How the 49ers can beat the Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid holds a challenge flag on the sideline in an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018, in Pittsburgh. (AP Photo/Don Wright)

Here’s the problem.

Sunday, the 49ers will face the Kansas City Chiefs. They’re 2-0. They’ve scored 80 points. Their head coach, Andy Reid, is the best offensive coach in the NFL, the Bill Walsh or Mike Holmgren of his era. Reid could hold his own against both in their primes.

Plus, Reid’s offense is loaded with talent this season. And the 49ers have to play the Chiefs on the road at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. The Chiefs have almost every advantage

But the 49ers can win if they play a perfect game. Here’s what they have to do.

1. Survive Andy Reid’s script.

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  1. Excellent article Grant…especially the 4th point which is KEY! For once, it is all about football and not snarky at all. You should do more tactical pieces like this :)

    Well, the Browns have finally won…..maybe the 49ers can pull it off at Arrowhead.

    Niners 35-28!

  2. KC is 6th in the league vs the run.
    No matter if they’re making other teams throw.
    Dead last vs the pass.
    Why on earth would they run the ball more instead of taking advantage of the worst secondary in the league?

    This team isn’t built like the late 80’s Giants where they want to slow the game down.
    They have a qb that can throw the ball.

    The lions are weak vs the run. So they run the ball and get off the field quickly?
    Do you even watch these teams?

      1. Per attempt!
        Overall 6th. Which is why I brought up how they have teams throwing.
        They are ome of the top teams that haven’t been run on. 35 attempts.
        Notice how you skipped their pass defense as the worst to make a lame point about running the ball.
        The lions give up runs. 1 game doesn’t make the 49ers the best running team in the league. 2 games getting tossed on is a better indicator than 1 game vs a bad run defense.
        So yeah let’s ignore their worse part of the team. To make you feel smart.
        Glad you’re not the coach!
        Because you obviously don’t watch these teams.

        1. Teams have been throwing because they’ve been losing by multiple touchdowns to the Chiefs. Do you even watch these teams?

          1. Yes. This is the proper way to use stats; to analyze in context, You’re correct this time, but have often missed that mark in the past.

          2. I guess we can go round and round Grant. You are saying exactly what I said. Here’s the question coach.
            Why on earth would you not attack their weakest point on the defense?
            Oh because you’re groundbreaking
            And one hell of a coach.
            And for the record YOUR record on what they should do to win and predictions is atrocious.
            No secret as to why. Now I see why some believe you’re Seb.
            Legends in your own minds.

      2. Grant. I want to read the whole article but i get this advertising that I don’t want What can I do about it ???? PLEASE!!!!!

    1. It’s too early to make snap judgments on the makeup of these teams.
      I don’t believe the 49ers as good running the ball or Jimmy to be as bad passing the ball as the stats would make them appear to be so far. Additionally, I don’t think you can say the Chiefs offense is quite as good as they have appeared to be so far, the sample size is just to small.
      However, Grant is right in stating the offense needs to control the ball. This defense might as well give their DE’s two lawn chairs on passing downs for they are about as affective as us fans in supplying a pass rush. As to confusing the Chiefs, I don’t know that they are capable of doing so. It’s going to be a rough game heart wise.

  3. I suppose I could copy and paste my latest post on how the Niners can defeat the Chiefs, but most have learned that missive by heart.
    Glad Grant is ruminating about tactics and strategies.
    On number 3, they would not need to protect Witherspoon if he were benched. If not, just expect Witherspoon to be targeted every pass play. They should promote Williams and use DJ Reed in the slot.
    I agree that Reid will study the Niner defense, and devise plays to counter their scheme. Saleh needs to rotate players all along the line so their offensive linemen do not get comfortable playing against one player. Saleh needs to constantly change his tactics, and send blitzers from every angle and every position. If the Niners can manage to get to Mahomes early, they may rattle him into making mistakes.
    One important way the Niners need to play on Sunday is they need to be aggressive. JG should not worry about the score and just focus on scoring TDs. Sustaining drives while being balanced will eat up the clock and keep the ball away from Mahomes. They should not go into a prevent defense, because that tends to prevent a team from winning.
    The Niners need to be bold, and go for it if confronted with 4th and short inside the red zone.

