How much will 49ers’ top draft pick contribute this season?

San Francisco 49ers rookie Nick Bosa warms up during the NFL football team’s rookie minicamp in Santa Clara, Calif., Friday, May 3, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — Nick Bosa can redeem the disaster of 2018.

The 49ers expected to make the playoffs last season until Jimmy Garoppolo tore his ACL in Week 3. After he went down, the 49ers won only three more games. But they got something they wouldn’t have had if Garoppolo were healthy. They got the second pick in the draft, and they took Bosa, an edge rusher.

“Obviously, they had the injury last year which allowed them to pick that high,” Bosa said after being selected by the 49ers. “It’s pretty awesome that I’m joining a team that’s already assembled a pretty darn good squad.”

The 49ers believe Bosa can make their defense dominant and become a cornerstone of the team for the next decade. But how much can he help the 49ers as a rookie next season, considering he hasn’t played football since last September, when he tore a core muscle? Next season is vital for the 49ers. If they miss the playoffs yet again, people could lose their jobs.

Here are four questions Bosa must answer as he heads into training camp:

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  1. I’ll remain consistent with what I’ve said in the past. I believe Bosa will be effective when he’s on the field (won’t disappear play-to-play), but will miss some time due to injuries–perhaps 3-5 games on the sidelines. Hope not, but that’s how I see it.

    1. Nick certainly deserves the benefit of the doubt, IMO. Firstly, he played in 29 straight games for the Buckeyes, prior to his core muscle injury. The Big Ten is a rough and tumble conference. For me, that doesn’t fit the narrative that he’s somehow an injury waiting to happen. Secondly, only a fool would have risked his NFL future by rushing himself back from injury after his team had been all but eliminated from BCS championship contention.

      The Vegas bookmakers have validated what most of the experts expect from Bosa’s rookie season, and the consensus is that, not only will he play a lot of snaps, he’ll be the most dominant defensive rookie in the NFL, which is why he’s the odds-on betting favorite for DROY.

      As for the hamstring tweak early on during OTA’s, come on guys, wake up. He isn’t under contract, and for all we know it was a ruse. I can assure you that the 49ers were comfortable having Nick off of the field and out of harm’s way, working instead with the strength and conditioning staff, in the defensive meetings, and taking mental reps to soak up the defensive schemes. Nick Bosa is a very advanced player for his age and lack of NFL experience, and he has plenty of time to get himself into game shape and acclimated to his role by week 1 of the regular season. We’ll see if he’s signed by Saturday, but I am sure Kyle and Robert and Kris are more than confident in Nick’s ability to work himself into the fold during camp and the preseason.

      If Nick does hold out and miss a significant amount of training camp, I’ll reassess my thoughts, but for the time being, I’m just as excited about his potential impact on this defense today, as I was on draft night. By all accounts he’s a hard worker. He’s ultra competitive. And so far anyways, he seems to be well liked, and appears to be fitting in well. I thought that drafting Nick Bosa was nothing but a pipe dream for the 49ers, even as recently as November of last year, so I can hardly wait to see him and the rest of this DL get to work and make a name for themselves this season!

      Go NINERS!

      1. The author of this blog seems like a nice enough guy, but gee wiz, I find it astonishing that this blog site has gone silent for 6 full days. Quite honestly, with arguably the most important training camp in years for the 49ers storied franchise less than 3 days away, I find this to be a bit of an insult if I’m being honest. I find it an insult because I think most of us, even us hardcore fans, do have lives outside of football, and while I appreciate most of people who take time out of their schedules to post comments on this blog, I question why the SR Press Democrat doesn’t seem to appreciate the value in us taking time to be here. When a blog post like this one, authored on the 18th of July, continues to garner responses 6 days later – to the tune of 377 comments and counting, one would think that SRPD would throw us a bone a little more frequently than 6 days of utter silence. Seriously, with the ability to author posts from places which, thanks to the advancement of smartphones and laptop computers, could be literally as isolated as a deserted island, how in the world is this considered acceptable to football fans in this day and age?

        At a time of absolute intrigue and endless potential for discussion, why put up with a blog site that has gone dark for 6 full days, when there are simply too many options for 49ers fans to keep up with breaking news, especially with the start of training camp kicking off in less than 36 hours?

        Peace out and Go NINERS!

        1. “why put up with a blog site that has gone dark for 6 full days.”

          Because most of us know he just got married on Saturday and training camp doesn’t start until Saturday.

          1. Well, I’m not sure getting married on a Saturday is a valid excuse for completely ignoring a professional sports blog for the following 6 days, but I suppose I’ve heard worse excuses, so … good for him! I do hope he realizes that raising the toilet seat is no longer an “option”.

            As for the Niners:

            NO HOLDOUTS! Hallelujah!

            My projected stats for Nick Bosa’s rookie season:

            56 – Tackles
            22 – TFL
            12.5 – Sacks
            4 – FF
            1 – INT
            1 – DROY Award

  2. 1. Bosa will sign at the midnight hour, just like McGlinchey did. Just like Thomas did. That’s CAA’s modus operandi.

    2. 16 games

    3. The only blocking scheme to my knowledge that helps out the OT or TE vs. the wide 9 is something like a 200/Jet that keeps the RB in to block. 3rd and long, with Bosa on the weak side a couple yards off the OT, his explosive first 2 steps will force the OT back on his heels and open his hips making him react. Advantage Bosa.

    4. Armstead has always been a training camp phenom. I fully expect a heavy rotation along the D-Line, and the term “starter” is basically irrelevant. The better player on game days will see more snaps, and I expect Bosa to earn more than his share.

    1. Well I hope you’re right about Bosa. His injury history scares me quite a bit. We can’t afford more first round busts like Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster. A major Bosa injury would be a disaster for the rebuild of the defense. As far as Armstead goes, Bosa only saw Armstead in OTA’s. They haven’t even had pads on yet. Saying Armstead looks great in OTA’s is like seeing Lady Gaga from a distance and thinking, “damn, she’s hot,” and then you cringe when you see her face up close. She’s a Butterface. Armstead is the 49ers Butterface.

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              4. Let’s get away from politics Ribs. I have the perfect video of Chuck Schumer denouncing the BDS movement as anti-semitic but I’m not going to post it. Lets get back to football or Arik Armstead or something else.

              5. Deal, Houston.

                Arik is just one many high pick players that need to start playing like it, when it counts. He, Solomon, Witherspoon, Ward, Richburg, Garnett (not a conclusive list) all need to justify Hammers claim this team has 11-5 “talent”

        2. Hey Steve, Since we’re on the subject about you overcoming your male femininity and softness.. You might want to watch the show Animal Kingdom. Admittedly, it’s quite racy but it’s definitely entertaining. AND it has one of the all time great Butterfaces in it… Ellen Barkin. You should check it out.

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          Oh and…. Vida Guerra

  3. I hope he becomes a sack specialist, and can help the defense get off the field by forcing them to punt.
    However, he does have weaknesses. According to the draft scout, he is-
    Not as naturally fluid as his brother Joey.
    Tightly bundled through his hips.
    Upfield attack can be rigid.
    Counter rush moves based on effort, not skill.
    Gets too straight legged through engagement.
    Can bend, but does not play with leveraged anchor vs kick out and down blocks.
    Disappointing tackle production.
    Needs to earlier disengage to combat average lateral twitch to tackle.
    Heavy pursuit feet and sluggish change of direction limit range as tackler.
    Needs to be quicker at finding the ball.
    Missed most of 2018 with core injury.
    I looked at the film, and saw him on the ground a lot. He had not fully recovered from his injury, so he over compensated, and pulled his hamstring. It does not look good when we see a picture of him grimacing while stretching out. He is following in his brother’s footsteps with his holdout.
    However, they also think he has many strengths, and has Pro Bowl potential. I hope so too. Maybe it would be best to ease him in slowly, and utilize him as a third down sack specialist. Thankfully, the Niners have a good and deep Defensive line, so there are many options. I am also hopeful that Kocurek can be putting players in their best positions to succeed.

    1. Many say he’s the better prospect than his brother.

      If he can equate what his brothers done in the NFL, 28.5 sacks in first 3 seasons, he will be a major addition to the team teaming up with Ford, Armstead and Buckner (FAB?).

      No need to ease him in slowly, if he’s healthy he plays. Injuries happen when people are either playing scared or are compensating another injury, putting too much pressure on other parts of the body.

      What “draft scout” are you basing your statement off of? I mean, I don’t think many pro-scouts have made public statements, your source is an “internet scout”.

      1. eM, I just googled – NFL draft scout- Nick Bosa. It is done for every player considered for the draft. They give a bio, combine results, analysis, strengths and weaknesses, with a draft grade.
        If they force him to play full time, and he re-injures his groin, just expect howls of derision.

        1. As I had said, that’s an internet scout, most of the time its people like you and I, so take some salt with that “grade”.

          You can’t predict injuries. If a guys 100%, play him. This isn’t a part time job.

          1. Players like Bosa who are coming off a lengthy absence from football need to be ramped up incrementally until they physically begin to peak. Timing that to coincide with the start of the regular season will be the tricky part, especially when dealing with an anxious young stud that’s chomping at the bit!

            1. Treat him like my favorite DE Alldone Smith. On passing downs and all 3rd downs.

              He would be a beast.

              He’ll get better, faster and would be a force to be reckoned with

          2. It certainly is not like a person like me. It is probably a compilation of many NFL pundits, former coaches, opposing coaches, scouts and talent evaluators with league connections. I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan.
            Injury prone players should not be treated like they are 100%. Being cautious and sensible should be the smart way to go, especially if they want to protect their investment.

        2. Seb

          I’ll only ask you to remember that I screamed bloody murder for Josh Allen with the #2…of course I got shouted down by the ‘herd’ (including yourself)…You spoke about his ‘pedigree’ with his father, uncle, and older brother, that he would reset the record book almost immediatly…BS I don’t expect much from him, (not as much as I do from Josh Allen)…I think he’ll become a prima Donna or Diva…you pick…just order more band-aids and warm a spot next to Solomon Thomas on the bench if Ward hasn’t claimed it. I won’t be disappointed if he DOES star, but if he doesn’t…Lynch will be back in the booth forthwith…..shoulda’ listened to me and taken Scot McCloughan with the #2 pick….LOL

          1. Ore, I wanted them to trade back, garner more picks, and select Clelin Ferrell. I was willing to miss out on Bosa and Allen by trading back, because I wanted the Niners to select a Safety and interior O lineman with those additional second round picks.
            Now that they drafted Bosa, I am going to root for his success.
            The best scenario would have been for the Niners to have traded back with the Giants, garnered more picks, and selected Josh Allen at 6. Giants passed on him, and took Jones, but Josh Allen was such good value, he went 7th, even though DE was not a huge need for TB.

          2. I was right there with ya Oregon.
            I still think he will be the best pick in this draft.

        3. You have already howled about Bosa. He wasn’t who you wanted the football illiterates ShannyLynch to draft-thinking he might be a high to mid 2nd rd pick.

          With every completion of any kind, with any kind of great D play……………things are going to go rough for you, Sebs………..very rough, indeed.

          1. Interesting. You are also predicting an 8-8 season, so you will get the same shade.
            No, I was willing to have the Niners miss out on Bosa or Allen, because obtaining more second and third round picks would have allowed the Niners to draft a Safety and interior O lineman. There still were several good pass rushers available, because this was a deep draft.
            KS is draft challenged? When he stands on a desk and demands they draft Joe Williams, who quit on his team, and even doubles down by insisting they waste a pick moving up to get him, ks deserves to have his draft expertise questioned.

            1. Seb….

              I don’t think that it’s fair to castigate Kyle because of the Joe Williams pick…Williams was an extremely talented RB who had all of the HCs and GMs drooling….his abilities bordered on magic….that he wasn’t motivated wasn’t KS fault…just JW’s head placement…

              1. Joe Williams was not even on JL’s draft board. KS stood on a desk and shouted for him. He made JL trade up to get him, when they should have been patient, and selected him with a 7th round pick.
                JW quit on his team. That was a huge red flag. Then, he disappeared like a puff of smoke.
                KS owns that pick. Nobody else was drooling over him.

              2. Ore,
                I’m with Seb on this one. His talent level was above average but not exceptional. He had a great oline and speed but he wasn’t a guy who would pick up what wasn’t blocked.
                He not only quit on his team but stole a teammates credit card! Those transgressions alone would get you knocked off about 2/3rds of the teams draft boards.

    2. Ha! In “Seb-speak”, that’s saying he’s a bust. Notice Sebby never put one quality about him?


        1. Seb

          I didn’t see any post about Bosa ..having ‘quit’ on his team….which he did…in spades…

          1. He had a core injury, which is tricky. There was no guarantee that he would have been fully healthy by the end of the season, so I will not diss him for being injured. It was a judgement call, and it paid off, because he was drafted number 2 in the draft. If he had come back too soon, and injured it worse, he could have fallen into the second round. It was a business decision.
            Hurd, on the other hand, quit on his team, and refused to play RB, even while healthy. That is a big reason why he was ranked 413 on the Draftek big board. The Niners need to play Hurd as a WR, do not force him over the middle, and certainly do not ask him to block. Otherwise, he may disappear like a puff of smoke. The Niners should handle him with kid gloves, and let him get comfortable playing, before they ask him to line up as FB at the goal line.

            1. Seb

              On Hurd, we disagree completely….He could see that his career was going to be shortened had he stayed at RB so he transferred (NOT QUIT) to Baylor from Tennessee after conferring with his coaches….I don’t think that that equates to Bosa ‘quitting’ in the middle of the season at Ohio State …to prepare for his career in the pros…Now THAT’S quitting on your team….

              1. Ore, we may have to agree to disagree. Hurd was asked during the game to play. He refused. He was not injured enough to have taken away his helmet, and he played on a kickoff in the 4th Quarter. They benched him, and he was no show for the meetings later on. They used a concussion as the excuse, but there are players who said he was upset about Butch putting in some one else.
                If it was a concussion, that makes it worse, because he said he suffered 2 concussions that season. What if he suffers a concussion in the NFL? Will he refuse to play even if cleared to play?
                In college, they hit hard, but they play for the love of the game, with only the elite 254 moving on. In the pros, they are paid millions to hit as hard as possible. Their job is to work out and get stronger, so they can withstand those sledgehammer blows, and deliver some, too.
                Hurd is concerned with concussions? Football is not a vocation he should enter. In order to show that they care for his health, the Niners need to cover him in bubble wrap. They certainly should not send him over the middle, or ask him to be a TE or FB.
                Bosa did have surgery and players are considering economic decisions. He also had surgery on both sides, because surgery on one side tends to lead to overcompensating, and injuries on the other side.

