Injuries piling up for 49ers’ Marquise Goodwin

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin (11) catches a pass in front of Chicago Bears cornerback Prince Amukamara (20) during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — Marquise Goodwin may never start another game for the 49ers. His problem is injuries. He suffers too many to be a starter.

Goodwin, 28, has not started since Week 10 — he has come off the bench. And he could miss the 49ers’ season finale this Sunday against the LA Rams with a calf contusion, which forced him to sit out practice Wednesday afternoon.

Goodwin injured his calf Week 14 against the Seahawks, then re-injured it last Sunday against the Chicago Bears while filling in for starter Dante Pettis.

Pettis left that game during the second quarter with a knee injury. He did not return. In his absence, Goodwin played 38 snaps — the most he played since Week 10 — but caught just three of eight targets for only 29 yards.

“It definitely would help him to not have to be out there as much,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said Wednesday afternoon.

The 49ers want to reduce Goodwin’s workload.

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    1. I was a fan of Dunbar’s in college. He is a big body guy who was a major contributor for a prolific college offense. I don’t really know how his game translates to the NFL though. He is not fast out of his breaks. He relied on his body to basically out-rebound smaller DB’s from smaller D1 teams. I’m hopeful Dunbar plays well and earns a spot. From everything I’ve ever heard he’s a really good kid. I just don’t know if he can get open or out muscle NFL DBs for catches. He’s the kind of guy that may need to be schemed open because he won’t be able to win 1v1 match ups. Hope I’m wrong about that.

    2. Dunbar may be slow, but he was very productive in college. It also looked like he had adequate game speed on the field, because he ran good routes and had good hands.
      I like that he is 6′ 3″, and over 200 lbs. Hope he can take those sledgehammer blows that Goodwin and Taylor seem to crumble under.
      Hope Dunbar and Mullens have synced up, and both can exploit the Rams secondary, which is not one of their strengths. Still, the Niners need to be balanced, so the Rams do not shape their game. The Seahawks game was won because Wilson made those good runs in the end, to get them into field goal range.

      1. Fantastic hands! This guy might actually be something. Definitely a red-zone target at the least. Thanks for posting his highlights.

  1. Last year, Goodwin played a game after his wife miscarried the previous day.
    He didn’t have to play in that game but he did. One thing is certain, Goodwin is dedicated.

    But unfortunately, his biggest hindrance has been his health.
    Hate that he can’t stay healthy because he could be productive sans the injuries.

    Now regarding Pettis. He has suffered a couple of serious injuries this season that gives me pause for concern about his future as well. Also, he’s not a number one imo.
    We will need to address this in the off season.

    1. Pettis is not a #1. There is no doubt about that. He’s a promising rookie who can contribute in the future. That’s the best thing about him. Antonio Callaway, DJ Moore, Anthony Miller, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, and Michael Gallup are all rookies who have had better years than Pettis. Do you see any of them as future #1 WR’s? I don’t. The only rookie WR I can see as a potential future #1 receiver is Calvin Ridley.

      1. I wouldn’t trust him as a number one. He is a might become a good receiver but he is far to soft to be a number 1.
        Honestly, I am not even certain I would trust him as a 2 given that I’m not certain he can stay on the field.

        This team really needs someone like what Pierre Garcon was about 5 years ago.

        1. What is the true discreption of a #1 WR?
          And does a rookie WR automatically receive that title because he was great in college?

          Personally I believe that a young (especially rookie) WR works towards that goal.
          Jerry Rice wasn’t a #1 WR as a rookie.
          Not many great college receivers are #1 WR’s in their first year.

          How long did it take Julio Jones to establish himself as a #1 one?

          Question: If Pettis leads the team in receptions and TD’s next season does that make him our #1?

          1. He doesn’t receive the title automatically but you can normally see the traits. Julio, odb, cooper, green, and rice all demonstrated the necessary traits to be a 1.
            Pettis has demonstrated the ability to get open, but not the ability to make contested catches or stay healthy. Those are major issues if you’re hoping someone can be a 1.

      2. Agree Houston about Ridley but I can also see Valdes-Scantling as a #1. He has the body and athletic ability. I give his development a pass b/c of the mess with their offense this year.

        We need a receiver with MVS’s body type and skills.

        1. Not sure I can ever see Valdes-Scantling as a #1. He certainly has the size and speed but I just don’t see him developing into a true #1.

          If the 49ers are looking for bigger body guys then they have to go with N’Keal Harry. I know scouts are mixed on his NFL ability but he has ideal size for the NFL.

  2. Goodwin has been a disappointment, for the very things Grant outlined. All of his production last year was an outlier and a mirage. He has reverted back to the receiver he was in Buffalo.