  4. Can’t argue with any of Grant’s points. However, IMO the biggest challenge is to have the young offense executing without penalties in the loud Arrowhead environment. If they can play mistake-free football on offense, they will have a chance to win the game because Foster and the defense is going to play well on the road.

  5. The Chargers with their similar scheme, blitzed KC and paid for it because Reid and Mahomes are that good. The key to stopping KC is being able to get pressure with just four men, we can’t do that. So we have to hope their offense beats themselves with turnovers. Our D is toast if we get blitz happy, probably toast regardless.

    1. Sadly, I don’t think the niners have the talent to blitz the chiefs effectively. They have a great Oline and the niners don’t have much in the way of pass rushers. Sadly I think the niners might need to admit defeat in terms of getting to the qb and play mostly coverage defenses, in hopes of confusing the young qb and getting a couple of picks.

      1. Yup. I know we’re going against the popular opinion of blitzing a young QB early and often, but this is a unique situation.

        Hopefully Warner or Tartt will be able to cover Kelce, which would allow Foster to cover and take away Hunt. Foster eats up screen passes and could (hopefully) get a pick 6.

        1. Fans typically want teams to be as aggressive as possible and I normally feel the same way. However, bitzing a young qb and not getting to him just simplifies his reads. Couple that with the belief that this team doesn’t have the corners to leave on an island or players I trust to beat single blockers other than Buckner and it could lead to a lot of recievers running free.

        2. 80, sorry to disagree with you, but the Niner should take a page out of the Patricia playbook, and play tight man to man with a delayed blitzer up the middle.
          They need to mix things up and get to him early. If Mahomes has time in the pocket, he will pick the defense apart. The crux of the matter is being creative with the DBs. Take a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook and start a rookie or 2.

    2. 80,
      Not to denigrate your take here; but why not just forfeit the game on Sunday.

      I know that the Chiefs are a juggernaut right now, and that they have the ability to put a 40 spot on us.
      But I also believe that they are creating a big target on themselves with their early success that will give their opponents an extra incentive to beat them.

      I m going into this game with the reality that we could either get embarrassed or that this would be the perfect game for our players to make a huge statement.
      I happen to believe (against the odds) the latter.

      1. Never suggested we should forfeit. Just noting that you blitz at your own risk against KC. Only rushing four is a strategy. Saying our D is probably toast is a fair take IMO, same as saying their D is probably toast Sunday.

        1. 80,
          Again, my response wasn’t meant to denigrate.
          Someone here recently said that I was over optimistic about my team and they are right. And I’ll take it a step further, stats have never (in sports) intimidated me.

          What I’ve been hearing/reading throughout the week is how bad KC and Mahomes is going to beat us. And maybe they will, but maybe they won’t.
          This is no knock against anyone who sees it otherwise.

          I called for an upset win for this Sunday early in the week and nothing has changed my mind.
          Actually, I feel more confident that we will win as the game approaches.

    3. The Niners will have no choice but to blitz a lot imo. If Mahomes has time they will get picked apart. They don’t have the ability to create pressure with 4 and don’t have the coverage skills in the secondary to play a cover 2 type of scheme needed for that. All they can do is try to disguise coverages and force Mahomes to hold the ball a second longer for the blitz to get home. We haven’t even taken the Chiefs running game into account in all this either. They can run it effectively which then makes it even harder to get pressure.

      They don’t match up well, simple as that. The only way to win this game is in a high scoring shootout imo. Grant came up with some good ideas, but the reality is if they get down by a couple of TD’s early, any plans to run the ball a lot go out the window because they are forced to try and keep up with the Chiefs. I’d just go in with an aggressive game plan on both sides of the ball and see what happens.

      1. 80, I don’t mean to speak for you so feel free to correct me, but I think part of the reason you are advocating for not blitzing and playing a coverage based defense is to force Mahomes to work the ball down the field. Mahomes has already been blitzed heavily and the results have been in the chiefs favor. They average more than 10 yards a completion and they are second in the league in explosive pass plays (more than 20 yards).
        Forcing them to work the ball down, means the defense will have more opportunities to get a turnover and it should shorten the game. The benefit to this means the game should be closer and they will have fewer possessions.
        Blitzing seems to play very well to their strengths T. Hill, Watkins, Kelce and Hunt are all guys that are tough covers one on one. And do you really not want to put our corners in a position where they wont have any help over the top against possibly the fastest wide receiver in the league?
        80 isn’t conceding a loss, he’s suggesting that the team might want to consider trying a different strategy than the one used by their two previous opponents, with disastrous results.

