How losing DeForest Buckner will impact the 49ers defense

San Francisco 49ers defensive end DeForest Buckner warms up before an NFL preseason football game against the Dallas Cowboys in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

Check out this video in which I explain how the losing DeForest Buckner will impact the 49ers defense.

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      1. Jerry Jeudy I think it’s their 84 Draft when they won vs Dolphins 85 they traded to 16 I think it was from Patriots to draft Jerry Rice..Judge Juedy is the best route runner I’ve seen since AB

      2. IMO, the biggest need on defense is a top notch ball hawking Safety. The biggest need on offense is a tie between Center and play-making WR. I’m seeing many mock drafts with the 49ers going d-line at 13. I guess that makes sense with Defo leaving. I’m hoping the 49ers go offense at #13. The last time the 49ers had 2 first round picks was 2017 and they went for defense with both picks – Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster. The year before that the 49ers also had 2 1st round picks and they went for Deforest Buckner and Joshua Garnett. So in drafts the 49ers had 2 first round picks they went 1 for 4 in draft hits. Thats not a good batting average. So for that reason, I’m also perfectly happy with trading the 13th pick.

    1. It will be interesting to see what happens with Brieda, Coleman and Wilson.
      I think Coleman is cut and Wilson get’s his spot and if Mckinnon is healthy Breida could be gone too.

  1. Buckner’s loss will be impactful but it can also be mitigated by a cheap vet and one of three 1st round prospects in the upcoming draft, if they so choose. This trade was like a page taken from the Caserio playbook….

    1. All in all, I think ShanaLynch had to trade Buckner given his monetary demands. Still, one great trait that Buckner had his entire time with the 49ers was availability. The stats show that he played in 16 games all but his first season where he played in 15 games. I think this is where the loss might be felt the most. The defensive line depth waned as the season wore on last year, but Buckner was always available.

      1. Yep, his constitution was unparalleled but you add a vet and a draft pick, and hope that keeps the train rolling until players like Blair, Taylor, Street and Jones are available. Might have to blitz more this year if they can’t continue to get pressure with four….

    2. Losing Buck sucks and I don’t think they can replace his pass rush impact easily. They can replace his contribution as a run defender easily enough.

      Personally I would like the team to look into signing a guy like McCoy (assuming they still have sufficient cap room). He’s still good. You wouldn’t ask him to play the number of snaps Buck played, but he can be a very good part of a platoon.

      Have to say I was very surprised they tendered Breida, and at a 2nd round tender too!

        1. I understand the need to cut costs, but I don’t know why they didn’t trade Dee Ford instead of DeFo. Sure they wouldn’t have gotten as high a pick, but that isn’t what it’s all about when you’re talking about your best defensive player. They are only paying Ford $2m less than Armstead and Ford only played 25% of the snaps last year. He’s damaged goods, which is why KC let him go. The also didn’t need to resign all the people they resigned for higher costs: journeymen on the OL and undrafted offensive players [Bourne & Breida] that would be easier to replace than an All Pro DL.

          I understand they couldn’t keep Armstead and Buck both forever, but they could have kept them together for a few more years, while the team’s SB window was open. Buck’s only 26! This really puts our D line back as Buck received all the double teams and played ALL THE TIME. Now Bosa will get double teamed and Armstead will when Bosa is out. Buck always played…I know Lynch was executive of the year, but this trade was a result of overpaying people: Kwon, McKinnon, Garoppolo (to name a few)… and throwing away this year’s picks: Ford and Sanders. Both Ford and Sander are talented, but we paid too much since they were so iffy to be long term contributors {Sanders is a Saint already]. Sanders should have been had for a 3rd OR 4th, not both, and Ford, it turns out was an overshoot, because the best ability is availability and he’s damaged goods. Now we decide we can’t afford to pay our best defensive player, but we can afford to pay an edge rusher with bad knees, who never received double coverage and we can’t get on the field 75% of the time? Sad.

          1. Ford is the sports car of the pass rush. Buckner was drafted to play in an Okie Front. He’s not a great fit for what Kocurek wants from his 3t, plus he wanted to be paid like a game wrecking Aaron Donald. He suckered Ballard, but he didn’t sucker the 49ers. Appreciative of his service and wish him well, but the 49ers chose wisely….

    3. Isn’t the D line still the strength of the Niners? Especially if DJ Jones and Ron Blair come back healthy next year. Unless you have one the top draft picks (inwhich you pick the best player that fits your scheme), you draft to shore up a weakness? So, which areas are weaker than the D line? Dbacks? Wide Recievers? Oline?

  2. Buckner can be replaced by literally anyone. He was solid. Maybe slightly above average. But let’s be honest. He wasn’t a total game wrecker. He never was. Besides a fluke 12 sack season he was always a 3-6 sack guy. Just watch when he does nothing in Indy. We got the better deal in this trade for sure. All the pass rushers we’re suppose to take double teams from him and it did but he never really took advantage.

    Anyone can command double teams if they’re big enough. Dj Jones will step in right away and we won’t miss a beat.

    1. 49ers re-sign Ronald Blair, the defense is really taking shape now, with 10 of 11 starters returning, as well as a number of key backups. The revenge tour 2020 is looking good!

    2. I disagree. It’s not how big you are that causes double teams, it’s how good you are. This really hurts our D line

  3. John Lynch did what he had to do due to salary cap ramifications and low draft capital. We now have more cap space and they can manipulate the 13th pick to get more picks. 2nd, 3rd, and more. They did’nt want Buckner to leave. It’s just business.

    1. BS why not get rid of the “dead wood” SThomas McKInn Ford Coleman Alexander etc….those moves right there would have been enough to lock him up….bad move by the FO

      1. You forgot Goodwin.

        I totally agree with your assessment. You can add Richburg to that as well as high salary guys that didn’t make much of an impact.

        1. thanks I agree James….Goodwin did squat…..they throw crazy money at nonproduction guys and let the best guy on D get away…….those above mentioned names could save 20 million or more just this year alone

          1. So true and the issue I have is you could cut some this year and some next year to make the contracts for Kittle and Buckner fit in. Major head scratcher hearing that Salary cap is set to increase by double and potentially quadruple what it has been.

            Seems like they were scared to get themselves into a Rams situation.