              2. Seb,
                After listening to an interview regarding this I’m with Ore in this. Hurd’s coach apparently had asked him to reenter the game after he had suffered a concussion. Hurd did but he wasn’t exactly in the right state of mind so he did.
                Following this Hurd asked for his role to be changed. His coach promised too but never followed through with it and kept asking Hurd to do the same thing.
                Hurd THEN quit on his team.
                It was still a bad way to go about it but if his story checks out I can at least understand the reasoning. He no longer trusted a coach who was willing to endanger him, had a goal to get to the nfl and was actually talented enough to do so. Yes, he screwed over his teammates… like McCaffery, Bosa and many others but there’s more to it than that.

              3. Shoup, I am glad you at least admit he quit on his team because the coach asked him to play in a position they had spent a lot of time and energy, planning to coach him as a RB.
                The Niners are taking a big gamble on Hurd, and I hope it pays off.

              4. Seb,
                His quitting on his team and Joe Williams quitting on his team were completely different and I don’t think of them the same at all. In Joe’s case you can question his commitment to football this is not the case for Hurd.

              5. Concussions drove Hurd to want to move to WR. It is not out of the realm of possibility, he will suffer a concussion in the NFL.
                He may be committed to play, but concussions are cumulative. To me, that is a red flag, and a big reason why they ranked him at 413 on the Draftek Big Board.
                Terry McLaurin and Myles Boykin may have been safer picks at WR. They reached, and probably could have waited until the 4th round, with players like Josh Oliver TE, Germaine Pratt LB, Will Harris S, Justin Layne CB, Jamel Dean CB, Michael Deiter G, Nate Davis G and Chase Winovich all picked soon after Hurd.

  4. “When he finally joined the team, he wasn’t in football shape, so he promptly pulled his hamstring and missed the first four games of the regular season. ”

    1. I agree that it is critical that Bosa is a full preseason participant. Our first 2 games are @ Tampa and @Cincy. It will be hot and humid. Getting into football shape is a priority.

    2. I just discovered that Bosa’s great grandfather was Chicago mobster Antonio Joseph Accardo , AKA Big Tuna . No wonder he likes Mrs putin.

    1. Accardo was Al Capone’s #2 in the Chicago mob, and may have been the architect of the Saint Valentines Day Massacre. Capone ruled for 7 years. Accardo ruled for decades.
      I think young Bosa will be good and his presence will help Dee Ford be good as well.
      Outside pressure should help inside pressure which should help coverage.

      1. The Bosa Constrictor is one of 5 Don’s that will be the architect’s of the Sunday Quarterback Massacres, and that’s alright with me….

  5. Wow I have to say seeing the photo of Bosa in that position makes me tingly all over my body.
    I could plant my face right under him.
    Of course I don’t agree with his politics but man big boy come to daddy O!

    1. Exum gets it: “Part of the reason I haven’t taken a knee and I’ll never take a knee is because it would go against my belief in unity,” Exum said. “I think this is a great way to explain good, through art. That’s a message I want to spread. Get more creative guys, here’s how we can spread our message in a positive way.”

    2. Seb doesn’t need any help embarrassing himself, he’s got that covered 24/7/365.
      ( /366 in Leap Years)

  6. This was a Jed pick…Bosa will put fans in the seats is what the team had in mind= he was NOT the best all around player available… injury prone one dimensional player (with a roster this weak in so many areas why take a one trick pony player?)… Lets hope he fairs better than SThomas but me thinks not….durability at some point will come into play.

  7. Grant, I know the next 48 hours are likely going to be quite busy for you so if you don’t get a chance to visit the site much during that time I just waned to take a moment to wish you Mazel Tov on your upcoming wedding.

    Best of wishes to you and your soon to be bride.

    Any honeymoon plans?

    1. Damn, that is this is the weekend?

      Grant, you’re going to get a lot of advice over the next few days. Disregard everything everyone else tells you and remember my advice to you: DON’T DO IT, MAN! JK. My real advice. My wife is hispanic. Her family are all giant partiers. At our wedding reception we visited every table and every single table had a bottle of various types of Tequila. Every table wanted to do a shot with us. So my real advice is: Just sip at the reception. I probably did about 8 Tequila slammers and then I faked every other drink because I could barely walk. I hope the event goes off without a hitch and you have a lifetime of bliss & happiness outside your sports cocoon.

      1. Grant

        Here’s to a great toast at your nuptuals……blessings and a good long life…

    2. Where do we kiss the bride??

      Congrats to you, Grant and wishing you joy and happiness for you and your new bride. God Bless!

      1. Grant is offering 5 free butthole licks per attendee.

        My advice: Please bring a toothpick. Sometimes the little hairs get stuck in the teeth.

    3. I was a little previous on my felicitations, so here they are again.
      Just remember those 3 magic words- Yes, my dear.
      You are one very lucky dude.
      Live long and prosper.

  8. Bosa was a disaster of a pick. He wasn’t that great in college. Staying at 2 we should’ve got Quennin. He’s a better pass rusher and can help Buckner out on the inside more than bosa can help on the outside. My move woulda been for us to trade down and acquire more picks and get Brian burns. He’s way more effective as faster as a pass rusher.
    Don’t be surprised if Bosa is injured by week 4.

    1. He will be injured way before week 4…oh wait….he already is…..Yes QW was the pick or as you stated….bad draft pick at 2 but the Niners always blow the early picks

  9. Signs contract at 23:59on July 25th
    Plays 4_6 games, another Jimmy Ward
    Finished most plays on the ground before getting hurt maybe 4 sacks
    Pick will cause Lynch to get fired at end of season.

    Grant why don’t start a pool pick the day and time Bosa signs his contract. Winner vet’s a 500 word essay from Sebbie on why he didn’t win.

    1. I’m pulling for a one-on-one reading of IF _by Sebbie. Venue would be his ’02 Toyota Tacoma, windows rolled up.

  10. Quinnen Williams had surgery on his finger after the draft, and then went down in OTA’s with a calf injury. Too bad, so sad. Wish smarter, not harder….

  11. Since we’lll have the traditional 3 LB’s on the field only 33.3% of the time gives us some flexibility, as long as we do not suffer anymore casualties at the Safety position like last year….

  12. 5 things Seb must accomplish during training camp to show posters he’s a true 49er fan:

    1. State that Kaep is a worse QB than Jimmy G. even on a bad leg.
    2. Show the posters he is serious about his mental health by listing the publications he is reading and his current medictions.
    3. Under ‘ No” circumstances ever say again that Jimmy G. couldn’t hold Kaep’s jockstrap or that Shanny is “less than astute” for releasing Kaep.
    4. State unequivocablly that he is no longer a Sebraidah fan.
    5. Stop with the intellectual measuring stick to his father.

    1. Upper body size and strength aren’t that big of a deal for defensive linemen. I mean, sure they need to be able to punch and shed their blockers. But compared to the core/leg muscles….the upper body size isn’t as important. It all starts with the feet and ankles. If you aren’t strong there, you’re either slow or off balance. Nothing else matters if your feed aren’t stable enough to allow you to hold your ground and/or move into the right position…or at least stay off the ground and on your feet. The power then comes from the upper legs (quads), glutes, back and abs.

      What I’m saying is that Thomas may look bigger than Donald in that picture but it’s mostly upper body. What’s important are the lower muscles and the core muscles you can’t see.

    2. Great 5, TomD. I’m afraid Sebs intense, latent hate for KS is keeping him from seeing what they’ve put together.
      Sebs is still furious they didn’t draft the way HE wanted them to draft…………….

      1. No, Saw, this is not my first rodeo.
        I have made suggestions, but in the end, they were the ones signing and drafting players. I will have to abide with their decisions, but that also means I have every right to second guess their decisions, and they will have to own their shortcomings, like Foster and Joe Williams.
        Go ahead, be deliriously happy about Foster and JW. I will not. Am I furious? No. I am just shaking my head, resigned to the fact that they love red flagged players and ACL/Achilles players because they are such ‘Good Value’.

  13. Early training camp injury. Here they come…

    “The Denver Broncos got their first injury scare of training camp on the opening day of practice.

    Linebacker Todd Davis was carted from practice Thursday. NFL Network’s James Palmer reported that it appears Davis tweaked a calf. The LB will undergo an MRI, but the injury doesn’t look to be serious, Palmer added, per a source informed of the situation.”

  14. Saleh/Kocurek have already said they won’t always line up the Ends all the way out at the 9 technique and will sometimes have them line up at the 6 or 7 technique. That will benefit Bosa.

    When Jim Schwartz took over he changed some things. Eagles DE had this to say comparing Schwartz’s Wide 9 scheme and Juan Castillo’s:

    “We’re not really playing a Wide 9 like that defense was,” Jenkins said after Saturday’s long training-camp practice, the first open to fans this summer. “We’ve got attacking ends that are out on the edge, but they’re not just so far out where they’re abandoning the run and putting people in bad positions. So, so far it hasn’t been an issue.

  15. Bosa will be signed some time on day 1 of TC, or maybe the evening before. Its how the relationship between the 49ers and CAA seems to work.

    Not sure how many games he will play. Obviously he has some history with injuries, as does his brother. But I expect he will play most games this year.

    The 49ers now have 5 former 1st round picks on their DL, plus some decent lower round draft picks in Jones and Blair and some potential in Street and Taylor. I imagine the 49ers are hoping no one player on the DL needs to play the lion’s share of snaps this year. Much more rotation, especially for Buckner. So I doubt Bosa plays more than 70% of defensive snaps in the games he suits up for. But I do think he will be just fine as a player, and the alignment won’t be an issue.

    1. Shanny has Jim Harbaugh’s respect, but not Jack Hammer’s.☹

      “I can tell you this – I like watching their tape,” Harbaugh said when asked if he sees anything positive happening for the 49ers. “Especially on offense. Lot of creative things on a weekly basis, so I enjoy trying to – I wouldn’t say steal because in football you don’t regard it as stealing things. You regard it as doing your homework. So I do enjoy that.”

      I’m sure somewhere in an XFL facility, Marc Trestman feels betrayed….

      1. “I’m sure somewhere in an XFL facility, Marc Trestman feels betrayed….”

        Or wishes his last name was Shanahan.

        I don’t disagree with Harbaugh at all. The offense is fun to watch. It does have creativity. What it doesn’t do is score many points.

        1. Not true, Jack. The Falcons were number 1 in scoring in 2016 at 33.8 points per game. In 2017, SF averaged 20.7 points per game whereas in 2018, the team averaged 21.4 points per game. Did it ever occur to you that maybe the main reason the 49ers haven’t scored points is because the quality of the skill players has been below average or important skill players have been injured. Even a world class race car driver can only coax so much out of a Yugo. Having said that KS does still need to improve; he’s not a finished product like Belichick or Carroll.

          I expect the points per game to go up significantly this season.

          1. Shanahan’s offenses have averaged 22.5 points per game for his career.

            The one season in Atlanta was an outlier with a QB who was a ROY, led the league in completion percentage, was a 3 time Pro Bowler before he arrived, and arguably the best WR in the league.

            What we’ve seen from him so far in SF is what he was every year of his career with 2016 being the exception.

            “I expect the points per game to go up significantly this season.”

            Yes. You had grand expectations last year as well. Then boy wonder led them to a 1-2 start.

            1. Just correcting misinformation. Not trying to change your mind. You’ve already shown that that would be a futile task.

              1. Except you’re not correcting misinformation. You are pointing to 1 season in an 11 year career.

                If I wrote “Shanahan’s offenses have averaged only 21.4 points per game outside of the one great year in Atlanta, including 21.1 in SF” that’d be misinformation.

              2. Except you stated “What it doesn’t do is score many points.” This is an absolute statement which is not factual. What you fail to see, but what everyone else sees including virtually all national analysts, is that Shanahan’s offense has massive potential as shown in 2016. But I guess the Yugo comment went over your head. This will be my last comment on this subject.

                The reason you lack credibility is that you “hammer” on KS, yet you predict the team will finish 11-5. If you can’t see the irony in this, ……..

              3. Cubus,

                Translation: The outlier season still counts. I think that’s what you’re trying to say.


                What were Shanhan’s other years as OC like? What was the context around them? Are we talking simple bottom line production? What did he have to work with with Texas, Cleveland and Washington? Did he have good production when he had Matt Shaub and Andre Johnson? Who was he working with in Cleveland and Washington? Maybe those numbers are good numbers in context? I dunno, I’m just looking for a clearer picture.

              4. AFFP:

                If he has good personnel at important positions, then yes. While KS was able to do quite a bit with the offense last year despite the injuries and lack of talent, he is not a miracle worker. To get to the playoffs it generally takes a professional NFL team firing on all cylinders. How many teams do you think make the playoffs in spite of the HC? I’ll venture to say very few and certainly not consistently. Hence the contradiction of predicting an 11-5 season yet continually bashing the HC/OC.

              5. Cubus, that 11-5 prediction is just a BS bogus setup. When the Niners don’t come close it’ll be the justification of another offseason of KS bashing, the “glorified OC”. Pretty transparent.

              6. Cubus,

                “Shanahan’s offense has massive potential as shown in 2016”

                Yes. With a multi-time Pro Bowl QB, and one of the best WR’s in the game.

                “I guess the Yugo comment went over your head.”

                Nope. It wasn’t worthy of a response because it’s a fallacy.

                “yet you predict the team will finish 11-5. If you can’t see the irony in this, ……..”

                I haven’t predicted they’ll finish 11-5. I’ve stated they have the talent to go 11-5. Shanahan is a big reason why I don’t think they’ll get there.


                “The outlier season still counts. I think that’s what you’re trying to say.”

                Of course it does. Problem is that it is 1 of 11 and Jimmy G isn’t close to Matt Ryan and there’s no Julio Jones in SF.

                The production with Schaub/Johnson in Houston was slightly above average, and Washington was a mess with the exception of 2012 when they caught everyone off guard with the zone read stuff. Cleveland started out hot, then fizzled and he left prior to the last game. Atlanta had a loaded offensive roster and it showed in year 2.

                In SF he gets a pass because of the QB’s and injuries last year. Problem is, Shanahan’s QB’s have been handpicked, as has the entire roster. Hoyer played almost exactly the same as he did for Shanahan in Cleveland. Beathard is a complete mess. Garoppolo and Mullens have started the other 16 games, and put up nearly identical numbers.

                The good news is that with G & M at QB they are 9-7.

              7. “Matt Ryan had an MVP season because of KS not in spite of KS.”

                Ryan won the MVP because the team won.

                He put up almost identical numbers to 2016 this season with Steve Sarkisian as the coordinator. Difference is the team didn’t win, and those awards only go to players on winning teams.