        1. Yes, you said it better than I did tbh. My strategy is based on KC’s last two games and our personnel. Our CBs struggled to cover the speedy Goodwin in camp and they both have injuries that could affect their speed (ankle and heel), they need help.

        2. Shoup,

          The Chargers didn’t blitz much but had some success with it; Pittsburgh didn’t. It all depends on how and when you use it. Pittsburgh is a known blitz heavy defense so the Chiefs prepared for it and beat it with great Oline play and quick decision making. The Niners are not known as a heavy blitzing team so that is not what the KC focus will be on for this game. The Niners will have to play against type and incorporate some blitzes imo. They don’t get pressure with 4 and don’t have great coverage players in the Secondary so I can’t see that being a winning strategy. It’s a pick your poison scenario for sure, but I’d rather be aggressive personally.

        3. I agree with the 49ers needing to make the Chiefs work their way down the field.

          They’ve averaged only 5.6 plays per TD drive.

          When teams get used to scoring quick like they’ve been doing they tend to get impatient or frustrated and start trying to force things.

          That being said, I’d mostly try to play zone, make them go underneath and then rally up and tackle. This would also help shorten up the game if they can do it.

          1. Thing is they won’t have to settle for underneath if Mahomes has all day to throw. Somebody will come open for a big gain. The Niners have also been abysmal with tackling so far. I’m not advocating going after him with a blitz every play, but they are going to have to bring it more than usual. The Chiefs are going to score. The real key to this game will be putting together long drives on offense to cut down on their opportunities.

            1. If cover 2,3,4 is played correctly the big plays will be limited. That’s the whole goal of playing zone.

              Foster being back will help with the tackling as Grant mentioned and there hasn’t been a rash of broken tackles in the secondary.

              And yeah, you have to mix in pressure packages, but they should be limited. Especially in this game.

            2. I know you’re not saying we should blitz 100% of the time, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t blitz at all. Mahomes has been getting rid of the ball quickly to his playmakers. We have to limit the big plays, we have a bend but don’t break D. We’re playing to their strengths and against ours if we are blitz heavy.

          2. Interesting strategy, Hammer, however I’d avoid playing zone. Make Mahomes shoot his arrows through airplane cabin windows instead of the sliding glass sized ones that zone affords….

              1. Pressman coverage in obvious situations is the better way to go against Mahomes. Force him to go through his progressions. Don’t give him the wide open seam routes. Maybe play some matchup zone. Mahomes threw 29 Int’s in 32 college games, so he’s ripe for the picking….

  6. I agree running is key. It’s tempting to try and match high octane offenses by throwing alot, but a ground attack shortens the game.

  7. If the 49ers roll coverage toward Witherspoon, Mahomes will rip them apart with 4 verticals from a trips formation. That’s his absolute best play, and he is a master at it. He will KILL the 49ers if they do what you suggest and roll over the middle safety.

    Their best bet is to play some cover 4 or cover 6 instead of a cover 3 shell with man on one side and the middle safety shading toward Witherspoon. Because if they do what you suggest, they’ll run a 1 by 3 formation, with the 1 on Witherspoon’s side, and when the middle safety moves to the 1 side, Mahomes will find the hole on the left, and if the middle safety stays in the middle, he’ll feast on Witherspoon.

  8. All we have 2 do is play our game & execute!!! It’s early in the season & our team is the better team!!! But our offense must lead the way!!! We have a GOOD defense, not a GREAT defense. But our offense can be VERY efficient & if we can AVOID the penalties & SCORE TOUCHDOWNS, in Arrowhead, then we should win the game!!!

  9. Grant… 9er special teams need to provide consistently good/better field position–always of course, but can’t be average or below for this game. Same for pinning Chiefs back. For understandable reasons we always wring our hands over offense and defense. Let’s not forget the role special teams can play–great play will aid a 9er victory. Weak play will not.

