How Sonoma County residents are getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday

This is highly cool.

From stocking up on snacks to praying for victory at church, there’s plenty of ways Sonoma County residents are getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday.

Click here to scroll through a gallery to see what superstitions, traditions and plans readers have before they watch the San Francisco 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV.

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  1. Almost all those photos look like professional stock photos found on Google images. Only a couple look like photos someone actually took themselves. Don’t really see 49ers gear at all. Disqualify all those stock photos, they are blatantly obvious.

  2. Awesome. I’m starting the day off with an Irish Coffee using the recipe from Buena Vista Cafe and then I’m cooking crab cakes and clam chowder using the recipe from Alioto’s. I’ll settle in with my new Kittle jersey and 49er visor that have been good luck since the game against the Vikings. Then when the 49ers win I’ll celebrate with another Irish Coffee.

  3. From Niners fan and Sacto resident and ex-zebra Mike Pereira: “The 49ers have already said publicly — publicly — that the Chiefs have been called for the most defensive holding penalties this year. So it’s like planting the seed.”
    The Chiefs committed 23 defensive holding penalties during the regular season, by far the most in the NFL, according to The Football Database. The Raiders were second with 17 (via Dan Brown at The A).

    This is masters level pre-game lobbying that would make Bellichick proud. Hell, Bill Walsh would nod in approval.

  4. Looks great! Way nicer than what I am planning. The SB will be during the middle of the day on Monday here, and I’ll be doing hot dogs and beers while watching the game at home on my day off.

    As I am sure everyone on here is, I am really excited for this one. Can’t wait. Should be a great game if both teams come to play. I am feeling quietly confident, but can easily see this one going either way. Regardless, hopefully it is a high quality game.

      1. Well, I mean of course I really want the 49ers to win. But like we discussed previously, I’m not one to let sports results really impact me. Its been a great and thoroughly enjoyable season for me regardless of what happens. Main thing is I hope it is a fun game to watch – whether that means it is a tight contest or the 49ers win easily. I won’t have much fun watching the game if KC runs away with it.

  5. Listening to NFL network 2 great points made.
    For the Chiefs to win, Mahomes will have to play a “Hall of Fame” type game. This is possible.
    Secondly, are Suggs and Clark athletic and fast enough to set the edges and keep the outside zone running attack under control? This I don’t think is possible.
    The Chiefs stopped Henry because they are stout in the middle. The Niners rarely run between the tackles and want to break it wide.

    1. Kansas City ranks No. 30 in the NFL against outside-zone runs this season, per Football Outsiders, having allowed over 5 yards per carry on such plays. They rank 32nd in DVOA against runs off of left tackle, 31st against runs off right tackle.

      Per Warren Sharp, Chiefs rank 32nd — last in the NFL — against the run when opposing offenses use pre-snap motion, allowing 5.3 yards per carry. The 49ers use pre-snap motion 70 percent of the time, most in the NFL.

      Niners mostly run with 21 personnel. Sharp points out that Kansas City has been worn down by 21 personnel this season, allowing 4.5 yards per carry against in the first quarter, 5.5 in second, 5.9 in the third, and 6.3 yards per carry in the fourth quarter.

    2. Saw this on Twitter today:

      Kyle Shanahan vs Steve Spagnuolo

      Final record: 5-1

      Total passing stats: 130-198, 1,717 yards, 8 TD, 4 INT

      Total rushing stats: 179 carries, 761 yards, 7 TD

  6. I enjoy Super Bowl parties with mixed company of serious fans and other folks……..
    This Sunday is for hardcore Faithful Samurai only. C’mon man! 😤
    I have temporarily ceased all diplomatic and familial ties to cousins-in-law in Kansas City. May their nachos be soggy!

    1. Silent warrior, of the East
      Living for a cause, born to fight for peace
      In your eyes reflects the sun
      Red as any blood

      Samurai do you live to die
      Your eyes glued to the sky
      Samurai have you no time to see?
      The love waiting for you

      When she calls to you, do you hear?
      Mother of your child, still is waiting there
      Blades of steel may take a life
      None can kill a love

      Samurai do you live to die
      Your eyes, oh
      Samurai have you no time to see?
      The love waiting for you

      Stronger than the sun, your desire
      Changing all around, branded by the fire
      Blinded by the inner light
      Did you lose the way?

  7. I’m with you Franklin. My Sunday is reserved for only the faithful. Don’t care to deal with any outside minutiae or BS. I’ll be grilling a large batch of Azeka’s style flanken ribs for my family and a few dedicated faithful. Can’t wait for the game to start and hopefully a legendary performance by our team who have already proven themselves to be the class and the warriors of the NFL. Feels great, baby.

  8. How come no one is interviewing Leah Lynch?

    “My 9-year-old started bawling, and she’s not that girl. She’s the one that was always happy. And she was crying, and I said, ‘What’s wrong Leah? Are you afraid? Is there some nervous anxiety about moving?’ And she said, ‘No daddy,’ and she was sobbing. And I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ And she said, ‘The 49ers are horrible.’

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