  3. Goodwin certainly hasn’t had a very good year but he is a good receiver. The value he adds is not only in his stats. When he’s on the field, defenses must respect his ability to take the top off a defense. When Goodwin is on and the 49ers take a few deep shots with him, the intermediate routes are much more effective. That’s the beauty of football. Every player on the field contributes on every single play whether they are on play side or back side, whether they are the intended target or they are opening up a certain zone by taking a double team deep. Takes all 11 men working together to be successful. This year there hasn’t been enough continuity due to injury to really get the flow of the offense going consistently. I find it very interesting this entire article was written about Goodwin’s consistency without even mentioning there has been a total lack of consistency at the QB position. That plays a part in the overall offense’s consistency.

    1. Wow. That’s brilliant. Marquise Brown and Marquise Goodwin are exactly the same size. Both have battled injuries all year. The only difference between Brown and Goodwin is Goodwin is faster and he has NFL experience. Yeah, we should just cut ties with a good NFL receiver in favor of a guy with the same injury history but no NFL experience. Genius, move.

      1. Marquise also makes $6.25 Million. That’s a lot to pay for 23 receptions and a guy who lost his starting job to a rookie.

        1. Injuries were a major cause of the issues Goodwin faced this year. So your solution is to draft a guy that’s exactly the same size as Goodwin with a similar injury history? Really? 49ers have plenty of cap space. Don’t really care how much they are paying Goodwin.

          1. Didn’t say that. Just don’t understand why Goodwin is given a pass that you wouldn’t give to Bosa. You were pointing out the downside of the rookie. I was merely reminding you that you were looking at one side of the equation.

            Additionally, injuries have been a problem for Goodwin’s entire career. Last year was not indicative of the kind of year Goodwin typically has. This year’s production is however. Goodwin is a bad investment.

            I love how you guys constantly talk about the excess cap space when a player underperforms. This is how teams end up in cap hell.

            1. The best ability is availability. When you can only dress 46 players on game day, you need everyone capable.
              Too many players in recent history for the 49ers are injury prone.
              The mandate moving forward in the draft and free agency is staying away from players with a injury riddled past.
              I said last week, Goodwin has not been worth the investment and it’s time to move on.

            2. Pass I wouldn’t give to Bosa? Wth are you talking about? Bosa left school. He quit on his teammates. My problem with Nick Bosa is he chose to abandon his team for fear of coaches trying to get him to play after he was medically cleared to play. One could make an argument Bosa leaving Ohio State early was worse than Joe Williams leaving Utah due to depression – and many teams took Williams totally off their draft boards. Bosa choosing to leave school rather than help his backup or to even be around the team is the worst teammate story I’ve heard in a very long time. Bosa and Goodwin’s situations are not remotely similar.

              Goodwin’s contract is only $7.7M guaranteed. It’s a team friendly contract after this year. Pretty silly to be discussing salary cap issues when the 49ers have the 3rd most available cap space this year and the 4th or 5th most cap space going into next year. Marquise Goodwin is not going to break the 49ers piggy bank.

              1. Wonder if any teams have taken Bosa off their draft boards. That’s all the answer you need, right there.

                Bosa was merely protecting his future value. Whether you think it’s ok or on not doesn’t matter. Goodwin isn’t talking about why he left the team when they could’ve used them. Find it surprising you give him a pass when you’re so hard on Bosa.

              2. Again with the giving Goodwin a pass. So damn stupid. Sounds like your making the assumption Goodwin refused to join the team after he was demoted. Has anyone reported that or are you just a ASSuming? Did he play last week? That’s all the answer you need, right there.

                Comparing Goodwin to Bosa is stupid. They’re situations are not similar.

                My point, which is obviously above your intellectual capabilities, is cutting Goodwin and drafting his clone is a moronic strategy. If you want to cut ties with Goodwin because his production fails to meet his salary then fine, be my guest. BUT, Don’t draft a guy who has the same skills and weaknesses as he does to replace him. Draft N’Keal Harry, or AJ Brown, or Kelvin Harmon, or Collin Johnson. Get a sturdy, big body guy who can run the full route tree that you think has an opportunity to beat 1v1 matchups at the NFL level.

              3. I’m certainly on board for drafting a big receiver. I think that Goodwin isn’t really committed to football. In that way he is analogous to what you believe Bosa to be.

      2. Houston

        Last year’s draft had two WRs from Iowa State, Allen Lazard was the one I camped on…but as usual, we let him get away to the Packers…who have only used him sparingly…This year, the other shoe will drop and the other WR will be coming out…Akheem Butler…He is approximately 6’6″ and 245 (I think) He’s carniverous and seem to like football…I’d appreciate some follow-up from some of you draft nuts….