          2. Monty,
            I’m not convinced that Buckner was our best player on defense.
            He has certainly been the anchor on the D in the past, but he lost some steam this past season. Getting a #13 pick for a player that we likely were not going to be able to sign is not a bad deal.

            It’s going to be interesting to see if Lynch goes DL with the 1st pick or feels that they already have a player inhouse to fill the gap.
            The return of DJ Jones and a healthy Dee Ford could certainly help.
            Right now, I really like the LB Murray out of Oklahoma. He might be able to step in if Ford continues to have health issues.

      2. because releasing them counts against the cap. if they are as bad as you think no one will trade for them. just saying get rid of them doesnt make it trade without a partner

        1. true well I guess it just shows how crappy the contracts were written….have to hang on to “dead wood” and get rid of a good players because of overpaying players that don’t play…thanks guys

      3. montyderhak
        * BS why not get rid of the “dead wood”

        * Spotrac salary cap for __________(fill in blank).
        Your answer’s in there, see if you can figure it out?

      4. BS why not get rid of the “dead wood” SThomas McKInn Ford Coleman Alexander etc….those moves right there would have been enough to lock him up….bad move by the FO

        Thomas saves them less than a 100 grand against the cap if cut. McKinnon’s restructure actually saves them more cap room than if they were to cut him. Ford would cost 6.4 mill in dead money and would cost them the guy who had the biggest effect on their pass rush last year. Alexander would cost them 14.5 mill in dead money and take up 10 million more in cap space if cut and would again weaken the defense while doing so. Richburg would cost them 11.5 in dead money and count for 7 mill more against the cap if cut. The only guy they could save money on out of the players you mentioned was Coleman. At least you got one right.

        You and James really need to educate yourselves on this because you look like complete morons when you say things like this that make no sense and are completely untrue. Every team that builds a high grade roster has to face decisions like this. You can’t keep everybody and they rightfully saw a chance to keep more players on the roster and get a top 15 draft pick by letting Buckner go over Armstead. If Buckner had agreed to a deal that backloaded his money he might be still be here, but he didn’t and now he’s a Colt. That’s life in the NFL.

        1. not- you can tell who ACTUALLY PAYS ATTENTION to the blog and who dosent with the asinine comments ….lol! Thanks for researching the HARD numbers…..must of us know, because we discussed it in depth last week….that Ford and KA wouldnt save us any $ this off season….those contracts are too new!

          Most are missing 2 critical points here-
          1. DeFO forced our hand! Its come to light that Lynch negotiated with both AA and DB at the same time…..and it became clear that- AA was willing to play ball! He wanted to stay and that was clear in the negotiations! DB wanted to be paid Aron Donald $$ and he wouldnt budge!! PERIOD!! Now….if Lynch caved in and paid a player whos not in the same league as AD ………FREAKIN AD $$$$$……..then everyone whos contract is up will be strong arming us!

          2. AA plays 2 positions…..DB plays 1!!!! This is huge! AA can play DE on 1st and 2nd down……Ford could play OLB if healthy or sit the be3nch….then on passing downs AA slides inside Ford and Bosa play DE……Taylor, Bliar, Street , Jones and Moore can take those snaps at DT

            1. i would use the phrase ” greedy punk” to describe Buckner….you can use winner if you wish.
              The fact is, AA’s cap hit is $6mil. this year and $12.5 next year………Buckner’s is $21 mil. a year…….you must not understand much about math. There’s this thing called the salary cap in the NFL…..

            2. montyderhak
              * “yup crappy job with contracts…..gotta hang on to losers and get rid of a winner”

              There’s a reason you don’t get it, have you figured out WHY?

              1. I’m convinced montey pays someone to piss in his cerial in the morning. Why else would someone complain about literally everything?

          1. The issue is AA had one good season and is getting paid for it. Buckner was consistent. The issue is the bad contracts for a lot of players. Goodwin, McKinnon, Alexander, Pierre Garçon, etc.

        2. I don’t look like a moron. I am right! The salary cap is supposed to increase by 20-40 million next year!

          I guess I am a moron because I am the only person who is talking about this

            1. Geep,

              The current salary cap numbers you’re referencing are based off a CBA which expires prior to next offseason. The cap is a function of revenue and the new CBA increases the players share. On top of this, the league will be putting in new TV rights deals very soon. Those deals are expected to be a large increase over the current contracts, which leads to more revenue.

              More revenue for the league + a larger percentage of revenue for the players = larger increase in salary cap

              1. J.P.
                Thanks JP, I was aware of the new TV rights deal. I’m questioning an increase of $20 to $40 Million P/Y?
                The Salary cap numbers have been increasing by ~$10 to $12 Mil P/Y, doubling to ~ $20 Mil per year would surprise me, $40 Mil. P/Y would be a shock! I’m all for players getting their share of the revenue, but backups would be demanding 5 Yr.,
                $100 Mil. contracts.

          1. james- your wrong as usual! the cap jumps up in 3 years, not 2!! 2022 is the year the cap jumps up considerably. Paraag the wise is all over this…..that is why AA’s deal is so great….his cap # this year is $6 mil, next year $12.5…..then in 2022 when the cap jumps up…..AA’s hit is around $19 mil.

            AA and JW have similarly structured deals…..JWs cap hit is $4.5 mil this year! And this is exactly why Buck is gone!!!!! Not only did he want Aron Donald $$$…..HE WANTED IT NOW!!!! He wasnt willing to do a team friendly structure!!!!!! No team friendly deal of any sort!!!! He wanted every penny he could get and he wanted it ASAP!!! He didnt care how bad it screwed the team or how many players we lost as a result!!!!!
            Dt was our deepest position, by far……and now we have 2 first round picks……and we will finally gt a true #1wr since TO! 13 is a prime spot for Juedy or Ruggs……
            So in the end….it was either Buckner….or…..or a #1 wr/ AA/JW/ Coleman/Garland/ Breida/ Bourne/Blair
            8 players or Buckner???? no brainer if you have one lol

        3. notanexpert

          Helluva post…well researched…as an OREGON duck, I also rue the loss of Buckner, but I think we’ll have more….

          1. +1

            notanexpert: Every team that builds a high grade roster has to face decisions like this. You can’t keep everybody and they rightfully saw a chance to keep more players on the roster and get a top 15 draft pick by letting Buckner go over Armstead. If Buckner had agreed to a deal that backloaded his money he might be still be here, but he didn’t and now he’s a Colt. That’s life in the NFL.

