If Takeo Spikes reflects the rest of the players….

The 49er linebacker told ESPN, “What do you expect us to do? Be a fool and sign something that wasn’t discussed among us?”

So the players didn’t rubber-stamp Thursday the owners’ version of the CBA. Good for them. “It’s a straight power play, no doubt about it,” Spikes said. “But at the same time in this game some stuff you can’t take personally. It’s part of the procedure.”

In past labor disputes owners have applied pressure successfully on the players. This seems different. In part because of the bold-faced aggression the owners displayed Thursday. The owners used the hammer to crack the nut. But it was so obvious, so heavy-handed, it has potential to really backfire.

“As players we are not tied to anybody’s time-line,” Spikes said.

Oh yes you are, the owners have said in so many words. Agree, recertify, fall in line by Tuesday. Just once, I would like to see NFL owners pushed back. It is the most exclusive men’s club in the world and even if you have been clueless like John York, you still make a small fortune each season. There has to be some accountability on their part even if, as Spikes said, it’s part of doing business.

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