        1. I’m not nearly as educated on players as some of these other guys so I’m not sure on that receiver. I have seen Butler play and he’s definitely a worthy candidate for the 49ers to consider. The guy I absolutely love at Iowa State is their RB – David Montgomery. The kid is an absolute beast and I think he would be a perfect fit for Shanahan’s offense. Not sure if he’s declared for the draft but IMO he’s a long term answer as a feature NFL RB. Montgomery may be my #1 wish list player for the 49ers on the offensive side of the ball.

          1. Butler is a tough receiver to bring down , and isn’t afraid to go over the middle. High point, long armed possession receiver. Doesn’t offer much as an outside receiver or vertical threat. High waist which affects agility in a negative way. Lower body strength. Deception in routes limited to head fake only. High energy, proficient blocker. Looks like a round 3 prospect for mine.

            Good call on Montgomery, however I doubt we draft any running backs. UFDA all the way would be my guess….

        2. Being a big bodied WR does not garauntee your status as a #1.
          The prototype for big WR may have been David Boston (chargers) who fizzled out.
          Our own JJ Stokes was 6’4 and 220 lbs and had a sub-par career.
          There have been many big bodied WR’s that were far from becoming #1 WR’s.

          Antonio Brown is 5’10 (smaller than Pettis) but he has been a top NFL WR for the past 4 years.
          Is Brown considered a #1?

      3. This is the only season he’s been a bit hobbled. He’s cheaper and has far better hands. So yeah. It would be a good move.
        Pay that much for an often injured track star with questionable hands vs the same player who’s younger and has better hands. Your thoughts aren’t as “genius” as you think guy!

  4. John Brown > Marquise Goodwin.

    He can do everything that Goodwin can do and he stays on the field.

    It’s time that Kyle/Lynch start getting players outside of Kyle’s system/comfort zone.

    Brown is a UFA and he’s got great value since he’s coming off of a season where his QB only throws about 24 passes per game and completes roughly 14-15 of them. Jackson has lowered all the stat totals for the Ravens receivers, but under Flacco, he had games of 86, 92, 116 and 134 yards.

    He can take the top off the defense as well as Goodwin and now that his sickle cell has been addressed, he’s been healthy.

      1. Brown 2018 snap count: 687
        Goodwin 2018 snap count: 398

        Brown started 14 out of 15 games this season.

        Speed receivers always have to deal with hammies and quads. It just comes down to who has to have the least amount of maintenance and part of Godwin’s maintenance issues are emotional. Brown is more dependable on that front.

        1. And Goodwin easily outplayed Brown who was hampered by injuries last season, specifically his hamstrings. So bang goes that theory.
          Using Goodwin’s personal issues as an argument is disgusting and uncalled for.

          1. That was one season—an outlier. Browns overall production is better than Goodwins. The death of his baby is a real deal, life moment. The mysterious duckout for two games, unexplained is what I’m referring to.

            Whether it’s physical or other, he spends a lot of time on the pine.

            1. Brown has has about two noteworthy seasons, so using the production excuse is pretty pointless.

              The death of his baby is a real deal, life moment. The mysterious duckout for two games, unexplained is what I’m referring to.

              So you are justifying your comment on the basis that you are in the dark about why he had to leave the teams for a little bit?

  5. I have been an advocate for Goodwin since last season. Goodwin has shown the potential to be a #1 WR, but he has mostly shown an inability to stay healthy. However, the problem is his potential replacement looks to be of the same makeup, so I am not sure if releasing Goodwin is the right move. It may be in the best interests of the 49ers to split playing time between the two in order to maximize their potential and reduce the possibility of either one getting injured.

  6. Who will be the 49ers’ starting wide receivers Week 1 next season?

    I’m guessing Dante Pettis and someone not currently on the roster.

    1. If I’m reading my tea leaves correctly I think it will be Goodwin and Pettis as starters but the 49ers will draft a WR who will play quite a few snaps. Pettis fills Pierre Garcon’s role and will get more snaps than Goodwin. Veteran deference is why Goodwin gets the starting job over a rookie. Trent Taylor won’t make the team. Richie James will get return duties and very limited WR snaps depending on injury. Bourne will spell Pettis but Pettis gets the vast majority of the snaps.

      1. Here’s how I read it:

        Pettis will start at X, not Z, but will move around and play roughly 60 snaps per game when healthy.
        Goodwin will be the backup X. He will play roughly 20 snaps per game unless Pettis is injured.
        Bourne will be the backup Z.
        A free agent or rookie will start at Z.