            Absolutely spot on. These are the kind of decision that may be unpopular among some fans, but essential none the less. And that’s the reason why most of the “experts” are giving ShanaLynch high marks for the trade, most agreeing the 49ers are off to a very good start to the offseason, even though free agency just got started.

            There’s also a difference between being one of the best players on a stacked defense, and being one of the most valuable. Is Buckner a more talented defensive lineman than Armstead? Perhaps. He’s certainly been more dependable, as Armstead dealt with a couple fairly serious injuries during his first two NFL season’s. That said, Armstead has been a different guy after undergoing surgery to repair the torn labrum that he played through during his rookie season. It didn’t translate onto the stat sheet right away, as he spent the majority of 2017 season on IR after suffering a broken hand 6 games into the season. He’s been healthy for the last 2 seasons, and I doubt that it’s a coincidence that he has developed into such a valuable defensive player now that he’s been able to stay healthy. While he didn’t register a lot of sacks in 2018, his impact along the 49ers DL was undeniable. And in 2019, he put it all together, and transformed himself into the most consistent, and arguably the most important player along the Niners defensive front, as he repeatedly made splash plays while lining up all along the 49ers DL. Buckner was fantastic last season, but Armstead was the more valuable player, IMO, primarily due to his versatility, and ability to dominate at multiple positions along the Niners front. He led the team in sacks, ranked second behind Bosa with 35 pressures despite playing a significant number of snaps on the interior, and he was also a force against the run.

            Don’t take my word for it – “He’s playing on a whole different level this year,” said DeForest Buckner, “He’s definitely had some adversity throughout his career. Just to see him having the season he’s having, it’s all coming together for him now!”

            Listen, in a perfect world, the Niners would have loved to have been able to lock both players up for the next 5 years, and in fact they tried. The 49ers had reportedly been working to extend Buckner for over a year, and it’s been widely reported that the 49ers made DeFo a very strong offer. But they simply weren’t in a position to pay him Aaron Donald type money, which should come as no surprise given the fact that they are soon to make Kittle the highest paid TE in the NFL, and have a number of home grown players who have also earned substantial new contracts. This is reality 4 years into a roster rebuild, when you’ve built a Super Bowl caliber roster basically from the ground up. And that’s where the Niners are right now. It’s common knowledge that ShanaLynch have assembled one of the most talented, and deepest young rosters in the NFL, and when you do that, and you finish the season with the best record in your conference and steamroll the competition on your way to a Super Bowl berth, guys are going to get paid. That’s the one downside to being the consensus best team in your conference – it inflates the perceived value of your roster. It’s a product of winning, and the added exposure on a national stage.

            The 49ers didn’t simply choose Armstead over Buckner. They chose Armstead along with additional cap flexibility which has now afforded them the ability to re-sign one of the league’s top Safeties (Ward), plus additional depth along the DL (R. Blair III), a veteran Center (Garland), swing Tackle (Coleman), as well as the resources to tender both a homerun hitting RB and a savvy possession receiver. But, perhaps most important of all …. the Niners netted a top 15 draft pick THIS YEAR, which drastically changes their draft flexibility, hopefully allowing them to add more high level talent through this years draft, which is probably the most essential thing a team can do in order to remain competitive over the long haul.

            I hate to lose Buckner, but this was a brilliantly thought out plan, and reportedly a plan that has been in the works for several weeks now (without any leaks). I am happy for Buckner, and I am now more confident that ShanaLynch can keep this freight train rolling in 2020 and well beyond! GO NINERS!

      5. 1. Because no one would trade a 1st round pick for any of those players, or any combination of those players.
        2. Because Thomas would be a dead cap hit (loss of money); he’s going to be zero dollars next year any way since he will be gone. So he’s $21 million less than Buckner, doesn’t make up the money needed to keep Buckner.
        3. Because getting rid of Alexander would end up costing the 49ers $14 million in dead money after his restructuring, meaning we would have $14 million LESS to pay Buckner’s $21 million.
        4. Because Coleman only gets you $4.9 million, $16 million less than what you need for Buckner. And who’s to say getting rid of him isn’t going to be done to get us $12 million/year to sign Kittle?
        4. Because you don’t give up 10 players just to keep 1.
        5. Because you’re insight is extremely unhelpful.

    1. Have you seen any rumors regarding Sanders – either 49er related or some other team? If his market is weak, maybe the team can keep him.

      1. Definitely as to Breida; I don’t think anyone was going to offer him the money associated with the lowest tender amount.

        Bourne either, though that one is closer.

      2. Not really. The difference between the second round tender and original round tender is about 1.1 mill. Both of these guys would be attractive to other teams if tendered on their original round because both were undrafted which would mean no compensation needed to sign them. So for an additional 2.2 mill the Niners are assured of keeping both unless somebody gives up a 2nd round pick. No brainer to do this.

        1. Really? With all the issues they have had at WR you think Bourne is easily replaceable? I don’t think you’ve been paying attention to how important this guy has become to them. Breida had over 600 yards last year averaging 5.1 per carry, and was their most explosive RB the past couple of seasons. Sure you can roll the dice and hope you can bring someone in who can replace them but both players have been good in the system and provide decent production for what they will make this year.

          1. Yes, both are replaceable. That doesn’t mean they can’t or haven’t been decent contributors. But that contribution can be found through other players fairly easily.

            Breida for instance got easily replaced by Mostert last season. Jet is returning. Coleman still around. Wilson back as well. Won’t be able to keep all 5 guys on the roster. Finding RBs to plug into Shanahan’s system has never been much of an issue for Shanahan.

            Bourne was the 4th WR on the roster to start the year for a reason. He’s a decent backup WR that can start if needed and not suck. There is value in that, no doubt. But you don’t want him to be a starter – if he is then you are probably also looking to improve the position. Ideally, Taylor is back healthy next year and takes over the slot role – yes there will be question marks around his ability to stay healthy, but it was clear from TC reports last year that Taylor was expected to be a key player for the team before he got hurt. Deebo is your main guy atm. Is Bourne your #2? Highly doubtful. In all likelihood that pick #13 they got for Buck is your other starter, if they don’t bring back Sanders. 49ers are known to be after Dorsett, likely to replace Goodwin. Pettis, Bourne, James and Hurd will be competing for backup roles. And how much do you want to pay for a backup?