  10. I see you did not heed to my advice and still are writing some very questionable things. First of all I will say that bill Walsh was in a class of his own. Also Holmgren just re ran Walsh’s plays there wasn’t that much creative about him except for the fact that he had Ron Wolf. I would say that mike Shanahan was a much better play caller than him, Walsh said it himself that mike took the west coast offense to unseen levels. Finally Andy Reid is the single most overrated coach in the nfl. His offense is based on a couple of cute little gimmick plays a game. Every Andy Reid season is the same way, his offense look great for the first 5-6 weeks of the year and they start strong. Then defenses catch on to his gimmicks and his team starts losing and barely limps into the playoffs and loses first round. I don’t understand as a writer why you don’t do research. For example you recently wrote an article about Shanahans red zone offense. If you were a real writer you would do your research (taking a large sample size) and say that Shanahan runs the ball x amount times in the red zone and show how affective it is and then draw claim. Not just write all of this garbage to put up an article. You will once again take offense to this, but I hope you will just listen and become a real writer not some fake hot take writer who uses no statistics or evidence with enough mistakes to indicate hat you write these articles in 5 minutes.

      1. Thanks Grant. Unfortunately for you I am not Kyle Shanahan. I am just an old man who has been a fan for years and is tired of reading your garbage. I used to just read this blog for humor, but now since I have nothing but time I am responding to this to you. You obviously do not take criticism well, but I beg of you please write one article where you actually do research and provide a valid claim. There is a reason Andy Reid has never been successful in the playoffs and that is because his gimmick offense stops working after week 5. Look at the chiefs from last year as an example. Also I do think that KS is that level of genius in terms of play calling. If you look at his resume it is packed with success. The last time the browns were respectable (7-9) it was because Shanahan ran their offense and took Brian Hoyer and Josh Gordon and won them 7 games. Today if you wrote your article sharing how Andy Reid stacks up vs bill walsh with sources sharing insights about scheme and statistics to back up your claim I would say you are a good writer. Instead you just come out and make this whack claims out of nowhere trying to click bait us readers. Good for you. It worked on me clearly, but this is why you will never be at the top of your profession. I know you will now kick me off the blog, but that is okay because you need to realize that you have to put in work in order to succeed in any profession. Also a side note, where did your football arrogance come from? For someone who watches like the average fan you seem to think that you know more than people who have put their blood sweat and tears into that profession. Also that point does not apply to you because you simply do not put in work for your profession. You literally write absolute garbage in 5 mins just to meet deadlines. I hope you seriously consider what I said.

        1. “The last time the browns were respectable (7-9) it was because Shanahan ran their offense and took Brian Hoyer and Josh Gordon and won them 7 games.”

          Gordon was suspended that season and missed the first 10 games. In the 5 games that he did play they went 1-4.

          It’s usually a good idea to know what you’re talking about before trying to rip someone.

          1. And you’re going to rip him on a technicality?

            I don’t know if he was making a direct correlation between Josh Gordon and Kyle’s success.

            I happen to believe Kyle isn’t all that he’s cracked up to be, but you’re constantly on here parroting your arrogant bull$hit.

      2. Reads like someone who has observed Andy Reid’s teams over the years.

        To paraphrase from another blog, do you (Grant) even watch the games?

  11. Pretty good analysis. Can’t really disagree with any of it even if it’s pretty generic. Confuse the young qb. Change up your coverages. Run the ball to keep the ball away from a dynamic offense. All good ideas. You’re hyperbole about Reid’s offensive credentials is laughable though. Holmgren and Walsh won Superbowls. Reid has proven he’s a good coach but he’s most definitely not one of the best offensive coaches in the NFL even currently. Since he’s been in KC, his offenses have been good but I don’t think he even has a top 5 finish in Total Offense. To even insinuate Reid is as good as Walsh, who changed the way the game is played, is silly and it detracts from an otherwise good article. Reid is like the Paul Hackett of the Walsh era. Good offensive mind but not a great offensive mind.

    1. Reid is a brilliant offensive mind. He’s just as creative and innovative as Walsh and Holmgren were. Look at the quarterbacks Reid has worked with. There’s a reason his assistants are the most in-demand.

      1. Looking at head coaches in the post season…

        Madden — 9 and 7

        Chuck Knoll — 16 and 8

        Walsh — 10 and 4

        Parcells — 11 and 8

        Bill Cowher — 12 and 9

        Reid — 11 and 13

        Belichick — 28 and 11

        Give Andy a few more years and he might break .500 in post season wins.