                Matt Ryan was a ROY, 3x Pro Bowler and led the league in completion percentage all before Shanahan arrived.

                ‘16: 4944yds, 38 TD, 7 int, 69.9%
                ‘18: 4924yds, 35 TD, 7 int, 69.4%

              8. A better comparison is Ryan’s stats prior to KS becoming his OC; highest QBR was 99.1 but with 14 interceptions. In 2016 his second year with KS, QBR was 117.1 with a career low of 7 interceptions and career high of 38 TDs. And 2017, one year after KS left, was one of Ryan’s worst season statistically.

              9. Aaron Rodgers didn’t get Jack Hammer’s memo about last names:

                “The stuff they did against us this year … was unbelievable,” Rodgers told Simms on a recent episode of “Unbuttoned” released this week. “You watch on the sidelines going, ‘that’s pretty cool.”

              10. Yep. And then he bounced right back in 2018. Ryan was established as one of the best in the league long before Shanahan’s arrival.

                Here’s the thing though, Jimmy Garoppolo won’t match that level of play because he’s not as good.

              11. Is Rodgers supposed to say the system stinks? He’s playing in it this year. Lol

              12. Is Rodgers supposed to say the system stinks? He’s playing in it this year. Lol

                Why is he playing Shanny’s system? Lol

              13. The success of Sean McVay

                Last name sounds familiar…hmm…let me see…McVay was an assistant for Shanahan with the Redskins eight years ago; LaFleur was also on that staff, making him a member of the McVay and Shanahan trees. “I got a chance to learn from Kyle and Mike Shanahan about really having an identity, creating a marriage between the run and the pass game,” McVay says.

              14. Yes, McVay worked with them and learn Mike Shanahan’s system. He also created his own identity during the 3 years he spent as OC after they left.

                The system is the system. He took what he learned and built upon it. McVay winning 24 games the last two years is why we’ve seen his assistants move on.

                This is kinda like big brother/little brother. Big brother goes out does his thing struggling as he goes. Little brother watches every step big brother makes, learns from him, sees the good choices and the bad choices, what works what doesn’t. Little brother has learned what not to do and in the end is more successful.

              15. Green Bay will not be playing KS’s system. They will be playing Aaron Rodger’s system, that Mc Carty would not allow AR to play. La Fleur will allow AR to be the field general, call his own plays with input from the side lines, and be able to make audibles. McCarty was too rigid, timid, conservative and not very innovative.
                If you think LaFleur is coming in to change things up and install a brand new system that AR needs to learn, you will be sadly disappointed.

              16. Yes, McVay worked with them and learn Mike Shanahan’s system. He also created his own identity during the 3 years he spent as OC after they left.

                2014 McVay’s offense ranked 26th in points scored.
                2015 10th
                2016 12th

                2013 Shanny’s offense ranked 23rd in points scored.
                2012 Shanny’s offense ranked 4th in points scored.

                Both had the same job, for the same team and the best McVay could do with a ready made qb hand picked by the Shanahans, was 10th.

                The system is the system. He took what he learned and built upon it. McVay winning 24 games the last two years is why we’ve seen his assistants move on.

                Reid, Gruden, Big Shanny all come from the Walsh tree. Shanny and McVay laid their foundations under the Gruden branch. Shanny has new branches on the NFL tree, Trestman not so much.

                This is kinda like big brother/little brother. Big brother goes out does his thing struggling as he goes. Little brother watches every step big brother makes, learns from him, sees the good choices and the bad choices, what works what doesn’t. Little brother has learned what not to do and in the end is more successful.

                This would seem to bode well for Little Nicky.

                McVay came through an open window in LA, and then got a “dream team” in year two. Had no business in the Super Bowl due to the egregious pass interference whiff, and had no answers after he ran Little Gurley into the ground….

              17. “2014 McVay’s offense ranked 26th in points scored.
                2015 10th
                2016 12th

                2013 Shanny’s offense ranked 23rd in points scored.
                2012 Shanny’s offense ranked 4th in points scored.

                Both had the same job, for the same team and the best McVay could do with a ready made qb hand picked by the Shanahans, was 10th.”

                Yes, the Shanahan’s caught lightning in a bottle with Bob Griffin in 2012.

                “Trestman not so much.”

                Yeah, comparing the numbers of Shanahan and Trestman wasn’t meant to prop up Trestman.

                “This would seem to bode well for Little Nicky.”

                It might.

                “McVay came through an open window in LA, and then got a “dream team” in year two. Had no business in the Super Bowl due to the egregious pass interference whiff, and had no answers after he ran Little Gurley into the ground….”

                24 wins and 2 playoff berths is pretty good considering he inherited a trigger man whom some called a bust.

              18. 24 wins and 2 playoff berths is pretty good considering he inherited a trigger man whom some called a bust.

                It’s funny you mention, Goff because he’s exactly who I thought he was coming out. Clean pocket, no one hitting him, he’s money. Any pressure and he wilts like my morning glories on a hot sunny day. I’ve been saying since 2017 that the Rams entire offense ran through Gurley, and after he ran him into the ground in 2018, we saw what happened. Backs with his size, speed, and hands do not grow on trees. He was an exceptional running back, but his expiration date isn’t far away. McVay will need to adapt a new “identity” or continue to sully his last name, just as he did in the Super Bowl….

              19. “the Rams entire offense ran through Gurley, and after he ran him into the ground in 2018, we saw what happened.”

                Yeah. They went 4-1.

              20. The Rams tried to beat the Bears through the air, and scored 6 points. They tried to beat the Patriots through the air, and scored 3 points. In both games, Gurley was neutralized….

              21. Meh. They went 14-4, and even after Gurley was hurt/beat up they went 4-1.

                McVay has spent 5 seasons as OC/HC in the NFL and he already has more winning seasons than Shanahan.

                Goff, Gueley, and a bunch of others were on that roster in 2016 when they won 4 games. He went in there and immediately turned them into a winner.

                The “dream team” stuff came a year later.

              22. Gurley didn’t even play in 2 of those wins.

                I get it. The hope is that Gurley will show wear and tear this year and it will help slow the Rams down. We’ll see.

              23. Gurley didn’t play against the 49ers week 17, but if it was supposed to come as some big surprise, you fooled me.

                Once again I will reiterate that McVay ran Gurley into the ground, overly dependent on him to the tune of earning the most touches in a 2 year span of any running back in the NFL. In the biggest game of his career, Gurley was MIA, and the Rams were just the second team in Super Bowl history to be kept out of the end zone, joining the Dolphins from 1971. If that wasn’t bad enough, nearly half of the Rams’ 60 offensive plays went for zero or negative yards….

              24. Gurley didn’t play in their week 16 win either.

                Gurley averaged 26.7 carries per game in the 2 seasons prior to McVay arriving, and 28.2 per since. The extra 1.5 must’ve been hellacious.

                And I’ve already written that I understand what the hope is. If Gurley is slowed down the Rams offense is slowed down. We’ll see.

                That 71 Dolphin team that scored only 3 points in the SB was followed that up with a decent season the following year.

              25. Gurley averaged 26.7 carries per game in the 2 seasons prior to McVay arriving, and 28.2 per since. The extra 1.5 must’ve been hellacious.

                The “Wunderkid” was more reliant on Gurley than Fisher? I told you before the draft that the Rams would draft a RB early, and sure enough they traded up to pick 70 and got one. If you think that’s not a product of a “hellacious” acknowledgment that Gurley can no longer handle the workload he did over the last 2 years, then you probably also believe you can find a fart in a tornado….

              26. They went 4-1 with Gurley out or limited. I have written that I understand why you’d want to see him not be the same guy and the Rams offense slow down. And I’ve also written that we will see.

    2. Think you are on the right track with the rotation and about 70% being the target.

  16. Not really sure I see point of question. If Bosa stays healthy, he’ll be dominant and play a ton. If he doesn’t, he’ll be a non-factor.

  17. Heard today on NFL Network that Drew Locke told his contract negotiating team to get the deal done because he was not going to miss any practices. Let’s hope Nick takes that attitude.

  18. Grant’s getting married? Congrats Grant. Wish you and your bride many years of bliss and “I’d like to talk with you about something important.”

  19. Jack, you have taken such a strong stance showing your malicious disdain for Shanny. You have questioned every move that he has made and yet you think he has acquired enough talent to win eleven games. What gives here? If he has acquired the talent to win eleven games then it seems to me he does know something about football but according to you – not.

      1. “Trestman is a legendary control freak and notoriously hard on his staff. Justin Dunk relayed a story on a recent 3Down podcast that featured Trestman dressing down a communications staffer who had recently transferred from another MLSE property so emphatically the staffer quit. He’s been known to text players to criticize them for their social media activity and takes little to no input from players on game-planning. While that level of discipline is often lauded when a team is winning, it wears thin quickly and there are real questions as to whether Trestman’s my-way-or-the-highway approach to literally everything has a place in the modern game.” – Drew Edwards.

      2. Jack and I have gone at loggerheads with each other, so he may not like me to come to his defense, but I agree with him about KS.
        I think he is pushing back against the notion that KS is a genius, so his decisions cannot be questioned. KS has a lot to learn, and he is 10-22, so he is not a winning HC.
        I will also agree with him that the Niners do have talent, and if the coaching is competent, they could have a winning season. I will disagree with him about 11 games, because the Niners have 7 games against last season’s playoff teams.
        Like what KS said about JG and his 5 game winning streak. JG was able to overcome the coaching. If the team can overcome the coaching, they will win games, despite the coaches making bad decisions. Hopefully, the coaching has improved, and they can learn from their mistakes. KS needs to learn how to finish off games, but that will only come with experience.
        Thankfully, we can all agree that the Niners have improved the pass rush and the passing game. Too bad they ignored the Safeties and interior O line.
        Right now, KS is a HC of a 4-12 team. Once TC starts, he will be HC of a 0-0 team.
        Jack may say I am way off base, but that is my take on his position.

        1. Seb that doesn’t explain why he thinks such dummies like Shanny could acquire enough talent to win 11 games. If you think Jack is correct then you should support his thoughts when you agree regardless of past performances between the two of you. I often agree with Jack and agree with him on some of his attacks but its become more of a hatchet job much like Cohn’s. They cant find anything good or if they do you cant believe it as it comes across as condescending.

          1. KS may have influenced the draft, but JL is also an integral part of the equation. KS is not working in a vacuum, he has lots of help, and input from others. Too bad Paraag is also kibitzing
            Condescending? No, it is more like being jaded. He is looking at it with a jaundiced eye.

    1. Knowing the game, having players, and being a good head coach are all different things.

      Shanahan is a guy who got this job based off one great year. Atlanta was flying high in 2016 so his was the hottest name on the market. When it was made known in January 2017 that he was coming here everyone got excited. Myself included. We were all caught up in the name and what he did that year.

      As time went on prior to 2017 and I started looking at his track record I noticed his success was extremely inconsistent. I have pointed this out, and that gets construed as disdain.

      Having a talented roster is one thing. Doing something with it is a different story. Ask just about anyone why Harbaugh was successful. Funny thing is, the main guys from that team weren’t helping them win much before.

      1. As time went on prior to 2017 and I started looking at his track record I noticed his success was extremely inconsistent. I have pointed this out, and that gets construed as disdain.

        Not really. It gets construed with the absence of context of said inconsistencies, and then the double talk from said mouth.

        1. Meh. UC stated that I show disdain for Shanahan so that’s what I used in my response.

          We can explain away anything that we want. At the end of the day Kyle Shanahan came to the 49ers with a track record that included offenses which put up a lot of yards yet were routinely in the bottom half of the league in scoring and had miserable records. The two things he had going for him was one great season with one of the best QB’s and WR’s in the league.

          Throw that in with a first time defensive coordinator and a first time GM and the results shouldn’t be surprising.

          1. KS can only design and call plays. He can’t force Garcon to catch that TD throw from JG in the endzone in the Vikings game last year. It’s not his fault if Kittle utterly fails to catch a perfect throw over his shoulder that would likely have been a TD in the Vikings game last year. He can’t be responsible for Jimmy G’s high throw to Kittle in the end zone that failed to yield a TD in the Vikings game last year. He can’t be responsible for Morris fumbling on the goal line in the Vikings game last year (Yes. I just rewatched the condensed version yesterday). He needs the talent to be successful. Yes, he had that in Atlanta and look at how that synergy worked for the team. It takes a complete effort.

            1. Yeah I get it. Shanahan needs a top end QB and WR to win. It is a shame he doesn’t have those in SF.

              1. Meh, he adapted his offense around the limits of RGIII in similar fashion to what Harbaugh did with Kaepernick, and won.

              2. “he adapted his offense around the limits of RGIII in similar fashion to what Harbaugh did with Kaepernick, and won.”

                Yep. And then the next year Harbaugh continued to win. The Shanahans not so much.

              3. Shanahan needs a top end QB and WR to win.

                “he adapted his offense around the limits of RGIII in similar fashion to what Harbaugh did with Kaepernick, and won.”


                Glad to see you’re not afraid to change your mind.

              4. Change my mind? I already wrote that they caught lightning in a bottle in 2012 with Bob Griffin.

                The need to cling to only the positives to support the hope that it will happen again is cool.

                I’ve never written that Shanahan hasn’t found success at times, only that his body of work is far too inconsistent to expect success. Maybe this concept is too difficult to grasp. I don’t know. We also live in a time when someone can say “send them back” and it’s somehow not racist.

              5. Your words, not mine. You stated he couldn’t win without a top end QB, and I pointed out he did.

                I’ve never written that Shanahan hasn’t found success at times, only that his body of work is far too inconsistent to expect success. Maybe this concept is too difficult to grasp.

                Similar to the inconsistencies without context is too difficult to grasp.

                We also live in a time when someone can say “send them back” and it’s somehow not racist.

                Sure, and then there’s the Broad Squad’s anti-semitic tweets, and comments; Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. It’s all about the Benjamins baby comparing migrant facilities at the U.S.-Mexico border to “concentration camps”, believing the nation of Israel has no right to exist and should be dismantled, calling Lynne Patton, a black woman, a “prop” for appearing in the gallery during a hearing where members of Congress were debating whether Trump was racist, claiming a feeling of “calm” … when thinking of the Holocaust” “We don’t need any more black faces that don’t want to be a black voice”.

                Minnesota has given us some great leaders like, Ventura, Franken and now Omar.?

                Not sure why you felt compelled to change the topic back to politics, but I do not remember you calling out the Broad Squad. The people at that Trump rally would have been better served to chant, vote her out, but the claim that they are all a bunch of racists because they expressed their dislike for the policy of these woman based on of the color of their skin is flat out ridiculous….