            Fans often over value guys that have out performed their draft position. 49ers have gotten good contributions from these two UDFAs. But they are not guys you can’t do without.

            1. You dont cannibalize a team over $1mil!!! I think they hope someone takes MB off their hands in exchange for a 2nd round draft pick ! Heck, id let Bourne walk to for a 2nd!! And if no one bites… have the fastest rb in the league and one of the best #3 wr’s….. as i agree….pick #13 will probably used to get a true #1 wr!! Something we havent had since T.O!

            2. It’s not fans who are supposedly “over valuing” these guys. It’s Shanahan and the front office and I agree with them. Coleman will likely be cut and Jet is at best a question mark. Breida fell out of favor when he fumbled a couple of times, but before that was having a pretty damn good season. Same thing at WR where Bourne was one of the few to actually play and contribute from start to finish. 3 mill for a 3rd WR is not out of line at all especially with the changes to the CBA and that 3rd WR was tied for the lead in TD’s. They need to add a true #1 WR but Deebo and Bourne at 2 and 3 is pretty good and if Bourne winds up dropping in the order, that’s fine. He’s on a one year deal for a little over 3 mill. No problem at all. You think others are over valuing these guys but I think you are under valuing them and obviously don’t realize how much Shanahan values both. We definitely have a different understanding of what easily replacing these guys means because it’s been anything but easy to this point from what I’ve seen.

              1. Notanexpert:
                When someone tells you what they are…..BELIEVE THEM!

                * Why do you think the York’s pay their position coaches? Because they’re philanthropic?

              2. Meh, hardly the first time Shanahan and Lynch have overpaid to get or keep a player.

                $3M isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things, but when you are tight against the cap it can mean a lot. Bourne is actually a great example of how easy it can be to replace ok production. He has been the backup that came in due to injury and provided decent production each of the past two years. What makes you think they can’t find that elsewhere?

            3. Scooter

              …not to disagree, but Taylor has been on IR almost all of his pro career…and being a Receiver, his legs are his stock-in-trade and that’s where he’s hurt….I do hope that Taylor returns, but I find more value in Bourne as a WR than Taylor in the slot…

          1. Mid- i was thinking the same exact thing! Both players have value! Grant has stated mutliple times that he thinks Breida could be the starter on at least 20 teams! regardless of what Mostert did in the 2nd half of this season…..MB has been the best rb on the roster the last 2 years! 2 years ago it wasn’t even close…..and this year….he was the top dog until he got hurt. And yes, by the time he got healthy….he had been passed by RM….but MB still had over 600 yards at a 5.2 ypc %
            And with most teams starting 3wr’s……KB has value as well!

            Another aspect is- draft flexibility!!! When you dont have glaring holes….you can draft BPA….and thats always great!

        2. I would have flipped that.
          Breida I would have given the right of first refusal tender and Bourne I would not have tendered at all.
          Tbh – the biggest reason I would have for holding Brieda would be, because I would have cut Coleman’s salary and would like him as a holdover… in the event that McKinnon never returns to form.

          Bourne is pretty easily replaceable IMO as a big bodied possession receiver who has a proclivity to freelance and drop catchable balls.

        3. Bourne is undervalued by some because his numbers aren’t anything special. He worked his way up to the #3 spot. He led wide receivers in touchdown receptions and had the highest 1st down percentage as well. Very dependable #3 or 4 guy at a low cost in comparison to the free agent market. Throw in the you can never be sure with rookie wide receivers and you have a move that was prudent by the team.

      3. I was thinking 2nd round tender for Breida. I really like him.

        Breida, Blair, Shon Coleman, Bourne help solidify the roster before the draft. This allows Lynch to go BPA or accept trade offers knowing his roster is for the most part intact.

        1. Agree 100%. Right now they are in position to return 10 out of 11 starters on both sides of the ball and have two first round picks. For a team that just played in the SB and went into the offseason with very little cap room, that is pretty good.

  4. With the signing of Ward it seems obvious that the draft plan should be as follows: Pick 13- wide receiver. Pick 31: best player available among cornerbacks, offensive line and defensive line. They should release (trade) Samuels only because they can get a young talent to move forward with, otherwise I’d try to keep him. You can’t pass on a receiver in a strong receiver draft class. Sad to lose those two picks they spent for Samuels but they took their shot and came up a game short. With Samuels and Goodwin gone they have room for the new guy plus Taylor and Hurd. And with the roster as it is they don’t need a bunch of mid and late round picks, both for financial and ability-to-make-the roster reasons. If they get hits with their two first rounders the draft will have been a success.

    1. You mean Sanders, Emanual Sanders, the wr we traded for. And unless we can get him for $4-6 mill a year…i would let him walk and draft a guy at 13. I’d be willing to dole out the $4-6 mil a year for 2 years simply for his leadership, a veteran presence and depth… still probably get a stud wr at 13

    2. Peterb

      St. Paddy’s day is over…PUT DOWN the bottle ..! getting rid of Samuels just isn’t in the cards…With Hurd back…we should have two ‘Aces’ at WR.

  5. I’m from Northern Italy, it’s a tough moment here and some 49ers news distracting me a little bit.
    Love 49ers since when I start watching NFL in 1980. Buckner was so good that I think we would have in exchange more than a mid first round pick. At least also a second in 2021 draft or a third this year. Furthermore adding our fifth in exchange for a fourth. Really Buckner is very very good. I believe Armstead is overrated and his performance in SB has been not good.
    Grant, I discovered your videos and articles last december, I really appreciate your way to dissect and analize 49ers games and all it’s around the construction of a team.
    Best rgds

        1. Davide,
          The people of Italy have shown great resolve and resilience in the face of uncertainty to the entire world.
          Your song is heard everywhere.
          Keep singing!

    1. Hang in there buddy! Italy is in everyones thoughts and prayers! My wife showed me the video of you guys singing yesterday:)

      1. Thank you J, we are praying and we are fighting but it’s an invisible and sneaky enemy…
        We will stand like the 49ers for 4 downs on the goal line vs the Bengals in the first SB won 40 years ago!

    1. Interesting. Makes you wonder why they restructured Richburg’s deal, making him untradeable/unreleasable. Also makes you think Richburg is cooked. If they are looking at interior OL, there are some good looking ones in the draft.

