to do that, since you complain mightily about my posts already.
        Glad you recognize my past posts. I have you well programmed.

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