              6. “You stated he couldn’t win without a top end QB, and I pointed out he did.”

                1 time. Sweet.

                On the 4 democratic women. I don’t agree with everything they say. I also don’t believe for a second that they hate America. Three of the four were born in the US I believe, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that. The centers are very much similar to concentration camps. Definitely believe that anyone not passing through a port of entry should be detained and returned to their country as expeditiously as possible.

                None of this changes the fact that the president is a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot. The chant was from his direct quote.

              7. None of this changes the fact that the president is a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot.

                I think you’re confusing “fact” with opinion.

              8. “I think you’re confusing “fact” with opinion.”

                Perhaps. I was just quoting a member of his own party.

              9. Using your logic, Pelosi’s comment, All these people have their public whatever and their twitter world. But they didn’t have any following, is racist. The racist hustle has been over played by your party, and the American people are tired of dancing to it. What you need to do before going to bed every night after brushing your little teeth, is get on your knees and pray to God that Michelle Obama is planning on entering the election right after the nominee is selected, and your party decides to rally behind her as their nominee. That’s your only chance at victory in 2020….

              10. My party? LOL! I’m not a democrat.

                “Send them back” has deep roots in racism from long before I was born.

                Was I wrong in stating that 3 of those women were born here in the US?

                Maybe you can answer why those words were only uttered when referencing 4 women who are of a different skin color?

                Educate me. Please.

              11. “Send them back” has deep roots in racism from long before I was born.

                So does, These people but I missed your outrage.

                My party? LOL! I’m not a democrat.

                Could’ve fooled me. The only outrage I’ve heard outta you is for President Trump.

                I understand the hatred you have for him, and the hope you have that he will not be re-elected. I get it, but what I don’t get is what in the hell this all has to do with the Rams, McVay, and Todd Gurley….

              12. “Could’ve fooled me. The only outrage I’ve heard outta you is for President Trump.”

                Probably because I’m tired of his act. Funny thing is, I disliked both so much I thought at least he’d be funny.

                It has zero to do with the Rams, but when you wrote “Glad to see you’re not afraid to change your mind“ it reminded me of the crazy way this guy takes credit for stuff he didn’t do, and how whacky and desensitized I think our society has become these last 2+ years.

                Oopsie. I said something that might be construed as not loving my country. Guess I’ll go back now. Oh wait. This is where I’m from.

              13. It has zero to do with the Rams, but when you wrote “Glad to see you’re not afraid to change your mind“ it reminded me of the crazy way this guy takes credit for stuff he didn’t do, and how whacky and desensitized I think our society has become these last 2+ years.

                Lol, if that’s the case you might want to go to your local drug store and purchase some cream for those stretch marks….

      2. Yup. KS was the ‘Wunderkid’ who led an offense to the SB. Then we had the implosion in the SB, and his reputation became a little tarnished. Then we had him touting Hoyer, who promptly pulled a Gabbert, and benched himself. Then we had this 4-12 season with KS admitting he should have won 3 more games.
        Yet, hope springs eternal. So far, the Niners are undefeated. Too bad, they are also winless. It will be interesting to see how this season unfolds.

        1. McVay the ‘Wunderkid II’ put up 3 points against BB in his Super Bowl loss as HC. The DC was embarrassed.

          Shanny’s offense put up 28 points against BB in his Super Bowl loss as OC. The DC was culpable.

          1. Dont look at me. I have been stating many times that an OC might help their teams to win.
            KS’s offence only put up 21 points. The defense scored a pick six.

              1. Rams were tied even into the 4th quarter, so they could have won, but losing Cooper Kupp and the arthritic knee of Gurly, hampered their offense.

              2. Cooper Kupp, Goff and all the Rams receivers benefited from Gurley’s command and respect, and after McVay ran him into the ground, his offense wasn’t just hampered, it came apart at the seams….

              3. Razor do you notice that injuries were the ‘reason’ why the Rams offense was hampered and yet if you bring up losing the Niners starting QB, your starting RB and many other injuries as the Niners did to key personal is nothing but ‘excuses’.

      3. ‘Funny thing is, the main guys from that team weren’t helping them win much before.”

        That’s a very true statement, and what else is true both Harbaugh and Shanny went to the Super Bowl and both get credit for the losses.

        1. Didn’t realize that the ‘12 49ers blew a 25 point lead against Baltimore, but yeah they lost. Shanahan hasn’t sniffed the type of success that Harbaugh has.

          1. “Shanahan hasn’t sniffed…”

            the many adjectives in your arsenal you use to describe Shanny is why I use the word disdain. By the way I agree that Harbaugh is more accomplished then Shanny.

            Didn’t Harbaugh’s get his first type of coaching job with his father at WKU as an unpaid assistant, so maybe Trestman should of had a daddy like Harbaugh.

            1. People keep trying to compare Shanahan to guys that are FAR more accomplished than him yet he’s done nothing to garner that. If pointing that out is construed as disdain, oh well.

              Harbaugh worked with his dad while he was still playing. The name might have helped get him to Oakland, but the results back it up. Shanahan not so much.

              1. Jack you amaze me sometimes – I say that with much bravado! and that’s a good thing.

                Lol, no, not a problem with pointing things out, but sometimes you do it in such a way that promotes antagonism. Sometimes it gets so bad it makes you wonder if you really are a fan of the Niners. I know Sour and whine are critical themselves and I for one certainly can appreciate critical thinking, but just like food preparation, presentation salivates the mind.

              2. UC,

                I’m a 49ers fan. Grew up in it. The team has sucked for the vast majority of my adult life. I’m not going to give praise to a team or coach that doesn’t deserve it.

              3. The team has sucked for the vast majority of my adult life.

                When exactly did you turn adult Hammer? In my adult life (since 1981. My adulthood barely missed out the early 70s success/heartbreak) the Niners have appeared in 6 wild card playoff games, 19 divisional round playoff games, 13 conference championship games, 6 super bowls. Not exactly sucking, is it? I’d put that up against any other team in the league during that period.

                How about lately you might say? What are you, some sort of instant gratification millennial?

              4. Rib,

                I’m 45. Yes 81-94 were fantastic years with a few good ones thrown in from 95-98. The last 20 have been pretty pathetic with the exceptions being the last couple years of Mariucci and the Harbaugh years.

      4. “Funny thing is, the main guys from that team weren’t helping them win much before.”

        Interestingly enough the players voted the niners as having the most talented roster in their division before Harbaugh arrived. They knew SF was talented but was underperforming.
        The team Shanahan took over was not even close talent wise… Jack doesn’t believe that, as it seems he thinks all NFL teams are nearly the same talent wise, and he believes last years team was as talented as almost every team in the league.
        That is a major difference of opinion we have and a key reason why he thinks Shanahan is underperforming.

        1. Meh. Shanahan/Lynch completely remade the roster prior to 2017 and had a group capable of 7-9 wins. Go back through the archives and you’ll find Grant questioning some of their moves. My response was that “they think they have a shot to win now..” They ultimately ended up with 6, and had multiple chances in weeks 2-6 to win a couple more during a stretch that saw them lose 5 in a row by 3 or less.

          They made further additions prior to 2018 and had a group capable of 8-10 wins. They ended up with 4 and could’ve very easily won 5 more.

          They go into this season off their 3rd offseason to build and have a team capable of winning 9-11 if they play to their potential and maybe a couple more if they catch some breaks.

          Also, I don’t think Shanahan is underperforming at all. He’s performing at the same level he did prior to coming here.

          1. They did remake it. However, We vastly disagree on the talent level the team had 2 years ago and last year especially after injuries.
            While I could agree to put the roster on Shanahan, we vastly disagree on what we would expect from that roster that was constructed. It’s my belief that teams that have bottom tier players at nearly all the most important positions Qb,De,Cb ( Ot is the one we were ok at) will have a hard time winning as they will have a hard time coming back or holding onto leads. Those teams have be nearly perfect while teams that are better have a much higher margin for error.

            1. Here’s the thing though. The blown lead against NYG wasn’t because of injuries. The turnovers against Arizona weren’t because of injuries. Losing to SD wasn’t because of injuries. Can keep going.

              If it’s a talent issue in the secondary or on the offensive line they didn’t address it this offseason. If it’s a talent issue at QB these are the guys they chose

              1. My argument wasn’t regarding injuries alone, it was that teams with a lesser talent level have to play nearly perfect to win. And in a few cases had little business being in those games. I also blame them for the lesser talent level of the roster, as I believe they have done a very poor job there. However, I separate the two arguments.

                NY –
                Perhaps the injuries didn’t hurt SF here, but the niners overall lack of talent in the secondary and pass rush definitely reared its ugly head. Additionally Mullens (injury?) also struggled (as can be expected from someone with so little experience) against NY, throwing 2 picks ( one inside their own red zone), and nearly a third (dropped by the defender).

                SD –
                Here there was a massive talent discrepancy, as SD had 7 pro-bowlers , and Beatherd’s (injury) 3 turnovers were instrumental in the loss as was the secondary and pass rush. This was similar to when the Akron’s of the world hang tough against the Michigan’s only to lose a heart breaker. It sucks, but it’s the expected outcome

                GB –
                3 turnovers, blown coverage and lack of a pass rush… are we sensing a theme here?

                I don’t put all of this on the coach’s decisions because I think in each case they had little business being in the game.

                AZ –
                Pin those on Kyle. No problem, they did nothing as a team or coaching wise to inspire hope.

                Like I said, we just disagree on the talent level.
                I think they played above their head much of the season with the obvious exception of AZ… While you think last year they at least had an average roster… this year though will be very telling. In any case I’m hoping for a good season.

              2. Nice balanced writeup/analysis Shoup. Most of us “homers” know that KS needs to improve as a HC and the Arizona games were an example of this. But as you say, in a number of games, they played significantly better than expected even if they lost. With roster improvements and having the starting QB back, this should extrapolate to a near-playoff or playoff team this year.

              3. NYG – Have won fewer games than SF over the last 2 years. 49ers up 10 early 2nd half. Witherspoon is a guy they brought in and expect to start. Beaten on back to back plays, the same play actually. Changes to pass rush won’t help them out this season if the QB can plant his back foot and throw right away.

                SD – Pick 6 from D on opening series. Have 3 point lead late second quarter and will be getting ball to start second half. Instead of running the ball to kill the clock and go up 3 they call 3 straight passes, 2 inc and on the completion Breida runs out of bounds. Now they have to punt, Chargers get big return. Instead of being up 3 it’s tied. Lose game by 2.

                GB – Packers only 3 games better than SF over last 2 years. Game tied 30-30 with under 2:00 to play. Penalty on return gives 49ers the ball near midfield. Completion on 1st down gets them to GB 46 with the clock running. Call pass on 2nd and 3 instead of running ball to keep clock spinning and possibly pick up the 1st. Incomplete. Clock stops. 3rd down picked off. Instead of having about 20 seconds to go 40-45 yards to get into FG range they give Rodgers 1:07. Lose on FG.

                Running the ball on second kills time for GB, increasing likelihood game goes into OT if 49ers don’t score. In OT it might have taken more than a FG to lose.

                Both SD and GB are situations in which poor coaching decisions cost contributed big to losses.

              4. “NYG – Have won fewer games than SF over the last 2 years.”
                “GB – Packers only 3 games better than SF over last 2 years.”

                I guess we disagree here because I don’t believe in carryover from prior years. This is especially true when the player considered most responsible for the majority of those wins, didn’t play in any of the games being discussed.

                “Witherspoon is a guy they brought in and expect to start. Beaten on back to back plays, the same play actually.”

                He is one of the reasons why I thought they had one of the worst rosters in the NFL last season and why I have not been impressed with his personnel moves.

                “Instead of running the ball to kill the clock and go up 3 they call 3 straight passes, 2 inc and on the completion Breida runs out of bounds. Now they have to punt, Chargers get big return. ”

                Yup, hindsight shows this was as bad decision… he was guilty of being overaggressive in playing for the win. However, these are found in every game by every coach. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don’t.
                Against the Giants in the championship game Harbaugh did the opposite, 2 runs and a qb scramble. The Gmen promptly marched 56 yards to take a 10-7 lead, SF lost by 3. I don’t blame Harbaugh for that loss either… games are almost always won and lost based on a culmination of things and while yes one series can swing a game this is more often than not only the case for the team with lesser talent.

              5. “Yup, hindsight shows this was as bad decison”

                Except this isn’t hindsight. I said it as it was happening. Shanahan does a poor job of game management. We’ve seen it here quite a bit and he lost a SB because of it.

                Regarding records, NYG and GB won 5 & 6 games last year. Bad teams both.

              6. More like underachieving teams, both. Aaron Rodgers alone gives you enough to win.

              7. “I guess we disagree here because I don’t believe in carryover from prior years.”

                Surprising to see this from Hammer since he spent virtually the entire offseason after the 2017 season defending his position that carryover from one season to the next was “meaningless”.

              8. And the “momentum” and “learning how to win” from that 5 game winning streak you kept tapping about didn’t carry over now did it? LOL.

                What did carry over though was another losing record, including a 1-2 start for boy wonder.

              9. Let Hammer blow his horn for another 2 months. He will be eating his words soon enough.

                Never could understand his Shanny hate but soon enough, he will look as bad as his blog was.

              10. @Jack:

                Your response doesn’t explain your lack of consistency in applying “carryover”. You sure like to lump years together when you think it proves your point and then separate them when they support another position that you are taking.

              11. “We’ve seen it here quite a bit and he lost a SB because of it”

                The fact you put that loss on Shanahan says one of two things.
                You don’t know football and you don’t know football.
                Just like Seb and just like wanna be Skip Bayless Cohn.

              12. Sure it does. Every year is its own entity and a win streak from one year won’t carry over to the next is what I was saying. And it didn’t. Showing that a team is consistently losing year after year is a much larger sample size trend. And as you’ll notice, i was fine with drilling it down to just last season when both teams were nearly as bad as SF.

                How’d that win streak help out at the start of this year. Sorry for being right on that one.

              13. “Let Hammer blow his horn for another 2 months. He will be eating his words soon enough.”

                Hope you’re right.

              14. “The fact you put that loss on Shanahan”

                Had the ball in FG range with one of the best kickers in the league. Run the ball 3 times. Kick the FG. Go up 11. Game over. Simple.

              15. PT, quit dissing KS. He was the one who said he would do the same thing, if given a chance for a do-over.KS was the one who called for a 7 step drop back, that resulted in a strip sack fumble. That shifted the momentum. Yes, Freeman(?) should have made the block, but KS did not prepare him thoroughly enough to look for that block of the MLB coming on a blitz.
                KS also had to take a day off, after that devastating loss. Instead of coming to town as a conquering hero, he was gobsmacked, and needed time to process the loss and figure what went wrong. At least he had enough class to take the blame, and did not blame others.
                He reminded me of Simpletary, with that bludgeoned look on his face.
                Quinn was responsible because he should have over ruled KS’s play calls and run the ball 3 times. Heck, they should have called 3 kneel downs, to prevent a fumble. They were within field goal range, and an 11 point lead would have won the SB.