        1. Razor
          Agree OG/C Cesar Ruiz would be a good 9er draft pick, but not at draft pick #31?
          Draft boards have Ruiz drafted late Rd. #2, or early Rd. #3rd

      1. They did meet with Cushenberry at the Combine and had another guard from Washburn they were planning to meet before the prospect visits and Pro Days were suspended.

      2. It is very questionable why they restructured both Richburg and Alexander, especially since the latter was late in the season!?!?!

        It’s amazing why they restructured McKinnon and gave Breida the tender!?!?!

        It’s like they are trying to be the good like able guy instead of the being the businessman. That’s how you get fired IMO.

    2. Richburg said he was going to be ready for TC just last month, unless he’s had a setback since then. They are trying to find a better option at RG. Could come in the draft if they take one of the LT’s with the Colts pick and move him inside until Staley hangs em up.

      1. notanexpert

        Our first disagreement
        Joe’s replacement is already on the roster….Brunskil or Skulle got plenty of snaps while Joe and McGlinchey were hurt, and both showed good play…AND THEY WERE BOTH ROOKS !

        1. OREGONINER:
          The 9ers just resigned F/A OT Shon Coleman, the 9er swing tackle before injuring his leg. He’ll remain the 9er swing tackle. Daniel Brunskill will replace RG Mike Pearson. Justin Skule is listed as LT Joe Staley’s backup, but could end up as a backup OG/OT? Justin Skule, if you recall, was replaced at LT by Brunskill and benched, when he was getting abused in the Packers game. (Staley defended him, saying he had a bruised leg).

      1. I would speculate familiarity, only needing to do a 1 year contract (I think Brady is looking for at least 2 years), cheaper (Brady is going to get $30 million a year), and younger (if only by 4 years). Brady also probably prefers the Bucs, given he gets to throw to Evans, Godwin, and OJ Howard at tight end.

    1. I’d be all over Javon Kinlaw at #13. He’s been a bit inconsistent because his techniques needs refinement, but with Kocurek’s coaching I think the kid is a plug & play DL who can do a lot of everything. Big, strong, powerful build (6’5″ 325), long arms (34.5″), big powerful hands (10.5″), violent at the POA, agile and explosive with a high motor aand an exceptional ability to stack and shed OL’s, or simply bull rush like a hot knife through butter. If they stay pat at 13, and Jeff Okudah is off the board (which I suspect he will be), unless they go with one of the top WRs, Kinlaw would would be a fantastic choice, and perfect fit for a team looking to maintain a dominating front 4 – which was developed to be the the team’s biggest defensive strength, as well as an established identity.

  6. An NFL insider tells me that the Niners were on the cusp of trading for DeAndre Hopkins.
    The entire Defo deal was intended to acquire the first round pick which was in turn supposed to be traded for an eventual second rounder and paired with one of the RBs in our stable for Hopkins.
    In anticipation the Niners signed/locked up Armstead, but the Cardinals snuck in and offered a higher second rounder and everything fell apart. We lost Defo and got nothing with that pick we acquired and now we’re left with Armstead.
    However all is not lost as the Niners can still turn their two first round picks into at least 8-10 picks in the 3rd-5th rounds. I expect this to take place shortly.

    1. “An NFL insider tells me that the Niners were on the cusp of trading for DeAndre Hopkins”

      You have an NFL insider?

      1. Fooled again by my catfish. I thought it was gone, but like a bad penny….
        I have never claimed to have an inside source, except what Grant writes and says.
        He was spot on with the speculation with Brady, Brady wanted to come to a SB team, and return to his childhood team. Glad the Niners showed due diligence, but I prefaced my speculation by saying it was improbable, yet possible.
        They had to balance the accomplishments, with the potential, with the skills, with the ages, with the future, and am glad they chose JG.
        Believe it or not, I am so happy with JG as the franchise QB for the San Francisco 49ers, I do not want Kaep to return to the Niners. However, with this new CBA, they stipulate that all players must stand. If Kaep promises to protest in another manner, and agrees to stand for the anthem, he should be given another chance to play. Since you acknowledged that he took the league by storm, and we have seen the resurrection of Tannehill, He could do it again.
        I wonder if he could sign up with the Pats. Belichick is not going to stay with Stidham, especially with all the improvements the Bills and Dolphins are doing. He needs a better QB to be competitive next season, if they have a season……

  7. I still don’t get the Brieda 2nd round tender……

    The team has been careful and creative with the cap but still gave $3m to a backup RB …..thats a head scratcher….

    mostert is the man….just restructured Mck…..Jwilson has played better…and you still have Coleman….

    I understand what Breida brings to the team in terms of speed….but $3m for him……i suspect something is up….

    1. 1.Coleman will be released, Goodwin should be released (7th rounder via trade would be great)
      2. We should not over pay or commit long term for E. Sanders (he helped, however wasn’t a game changer)
      3. S. Thomas is awful, however we need DT’s badly now, might as well ride out his rookie contract for the last year
      4. What is up with K. Alexander bashing? He was a beast when healthy and will be 100% next year
      5. We should sign a veteran DT, then draft WR Lamb or Jeudy with #13 then either DT or CB with #30

      1. Alexander is injury prone and gets paid way too much money for being marginally better than Warner and Greenlaw.

        Torn ACL
        Torn Pectoral
        Torn Bicep

        1. when we singed Kwon…..Greenlaw was not even on the team…..and Kwon got 2 /3 injuries you mention leading us to the super bowl!! Ya, what a lousy singing ! lmao
          Paraag is brilliant at doing deals that allow us to get out year to year…..both KA and DF deals will be easier to move on from after year 2 or 3……so panicking and complaining is just silly….we went from 4-12 to the SB dude!
          For all those throwing a hissy fit about Buckner leaving and guys staying who got hurt,carried off on their shield leading us to the darn SB……..imagine this………what would you all be saying in a year from now if Buck missed some games and only had 3 sacks!!!!!!!!! AT A $21 MIL. A YEAR CAP HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          You would lose your freaking simple little minds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Dude Kwon played in half of our games. He is undersized and plays a tough position. I love the guy but he’s paid too much for being marginally better than the others. It’s a bad contract.

            3 Sacks for an entire year, sounds for like Armstead not Buckner. Buckner is consistent and makes plays. Your the one that’s going to be whining when Armstead ends the season with 4-6 sacks and Dee Ford plays in half our games again!

