Deion Sanders says 49ers players want Jim Harbaugh out

It’s coming from all angles. Deion Sanders says the 49ers’ players want Jim Harbaugh out. To read Sanders’ comments, click here.

Ian Rapoport reports some of the 49ers’ veterans are displeased with Harbaugh. Rapoport says Harbaugh treats players like children, won’t allow them to listen to music or play cards on the team flights. To read Rapoport’s report, click here.

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    1. Probably because the media..Don’t like our headcoach..dont like our Qb..don’t like our offseason incidents..they rather we take another long break from success 2003-2010. Rise and always a good story to media types..

  1. Old news and full of nothing but B.S. No coach that allows his players to do whatever they want to off the field would keep his players from listening to music or playing cards on team flights. The media seriously needs to get over their hate of Jim Harbaugh.

    1. I bet if Twitter had been around in the 80’s some players would have been unhappy with Bill Walsh too. There is not a single football team in the country at any level that has 100% of its players happy with the coach.

      This is the type of thing that Harbaugh’s jive turkey gobble gobble comment was directed at.

            1. Sorry for not making that clearer. I’m talking about the very real possibility that Haley’s Twitter account would have featured nothing but photographs of his junk and the message “You know you want to ____ it.”

              1. Yeah, I didn’t make it clear either. Haley would forgo twitter entirely and snailmail a bottle of his pee to team offices.

    2. Exactly you guys. This just feels like a witch hunt orchestrated by the media. And if any of it is true, then what Scooter said about what the players should do is correct: SUCK IT UP.

    1. Jack:

      Good stuff. This in particular caught my attention:

      When the 49ers get Frank Gore involved in the game good things happen.

      So, his legs aren’t gone, and he’s not done? Also, I’m pretty sure I saw Gore run wide for nice gains a couple of times. I thought he was too slow to do that.

      1. Thanks Claude. Check out Gore’s statement to Mike Silver that I posted below. He’s on a mission.

        73 of his 119 rushing yards came on outside runs.

    2. Great write-up Jack. How soon will you have the one asking hw many times Alex Smith will get pummeled?

    3. Great stuff Jack, thank you.

      Defense played fantastic. And that was a great move going with Lynch over Lemonier, I’m surprised it took this long. Lynch looks to be a huge steal in the 5th. Also Cox is on top of his game right now. The guy has been a huge play maker for us. I’m really hoping Brock gets back soon and we see a Brock/Cox combo. It was exciting watching the defense really gel for the first time. With all the young talent, it looks like we could be set for the next few years.

      Kap I just don’t know. Obviously he still needs time. I’m really hoping he gets it together soon. Last year he looked a lot better the second half, but with all the weapons he has he should be looking so much better. I don’t trust him at this point, but I still have faith he’ll improve. The O-line is certainly not helping.

    4. Good read once again, Jack.

      They didn’t cut back on penalties in total, but the offense was mostly to blame this week, not the defense. That was a big difference.

      I’m a bit surprised they were only credited with creating pressure on 31% of snaps, I thought it might be higher than that. But they did a good job of limiting the time Foles had to throw. That was the key to the D for mine.

      With Ward, I assume you are counting a catch to Matthews in the flat on the right side of the field that Ward came over and made the tackle. Was that his zone on the play? Looked like he was covering more centrally and came over to make the tackle when the pass went that way.

      1. Thanks Scoot. That 31% was a big improvement for the 49ers. They were at 22% through the first 3 weeks.

  2. One sure way to end all this media speculation is for Jed to get Harbaugh under contract for 2015 and beyond. As long as Harbaugh remains a lame duck coach, these rumors and media ambushes will continue.

      1. Really? I thought Harbaugh was free to walk after this year.

        Regardless, if Jed gives him an extension the rumors should die down.

        I think the media campaign to discredit Harbaugh is being directed by an anti-Harbaugh faction inside the 49ers offices. Baalke????

  3. Hey players, if you don’t want to be treated like children, then don’t do moronic childish things. How about not getting flagged for taunting or headbutts at critical junctures of games? How about dressing the part? Acting like you’ve been there before?

  4. “Mike, tell the world I can still play,” he said shortly after I entered the Niners’ locker room, diverting his path toward the shower in the process. “That’s what I’m out to show everyone. I’ve been through so much — two ACLs, two shoulders, a hip injury that could have ended my career … Every year, it seems like, they’ve drafted a back. And yet, I’m still here, and there’s a reason the man upstairs got me to this place.”

    “As one 49ers veteran told me: “Let’s face it: For us, it has to be now. Because after this year, a whole lot of us could be gone, including the head coach.”