        1. Tom Flores – 8-3 with 2 SB wins as HC of the Raiders; plus one more SB ring as a player and another one as an assistant coach with the Raiders

          Gruden – 5-4; 2-2 with the Raiders and 3-2 with the Bucs

            1. As someone who has watched longer, I’ve always thought you over rated the ‘Good’ Tom Flores. He was good, not HoF, In my subjective o.

              1. Flores was the first coach ever to take a NFL wild card team all the way to and win the SB. Starting QB Dan Pastorini broke his leg, and Jim Plunkett, signed for the waiver price of $100 a year earlier, came in and took the Raiders, who were facing a losing season, all the way to the SB vs. the Eagles and ended up with the victory. Had an 82-49 record in 8 years as the Raiders HC.

        2. Reid and his ex-QB Alex Smith had something frustratingly in common – they both are very good, just not good enough to win the big one.

          In Mahomes, Reid got the QB he wanted to finally get him over the top.
          But if the team falls short of making it to the SB the Reid detractors will get very loud.

          1. Wonder if the 9ers play Cleveland in 2019. If so, and Mayfield has a decent rookie year at QB and starts well in 2019, we could have Grant pushing the idea (a few days before the game) that the 9ers should have taken Baker in the 2018 draft.

            I suppose that would go for any good looking (good performing) first or second year QB. 9ers obtain one (shoulda taken one of them in the draft)–kick Shanahan to the curb–and give millions to the Chiefs plus a high draft pick to release Reid from his HC contract so the 9ers can bring him in as the league’s highest paid HC. Garoppolo would be long gone.

      2. Grant……….

        Reid IS good and now has someone who will and can effectively throw the ball downfield.

        But you are purposely wrong when you say he’s as creative as Walsh. Walsh INVENTED this offense, and had the eye for serious NFL talent. There’s a reason Walsh is on the equivalent of Mt. Rushmore, Grant………….and you know the reasons very well.
        Of course, you were going to tell us later on that Reid comes from the Walsh coaching tree……………

        You might just as well besmirched Willie Mays or Joe Montana.

    2. You are highly underestimating Reid Houston. Say what you want about him not winning a SB, but his teams have rarely been average, never mind below average, and have made the playoffs in 13 out of his 19 seasons as a HC. He has been extremely versatile with his offenses and had success with multiple QB’s by adapting to what they do best. He is definitely one of the best offensive minds in the history of the NFL and a very successful HC as well.

  12. Reid/Mahomes is going to carve up our secondary like a Xmas goose. Sherman will leave the game with an injury…if he even plays in it to begin with.

      1. Yeah, just focus on the injuries we already have. Both Tartt and Witherspoon are injured, so it’s just piling on to predict three quarters of the secondary will be when half already are.

  13. This is going to be the upset of the week.

    27 49ers

    21 Chief’s

    Reid will over call the pass and we will have our first D break out game.

  14. The bitter of the bittersweet taste in Browns fan’s mouths this morning is the unfortunate reality that Mayfield will likely extend Hue Jackson’s tenure in Cleveland.

    It’s going to take the Browns being early exits from the tournament for a couple of years before he’s going to get fired now.

  15. 2019 is not looking to be an exciting year for offensive lineman prospects. No clear cut starters at guard or tackle have yet to emerge in this class. We might have to look to free agency to help shore up the guard position. Here are the current top 3 potential guard free agents:
    1. Ali Marpet, Buccaneers
    2. Shaq Mason, Patriots
    3. Quinton Spain, Titans

  16. Because of this picture I’m now forever going to imagine Andy Reid as a Mr Garrison type weirdo who gets all of his plays from his buddy, Mr Penalty flag.

    AR: I’m going to run a fly sweep after thi…..
    AR: What’s that Mr. Penalty Flag? You think I should pass instead. Ok whatever you say!

  17. Bad analysis. Steelers tried to confuse Mahomes and instead confused themselves. Mahomes is the real deal, makes Soloman Thomas at number 3 look like a complete bust.