            1. james- i just realized the reason i disagree with everything you ever say… because you disregard context and chronological order…..and by doing so nothing you say is valid!

              yes, i agree the contract for KA and DF are NOT ideal…..on 3/18/2020….now that we are a SB contender and have limited cap space

              But when we singed KA- we only had 1 good lb, FW!!!!
              When we traded and gave a contract to DF, we had NO EDGE PASS RUSHER at all!!!!!! And DF just had 13 sacks and 6 forced fumbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              and remember…. we were 4-12!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Those moves paid off because we went to the SB and almost won it!!!!! AND THAT IS A FACT!!!!! you cannot dispute it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Your the poster boy for the typical “whiner fan”! your like a guy who spent too much $$ out having the time of your life and then complaining the following day!! just stop, we went to the SB!!! we turned this franchise around in 1 off season!

              for the 20th time, Paraag is brilliant, we can get out of those contracts if we want to next year!!!!!! It just dosent make sense financially this year …..not to mention we are SB contenders now….so we dont just get rid of ppl unless we have a replacement!!!
              And dont bring up DB- Street, Jones, Moore, Blair, AA……we have DT depth

    2. I agree, the salary cap management is head scratching. We could have kept Buckner but they are too scared of ending up like the Rams. The only reason the Rams were not great this year is because Gurley is not the same player he was in 2018.

    3. A restructured deal for McKinnon, and a second round tender on Breida, tells me that Tevin Coleman is likely a goner before his $2M becomes guaranteed on 4/1 (as he can be released before that date with a $4.9M savings and no dead cap penalty), unless a RB needy team makes a better offer for Breida than the $3.3M tender and the accompanying 2 round pick (which would net the Niners a $1.6M cap savings for this season). It seems unlikely, but you just never know.

  8. I speculated that they would second round tender Breida and Bourne, and not tender Lee.
    Now, I wonder if they may trade them to teams with needs. I was targeting the Dolphins, but Grier just signed pass rusher Ogbah, LB Van Noy, CB Byron Jones, OG Flowers, and RB Jordan Howard.
    Guess they do not need to fill any more needs.

  9. Given JL’s draft pattern…… they probably have someone in mind for their secondary. I wouldn’t be surprised if they dangle a trade with one of our running backs bundled with a swap in draft pick(s) on draft day. PLEASE dont panic trade, get the most you can with a team looking to leap frog ahead. How does our salary cap look, now that we traded Buckner? Both in the short term and the long term?

  10. What Vikings’ Kirk Cousins extension means for Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers.
    Matt Maiocco NBC Sports Bay Area March 16, 2020,

    Here’s something new: There’s new speculation that Jimmy Garoppolo’s spot with the 49ers is solid for at least a couple more seasons.
    One day after reports that the 49ers are not interested in pursuing free-agent quarterback Tom Brady, another quarterback who has been linked to San Francisco signed a two-year contract extension with his current club.
    On Monday, the agent for quarterback Kirk Cousins announced that his client signed a two-year contract extension with the Minnesota Vikings.

    That deal, which keep Cousins under contract to the Vikings through the 2022 season, should bring an end to the chatter that if Garoppolo falls short of expectations this season, the 49ers will replace him with Cousins.

  11. Looking at trade partners, the Broncos failed to sign many players they targeted. McGovern signed with the Jets. There is talk that Wolfe may not come back. Littleton and Kwaitkowski went to the Raiders. Reader went to the Bengals. Byron Jones and Jordan Howard went to Miami. Other teams out bid the Broncos, so they still have needs to fill.
    The Niners could bundle 3 players. Mike Person, Tevin Coleman and Marquise Goodwin, and trade them to the Broncos for a second or third round pick. 3 players for one pick makes the trade a good deal because an unknown rookie is not equivalent to 3 grizzled veterans. Person played RG, but also has started games at Center. Coleman could help the running game, which would take pressure off Lock, and he can be utilized as a pass catcher out of the back field. Goodwin ran a 4.27 forty, so he is as fast as Ruggs, a player the Broncos have been mocked with many times.
    By trading away those 3 players, the Niners could save 11 mil in cap space. Then, maybe they could sign another FA.

  12. 49erd in no win situation with Buckner. If they kept him and paid him 21 million per year, how would they stay under cap? Who would have been let go to make it work?

  13. Team needs in FA/draft:

    a #1 WR: with some manoeuvering we can get one high in draft: Jeudy/Lamb.

    interior OL: trade for Thuney (with #31)who got tagged by the Pats, otherwise trade down from 31 and get a pick mid 2nd round(and 2021 3th rounder) to select one.

    CB there are a couple guys who are in our range with our #13, like CJ Henderson or if Jeff Okudah slides.

    It’s not that we have a lot of holes but with #13 we should get a playmaker/difference maker so quality and not quantity cuz after the first 15 picks it’s quantity.

  14. Draft thoughts.
    – I would definitely want trade down with the first pick unless either Kinlaw was there. I actually believe he would be an upgrade from Buckner which is scary.
    – Unless one of the big 3 fell I would not draft a wr with the first pick.(Wr’s have the highest bust rate in the draft.)
    – With a pick in the late teens or early 20’s I would choose the best player available at either DT/CB/OL.

  15. Dallas Cowboys has expressed interest in Sanders and that Sanders, who went to college at SMU in Dallas, has interest in playing for the team.

  16. End of the road for Hakeem Butler?
    March 18 | PFN Insider Tony Pauline reports that the trade for DeAndre Hopkins could spell the end of Hakeem Butler’s short career with the franchise. Last fall, Pauline was told the team was not happy with their fourth-round pick from the 2019 draft and the Cardinals were relieved they had to place him on injured reserve rather than face the embarrassment of cutting him before the regular season. Pauline heard further confirmation of this during the Scouting Combine three weeks ago.

    I hope Keim is the Cards GM for the next 10 years!

    1. Dude – are you on drugs.?…you are talking about a 4th rd pick….

      Keim just picked up a future HOF WR on the cheap …….every GM is not perfect…….

      Lynch made a bunch of mistakes mis-managing the salary cap the first 2 yrs

      I pray they fire him – that way they start over again….