        1. Totally reasonable but I think Shanahan will want Pettis on the field at the same time as Goodwin as their strengths compliment each other so well. Not sure who’s available on the FA front. OBJ isn’t going anywhere. Who else is out there? I can’t see the Vikings letting Diggs get away. The other guys that may be available are not better than Goodwin IMO. I guess you could argue over Golden Tate but I’ve never really been a fan of Tates. Even though Shanahan is a young coach I see him as a pretty old school type of coach. It’s rare a rookie WR comes into the NFL as a starter. Unless the 49ers fall in love with a top end WR and use the #2 pick on him, any other WR the 49ers get in rounds 2+ in the draft is not going to be a day 1 starter. One thing about Kyle Shanahan is that he’s a very stubborn man. It’s obvious Shanahan really likes Goodwin’s fit in this offense so it’s going to have to be one helluva training camp for a rookie to unseat Goodwin.

          1. Cooper Kupp was a Day 1 starter in a similar system.
            Neither Goodwin nor Pettis is the kind of receiver who should run over the middle and catch passes in traffic while taking hits on a consistent basis. They’re split ends. Big-play receivers. The 49ers need a replacement for Garcon. They probably can find one in Round 2 or 3.

            1. Cooper Kupp was not a day 1 starter as a rookie. The Rams Day 1 starters at WR in Kupp’s rookie season were Robert Woods, and Sammy Watkins. Kupp eventually became a starter but he was not a day 1 starter. IMO that’s probably how next year pans out for the 49ers if they make a good selection for a WR in the draft. Eventually that rookie will become a starter but will not be a starter on Day 1.

              1. True but Kupp still wasn’t a starter until week 8 his rookie season. In games where the Rams started with 3 WR sets, Kupp still wasn’t the starter. The Rams went with Tavon Austin, Woods, and Watkins as the starters. You asked who would be the starters on Day 1. Kupp is a good example of how I think it will go. If the 49ers draft a WR they absolutely love, I still say veteran deference will be the reason Shanahan will start Goodwin. The rookie may even play more plays than Goodwin but Goodwin will be the starter. I think you’re right on the snap count. They want Goodwin to get about 25-30 snaps per game. That means his backup will get about half the snaps. Sounds like a pretty good game plan to develop a rookie WR.

              2. True, but Kupp had a starter’s workload from Day 1. Whether or not he was on the field for the first play isn’t relevant.

                Goodwin will not have a starter’s workload next season unless Pettis is injured. Goodwin will be the backup X. Neither he nor Pettis can hold up physically at Z. They hardly hold up at X.

              3. Who starts the game is absolutely relevant when the question is: “Who will be the 49ers’ starting wide receivers Week 1 next season?” If you asked who gets the most snaps at WR next season then my answer may have been different. Cmon now. You threw out Kupp as a starter when he wasn’t a starter and then said he got starters snaps. That’s a little disingenuous. Like it or not there is a certain pride and status players take from being named a starter – even if they are splitting time with another player. Pettis and Goodwin will be starters. Pettis likely takes the most snaps all year with a rookie or FA taking the 2nd most snaps and then Goodwin comes in 3rd on snap count. I agree with that. But Goodwin will be the opening day starter.

          2. “Shanahan will want Pettis on the field at the same time as Goodwin”

            This is at least the second time in recent weeks that someone has made this assertion, yet when they’ve played together the results don’t show it. That’s why they have Bourne starting opposite Pettis.

            1. You’re wrong. They both run the full route tree but Goodwin’s hot hitting zone is deep, Pettis’ hot hitting zone is intermediate.

              1. How am I wrong? I said nothing about them running the route tree or their best attribute.

                When they’ve been on the field together it doesn’t help the other. Pettis makes most of his plays when he’s on the field with Bourne, Kittle and sometimes Taylor, not when Goodwin is out there.

              2. That’s what I thought. Straight out of your… hat. What I very clearly said is Goodwin’s and Pettis’s skill set compliment each other which is fairly obvious to anyone with a football IQ above that of a gnat. Goodwin’s season has been limited due to injury so Pettis has been playing with guys who aren’t as good as Goodwin. If you think Kendrick Bourne is as good a receiver as Marquise Goodwin you’ve lost your mind or you don’t know anything about football. Either way, Marquise Goodwin and Dante Pettis are a very good fit together.

              3. “Marquise Goodwin and Dante Pettis are a very good fit together.”

                Yes, they are very good as starter and backup.

                “Goodwin’s season has been limited due to injury”

                Goodwin’s career has been limited due to injury.

                He’ll be a good backup

            2. This is at least the second time in recent weeks that someone has made this assertion, yet when they’ve played together the results don’t show it. That’s why they have Bourne starting opposite Pettis.

              I mentioned it and as I said then, they haven’t had much of a chance to play together because of both missing time. My guess is Goodwin will take a lesser role next season because of the injury risk, but they could still take the field together at times with one of them in the slot. Shanahan doesn’t really focus on size so much as the ability to get open, so we could see a number of different combinations.

