Interceptions continue for Brock Purdy; Observations from day 14 of 49ers training camp

The San Francisco 49ers returned to the practice field in Santa Clara following joint practices and their preseason opener with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Here is what stood out from the 14th day of training camp.

Brock Purdy

Kyle Shanahan told the media on Monday that Purdy will no longer be on the two days off, one day on throwing rotation moving forward. While the 49ers starter participated in practice, he still appeared to be on a pitch count. As reported last week, Purdy skipped his rotation during work with the receivers and in between team sessions.

Purdy was efficient today, completing 15 of 19 attempts. However, the interception bug continues to plague the quarterback as he threw one for the third consecutive practice and nearly had another.

On the opening possession of team drills, Purdy found Charlie Woerner in the right flat for a completion. He followed this up with a throwaway on his next attempt when pressure forced him out of the pocket.

Two pass heavy possessions followed. A short throw over the middle to Aiyuk opened the first set of downs followed by a screen to Jauan Jennings. Purdy then found Willie Snead along the right sideline for a nice gain after escaping pressure and moving to his right.

The streak of completions was halted when Purdy’s throw to Troy Fumagalli who was running a short crossing route to his left was off the mark. Talanoa Hufanga was able to deflect the ball away and catch his own tip for a pick six.

Purdy let go of the mistake quickly, finding Christian McCaffrey up the right seam for a big gain to open the next set of downs. A screen to Ty Davis-Price was followed by a fifteen yard connection with Brandon Aiyuk on a deep in to the right side.

Following the special teams break, the focus was on converting third down situations.

Purdy opened with a completion to Brandon Aiyuk on an in route to convert a third and four. Facing third and eight on his next rep, Purdy showed quick hands when fielded a low snap from Jake Brendel and whipped the ball to McCaffrey on a screen to the right side which picked up nine.

Facing third and 12 on his next possession, Purdy nearly threw his second interception of the day. With Deebo Samuel running a short in breaking route to his left, Purdy’s throw was again off the mark. A lucky break saw the ball bounce off Deommodore Lenoir and into Samuel’s hands for a gain of five. Purdy was sacked on the next play to end the possession.

The final third down possession for Purdy began with the quarterback finding Jauan Jennings on a quick out to the left side; however, an illegal formation penalty moved the offense back five. On third and eight Purdy tried to hit McCaffrey on a wheel route up the left side, but he was falling away while throwing and the pass came up short.

Purdy and the first team offense ended their day with a move the ball period.

Facing second and thirteen, Purdy’s screen pass to Deebo Samuel was dropped. Coverage downfield forced Purdy to check the ball down to Charlie Woerner for a gain of just five on third down resulting in a punt.

Restarting the drive from their own 45, Purdy was again faced with second and long. This time he was able to convert. Rolling left after a play fake, Purdy wheeled around and threw a strike to Deebo Samuel to the right side for a gain of 22 yards.

Following a gain of four on the ground and a short completion on a screen to Kyle Juszczyk, the 49ers offense faced third and five. This is where Purdy made his second big throw of the series, connecting with Brandon Aiyuk up the right sideline for a pickup 24 down to the five.

Sam Darnold

Darnold worked with the second team offense and finished his day 5-6.

The veterans first two possessions resulted in a scramble up the middle to escape pressure, a checkdown to Jordan Mason and a ten-yard completion on an out to Jauan Jennings along the left sideline.

Moving on to third down situations, Darnold’s first throw to Willie Snead was broken up by A.J. Parker. Now looking at fourth and four the quarterback let one fly deep down the right sideline where Danny Gray made a leaping grab over Samuel Womack.

On Darnold’s second turn he completed a screen out to his left to Ty Davis-Price which led to a field goal attempt for Jake Moody.

Darnold opened a move the ball possession for the second team offense. After picking up a first down on a pair of runs, Darnold got away from pressure and threw a strike to Willie Snead along the left sideline for 14 yards. This was his final play of practice.

Trey Lance

Lance followed Darnold with the second unit and finished his day 4-6.

As was the case for Darnold, Lance was forced to scramble on his first snap due to pressure on a play action pass.

The opening play of the next series was one of the best from Lance. With pressure coming off both edges, Lance stepped up in to the pocket and hit Cameron Latu on an out to the left side for a gain of 15. This was a nice on rhythm throw from the 49ers quarterback.

Two plays later Lance would have been sacked by JiAyir Brown, however the play continued, and he overshot Jauan Jennings deep down the right side while on the move. Lance wrapped up the series with a completion to Danny Gray on a screen to his left side.

Lance received only one series during the third down session. On third and eight, the 49ers defense sent a blitz and the quarterback’s throw was behind Latu over the middle resulting in an incompletion. Now facing fourth and eight, Lance would have been sacked by Austin Bryant, however the play continued, and he found Ronnie Bell for a nice completion out to the right side.

Lance replaced Darnold following the first three plays of a move the ball possession for the second team defense. On his first play, Lance took the ball around the left side for a gain of nine. Lance then hit Ty Davis-Price on a screen to the right side for a gain of one and a first down. On the final play of the possession Lance rolled out to his right after play action and fired deep down the sideline to Ronnie Bell but the overthrown pass fell incomplete.