  17. Lets look at the JL off season moves

    The San Francisco 49ers entered the 2017 off-season with more cap space than nearly every other team in the NFL. …… 3 yrs we are struggling with cap space..,…

    2017 off-season

    The Bad……
    CB Will Davis
    LB Elvis Dumervil
    C Tim Barnes
    OL Brandon Fusco
    RB Kapri Bibbs
    OL Garry Gilliam
    LB Jayson DiManche
    RB DuJuan Harris
    LB Dekoda Watson
    DT Chris Jones
    OL Jeremy Zuttah
    QB Matt Barkley
    WR Aldrick Robinson
    DB Don Jones
    LB Brock Coyle
    WR Jeremy Kerley (Three-year contract extension)
    LB Carl Bradford (One-year tender)
    NT Mike Purcell (One-year tender)
    WR DeAndre Carter (FA)
    LB Malcolm Smith (FA)
    TE Logan Paulsen (FA)

    The Good…..
    Pierre Garçon
    Marquise Goodwin (FA)
    FB Kyle Juszczyk (FA)
    K Robbie Gould (FA)
    CB K’Waun Williams (FA)


    The Bad….
    LB Korey Toomer (Free agent; one-year contract)
    G Jonathan Cooper (Free agent; one-year contract)
    DL Jeremiah Attaochu (Free agent; one-year contract)
    LB Brock Coyle (Free agent; three-year contract)
    P Jeff Locke (Free agent; One-year contract)
    LB Dekoda Watson (Picked up 2018 option)
    WR Marquise Goodwin (Three-year contract extension)
    OL Garry Gilliam (Two-year contract extension)
    C Daniel Kilgore (Three-year contract extension)
    DL Cassius Marsh (Re-signed to two-year contract)
    LB Mark Nzeocha (Re-signed to one-year contract)

    The Good….
    OL Mike Person (Free agent; one-year contract)
    DL Arik Armstead (Exercised fifth-year option)
    S Jaquiski Tartt (Two-year contract extension)
    G/C Weston Richburg (Free agent; five-year contract)
    RB Raheem Mostert (One-year exclusive rights tender)
    CB Richard Sherman (Free agent; Three-year contract)
    QB Jimmy Garoppolo (Five-year contract extension)
    RB Jerick McKinnon (Free agent; four-year contract)

    I am not going to include the draft – the above are players who were already in the league, he should have done a better job on knowing what to expect from them…

    1. Come on oneniner you are looking at this in a vacuum, you would have to analyze this player by player. 2017 was a complete overhaul of our roster with a brand new coaching staff and system. At some point you are signing people, that yes fit the system but are bodies that might stick, a lot of low-risk/low-reward signings, hence the 1 year contracts, on top of the fact that we weren’t exactly everyone’s #1 destination. Yes many were complete flubs (Macolm Smith, Marsh, etc) but these are the growing pains of rebuilding a franchise. I would like to see this same comparison for the 2010 Seahawks that were also a complete rebuild.

      1. I am 100% kool with JL – am just saying he is not perfect…..

        I will admit there has been less mistakes made in FA after the 1st yr…..but still we could have avoided the salary cap squeeze we are facing now….

    1. Personally, I’ll miss Breida. It’s not a logical assessment, I just like the guy. He’s had a lot of exciting runs for this team during his tenure.

      1. +++++

        That first snap scamper of 80+ yards against the Browns was one of the tone setters for the entire season last year.

    2. If they are able to turn Breida into a draft pick, any pick, I take back what I said about tendering him. That would be a real win for the 49ers.

  18. JL took a 2-14 team that was a dumpster fire, and cleaned house. Only Joe Staley is from the 2012 SB, and he was drafted before Baalke, so he cleansed the team from the stench of Baalke.
    Yes, he made moves that did not pan out, but he found some gold nuggets. Fortunately, he put the team on the right track. JL changed the culture of the team.
    Then he made a minor miracle. The Niners went from a 4-12 team to a SB contender. The team was 7 minutes from winning another ring. For that, I am jumping for joy, because he made the team relevant again. Other fans no longer pity the Niners, they envy the Niners. JL has built a strong foundation, and the Niners will compete for another ring, instead of dwelling in the cellar.
    Some may rip him for trading away Buckner. However, he is just following Bill Walsh and BB, and moving on from players, gaining a valuable draft pick, while working within the salary cap realities. Like making sausage, the process does not look pretty, but the results are delicious.
    Do not blame JL, blame Deforest Buckner. This was his decision, and I am happy for him, and wish him well. JL made the best out of a bad situation. It was a win/win for both sides. Buckner took care of his Chicken.
    One small quibble- I would liked the Niners to have gotten more. They could have asked for a 2021 conditional 4th round pick. If the Colts make the playoffs this season, the pick could be elevated to a third round pick. If the Colts make it to the AFCC Game, it could be elevated to a second round pick. If the Colts make it to the SB, it could be elevated to a first round pick. If the Colts make it to the SB, giving up a 31st or 32nd pick is well worth it to them.
    Now, the deal is done, so I am not going to whine and cry about losing Buckner. I am ecstatic that the Niners have obtained the 13th pick. Going from a SB to having 2 picks in the first round, may be the ticket to another SB. The Niners could trade back, and get a boatload of picks.
    I have been excoriating Baalke for years, not spending the salary cap so Jed could profit by millions. I said that other teams had spent the cap, competed for a ring, and had rosters that were millions better than the Niners. Saving the cap and going cheap, gave them cheap results. Now that JL has spent every penny of the cap, I do not care if they have cap constraints. I look at the results. The Niners spent the cap, and got to the SB. Yes, they will have to deal with the cap next season, but the salary cap may rise by 40 mil.
    Posters who want to diss JL should just remember Baalke, and what a fiasco he was. He inherited a SB team, then proceeded to dismantle it, jettisoning talent and leadership.
    Now, I get to speculate on various trade back scenarios. The possibilities are endless.

  19. White House coronavirus plan aims to send $2,000 to many Americans, includes $300 billion for small businesses

    Guess Trump is a socialist now…….

    this is insane – Why not put the $$ into their Health Savings Account ?

    Hypocrites (Razoreater, AES, ninermdumb)

    It is funny how this fake conservatives embrace socialist ideas when their power is threatened…..

      1. Nah…I left you out on purpose…..weren’t you the fool that wrote coronavirus was not a big deal……

        You will follow anything just to be part of the crowd…..