              16. Kyle Shanahan has had two seasons with below average talent having to play key roles due to injury. The fact they were even competitive against a team like the Chargers with the players they had to rely on is a testament to Shanahan’s ability to get this team to play above their talent level against a far superior team. Is somebody seriously criticizing him for playing aggressively in the first half? You have to play that way to have any chance at winning a game you are overmatched in. They lost that game and many others because they had a ridiculous amount of injuries. As far as Shanahan’s history as an OC, what you clearly see is he’s had average to below average QB’s for the majority of him time and achieved great results in yardage. The point totals are poor overall, but if you look at it deeper, he improved greatly in year two with 2 out of the three teams he was with, and in the 3rd year with the other one. A couple of things are obvious when it comes to the Shanahan offense – it takes a year to get it down and within a year or two the turnaround is significant if there is cohesion in the personnel playing in it. Here’s an article from Eric Branch with the numbers posted for each of Shanahan’s years coordinating offenses in the league.


                The first two years he’s been here he’s had bad injury luck on top of a rebuild on the personnel side. What hasn’t changed is his offense has continued to produce yardage and kept them in a lot of games they had no business being in. If he can actually have the same QB play for an entire season and keep the core of the offense on the field – there was a constant flux at WR every week due to injury last year as well – we will be able to get an accurate reading on how good this team can be instead of guessing based off results with backups.

  20. TH

    1. Tyreek Hill will not be suspended. There was insufficient evidence. There seems to be a lot of that these days.

  21. For all you hand wringers out there about Bosa not showing up, Jets rookies report today but Quinnen Williams is MIA.

      1. Gotta trust the new staff to keep the reins tight, and gradually allow him to work himself into a lather.

        1. That can be tough with eager young men; but from what Bosa said, it sounds like he knows he needs to get back into it slowly. Keeping fingers crossed.

        2. I am not sure how much impact training staff can have on genetics and mindset. He seems to be very similar to his brother in both respects. Meaning he will produce on the field but be limited by injuries. When injured he will make sure he’s healthy before playing again possibly delaying his return till he thinks and feels healthy. We’ll get some production out of him. I like the idea of easing him in and using Solly on 1st downs. We’ll all see what happens pretty soon.

          1. His genetics are championship caliber. He’s had an acl and a core injury which are very common injuries among athletes, particularly football players.

            Some injuries do not allow you to play, and full recovery is always the goal before returning to the field for every athlete. We’ve got some experienced depth now on this team, and there’s no need to rush someone back prematurely before they’re medically cleared….

            1. Razor I am trying to be realistic about Bosa. Joey is our best example of what Nick will be like. He’s good and injured often. There’s no argument to be made about that.

              If Nick plays like Joey we’ll be in good shape. I don’t think it does any good pretend like Nick isn’t likely to have another injury. Check this link out.


              1. These rare, never before seen photos are real, and have not been altered:, and The Bosa Constrictor looks healthy as an ox. As we speak he’s been working out with the his brother, the master who has been teaching Little Nicky, the grasshopper, the proper techniques to ward off soft tissue damage.

                Worrying about players getting hurt is a futile endeavor, because it’s going to happen to everyone of them eventually. That’s why experienced depth is critical to building a competitive team….

  22. Seb tells us that many front offices in the NFL copy what he thinks. Seb doesn’t realize that NFL people copy other NFL people, not Seb.
    Seb’s also once said: “Shannahan’s less than astute” for letting Kaep walk.

    Here’s what Jim Harbaugh Said in this article, different from Seb’s, “less than astute:”
    Jim Harbaugh does homework on Kyle Shanahan’s offense

    “I can tell you this – I like watching their tape,” Harbaugh said when asked if he sees anything positive happening for the 49ers. “Especially on offense. Lot of creative things on a weekly basis, so I enjoy trying to – I wouldn’t say steal because in football you don’t regard it as stealing things. You regard it as doing your homework.”

    Harbaugh’s Wolverines went 10-3 last season to put the coach’s record at his alma mater at 38-14. They’ve yet to make the College Football Playoff in his four seasons there.

    “He’s very creative in the game planning and you see plays that work that get somebody uncovered,” Harbaugh said. “That’s hard to do to get somebody uncovered on a passing play or the blocking scheme where there’s a big hole. That doesn’t happen that often. Probably Better than most of us, I think, Kyle and his coaches do a good job scheming those things up.”

    1. TrollD, thank you for mentioning JH. Here is something I wrote years ago. Guess you think JH should have ignored everything I wrote, like not waiting until the last second to snap the ball. I also wanted him to not waste time outs like a drunken sailor. JH burned a time out, because he thought they would not get the play off in time. Too bad Kaep strolled into the end zone, but it was called back, because JH called a time out just before the snap.
      10 ways JH (KS) can improve. Dec. 31, 2013.
      1. Read Rudyard Kipling’s poem – IF. Stop being so demonstrative on the side line. It seems to tick off the refs and is counter productive. Use biting humor to get your point across. Channel Bill Walsh ( study his side line demeanor). Study the game winning drive before ‘The Catch’.
      2. Consider time outs to be precious, and save them for (legitimate) challenges and the last 2 minutes (of each half). Good job last game.
      3. Stop wasting 10 to 15 seconds every play. Tell Kaep (JG) he can get at least 2 more sets of downs if he stops wasting time. (However, if ahead by 2 scores, milk the play clock down to one second to help end the game sooner).
      4. Run the no huddle with quick snaps. This will eliminate the delay of game penalties and stop the defense from substituting.
      5. Expressly forbid Kaep (and any other QB) to call an audible with less than 5 seconds on the play clock.
      6. Use players so they can maximize their talents. (Accentuate their strengths and disguise their weaknesses. Put players in their best positions to succeed). Stop forcing Kaep ( and any other QB) to be only a pocket passer. Use designed roll outs to fluster the defense. (However, with JG and his ACL, tell him to get rid of the ball quickly, so the pass rush does not have time to get to him).
      7. Establish the running game, then use play action for long strikes down field.
      8. Do not run into the teeth of the defense. Hit them where they aint.
      9. Be unpredictable. Use deception. Keep them guessing ( Run a reverse, then fake a reverse). Put them on their heels.
      10. Niners will win if Kaep (JG) gets the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmaker’s) hands. Think screens, draws, counters, swing passes, shovel passes, ( Fly sweeps, quick slants, curl routes, flooding a zone, halfback options) and even the Statue of Liberty play.
      I want the Niners to play smart and fast, with quick crisp efficient execution to win. TrollD must want them to to play dumb and slow with bumbling, inept, inefficient struggling to lose.
      KS was less than astute to pass on a SB QB, while his choice of Hoyer led to losing 9 games to start the season.

      1. I would like to thank you both for posting things have been posted on here before. I don’t know about everyone else but I come to reread old posts not to read new things or have new discussions :/

        1. You are welcome. I just post my 10 point plans from 5 and a half years ago, to show how relevant they are, even today. If you will notice, I advocated for them to do the play action passes, even 3 years before KS became HC, but it is an integral part of his scheme.
          Sure, they are pretty basic, and are just common sense, but I just want the Niners to learn from their mistakes, and play smart, avoiding the unforced errors.
          Will the Niners follow my advice? Sometimes, I think they do the exact opposite, just to be stubborn. ;p

      1. Another Baalke Red Flag Special.
        At least they snookered the Jets to give up a 5th round pick for him, so they got something for him, instead of cutting him, and getting nothing.

    1. I don’t like the idea of playing music at practices, but I realize in this day and age that it would be unrealistic to take that approach. The reason I don’t like it is because everyone has different tastes in music, and so as part of my negotiation, I’d have to insist on switching genres at every practice. As far as crowd simulation noise goes, I would defer to Mr. Fangio’s opinion, however the player makes a good point too….

  23. I know Razor posted earlier an excerpt from Rodgers endorsement of the Kyle Shanahan scheme. Here’s a link that has some additional details. There’s little doubt that people who know and play NFL football think Shanahan is an offensive genius (Tony Romo is the guy I listen to the most and he praises KS). This should be the year we start seeing a winning season (injuries notwithstanding).

    1. Yep, I expect to see results this year because we finally have some depth with NFL experience. Should be little to no excuses this year. Time to assert themselves, and put the league on notice that we are no longer the prey but instead the predator….

    2. “Things are a bit different, I mean, Rodgers is about to use the scheme he’s talking about so it’s not like he can bash it openly. He praises it with some emotion, so it appears sincere.”

      Romo’s comments on the Raiders really fits the 49ers too…”This is one of those things where it’s they could be really good but you just don’t know until they put the pieces out there and see how it kind of fits together,” Romo told Cam Inman of The Bay Area News Group while he was preparing for the celebrity golf tournament at Edgewood Tahoe.

  24. LOL Romo is comparing KS to BB? He should stick to utilizing his former QB skills, to calling out plays ahead of time. That is impressive. Romo’s assessment skills are lacking. Belichick would never, ever lose a SB game with a 25 point lead.
    He also is talking about KS’s OC skills, but Belichick and KS are Head Coaches. Maybe he thinks KS should go back and stay being just an OC. I just look at KS, and see his lack of preparations, poor game management, Red Zone failures, and inability to finish games, and think he is the antithesis of Belichick.
    Maybe we should wait until KS wins a ring, before we compare him to a HC with 6 rings. Belichick is the real deal. He is the total package. KS wants to play at being the OC, but a HC needs to focus on the big picture. I do not think KS is better than McVay, and McVay got schooled by Belichick in the last SB.
    Chris Simms also had a doozy of an interview with Aaron Rodgers. He toadied up to him, and it was kind of sickening to see him grovel so much. Rodgers knows Simms is best buddies with KS, so he threw him a bone. Rogers was super impressed with the play designs of KS? Rodgers won that game because the Niners made way too many turnovers, and gave him a little over a minute to come back, which he did. I was not impressed with the Niners, since they imploded again. I was even less impressed with the Packer DBs. Rodgers? His team was gobsmacked by Kaep running for an NFL record 181 yards in a playoff game. He spotted them a pick six, then proceeded to lay a beatdown on them. What was Rodger’s response? The RO is just a fad. Then we see the Packers run the Pistol, last season.
    Jeremiah thinks the Niners will be the most improved team in the NFL. However, at least he couched his assertion with the caveat that JG needs to play in 16 games. Since he is coming off an ACL, that is a big question mark.
    Yes, this is the silly season. NN are trumpeting a 23-0 season, and anything less means you are a hater. Delusions of grandeur, rainbows and unicorns abound. So far, the Niners are UNDEFEATED!
    Too bad they are also starting out winless. I am just a die hard Faithful Niner fan, but I am not drinking the Koolaide. I am a realist, and see the huge obstacles, like playing 7 games against playoff teams. They will have a daunting challenge, because they did improve, but every other team have also improved. The Niners concentrated on fixing the pass rush and passing game, but they ignored the interior O line and Safety position. I expect the Niners to have a decent pass rush and the receivers to catch passes, but I also expect the opposition to exploit their weaknesses.
    Believe it or not, every team has talent. The Rams have SB talent. The Seahawks have playoff talent. I just hope the Niners can manage to win a game against the Cards, something they have failed to do for years. Yes, most teams have close to equal talent, so it will be the coaching, that will be the deciding factor. Thankfully, they fired Hafley and Zgonina, and Woods and Kocurek may be upgrades. Will KS succeed? Only if he learns from his mistakes.
    TC is less than a week away, and that is where a lot of questions will be answered. Those 53 cuts will be painful, but while that may be devastating for each player cut, it is a good thing for the team. That will mean they have depth, so they may withstand the inevitable attrition.
    I will still root hard for the Niners to win games, and will be content with an 8-8 record. That is a doubling of the win total from last season, so that is improvement. If they do manage to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and some how make it to the playoffs, they will have been incredibly lucky, fortunate to dodge the injury bug, and the planets will must have all aligned. Being a grizzled die hard Faithful fan, I will hope for the best, but expect less.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

    1. Yes, this is the silly season. NN are trumpeting a 23-0 season, and anything less means you are a hater.

      Too bad you are banned from there and can’t set them straight

      1. Yes, I was banned for stating a true Niner fan does not root for his team to lose games.
        Guess that means that Jed is not a true fan, because he likes being rewarded a low draft position for losing. Bet he was ecstatic about last season.
        Personally, I hope the Niners pick last every year.

        1. Did NN tell you why you were banned or is that your guess? I doubt they banned you for a single instance rather a series of things they considered to violate their conduct standards.

          1. Wilsonm, seb claims:

            Yes, I was banned for stating a true Niner fan does not root for his team to lose games.

            Does that sound as much like BS to you as it does to me?

            1. Sebbie reminds me of Levon (from Elton John’s Levon)…

              Sebbie wears his NN banning like a crown…

              As I recall, his ejection was the result of a multitude of inane, emotion-charged posts over time. It was a cumulative thing. I didn’t post on NN, but I was a causal reader.

            2. Rib it’s why I replied to his claim because it sounds like someone divorced from their actions.

              1. As always, remember that this is being filtered by someone who isn’t the best at interpreting information (ie delusional). Plus he’s narcissistic and everyone is out to get him even when he doesn’t do anything. (Even though he often is a bully and throws his weight around.)?

                He also left this blog after a treatise on his love for his wife stating that it was over and he wouldn’t post anymore . But he was back by training camp. So his veracity is very questionable.

          2. They gave me a warning, and told me that some posters were very upset that I did not call them true fans for them wanting to tank the season.
            It is all archived.

            1. I am sure if your behavior was anything like it is here there was plenty of run up to the warning. NN is filled with trolls trying to be cute. We have a few here too.

              1. I never used an expletive, or made threats. Sure, I downplayed their football acumen, but I was just responding to the snark and screeds.
                I think the statement I made was- ‘True fans do not want their team to tank.’
                If you think that was a ban-able statement, so be it.

              2. There are plenty of ways to get banned that don’t include threats and expletives. You have already divulged here that you did more than accuse people of not being true fans. Posting on NN is a waste of time anyway.

              3. One thing I must say, is that Kyle Posey is actually doing a good job.
                Guess he brought that laid back, sunny San Diego, disposition with him.
                Also, I do not think he has been to Vegas, lately, so no bad Niner news. ;p
                However, I will agree with you about the posters.