        2. Yep, they will draft a rookie to be the Z and probably sign a guy in FA that can compete and start if the rookie isn’t right to go from the get go.

          My money is on Riley Ridley being a top target for Shanahan, followed by Metcalf then Deebo Samuel.

          1. “My money is on Riley Ridley”

            You’ve been high on him for a while now, good call. The more I learn about him, the more I like him. Did you catch Crocker’s review of him on twitter this week? He’s a fan, Ledyard likes him too.

            1. No I didn’t, I’ll check it out.

              The problem Ridley has is lack of film/ production due to the offense he plays in. But he has all the traits of a very good WR. Size, speed, route running, toughness, good hands. I suspect he’ll end up a 1st round pick and possibly a top 20 guy. He might even end up the first WR taken – personally I think he’s better than the others in the draft. So if Shanny wants him he’d probably be a target after a potential trade back.

      2. I wonder if Atlanta would be willing to move on from Julio Jones. He knows Shanny ‘s system and is a number one that’s still in his prime. A number one pick + might intice the Falcons.

          1. Sanu is not a #1 WR but I do think he could take Garcon’s place in this offense. He’s just a little streaky for my taste. He seems to disappear for games at a time.

    2. I think the starting reps will be split at one spot between Pettis and Goodwin, with the reps being increased for the one who plays better as the season goes along. A free agent or rookie will start opposite of Goodwin or Pettis, while Taylor,James, and a free agent or rookie will battle for time in the slot.

        1. That would seem to be the sweet spot for him and the direction they’d like to go if Pettis is healthy.

          He’s a good backup at both spots.

          Will be interesting to see who they bring in to compete with Bourne at Z.

          1. Could be. He’s capable of more but he might be more effective in a lesser role. Funny how one season changes perceptions so drastically though. After last season everybody was on the Goodwin Bandwagon; now he’s a spare part.

            1. Has more to do with Pettis than Goodwin. They didn’t trade up in the 2nd to have him on the bench. And his best role is the same one Goodwin plays.

              1. Sure but he showed what he is capable of and it was pretty good. I’d rather give him another year to see if he can be that guy again than write him off.

              2. Do you guys think that part of Goodwin’s lackluster performance this year is because Jimmy G. was not the QB? Obviously, injuries played a significant role, but I’m wondering if the Mullens-Goodwin chemistry is much less that the chemistry between Jimmy G and Goodwin.

              3. Could be. Jimmy G would look deep more often than not it seems than Mullen’s.
                Maybe that made Goodwin less interested as Mullen’s at first seem to like Kittle more than anyone and really, he has not spread the ball out to multiple receivers in each game.

              4. “Do you guys think that part of Goodwin’s lackluster performance this year is because Jimmy G. was not the QB?”

                No. He was already playing well before Garoppolo took over and they carried that on for a few weeks together.

              5. Cubus,

                You asked, “Do you guys think that part of Goodwin’s lackluster performance this year is because Jimmy G. was not the QB?” and I answered that question. Goodwin was already playing well last year before Garoppolo took over. They then had 3 good games together, not so much against Jax and he was hurt against LA.

                You’re trying to pin this on him and Garoppolo when in reality he played pretty well with Beathard prior to the change.

              6. I’m not trying to pin this on anyone. The real question is: do Mullens and Goodwin have good chemistry? Since Mullens didn’t play last year, you can’t use last year as a definitive way to answer this question (it can provide some collateral support to your argument, but imo can not be the primary support).

              7. The answer is Goodwin hasn’t been able to stay healthy this year, so it doesn’t matter who the QB has been. He had one good game with Beathard against GB and one good game with Mullens against NY.

      1. MidWestDynasty

        I think that you’re getting to it …I like both Goodwin and Pettis, but I don’t think that either one can stand up for a full game at WR…I’d like to see Bourne and a FA or Draftee who is fast, big, and likes hitting people to play the WR position…I do believe that Bourne is developing. I can see Both Goodwin and Pettis getting ‘shots’ at the slot AWA Shannahan’s specialty plays…fly sweeps and long bombs…

    3. “Who will be the 49ers’ starting wide receivers Week 1 next season?”

      X: Dante Pettis
      Z: Marquise Goodwin, unless the rookie is ready (Kelvin Harmon 2nd Rd.).

        1. That is why he would be an inexpensive, low risk high reward option.
          I agree with your opinion about retaining veteran talent. Iupati, Delanie Walker, Looney, Gore.