    I would take Kyle Shanahan over Andy Reid any day of the week. If Reid has proven anything over the last almost 2 decades, it’s that his team’s are good when it doesn’t matter, and that he can’t win the big game. For anyone to compare him favorably to Walsh or any number of legends, shows their football IQ.

    If Jimmy G had Sammy Watkins and Tyreek Hill, the 49ers offense would be special. Instead we have an aging Garcon, Wrs who can’t run the right routes, and a TE who drops the ball at least once in every game he plays in.

    I’d like to see more of Richie James. Somebody other than Breida needs to step up and make plays, or it’s gonna be a bad loss.

    1. and if KS could coach in the “big game,” the Falcons would have won the SB vs. the Patriots after being ahead 28-3 midway in the 3rd Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. You’d take Shanahan over Reid, because Shanahan has proven he can win the big game?

      If Jimmy had Sammy Watkins and Tyreek Hill, the 49ers still would kick field goals because Shanahan struggles in the red zone.

      1. No matter how you look at it, that is absolutely a foolish statement coming from you Grant. First, the players need to do their jobs in the red zone, and that includes Morris not coughing up the ball, the pass catchers catching the ball, and Jimmy G not not throwing too high. Second, the Chiefs ranked 29th in the red zone last season, and it is way too early to make the assessment that they are better.

        1. Mid,
          I think the Chiefs red zone issues were more due to Alex Smith. If I recall correctly, AR’s offenses have normally done well in the red zone.

      2. You’d take Shanahan over Reid, because Shanahan has proven he can win the big game?

        So far neither has. But Reid has had decades to show he can’t. Shanahan, not so much. Yet.

  18. On Defense:
    1. Rush four, with situational blitzes. We need to rotate DL and get pressure with four as what has been expected this this type of defense.

    2. Warner and Foster, they are young and there is high expectation. Sunday, they need to be where we think they should be in 2019. Healthy, in sync, all over the field, man-up on RBs and TEs. One LB take Hunter the other Kelce. The SAM is a lost cause… sorry I’m bit down on the DL rush situation on this team.

    3. SS – Tartt. Is he even healthy. So hear is where I am with Tartt, everyone had high expectations. He has shown promise, but he is inconsistent meaning I see miss tackles and not enough big plays to negate the bad ones. Dropped INTs, missed assignments. Doesn’t appear to be an enforcer anymore. I think he needs to step up and become a playmaker. When everyone got hurt Eric Reid came in and had noticeable impact. I can’t believe Reid is not playing anywhere. Unbelievable niners didn’t bring him back and something more then the vet minimum. We have the cash now. But I digress….

    Point is the SS (Tartt, Ward, DJ Jones, Eric Reid, some rookie etc), should be freed up as a robber in the middle of the field. They can switch coverages with LBs (see above) to confuse QB, blitz, but mostly bait the offense into mistakes. Run coverage under Witherspoon’s man… drop into cloud, or cover two blau blau. We have Lbs that can cover, our nickel is decent, I think the SS is going to play a big roll Sunday.

    1,2,3: Just protect and let JG grow into his roll.

  19. How can the Niners win this week’s game with the Chiefs? Hire the Navarro Cartel to machine-gun the Chiefs team bus as it arrives at Arrowhead. Don’t see how it works any other way.

    Witherspoon is gimpy. Tartt is gimpy. Sherman is one wrong twist away from another hamstring or Achilles injury. Ward is a bump away from IR. This may be a game where the Chiefs don’t need to run a single rushing play. Might not even have to mess with play action. They’ll be capable of scoring so fast on every possession that their defense could get tired in the late stages of the game. Could be a high-scoring game, but they should be able to at least double, perhaps triple the Niners points.

  20. The narrative in the lead up to this game reminds me a lot of the 2011 divisional playoff game against the Saints.

    If the 49ers defense can play the way that it has the first 2 weeks this should be a good game.

    1. Except the tackling has been horrific. Want to see terrific tackling, check out the Harbaugh (I still hate that guy) era 49ers.

      A few missed tackles against their burners and it will be a long day. These aren’t the Lions. They legitimately have several skill position players that are better than Golden Tate.