              4. Seb I think the content is fine at NN, commenting on it seems like a total waste of time given how people choose to interact there.

              5. I agree, the posters are the problem. Very clique-ish.
                That 23-0 rallying cry is cute, but delusional. I guess they are true fan-atics.

        2. – I was banned for (blah blah blah) –
          Yeah, it couldn’t have been for vapid vacuous verbosity huh? smh

    2. It was Colin Cowherd who said KS was the next BB. He was arguing KS’s low ranking on the head coach list. KS has a lot to prove still in my book. He may be great one day. From NN

      “..since he’s been in San Francisco here’s the QB attempts. CJ Beathard’s thrown 400 balls, Nick Mullens 275, Brian Hoyer 205, Jimmy G only 267. Those are the QB’s he’s dealt with. The team health has been 29th and 23rd, meaning his teams can’t stay healthy. The schedule? The 7th toughest and the 15th toughest. In a division with Seattle and the Rams, both really good”

      He would go on to compare Shanahan to Belichick based on several different points, the primary being that both were very successful coordinators who struggled as head coaches until they found their franchise QB

      The discussion starts at around the 6:20 mark in the video.

      1. Cowherd can be off at times, but I find many of his takes very interesting. Good stuff.

        1. He’s certainly put some thought into his comparison here. I want KS to be great but we don’t always get what we want. I want us to be competitive and healthy. I do think KS deserves a little grace for injuries the past two seasons. If we’re healthy this year it should answer a lot of questions.

          1. One poll put KS as the 23rd best HC. I actually would put him at around 16, so I do think he is smart, and he is leading the team in the right direction. I will fully admit he has been hamstrung with all those injuries.
            He also took their UDFA, third string QB and won games with him.

      2. The big difference between Belichick and Shanahan is that the side of the ball Belichick is most responsible improved drastically from the jump in Cleveland and their coordinator careers really aren’t even close.

        No doubt that Brady is a stud, but Belichick’s defense consistently keeps them in games with defenses that are around the top 10 in scoring. It’s how they won 11 games with Cassel at QB and went 3-1 a few years ago when Brady was suspended.

        1. It’s an unfair comparison but people are always wanting to be the one who spots the next genius first. KS needs to make the jump from great coordinator to great HC.

            1. I should have chosen my words more carefully. Good was more appropriate for KS’s coordinator tenure.

      3. I just read what Romo said, and he was the one who compared KS’s offense to BB’s defense.
        Cowherd also made that comparison of KS to BB. He also thought Chip Kelly would lead the Niners to the playoffs.
        The idea that KS is a genius, after starting 10-22, is specious, especially after his implosion in the SB. KS is very smart, and can be creative while drawing up plays, but a HC has many more responsibilities.

        1. I never said I agreed with Cowherd. Romo’s Quote stops short of saying KS is the next BB. He says is OC skill is like BB’s DC skill. Cowherd goes on record saying he is the next BB. Like and IS are different statements.

          1. I only mentioned that Romo compared KS’s OC skills to Belichick, and differentiated that they were head coaches, so the comparison was not about KS being equal to BB.
            You are correct, Cowherd went way over the top to predict KS is the next BB. KS needs to have a winning season first. Then a Ring.

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  26. Is it just me or do the Niners play their best ball after the bye week. (under Shanny)

    1. In 2018 they were 2-4 after the bye. 3 of the 4 losses were by margins of 18 points, 27 points and 16 points. I seriously hope that’s not their best ball.

  27. One thing I am wondering about, is how Greg Papa will do, calling the play by play.
    Guess I associate him with the Raiders, and wonder what he will say when the Niners score a touchdown. Sure hope it is not- Touchdown RRRRR…..! :(
    Maybe he should say something like- Niners strike gold!!!!!!! SIX!!!!!!!!
    Maybe the six could be a subtle rallying cry for that sixth ring.

    1. Rest assured, he’ll be a toady…just a shill for ‘the man’…

      1. He is a pro. I think he will be an upgrade. Ted should stick to tennis and the Olympics, where he excels.
        Listening to him on KNBR, he sounds upbeat. Ted seemed downbeat, but that may have been all the losing.

  28. Signs That Seb May be Getting Worse—-More posters clueing in on his mental ailments

    Wilsonm73 says:
    July 20, 2019 at 9:42 am
    Did NN tell you why you were banned or is that your guess? For a series of things they considered to violate their conduct standards.

    Dave Kellogg says:
    July 20, 2019 at 1:58 pm
    – I was banned for (blah blah blah) –
    Yeah, it couldn’t have been for vapid vacuous verbosity huh? smh

    Cassie Freakin’ Baalke says:
    July 20, 2019 at 10:18 am
    Sebbie reminds me of Levon (Elton John)…As I recall, his (Seb’s) ejection was the result of a multitude of inane, emotion-charged posts over time. It was a cumulative thing.

    GEEP says:
    July 15, 2019 at 1:31 pm… * No Sleb, actually I feel sorry for you! Your insecure ego needing to constantly trying to impress, must be a severe mental burden! Think how much better you’d feel if you took a months vacation and sought professional help?

    Catfish the Pharisee says:
    July 11, 2019 at 7:14 pm
    More fibbing, Sebs? I don’t talk about the Nazi’s except long ago when, in effect, I called you the Minister of Propaganda….long ago. From there, you got on your Sebby pious horse you rode in on and tried to make it out I called you a murderer…………..very weak.

    Your not a victim, Sebs-so forget it.

    Geep says:
    July 12, 2019 at 2:31 pm
    Seb, my lesson on your inferiority complex due to your fathers success? How they’re all separate personalities within your total personality >

    14 Signs You’re Dealing With A Narcissist

    1. Superiority and entitlement: When it comes to determining whether someone you know is a narcissist, most people make it more complicated than it needs to be. I use the duck test—that is, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. There is a definite hierarchy, with the narcissist at the top—which is the only place he feels safe. Narcissists have to be the best, the most right,

    1. AES, maybe you can get them to stop. They are so desperate, researching the archives, cutting and pasting feverishly, trying so hard.
      You might say I am dominating their thoughts.;p
      I would rather be talking about sports.
      The Giants finally lost a game, but I am impressed with the hitting, AND the pitching. Bochy is doing well.
      I must commend Farhan Zaidi. He has tried hard to obtain talent, and has succeeded.

  29. Seb,
    I can’t tell grown men what to do.
    All I can do is show my displeasure in what I consider a waste of time and space of non professional posters trying to analyze another person.
    But that’s just me.

    1. AES, thank you for being the voice of reason.
      TC is just around the corner, so we will have something to really talk about soon.
      Hope to see Bosa and Deebo sign, and full participation of all the players held out of the mini camp.

  30. It sounds as if Zgonina was in over his head, and it sure looked like it on Sundays from my layman’s perspective.

    “He’s changed our room completely,” Day said describing new DL coach Kocurek, “He’s made us be more competitive with each other than we ever have been before. Every Day is a competition, everyDay we want to be our best, every Day we’ve got to be better than the Day before.

    1. Translated: Day is getting better by the day. For the rest of the D-lineman it’s day to day.

  31. Warren Sharp on a team turnaround:

    “This one’s a no brainer to me, really, the San Francisco 49ers,” he said. “I cannot say enough about how impressed I was … You know, there’s people( Jack Hammer) in San Francisco who don’t like Kyle Shanahan for one reason or another. I just can’t buy that. Like, I need more of a sample size because what he’s dealt with out there the last couple years has been nothing short of ridiculous.”

    Sharp’s Stat that matters:

    “This was one of two teams last year that in my early-down success rate metric, which is like the most correlated thing to wins and losses in the NFL that I’ve calculated and utilized next to turnovers,” Sharp told Mays and Clark. “They finished top 10 offensively and defensively last year.”

    Sharp’s not in the tank:

    “I just think that that job that Kyle Shanahan did there was tremendous,” he said. “I don’t necessarily agree and love all of the decisions that they’ve made from a payroll perspective, from a GM perspective in terms of overpaying his running back, and overpaying a kicker. But the bottom line is that this is a team that– their schedule’s tough this upcoming year, so I don’t know that they’re gonna just jump to becoming like a double-digit win juggernaut.

    “But if anybody thinks that the 49ers were a 4-12 team last year, and they’re going to be something close to that this year, they’re very mistaken in my opinion. This team was much better than a 4-12 record last year, and I think they’re gonna show that this upcoming season.”

    If only Trestman’s last name was Shanahan….

    1. Raz,
      If only Trestman’s last name was Shanahan….
      It doesn’t matter.
      Last season was meaningless ?

    2. Yes, the team was better than 4-12. KS himself admitted he should have won 3 more games. That would have made them 7-9.
      Whoever said they were top 10 in offense and defense needs to do some research.The Niners were 16th in yards, and 21st in points per game on offense. On defense, they were 13th in yards, and 28th in points per game. They finished so badly, they were awarded the second pick in the draft.
      I certainly do not think they will be 4-12 again. 8-8 is a realistic goal, and if they have a winning season, I will be jumping for joy.
      Those 23-0 homers are just fanatics, but the Rams are a SB team and the playoff Seahawks led the league in rushing, so pessimism about winning the division is warranted.
      I had predicted success so many times, then saw them fail miserably, so the sunshine, rainbow and unicorn predictions, just lead to disappointment and disillusionment.

      1. How did you miss the most correlated thing to wins and losses in the NFL that I’ve calculated and utilized next to turnovers, stat in your “last name” assertions? Seems odd for a statistician like yourself that enjoys posting the numbers, but I guess it didn’t fit your narrative….

        1. That team was far more talented than 4 wins, even with the injuries. Nothing I haven’t written ad nauseam.

  32. Baldinger says the Niners only need effort, not talent or scheme, to win the NFC West. He cites a play that Staley blocks downfield against 2 defenders, but ignores the fact that Person did not maintain his block, and the play went for only 3 yards.
    Guess he is assuming the other teams do not have the talent and coaching, and the other teams will not give their full effort to win.
    Personally, I think the other teams had 45 million dollars more talent than the Niners last season, and this season, they have 35 million dollars more talent. Sean McVay and Pete Carroll are also not sitting on their hands, They are feverishly scheming, planning and preparing, so all the Niner efforts will be stymied.
    Wanting to win and giving full effort is not enough. Talent and scheme are also very important.

  33. No one wants to disappoint the fans about the true reality of their teams before the season starts because there’s a chance that negative analysis could hurt the bottom line. Keeping the fanbase hopeful is always good business.

    We will have a more clearer view of the team after game 5.
    While some of the talk has been about the 49ers and rams, we should not sleep on the seahags. Carroll did a good job last year and they had a good draft this year. Their defense is formidable and I would never count out RW.

    And lest we forget, Arizona has had some ownage on us of late.
    The NFC west is going to be interesting the upcoming season. But as much as it hurts me to say it, the rams and seahags are still one and two in the division.

    1. If they do not come out of the gates 2-0 after going up against the Buccaneers and Bengals, I will be very critical of this coaching staff. I think it’s imperative that they win on the road against teams they should beat to have any chance of turning this year into something better than 8-8….

      1. Razor:

        I agree with you in principle. However, it seems like since the last CBA, teams are generally not well prepared for the the first couple of games. The Seahawks, for example, have done poorly the first couple of games for a number of seasons only to finish strong.

        Yes, what I stated should apply to the other teams as well. It seems to me though that it is the offense more than the defense that is ill prepared for the first couple of games, which could affect teams like SF more. If that’s not the case this year and the team plays consistently well from the get go, then maybe that’s a plus in the development of KS as a head coach.

        1. Cubus, if this team wasn’t so young and entering year 3 of a complete rebuild, I think your point would very accurate. More than the 2-0 record itself, I think it’s the mental confidence that could be established in their young psyche’s helping to fuel the rest of their season. If the offense stutters early, I don’t care who it is, defense, special teams, or a combination of the two, has to compensate to get them in the win column….

          1. “…I think it’s the mental confidence that could be established…”


  34. “He (Jimmy G) is really accurate, he is smart and he is athletic, but he hasn’t played a lot of football, and you see it at times,” a GM said. “I just think he’s got everything if he can stay healthy. It sounds like he will have a better cast this year, and he’s got the coach.”

    “Injury does not mean he is worse,” a quarterbacks coach said. “His skills are the same. He needs to stay healthy and all those things will show.”

  35. It will take the offense a few games (maybe more) to adjust.
    Yes, we have Jimmy and McKinnon coming back and a nice talent in T. Coleman and our young WR’s. But the caveat is that they really haven’t played together. I can’t see them coming out of the gates as gangbusters – but I hope they do.

  36. PFF is rating the 49ers run defense for the upcoming season as dead last in the league??!!

    Here’s what they have to say:

    “The 49ers once again invested heavily in their front-seven this offseason, but almost all those moves came with the expressed intent of affecting the pass. Dee Ford has a career-high run-defense grade of 67.6, and Kwon Alexander’s is 53.3. Nick Bosa should hold his own in that regard, but this is still a rough unit overall.”

    1. Yea, I read that awhile ago and didn’t understand PFF’s rationale. I don’t think a team can run on us off the edge, but PFF might view us as having a soft white underbelly in the middle. Alexander, Warner, and Smith will need to emulate Fangio’s linebackers. The ball carrier goes down where they’re hit, and it’s all good in the middle….

      1. I heard they were hiring and still hiring newbie analysts. I’ve seen analysts calculate numbers and then not look at the calculations to see if they make sense. Newbies tend to do this much more often than seasoned veterans. Still you would like to think they would have a seasoned analyst review results especially if they were being published.

      2. Niners were 14th best against the run.
        Cards, Miami, Raiders, Bengals and Browns were bottom 5 against the run.
        Maybe they are assuming that Dee Ford will play every down, and teams will run right at him.

  37. Kyle better get above .500 or he will be coaching without a contract extension in 2020. That’s a dead man walking.

    1. Captain,
      I agree that .500 should be the floor value for this regime. But if the team loses key players early in the season like they did last season, I feel that 6-7 wins saves Shanahan’s job.

      This team needs to show improvement over last years 4 wins and while that sets the bar low, 6-7 wins with key players being injured will show improvement.

      On the other hand, if the team can only manage 6-7 wins with a healthy roster, than Shanahan will find himself on the the hot seat with no one and nothing to blame.
      This is a make or break year for many players, but the list should include Shanahan’s coaching as well.

    2. I think that any speculation on Shanahan’s future is worthless. He has used up only 2 years of a 6 year contract. That’s all you need to know.

      1. Jerry,
        Shanahan has to show improvement this year, especially if he’s playing with a full deck (no key player injuries).
        I’m not advocating that he get’s fired, but he will (and should be) on the hot seat.