  7. Niners should be ideally looking for a WR like Calvin Johnson, 6′ 5″, 238 lbs, who could run like a deer.
    However, they are very rare, so a player like Larry Fitzgerald, who is 6′ 3″, 218 lbs, may be the body height and weight they could search for, either in free agency or the draft. Sanu may be a good pickup if he is available. He also had not shined on his present and former team, due to the fact that he played behind AJ Green and Julio Jones. Niners may be an attractive destination for Sanu, and KS has coached him before. The Niners should sign a couple free agents, but also draft one, hopefully after trading back.
    Free agents the Niners should look at are players like Michael Floyd, Cody Latimer, Quincy Enunwa, Devin Funchess, and maybe even take a gamble on oft injured Kevin White, who may want a clean slate, but also had good skills.
    Goodwin may have have a lot of ability, but he lacks in the most important one, availability.

    1. The 2 college WRs the Niners should covet are JJ Arceaga -Whiteside, and Chase Claypool. Both are big and fast, and have good hands.
      However, there will be several later round WRs, who the Niners should scout.

    2. Seb,
      Kelvin Benjamin is 6’5, 240 lbs. He fits Calvin Johnson’ measurables.
      But Benjamin will never be the player that CJ was.

      Players with Johnson’ size and abilities don’t come around that often.
      We drafted JJ Stokes because of his size, but T. O. who was drafted later was slightly smaller and he became one of the most physical WR’s in the NFL.
      I’m hoping that our scouts can find a WR that can become a foundational piece for years to come.
      And please look at small colleges. You never know when you can find HOF’ at small schools like Mississippi Valley State and Chattanooga Tennessee.

      1. Scouts need to look for a young man who used to catch bricks thrown by his father. JR is 6′ 0″. 200 lbs, but he also thrived with Joe and Steve throwing him the ball.
        Benjamin is playing for peanuts- 790 K instead of 8.5 mil. KB is wanting a ring, but i agree he is not half the receiver CJ was. I would compare him to JJ Stokes. Lots of potential, little accomplishments.
        There is a good WR prospect at Ol’ Miss, this year, DK Metcalf, that is 6′ 4″, 230 lbs, that I like, and might be available if the Niners trade back.

  8. Sanu is not a number one, but he’s tough. He reminds me of Anquan Boldin. He’s got some versatility in the red zone too. He can run with a shovel pass, catch in the end zone and pass it as well.

  9. I think the Niners should go after Tyrell Williams. Any time Keenan Allen has been out, Williams gets his targets and he’s been very productive. He’d be my number one choice in FA.

    1. Williams seems to be the go to player people are latching on to as a FA WR target. But nobody seems to be acknowledging he plays the same position as Pettis and Goodwin. He’s their downfield threat. He’s not a Garcon replacement.

      1. “Williams seems to be the go to player people are latching on to as a FA WR targert.”

        John Brown being the other one. Same deal though.

        “he plays the same position as Pettis and Goodwin.”

  10. I love how quick some people are to write a player off as injury prone. Pettis had a couple of knee sprains this year. Prior to that he was pretty healthy through his college career where he had plenty of game time. He’ll add some muscle this offseason. Let’s see how he goes next year before labelling him as injury prone.

  11. If Deebo Samuel is there in round 2, you’d like to think the 49ers would consider taking him. If Andy Isabella is there at the top of round 4, he’d be a steal….

          1. Well here in South Bend, Claypool’s named gets mentioned when talking with Julian Love. According to him, he has the most tools of any wide receiver he’s faced. Sure he’s a bit raw, but he has Julio Jones potential in the 3rd round? Let’s see if he can impress you against Clemson….

            1. Julio Jones potential?!! I know you like your Fighting Irish, but that’s a big time oversell. He’s a decent height/weight/speed prospect for the mid rounds.

              1. Basically what I mean. Looking forward to what he shows against Clemson, and then the combine if he even declares.

                Yea, Julio Jones may be the receiver Claypool models his game after but he compares to a Mike Evans or Vincent Jackson if I wasn’t a golden domer. He’s a tough competitor, chews up yardage quick, and he’s an agile mover for his size….

  12. It will be interesting to see what they do at WR. My guess is they will draft somebody for sure, but there aren’t a whole lot of intriguing FA options. Chris Conley from KC is interesting. Jermaine Kearse could be an option to fill Garcon’s role.


    Wide receiver Marquise Goodwin (2021):

    2019 salary: $2.95 million. “Verdict: No team official has hinted at his exit but it’s worth exploring. He seems best suited as a down-field specialist or package player than full-timer, especially with Dante Pettis proving himself a play-making split end. Cutting him would cost $1.9 million in dead money.”

    I’d keep him for depth.

    Guard Joshua Garnett (2019):

    Verdict: “First-round pick out of Stanford sure seems on his way out.”

    I disagree. I doubt we draft a G. Garnett will be back and will compete for the RG spot again. Andy Levitre could also be brought in to compete.

      1. Levitre would be cheap and he would be next year’s Cooper if he doesn’t work out. If he does work out, he’d be a veteran presence next to McG, and he is very familiar with Kyle’s scheme.