  21. I want to see what DJ Reed or Moore can do … they cannot be any worse than Witherspoon or Ward . Those 2 have shown absolutely nothing and I don’t see it changing

  22. Various thoughts :

    1. Browns fans show up for their team. It sure looked like a sell out last night.
    2. Carlos Hyde had 2 TD and ran hard all night. Why did we let him walk ?
    3. Are we pursuing Eric Reid behind the scenes? If not why not. We have wasted a ton of money on players who are non performers – Ward , Mckinnon . Why not pay Reid and bring back a Pro Bowler.
    4. Tooting my on horn, I predicted a big year for KC and Mahommes back in the late July Press Democrat NFL season prediction post.
    5. I am hopeful but not optimistic about SUnday . KC can score a lot of points in a variety of ways. I dare say with the exception of Kicker and QB, they are superior at every offensive position.

    1. “2. Carlos Hyde had 2 TD and ran hard all night. Why did we let him walk ?”
      Frequently dropping even the easiest passes immediately comes to mind.

    2. The biggest question for me is, why did we let Frank Gore walk?

      Hyde looked good last night and I’m happy for him. But he also played with a “fire” that I rarely saw when he played with us.

      With us, Hyde would make a good run than motion to the sideline to come out. Most successful RB’s will tell you that after a good run they want to keep getting the ball.

      Maybe its just me, but it looked like Hyde would look to the sidelines for relief last night after a good run, but got ignored.
      If I was Hyde, I would make every effort to stay on the field given the fact that Chubb and Duke are chomping at the bit to get more snaps.

    3. 1. Good for them… Go Ravens, Go Niners, Go Eddie and Ohio connect. however, I like the NE AFC connect we are hopefully fostering… just seems like a better partner then Cleveland… just sayin

      2. Carlos had a chance last year to prove he was the right back. I agree letting him walk. What up with Joe Williams, I guess some people are good college players and others can’t cut it in NFL… hence Carlos taking reps from that rookie RB, Chubb. I know its early… just sayin

      3. Totally agree…. TOTALLY AGREE… (same test bold and bigger font here if I felt like playin with html…just saying)

      4. You are probably right, history is against that prediction all the way back to Philly… err just sayin

      5. Go Niners!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Hyde is a good running back and isn’t as bad of a receiver as some believe given he really hadn’t done it much before last season, but Grant was right about him not being a fit in this scheme. He doesn’t run with a lot of patience and doesn’t see cut back holes that develop a little slower which is what happens in the outside zone. He is best in a power scheme.

    5. 2. Carlos Hyde had 2 TD and ran hard all night. Why did we let him walk ?

      Because we thought we had a multi-purpose back that Kyle was planning an entire playbook around. Turns out we won’t have that back this season, but instead have one that leads the league in rushing. There’s two reasons right there (I’m not anti-Hyde, I have his jersey. What do I do now with it?)

  23. Dropping the easy passes sounds like a huge overstatement. Now we are stuck with a undersized and overpaid pass catcher who tore ACL due to a strong breeze.

    1. It’s actually an understatement. Here’s some more (PFF):

      Hyde has an overall grade of 50.3 from them, and that has a lot to do with pressures allowed (with the state of overall blocking and quarterback awareness for the 49ers in 2017, I’m willing to give him a pass here) and drops in the passing game (which I’m less willing to forgive).

      Coming off his worst-graded season due to shoddy work in the pass game, both as a receiver and as a blocker, Hyde is a one-dimensional back who has always graded above average as a runner. No running back gave up more than Hyde’s 13 pressures in pass protection, and he also finished with the worst drop rate in the league at 13.2 percent. As a runner, Hyde has had a productive four-year career, but he needs to be managed in the pass game in a platoon situation.

  24. Nobody around these parts gives a diddley poo about the Niner Chiefs Game.
    San Fran Niners, a rock band?
    Chieftons an Irish vocal group?
    That’s because ‘these parts’ refers to London, where we’re visiting.
    900ad Romans rule Britannia
    1066 Norman conquest
    1215 Magna Carta
    1492 Columbus excursion
    1600s English and French incursions
    1776 Declaration Of Independence
    1789 Articles Of Confederation
    George III- GFY
    1795 Constitutional Proposal
    1795 Federalist Papers
    2018 NFL games
    2018 Kardashians? PeeWee Herman? Seb?
    No wonder

      1. London has finally moved the smokers outside, but that has made the sidewalks a Smokey gauntlet.
        As we strike up casual acquaintances with international tourists and they get to feel comfortable with us, they eventually get to: “So…….are you fans of Trump?”
        The English are too polite to ask, but tend to eavesdrop our responses.