        If Shanahan has another poor season he may get a pass from the FO but the lock room may start having doubts.
        In this day and age losing the locker room is tantamount to being fired.

      2. It is not what I would ever want, but JG is not guaranteed to be able to take a hit on his surgically repaired knee. A brace can only protect so much, and attrition is part of the game.
        I think the Niners should prepare for every contingency. That may be plan B, using Mullens, if the ACL is not fully healed. Without JG, and the Niners may struggle to win 6 games. If the Niners win only 6 games, KS will be on the hot seat, and may be forced to fire his OC.

          1. Ore, believing a surgically repaired knee will never incur another injury, is Pollyannish.
            Niners can become more resilient by thorough preparations, and contingency plans.
            After JG went down with his ACL, KS started CJB instead of Mullens. Better planning would have had Mullens starting sooner.
            I am not predicting that certain Niners will become injured, but since the last 2 seasons have seen way too many injuries, which translates to losses, the Niners should be preparing for attrition, that hits every team.
            You may believe that injuries will never happen. I do not, especially for a team that had a quarter of the squad injured, and not able to practice.

      3. Jerry,

        Don’t kid yourself. As AES said, Kyle is on the hot seat this year.
        It’s not just the win total, he needs this team to be in contention for a playoff spot until later in the season. If he starts the season 1 -6, is eliminated from the playoffs, then wins a couple late games to get to get 7-9 or 8-8 he will be in serious trouble.

        1. Will he, Shoup? I don’t know. I think Jed had reality beaten in to him after the Tomsula and Kelly fiascos. Even if the team underperforms this year, I think there will always be this fear that if KS is allowed to go somewhere else and overachieves, it will be Jed’s fault because he didn’t give him that extra year. Or that SF really is a dead end for coaches and no potentially good coach would want to come here.

          Finally, fans love offense and KS’ team can move the ball (even if scoring is difficult at the moment). That, at a minimum I think, will keep fans interested in the team as long as KS is here.

          1. Shanny will not get fired after this year if he finishes .500, because it won’t be for lack of offense. It’ll be the lack of defense, and the sword of Damocles hangs over the head of Robert Saleh….

        2. I agree. It is how they lose that will decide his fate. If KS cannot score in the red zone, and cannot finish games, he will not be the answer. If he keeps snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and has not learned from his mistakes, both JL and KS will be on the hot seat. If they win only 7 games, Saleh may be the sacrificial goat.
          I am really hoping Kocurek and Woods will be catalyst for change, and improvement.

          1. All Shanny’s offense has to do is put up 24 points a game without putting the defense in a precarious position, and the onus will be on Saleh to not allow the other team to score more than 21 points….

            1. If the offense is scoring 24 points won’t the onus be to hold the opponent to 23?

              1. I’ve always believed 21 points per game given up by a defense is the benchmark for a good DC, barring turnovers by your own offense….

            2. I agree. Joe Woods, with his DC experience, may be a good candidate, if Saleh falters.

              1. If Saleh falters it will likely be because the group that Woods is in charge of isn’t getting the job done.

              2. No, I think it may be because of the LBs not being able to hold their gap integrity on the Wide 9 scheme.
                I actually think that a FS and SS will emerge, and do well. So many candidates are returning from injury, but they do have speed and talent.
                If RS and Verrett can man the corners, those DBs will be shut down corners.

              3. It is much better for the 49ers if Witherspoon is the starting CB instead of Verrett. Same with Moore at FS.

              4. Look at what this blog has become.

                All the long time posters gone. Seb and Hammer playing know it all and looking foolishly doing it.
                And Cohn writing desperate articles.

                PD, you need to wake up!

              5. Jack Hammer says:
                July 23, 2019 at 11:06 am
                It is much better for the 49ers if Witherspoon is the starting CB instead of Verrett. Same with Moore at FS.

                Agreed. Most teams don’t have talent like Verrett and Ward coming off the bench, and they’re better served in limited duty due to injury propensity. Win, win….

              6. Prime, you just like to pine for the good ol’ days.
                Like when they went 2-14? During this 24 year stretch of futility?
                Maybe we need new blood. Get some better ideas. Think outside the box.
                This last 4-12 season would have driven away all the band wagon fans. Only ones on here now are the die hard faithful. Those fair weather fans bring little to this site.
                NN is reduced to delusional 23-0 chants. Perusing the other NFL team sites, and only the playoff teams have a lot of traffic.
                The Niners are expecting 100% participation, but I just hope they have realistic expectations. I expect at least 2 players will be too injured to practice.

        3. You honestly think Shanahan will be in serious trouble if he finishes with a 500 record? I don’t think he’d be in trouble with a 5 win season. If the team stays relatively healthy and they only win 2-4 games, sure I can see him getting heat for that, but any increase in wins on what he’s done the first two years will be viewed as the ship going in the right direction by team ownership because there’s no way they want to eat 3 years of his contract and it wouldn’t be an intelligent decision anyway based on all the obstacles these guys have faced in their first two years. Fans are impatient and want change for the sake of change, but ownership looks at the bottom line. Shanahan isn’t going anywhere.

          1. Mariucci was fired after a 10-6 season, so 4-12 should have been a fire-able offense, according to the Yorks.
            If KS keeps losing games he should have won, he should not be expecting to be HC for long.
            However, I think he is smart enough to learn from his mistakes, so I hope they improve.

  38. I apologize if someone has already posted it, but Eric Branch has reported that Navarro Bowman has signed with the 49ers so can retire a 49er.
    Best news I’ve heard today!

        1. Dee Ford.

          BB thought enough of Shanny and the 49ers Franchise to make them Jimmy’s foster parents.

            1. Trades, but the reports were positive from each player about coming here. If they had an animus towards SF, they could’ve made those trades very difficult, a la Antonio Brown or Khalil Mack. Every offensive player from here to Buffalo would love to play for Shanny. Ford playing along with the talent we have upfront is a dream come true for him. I’m betting he was very excited to come here….

              1. Ford is excited to join such a storied franchise. It hit him when he walked into the building and saw the five Lombardi trophies on display in the lobby.

                “It feels amazing,” Ford told Peter Schrager. “First of all, being at the facility, it’s sort of a reminder of how established they are … This is real. The 49ers is a very storied franchise, and I’m definitely happy to be a part of it.”

                Cohn no longer allows me to post links so………cant validate it.

    1. You reap what you sow. Baalke treated players like a piece of meat, and they avoided him like the plague. Since Paraag has been here for years, the Niners have not won a ring.
      Yes, they did sign FAs lately, but they had to way over pay, like Juice, Mckinnon and Westberg, or they take huge risks by signing injured players like Kwon and Verrett. The worst error was backing a suit over a coach.
      I submit to you, that if the Niners want to win, they should scrap the team friendly deals, and have Joan in accounting write up some fair deals, that both sides could be happy with.
      Only player friendly contracts will attract elite talent. Only fair deals will attract decent FAs, and not the walking wounded. The Niners reputation for being cheap, has produced cheap results.

      1. Oh boo hoo hoo. Drama Queen whining about Paraag and Trent again. How about you get a life?
        Nah! What was I thinking?

    2. What’s that old saying? Opinions are like a-holes – everyone’s got one. The only fact that can’t be challenged is that HCs, GMs and players have come and gone during the York’s ownership and not one HC or GM has been able to last out his contract. And, there is another unassailable fact and that is that Paarag has been here throughout the York’s running a great franchise into the ground. Bad luck? A coincidence? We’ve heard all of the opinions. But for someone interested in cold hard facts, it must be in the back of the mind of most people whether Paarag is the man behind doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That’s not my opinion BTW. It’s just a very fair question that everyone seems to want to assume away.

  39. sebnynah says:
    July 22, 2019 at 10:05 pm
    It is not what I would ever want, but JG is not guaranteed to be able to take a hit on his surgically repaired knee. A brace can only protect so much, and attrition is part of the game.

    Reply: Really, Really, is this the football knowledge I have to wake up to ?

    Is any QB, Seb, guaranteed a clean bill of health when a 300 pound lineman falls on his knee cap, with or w/o a knee brace…..How about I take a crowbar to your noggin’ with a running start to test if you’re season-ready?

    …Just another backdoor attempt to pump up Kaep while degrading JimmyG by SebRaidah!

    1. TrollD, Thanks for threatening violence against me. It just shows you are an unhinged menace, and I am glad it is archived.
      Please seek help.
      Every other football pundit has conditioned their 49er optimism depending on whether JG can stay healthy.
      That is why I wanted them to improve the interior O line, in order to protect JG better.

    2. its true, SebyRaidah……………..

      After all these years, still blathering about Kap………………

      In fact, you blather more about Kap than MONTANA!!!!!!!

      SebRaidah or what???????????

      1. RRRAAAAAIIIIIIDDAAHHHHHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Sebs-being a raidah fan on this blog…………..not so good……..

        1. Sun Zoo would call this VERY poor strategy…………..”IF”, in its own way, would call it a lack of wisdom………… good friend Rommel would out flank you…………

          Your a kite flying in a hurricane, Sebs-and these ill winds have no chance of blowing in the Raidahs direction…………….STOP hurting yourself….exposing yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Saw, there you go again. Calling a die hard faithful Niner fan a Raiders fan is almost a big an insult as calling a progressive person a Nazi.
          You really need to grow up.

  40. Geez, Seb, NFL writers are copying TomD’s analysis of the 49ers best WR’s.
    Note my date –the 19th and Peter Panacy’s–21st ??? (Should I gloat like Seb for 2+yrs)?

    TomD says:
    July 19, 2019 at 11:04 am

    My starting 5 WR’s barring injury:

    1. Goodwin
    2. Pettis
    3. Samuel
    4. Hurd
    5. Richie James (Highlights below via TomD)

    Bleacher Report suggests Richie James is 49ers’ secret weapon in 2019
    Peter Panacy
    By Peter Panacy @PeterPanacy
    Jul 21, 2019 at 6:26 PM • 3

    1. TrollD, it just shows how clueless you are. Touting them keeping Pettis, Deebo and Hurd is picking the low hanging fruit, because they are high draft choices.Goodwin may be the fastest player in the NFL, it is a no brainer to think he will be a starter.
      Richie James may be on the bubble, because the league has discouraged kick off returns, which is why there are so many touch backs.
      You are ignoring Trent Taylor, who seems to be the go to guy for JG. Matthews had really impressed during the OTAs and Mini camp. He showed he has a large catch radius, and did very well with contested passes, snatching the ball away from the DB. Even Bourne may out compete James.
      They drafted Pettis and Deebo for their return abilities. James may be talented, but he may be expendable.

  41. So, where do we go from here? I could surmise on a new 53, but my last 53 should suffice. I think they will go light on the TEs, so they can keep 1 more WR.
    On defense, I hope they trade away a D lineman to a needy team, so they get something for him, like a 4th or 5th round pick, instead of cutting him. and watching him sign with another team, with no compensation. Miami lost a D lineman due to a tragic accident, so they may be in the market to obtain a replacement.
    The DB situation will be interesting to see evolve. It all depends on who is healthy.
    Looking at the schedule, I wonder where the wins will come from while playing away games. Bengals and Cardinals may be the only 2 road wins, although TB and Washington may be vulnerable. If they manage a 3-5 road record, they only need a 5-3 home record to manage not to have a losing season. Steelers, Rams and Seahawks will be home games they will be underdogs for. Cleveland, Packers and Panthers may be toss up games.

    1. Donald, they are whining crybabies. I am a die hard faithful Niner fan, and they can go where the sun don’t shine, as the inimitable Pete Franklin used to say.
      Niner fans are tough. Those memories of the Glory Years will sustain me, and make winning the next ring all the more special, especially after all these trying times.
      Jed has improved. He has kept a low profile, and said little, which pleases me to no end. I just wish he would not be so cheap, spend every dollar of the salary cap, and splurge to pay for an OC. He should also keep his word, and part ways with the leaker, now that he knows who he is.
      I like JL. He has turned around the culture of the team, and has tried very hard to obtain talent. He has made mistakes, but he does not tend to repeat them. He is light years better than Baalke.
      KS may not be a genius, but he is very smart, and has devised an offense that impresses even Aaron Rodgers. KS took an injury depleted squad, and with an UDFA QB, and a rag tag group of receivers and RBs, he managed to win some games. Most importantly, he managed to break the Seahawk win streak. He also almost defeated the Bears, which was no small feat, with their defense.
      KS has made sober assessments, and fired coaches. The replacements look like upgrades, to me. Hopefully, the coaching will keep on improving.
      The Niners made some shrewd trades and signed some decent talent. Their draft has been graded as good, even with all the reaching. Now, the Niners have good pass rushers, and JG has some WRs to throw to. Wishnowski may help with the field position, especially if he can boom his punts. Some seem to think that continuity on the O line is a good thing, but I hope the interior can improve. All of the DBs coming back from injury, will make winning a starting job very competitive. Hopefully, Joe Woods can put the players in their best position to succeed, and he can coach them up.
      I do not think this team sucks at all. Last season, the injuries doomed the season, but they still played hard, and never gave up. It was nice to see them get a new trainer, and a strength and conditioning coach, so the number of injuries may decline. I am hoping for 8 wins, which will double their win totals from last season. If I thought they would suck, I would predict only 2 wins. 8 wins is an improvement, and something to build upon for next season.
      I may criticize the team, but just consider it constructive criticism, since I want them to learn from their mistakes, and get better. I present my ideas and opinions to try to help the team win. Sitting on your hands and doing nothing, just being content to lose, is not acceptable to me.
      I want the Niners to learn from the Giants. Winning is contagious. The Giants were not content to lose, so they got new players, and a new mindset, so they can make some noise for Bochy.

      1. “I present my ideas and opinions to try to help the team win”

        Who are you again? Yeah that’s right, nobody!

        Cohn, you hitched your wagon to Seb and look at the state of your blog.

        1. Prime, maybe you did not notice, but after excoriating them for wasting time outs like a drunken sailor, they started to save them for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half.
          Wise move on their part, and maybe it had nothing to do with me, but I just see the cause and effect.
          Since you dote on my every word, you should have noticed that I advocated doing the play action pass. In fact, I advocated that consistently, 3 years before KS came here. You should just agree with me, but your obdurate opposition to me would never allow you to admit that is a good idea.
          It sure is nice to see it as a staple of the KS offense. Guess you are jealous of my football acumen.

      1. Remind me again….who was the Falcons HC, and DC?

        It was a shared collapse.

        Who was that DC anyway…and who on defense may have blown an assignment…hmmm…

        1. 3 kneel downs, kick a field goal, and win a ring.
          Instead, he dials up pass plays that stop the clock, and Ryan gets sacked out of field goal range.