        “See below as well”

        I don’t need to go into what Earl Thomas brings to the table. As far as his health, I’m sure we would check him before offering him a contract. Not that I’m sold on our medical staff after the “what shoulder” debacle. Would like to see Ferg replaced.

        1. I like Levitre, coached against him in high school. I’d rather have them bring back Person.

          Thomas was fantastic, but after 2 broken legs I’d rather let someone else put up the money.

          This team doesn’t need to take risks on injured players. Spend that money on getting a pass rush and the guys they already have in the secondary will suddenly become good.

          1. But would you rather have LeVitre or Garnett backing up and possibly taking Person’s spot?

            “Spend that money on getting a pass rush”

            I doubt we’ll be able to get a high dollar edge like Lawrence because teams don’t let them go. So I don’t think signing Thomas would preclude them from signing one of the available edge rushers. I hear you on the injury stuff though, always a concern.


    “Earl Thomas can fit anywhere he wants to fit,” Sherman continued. “Would I love to play with Earl Thomas III? Sure. I would love to. I’d love to have him back in the locker room. But I’m sure he’ll have a plethora of opportunities, but I’m sure we’re going to throw our hat in the ring.”

    Make it happen Mr. Lynch. Signing Thomas would allow Colbert to move back to a gunner role along with Mostert.

    1. I would pass on Thomas. I think he has his heart set on Dallas. His 2 time leg fracture is a gamble for an established defense, but could be catastrophic for the Niners.
      Sherman may want him. and may convince Thomas to come here, but he is damaged goods.

  15. What should be the Niner strategy to rebuild? They need to be thorough, make the proper assessments, and fit the scheme to maximize the player’s potential. Which players to get, should be one of the highest priorities, so they should pay more for better scouting. They should pour time and energy towards player assessments.
    Look at all the pundits past mocks, and give more weight towards Media mock predictors who proved correct in their assessments of the players. They would also help in the individual teams needs, which is also very important for the draft. Pundits like Evan Silva, Forrest Long, Kevin Hanson, Jason Boris, Ryan McCrystal and Mike Mayock have good track records.
    They should not only rely on high draft picks to rebuild, but they should sign up free agents to fill all the holes in the roster, using up all the salary cap. If they save 43 mil in cap space, to increase profits, it is due to them not wanting to win, and being content to lose. They should be signing decent FAs, even if it means slightly overpaying, and they should extend players like Buckner.
    The Niners should look at how Pete Carroll rebuilt the Seahawks, and copy his methodology. The Seahawk defense has been totally rebuilt quickly, and the O line has been improved, too. Pete traded back, got a boatload of picks, and locked up a bunch of talented players under rookie contracts.
    The Niners should trade back twice in the first round, moving back 4 or 5 spots each time. That would put them at around pick 12, which still should have a good pass rusher still available at that spot. That would garner additional second and third round picks. Maybe even move back from the second round pick, and get additional third and 4th round picks, I thought that the sweet spot of the draft was designated around pick 90, but the Seahawks stockpiled picks in the 5th round, so that was their sweet spot in the draft.
    The Niners should offer to trade away as many non starters players as possible, to get more draft picks. Bundle them to needy teams, so it is a win/win situation.
    Mullens would be a good backup to JG, but he may be worth a lot in the QB starved league.The Skins, Jags, Dolphins, Giants, Bucs, Broncos and every team with a struggling rookie QB might consider Mullens as their starter, and would give up several picks to get him. Those several picks could help the Niners rebuild the team, while they keep CJB as backup, or go with a promising rookie. Mulens might help propel them into the playoffs, next season.
    Yes, this team gets a pass when the starting RB and QB go down due to injury, and Foster imploding did not help the defense. Still, the team fought hard and could have won several games, even this last one against the Bears, so they are not devoid of talent. Find a starting Pass rusher, CB, FS, ILB, WR and OL, and with the players returning from injury, they could be competitive. Use both the Free Agency and the draft to fill all holes and provide good depth.
    I still wonder about the coaching, because of the lack of preparations, the lack of discipline, lack of proper game management, lack of innovation, lack of turnovers, lack of a red zone offense, lack of scoring and a lack of finishing games. The coaching needs to improve. Maybe it would only take hiring an OC to fix the offense. Maybe hiring a grizzled veteran DC, who has HC and DC experience, will help create more turnovers.
    I like the direction JL is taking the team, and hope KS can learn from his mistakes. They are rebuilding, brick by brick, but I hope for accelerated results. Trading back multiple times and trading away Mullens for several picks may be the best way to achieve the goal of rebuilding..

    1. “The Niners should offer to trade away as many non starters players as possible, to get more draft picks. Bundle them to needy teams, so it is a win/win situation.”

      I guess you don’t like depth.