Talanoa Hufanga

The All-Pro safety came away with a pick-six when he intercepted a pass from Brock Purdy to Troy Fumagalli. Hufanga trailed the 49ers receiver across the formation and when Purdy’s throw was off the mark he tipped the ball to himself.

Fred Warner

As usual, the All-Pro linebacker was flying around the field. Warner dropped McCaffrey for a loss on the opening play of the day. Then during team drills he sniffed out a screen to Kyle Juszczyk, dropping the fullback after a gain of just one.

Cameron Latu

The rookie tight end has struggled to catch the ball during training camp but turned things around today. Latu caught every throw during early work with the quarterbacks and followed it up with a 15 yard grab on an out from Trey Lance.

Danny Gray

Gray made a leaping grab deep down the right sideline from Sam Darnold. The second-year receiver went up and over Samuel Womack to make the catch.

Jake Moody

Moody bounced back from a tough performance against the Raiders. The rookie made several kicks from inside 59 yards before a 61 yard attempt sailed wide left.

T.Y. McGill

The backup defensive tackle recorded a pair of tackles for loss early. The first coming on a stop of Jordan Mason over the right side. He followed that up by getting Jeremy McNichols on a toss out to the left.

Alex Barrett

Barrett beat right tackle Colton McKivitz with a speed rush around the edge for a sack of Brock Purdy.

JiAyir Brown

The rookie safety got home for a sack of Trey Lance on a blitz.

Javon Kinlaw

Beat Aaron Banks to the outside before chasing down Ty Davis-Price to record a tackle for loss on a sweek around the left side.

Austin Bryant

Bryant beat Leroy Watson with a speed rush around the right side for a sack of Trey Lance.

Samuel Womack

Womack gave up a long completion to Danny Gray along the right sideline. The second-year cornerback is often in a good position but doesn’t finish the play.

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  1. Well. Here’s my assessment. Trey Lance’s sacks is a combination of him holding the ball to long and the o-linemen not giving him enough time to find his wideouts. These are just the backups. I’m know once the starters come in it won’t be so bad win or lose. Hopefully win. I think Trance will learn a lot better if he got to play with the starters because these garbage they have for backups is doing him no justice and are no help. They are slowing him down. They have got to get Nick Bosa signed before training camp is over.he needs to get the rust out and back into football shape. We will be okay. Just ad a Kittle bit of George and the offense will look Purdy good!! 😁

  2. Many thought the Niners way overpaid for the rights to draft Trey. They should have not gambled on him but if they chose to do so, one sacrificed draft choice would have been enough. Kyle knows that he will be haunted by the terrible draft selection for the rest of his career. He is a nice young man with some backup skills but never could have been a franchise QB. He played in a minor conference and did not display any special magic even there. The only hope lies in Purdy: if he proves to be a cheap and miracle draft choice, it might balance the horrific drafting of Trey. But will his arm stand up to this season? Will he regress? We shall see.

  3. Brock Purdy has the perfect “white man’s overbite” when he throws. Would love to see him dance. Wonder if he knows Meg Ryan.

  4. Camp interceptions DO NOT MATTER! Back when I played high school ball, and I believe the NFL is no different, practice is where you test your limits. You throw to covered receivers to see if you have a Rice or a Moss type of guy who can go get that ball from a DB. You run WR end around option throws to see if you have something.

    I would be concerned if the no. 1 defense from 2022 WASN’T GETTING INT’s! So a 1st team All Pro safety got a pick six? FANTASTIC! Glad that he plays for the 49ers!

  5. I’m fine with TC Int’s now and then, but Purdy’s number of Int’s seems to almost be a daily routine. My concern is that his turnovers don’t carry over into the regular season. I, played football as well and know that some bad habits in practice can haunt you in real-game scenarios.

    I certainly hope that this is not the case during the regular season. But, if the Int’s continues into the regular season, we won’t need to look to far to know where they started.

    Shanahan needs to get Purdy into a preseason game in order to find out if Brock’s Int’s are “test” turnovers or a mechanics issue.

    1. Shanahan already knows about the interceptions. I’m sure they go over film together often and converse regularly. I’m pretty sure Shanahan is on top of everything Purdy does. It’s very possible that Shanahan has told Purdy to be more aggressive. This is only his second year and Shanahan and Griese are probably on him like white on rice in an attempt to make him a better quarterback.

  6. The fact that Purdy is throwing camp ints is not as important as why or how he is throwing camp ints. Jimmy G didn’t throw too many ints but he threw too many at key moments. He threw most of his Ints when plays broke down and instead of throwing the ball away he would force his pass. Jimmy G much like BP threw too many camp ints. If there is a pattern to BPs Ints there is reason for concern. How much concern? We won’t know until Sept 9. Now I have three concerns BPs interception, no quality backup QBs in case BP really falls on his face and now will Bosa sit out a few regular season games.

