Injury update: Solomon Thomas has a concussion; Kittle and Breida have separated shoulders

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Solomon Thomas (94) remains on the ground after being injured during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Dallas Cowboys in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan just updated the media on the team’s several injuries. Here’s what he said:

  • Tight end George Kittle and running back Matt Breida both separated their shoulders against the Dallas Cowboys Thursday night and are out at least until Week 1.
  • Defensive tackle Solomon Thomas and offensive tackle Garry Gilliams both suffered concussions and are in the league’s concussion protocol.
  • Middle linebacker Malcolm Smith pulled his hamstring, will miss the upcoming preseason game against the Houston Texans and is week to week.
  • Outside linebacker Eli Harold has a knee contusion and is day to day.
  • Cornerback Richard Sherman almost certainly will not practice or play against the Texans. The 49ers plan to keep him out.
  • Same goes for nickel back K’Waun Williams. He is out this week with a sprained ankle.
  • Defensive tackle Arik Armstead will not return to practice this week. He pulled his hamstring in training camp.
  • Defensive end Jeremiah Attaochu is day to day with an undisclosed injury. He did not play against the Cowboys.
  • Guard Jonathan Cooper will receive more reps during practice this week, but the 49ers haven’t decided if he will play against the Texans.
  • Same goes for middle linebacker Brock Coyle, who is recovering from a hip injury.
  • Same goes for wide receiver Trent Taylor, who recovering from back surgery.
  • Same goes for middle linebacker Fred Warner, who is recovering from a chest injury.
  • Finally, the 49ers hope Joshua Garnett can participate in individual drills on Sunday and practice fully during the joint practices in Houston.

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  1. With the injury list what it is, a ton of ‘untested’ players will get the full immersion treatment.

  2. There’s going to be some very interesting roster manipulations at the beginning of the season, with suspensions and PUP, that will benefit a few players on the fringe. They in turn will show out to remain, and act as insurance in case of injury….

  3. Yeah, that’s quite the laundry list of injured players. However, taking the glass half full approach, it could be a LOT worse. Looking around the league, many teams lost starters to season-ending injuries yesterday. In the grand scheme of things, the 9ers dodged a bullet.

    Hell, after seeing the league-wide attrition yesterday, I hope Shanny holds ALL the starters out of the preseason. What’s to gain? It’s not like they’re getting practice reps on plays they’ll ever run during the season…looking at risk vs reward, it’s not worth it in my opinion.

  4. Thankfully no long term injuries, but still not good to have so many players injured.

    1. Whew, huge sigh of relief, especially with Kittle and Breida. They could probably play the final preseason game if it actually meant something.

      Knock on wood, let’s hope they have better luck VS the Texans.

  5. Joan in payroll sustained a paper cut. Team physicians are carefully monitoring the situation. Joan is expected to return Monday barring any setbacks.

  6. Sounds like Shanahan said of Kittle and Breida that they “should” be ready by Week 1 which sounds a little better than they are out until at least Week 1 – IMO.

  7. I’d love to see Teddy Bridgewater backing up JG if the Jets cut him. Won’t happen most likely but he’d be a great backup imo.

    1. I wouldn’t mind it. I want to see more of Mullens after last night though. CJ just plays in slow motion, don’t see him as a quality backup.

    2. Lol, so what you’re saying is if he gets picked up by the team you’ll say you wanted it to happen but if he doesn’t then you can say you knew it wouldn’t. :) You’ve been taking lessons from some of the other posters on here on how to voice an opinion but set it up in a way that will never make you appear wrong.

      1. C4C

        You’re exactly right…same posters, same issues, every season…. “No, I didn’t say that…” lol

      2. CFC,

        WTF ??

        It wasn’t a prediction. Just said I’d like to see it happen even though it isn’t likely. Nothing to be right or wrong about.

    3. Bustwater over Mullen? Did you even watch the 4th quarter? And I’ll go on the record right now: Mullen will be the back up over CJ.

    4. Rocket,
      Bridgewater was starting to come into his own before his horrific injury in TC.

      I would love to take a flier on Teddy but I agree that the Jets likely won’t let him go. Wouldn’t surprise me if TB gets significant snaps this season.

    5. Rocket,
      There are 3 pretty good QB’s with the Jets and they won’t keep all of them. The problem lies with the fact that it takes at least 5 weeks to get any understanding of KS’s O.

  8. The Sporting News is reporting that Jimmy Garoppolo reinjured his hair in the first quarter and is likely on limited availability for post game pressers until Week 4.

  9. Shanahan doesn’t seem to be too pleased with Garnett. They may think about cutting him as soon as he can pass a physical or negotiate an injury settlement if this drags on too long.

    1. I t would be a suprise if they cut him….you could be right about an injury settlement……yea he does sound not too happy….but who does he have to replace him………They KS and J should have planned better

    2. I have thought there would be an injury settlement with Garnett for some time. It looks like this may be what Garnett is angling for while the Team wants him to be able to be healthy.

  10. Eli Harold injured? I didn’t know he actually hit anything, must have been the ground.

  11. Just give the raiders two firsts, a cb, M Smith back, Armstead and Joan in payroll for Mack.
    It’s a deal that can’t be overlooked. ?

  12. I wish niners would make a deal with the raiders… one first and the rest of your list. for Mack.

  13. Hey Razor and/or Mid, is there a fantasy league happening again this year? Sorry if I missed it. I’m down to join if there are any openings.

    1. Blog Fantasy Football 2018:

      You will enter the following information to join the league here:

      League ID: TakeALoadOffShanny
      League Password: Nooneridesforfree
      Draft Date/Time: September 1st, 4:00 PM Est.

      9 player slots left, but only one will be have bragging rights as the blog champion. Good luck to everyone!

    2. Razor will be in charge of it this year due to a combination of online classwork and severe internet connection issues that I have been experiencing with my service provider.

  14. Well, Derek Carr had a worst first game than Jimmy G, that’s for sure. How about my boy Connor Cook? I’ve heard he’s making strides, and it shows.

    Then again, let’s all take a deep breath and make this mental confirmation: ‘I will not over react to any preseason games’, and especially the first one! That said, I’m not budging from my early Raiders’ W/L prediction 5 W -11 L

    In fact, there is likely more value in our joint practices next week, than any one of these preseason games, especially with the first & second-team units. Gotta stay healthy though, knock on wood!

  15. I listened to Brent Musburger on the radio. He almost put me to sleep. Wonder why they fired Greg Pappa.

      1. I liked Don Klein in the 80s during the Glory Years.
        I miss Joe Starkey and Wayne Walker.

  16. I had proposed a multi player deal, but now, I have changed my mind. With all the injuries, Niners need depth.
    Obtaining Mack is just a pipe dream, but stranger things have happened. Niners obtained JG for a second round draft pick.
    With the present rate of attrition, the Niners may have plenty of space to poach player from playoff teams.
    Presently, the only player who I would advocate trading, is Ward. The Niners should showcase him at FS, and hope he does well. Ward should not play cornerback. He does not have the skills to thrive at that position. Maybe as a slot CB, but he needs safety help.
    With his 8 mil salary, he will be hard to move, but maybe the Niners could offset some of his salary to facilitate the deal. The Niners should target teams who have lost starting safeties.
    Some may say that I am being brutal, but moving on from Baalke picks seem to be the overall strategy of JL.

  17. Trump Threatens To ‘Suspend’ Protesting NFL Players ‘Without Pay

    This guy is really demented……

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