  25. I’m reading all this how will the defense stop them. Where is the “how will their defense stop SF?”
    SF is putting up big points too. This offense can break out at any time.
    KC having the home field is a concern. Especially being it’s Home opener.
    I can see KC jumping up early and the Niners coming back when things settle and making it a high scoring close game.

            1. Who are you scared to meet?
              Hiding behind someone else’s screen name. What a putz.
              Ninermd embarrassed himself letting his anger and angst get the better of him. He’s passionate, he’s done it before, will again. Long timers here get it and let him blow off steam. OneNiner didn’t have to take it without response.
              You jumping in anonymously is really weak.
              Are you advocating violence? Going to sucker punch somebody at a bus stop? Going to shoot up a liquor store or a school yard?
              Keyboard coward

            2. Hey Van….. know your history on here. Or is this Onelame under an alias.. wouldn’t doubt it.
              Me and this clown go waaay back.
              And crossing the line in the past with personal internet tough guy talk. Is the reason I’ve asked to meet him in person today and in the past.
              He asked once who was going on the cruise this past summer. I offered to meet him on the ship to have him say it to my face. No response. Because he’s a snowflake on a keyboard who wouldn’t dare say what he’s said to my face.

              So like I said. Know your history on here. Before coming to a ***ches defense. The role of cpt save a ho isn’t needed.

          1. I can only wish. But internet tough guys like you are a dime a dozen.
            So keep trolling in that safe space Onelame. And stay the punk you are.

  26. Hope the Niners keep feigning weakness, and do not bring up the KC defensive woes.
    Niners will not get to Mahomes with only a 4 man rush. They do not need to blitz all the time, but they do need to blitz.
    One way to avoid the check at the line of scrimmage is to put a man in motion. Hope Goodwin can play.

  27. This one could get ugly. Even if the coverage is shaded to Witherspoon Kelce is a monster over the middle and both Hill and Watkins have the speed to beat Sherman deep. I think a peak Sherman would have success against Watkins but Hill was always the type of player that gave Sherman fits. I remember TY Hilton having success against Sherman back in the day. Im cautiously optimistic but I wouldnt put any money on this one.

  28. They can beat the Chiefs by scoring more points than them. And they can do that by getting the ball into what’s called The End Zone more often than the opposing team. It’s that simple.

  29. How to beat the Chiefs.

    1. Ball control, doesn’t just have to be the run game, short passes will do.
    2. Make Mahomey uncomfortable, blitz and blitz again. Yup he will get his but…..
    3. Tackle.
    4. Keep penalties to a minimum.
    5. Need TD’s not field goals.

    The Niners can win this game but I wouldn’t bet any large money on it.

    1. Well said under. It has to turn into a street fight for us to win.
      Rattle Mahomes all day and if his jersey is dirty front and back that means we won the game!

  30. Hoping Grant gets to cover the game in KC. If he does, perhaps he’ll be lucky enough to get a seat next to Shanahan on the flight home.

  31. sebnynah says:
    September 21, 2018 at 12:26 am
    However, I also hope he plays smart, and does not use his body as a heat seeking missile. I hope he plays head up, and wraps up.

    Van says:
    September 22, 2018 at 9:05 am
    You tell him, tough guy! Sure, you go show Foster how to tackle, with your years of personal experience and all that.

    sebnynah says:
    September 20, 2018 at 11:42 pm
    I suppose I could copy and paste my latest post on how the Niners can defeat the Chiefs, but most have learned that missive by heart. the Niner should take a page out of the Patricia playbook, and play tight man to man with a delayed blitzer up the middle.

    Cassie Baalke says:
    September 21, 2018 at 4:11 am
    I Got You Bade…. Sebbie ‘Groundhog Day’ Nynah…

    Cassie Baalke says:
    September 21, 2018 at 9:25 am
    ‘Take a page’ — over worked cliche Sebbie. Try taking a page out of Costco Connections…

    .Chuckie Bus Stop Replies:

  32. I suspect the Halftime score will be 35 to 6. This should be a complete thrashing by the Chiefs.

    Its hard to believe sf couldnt afford Khalil Mack

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