          1. The 3rd and 1 pass play had Robinson wide open, and Jones on the slant. Freeman whiffed on his block.

            1. With better and more thorough preparations, he should have coached up Freeman to look for the MLB blitzing.
              It was a great play until it failed, then it became a bad play. That strip sack fumble changed the momentum of the game.

            2. There was no 3rd an 1. It was 3rd and 23 because of the stupid play call on 2nd and 11 from the NE 23.

              That a receiver was open doesn’t make it a good or smart call. The smart call was to run the ball 3 times, kick the FG, go up 11 and the game is done.

              It was a failure just like Seattle choosing to throw instead of handoff to Lynch on the goal line.

              1. Mr. Hindsight over here. Hammer please tell us when it’s good and when it’s bad and pretend You know what football is all about.
                Man are you smart!

              2. Jack Hammer says:
                July 24, 2019 at 9:22 am
                There was no 3rd an 1. It was 3rd and 23 because of the stupid play call on 2nd and 11 from the NE 23.

                Sure was. Watch it again. Robinson is wide open, and Jones was running the slant. Freeman whiffs on his assignment, and Hightower causes Ryan to fumble the football. They were in Patriots territory on the 36 yard line, and the score was 28-12….

              3. Ah. I see. You have jumped back from the possession that Sebmeister was mentioning.

  42. OT, but since the SF Giants won again, I hope they keep Madbum. However, Farhan Zaidi is doing his due diligence, and exploring all possibilities.
    I hope that if they do a deal, it will be with a reliever, not a starting pitcher.

  43. Tyler Dunne just wrote an article- Can the 49ers handle the pressure?
    I thought I was verbose, but he takes the cake.;p
    It is a good read, and I highly recommend it.
    I still will be satisfied with an 8 win season, but I can understand why they are aiming for a ring.
    His take on the scouts needs more context. Many many scouts have their assessments, but in a draft, there are no guarantees, and every scout can point to some successes, but he cannot ignore all the whiffs. Scouting is hard, and a thankless job. However, JL and KS can accept all the reports, but they are the ones pulling the trigger, and they are the ones who will get the blame. That is part of their job description. Sure, scouts dream of becoming a GM, but Baalke used to be a scout, and look how that turned out.

    1. Babbling the obvious once again. This blog is so inspiring.

      Cohn let you stay, while the other long time posters who had actual football intelligence, no where to be found. Thanks for your contribution Sebnoying!

    2. He’s pretty hard on your boy Lynch. Right so as of today the players he and KS have added haven’t demonstrated the ability to be a winning unit.

      1. I have tempered my optimism, but if JG manages to stay healthy because the running game is clicking, and the defense finally can get to the QB, and the turnovers ensue, 2 more wins could put them in the second wild card spot.
        I like JL more than KS, although KS will be the one they most likely retain, after another possible injury ridden season, that results in only 6 wins.

  44. Grant, congrats on your lifetime commitment!
    Just remember when Indians move their heads from side to side it means YES.
    When we do here it is in disbelieve!
    Already missing your writings…

  45. I am told that the most intense training camp battle is between Creative Artists Agency and Paraag.

    1. Please redact that last name mentioned as it causes a feverish ? reaction in some readers around these parts. One in particular. ?

    2. Naw, I think it will be between the wide receivers. Bourne, Taylor and James will be fighting over a spot.
      The competition over the safeties’ spots will be spirited.
      CAA and Paraag will wait until the last second. It is their MO. They really cannot change the money amount, or the bonus amount, so it is just posturing over offsets.
      Of all the draftees, only 3 remain unsigned, and the Niners have 2 of them.

      1. Sure am glad they both signed. 2 whole days ahead of time. Now, if only every player is healthy for TC…..

  46. The Niners have depth in talent. There will be several players who have talent, and will be cut, but will get a job on another team.
    Kendrick Bourne, Richie James, Toran Najee, Erik Magnuson, Garrett Celek, Jefferey Wilson, Julian Taylor, Malcolm Smith, Mark Nzeocha, Greg Mabin, K’Waun Williams and Dontae Johnson, are 12 Niners who have talent, but may be out competed for a spot on the 53.

    1. wow those guys you mention Seb kinda suck…..they can go= and for gods sake I wish they would get some REAL talent instead of these pine burners you mentioned….but hey when your in last place the talent is embellished..

      1. Bourne and James may be supplanted by Deebo and Hurd. Toilolo may supplant Celek. Street is finally healthy, so he may replace Julian Taylor.
        Malcolm Smith and K’Waun Williams will play, but probably for another team.
        The Niners were not a last place team. The Cards were. While I admit it is a daunting task to go from 4 wins to the playoffs, the Colts did exactly that last season, so it is not impossible. Their QB also came back from injury.

  47. Hey Grant, hope you are enjoying your marriage bliss my friend.
    Do you plan on covering any early TC practices?
    Need your takes bud!

  48. I’ve decided that this is the last season I will support John Lynch regardless of results. If the team has a bad season and that includes injuries, then Lynch has to go but Shanahan stays. Lynch has some good qualities: good communication skill and charisma and being a former player, which helps him relate directly with players and can help to get players signed. But he is also responsible for signing injured players – potential high reward but also potential high risk. Lynch has to bear the consequences of the potential high risk. With KS you can see the huge potential, but Lynch was an unknown when he came into the job and outside of getting Jimmy G for a second round pick, hasn’t really been stellar. That’s probably unfair given that he is a rookie at the position, but this is year 3 for him and rookie or not, the results need to start showing. So, if the team has a poor season, imo, Lynch should be replaced with a more seasoned veteran, but KS stays and gets at least one more year.

  49. Just saw that the Seahawks have now signed 5 former Niners, with Earl Mitchell as a replacement for Reed.
    Maybe they are taking this intel thing too seriously. Niners better change things up.

    1. Seb,
      Intel info might be a motive for signing former 49ers players, but the underlying reason why Seattle has tuned us up over the years is because they are a far superior team.

      While the talent gap may be closing a little bit, Seattle is still a better team because of three main factors:
      Russell Wilson
      Bobby Wagner
      Pete Carroll.
      They proved that last year when they won 10 games after losing many key players.

      Our first priority this coming season is to rid ourselves of the Seattle Albatross that’s been around our neck for the last 6 years.
      When we finally do that, we can go Ram hunting.

      1. AES, please remember that KS took his UDFA QB and defeated the Seahawk playoff team, to break the streak.
        I will agree that Pete Carroll and John Schneider have aggressively used the trade back strategy, and has quickly rebuilt their team, after so many personnel losses from injuries and free agency. They had 20 picks these last 2 drafts.
        I will also agree that those 3 people are winners, savvy veterans, and very talented. However, JG, Warner and KS may not be far behind, with more room to grow.
        I am going to make a bold prediction and state that I think the Niners will defeat the Rams, maybe even on the road, in 2019.

  50. FYI shout out to Seb:

    Interviewer: In contact sports, what are the chances of anyone (healthy or not) suffering a knee injury if a direct hit is taken on the knee cap?

    Dr. of Orthopedics: 90% of the time, if weight is on the leg where the impact occurs.

  51. I honestly don’t get why Bosa is such a big deal, we’ve all seen another former 49er with a strikingly similar pedigree. Anyone remember Andre Carter? I’m not saying as a person or player they don’t belong in the NFL, but all the exaggerated hype would compel people to believe the next Charles Haley was found.

    1. Some 49ers scouts feel powerless and are considering leaving, per report
      By David Bonilla
      5 hrs ago • —

      Buried within the feature is Dunne’s discussion with a former 49ers staffer who doesn’t paint such a rosy picture of his former team. This individual points out that several scouts still within the organization feel powerless and are considering leaving when their contracts expire.

      —This year, according to the report, some scouts wanted Lynch and Shanahan to at least consider defensive tackle Quinnen Williams at No. 2 overall, but the decision to select defensive end Nick Bosa was already made far in advance of the draft.

      –The 49ers scouts never saw defensive lineman Solomon Thomas as a top-five pick. San Francisco selected him No. 3 overall in 2017 without ever considering a quarterback.

      –One of the problems, according to this former 49ers staffer, is when lines are seemingly crossed. He uses a former first-round draft pick, Reuben Foster, as an example. This individual felt Lynch and Shanahan, because of Foster’s red flags, may have kept the troubled linebacker too close.

      –There were also knocks on safety Tarvarius Moore, cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon, defensive end Kentavius Street, and quarterback C.J. Beathard.

  52. I always thought that the job of the scouts was to capture as much info on players that the FO felt were a good fit.

    If a scout is upset because the FO didn’t follow their recommendations they should look for a different job or become a GM.

    In the words of Bill Belichick, “just do your job.”
    In this case, bring all the information to the table and let the big boys decide what to do with it.

      1. I’m glad that both sides got the deal done and DID NOT let it become a distraction. The last thing Nick needed was something to take his focus away from the path to returning to play football. Good for Paraag and his team and good for Nick’s representation as well.

          1. I will fully admit I was wrong. They did not wait until the last second, and I am glad that distraction is behind us. Now the Niner coaches, players, FO, fans and posters can focus on the TC.
            Some said Paraag won. I think everyone won.

            1. And there aint nothin Sebs can do about it! Every one is signed!!!!!!!!!!”grow up”? GROW UP? Dont want to grow up! Your not the boss a me!!!!!!

              Cant help it, Sebs–I just think you could have been on Seinfeld…..taking Newman’s spot. You’ll never know how much entertainment you provide me. I sure as h-ll owe you some money in cover charges.

    1. cubus,
      Well we could officially remove one false complaint that some here were touting, i.e. holding out like his brother did.

      1. Never fear, the alarmists still have a full bag of injury prone, slow, short armed-ness to throw around.

  53. Here’s the link to the great off-season overview article on the Niners from BR by Tyler Dunne that was mentioned earlier in this blog:
    Regarding the views of the ex-49er scout, an ex-Baalke guy who feels that their views were not taken into account, he does make some valid points. However, points to the failures of his bosses in making poor draft choices, but does not specify where the scouts ranked the value picks like Kittle and Warner. Anyway, he just has to do his job.

    1. It’s a brilliant article. Really gives a great insight as to where the 49ers think they are. Very encouraging that they have that belief and expectation, because I agree with the players that you need to have that belief. But this is a team that could so easily be awful again. So many of the players they are counting on to be good are unproven and/or coming back from injury. It makes for an exciting build up to the season.

      1. Scooter,

        It will be interesting to see how the team deals with both success and adversity. That, to me, is what distinguishes really good teams for those who simply aspire.

    2. I find it amusing that the scouts feel as though their input is ignored. They probably discount and downgrade ACL /Achilles injured players and red flagged players, but see the analytics department over riding their concerns.
      Actually, during the Baalke fiasco, they wondered if he was using their reports for toilet paper.
      Scouts give input, they do not make decisions. Maybe the best way for the scouts to prove their worth is if they can go back over the years, and see how many of their recommendations made it to the Pro Bowl.
      They should respect the Scout who touted Kittle, and give his opinions more weight.

      1. Good point, Sebs. Think how the scouts were feeling during the Walsh regime-he ignored them many times..including Rice….Clark…..their NT Carter……………and he was right more than they were.

        Coach’s know what type of player they want to put in their particular scheme and they know what typically works-given what their scheme requires.

        Barring another rash of injuries, the future is bright. At some point this year, things are going to click.

        If not, your guy KS has much to answer for;)

        1. Actually, a scout pointed out Jerry Rice to BW.
          Bill was scouting Steve Fuller, and had Dwight catch passes from him. He was so impressed with Dwight’s sure hands, he picked Dwight in the 10th round. Dwight was scouted…. by BW.

  54. Who are the Clowns that said Bosa wouldn’t report? Probably the same people who said it was a bad pick.

    1. Well, Seb did use a word synonymous with ‘crystal’ to define Bosa and yammers on about Kaep ad nauseum to the point Joe Montana never existed???

      Does Seb even know who Montana was?

    2. We all know that one……….SEBRRRRAAAAIIDDUUUHHHHHHHHSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. sebnynah says:
    July 25, 2019 at 9:59 am
    Just saw that the Seahawks have now signed 5 former Niners, with Earl Mitchell as a replacement for Reed.
    Maybe they are taking this intel thing too seriously. Niners better change things up.

    Reply: Sebber, FYI, the 49ers have changed it up—it’s called the wide 9. Seattle is the one who better study film. Niners will use Thomas inside where he was drafted for once, Ford on the weak side, Bosa on the strong side as a 5 or the wide 9. Incidentally, Bosa’s OSU DL coach Johnson likes him as a wide 9 and has confidence Kocurek will teach him the proper angles.

    1. Hmmm, interesting strategy, especially considering the Seahawks led the league in rushing. Pete Carroll is probably devising schemes where the guard takes on a MLB, and drives him back 5 yards.

    2. We keep talking about the wide 9 like it’s a change of the defense when it’s really not. Additionally the niners are not planning on placing both DE’s in this position all that often… think 3 & 10.
      The Leo in Carroll’s scheme often lines up in this alignment as it is… so it’s not something he is not familiar with. Or something that is “brand new” to our defense.

  56. I actually think the 49ers s/b looking at former Green Bay Pro Bowler DT, Mike Daniels. He was released Wednesday.

    1. Wait, he was supposed to hold out. I told y’all he wouldn’t hold out. Now lets get him lathered up for a great season.

          1. Razor and AES – yuppers – our old friend Hofer – all arrows pointing up. It actually looks really good going into the season. The onus is on the O-line, if they do well the Niners will do well.

            1. And we have a punter!!!

              Forget about a QB who is for all intents and purposes still very raw…

              A WR group that has yet to prove they are up to the task….

              A RB core that has yet to prove they can finish the season, much less start it…

              A lot of DL who have yet to live up to their hype…

              A LB core that may not be as good as they appear on paper…

              A DB backfield who is Naked and Afraid…

              Yeah signs always look up before games are played. This team has many positive, but let’s not also ignore some of the challenges they face.

              1. Yes we do have a punter, and a mighty find one at that (I think). I am much more concerned about coaching ability, mostly adjustments during the game then I am of the unproven players. My biggest question is the actual game itself can Shanny call a good game and adjust when needed. Third season, its defiantly his team, its time for him to shine. 19-0 baby!

  57. Niners are one of 9 teams who are returning all 5 members of OLine. Niners were 5th in total team RB yards last year behind Pats, Saints, Rams and another team who I cant recall . I am pretty optimistic about 2019 .

  58. That Tyler Dunne article is an interesting read, but I think he misses the mark. I do not think a team has ever gone from 4-12, to winning the SB. Those are unrealistic expectations.
    Of course, the homers think they will win a SB every year, but have been wrong 24 times in a row.

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