      1. Well, at least I did not advocate trading away starters…….
        Obviously, the newly drafted players would be under rookie contracts for 4 years, so that is a a strong selling point. If the Niners did like the Seahawks, they put 11 players under rookie contacts. That is a fifth of the team locked up for 4 years.
        Sure, the Niners should only trade away expendable players, and try to retain depth. However, it may take the loss of talented players to make a deal. Consider the D line. With Street returning from his ACL, it might make Sheldon Day and Mitchell expendable. Richie James and Trent Taylor occupy the same position, so one of those may be traded away. Solomon Thomas may thrive if he went to a 3-4 defense. The rookie success at DB may make Witherspoon a good trade candidate. Garnett and Shon Coleman may be expendable.
        Bundling a couple of those players could be attractive for another team who would get 2 players for one draft pick.

    2. Hey Sebbie….

      So, you assert trading Mullens for a boatload of picks (your phrase, not mine). Okay, speculate what the 9ers could obtain. C’mon, go on record….a 1st, 2nd, and 4th? Three 2nds across three years? C’mon Sebbie, what can the 9ers get?

      Name the freaking picks you believe he’s worth at this point.

      1. It all depends on the other teams, and their desperation for a starting QB.
        For comparisons, look at the Wentz deal.
        Eagles got the 2nd overall pick and a 4th round pick. They chose Wentz and Donnell Pumphrey.
        In return, the Browns acquired the 2016- 8th, 77th and 100th picks, along with a 2017 first round, and 2018 second round pick.
        Carson Wentz may be their franchise QB, but he has been injured for the second year. So by moving back 6 spots, the Browns got 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and a third round pick. They swapped 4th round picks.
        Mullens has won 3 NFL games, while both Wentz and Goff had not played a down in the NFL before they were drafted. Wentz won only 7 games, and Goff only 4 their first season.
        To a team like Washington, Mullens would be a huge upgrade over the Butt Fumbler or a 32 year old couch potato. A team like the Jags would consider Mullens less of an impediment than Bortles was. Denver just saw Mullens carve them up. Looks like the Dolphins are moving on from an injured Tannehill. Even the Cards, Jets and Bills might want to upgrade from their mediocre rookie QBs.
        Since a QB was obtained for 5 picks, including 2 firsts, I would say Mullens could be obtained for less, depending on the team obtaining him.
        With this weak college QB class, Mullens just elevated his trade value.

    3. Any chance Lynch wears ‘Trader’ Bill’s underwear in ’19? Or, just do things John’s way…?

      BTW, 672 words… Nice work.

  16. Be extra thankful we aren’t in the QB market this Spring. Here are the top 5 QB prospects in the next draft:

    1. Clayton Thorson
    2. Drew Lock
    3. Daniel Jones
    4. Dwayne Haskins
    5. Will Grier

    Dreadful. Might not be a legitimate NFL starter in that group. I do believe that even though you’ll find Thorson generally listed farther down most lists he is in fact the best prospect out of the bunch.

  17. Lol
    Adam Lefkoe
    3h3 hours ago
    If Matt Stafford is actually available in a trade, the Giants and Jaguars should be calling so frequently that the Lions have to change their number

  18. “But nobody seems to be acknowledging he (Tyrell Williams) plays the same position as Pettis and Goodwin. He’s their downfield threat. He’s not a Garcon replacement.”

    First off, he can replace Goodwin. It’s not a huge loss if Goodwin comes off the bench.

    Secondly, WRs can change positions. I know, I know, it’s a radical concept, moving someone outside, into the slot, but it does happen and does work.

    Anquan Boldin moved inside, so did Larry Fitzgerald. Both were very successful.

    There is one guy that I would make a big move for and that’s DeSean Jackson. He always should have been a Niner. Baalke drafted that trash, Kentwan Balmer over DJ (Jordy Nelson too).

    He can still play and I bet a 5th rounder could snag him.

    DeSean Jackson in Shanahan’s scheme could be, well, unfair.

    1. “Secondly, WRs can change positions.”

      Some guys can and do. But very few possession type WRs make really good downfield threat WRs and vice versa. The ones that do are your true #1 WRs. Williams is a downfield threat WR, he isn’t really a true speedster but he is good at using his big body downfield. A bit like Alshon Jeffrey. Neither Williams or Jeffrey are possession type WRs. That’s the role Garcon plays.

      There’s no need to spend good money on replacing Goodwin (and Williams likely will get good money this offseason). They already have replaced him with Pettis.

    2. I wanted Desean Jackson ever since he played at Cal. If he came to the Niners, he would automatically be the number one receiver. He might like coming back to the Bay Area, and would be a grizzled battle tested and battle hardened veteran. They still could draft a big bodied WR in the later rounds.

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