    1. How do you know he’s throwing too many interceptions? I think the only people that know the answer to that are Shanahan and Griese.

  7. Per PFF. Brad Speilberger,
    RE Nick Bosa.
    Contract projection: “We think a contract in the ballpark of five years, $167.5 million ($33.5 million per year) could be about where this monster extension ultimately lands.
    Well deserved: Bosa has easily been one of the NFL’s premier defenders in recent years, as illustrated by the Defensive Player of the Year award he received for his play last season.”

    Have the 49ers provided a figure concerning what Bosa is asking? Bosa is not the player that the 49ers should drag their feet on. If this regime is serious (I believe they are) about winning a SB this year, Bosa is a big key to that goal.

    1. AES,
      I have been worried about the 9ers signing Bosa since just after the draft. The 49ers have the rep of dragging their feet and starting their negotiations later than other teams. The Bosa family is famous for holdouts its just not a great combination.

      1. What we don’t need is Bosa gets resigned just before the start of the season and in the first couple of games something happens. The d line is just not the same with out him and they invested in the line this season with Hargrave. This defense will need their best players to get all the way to the end.

  8. Not sure if many of you caught JT O’Sullivan’s breakdown of Lance.
    In it he basically goes over Lance becoming captain checkdown, passing up open receivers deeper down the field. Coming out Jack had some small reservations about him based on his unwillingness to take layered throws. It would seem (based on one game ;)) that he has become more conservative.
    Which is funny because given their arms you would think that should be Brock not Trey.

    1. Interesting take by JT. But my question to him would be, “can you make a conclusive evaluation of a players (Lance) style after such a small sample size?”

      Alex Smith wore that label after several years of play. Not, sure anyone can place that label on Trey at this juncture.
      For my part, it’s still to early to ID Lance’s style.

  9. Camp interceptions…hopefully the old adage, ‘you play like you practice’ is just adage…while some beat writers, and fans, continue to make a big deal of them, there is the possibility that the routes run by the receivers on those interceptions, were wrong or off by a yard….ideally, the ball leaves the hand of the QB before the receiver makes his break….in either case, I’m sure that Shanahan and Griese are on top of the situation, and working to rectify whatever issues they see, in the QB play and route running

    1. Per
      “How many interceptions did Brock Purdy have in college?
      The vitals on Brock Purdy
      Year games INT
      2019 13 9
      2020 12. 9
      2021 13 8
      Career48 33.”

      Brock Purdy has shown a penchant for throwing his share of Int’s even during his college career. Are the current TC Int’s blamed on “test” (pushing himself) or a fall-back of college bad throwing habits?

      I’m giving Brock the benefit of the doubt right now based or his great
      2022 season. But if the Int’s carry over into the regular season, there will be some sour looks on Shanahan’s face, no doubt. If he can win after throwing Int’s, I might be able to live with it, until the playoffs.

  10. The thing with BP is that he’s still recovering, mentally and physically. We can’t expect him to be back at the same level as he was last season yet. BP is a fanatic overachiever.
    He got there by practicing, practicing and practicing. He has not been able to do as much practice as likes/needs to get there.
    OC as far as the INT, it seems they happen under pressure. I think it’s PTSD. Mentally that injury and pain is reoccurring every time he gets in a similar situation. He’ll outgrow it or he won’t. It will take time.
    Unfortunately it looks like we don’t have much time since we don’t seem to have a backup.

  11. Niner Faithful. Now I’m glad our defense is doing and looking good, but the bad news is those guys posing as offensive linemen are doing a lousy job. Tom Brady couldn’t perform with those guys. Something needs to be done, or else. Know what I mean?

    1. You do realize in the raiders game, those were second and third stringers. Most won’t get a chance to place once the season starts and certainly not as a Unit.

  12. 1) You’re right about the O line, however, are they bad or are there just either weak links. O line must play as a unit, step for step, exactly on the same page. If not, well you saw the result. Trey barely had time to back up and fire. Also his tendency to not let it go quickly on the first break adds to this problem.
    2) Also true that much of practice QB s should test their ability ( and the receivers) to make tight, contested throws, (so don’t worry too much about the pics), but during “move the ball” periods that should tighten up.

  13. Another HORRIBLE day of practice for Brock Purdy 11-20 2 ints 1 dropped int which would have been a pick 6 and 3 deflected passes. It is still only practice but when does it become a pattern? Yesterday I wrote that the fact he was throwing ints was not as important as why is he throwing ints? He has been very effective in the red zone all summer. Not many if any of his ints have come in the RZ. . Whats the difference between RZ passes and other passes? The length of the pass. I’m begining to think his problem with ints is a problem with arm strength. I know its just a guess but it would make sense.

  14. If you get a chance, check out Maicco’s report and Shanahan’s take on Purdy’s Int’s. Interesting. Although Shanahan didn’t say it, it seems that BP may be forcing some of his throws. Shanahan is happy with Brock’s style of “ripping it.”

    Hopefully, Jack can be more specific on what Purdy’s Int’s are attributed to.
    But the daily Int’s should be concerning.

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