    1. Take your meds old man.
      This is not socialism, this is about having to make unparalleled adjustments because of an unforseen emergency situation.
      Leave it to the (did you go to college) professor to use this pandemic as a excuse to pick a battle.
      While it’s time for the country to band together, you continue to use your divisive personality to fight.
      You’re a piece of work my friend.

      1. Lol….whatever excuse makes u sleep well…

        It is socialism….the fiscal conservative way would have been to let the market and people pockets fix themselves

        I won’t be surprised if you AES does not have a clue on what he stands for because your hate for liberals has blinded you from the truth.

        It is a bailout you can try and find other words…a bailout is a bailout….this is a deficit-busting bill….

        At least you can’t deny the party of fiscal b.s is about to increase the debt more than any liberal president did…

        Cut spending my butt….bunch of hypocrites..

        1. Go out and get some fresh air. At the very least it will pull you away from your computer for a few minutes.
          Btw, I don’t hate anyone. But I do stand firmly on my principles. Which is something your ranting can’t change.
          Just rant on!

          1. So how come you not standing by your fiscal responsibility principle…..a bailout is a socialist principle – you can ask the Tea party…

            1. This is just another opportunity to bankrupt the american people…… ‘s the kids that will suffer the consequences of this bailout……

              If they want to help us – let them cut the payroll tax……fund our HSA….

              now I am hearing the corporate guys are also included in this bailout – who is helping with my mortgage?…..these robbers are getting a free lunch now and it will be buried under the Virus news….

          1. With previous actual commentary from our cult members like this:

            This whole thing is a joke

            call this BS for what it is. The flu!

            Not sure why people are so scared

            this kind of hysteria

            I sure as hell wouldn’t want further reminders either. But they do have a point, one. Leave the finger pointing to Trump.

            Btw, CCman, I’d still be interested in the explanation over your comment about the “lies” around Watergate. And no, don’t throw a hissy fit about me injecting politics here. I’m responding to an injection that was already made.

    2. Bailing out people is socialism and bailing out banks, airlines and other crony corporations is free market capitalism. Where did you learn this stuff?? Can’t wait for Jed’s bailout when the NFL cancels next season.

  20. Dow tumbles again, nearly wiping out gains of Trump’s presidency – The move underscores the risk the president took in tying his presidential reputation to stock prices.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 6 percent on Wednesday under the 20,000 level, nearly erasing the iconic index’s previous gains since President Donald Trump’s inauguration and jeopardizing a key talking point for his reelection campaign……

    Guess America isn’t great again…..

  21. So we need cap space –

    JimmyG Cap Number= $26,600,000

    I am just saying – if the 49ers really believe JimmyG will be the QB for years they would have restructured his deal, that way he would be guaranteed to be a 49er for longer………. that was what NE did with Brady

      1. Razor / Scooter
        * “Rams got Floyd”
        * Meh! For $10 Mil., it’s more like Floyd got the Rams Les Snead. What does Floyd’s signing reduce the Rams 2020 Cap to, ~ $5.5 Mil?

  22. The Niners re-signed Coleman and Garland. They probably will not draft a Center, first. Garland might also move to guard, or Brunskill may win the competition for that position.
    Tampa Bay may be a good trade partner, because Tampa Bay wants to win now, with Tom Brady. Maybe trade Breida and Mike Person for their second round pick(45). They would be getting a RB who averages 6.3 yards per carry, and a starting RG of a SB team. Maybe bundle Ahkello Witherspoon and CJB for a 4th round pick. They have two 4th round picks. An infusion of grizzled veterans from a SB team may be what Tom Brady needs to be successful. Those later draft picks usually take 2 or 3 seasons for them to become NFL starters.
    If the Niners could mange to get 2 picks for 4 players, they might free up enough cap space to sign their draft picks, and extend Kittle’s contract. Getting a 2nd and 4th round picks without moving back, may allow the Niners to be able to have 2 picks in the first round, and still mine the sweet spot of the draft.

      1. While sheltering in place, I am not supposed to even be able to go to the grocery store, and there is not much sports to watch, so I will continue to formulate trades and mocks.
        I included CJB because I assume Jameis Winston will be traded for a pick. Personally, I think CJB is an upgrade from Blaine Gabbert, the present backup. Remembering the first game of last season, the Niners had 3 TDs called back due to penalties, but Winston gave the game away with 2 pick sixes. The Bucs D line was stout, but the secondary could use an upgrade. Witherspoon is expendable, with the return of K’Waun Williams and Jimmy Ward, and the emergence of Emmanuel Moseley.
        Breida would be a big improvement, with his 6.3 yard average. Breida could also catch the ball out of the backfield from Brady, and become a mismatch receiver. Tevin Coleman may be another trade prospect.

  23. 9er 2020 draft picks
    #13: WR: Henry Ruggs, Alabama
    #31: Trade down with Mia. for Picks #56 and #70
    #56: Trade down with Cin. for picks #65 and #107
    #65: OC: Cesar Ruiz, Mich.
    #70: DT: Michael Medubuike, Tex A&M
    #107: CB: Michael Ojemudia, Iowa
    #156: DT: James Lynch, Baylor
    #176: WR: Quez Watkins, S. Miss.
    #210: RB: Darrynton Evans, App. St.
    #245: OG: Jon Runyan, Mich.

    1. Nice trade backs, but a little too far back for my taste.
      I think Ruggs is a good player, but the Niners have Goodwin, who can run a 4.27 forty. I hope they trade back and get Tee Higgins, who is 6′ 4″, 216 lbs, so he is the big fast WR they lack, who can high point the ball. Another WR candidate could be Denzel Mims, who is ranked 51, but could go earlier.
      Another possibility is trading back a little and selecting Javon Kinlaw, to replace Buckner.

    1. damn – Lions will get a third- and a fifth-round pick in exchange for Slay……

      Just imagine if we had Slay – our defense would’ve been nutty…..What is the point of creating cap space if you are not going to use it?……

      1. Kittle maybe…

        I’m loving the taking care of our own, but interested to see if any external FAs get added. Seems like we’ve made a lot of cap space for something, at least this year.

        1. But Kittle is not urgent – ……even if it is to sign Kittle they have done a good job of convincing these players to sign contracts that are team friendly…..

          All we needed on defense before FA was a top corner to play this year and to take over from Sherm after next season…..

          Now we need an above average DT and a good CB……and have to worry about replacing Sherm next yr….

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