    1. From Alex Boone:

      “And he’s right — stats are for losers. It’s a lot nicer to have a ring than to be the leading receiver on your team.”

      Hmm, I wonder who Boone was referring to?

      1. It would be even nicer if the right guard had not held out all offseason and didn’t continually get beat in pass protection.

          1. You wonder if Boone had gone to camp and negotiated from there if he’d have gotten more $ than from holding out… and if for some reason he didn’t get a contract, how much more he could make by actually being good at his job. He’s been borderline terrible in his first couple games.

  5. This post from grant seems more appropriate to continue commenting on what we started under game grades.

    I wouldn’t put it past anyone for these leaks not even the Niners organization. Harboughs agent probably leaks stories about how harbough is in demand for all these other jobs and the Niners leak how te team doesn’t like him. All part of negotiating games. It wouldn’t be very wise of them to do so in a year where they want to win the Super Bowl but in a way it can help harbough with his us against the world theme.

    Deion can deny all he wants that it wasn’t crabs. If it really wasn’t then Deion is not the sharpest tool because he has now put more negative press out on crabs in his contract year.

    1. I think my “who done it” has come full circle. I started last night with hearing deion and suspecting crabs. Then i opened up my suspiciousness to the all the rejected niners, the whole team, the 49ers administration for negotiating reasons and now I have come back to where all these things start- the media/journalists. I was thinking that after a loss like to the cardinals or bears, as a head coach, I might ask the players not to listen to music or play cards and think about what just happened and how we are going to change things around. As a self respecting player it would be difficult to complain about these types of things (very immature) unless i was 1-unmature 2-had an axe to grind. Granted these things are possible and I still suspect crabs. But who is more disgruntled and left for scraps like homeless people badgering a wealthy man for food, so are the journalists with harbough. He holds the “food” and rarely wants to share and makes a point to tell them that they are not worthy to have anything shared with them. The most disgruntled of the bunch! Also if you listen to deion he says “we all know people in the locker room” and the reporters can be included in this group. With this I end my paranoid trip…

  6. I have no idea how much or little truth there is to this stuff, so I certainly can’t say for sure it isn’t true, but this is all pretty vaporous so far.
    Even if it is, what? Nowhere in the Bill of Rights or CBA is it guaranteed you’ll like your boss.
    We had a saying in the military: No matter how big a delta bravo your CO might be, the next one absolutely could be worse.

  7. Like Jack posted, no coach is liked by every player on the team. You think Belichick is adored by all his players? You think he’d still be coaching the Pats if they weren’t consistently winning? I get a kick out of people who say “we’ll see how happy everyone is when they aren’t winning”. If they aren’t winning there’s likely changes coming because that’s what happens to teams that lose. Ask Erickson, Nolan and Singletary.

    1. Amen, what it really comes down to is winning or losing. A coach might earn some brownie points if the media thinks he’s a “good guy,” but who the Eff wants a good guy head coach if your team is sub 500!? The only reason coaches get fired (short of some outrageous behavioral misconduct) is for not winning. If the team did not do everything in their power to resign JH, I would hold them up to very very high standards for their replacement coach and I wouldn’t tolerate any rebuilding crap. They’ve got a good thing going and they need to keep it up.

  8. If Harbaugh does have a music ban, it’s a shame he can’t extend it to ripping those overpriced “beats” off Kaep’s fat head before he gets up to speak in the locker room after the game…

  9. I do’nt know whether there is any validity to any of these leaks\rumors but i have been saying since mid august that the 9ers have been playing like a team that is coached by someone who may have lost the locker room. Lack of discipline, lack of focus, lack of execution, they have looked like a team with out a purpose or a common goal. I have no inside knowledge of the 9ers locker room its just an overall observation. Things looked better sun but they still do’nt look like a team who are all on the same page. I hope i’m wrong, I guess we will know by the end of Dec.

  10. To be honest. I could give two s!#*s about Harbaugh losing the locker. Him being liked or not. Who’s a dbag and who’s wound up too tight. I dont really care. Just win games, yeah?! call me shallow, but winning makes everything aaaaaaall better. That’s all I care about.

  11. Does it matter if you like your bosses? Who cares if the players like Harbaugh/ He has to fire players, why would a player like someone that holds that position. Name another coach that is “well liked” by his players. Belichick? Nobody likes him. They fear him. So why is this non-story a story? Because “neon” Dion made it a story.

  12. I remember reading that Ronnie Lott didn’t always like Bill Walsh, who didn’t always see eye-to-eye with the front office too. They seemed to do okay despite their “challenges”.

    These are not the coaches you areooking for…

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